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March 13, 1952
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1Fl Approved Fo 1ON WK -Z cRUAT RPRT NQ~ COUNTRY Macao/China:4ong Kong SUBJECT %'hinese Ccuumtst Activities in Macao SCE ACQUIRED DATE OF lid. QATE DISTR, NO. OF PAGES 4 z/ @LO..OF ENCLS. 25X1/ (LISTED BELOW), WPPLEMENT TO At a Pearl River District public security oonferenoe in early November 1951 it was deoid.Qd to, place secret agents in Macao under the direction of agents in Hong Kong so as to promote a closer integration of the work in the two colonies. It was also decided that unnecessary units in Macao, such as the Special Administrative Office and the Public Security Office, would be abolished in the interest of unity and to prevent the outflow of foreign exchange .1 2. It was rumored, in Macao that K'O t n was being detained in Canton in con- neotion with K'O Chax,&-p'ing's absconding with Nan Kuang Company funds.2 Dr. LItt, of the Ching hu Hospital, returned to Macao from Canton on 15 November,a d retorted that his efforts to see K'O L.i hA unsucces.sfui, and thbC( K'0 had not been seen since he went to the government building on 12 November in response to a summons from YELi Chien-ying.3 I;: HO Hsien, alarmed by warnings he had received from anti-Communist elements and by the bombing of the homes of his assistants, MA wan-chi and CH's Wen-kuanr4, indicated in iovember that he wished to resign from his post as chairman of -the Macao Cumber of Comraeroe. CHIT Man assured him that the Chinese Communist Party was investigating the threatening letter and the bombings and would do its best to protect HQ. LIANG Ch'ang and other Macao businessmen who had be purchasing strategic materials for the Chinese Cozamuni.sts also d farad :iO thfir support. At the same tipae, the Macao Government, fearing that the chairmanship might fall into hands less repre- s n ativ o M cap mead ante a d les copper q`tine 1with the auftho~ri.t Tt df . ~ 49, lire or 'of.' h . B e of Finanrie f to persuade H o keep t e post. 1 Ao-jurig ( ) and others representing the so-called' RPPIF"; ''I re 814 rif s 1711 F A _ CO] CI NCPA FL FBI I T IPEI C CQiNTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 BEST C Available Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGE9CE AGENCY - 2- sentative of IMaoae merchants and less cooperative with the authorities, asked P. J. Lobo, director of the Bureau of Finance, to persuade 110 to keep the position, HU Ao-jung {; ) and others representing the so-sailed Democratic clique were actively supporting MA YPaa-ch''i for the chairmanship in the hope of making the Chamber of Commerce wholly Communist.5 4. From 1 to 3 December 1951 the MacaoDistrict Committee held a meeting to examine a- report on past Communist activities in Macao? FANG Fang, seore- Lary of the South China Sub-Bureau, WU Ching-ohih6, deputy director of the Kwafgtung Trade Bureau and former manager cf the Nan Kuang Trading Company, and JAO Han-hsiang (4 of the South Gina Sub-Bureau, attended the meeting. FANG Fang accused the Macao District Committee of having bungled 1 organizing the 1 Ootober celebration and in having failed to halt the Nationalist; oelebrat.ion an 10 October; of having failed to detect h'O Chong-p'ing's activities until after he had absconded with the an Kuang Company's funds, or to d4ie6ter the Nationalist agents responsible for the bombings and fires which had occurred. FANG said the Macao District Com- mittee would be reorganized. After the meeting, YEH Chao, secretary of the Macao District Committee, told other Communist officials that he would resign and request punishment for his failures. 5. At the beginning of December 1951 the organization of the Macao District Committee was as follows:. Secretary : YfM Chao , also known as YER Nai-ch'uan or YEll Fong and frequently allied Oh'uan Ko ( ), is a native of the 8akka area in Kwangtung and about 32 years old. He is a graduate of the Anti-Japanese University of Northern Shensi. Assistant Secretaries: HUANG Chien- lung8 . YEH Hai (N' 0 1,. ), also 'known as ung Ch-were, liaison fiL official of the South Gains SubBureau. Investigation Section: Chief YEH Hai. Assistants: CHANG Deis. YU Ts 'ai Liaison Section: Chief CHU Tsai-ffang also known as ; YU T' ion (- j ), also known as CHU Ch' ih-p' ing S . Assistants: K'0 Cheng-p'ingt-, deputy manager of the Nan Kuang Trading Company. LI Yung'. Political Section: Chief: , LIU Tien-ohishll, also known as LIU Pai-yun {% Assistants: CHANG Yang12, also secretary of both the New Democra oy Association and the Democratic Dcoision Committee in Macao. YANG H ~116 Document II?. !