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December 14, 2016
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August 28, 2001
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July 7, 1952
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$NfEbtFAX 23 Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO12600240003-7 CENTRAL, INTELLIGENCE AGENCY CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL SECURITY INFORMATION INFORM ON REPORT REPORT N CD NO. COUNTRY Peru SUBJECT APRA Propaganda 25X1 C DATE OF INFO. PLACE ACQUIRED DATE DISTR. I! snly 1952 NO: OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Quoted below is the translation of an article which was written by Carlos Manuel Cans and Ramiro Priale, Peruvian AF exiles. 2, An attempt is being made to raise 2,000 soles (approximately $133) with which 25X1X to print 20,000 copies locally. This article is believed to be of interest., as it is reported to have been ap- proved by Haya de la Torre and is believed to represent the opinions of many. APRA leaders in exile. "Fascist Militarism in Latin America" 2 XIA "Open Letter to the Civilians of the Hemisphere" "Mr. Nelson Rockefeller, in a recent speech made in New York before the Republi- can Women's Club, faced a continental problem when he referred to the regret- table situation of democracy in Latin America, a problem in which Mr. Rocks- feller is considered an expert. "In his speech, which the American and European press called a 'revelation,' he criticized the tolerant policy of the Department of State toward a danger to the hemispheres the advances on our continent of Fascist militarism, which is a totalitarian menace to democracy. "Mr. Rockefeller ha* said, with absolute truth, that the military dictatorships which destroy by force the constitutional life of the American republics and restore. totalitarian regimes of the Peronist type open an easy road for Commu nism in the new world. The Washington Post, in its editorial of last May 3rd,_ defined this demagogic type of military-police government as 'a mixture of Fascism and Communism.' CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CJA-RDP82-00457RO12600240003-7 C f IDENTIAL ^ -2- "Criticism of the inter-American policy of the State Department is based on the fact that the Department has recognized without objection all'the regimes of force which have come into power through coups dtetat by the'various military 'eliques' in various American countries. Criticism also springs from the-'fact that the. Pentagon has not delayed the sending of more armaments,. more ships, more moral and economic help to these 'cliques' or local military factions which destroy democracy and ally themselves secretly or openly with Communism, thus becoming oppressors of their own people. "Mr,. Rockefeller has said that, fortunately, there are important Latin American countries in which the. Army has not followed-the Fascist system,of usurping power by the force of arms. He pointed out Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, and Costa Rica, where the democratic way of life has been established and the military remain in their barracks without engaging in poli tics, without converting the armed forces, which should preserve the constitu- tion, into 'armed political parties.' "But the significance of Mr, Rockefeller's words lies in the faet't`hat for the first time in-the United States - and "with great response in the press - militarism is being pointed out as the true menace to, the progress of democracy. And it is because of this new point of view that North-American pijblio opinion is beginning to distinguish the truly dangerous tot~alitarian.,features of this militarist invasion of the civil functions of the state. "The responsibility of the Department of State in this grave problem is enormous. Communism, hidden behind military dictatorships, advances as it advanced in China behind the corrupt generals who caused political chaos and the failure of democracy in that country. And what'was said about the lack of foresight with which the North Americans dealt with China's venal and demagogic militarism, is now being said in the United States about the totalitarian militarism which has usurped Latin American governments, one after another. "The New Jork Times, in a caustic editorial of last Marsh lith on the occasion of the military coup d'etat.in Cuba, asked why that country ma tained an expen- sive Army and Navy, when its defense, in case of hypothetical danger, was the duty of the United States. This New York daily replied that the Cuban armed forces serve only to frustrate democratic life, to impede free electiona,, and as an army of occupation in its own country.' "This is the case in Argezrtina, Nicaragua, Santo Domingo (sic) Peru, and Vene- zuela. In those countries the 'generales de turno' have taken over the govern- ments, have destroyed the free and legal way of life of the civilians, have persecuted and calumniated - with Russian methods - their political enemies, and have destroyed political parties. They have created demagogic confusion. among the workers, have called themselves 'gorbiernos restauradorest and 'saviors' - of what? - and have imposed violent tyrannies which they cynically call 'democra- cies,' "Why are we surprised that the Russians gall their ferocious Communist tyranny 'democracy'? Why accuse Russia of being the only violator of human rights when here in America this is repeated with the tolerance of the world's greatest democracy and with the blessings of the apostles of the Vatican? "Except for the countries named by Mr. Rockefeller as honorable exceptions: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile - and now Bolivia, whose civilian regime delivered well-aimed blows at the costly military govern- ment which had weighed the country down and took 40% of its meager budget - the totalitarian menace has become the rule. Militarism has become the guide for blind Communism. One is reminded of that great Argentine democrat., Alfredo Palacios, who said: 'The Army is likea noble and loyal dog which guards the aoor of the house; but its mission is not to guide or govern, as only a blind man is guided by a dog.'. "The people who are so led are blind. Communism, which with careful steps is leading us to the abyss, is blind. "Its progrdsp does not surprise us. In those countries in which democracy exists, Communism does not exist or is impotent. That is the situation in Ca1PIr 1 TILL Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP82-00457RO12600240003-7 25X1A Approved For. Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R012600240003-7 CONFIDENTIAL - 3-Brazil, where the decadence of Communism is visible. That is the situation in Chile,where Communist power of other days is declining. The same is true in Colombia,where election returns show a great reduction of Communist strength. And it is happening in Mexico, a settled country after its great revolution, in which the Communists can do very little because of the democratic organization of its great governing party. And that is the new road in Bolivia., In that country the military, who were aided by Washington in order to defend the tin interests, were thrown out. The military in Bolivia, in order to oppose the QTR, permitted the pollution of Communism. "We are not surprised, then, by Soviet penetration in our countries. Communism is dictatorial, the enemy of democratic liberty. For that reason in 1939 it could ally itself with Hitler. For that reason we see it today opposed to all countries which maintain human rights as the basis of their legal life. *tights are the keystone of democracy. With the approval of the.Charter by the Assembly of the United Nations on 10 December 1948, no member state of that organization can violate such rights without endangering the peace of the world. And no constitution or law can exist which takes away those rights. Thus, Russia and all the dictatorships of the east or west which do not recognize the existence of those principles ar6 enemies of democracy and the liberty of man. "We believe that it is necessary thus to bring our true situation into focus. We call on the Latin Americans and our friends in the north to point out this .danger wherever it exists. Military fascism is the enemy] Dictatorship is the dangers Wherever they appear human liberty is endangered. The war in Korea is being fought for human liberty. It was for human liberty that the second World War was fought. And it is for human liberty, and only for that, that we must unite against injustice and oppression." May 1952 "Free Citizens of Latin American CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2002/01/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R012600240003-7