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November 16, 2016
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April 18, 2000
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December 13, 1951
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25X1 A" TCFIt).ro,..,. Approved For,mg"aAl0 25X1 C Go1r;aany (Soviet Zone) CrEndenburg .Bri.est .,irfield DATE OBTAINED. REFERENCES__ PAC- ES.-..,..".._. Ei LOSURES (NO. & TYPE) RE MARKS _. 25X1X etx en ? and 5 p.ra. on 15 oveiabcr 1951, there eras no flying at Ira:iderzbu.rg-Briest airfield. There was a clop(.1 base of about 330 c.ietars and visibility of 5 km,, Sixteen EiG-15s were parked in front of the flight control building. (1) 1 radio installation with four masts .*,,as observed west of Plaue- Y3ri~st road, in line with the runway. t r?-:z( .io :?n>tallai;ion with one gas-l" sad some low wooden buildings were located In the extension of ,he runuay, northwest of Go?r?;+en Lake and another ra.r":1-o installat.'_ ,n 1,7 t:.3 oae mast was 'L7es r of road about 1 000 mete:irs- nor? h of triangulatioII..oint 31. c ib1e extended prom the ratter (Jo installation to the field via the radio i.n>tallation northwest of docrd.en Lake, (2) The air force personnel were quartered in Landesanstalt (rorri,-rly a r,?en;a1 hosri.tal) where two radio trucks with extended rod antennas ,,e7_', puked. The r dio truck continually occtipie:fl and in f:ape-at ion. (3) was observed between the Landes a.ns;alt and the entrince to the field. The fuel (lump of the field via.,; l0 motors south of the runway, 350 v oters s-outhVJost o . the fli',ht eori:;roi buuild'nr;, 250 rioters east of the field bordler, and 450 nei:er , o 11" the ;t1. arc house. It consisted of tank car-like containers; sf ax? ~ f :rill ch erc e 1.3 x l5 rooters five 1. .2 1_ `? c titers, and one .11 2 ~ti 5 . The duns, was surrounded by a fence and guarded b.y