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December 15, 2016
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November 30, 2000
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December 10, 1951
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COUNTRY TOPIC.- -..,. EVALUATION "`+..?` .'_.,-..._,._.-.?-..,-PLACE OBTAINED, DATE OF CON DATE OBTAINEDW SOURCE 25X1X 25X1X Approved I-O9, G e rm:.any (S cit. 3. e t Zone,) 25X1X 25X1C 1 Between 1951, Alt Loennowitz airfield WW. occupied by 3 1111G-15s without auxiliary fuel tanks which were parked sonAh of the hangars an.1 2 biplanes. The hangars were open W. empty. At 12:15 p.m., two biplanes took off heading south? Two bir,lanies landed at the field coming from the northeast at about 4 p.m,, 2. Thc! radio installation with four Dasts in the eastern seet-iory of the ficild was unchanged. No vehicular traffic was obsorved. The area near the! power Plant in Fal_kenberg was no longer restricted . A trade or?;an::zation (HC) store was established in storehouse No 1 V hich to 25X11~c,atc;d along the road fror.T Falkenberr to the field. 25X1 C 25X1C Alt, Loennowits A_t.rfiald On 2 biplanes and 3 .AG-15s without auxiliary fuel corta.ners were parked at the f ieeld. There was no flying. At 1:14 p.m., a Yp pl .ne ;.hose right turbine was burning landed at the field. * 25XIA The report confirms previous statements according to vj c h the two 't.Zlhter :reg:irronts loft Alt Loennewitz airfield, The flying elements were shipped to the U.S,S.H. via Brest Litovsk about 20 October 1551. It arpeared that the ho.-tdcuarters of the fighter divis.on remained at the field since it was observed several times 25X1 C by another source in -Joverrb-r. The three reported aircraft 25X1 C are assigned to division 25X1C hoe,dIaartr_rs. raas previously observed `i.rL. Alt, Loenne witz, From the presence of the division headquarters and tho radio installation with four masts which is an Adcoci DF station, it may be concluded that the field is Intended to be reoccupied soon. Document No- ------ Cho','z l hh "' ^ Clays. C... i S s C Auto.: BPI i -s 1 Otto: ....... AU G, - Bye ------- NIT .4 TF Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009900060007-4 25X1 C DATE PREPARED- 10 Uceember 1211 4'HUi,/:TS 0 VIC IALS OILY COPY