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November 16, 2016
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April 18, 2000
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December 11, 1951
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???? VA:NA. S)C 1 A Approved ItaltAil1pW0 S f1COUNTRY an:::c1A4.014:,14 g S dViOt ene) S7OUUril IM,''ORMAT ION , 2.Xp?itary nfornat.o Li em Bberswalde 2 X.I.Q..--;-- 10ALUATION?,.. 540E OF CONT DATE OBTAI N E 5X1A REFERENCES PAGES -PLACE OBTAINED., PARED. 11 December 1953 Osaanwrainfoorass.....17,0,41M0 - ? 25X1 X 't ? D 0 KIIIIBLLEATE SOURCE. 0? Or 29 ctober. 19511 about 40 artillery officers wore seen attending a nonfe- rence in the classroom on the former UI premises, which is just west of the 25 TIorswaide ('..! 53/V 08) narrow-gauge t-aiiroad. station, Source estimated that tl-erc were 80 to 100 troops stationed there. :Tateriel in the yard of the area included: 14 trucks, 4 $edans 1 radio , 25X1 n and 1 x B5-mm AA rlun. TI-e available garngo space vas cap le of sheltering about 20 vehidles. (1) 40 CT 16 revember, the Schuetzen Xaserne quartered about 1,500 troops who wore red- bcrdaced black epaulets, including some with artillery insi,gnia. On 22 October ard-tic subsequent days, about WO Officers of: various branches of service were .sen .ualking from the houses in Cstend which had been requisitioned saver al wE eks previously to the headquarters moss in the northern section of the Schuet- zm Kaserne. On 22 October, three female officers arrived at the headquarters apparently to attend a conference there. Staff car general, stoppee, in front of the building at 10 Teuber- ?5X1C ? s.rasse, ,Iroups of about 10 soldiers each practiced aiming feur model 25X1 ck 25X1C 25X1 C 1 ' Or. fl, :lovember, about 3,000 troops were present at the ceremony at the war memorial at Freidnwalder ?,5trasse. They wore black-bordered black, red-bordered ? black/ black-borderod crimson and black-bordered blue epaulets. After the Uore- mony, about 000 ? troops returned to the Schuetzen Kase /card the city, (3) loaded with ration supplies:, were seen leaving tLebic',n supply depot in the former hat-pin factory on -Kupferhammerweg on 12 l'o- vmber?0 ()i) rocruits, wearing black-bordered blac': epaulets., observed L9? oopp ONFIDENTIAti CLASSIFICATION act') " r? ?1 -7/ D000mmtt No Cbailgo 1:1 Clap. 0 o Datia..Afitn1 C ass. Chauff2d To: TS S Approved FOi? Release 2000/06/08 AFR H0457R01 . Auo 28 Dale: 4RML, ; 2 2-00457R010000010005-8 arrivinr: from the direction of Yrnnkfurtiuder aboard the re:,:ular traLns at 5:59 a.m. 6:n7 a n and 10:3n n 1 Ort 36 "ov-nbe- at zt f Li,nut 150 nen per train?, (5) b. areoLs and housns which have )(len vac ed the L;oviets stnce 15 Lel, Dor includk, :.;rnut-Thaelmann-Ltrasoc hewonn. Yeubnrstrosse - strouso? 1,oldtstrasse, Teaborstrasse? ',arien,rerdors:.,rasse? Triftsstrasser, rbeIlinstrasse, anc: iirun,ldstrasco. The Ardelt plant anti its adnilistra- tion builcAnt:s have been vacated cenoletely? and a :1,rman civilian 1i '2 is pr drty in tho driveway. (5) Streets ic harr enn navly regnisitiohe0 Soviots include Froionuaider t;trassn? locrner -or Strasco? Arranz--uollor- 'ara6so, ;Anainr rarc c itrrtrasse, ,oarstra0? '2ornowstrasse and a -achenflnowra" :Arasuo. kfl 25X 25X1X 0 The western soctior. of the Schuctznn Lanerno on 3nrnauor Hoerotrc,sso, with its :7ato- on the street, contains a headquarters, was previously located in the Ardolt plant. About the c.liddlo ofohr reo were socn flchuetzon Kacerne wh,.: had ilnen observed at the Ardelt plant before. Tho ',-oastorn -,ction of the ,:,euctzen Kaserno snrved troop quar- ters that thrp.,, ,Jore 2?0N Lreops obarved there on 8 flove:,ocr. .hey worn rnd-bordere 1 CeaalotsliincEviir.? sone with artillory i. J. :via; and black-bon'nrad block coaillets? ?sore wihh sis7nal insi:tria, 0n 7 ::ovenbcr? al,out 1,500 troops assenblnd in the barracks yard for a ceremony in ceimemeration of tho ',etcher fovolution? They wore or,7,anized into 22 units, varyin,:; in strene.,th between 12 and about 65 mon, and had