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December 22, 2016
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March 8, 2011
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December 26, 1951
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5 -50X1-HUM i CONTENT. E;hipmentu of military personnel' which passed 11 o er suen on 0 October and a :similar ox e , on 13 Novembers s A total of four trains carrying recruits with crimson epa lets and. red-bord'ered' black epaulets arrived in Kuestrirx from Gerdauen on 9, ll. and .12 November 4 (3) - um L J.UZ1 ?an ij rrovenber included; shut rap,-) 3 n to Da1:?. cnv-Doeberitz I'ernau or Loowenberg to Bur diroctjon of 3(,,rnau.or Ioewenbarg . 5'R, Trains with nll.lltal`V ~er.,onrlal u e,3 ~ e: rain of 2' boxcars from hate ovelnbery To rost-Litovsk From Br(st,-Litovsk -1491" nor 2.,0 and28o 350 and loo 17 November 290 and 280 360 and .350 1.8 November 310 and 300 370 and 19 November 300 and. 290 370 20 November 320 and.310 380 and 80 380 and 380 (6) REPORT Germany (oviet Zoned Sk1U TTY jWFowA4,wr()R~ 0 o usy 35 boxcars from Frankfurt/Oder--to Cott- bus and 72 boxcars from Berlin to. Koethen via Cottbus, (1) n y,o Kuetrpax, er "as: 189 boxcars from Cottbus 439 boxcars from . Co utbu,~ to Gubon; 218 cars from Cottbus to Frankfurt/ Edam. 4b75' boxcars from Gz zben t C ttb 6 The .following total Huber of cars in trains which convey.,d Soviet troop in the b s Cottbus railroad district betwe::n it and 1R ~Jvr r s uc c~ ta. s c~ , 0 2 cars with soldiers wearing light--blue epaulet p ,,,,.1 , 11 ,~ 2 aircraft 1. truck 1 radio t 1 a A ~ ratins which liras seen .moving along. the Stra1isberg.Kuostrir Frazxld urt/0der line on :t> l~ovember consi t d f 8` A train of. cars with troops went from Kuestrsn t u d luxe,n;stermark railroad 50X1-HUM of 19 boxcar: from lAit- cars from the direction of and 11 boxcars from the 50X1-HUM x'he following nuuibers of Sov3 ot military err r in Frankfurt/Odes between 16 and 20 ,S p were observed aboard leave i raiaY C0 CLASSIFICATION ANYRAOL/US cgF'I'X 2 z,S oPdl,Y . --------- Document Nos K, o Change In ,Crass.[] `Autha JIR 70- Dates t ^v6iments of Soviet W onp Trains Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5 50X1-HUM 'ter !;IWGONTTuL/us cr~FicTAIs 2 7. A shipment of 8 boxcars with soldiers, observed at the .;ustermark marshaling yard on 20 November. care from i Frankfurt/Oder and proceeded 8f. cnriet shuttle trains observed at the Frankfurt/Oder railroad ,' tio~x between 21 and 2l November included: eropty shuttle train of 53 boxcars a sanorten + Brost-Lit on 21 Noverk?oer; of 54 boxcars and ry a car with soldiers from Kuestrin to uottbus on 22 November; of r' car with soldiers from Llarrur,alde to Gubon on 23 Noverrler; and of 52 boxcars and 1 gondola car with soldiers from the direction ar Cottbus to Kuestrin on 24 Novembero (71 Shuttle trains with military persomial inc ec : 52 boxcars and 1 gondola car from Juetodbog~- Altos Lager to Guben on 8 November of 52 boxcars-from.-,,he directioaa50X1-HUM of Falkenl'erg to Juetorbog.Altes Lager on 10 November; of 57 boxcars and l gondola car from Jueterbom-Alter Lager to Kuestr:.n Kietz on 11 November; and 52 boxcars and 1 gondola car from G ben to Jueterbog-Alter ager on 13 November? The gondola cars carried coal to fuel the stoves in the boxcars, (8) 50X1-HUM 10q On 10 November, 16 boxcars with sold' arrived in Jueterbog with regular freight train The cars were specially hauled to J-zeterbog A1tes Lager, ;ornr tents ? 50X1-HUM (1) e inforz~~ataon cannot be confirmed or denied, if the numbers of boxcars with military personnel, which passed through Gubon ixi both dii'ectionsr were correct, about eight trains -cent through this border-cros,aing station. in each direction between 4 and 18 November, 50X1-HUM (2) rob{ibly one of the two trains -with air force units, which sent to :oothorl on the .."jtralu.sbor"-Kuestrl.n Frnnlr 'ta 'f /Ori r-r `i i nn n> 11, n. -I -1 r' rt . A Probably recruits or re lacements for the Eighth Gds Army clothing depot in Burgstaedt which is thus confirmed there until :t,3 November a 50X1-HUM and for the 10th Uda Tank Div or headquarters units of the Fourth Gds 1iecz l r in Krampnitz, (5) On 10 Novem or, shuttle trains military personnel s b d a o serve e roT.kto from Guben to J'ueterbo anr3 ,nri+1-, ,,,;,t4...,.._ 50X1-HUM yusterrmark-Juoterbog lane J Y`? * J Litv1. vii L 41t, (6) The volume of daily leave 'traffic to and from Er- Ie' in equilibrium between 12 and 15 Novembero Tile presen, report indicates that, betwe::n 16 and 2 ovem er, the number of troops 50X1-HUM coming from Brest--Litovsk exc. ,a dod that of troops going to Brost-Litovsk bya daily average of 150Q S` C '/GONTROL/US OFFICIALS C?ILY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5 CONFIDENTIAL WqlhCO NTPO: ,/US OFFICIAr t T~ All rnovoincnts are reported for the first time, but may have been &tatecl correctly as tlm-7,r fit into the previous schedules of shuttle CONFIDENTIAL i@1.e CDNTR;DL/US OFF ICIAYS ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/08: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10000370009-5