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December 14, 2016
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February 27, 2002
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February 13, 1952
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4' 117 71r: - 71 ) ? Approved F61:Rifiltise2ORS.03/111C:F.COGREDP82-00457FRE10301i30001 " ONFORMAT1ON REPORT cc No COUNTRY U. sR (Lieloraisian 3310 SUBJECT Transloadinz Foints at 3rest-Litovsk - PLACE ACQUIRED LATE OF INFO. 25X1 0-5 25X1 25X1 DATE DISTR. 13 Feb: 1952 NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCS. (LIVED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 REPORT NO. TRIG DOCUSIENT CORTARO; INFORMATION APFOCTING INC 17ATIORAI.DAFTPCT OP MIR RIMED SITATOO WITHIN TRH MIAMOCI OF MIti ESPICRIACR ACT AO t. i. C., Ng AND B2, AO AIIISNORD. IT O TRAIIIMISIIION ?OR ?RR RINELATIOR OF ITS CO'ATRNTO ANT MARMOT TO AN ITNACTIIORIARD P6R5-01 P PLC- RINITID NT LAW IIIEFIRCIAUCkION OP 71446, I,Oalk PROLIIOITL-3. 3.s.M770/WIMESINIEWIZATY SOURCE THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION rATE ARMY Boost Litovsk on the TOroo-a-T.7oscov trunk lino woo the lorrost railroad. junction and tranzloodino point on. tho :001isbo-Soviet border., The oony rail- 'road statioal in Brest Litovsk wero providod rith extensive trackaos so that a cooprohensive survoy VMS difficult to datain, oartictlarTy for TOS who Ond nooccess to retlrood pions, (1) Eowever, seporato tranoloadinT7 .- ? points existino in tJre oroa inoludedtOo Tont. 7isiinoOd Station o: lone with a cool 1 oad1no ramp:, too O'entral !?allroad Station:1 the Last 7,allrood Station provided. witO a. special transloodin ra%p; Lo ll or South Railroad Station and the Lahovets and ilakhatko ajiroad Stations, a,. The bred t. Litovsk Tost aailroad stotion moo a norm' pa000nocr freight station., The ncoal loodino ramp on. the south side oxtonded from a- - . point about 2,,5 km oast of the ? railroad bride-aoroso thc Bug .River at tno i'olish,Soviet frontier to the Central Station. ?of Eros t Litovsk(2) The coal ramp was used exclusively for the tramloadint of coal, The coal londino ramp availablo vas about 10 meers hi oh, 7,5 meter; widoi . ond built of heavy loEs. It vms loaf onouoh for 25 two-axle standard- ooure railroad c,n7rs,,' ? Tho ramp had a olontino avoroach with ..ono stand- ard-Eauose track, ? The Onterior of too ramp 17110 provided tith tooden. wails lined with shoot -'eta] so that tao loroo coal in ?oii-o formed,. '-.7oon the railrond cars standino on the ramp wore oporec'. the coal. dropped tiorquoh spaces betoson Lhe Ciankino of the ramp into the coal bins, The coal -renainin,:' in tho-railroO cars or spille6 onto theoromp was shovoiled into the con" bins, Tho biro hod. a otoraoe capacity of ot least 60 . standard-oauce corloodo. Slide doors were mounted at the heed *41113 of the ramp, Since those doors 'wore at the lowest points of the oomp? the . cool dropped out whon-he Coort 1:70P0 ?nano( onto Gernan made conveyor bolts which trenspocted it ovar a distance .of ahout .:Ileters. to the railroad cars.. Varaliel to each side of the rar4o, at a CLASSIFICATION 00aFII:l.a4TIAL/CONTROL-W x NAVY x NSR13 j 1 DISTRIBUTION ___,?.4.? _ MR if I- - - - FT :,,,T..fe I,, CV?7. :... 1 "L'..". ''''' '' . ? ? 3'Cj:F7,1LUE.:P'Y.A?r? -L,, !,,:',?-, T4: IS 44! 119.74.:.1_ ...... y: ...." I Approved For Release 2002/08/0 -'.