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December 19, 2016
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March 13, 2006
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May 23, 1952
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Approved For Releas @) ' A-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 CLASSIFICATION ONOL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY SECURITY INFORMATION INTELLOFAX CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 REPORT INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Survey of Rail Fuel Shipments to and from the PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF` INFO. THIS DOCIJLIEHT CONTAINS I RFORNATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UHITED STATES. WITHIN THE MEANING OF TITLE 10. SECTIONS 788 AND 784. OF THE U. S. CODE. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVEL- ATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROHIBITED BT LADI THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FORM 18 PROHIBITED. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 9f*i.OW) - tabulation 8 (pages) THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION .A tabulation of rail fuel shipments fror and to the Soviet Zone of Germany during the perir;d from 1 through 31 January 19 52 ga s made. During the - period under review , crude 011 shipments from Zis ers(orf in Austria via Bad Schandau dropped from s daily average of 37 tank cars in December 1951 to 66 cars. ENTIAL ?1STRIBUTION F61 Document Ho. - _---..--------- No Change In Mass. 1 25X1 Q Declasslfted Class. Changed Toi TS S Autka 70-2 1_L P 97' , _ _ - ~- Data. ? Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 DATE DISTR. 23 May 1952 NO. OF PAGES 1 CLASSIFICATION . it/CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY ;T-CONTNOL/uS OFFICIALS ONLY Approved Trio elease,, L 1 . a~Q#Y 4 2-004578012000310001-7 Rail Fuel Ship from and to the Zone of Germany dur ing the Period from I to 31 January 1962 Date Number of Border Crossing 1952 Railroad Tank Cars or Traiaa Point 1 January 60 83 crude It oil Zistersdorf Leuna Krurnpa Schandau 35 Pirna 22 benzol ?rest Litovsk Merseburg Fzag kfurt/Odor 2 paraffin Jeissandt.Goelzau eastbound Scheune 2 January 72 crude oil n Zistersdorf Leuna Schandau n 48 3 January 35 Krumpa Leuna 38 Krumpa 3 fuel Brest Litovsk Velten Frankfurt/Cider 20 loaded larseburg Brest Litovsk 14 unknown 40 gasoline Grasskorbetha eastbound Scheme 4 January 40 crude oil n Zistersdorf n Leuna Schandau 2 iarumpa 25 benzol Brest Litovsk Meraeburg Frankfurt/Oder 1 loaded unknown Reppen re 30 gasoline Grasskorbetha eastbound Scheane 5 January 1 crude oil Zistersdorf Leuna Schandau n n n 1 Krumpa 5 loaded unknown Reppen Frankfurt/Odor half a train gasoline Soehlen eastbound Forst 6 January 36 crude oil Zistersdorf Leuna Schandau 1 gasoline Brest Litovsk Storkow Frankfurt/ Oder 3 loaded unknown Brest Litovsk 26 special gasoline Boehlen Khabinka n 1 train gasoline eastbound Forst 1 train Diesel oil ONTROL/JS OFFICIAOS OtTLY it Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012000310001-7 7 January 28 3 30 29 1 train 8 January 38 63 3 5 44 1 train 9 January 35 8 24 44 10 January 73 15 27 33 11 January 7 47 20 16 30 46 39 1 train 12 January '41 33 27 Approves ror Keiease zutpg crude oil military goods gasoline n rt crude oil if benzol fuel gasoline Diesel oil crude oil loaded tar oil crude oil loaded n gasoline crude oil loaded it empty special gasoline tar oil gasoline Diesel oil crude oil n military goods SECURITY INFO? .TION Zistersdorf via Frankfurt