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December 19, 2016
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November 7, 2002
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March 17, 1952
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VFICI.A( OfT Y Approved For Release 200 /1`$: CiA-RD Md1 1000040ong-I 25X1 k TRA ?wITEj_l_I+_~ NCE AGENCY N F AT REPORT CD NO. SU13-iEC 5 < ;a.; Work in Tudape=-: PLACE ACOUTRU" s.Au `;)F ~ UFO 25X1A THUS L`OCA.aGI1:l'T CONTAFIi:; I UFO%9i:.TIO1C APr iCTIU6 TNP. It?TIOUAL UPFFNBC Of 'RIP I MTI r :;Th1F+3.. IT;[HIM Tli:. Mr.AUINS Or T11L8 IS, P.#CTWHS 79t' A'Rt7 194. OF 7fG'. S, Cf.7E C, +!S f 4iEUOEA.. i rS TRAUS31SS1ON OR RPiEI ATTOU Dti IT: -::j;I[E4iTs T,) OR 919CF:IPT 04 in UUAU`cIIOIIIETO ATTRSOT IS PRONIITITG., '.' LAO y`1U IIEPiODUCTIOM OF THIS TORSI IS t>ROI4IBITED. .a,,iati;:..:`~LA aad iova of the Plant-. National Plant i.stratio : Nao. ages- Alexander Sago. '."ectxr.ical, Section! Maragt:-r: Chief Engineer Csato. Party S cretary;; iich l '~_tiar. A si. tr0 stra& to? lc:ction of ~!':'?:v;= p' ar Plan `lect;io:; ? T o kak a .cocuntitig; its. u fiatf:r and rood:Y"1aa a~ Konya t1hilping,,n K.olfa.i. `.Yecknica1 Control : Jr . Po g r. r. Production; Chief Er in r Taubner. Per= ow), t ; Mihal.Lo. :'."c`r:; 7 4hoy t.-,- 33fair3y boiP~r St"1, Asuppli?d by 07d., Csepe l., F'er.rog.lobu. ?4~* :!~ ; _o ,.I Chu$ , Hof fh rr l.I-etr'olyti.c d?t ; . from -upp.lIc of th 3a." .>.... ..............,... E9.iectrol.yi'Jc !7-t eel . ......................... ... 4"a' tots Tid Geer?a- Works in . udap et area a " atiora .izsd cc-nc-,rn. 25X1 The pla' t m to the Iinniater for Hea.ry Industry, who decides rhicIi E.x:, -t-import inter prise or which dome sttic concern y'i11 supp R.y Game. Purtan; :_;un :,:,d Ju.:,y, 1951, thE. Glam a Works used the fol;.ori-rig rw4 materials ; Sty e.'t , B.od_ .rv.e..- r otr.' d, flat and ;q:^jx~.r -trn X09 6171",4 raw. IIsrtilx aFATE ! PJAb^, NSRti ARM4 _ AIR !! E DATE DISTR. ? 1' March 191- 2 l10..OF PAGES Z /CON`1 ROL .. U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDF582=0014571 b110 p g%908- - NO, OF ENCLS ILISSEc1 SI:.o + SUPPLEMENT '0, REPORT NO 25X1X 25X1 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 15 tone Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011000040008-1 BEST COPY Available. Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011000040008-1 Approved For Release 20/O3/18: CIA-RDP82-00457R011000040008-1 9S wixar3" ?3h CLIaa ., , a G 4 0 A '+ +4 tl U 7 o C o ?.t m E e J w G O L+'J 0 o tl e 0 0 0 D O w 0 0 0 0 4 4 U U O O D y'5 a R ?~ R h ......................................... 15 tong 5 1=oar Irk 4AJj e O e S e Orb 6 O O, m e W" m 0 0 0 O O w e O O OV 0 O O OJA 10 tors 'Mid ~? + m .* +~ +. E+ n ~? e o e E .......... m e m c o o m o. J o 0. G m o o r 3 o 32 tows n i n n .. r r r p w o O n 0.. m O m e e. m u e e e m c ~. e E 0 0 0 m J O m. O m m 10 yIm- a wl3rpw1i cnon .z.. or?onueeeneaeemmmmooaeo00owommm to_'s ft' MKU -,(div4ro )w e.+ee .eJe i tOaY~, ccf?ttch-o :-- to s ,o T, tam S tic kmri r ion is utAtr gym o;!t '0:) units of a Fut-,,Slw~ , court. ol,.4pp ratug for fir er 50 " us i as type Pirror periscopes. ,-.5 _i Ac ti ircr t ITAtS`I. 1}I4%l t',, ((Y .r; V- o ,, a larv numb*r of .xF#Q s for dish m3mam, a ticarl im rimataa, and art-A).hm.^,,y 2.0 u ,m, parimc.`ope r' , "Ma jr ik" Trlw-, a, Ooft:L '$sv' rq, a ad Logarit3a ro,,Iq for the arts !tyx,7E q C Wa ^ hay been w3jjwged by. tbrmu z ;Qv bui3di a w Main it thh'& . so- :,F O ?t : acto hhich it -04wt the a woufs'eture'R of radar Cqu r-jt o Approved For Release 2006/03/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011000040008-1