-tiK-lkb138-220-0-457R010500300010-5 . OF:1CIAL3 O4Y 25X1 25X1 4 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL-US 'OFFICIALS ONLY CMTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY distance of about- 10 meters fron it, was a 5ovict-,rau7e trac-,7, (3) Up to sunLer of 19149 coal handed therc i!:cludel hard coal,. industriol Coal, nut coal, coal ciust, Lriquettee.. All this ceal cane froa Upper bilopia.,, at the coal rari, --;11.s done in three shifts of ciLht hours each, Fifty carloads of from 15 to 25 tons titre transloaded in one shift, The five Ger- man cranes available at the tranaoadic.; point in 1948/1949 handled_ an additional two with a total of aproximately 100 cars per day. On the average, transiocdinc? was done on 20 days of each month, rrom this it C35. he inferred that about La0,000 tons of coal were transioaided at this station per month. Forty .non were assi.guee to each. shift at the ranp, The - trnnsloadiTr: of 25 or-:rs. into the Coal bins took about hours, Delays ? occurred when the bifs wore already full or when there were not enourh Soviet- gauLe railroad cars available? In 1943/1949, the station area was complete- ly cordonned off by:oviet militia, (4) b, The. I:rest Litovsk Central -,ailroad Station on the Tarsaw-Lan&:--4.7oscow trunk line had a tranoloadinL ramp about 500 meters low-, where only tr000 trains wre transioaced. .471, ? , ?Z, The hast 'taliroad Station east of the dentral :Adiroad tt1on s also on the -:5arsaw4:oseov: trunk lino, his station had a romp 500 meters lonu, as well as a 1000-cets tranioadini- ranp,located r:but 1 Ion to the at for troops, Yost 0: the returninr: (lemon TZs mer. transioaded there, They observed. the trariLloodin of tank' and artillery units as well as of motor . vehicles? The tronsloadin of -one troop-trannport with vehicles took about three hours., Tht standard-rav-e track terniatcd at the ramp cast of the Last Hailroad jtation, oleski (LkiutL) iailro. Aation Tins directly southeast of the Central nail- rend. station on the :rest Litolsk?-Yovel-nev mainline. :he trackage of the Central aailrond Citation and thatof--thic Poleski Railroad 3t,Llon were con- ticous,. The latter station .ad. 10 tracks and a ramp 600 meters long, with a standard-[aw'e track on 'one 31645 sic.. a :.oviet-euco track on the other.(5) .For'nierly used for frelht fror. Ger :On to the this railroad station was no exclusively- used for the transloadLiv: of troops, The :'.'akhovets-.-Voyenni.transIoodinu point was about 2 hn south .of the Central hailroad Statien, tA's iAntion two shandard-ra.uce and one noviet-nuLe track led to the ate talirood Station Where they branched-out into fouf standard-cau.o and four ::;oviet-i_Tauf..e tracks, (6) At the southern edge of the area there wan J stone loading ramp aPout 500 meters lour between a standard-gauge ane 0,)vid*auue track.. Up to 13 June 1949 a Denac: grab crane .with a lininacity of to 10 tont',h een avaiLita.e at this ramp. In 1945/19 6 t-s crane vfa,13 on caterpillar tracks.. - Howevor, it was fouilL out that the load, rams ooeld not stand the weight of ho crane and. so the crane was nat,e itationn?:?,.? ? To the earth a otandard-aw:e :2nd 5 6evet-raue track Vie. 0 brided by a Tantry crane with a. liftinL capacity ? of 75 tons, This craao mounted on rails was able to move ot;or-th( entire station area. In 1.7 the crtn.?wich. hat'. boon previously operated ti:j hand was electrified,. ',:rantum ore was Irausloaded for the first time i early n"1:4 19143. The Urains were Art e Lthe iI,script;on'Uranirm Ore"in German and iiussinn. The trassloadin: of such a train lasted- about 12 hours, Pot- ash, graphite boop with undetermined loads, tank en-Llues? trucks and. sedans in addition to icrap nd :;refabricated houses were oleo transloadod? The translondirv o: 2.;Ap ?tool: 0 to. 10 hours, or the 2refatricated -houses about four hours?. if nocesary work was (One i a three sifts- Thi:- 1.9.akhatha s;tation was built- by- r:(2,rmr: after ::orie Mr IT and. was used e-clnsi.v1,7 for the ti-cs lo c r c eapture lachinery, It wsI I c c:tweet or 41 nC Lta- 77,rest Litovsk airfields, kn north of th,F, Station and ex-Lew:Ica 5 .to 7 from north to sOuth -and. 2 to WItl) che c- Soviet-. tra4 1 4tle-771!