four unfur1e(1 fjAL:so Uter the ceremony, the troops passed in review before a ;,,enornl hartial music wan heard fron, the western section, of the billeting area at the same time. Troos who were soan returninc; from the cmremony at the war memorial at about 10:30 a, i. on Nr)venber included: 1.7jiht'units of a total 'of about 350 men) most of whom were rod -borderod black npaulte and a bias% -bordered black epaulets with sicnal insi:1:nia, who raarchcci Virouc the c;ate' on Trampnr 0hausseo; and a unit of about 50 nen wearing black-bordered black epaulots with si,:nol insi,:nia, who marcher', throuh the cate on 7?,cznauer floorstrasse. (2) Documente found at the .:chuotzon Y,Auerne or 23 c;ctobor an envelope adCre=e0 -to a soldioz: of Unit .!..PL 3 892? postmarked 23 AuDist 1951, examined Iv Censorship (ffice Ob 923, ar,d mailed' from Lonin:::rad; and a fra:::ment of an ocrelops adOres,3ed to a soldier Unit APN 31 r',92, and rjostmarknd 4;nptIer 1951. YcveiSoer? the Artillerio ilaserne re:krtwaldor Stranse was occu!)ied to oicib 1?,. di ut ,;?000 troops. Yll cmrerionins commemoratinL; the Letebor - Revolution woreiheld at the drill fields on 7 rovember? but tho un .its parti- nipati4; could n 14bc determined. Ei?At units, totalir,:; aout 350 troops ti":11 rod -bordered, blakk epaulet ntored the Larracks installr; on 8 7ovember comi?r from the 25)(1C 25X1C 25X1C 25X1C 25X1A 25X1C tin C. :?.:ovember, the hutment ofl. who wore. black -bordered black Source 1",rlieved th6 troops to about 20 nreitseheidstraSse quartered aout 70 troops epaulets and red.--bordere&black epaulets., belci'v, to ? Cn 'ion unit -,Ath WAS scan o' :.icers rin, nen returned to the hutment from a ceremonY at the war memorial on f,.; Vovordoer. (,10) 8.? The hutMent on Duestexa'rinkelbruneke (orido) was occupid 1,T,P. an ?-nz,incer unit on 714)1row;oerno traininr:: activity was noticed, llowelrer. waseen,entOring the billetiiv area. (11) . On '71 770vriliber, oecupirect :snw Car1'1 Inits, Ic11111111111111111111 (m7ICI:,LC t'nY a20001.06/08 : CIA-RDP82100457R010000010005-8 iJONFID_WjAri Approved For Release 2000/06108 : CIA-RDP8-2R010000010005-8 It(I/US OPFICIALZ3 0:d" 3 25X1A. 10, The villa on Kupferhammerweg wan a;ain occupie,d by.Seviet personnel? and guarded by sentries Irilo wore red-bordered black elaulets. A 25X1X arhe:lbled at the villa on 31 0,,tober unit of 2 officers and 23 men, '.';naring red-bordered b ;inlets, the unit was annigned to the ration supply or equipment depot in the eastern soetioh 02, the formur. 1"ee1ler `;cbroiber hat-pin factory. (4) After the cerellony at the Covict war nemerial,on .1j6vember, a 13-piece band and 2 units with a total of 2 of icor. and 62 1-Len Imarin7 rod- , bordered UacIr epaulets moved into the koupndohtura on I':rnst-Thaelmann- Strasseo Five of 16 field kitchens standing on 5 flatcars on the Mers- walds railroad - _o aleaded and hauled by An aeditienal six field kit- 25X1C 25X1C 25X1A -.c of 3 ....ovonbcr. 25X1X whatuaS done with the reMaihing fiVo field kitcheYiso tanks werodttrained. at 11:4_, a.m. on. 12 :November and drove to the Artillerie Kasorne. Ir addition) three field. ' were 25X1X unloaded and hnulad to the former nail factory by - .124? On 13 EeveMbers. the Ardnit plant on Ernst -Thaelmann... ,Strasso had been vacated b?-.1 Soviet personnel, German civilians were seen at the plant ,buildings (6). The hutru.,,Nnt on Dreitschcidstrasse was occu- :Pied. bY troops lwho wore aackbordered black and red -bordered black spau-. ,1(.7its.... -. .. stood #1 the yard. (10). A group of 3,oviet traffic :JaPs:was'acen on hierhwav'No 5' ' Some of the militant- post ton wore red '..lrassardS'hoaring.the white. 16ttor.P On a hlackfiold, and some of them a .plaitod-badt,s wlth.the...lette.V. P on their left upper sleeve. - -'...On 1..r6venber, the hutmentonTuesterwinkolbrueeko was Occupied by about '.600'treopS-whe wore blackbordtred blaci7. epaulets, includin.serie with m2:ineor-insionia.. 7.ost,pf.the troops vOre ?workinc on 1(to -on 5 and 9 Ro- vcnber.. 3latcrie1 seen in the hutment included 4 mbtorboat