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December 19, 2016
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February 2, 2006
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February 1, 1952
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Appro M COUNTRYB?.--- Gernrrraovit.on)a _REPORT ? OPIC-- Soviet rrr;iunition De:not at ::ul_kow DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES- 2 PACES --ENCLOSURES REMARKS... 25) 25X 1? ? The following ship: rontv 19529 consigned to arrived at V:u?koi botween I :)ecer or 3.951. and 1 January 1 Decedbor 43; 13 December 46; 22 Decombor .33; 1 January 16; 'ItRa s ; station ~r ankfurt/tier-Borctor Drest Litovsk and F~,a nkfurt/Oder Brost Litovsk and I~ r ankfurt/Clew Brest Litovsk and !,ran.',S-art/Cd0r No outgoing shipments were observed durin,-; the time covered by the re,ort0 2? Residents, familiar with the situation at the installation, stated that only artillery and tank ar;?;aunition and no infantry an ,unition :aras stored at 'the deoot0 A Soviet lieutenant of the escorting detail of the shio.-u;rr-L on 22 December said that the shipment consisted of artillery ammunition, mortar shells Ra: AJ\A armaunition? The depot was allegedly filled to capacity. The installations necessary for the production of amr.7.unition had been torn down by the soviets in 19145 and i%.6 and have not been rebuilt 0 ' -k 25X1 (;ors:ac:nt The irtfox?r7. Lion confirms the .J:avict are n.uaiti on. cio of at ,;u11ko z unta tic i;:inning, ~ of January 12522 The :incouiir^ shipments rwcrc listed inrepor.ts 25X1 on rail move.annts,., a dispatching office at Iq ?an ur Corn the era aunition depot, 25X1 ;ulitc>~rQ .`t,s the report appears credible. the im-orriation threat no ar unition was dispatched by rail from Jlakorw durints Joccraber 195.1 is can;aidercc' corr;ct. T!,,ho increase of incor? shi9amnts of ari_:unition f'-on the UoSeSo a,) ac was generally observed is believed to be in order to fill. uya the depots. CLASSIFICATION SrCF~ ,T/G0IrLI 0TV7, OFF ICIAI O JLY FIDENT DQcErrefpt N?, -------1!7 ------------- d. 4T. u QLr- 1J/p is t~e.,BB Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CI L and dispatched by 1 -1 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO10700260005-4 _ent "I It ho, arx.n nition de pot Co _ at 5u ko~a t~ra& believed to store exclusively ~r ~i13_~ r;r a .i nuiition. The pre:;ont re.port, ho iovcr, indicates that not only artillery,, but also tank and AAA I, a'a:iunition is beinf' stock-piled thorn and. that,., ap7arc.ztlf~ no light infantry aiz,iunition is ,;torod at the c1r:,?oto This i. _ f'or;:za uion is considcroc1 poszialc, Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R010700260005-4