*. HIArn ? 25X1 25X1 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROLUS OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1 Approved For For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL4S DFFICIALS ONLY 25X1 CLI;TIZAL INT;;ILIGNCE AG!,;NCY 25X1 "Thrri. trhok,.7 joinnd tt re of !J.:he Y,7;tal.don the,/ 7...) 12 to I. c1aslf1corri-... ILLEGIB , - iunhinf. ). W(1L1Ofl;;,:;) been ,e.eived. OD the 10CP- tl,on oi? the 100 to 1;20 wooCe siera-s shcdd, allecedly for thh.storae ? of7c 1aL.Le. rinhiher7 (7) TanTcz,neto.-1- ? rtea structures for aircrrft 7iar.7rrr? naritine htLies, tex- . files of every deseription..uniforr cloth, mils enc. tics, siici equipTient, household coods,?furniture, tire pieces,. radio sets, elec- tric buis, surjcsl 1nstrur-1(.1 medicaments, suar, leather, otc,, nre ailcEe(17.7 tren.sloaded. Iiism.entled. machinery .6 ..served the machine of the ilnehhamt.r iron tlorhsn 3iletia, of te Steel librim in Prendenur,c; the FAe.,:lons- and Ealske Firm. in 12Jerlin the ::rawar Ail;int in La7deburc in. ()dation to the r-cohLiery of the ?l'hwarz.kopf, ntsch. Lorsic and -anderer Fins TEe trhnslondin was done either by- orancs or I:7 tLan- In the latter case Llenks were . ?lsie from i:J). rn.endard-rauce to the C;oviet-auce core, Goods' unload- ed narnelly wcre fir t gtodif.. in t1-4 storace sheds "ecfcre heinc for- rded to the 7:1(v.k war. done in three shifts,includinc Sundays shd holidays, unleadinc detail of 250 montranslosded one or tas t.)ins daily, "AYE entire ire- was surrounded by barbed.- )tre lone nlon which severl wateh towers were erected, o,.tarT adninrtration, Up to the surnxi of 190, 7.ase Gormand Uendquarters 3606, 25X1 cierciced nii.tary afn1nnt rativc functlons for all railroad srsa )ons i.e Frcet Litovsk. (8) The headquarter: includerl: lot Get on: Cn)he so..eticn, headed by Lieutenant Ocaouel Vasilyev (fhu), 770 non, 3C SerJion: r,oading by hard, hooded by Cart)ta_n 25X1 (fm), rith 203 nen, hth 3ection: L7u.hovetn ailroad eierov Station. 25X1 Section: Last Railrod r;tztion 6th P,oction: Poicshi TrrilroaC ?ation., The 2d. bection could net. 1..e ic":entl_Eted- b, Up to y 19149 stationary ilsta,ations- for the ceolversion elf railroad onrs from etandard to Smietr,u...c anC vice versa rofc not observed ? at any of the i2rest Litmrsk railroa stattons. In the sumier of 1943 it vas observed that 20 neu Getnn.? coaches were converted -to- :::?,oviet Lance by Soviot workers iw five- days.. The coaches were jacked put.en trestles, and. the-stardard-cauEo a;71es were replaced by Sovie-caw7e axles b7 neons cranes- 25X1 (2) ,t'.,omronts of alL.m:Uroad 6tatien facilities see :x 1, of -?rlief.:71.Tati.onsHot the LitoVsk :Test n fl.ron Uta- ee?: Anne::: 2.. bitovr, For-diAijA; ttoe, For. sz:toh. 0 V PAnnex 3, Co) In th.,.? a[.recnent or the volume of Fiovia trnnsit trr.f- 11-C e(1 1 195''.1 it -cr-%s .estr..:.:,lished that 12 trai_ns n,v be -received GaT(..c PU r ne maIns trens -sh5:T,ed in Brest :,,itovsk in a 24-hour period- Zer sketch of me Poler.k:i. Station see innox. (30 For a;-etch of 1.netallation see Arrox 5, (7) For s:-etch of ,r,ossib)e lo.out et. instelloiler L3 nn,:-N 25X1 las been ..7?_bscrved ir I.itava1 todete ao?trans-shippinu, noInt fo7 ILLEGIB CONFIDTVTIALICONTIZOL-US -3- OFFICIALS-ONLY Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 25X1 bIA-RDP82-00 ApproviialWoIrDikeireTaiiieiranigti/OW: INTEILIG .NCE AGENCY krillaialloStikfi 0-5 25X1 25X1 ? t 1 I r ?