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December 15, 2016
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April 20, 2001
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March 12, 1952
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{e. ~ `i+~~? !. ~tJN ,: v?iJ a V l' 1' 1 ~.id A3-:J V.'?5 .:, .~ A- ik Approved I~p~-9'A6 00457R0612d~b~2 ONF ATF REPORT CD 140 COlfNTRV v:sa oa a;jCh Isis )AF.' 0}STR_ 12 Plar 62 SUBJECT Left-dingy- Labor Reaction Lo Liquidation of L.scIo Bus Company PLACE ACQUIRE NO OF PAGES . OF ENCLS. DATE OF' CIRCULATE SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. REPORT NO.. _a. The Government should force the company to play the workers :3i.x months' wages as severance pay. b.. ' The workers should be allowod to run the company d.urinlg its liquidatict, sra~re naw nsue o+sraieur~oru SFAi~ ~~ DBAW NsR6 DBSTRlBUT ON / 1 the &acao Bus Company? which in the latter part of 1.951 had been opera ing with a monthly loss of Fiore than 10,000 patacas, announced that it would suspend business on 1 January 1952, and requested the ;iaoac Government to auction off the compa: yl s3 assets. On 30 December, LIU Chih-pinl? leader of the pro-Communist workers i , the u.s ca o bus Company, called a meeting at which it was resolved to demand special wages from 1{he company, and to destroy the busses if the demand was r'afused. At the compary's recquests police were posted to protect the busses. T hen the yaoao bus Company stopped operations on 1 `anuar; and paid all workers their wages for "ecember and January, the lef tv-wing workers, on instructions from the caaoao Labor Union, refused to accept the wagon. About seventy of these workers held a meeting is front of the bus ~;ara ,e to elect representatives who should ask the ziacao Government to allow the wor.cers to run the bus companyy, For several days after this ueeting sons orty left-w:nu workers stayed at the company garage with the intent of stealing the busses and driving them into Communist Cis. ina a? After two more meetifigs., one of which was disperse, by the l acao Police, the left-wing_,, workers seat representatives to the -acao (h-uer iment with the following requests,, none of which was -ranted- ifiRMY AlF2 FRB Document No. ------------------ Ko Charge In Class. D o Declassitled ulnas. Chng d To: TS S C Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP 2 X87 02-2 24 fate:. ------- Dl: ------- Approved For Relea;2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R0l0700120002-2 'PiTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONL 25X1A T R C~~3 TPAL UT EI.LIGEN CE AGENCY o~ The Government should guarantee that any now company world employ all the old workers,, 4, The Macao Labor Union sent cables to Peiping sad Cantonn .r?equesti.ng support for the bus workers,, A local Supporting Committee was formed on 11 January,, The Macao Labor Union requ0sted donations for the workers,, and various prom Communist labor associations contributed over 3,000 patacas to tNiz ouuse. 6r MA Van-oh9i, vice chairman of the l aoao Chinese Chamber of Commeroet, went to Canton to report the bus strike to the Swangtig k'rovinoie1 Labor Union,. which subsequently ordered the wacaso labor Lnion to fight to the ead~ On 18 January the Macao Bus Company was sold for UK $350?000 to the Fu Li tj) Bus Company,, Limited. This new company was organized by P. J. Lobe,- LIANG Ch"angc CLUNG Tau-kuang9 HO lieien? and LIU Heng-ohung,,2 On the same day LIU and Peter PtiSNQ ( `1) went to the #aoao Bus Company to take over all the equipwsznt i'or the new company,, which intended to res at operations on all lines an 21 January, after the busses had boon repaired, The right''wing (sic) workers were dismissed with an additional three months' wages-3 $? Comment, The dismissal of the left-wing trouble---makers would appear more reasoaableg and may have been what occurred,, However,, the Lobo group have been consistently reported as conciliatory to the Chinese Communists in Ueoao~ low W;TROL m U.S. OFc ICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R010700120002-2