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December 15, 2016
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October 2, 2001
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June 12, 1952
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` tJ?C. !OZ'S MA1AL 1w i67 Approved For I AhitA 29 ~ .i -Abftla 0457R01q - ` T REPORT CD NO SUWECT e T PLACE ACQUIRE DATE OF INFO. N 25X1A 711111 DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION UFO"= THE ".1030% PIP111491 roP TSt UNITED STATES VtTMfU UK MIA11100 OF 'Pill RAPIOMA{:t ACT 00 U. S. G, as AID ER, AS AIl?IIDED, its T4AM5tfiSSr;r 09 TAR S.SVVLATtOA ?#P ITI CiMITLI%72 IN AMY LANIILE TO AN PUMA go VRI> -Tv." rt? 8T LAW L'Zi 'S,IICTIO:I OF '.5'Ui; Fc.tM l5 P:70111ti8TE0. SOURCE 25X1 X NO OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X A' e follovring Soviet ships carrying cargo indicated docked in the ::.oviet section of Stettin Port on dates shaown. t: here loaded car=To is not listed, the ships left port empty Date of Departure Cargo Draft, 29 January 2 February Sukhimi Ore unloaded= 2024 feet February 8 February Ryazan (Riga) Cement and 20-24 feet 9 February 12 February Pyanu raac'hine ;;arts traded Cement and 20-24 feet 14 February 16 February Korsun-Shevenkov-- machine parts loaded Cement :Loaded** 32 feet skoy (Tallin.) 13 February 15 February luLandra () .eningrad ) 20-24 feet 14 February 3.7 February ,~;oviet skaya-Gavan Cement and 2' -24 2eet ' machine parts loaded 17 February 21 February Verkhoyansk Cement and 25 February 5 March Leningrad) Timiryazev machine parts loaded !bnmonium salts ,-:r 30 feet 26 February 1 March ;Odessa) Vutenyesgoda loaded Amnon ium salts 30 feet. 26 February 20 February 11. .eningrad) Vilnius loaded Danish butter 20-24 feet (Leningrad) (1,000 lbs.) 5 March Vaga (Leningrad) Ammonium salts 0 March 1-jaded Ore unloaded 30 feet Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA- ~. "#aape fft Ow 0 DeelassrIed Mass. Changed Tee TS a 0 F JJ?~Q9 O-0 002-2 0841 _1_~_________8X1 25X1A Approved For Release 20, 25X1A of Arrival Date of 1?par ';ure Shin Corso flra,ft f ',ia.'zh l) March Arkhaxigielsk (Kirovo;; Cement loaded! 24 feat 9 >i,.?ch 11 arch Ryazan (Riga) Cement and machine oa.rt' 20'.,.24 feet .13 March 15 March Kunetskostroi Ore unloaded 2C-24 'fee, 13 March 16 March Korsur.-Sheven,= kovskoy Ore unloaded, ?chine parts -:ded 32 feel; 23 Mach 25 Na.rr?h Verkhoyansk Leningrad) Uhlen1orgf, - , t~C1f~Liz t J Ryana (Ri as cement and machine part..` oaded ~rmnoY11UJ:il sa.?_ loaded Cement loaded 22-24 feot~ 2O-.-2" fee', 'orm~ent: Ore described as whitish salt and was rumored in port, to ;o;x:,rtt nt: Cement shinoed out was brought from Niet.leben, Ni.enburr_ and Goesch-,ritz In the DDR.: fPomment: The aamoniuma salts were destined for :toscow, Approved For Release 2001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82-00457R012200600002-2