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December 15, 2016
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April 19, 2001
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June 13, 1952
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rv~m ev. 51 sAA. FE9 1952 pr~cament No. ~~~ - -...~.~.,...__ - 'L`ENTR'A~ 'E AGENCY 1~ 'OeolassifiRd Mass. CIlangeai Ta: TS S ~~p~~t~~i~F~r ~f~a e~001/12/05 : CIA-RDP82-004578012300290004-4 CLASS I F i CAT I ON r~ONT&DL - U?5. OFFICLALS ONLY ~~ SECURITY INFORMATION .,~~'~ INFORMATION REPORT REPORT N0. COUNTRY Maoao,r'(~ina/Hong Kong SUBdECT,~. 1. 'Shipment from Macao to Denton 20 Dommtzn~ist Control of 1ltaoao Dinema~ 3o AO Hsien DATE OF INFO. 25X1C ,PLACE DATE DISTR. 13 June 1952 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO.OF ENCLS. tLISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TQ l.` Qn 30 April 1952 the cargo vessel TSOU SUI SHEN'G (6760~360B13932}' carried 250 tons of .metals, including galvani$ed iron sheets, black iron sheets, steel pietas, lead sheets and machinery spare parts, from A+Iacao tc Denton on behalt of the Nan Kuang Company of D6aaau, The ahlpm?nt included medicines in additidti to the metals and metal products. 2. According to a close associate oP LI Pao..lin (262Ij~14U5~2561},.owner of .the Boxy Theater in Macao, the latter was planning, at the end of April 1962, to sell his theater to LIANG Chih-~hhl, who was backed by LIANG F'ei and the Macao Labor Uniono .The contra at-was to be signed on 2 May, with LIANG Chih- chih signing on behalf of anew oampany known as the Yu Lo (12252867) Cc~rn- panya LIANG Pgei, with control of the Tung Lo (2639r2867~ Theater and ~ar- tial cont'ro'l of the .newly acquired Roxy, was plarnling to establish a motion picture theaters employees' union ao as to control all the cinemas in Macao- The foxy was to be used for Damimunist propaganda films o 25X1X ~ 3o Dr? K?0 Lin,was detained by the (~inese CoIIUnunist authorities in Canton,:and his brother, K'0 P?~ing was recalled to Da~aton from Macao ixl ~'~sl~ruary or Marc~,2 Alarmed by the fate of Dr? K?U, HO Hsiea became oonaerned for his own safety-- . atxd regretted his trips to Canton under Communist sponsorship and the titles received from the Ckiinesa Communists, such as People's liepresentatio?e, and Member of the Overseas Dhinese Affairs ~Committee? He sent LIU Heng-thong, HUAI~ Shen-mini, arl~ Y1fU Wei-hue (0702~3234f5478)' to get- in taueh with Taiwan authorities and seep a' remedy for his problew?$ ~~~~~ CLASSIFICATION ~Ty>j~CONTEOL - U.S ? OFFICIALS f3NLY Approved For Release 2001:/12/05 :CIA-RDP82-004578012300290004-4 . Approved For Release 2001/~2~/05 : CIA-RDP82-004578012300290004-4 ~'w~ ~,~~ SE C,~Q~~~~L .r ~~ :- OFFICIALS -ONLY ~ ~~ 25X1A 25X1A 1. Comment.. For references to LIANG Chih-ohih see - and 25X1A 2. -Cru~nent. I~..ma$..x~flred._~.,.,1[eea~d~-that K'O P? ing -had ?baen recalled eithex: b~oauae of some business of the Nan Kuan~; Company, or beaauae he urea slat?d to K'? Lin. 25X1A 25X1A Cottmient. - reported a Masao rumor to the effeot that K?O in d been detained beoause of his oonneotion with K'0 F' ing (K'U Chen -p' ing) mho was alleged to'have ebsoonded with Nan Kuang -Company funds. 25X1A ~ report?d that Dr. K'0'a detention mss for onl a week, and that hie release had been obtained at the inatanoe of HO Haien. reported 25X1A K'U Cheng~p'ing's dismissal from the Nan Kuanp Company. n ovem er 1951. Mora resent re orta have indicated that he is still aonneated.with the oom- 25X1A parry; aee~ 25X1A 3. Comment. Hd HaienTs alarm and oonsequent aotivities vrere the 25X1A aub~eat of In th? light of previous reports the emiasar ea se eo a the Nationalist authorities mere, as far as they can be identified, moat uneapeated. HUANG has been reported ~25X1A in ~as a purahaaing agent for the Corrnmunist-aontrollad Nan Hs in Company ong Isong. Aooording to IU Hens-ohu?ig mss delegated by the Chinese Communists fn Maoao to a ay ?a fears and persuade him to remain as ohairman of the Maoao Chinese Chamber of Comnerae. 25X1A ~iZ~~ '~~ SF~~~CUNT&OL - U.S. OFFICIALS QN~X Approved For Release 2001/12/05 :CIA-RDP82-004578012300290004-4