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December 20, 2016
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February 23, 2006
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July 1, 1952
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-1.tY0 .r*T 1'r TOP -, Sovioa Tro EVALUATIO1 , DATE OF CONT :_ NT~ DATE CBTAINEDJ 25X1 PAGES._ ENCLOSURES (NO. &. EYPE -._?_.._- II 25X1 25X1 25X1 Troop trains from Jue erbt a to ue,tr"n?Kir);z Dirr. ir the Kues t;ri.n-Kie&-1 rallro d sta `,i )n on 26 .` ;y and 1 June ?_9>2 iricluc ed a train of 16 baccars, anc 31 f, itcars carr,i?t r., troop; ,, an 37 -r,M AA gulls and several !motor ?re 1. icl es -which were -_derl' if ?+ edl d izr'xn the f,r:Loadirl on 26 t air and a train of 9 boxcars s t:coops 25X1 2? The following troop trains 'wre 1.'i^ted in yi e t11'uaterl og 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Railroad $ubdistr:_ct O.fface Com osition of Date: the 'fFRTFirain ; 25X1 J)A1 E PREPAREI.,,,. 5X1 3 ~:'uxte 11, bmear~s and ;:roepe'iin 't7uensdor." .30 flatcars Z'une '19 boxcra =s and F rankffui~:t/C`t:sor Jue, terbc,?, 3G flatcars Altos Lor,o,. 6 June C conches, r' =3n1:fn: t/Cc3 ,r Juetesbo -- 12 boxcars and itltos Teat'e 26 f lattc;are 7 June 1a7. boxcnn?a acrd ,,:i'_doai T yuensdor" r f'iatcars 8 June 8 boxcar;; and ?hr?dru~~ Templ in 33 flatcars 9 June 24 boxc2rs and u nsdc~3:f 'ildpark flatcars =3. The f o:llorrtng numbers of 3 iviet military personnel were of bsc..rved abc ir?d "e ave traa ins in ra.nkfur t,/Odor 'z;, ;tweets 11 and 1.3 J u se b CLASSIFICATION ::CCR 3.'/C01PI ROL/US 'M :? f,S UT;11 P ,C : t;3rAINED- .25X1 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R013100020008-0 Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457R01310n=(1008-0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 fened 'LY! i ra rra e Co j ry q 7 S ?, C Yii 25X1 r'xb1l 1 ii i )'_{P (U, ~ yf 7 { 25X1 r 'tr # t'~.~ .,ry zoratA ?.t xx ~-ra;,h 2 !ar~v< aeEjra _~av -MIS .v ro sorted r -t } 25X I"~ ~S~fS is 1 ~v she er'en~i 7'f C)s"~(i it '1c s n'i e 4'j' u, a v 2 Y? Gr1~ U fl ut?1r" CI a Z _.~' oaVF: t 1 C cI?rC Ct{; ec 2_~if~ p S fi M/ t. 'ti:/ , A St I tf vs!k 25X1 d)2S 172f' the j?f:7 CSI ,5 7J LC?l pt - 11 l.y.L' US 52 e "~?9ayi.# 92 ' oT.d G1'.`S + ~.4. and 560 sold f.P.r s #I o Brest I 't "c3 C. ?e t1;^F?;;n 5-10r I is June has JE C_Y:. tear] v in E?C'1)11.1 h '~t' one s, nr e mid. eax'C , 1 52, it Teem n ite be fi7t1'1~,j1EC' l e d rec SE?#I m" =mpnr ery onl e 2 Date To Brest Litoy~* 1I JU IO 110 and 120 12 June 1001 Barad 1;0 13 June 120 and 115 B F Y ; .Z,LYE Z"C,...?3._ 'G?.)wil, !..?0 and x000 200 and _190 210 and E. 20 Icomment. 'P ho ';.i"o .'. , frT "I" ",--% -7.11T" Approved For Release 2006/04/20 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100020008-0