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December 19, 2016
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February 1, 2006
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August 4, 1952
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- OUNNTR 14 JI-i Q SUBJECT 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1 DATE OF INFO, L L? .~...*tf iCA f`V l~s ?: M T Ii*. T ~] s flsg ~',i.J +J.FI.C 4 i!1 :,? i1!tl~l4;.Y. Approved For R lZOWd'W" (; . -RU D0457R01 R U40 East GertFv ny # ? RER".)PAT CD NNNO. Rail Freight Traffic #th-eour-hh rra.a LtT-urt / for THIS DOCUMENT MiTA NS INFORMATION AF."-FiCTING. TiiE MATIONAL DEFC:MSk OF THE UHIIED STATES. WITHIN Tf1E MEANING OF TITLE 10, SECTIOR'3 703 AND 7911. OF THE U. S. CODE. AS AMAENOED. ITS TRAfITOISSIOU OR RE`JE[.- AaIOPJ OF ITS COATS"STS TO OR RECEIPT SY AM [I id A11TFORf'ln!1 PUREDI 25X1 25X1 25X1 25Ma.Jate in Numbexr -and Load Fror-.1. Type of Cars 1. se ._o._.. ' i `i 37 s:la.y,' Cn. s crosse(. pie ;_`Jorcler, in the direct ions 1.nd-.catec ; du ing the period from 3 through 14 June 19 2: a, d tbou C~ shier ontsd 7 ''1I ( 1 C}. 23 aonOola ore Brost Litovsk G d ~.:a.F. wf f (1) ra ~r v 26 manganese ore 41 hiesa 6 flatcars Pig troll 44 boxcars cotton 2`7 gondola ore cap^s 4 boxcars irilitary ;acacia 3 tank 32 DATE: DISTR. 4. August 1952 NO.. OF PAGES 10 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOUk SUPPLEMENT TO IEPORT NO. fl THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 11 it Zlitendorf is rcir_r-1o Essex Lolax~d . Jeipzig Cheplnitz Motor voh-f-cie Brost Litovsk lleidenaU- sra::'e Parts cars benzoi e'i',pt y 20 gondola ore, cars iesa T.ierseburg Grosskorbetha (2) Zlitenc?orf CLASSIFICATION SEcRET/Cc, rRorJ11s opp-rr.TArr, nnrr.v AIR FBI Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100140006-9 Approved For Fte 2661 v^ !A-abPgti-Od4 v7F 413 `O / 6 ^ (( A .-?/.f ~'`~ of `??i i s :J on:'oia czar gonidola cars 3 flatcars 4 ti I, flatcar 3 flatc`,rs 3 it I flatcr 2 f latoars tardy cars flatcars I. flatcar 4 boxcars 1 boxcar 4 flatcars I flatcar 11 fiatcrs 2 11 1 flatcar 2 tangy, cars 13 box cars 32 flatcars 43 t3 47 43 iron ipij s stool cast .71v, s engine spare tarts :rest Litovsk structural kro-i ?hoot F.-Ictal stool girders sheet structural it o iron ept y spring steel struct it al steel canned r.-:eat lead steel girders sect ions of electric trucks structural iron iron 'pipes bakery I,roducts sheet r_.et al it steel castings ernity mde tern tined ru ks new truc:ks H it I flatcar 3 flatcars 2 tt 7 boxcars I "latcar 2 flatcars sheet metal steel g rders iron pipes eggs I- ol:=..nd steel g;:..rc1ers Brest Litovsk rod iron S jCl ET--CON:'BUL/ITS 01"I ICI. 4 aS .i,eipzig ?- :t ~zie-in_ vs D bep 0 Littau Dessau lie idena u. herinitz C 5 z Obemaltchei nits Gros skorbet-Iia Chemnitz pzip-_l,7!:ndenau Leipzig 7 I;i'1en SJur~g Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100140006-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Rb'20061113103,;11G4; 4-{2{ Pog-qQ4?7FQ1el0g ._'ate I u :' er "all' in Typo of Cars 1.1 10 flatcars 3 4 tv 11 gondola c:.rs 1 bo:_car 5 bo::^ars I boxcar Load .Fron, sheet ~;,e :al Brest Litovsak iron Ai es r- ils I 20 grade bitumen canned .eat cotton vine an ' co-mac military good 3 2 2 12 flatc', rs 10 r;ondola cars 1 boxcar .! :Tondola cars flatcars 1! ion 'ola cars 1 gondola car 4 flatcars is 1. c :car l it 45 rrondola cars' 4.2 fl attars 12 1 boxcar 32 flatcars 12 33 it gondola cast?s I boxcar 34 flatcars 19 gondola cars 55 flatcars . new trucks sheet fetal to, p i; it on sheet metal It steel castings truck tricks ore eks truCA,. 