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February 23, 2006
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February 27, 1952
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i ,rmany ttu o sian :one) Following is a list of Soviet purchasing office.*:ils during the period 1948 - 1950: Approved Fdv Il&'4eO U/ 4.YC#I> 92-00457R~i6 3 25X1 SUD.JEC`F Soviet Purchasing Officials in Germany f. _ O FYI NTIAL JAa E UHST ,06 O. OF PAGES NO_ OF ENCLS AA TED QE1OW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO AHD 194, OF THE 7D S. CODE. AS ANEMDED. 4T9'T(YANSHI5S6OM OR REVEL AT16N OP FT$ CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT EV AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON is PROHIEITED 8T LAW THE REPRODUCT1011 OF THIS FONN 18 PROI1IEITED. TNI8 DOCUMENT a. 'ONtAIM8 INFORLir flOH AFFECTING YNE HATIUNAL Llift, S or-rim UNITEb 3TATEE.. 7/170111 THE MEANIE r. OF TITLE 19 4ECTIOnS 793 25X1 A. Soviet Personnel: 1. Bandurka; Tel. Jena 5166, Was industry officer of St* for Jena. 2? Lt n Col. Dyaltyakov; Tel, `Weimar 270-, Soviet procurement officer for Soviet retail shops in Germany. Dunayev; Tel,, V/eimar 664, Was chief of Section I,,Reparations Division, 4 MA Thuringia.,. Korumissar^ov; Tel, Weimar 661. Uas chief of Section IV, Reparations Division, SMA Thuringi.a,. Lt- Lantsov; Tel.- t:ei-mar 206, Not identified as yet, Dr,, Mardis; Tel., Berlin 50 2707. 1115011 is the Karlshorst exchange a ) Purchased surgical lamps (Operationsleuchten) and j..mmersion re I. ractome ter K;Ei.ntauchrefrak'tometer) from Call Zeiss Jena. Major Ostrc eski; Tel Weimar 334 Was an officer in the Industry Division,, SMA, in 'eimar., Rodin; Tel.. 4'4eimar 6601. as the first Soviet official responsible for acceptance of diamond die., from Carl, Zeiss Jena" Senin; Tel. Berlin 50 1059 From 1918 ,to 1950, was concerned with purchase of mire mesh from Metal-lwxsberei Neust.3dt/OrlaA and with purchases of diamonds from Zeiss; predecessor of Stesno-r (see below).; 10, Str.i.rnov; Tel, qeimar 311. Was deputy to Yakovlev. 11,, Smirnova; Tel,, Weimar 666,., Wife of - .irnov (above), succeeded Tretyakov (see below) . CLASSIFICA1-ION (g)NFIDOTIATU j&#r-f7 O!TROL -- U0S? OFFICIALS ONLY d" :.? B 1, 9 5 2 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION a Clta ego In Class. E 0 Dealasslfled 25X1 Ala s, O binged To: TS S 0 1-1 J Approved For Release 2006/03/18: CIA-RDP82 Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO10400390002-6 ST'/CONTROL, - U.ST OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL IN .'E LLI GENCE AGENCY 1.2. Spankov; Tel. Berlin 50 0327, Was -;"Iief of the Industry Division for Germany, SMA?Berlin-Karlshorst. 13. Stepanov; Tel. Berlin 50 0331 Was chief of Section II9 Reparations Division., SMA a Berlin-Karlsh o rst o 14. Stesnov; Tel. Berlin 50 1503. Responsible for purchase of wire screening in Neustadt/Orla.; successor to Senin. 1,5, Major Sfsskind; Tel, Weimar 4814 Officer in Industry Divisions SMA Thuringia, in Weimar. 164 Sultanovo Was deputy to Senin (see above), 17, Tatyan; Tel, Weimar 670, Was chief of Section V. Reparations Division, SMA Thuringia. 13. Tretyakov; Tel. Weimar 652, Was paymaster for German acceptance engineers employed by Reparations Division, SMA, in Weimar. 19, Tsimailo,, Petr Petrovich; Tel. Weimar 662, Was chief of Section 11, Reparations Division, SMA Thuringia, in Weimar, Now rumored to he in the Moscow-office of Tekhnoprom, 20. Ulyyanov;.Tel4 Weimar 662, Officer in Section II, Reparations Division, SmA Thuringia, Lived in Weimar., Grossmutterleite 324 21. "Vera" (lnu); Tel. Weimar 649, Was secretary to Yako~rlev, and later to his'successor, Bayandurov4 22, Yakovlev; Tel, Weimar 440. Was chief of Reparations Division., SMA Thuringia; predecessor ;,f .Bayandurovo B. German personnel emplo ed by theSb1A, Demmaer; Tel. Jena 8-252, Assigned to the Schott & Gen. glass works, Jena. 2. Dreydeno Assigned to Waggonbau veimar (SAG Transmasch), where he is still employed. 3o Eichhorn, Tel. Jena. 8-212. Assigned to Schott & Uen. 4, Kleiman; Tel. Weimar 663, Acceptance. engineer employed by Tatyan, I 5o Schmidt; Tel, Weimar 417. Was interpreter for Byaltyukov (above)o' T ti. SY 2/CONTROL -. UoS, OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO10400390002-6