Boehlen n Zistersdorf n Brest Litovsk e urosskorbetha Leung Zistersdorf i~Q0pQ10001-7 unknown Troeglitz Zistersdorf unknown Boehlen Zistersdorf n unknown n Boehlen Troeglits Grosskorbetha Leuna Zistersdorf n I0 Leuna unknown eastbound n Leuna Krumpa terseburg Velten unknown eastbound Leuna Krumpa Brest Litovsk eastbound Leuna Brest Litovsk eastbound Leuna Krumpa Brest Litovsk n M ?habinka eastbound Leuna Pirna Dresden Friedrichstadt Bre Litovsk Velten AV, T>sC0 JTROL/US OFFICIALS ONLY S"CU ITY Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 achandau Fra.nkf urt/Ode r Scheune n Forst Schandau if Frankfurt/Oiler Scheane Forst Schandau Frankfurt/Gder Scheune Shandau Frankfurt/Oder Scheme Schandau r Frankfurt/Oder Soheune H Forst Schandau Frankfurt/Oder Approved For Releasg 25X1 aIN b$?p$ ~0dfi5712fi2000310001-7 L'1I 1 :t ATIO Annex . a 3 25X1 7 12 January 18 loaded unkno n n Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder It 6 It 20 45 tar oil Troeglitz eastbound Scheune 13 January 40 crude oil Zistersdorf Krumpa Schandau 35 Magdeburg 28 Rumme1& urg Dresden- Friedrichstadt half a train gasoline Boehlen eastbound Forst 14 January 36 crude oil n Zistersdorf n Leuna Schandau 1 Pirna Dresden- Friedrichstadt 10 empty Brest Litovsk Boehlen Frankfurt/Oder 10 loaded unknown ?enpen 15 January 33 crude oil n Zistersdorf n Krumpa Schandau it 1 n Pu~rmte1 sburg 3 Dre:7,den< Friedrichstadt 1 train Diesel oil Leuna eastbotmd Forst 16 January 1 crude oil Zisters dorf n i'irna Schandau 1 special gasoline Rummelshurg Khabinka Frankfurt/Oder 14 empty Brest Litovsk Boehlen 2 Halle 17 January 35 crude oil Zistersdorf Leuna Schandau 18 loaded unknown Brest Litovsk Frankfurt/ Oder it 20 Merseburg tt 18 18 January 33 special unknown Boehlen Reppen Khabinka gasoline crude oil n Ziste ?sdorf it Leuna Schandau n 70 Krumpa 19 January 9 Diesel oil Leung eastbound Forst 1 crude oil Zistersdorf Leuna Krumpa Schandau =COiAOLIUS 0.'FICLALS ONLY 25X1 n q~~m n r Approved For Ruse 200~`f~Tf CIA-1,, 8Z- 05457RO12000310001-7 Approved For R1 . 1 2 25X1 4 19 January 29 crude oil 2 empty 20 loaded 13 2 13 unknown 20 Jernuary 38 crude oil 36 7 16 empty 2 military goods 19 loaded 21 January 10 34 1 train empty crude oil empty 22 January 40 crude oil N 1 59 23 9 30 1 trei n 23 January 37 z 34 25 1 trrn 24 January 34 37 5 53 12 54 24 special gasoline empty loaded gasoline crude oil N special gesoline loaded gasoline crude oil N loaded N empty H f 6 2@0,?1j :j{00457R012000310001-7 Zistersdorf Brest la* tovsk Zistersdorf N Brest Litovsk N unknown Zistersdorf N the east Zistersdorf n Boehlen Brest Litovsk unknown Leung Zistersdorf N Boehlen unknown the east Zistersdorf N the east Boehlen the east N Torgau irosskorbetha Brest Litovsk N i`leppen Brest Litovsk Leann Krumpa Rumnelabirg Boehlen ieenspaltere; Brest Litovsk N Leuna Rutm-elsburg unknown Leuna Krumpa Torgau xhabinka Merseburg Brest Litovsk eeatbc n d Leuna Krumpa Khabinka. Brest Litovsk Liagnitz Leuna Leuna Boehlen eastbound Mereeburg, Troeglitz TSCONT?OL/"LS OFFICIALS ONLY SFCU?ITY 1N?OF?.4ATION Annex mom Schandau Frankfurt/Oder. Schandau N N Frankfurt/Oder n n Schandau Forst Schandau n N Frankfurt/Oder Forst Sohandau N Frankfurt/Oder Forst Schandau Brambach Frankfurt/Oder Forst Scheuns Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 24 January 2 crude oil 53 loaded 47 gasoline 6 ethyl benzol 10 loaded 17 ;azaline 3I loaded 10) empty halls' a train gasoline 25 January 33 crude oil 35 n 16 22 i 1 34 empty n crude oil 10 menthan oil (sic) 17 loaded 46 empty 51 N 34 special gasoline 29 Diesel 1 ethyl benzol 26 loaded 2 " 1 train e;tpty 26 January 32 crude oil 40 12 17 empty 2 n 1 loaded 9 empty 16 1. 