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December 14, 2016
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March 29, 2002
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March 17, 1952
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TOPIC- ULASSIFlCATIONa.;, flY 5 Approved For ReIeaMJW2 7=7R01.140 190001-8 _ Ir?:77 Mar??. 5"n-TA nta.w.^ - - - -_ Y___ _n_ - REPORT NO_ 'At_tIATIONmaim j l^ __-,.PLACE, OBTAINED ~~. DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED.- REFERENCES .I 25X1A PAGES .. ..,, ENCLOSURES (No. & 1YPE)._.~_.a_ ..,._._ REMARKS The Pd.. sh1.-oment 1n naravrt nh r; and a. mir m-r of nnrn-rAn'r7 were reyig2 ] r ,d I 25X1X SOURCE 0 25X1X 25X1X 0 1, Between 10 and 18 February 1.952, no Soviet troop trains went through the Yaestrin Kietz railroad station" 2. The following; numbers of Soviet military personnel were observed aborted leave trains in Frankfurt/Oiler between 18 and 20 February: 3s Date To Brest Litovsk From Brest Litovsk 18 February 210 and 200 180 and 200 19 . Febr nary 190 and 220 210 and 210 20 February 190 and 210 200 and 190 'the following troop trains were identified front the records of the ',. 'furt 113 railroad station between 16 January and 11 Fad: ruary; Date Composition From. _~.~~~~ ---of TroopTrains 3 coacheseissenfels 01hhrdruf 1 boxcar 9 flatcars 2 coaches Naurrzburg Ohrd,ruf 12 flatcars 18 January 5 coaches Ohrdruf IJaunburg 16 flatcars 2 coaches Naunburg Ohhrc ruf 6 flatcars CLASSIFICATION 1'7 January 3 coaches Ohrdruf '.7oissenfels 1 boxcar 0 flatcars 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011400190001-8 16 January Approved For Rele ail?CR 1' 25X1 Oou:upositior: of I r oorp Trains 21 Jsnu ry 3 coaches 6 flat- cars 25X1A 01,irdruf rlalaz bur 75 January 11 coaches A1ter~burg Ohrdx with soldiers 37 flatcars with motor vehicles and artillery pieces 28 January .10 coaches Ohrdruf Altenburg 1 boxcar 142 flatcars 1 February I coach 10 flatcars L. F0 rruaxry I coach 10 flatcars i coaches 6 boxcars with soldiers 2G flatcars w t1i artillery pieces :jeimar Grins hrdruf o February 2 coaches Chrc:ru# with soldiers 7 flatcars with artillery piocos Grimmaa imar :=lcrseburg i1 erseburg 11 r ebrta,wy 10 coaches T aumbur f, Ohrdruf with soldiers 8 f"i:,atcers with 40--ton tanks 20 flatcars with 50-ton tanks 'z oop trains listed in the records of ?dti hth Duly 3is= ric t? Office of the Barlin railroad district between 13 and 17 7ebruar;,* included: omposition of Shipment- ., .~a. 'I're?o aTrains ~. _ 10 13 February 9 boxcars fallrow Forst Liana 75 100 26 flatcars, with oo t ps , r (2) . February 9 boxcars Lucknn- Cat .kern un knc : .30 flatcars 15 Feb:L ar ' 3 boxcars wa ldo r md.enbur. g- lv flatcars Aitstadt iialdonslobon 75 081 1x t'~ troops (3) I F ;roar 22 er^. ?t:,' flat- cars loben 1C boxcars Lucken- 1)a11cow 75101 2t flatcars Waldo 7it.'i tro Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0l1400190001-8 (2) 25X1 Approved For Release 2 108/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011400190001-8 r.Is.( ~t~S rip 5. The f ollowat nC Soviet trains were listed in the records of the Subdistrict Office of the >erlin railroad district between L 22 February Date irppt To 1 February 22 empty S8-?ty-y.e Luckenwalde Satz corn and SSy type flatcars 19 February 11 boxcars 11o11ruppin Forst Zinna C flatcars with troops )..ea empty flauears Jueterbog-a Al z,es Lacer 25X1 B 22 Fehruer r 7 boxcars Forst Zinna Kremtien 33 flatcars with troops 25X1A 3d and 25X1 No Soviet trains here identified A-on 15 to iC, and on 20 and 21. Februani, 0. About 25 February, source learned at the Directorate ueneral of P.ailroad.s, Lerli n, that the center of troop. entraini n,- onaraticrns was in the ,+i.ttea Aber ;e area, the trains departing toward :iaEdeburg. Additional Soviet troop raovo rents by rail were effected fron the Greifsvaald area toward Berlin and Brandenburg. Troops were also loaded in the Cottbus area for shipment to an undetermined destination. (6) t. a 25X1 Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011400190001-8 25X1A Approved For R elease 2002/08/08259'14-RDP82-00457R011400190001-8 ~ '[ l'sIJ1 U W+JT~ Probably an element of the unidentified AT artillery bri~:ade of the Second :tdh M0cz Army from Oranior.burg, Another source previously reporte;?4l that the center of Some t loading operations wa. in the "ittonberge area about 20 February.. The troop trains from the 4reifsw.stld area pt isably ca vied units of the Third Shock A iy Which returned to their home stations from the Neubrandenn bur :- ar?ea where to they went on 17 ,arid 18 February, 25X1 A 25X1A 25X1A. Approved For Release 2002/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R011400190001-8