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December 20, 2016
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March 2, 2006
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April 12, 1952
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Y.?H4 I I`' KIJ R,ut .g': i t~jlli;.?;fditOi U, :rte Ua"'"'1'v il7Lws Ui L 1-;7 r4l Approved FCeleage0 Df P2-0045 F D I REPO INTELLOFAX 29 3U"RY 25X1 ;4JbJE:C'q, 25X1 T Germany (Russian Zone Rail Freight Traffic via F~ank art/Crier SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS DOCUSEW CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL OEFETISE OF THE UNITED STATES,, WITHIN THE OPARI146 OF T1TLE IS., SECTIONS X98 AND 794. OF THE U S. CODE. AS AMENDED, ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVEL ATION OF ITS CONTSNT3 TO OR RECEIPT E4 AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON is PROH191TED BY LAW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM 19 PROHIBITED. 25X1 25X ,3hiorients identified Fran'-,2,,i-rt/0der b.;r?der cros:.:ing; 25 point as passin" through this raailroad station in t1i t'..e Feria' from 22 through 3D January 1952 included- a. :restbo nd: 22 January l - boxcars ar -tunition 1 boxcar Cotton 3 gondola cars anthracite 25 tl cake 9 tank cars eupty 24 January 25 boxcars 2 flatcars !8 -ondo1a cars 9 gondola cars pi; iron 8 flatcars rwa rails .? gondola cars iron tubes CLASSIFICATION ;Tfll r =FTPvY I tVSR13 J _ DATE DISTR 2 April 1952 NO OF PAGES 14 X1 c.irt~ctions incJica'~cx ' 5X1 Brest- Zilterulorf (2) Litovsk xr1terir.:;boi~ (3 Dresden Leipzig Grosskorbetii; T'' 1 & ben L,er$eb r. ( ) Jroedit z G'lc nitz (5) 4Ft`R+t`~il/Nr}tJT n 1T _ YP ^ nreNTr.TATC riTra,v D STRiBUTION 25X1 25X1 . Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011300260004-8 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RD P 8 2-00457R011300260004-8 p y ~ nJ Lav-14 .1 ,~7.ri~.t`i1 .r VJ, ~;la! t.~L~i 1v,ilg?.11 01 my 3 ; ondo.1a cars 9 f1 tcaro 2 i 1*9 L.C. egr q ;o- dola car 16 i:7o earn boxc -rs 3 3c tiona1 iron roc'_ iron pi ; 11-0 n pig, iron. YI ondola cia-s b ox ca1.T e',1vy1. Ytt}i~a'~ 4 hit` ri er f' ;Sheen Tool co;:e antraci to _9il r:r "o x `s DTe3` . T,-itovsk ~veancor' (2) a'l tc r L- t '?7 : %e kr~ e w.n?_,I~ V n1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011300260004-8 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011300260004-8 25X1 January 6 boxcars titanium eo n ca ttr 2 t.'s 1-2vi bust Fibre: 3 s Jr:2 -0. Idol'a cans r vxca rs :-1i ii ry o:,dc'o1a cars anthracite ^~ ~.r eP !1 : car. 1'13. tca r sect .ofl 1 '?l B PS sect .n',1