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December 19, 2016
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February 13, 2006
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March 17, 1952
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AppIFI{t~ase 20k,r8+457R01 900030 - 25X1 Vh- UNTRY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. I N F MATlO EP T CD NO. FIDENTIAL Austria,7L,S18/Satell.ite States DATE D1STR, 5UBJECT R -,cent Dev 7Lopm is in the Sovitt-Controlled w I~-- 'LACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. Oil Field Areas TNiF DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORWATION AFFECTINS THE rIATIONAL DEFE 112 of TllE UNITED STATES. WITHIN TH8 MEANING OF TITLE IF, SECTIONS 1311 AND 754. OF THE O. S. CODE. AS AWENOED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR R#'#L ATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR REC#/PT ST AN USAUTHORIZBD PUB ON IS PRODDIUISIID Ex )AW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORS IS PROH151'ED. Matzen 25X1 NO.OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. w7 March 1952 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 25X1 1.. As of November 1952 the Matzen oil field area included a total of 72 eruptive wells. It hat now been determined that the Matzen oil field fire of Novenher 1951 was the result of an outbreak of natural gas which occurred in the c:ourse of drillings at well No0 69: The sudden. force of the irscapiitg gas caused a layer of pebbles to strike the drill, rig, proda,.ins s-,-.,arks which then ignil,ed the gas0 The well head and drill rig were completely destroyed by the time the fire was brought uui.ter cont.,ol0 No other d :.rnage was reported: 2 The Soviets exper5..nced a s3cond setback at Matzen when well No.. 40 which had trcien yi_(:l.din 64 eons of crude of 6 per 24-hour period at a casing pressure of 58 atm,)spheres and tubing ^ressure of 35 atmos- pheres, suddenly erupted. within two hours the casing pressure had mounted 10 atmospheres' and ;.rl four more hours halt reached a point well over 75 -'.mosphere ,, before this pressure could be reduced an area of about one square kilometer around well Ne0 4 had been inun- dated, Aparv from the loins of the well head and other equipment in use at this well, the SovLets were forced to clotle off temporarily three other wells,, No, 66, 67, and 58, which norr.cally yield a com- bined dail average, of 180 tons of crude oily Ftiirthermore, the road from Schoe%kircben to Prot:;tes was partly washed away, and the road surface elsewhere damaged by underground displac3ments. Aderkiaa 3. This oil field area now has a total of 12 eruptive wells in production Mueh;lb The Muehlb g field has 65 rroducing wells, nine of which are pumping wells, Nv hlber?g's output has decreased to approximately 900 metric tons per (1 ,y ,, CONFIDENTIAL ~!ri'(g"`T.'tT. /.`?f~'t11 !.T?1.!.~.!- (i f ? it ~L~~ A.t . o-.,1~ ~.? _ C-ASSIFICATION NAVY _ x ,x NSRB DISTRIBUTION AIR 1/x FBI Cl;i" 'ET Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82- SEA CENT.AI, INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 5~ The i,FA complex, comprising uE]A I and II, ITAG, and 'iaustrenk, numbers 2C5 numpinr' wells,. EPG 6. In r,ovember 1951 the F. '', Goesting fields contained 42 Dumping wells. \ran `'ickle 7. The V::tn ~:ickle oil fields are reoor?ted to have :ai?out 4G numpini in production. Crude Oil jelivered Between October and December 1951 Approved For Release/a3/0Wh1TdR-004578010900030001-1 8EC /CONTROL - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 8.. 's a sutrin+-.r,. of av-iil:aule on the crude o_.1 out-,.it 25X1 of the rl These fi fields ..r iV fields during the neriod ;r.r?es represent the amount o z do not ineicate -{ctiui.L i:e c f Oct-mhcr to f' . uruoa oil nu ll nrcduction. Lecember 1951. mped from !'>'V oi l z?. ld ?r rlumbbtr of Tons of crude Oil !.elivereu Octo'er 1951 November 1951 Matzea 122,440 117,2CC +2`,lCO .UFO', I anu II, IT.:G anu i,;austrenk 13,330 J-), 6(,c 12,9' O ;;ri.:rkla.a a , 52C 2V12(( 28,32( :' iehlberg 2' , 59C ,1.,20 C 27,900 an Fickl e ,,510 1.5,0(0 (Van 5,88C (`Ian :,64C- fickle, EPG & TEAG) Cickle -Ynr PC ) 1: .71 C Eastward ``hinments Of 1Jrucae Oil fr,'m ::atzen Fo3lowiric.- 'is a breakdown of ~,..?uue oil' : ,ipmerlt s ?rorr. the :?:atien r ilroad 5?tation to Poland, vzecho slovaki8, Hun Fir T v 3F`i.FSr?n Berman ' and the Uf?cR .'ow ,,?ber and ueceribF-r 1951. 25X1 I lall :;rude oil exnorts during'; ' ; o er raa s ,iomen s 25X1 6,4(C' tons. to Eastcrn Germany and 11,72' tons to OLechoslovakia during; this month. It shoulu be noted hat the?e .fa un tes an not include oil. pumped to the storage tanks in the lobau: CONFIDENTIAL c, ,1,~ ?, ._ ..j ' . l 1, " _ V Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA7.RDP82-00457R010900030001-1 Approved For Releas ~82-00457R0l0900030001-1 '/coN` oL- U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY CENTRAL MI'EY.LIGENCE AOEIVCY 25X1 D !'umber of Tons of Crude Oil November 1951 December I.9 1 Dziedziee anu Trzebinia, ` o1 end 1,2(7 4,315C Yolin, ;zechoslovakia - 7,.3C0 Inubova, Czechoslovakia 218 - ..Ioravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia 185 - Most and Zaluzi, (Czechoslovakia 495 Gyarteleo (Gyoertelck?), Hungary 462 - Gross F:orbetha and Krw na (1), '-.astern Germany It, 72C - Mukachevo,. UESFi 772 3,105 10. In addition to these ;F_atzen shiomentc, an ?I V emnlo}gee states th,~t 15 transports, each ccntainin,: 450: tons ofarruue oil,c~ertidesnat`hea each month frorY the P;eusiedl m rCh a11in y these transnorts, which t,