66 loaded 99 SECURITY INORbATT0h Approd For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 C'^`1 TR0L US Ota FI !`IAL S ONLY e9a~I6rl~IRDP82-004578012000310001-7 7P R Rappen the east unknown Forst Zistersdorf Letma Schanlau n R Krumpa R Magdeburg eastbound Boehlen Frankfurt Oder fP Merseburg R Roselau R ITo if en the east Krumpa Schandtu Groeekorbetha eastbound !?orst Troeglitz Stettin Frankfurt/Oder }erseburg :;rust Litovsk R unknown Ruhlon d unknown Lewis. eastbound Forst Zistersdorf Leuna Sohandau is R Brambs,ch the east Troeglitz Forst R n Soheune Leuna Schandau R Krumps Leuna Brambach Grosskorbetha eastbound Frank. curt/Oder Boehlen Khabinka Lewis. Zistersdorf Brambach Krumpa n Both Ion Khabinka Frankfurt/Oder Troeglitz Stettin Merseburg Brest Litovsk R unknown 45 Troeglitz Leuna Stettin Troeglitz CRRET-COhNTR0L,/USOFF1CI LS Brambach Scheune 26 January 23 32 30 31 3 12 17 empty special gasoline Diesel loaded crude oil empty ii crude oil n ioaued empty special gasoline Mosel smp ty tt loaded crude oil empty crude oil loaded emptyr 09 t'CIA9182j017411012000310001-7 Leung BOOM tin Troeglitz unknown Zisterzdorf the erst Siemenestadt ioe.1en n Troeglitz Leuna Boehlen Troeglitz Brest Litovsk Poland Brat Litovsk unImown Zirtersdorf the east tt ~^oe litz CCszkor etha T-C rT RCL/US O cuCU P% ITY INFO 'FICLA[,S Krumpa t olfen hoe glen IT Grosskorbetha Merseburg Troeglits Leung. tt arschsu Khabinka Brest Litovsk Stettin eastbound Stettin Breslau 3oeh ien 'olfa1eban Boehlen, Gras korbetha Brest Litovsk Leuna Trooglitz Krumpa Stettin eastbound Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 RFi.? ION eastbo nd :hsbinka Stettin neppen 3rest Litovsk Annex m6_e jchandau Frankfurt/Oder ti ti tt it Schsndau Frankfurt/Oder Scheune Brambach Schandau i?rankfurt Oder Schandau Scheune. Schandan Seheune Brambach 28 January 38 7 33 29 January 42 11 12 2 7' 21 30 January 1 68 28 29 74 22 29 47 33 1 17 51 7 20 11 1 1 1 20 31 January 39 41 special gasoline loaded crude oil M empty loaded crude oil fl loaded it empty special gasoline Diesel crude oil ff loaded empty f crude oil It ethyl benzol paraldehyde paraldehyde tar oil it gasoline .empty crude oil n empty n loaded ?T-GONtROL NS OFFICIALS O -,,Y Boehlen unknown Zistersdorf n the east ff .Boehlen it the east Troegli-z Boehlen Leuna 3oehlen Troerlitz n Zistersdo-f n unknown the east ff Mereeburg Mereeburg Troeglitz ft Boehlen Leuna Zisteradorf n Stettin Reny Pn Brest Litovsk Leuna Magdeburg alerseburg 30sslau Khabinka Leuna ft Breslau Stettin eastbound Khabinka Brest Litovsk Slawieoice Leung Krumpa Brost Litovsk Boehlen ft Leung Magdeburg eastbound eastbound n Laura Krumpa Boehlen ECURITY TXFORYA-T'..011 Merseburg %CONTROL/US OFFICIALS ONLY dw, Frankfurt/Oder n Schandau it Frankfurt/Ode r Schandau Brambach Forst Soheune Brembach Frankfurt/Odor Schandau n Frankfurt/Oder It n Brambach n Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Forst Scheune Brambach Schandau n Frankfurt/Gder Approved ForIelease 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO12000310001-7 25X1 25X1 ** Approved For R empty crude oil rain special.gaeolino ft tar oil Diesel oil gasoline Gcn ni; Possibly Siaw c ue (R rFr;~ QLjr.IAr"RttDs904012000310001-7 the ea3t tt n Boehlen. Troeglitz Zeitz Leuna Gro?oakorba tha Krumpa Groaskorbetha eastbound eastbound CONTROL ,'US OFFICIALS ONLY SECURITY I" ORM TION Forst Schandau Br*mbach Forst Frankfurt/Oder Forst Scheune Forst fl Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012000310001-7