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I boa:car I flatcar 1 boxcar 31 gondola cars steel wire Struct - ;l Stool. military oocts Zeitz Cherie itz Velten Troegll Utz L:~erseburg Torgau Le? pzig._Lindenau Leipzig Leipzig E:LIen burl, Haile-Soixth. Erfurt Diea der. Riega Chemnitz,T:tartha- atadt, Puisxnitz ziltendoi.f Dresden Riesa SLCRET .CON-`ROL/tTS OITICI(LS, ONLY. Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100140006-9 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X Approved For Release. 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R0131 OaGe ;.L.rwber and goad in Tyre of Cars. 17 4 boNrcars wheat bhrley wlze a 4 tank cars e r.pty b. '.astbound si rnents 7 37 tank cars un.doteruinad 45 boxcars uranium ore IS tank cars undoternined 3' flatcars boxcar trucks -33 boxcars undetermined 2 fiatcnrs :13 tank cars 26 boxcars 2 flatcars 48 45 46 '5 3 % boxcars empty undeteri: teed If flatcars tabsk cars 32 boxcars 6 flatcrs 14 gondola cars 23 boxcars- 10 flatcars 9 gondola cars 1: cars 2 tan rSO boxcars potash ..f.Y it t,n& terr~i.ned f a t:ars y 4 tank cars 10 gondola cars, To pro 't. Litbvrsir : aldhein rt Gross i;ouendorf Berl ir_- bast fiat?bor i3itterfeld Brost Litcroslz azndet ermined ~r U Y Repr en Insterburg ,,,,.C.lai-?COTITIw /US OFFICI LS ONLY 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R013100140006-9 . Approved For RAeeJO/41?#gIRDP8.D0:4,20C1310L01 D .`i ;: L -timber and of 57 boxcars 7 flatcars 21 boxcars 3 flatcars I boxcar trucks 45 flatcars I boxcar trucks r1. `:"lat cr& t`L~1~.a O T " ' TC T z LS O T T - .~~. N 3 1 4 gondola cars 1; tank cars denaturated alcohol 12 it Undetermined G flatcars 49 boxcars 6 it 30 boxcars tmdeter.m.ined I boxcar 31 flatcars 5 gondola cars 5 boxcars 51 flatcars 4 gondola. cars r'ror un'le e mjned Brest Litovsk Insterbttrt Niedersachs- Brest Litovsk }werfen Piestorjtz i ?:erseburg Wolf en Dessai . Bitterfeld undetermined 4 flatcars Soviet-gauge Halle-South wheel sef;s 10 express nee, .?axle train coaaches 10 boxcars undetermined undetermined 28 flatcars 45 boxcars uranii.5.m. ore 29 undetermined I. flatcar 2 tank cars 13 boxcars 3 flatcars 32 tank cars 14 boxcars 21 tank cars Boehlen 50 boxcars ~' undetermiY e: undetermined 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 : CIA-RDP82-00457R013100140006-9 Approved For Release 2006/03/03 CIA-RDP82-0045 In nQrrSilS', t ,+r (~ ( 1'S'r r:- n C' 'ry .~...i.(1.~! 4.;V R umber and Type of Cars 21 gondola prefabr lcated c~..L s 1). oI,iseb .4 flatcars undetermined 24 boxcars 46 flatcars trucl:s L'bersi-a1 de 23 boxcars tmdotfhrriined t ndeteorr fined 7 flatcars 46 boxcars uran:it;n ore 34. sections of .24 boxcars 4 flatcars 6 tank cars 33 flatcars 46 boxcars 44 boxcars sections of 3 gondola prefab: icated 44 boxcars undetc'lYrined 44 ~a rt 10 gondola car s 26 tank cars 30 boxcarb 6 flatcars 10- boxcars s 27 tan?'- cars refrigerator cars 4. tank cars 2 boxcars 4ta1:'.cars 28boxcars i.U tt 10 flatcars 46 12 33 IE =3o ehl en undet errs? ine d T:nrsebwg 13itter eld lZ ?l_fen V Plesteritz bag ;age ich tersl::aus en :c t, er i t' sc1 :ei zfig Brest Litovsk urak um tie madc?teri rood kmr1etormined R ppen } ti ii(? t lt~tl.t.i~ C: i:1 TIS ff ' 11~3~ JCR;;: TRROL/US OF T4: T