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December 20, 2016
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February 23, 2006
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January 1, 1952
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,(, LA S!FtF,xt'-,[?Oite!.. tea.. ..5 f Y ?Cjr!a ~ : ~.,.. - z ,.4 Fi_firy,f _.. aa.a ~ .9 {'r Appproved F f 6-Ws6 C/ ' ~WWIV82004571 '- T6M0 '!''fir of N0, (Russian Zone) f'vc E DISTR survey, of Rail Fuel Skripr ent t aid from -NG OF the LrD :eUBJLC I PLAP11/E:: ? CQUIRED X1 DATE OF I F6-,.. AN 784, OF THE W31 CODS, AS AH INDZD, 979 TRANSMISSION OR REVEL ATIOV: OF ITS CONT#OY:ms TO OR RECEIPT 6T AN UMAUThORIZFD_ PERSON SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, :4ea,6vas:. yy (pages) HIS 13 UNEVALUATED INFORMATION L Letmc od in the Imne-y is t, % bi2.1, "ft?,`R.ovi of r"i,1. fuel shjriroc,'ntr, and fror,= the Soviet Zone of G(,crnany d nrin , the peric)cl frcir~n 1. 25X1 Dooument No. __-f-------- ---------- -- No Change In Class. 0 0 Deola$SIHed Class. Changed Tot T$ 0 QONF1DL IAL AIR STATE 4 .1 '7 TA AFsb C3 Aiith.i HR 10.2 Dates 1.4-30A--- Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012000240001-5 Rfl iirnad Tank Cars or Tfoins 2 Yarp'n 37 1 64 29 3i trar,i C-n is CALI'ie 39 4 empty gasoline 52 t;.r of 1 2 7 er-nk ' y 4L crude oil Load crude oil s> r: wIi ` s, 42 crude oil 17 ben*in Crude vi 17 15 sgeoiaia~ailr:e i3 paraldr~hyde 9 34p vi 14 ?'219oii n Soer;.e: whir 09 Fvr;od r3Z'l=! . to 29 Februa . russkorbetha e a s bou t rt< rp,a urosako'5et,a SIT 'Roth en rc 3korbetha L'Ouzia rrna i. tma eastboimd joe(11er'i Grc)O-korO+atha Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012000240001-5 26F' &Ayl~bP"2 1961PO ' 10240001-5 -,- ,21 I 1,2,1 ~ ,l L a n e o G~-rrwn y d urin the bast r'r Troeglitz s; Jrast, Litovsk U raaskorbat na the ea4? SochieF inters eburg rosakara4tha FrOSOiin" 39 Gr d't of l ur iown biflt m4 d . c rude 011 S nk-S 0W1 21 -rude oil 2 ;~;Sr lio4 2 0 ape+ i l ;asoli*e Z,ibt,ersdorr, Austria ,Soah1 f 5i- t L`stvvs;r rseburg iroe~;1itt t+e as Ps` Jreod!ffi >Srbor +a r: roe e east Ziste edorf,: Imetria ?rr kort t:~e ;Oehler, ro8P i wt the e*3't p= #sbburg stbCURd ea^"b: ' roeskorbotha. Br*st Litovsk Terespol !ZPucblnka Berl ix:-::ia,erviehhoff yap ex Fg> Siz iha U4 aia'di. aIr lra Forst i'rez'ikfLurt/Odcr 1i It Forst Troe&iit-z Rorke. IRU Forst t ik o'1.tterfe=id Tereepol KI,ulnpd r. Yeakorhetha )SC{~hT CON:yJ'(tlii',ir~'Tiv (i~''IC1Ae.,S ONLY i., fink: ik%'.t;30deF: Hork.a -haune rwmb ach Mrrn fortpOder Fi ii 1f i! da? Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000240001-5 Approved for Release 20061 1. 47 29 obruary 20 3 3 13 27 20 SC gasoline fuel pty ggaoline ethyl alcohol tar oil crude oil. empty fuel military goods n p*.raldehyde ;asOlane empty 1onded empt, load-ad C empty 25X1 ' 1A-RDP82-00457R012000240001-5 1.v 11F--R:L/ S 'rii,itt: ~',eTT.~y ~ 'C"ITY Iff)';'A'T% 1; 'u'ofiil ea? !rest Litovsk the east Gros korbetha Utterberge Dessau 'T'roeglits the east Grosskorbet'lla ..ittenberg the east 3cehlen Boohle:i via Reppen the east the east It Zhabin1 -relten 5"vw Sl;crbo tha Teresno1 Brest Litovsk 1e tPf'',t:arx Krumpa e tl?o-,u1),d Brest. l:i `cove'n 5eiten Spindlerefold ieree'rn] Leipzig Boe llca e% ~G'b `r:iY 3reaaen '~~irm,w8 Ufld Fr%~nkfurt/C==c er ff Scheune 3chandau 3rambach F k 'urt/0der Sohandau amibach 0rl C-IIt IVot ? cesa.ti ed fro n ovc ilab1o r ercno rR_, f ?a a 51 10 N/20. 10 it ur Czerj, ,r,.r?; ct 11/ 06 t in, T,10 + 4, ka ~s~~" E?3 t. 11 L iilifv:tfled frcri uva ab. Gazetteer for PoI inci e The `'nSL %R!S )7 I OI , is ONLY uC, rnie ih~. t 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000240001-5