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December 19, 2016
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February 2, 2006
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January 18, 1952
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r '7 C+ ~'1f, 0 ]1 I1 ; Ta - IT.S', 0" CIAIS O:TLY Approved For Releas 3!l~ 03. IAL 2-00457R00980 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 REPORT F R ATIO REPORT' n Ne SUBJECT Eleaitrochemi.sches Kcxnbinat Ditterfeld: NQ_ OF PAGES 4 ?ereonrral, Exports, and Deliveries PLACE ACQUIRED DATE Or- INFO . I1NIS ZO 13NtN V COSIAINS III OOR9A"O11 AFFECIINO TNF RA1'iGNAL DEFENSE! OF YNE 1W E6 SYATE9. WI171f 414E CMAtFINO OR TITLE I9. 3NCY10N3 794 SAD 794. of TE I!. S. COO4 , .1.S AL lf1OE6: .YS YNANI ISSI0N Olt PAUL, AMR OF ITS COATAI S TO 03 RECEIPT 5V Al UNAI71'NORUSED PSP5OIv IF FLOC4ITi"D 63 6.M Tilt k3PR(UUCTTON Or 54145 40544 IS 4504145445*. 25X1 25X1 25X1 DATE DISTR NO, OF ENCLS OUSTED BEWW! COPY SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION I. Russian personnel at the Ei ekt rocheTnisches Kcthinat Bitterfeid (SAG Kausti k) includes the followlxig: as Foodorov, chief engiv ra He arrived about 15 August 1951 to replace iJilovidovr wh h l ft o oa e the #acstory. b. Abrosimov, head of the inorganic department. Ge:rnaair (r uss i.ea n Zotle) c. Kryiov, head of the organic departanerrt and the plastics department. d. Mw . Sorochenko in charge of the organic department under Krylov. F7 i~jj 0 2. Recent arrests -nd flights from the factory include the following cases: a, Di l.Is (certified eng.reer) ~;achs of the pt r r station b, Eng: or Gamwrcijnger fled during the vreek beginning 26 Au?ust. Dr. Hoelemann of the research laboratories 1 -1 d. Dr? Ilerbig of the sales department fled on 2 September, C,, Dunne,, a laboratory assistant, fled about I September. f? licettiger of the business del .r nt fled in late Augusta g, Tr .&.rlein Simon of the busi.r ss de pairtment fled in late ?lurus 25X1 CLASS!FICATI ~11' Ftv3, U.S. OFFICIALS C 3LT ~IEReM i3lSgTf218UT10N - FBI --F Document No. ----------- No C112ir?e t r _ F1 IS S ; 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 ;$2_00457~.~ x,00090 -7 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7 `COM ROL - U.S. O 1GIALS ONLY 3. CENTRAL U 'LLICENOE 14EFICY The factory ma.,-, :went has proposed the format-ton of a society for the exchani*e of views, zv4 experiences with the USSR and has proposed Dipl,-Ing, Hennig as chairman., to be assisted by Drs ;7ieek and Dr. :'/ehrner, The socicty is to M'Lta to the Soviet cultural or(:antzation VOKS. Iiennig has said privately +% at he does not believe that an exchange of views is possible s but an attempt is to be made to establish a connection, be The Russians have requested the factory to start producing cauctic soda with a :lr.,r chlorine content for export to the USSR. This is a new line for the fact art'. 50 Dr., Grassi of the Korubinat has been meeting one Sternberg in P,crlir :'rtso is sad to be the London representative of an American laboratory, Sternberg has: ordered 100 tons of PCV for delivery to the Troste (sic) (Trust?) Mr an;, andte Chcmie1in the Principality of Liechtenstein,* but coxapia.Lncd about th.