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December 20, 2016
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March 3, 2006
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March 3, 1952
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'41ELLURA to Apprigv VA F-~4gAse.2469104 COUNTRY. rn'+'#731} ~f;t~triP,t Qn,a la bet7.-ioe31 21 January and 13 February 1952, no Soviet troop trains vaent through the bo.,der station of 3cheunem TOPIC - ovener.?s of boviet ^roon Trains 25X1 REFERENCES- PACES 2 _-ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) REMARKS .,---- ?- 25X1 25X1 25X1 the 6th Oubd.istrict Office of the i.3erlin railroad dis?- tri t, contained orders that the following; three shuttle-trains wore to be asse,ab:Led fo M'n ice pub)oscs : t the Prenni tz railroad station on 25X1 3 i obrzary; t the Oranienblroad station; and=at the ,.ildpa.rk raza lro ac? sta 10 R ebruarl; aoh shuttle--train was to consist of 1 fully cgt~i pe boxcar; 1 flatcar vritia wooden sidowalls; 1 flatcar with iron sido- 25X1 walls; 1 5SL_t,;7pe flatcar with 3 rails of equal length, 200 rail spikes, 1 ::pile. driver and 1 spike puller; 2 gondola cars carrying 260 ties each, 50 percent of which had to be serviceable; 1 car with 300 iron cramps, 1 kitchen car; and 1 ;:.30Y-type flatcar of 80 tons, the shuttle 25X1 trains were probably assembled to practice the unloading and loading of tanks between stations. A tank on a ; ;Y tme flatcar can be unloaded or loaded over a ,.~akoehift side ramp made from ties and rails fastened together with iron cratps.., The rails of equal length and the rail spikes may be used for possible emergenc,,y repair jobs on the track. i" 4. 1 1 obr~zar y 2 'obr aary 3 i 'obr zarl 4 ea~rzar;~. 3rd Subdistrict Office of the Derlin railroad district, no troop trains passed through the subdistrict between 1 and 10 brua:.-y. Cm 11 Fobr,.zary, a train of 2> boxcars and 3 flatcars, -wont fro:. Lucicenvialde to .:oeni :sbruecks trains in Frankfurt/Odor between 1 and % February: The following numbers of .soviet military personnel were observed aboard leave Date To Brost Litovsk Frot:t Brest Litovsk 130 and 190 170 and 130 170 and 1;0 160 and 200 200 and 150 190 and 200 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : Cl 190 and 170 I'MUM" itt IIG- ----- ,.,~ 111!% r,.: fla .7 a Date: - =oo49M Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011200170009-4 2 L to 5 i' cbruary 6 1"ebruary ,3 rebrkmj To _rent Litovsk. '2rom 3'rest Litovsk 190 and 200 27.0 and 180 210 and 190 190 and 210 200 and 130 is* Cornent. The three shuttle trains 25X1 the co.ipositionn and. 'Load o ne Trains in ica a is we trains were so--called roadbed construction trains -faich may be used for the training of Soviet troops' possibly rail-- roaad on girteeg?ng in track construction under sir .ulatod co::ibat conditions,, such as repair work and chani :e of f~augesa The equipment mentioned in perm graph 3 is unauited for the loadin or unloading of tanks bet Teen stations. Fo: this purpose, there are special ramps made of U-shaped from, u:r :[Col ,tent the volume of daily leave traffic in both directions during, the period from 1 to s February 1952 slightly exceeded that of .7anuar /- 1952, Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011200170009-4