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November 16, 2016
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April 19, 2000
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December 13, 1951
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25X1A TOPIC . , Drande ibu:eg-Arado t irf ieldIONFIDENTIAI 25X1C 25X1~,._.-......,. m, .e~.... ,_ C LUATION , .. 25X1 DATE OF CON'ITENT_r:., DATE OBTAINED_ REFERENCES ~:. REMARKS 25X1X SOI. i 25X1 25X1 q armored troops. is cn belonged to the ,air rorce unit, were observe On :L'6 November, 3randonburg--i'arado airfield was occur`.`Led by 34 IL-10s (and 4 110-2s, Four or five nladee i.nJ taro-cf. fs and .: ndings. The sky was overcast, tiic cloud base as about l 000 rnators., Visibility was 3 to 10 kin. The planes flea for a short I%LCU i~X I "c~ lid FBI ,R. elezser 1 -:Q " "7Rfl ~, 1 f,.., ~ {~/yv}p ~1 * TTTy~~~,/ee} '~t/1 i ITY ITI 1J,{i,iIA 1014 CU i~r~T1 c v 67f ALy. \y ~ ~ l+ &/ JL.( - COUNTRY_- ._:.. ~ __ .~~wf~EpoR ' NO. 25X1X t;imfD only. Since the crews w ,,-re not changed 25X1C test flights were rrade. No radio trucks z= ore Observed. 25X.1 C the barracks area,. about 150. belonged to the Soviet it Force and W omgnt According to previous observations, the air force in the 1 ionier I:asorne are around units of the ground attack ireF,':.rtent In Branc:ionburg-Araado. It was reported several times that t,:rr.y troops were also qua:r~tered in the barracks installation. B ndenbur .-Arado .airfield is still occupied by a t round attack regiment. 1. Dn `r November 1951, the Pionier Kaserne in E.randenburg. was guarded by sentries who word blaacck-bordered blue and red-bordered black epaulets. Armored vehicles were parked" in the hangars of 3randenburg-itraado airA. ield. ?. . On 7 November, about 350 of, the sol0i' rs cuarterod in the FPionier a.sorne participated in a ceremony in front of the monument in 1"~di a Iaa tt:, ,, .. 1 7d 28 Vass. fllan ;=.-d T,3: TS S We Change In Class. 'El Document No. ------ V --- W_ E E I EPA :I I ,,..W_......_ 3 ecen ber 1 1) 51 -CON'T.R :OL/US Oi?'I ICI AL MY CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000010009-4 ENCLOSURES (NO. & 'l YPE)__._,...,.... _.PLACE OBTAINED-__1111111111111111111