- pcor quality of the material. The following chemicals have been dispatched from the factory for export. frrta the DDRt 25X1 Date uant it1 Destination ae Orders placed by Gusima, Moscow: Potassium dichromate 3-96-Pt, 0 to China via Brest Litovsk Potassium chlorate =J6 360- China via Brest Aug, Litovsk 5 Septa 165 t, Zuriania Gesarol (sic) Aug. 25 to China via Brest Litovsk be Orlers placed by DAIHA, Bcrlin**: Benzoic acid ?:,uga".'"" 1 9 t. 22 Aug. 4.9 va Oroalic acid Aug' 18 Aug. 14.0 18 Aug, 4.9 24 Aug. 1 TEI she ryllpho #,e 11 Aug. 101). t, 22 Aug. 90C t. Aug. 30 t. Brest Litovsk,, USSR 30 Aug. 50 to n it tt caustic s?: low chlorine content 50 . i.re "t Lit ^ Ur 'j 31 Poland It C41809, Trans 16294 of Gal c'n9125- Ste[ ~t3Or1 J V ', )44. IL4M='"-=jWL - U~ OF ICLIW OIU',Y Approved For Release 2006/03/03 CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 WI - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY tNTRAL rr LLIGLIICE A ICY Dateuanttit* Destination Potassium dichromate 15 Aug. 15 to Hungary 21 Aug. 15 to 21 Aug,. 20 t o Poland 'ricreayl has hate -I A U9. 30 0 13 Aupo 15 to 27 Aug. 15 to orirbe, liquid T 260 to Aug. Potash Po .L( Xugo 44 to 17 Aug. 55 to 20 Augo 50 t. 23 Aug. 100 to 23 Au/;. 15 to Ilungary Poland (for Czechoslovakia) Ilurtgary Po si chlorate 17 Au,go 50 tom Poland 1C Aug. ],50 t. 23 Aug. 210 kg. 23 Aug. 20 t, 5 Sept. 160 t0 Basochrom (sic) 24 Aug 20 t o Hungary aa2rina Poland 17 Aug. 50 to Aug. 1 to 24 Hugo 50 t. I lit (plastic) aprons 2 Aug. 450 Wiest Litovsk, USSR Do 23 di chlorate } Aug , 20 , 23 Au/;. 50 t o 24 Aug''. 65 t- 24 Aug. 20 t o 4 Sept. 30 t0 Potass um permanganate 31 Augo ' 50 to AuV4. 5 to 23 i c for de Aug. 20 t. Czechoslovakia VA Aug, 1.3 t. ma pia " ?t0 20 t "zec.~oslava~cia T.00S78 0 KJ-1*OL - U,S0 OFFICIALS ONL; Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7 01 - C % ' f , S. C 'FICIALS ONLY CENTRAL MIT*, ZiCE AGENC 1 port orders received during this r,criod mere as f oflood's Y Date , ianti Desti t Carbon tetrachloride Hungary 25 Aug. 71 t,, United States 23 Aug, 10 t. Poland ChrcaitW1 trioxide 31 Al-W, Q 2 t. Hungary T. e follo~rln quantities of very raTO (reinst) or hicThly refined (hochraffiniert) aluminum acre dispatched during this periods 24 Aug. 3.7 tons to SAG ".iismut9 Siegmar-Sch6nau hochraffiniert) . $ Aug. 2.2 tons to SAG I1ismut, Siegmar-Schdnau (hochraffinierf.) W4 Aug, g? 126 kg.ta MetallmrkLDrseburg (VVB Buntmetall) (reinot) 14, Aug. 3009 kg.to Filmfabrik .gfa, iolfer= (SAG Fotoplenka) (reinst - 99.99%) 22 Aug, 510 kg to Elektroapparatefabrik K13ppelsdorf (Thuriniia) (reinst) d 50 ta Potassium 165 tG Potassium chlorate to 500 to Potassium dichromate) 5,C t? Potassium chlorate ) 500 t,. Sodium chlorate ) *. Cotim ntj Now called Deutsche Tnterzonen- urdd Aussenhandels- Crasej_Lsr%-ja t ,, Berlin Coinentt This firm cannot be further identified from available ex*nce material. Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009800090011-7