~= Chants !In Cfa~s. Fv-( I [_ D%%la!s1fle ! I CIIASS. C~Orsv q4 Tyr; TS S C Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP13240487RO410700P130006-7 Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CFN TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGE14CY -3- Armed Operations Section:13 Chief YFi Ch' ao. Assistants: T'AO Kuo-ohih (', } (7 r . FANG V ion-to Labor Movement Section: Chief . LIANG P'ei8, chairman of the Macao Labor Federation. Assistants: KAN Kuang8. HO Lai (E y). Culture and Eduoation Section: Chief : KAO Ching14, a lso known. as PAI Yu Assistants: TU Lan8, principal of the Hao Chiang Middle School, Macao. FANG Ssu-oh' eng ( ' ) 6. TSEAI Chun.g15, liaison official of the South China Sub-Bureau in Macao, has no connection with the Macao District Committee but is directly attached to the Pearl River District Command Post of the United Front Department of the South China Sub-Bureau,, which is in ShiiViv i and operated by KUAN Man- ts'ang (A r ) ? 1. Comment. The operational funds for the Pearl River Special Wtrative Inspector's Office in Macao, paid by the Nan 'r'ung Bank, amount to about '6,700 pataoas per month. In October 1951 these pay- ments came to 8,500 pataoas, the largest amount paid to Communist 25X1A agents in Macao during 1951. 25X1A 2 Comment. K'O Lin and K'O Cheng-p'ing are 25X1A . brothers. 3. Comment. YEH was in Hankow on 12 25X1A 25X1A d did not return to Canton unti 14 November. According to the Hong Kong Hai~n Tao Jih Pao of 23 t C 25X1A 4, . ommen November 1951, anti&+Communists threw bombs at HHH ien and MA Wan4'iEh'i during November. d to be one of the targets li eve CH'EN Wen--kuang was be Comment 25X1A . of an explosion at Wharf 27, in mid-November. of HO l i 25X1A 25X1A aw n- Comment. CHIEN as brother- Macao. Company en , g Hsien and general manager or the no 25X1A a 5. Comment. ME ,for the increase in Chinese Communist troops on the laoao border was to expedite the appointment of YO as chairman of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, yet in this report he is represented as less acceptable to the Chinese Communists than MA Ran-oh'i. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 6. 7. Comment. gave an entirely cxi a e, ooount of the organize on or e nose Communist Local Committee in MacaO< The committee as here outlined appears to be much the same as the Macao Station of the South China Sub-Bureau, CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7 CONFIDENTIAL/CON TROL - U.S. OFH'I CIALS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1A 10, Comment, At"a meeting of the Macao District Committee on 11 'RVVWRIWr-tha replacement of K'O Chung-p' ixig was discussed. 25X1A Comment. K'0 as head of the first section of the Liaison Division of the Macao Station of the South China Sub- Bureau. 11, Comment. LIU was reported head of the Political Division of the Macao Station of the South China Sub-Bureau in 5O-68614 a and 13, Comment. The Armed Operations Section has between 100 and 150 men under its command. The Chung Jung Company, 2 Rua da Ribiera do Patane, is one of its underground organs. This company is operated by LU Chun-hua (A 're -f ), and one of its employees, LI K'ang ( ), is a key member of the section. Comment placed the Chung Jung Company a? ien Hs in Chieh Rua do Guima rae s) . 14. Comment. At the 11 November meeting of the Macao District Com- mitee the replacement of KAO was discussed. Failure to detect KAG's association with Americans and antioCommunist activities was another score on which FANG Fa g, reproached the Macao District Committee. Comment. KAO was reported as head of the Youth ocia ssociation. 15. Comment. appeared as a former liaison officer of the Pearl River Spa fa 1 Administrative Office in Macao, and attached to the South China Sub-Bureau organization in Macao. CONFIDENTIAL/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700130006-7