-? - r c'ct Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-0045714010500300010-5 25X1 cuiFIDRNTIALICONTROL- us . OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY e c.; 10?-1 t ? bra c7.1 ?,-1-7 r? i. (1, rt--P ,-.--i 4.0 Ul (1) O1 r!? Ix% ci, '''' ? ,---0): 0..-* ....--i 0 - 0 1>Z? (k F-4 c:;1 to tyl Ce) ??i "ri a; 4-1, 4=1, 0 0 .G a ri 25X1 Annex 2 .4 > 4 kl:,1 r-i 0 0 C) Pi CO r--1 ;i. cli a) .-.1 co f:- t?, Ei 4-1 /4 0 gn i7,1 (1) ,1-4 ?ri Cti, ij C 'KJ '4,-) 0 ..0 g 4,) $.0 f-li r,.: En r-91 7.3 cl vd to,-4 ra z rHi (j.:4 CD q-4 Et 0 -(?? . c.,; c.,,, (r)...c a ...: c-4 .::;:: c.1) 0) ? 03 L) 0. 0i cil .1,-,,, tris,'", p -0 X izt --? Ca ,'?.1 te4 4-74 fa r:5' 0 N.--4 al rt.3,-. Irk 0 OW ciS 0 41 t".) (..:7, N. NN N N ; I N ? ,??? ? AP P rov ett F IROPv p?A,99.W P IA-RDP82-00 Rtilqfigqqq,Oil 0-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/04/Q8 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTtitiL-ub i I NN, 1 i I , ------.! , i, N? ?N, ?.... : CIA-RDP82-190F516100papp010-5 CTINTRAL IMILIGENCE AGENCY f r, t, ? ' Ji ?k, N i, i:;?,.?..'...! 1 i /I % 1 ,_. 1 , ........ e.-- 25X1 25X1 dboo f ro 7 drn I CON FID.NTIA 1 VCONTROL-U2 :AFFIG 'ALS ON LY Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 25X1 A pprMilifiii4R134i441401.0ea CIA-RDP82-0 0.f5Ittip4lit0Otibil0 10-5 CENTRAL INTaLIGENCE AGENCY- '47 i I ! I : , , { !? , ?;1 t -CP 0 C7 8?-1' 4 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 C (MI FT ENTI AL/C ONT RGL-U S OFPIC IALS ON LY 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 favi A p CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL-US , CENTRAL INTELLIGF,NCE AGENCY OFFICIAIS ONLY CIA-RDP82-0C itglIA 64)0103)510-5 ' I ,) 1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 CONFIDENTIAL OONTROLc.US 0457R010500300010-5 ? ?MCI ALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE. /3.ENGY 14..1 4 .,,, f 't . ,/, 1 i - 1 .:, 1V ) ? i 3 Iit --,..., i ; 4' IS Annex 0 25X1 25X1 ? , fi ) i ( i .,,',! i i - t ? , r ; ,, r i g 2 0 rs,kis t ;g , , 6e, 7 i g ?J. ? i17 ..!?ti,,,, ,ci)% s g ? si i ', 7 ,.s** iet t ''' 1 ,-"' 1 i 1 ' 1 i , ft 4re' , 1.21/r' fi7 t e - Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R01`050036 f0-5 CONFIDE:NTT. ALICONTROL,-US rihri I 25X1 road. .itatton ? 'C2 - Railroad .tat ion 'Atli ? 'coal rabp t";entraa. ? ...ast knil road tatiort with cast transloadnm ravp no1n4ki kail- . road Station :at,.:novets hat_l ",;tation ia't:hatIca 7Zal1.- x.par:, Station ? LC; ; 4 17'.11) Li(OLliiiialeU Approved i7or Keiease,zuuziOdiu 13 ? CIA-RDP82- baiMii401300010-5 cErTRAL INM,LIGENCE AONCY Bro.:rt., ta...?0'../-8.1: aol-.ace T.arirt 20 traelzs s.tartdnrd Clova,t-caure opal rip 20 trac7Ts 1 'arr.) abont- standard. an.7,1 !:;00 meters lon?: 14 to 16 traks stlrdard and I ramp, 5oa soviet?vauf:e meters ldnr.: ?2 metersLi 1. rano, 1.000 mt.t.,ers 1onr, ' 10 tracks standard nrc.3. Soviat7F2,au,oa 8 to 10 tracks 1 ramp standard and 5c0 ;So-v1 et-our.? I onc: t.yrno,9 600 rPters ?13 at:oar:arc:- raum'e tracka. tradm 5 oroneaer "sith ?a or 1 nti G ? - tf,naez 25X1 25X1 ? Perfottrance with L'a 21). h ? ' 10 '1 t 2 to 3 'o al trains n xL, ton- craaos? 9 trsjils 1 x 10 ton crane 1 15 tor crane x ton crsne? trainF: 1. x 6 ton crano trni? .75 ton crane n.'...Cet,( ra1(l 1x 2 ton cr....In:, x cram- 11 a Lc r, x 1.."_.; ton ez.ane L '6 Lon. crano trin rane l'A) ton orat...-o r-ctnninr crartt.a:.1 ttc Ler:7, areiriDENTIAT aenrIDE:,4 T I ktriniti4444.41:2_ 2 ra?. rs =-'1.C141.4.4 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010500300010-5 I train 2 to 3 to 2 , train I. to 2 ? trains 14.. to o traillE5 11 to ? tra Ins 25X1