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December 19, 2016
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March 16, 2006
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August 19, 1952
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l~LA6b IUI I ION ~. i r/`CO T 0L w IT? OFFICIALS 01 Lv C R A L I Qb7D87 C IA=RU >#~2-00457 W3 1 Approved For Release INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. CO9YITRY East G aW x SUF II CT E ailroa.c Tank Cars Operating tbrough the Russian Zone Border Crossing Points ACCT RED DATE OF INFO. 25X1 THIS DO~'U1 FHT CONTAINS INFOHEATIOT4 AFFECTING THE NATIOTIAL DEFENSE OF THE 17NITED STATES, WITHIN THE MEANING OF TITLE IS, SECTIONS 793 AND 794I. OF THE U. S. CODE. AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REVEL- ATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROH'BITED BY LAW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FOZB IS PRONIOITED. points listed during the period it ber of Maytr Tank Load :'rot., To Cars 1. 2 3 5 mi1 i- Dre s t- 7 ra:uic-- ta:,' Litovsk furt,/I)- goods der 1 empty Brest- ' Litovsk Le;nzi; sT;l rE----+- ARMY $f 4 trans- Lrest- Herij. forr.,er Litnv;lc Lichte.n- oil bars I trans- Brest- Gross- former Litovsk kor- oil betr7a 1 em:mntyr Brest- Leip- Litovsk zig benzol Brest- M`e.rse-- Litovsk bu ;'g empty Poland Troegg 1-4 25X1 DATE DISTR. 19 August 1952 NO. OF PAGES NC. OF E_NCLS. 'LISTED BELOW'r SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION from 1 throug', ,). 9'aY 192: Damp- ber of Via Tank Load , From To Cars 6 7 Frank-- 29 metha- urt/0-- not der 111 rH ETON IJd Sok.aeune Bad Schandau 60 tar oil Troo~7_ S litz tet tin Bad 50 empty ross- 3r:ambach korbetha AI u, t ria CLASSIFICATION -qx Dim/rnn rr.cm t, nr p; r,r.c nrr.w NAVY 154 MRS WI DISTRIBUTION 1 J AIR FBI Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100300010-6 crossing Gross.. 3rev t- kor- Litovsk betna 1 wood Gross- alco kor? Litovsk hol betha 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20 6/ 8/08: CIA-RDP8-0045fR0131003 ?ter, (,y ee- Litovsk Y, or- furl bet:?a bur,-, crude unde. Uer-. :ii I Crude ryi~ un,a,. or- Austria I: iiie'h1.':n Zha.rsa Poland TrOe};.1 " erst c?J' t!f. T .a,, Po1ai23l l?t.z cur!, 3 elZ.i~,~3 tax fl -:1 Tr?ie.'"- 13tett n .'urt/Cw iili- B>rest-- Volte:si .s' mmlc . 37 Kmamipa Bae, iC:ltrndat 10 e of tVer se:; +'?, Brest- ' Litovsk C,7c eon,,, line' -,- veip r .. pran : , lJ It ;{~~f"1 'I x'elo Y-[L _:i _ li'E'i 71 i_),'.7"'`' i crude undeter- YirtZTT;''?'?. C% t l 3:'I_ned r c 1 -rj1... . i::- 3t,nr;$t 'e 1~ Fi k' bL1r Bad JChandau ,, uo _'t und,c Le 11x71 l3,7d Twx. '.~r Gt'r' Sc;L1Ge,l;zt f l,7 in krobetha t.ty ;'olfen Y? e i d ar `'7'UC3'r- )Ianc Approved For Release 2006/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100300010-6 25X1 Approved For ReI,F r /4aQ; , 1 J4-X457 .013100300010-6 25X1 BSA :1 ?-aso- Schand?^."u ..7_nCi 3 cX`1.7.C'e l nil crude c)1_.s !all:--16 r,. urt, /C::~ der elan:3 Le ip- .' or' U 18 tar nil 11 Scheune Loip. :)c;hcune _16 ;'aso- ~_ 1i n.e tz Sad Brnrnl?ach 3z ~~. ear:;!t;r e'y?t;T .i ! crude nil. r'ar:-a'? ed e-;pty cr?xde oil benzol .L eup t4J rumpa Hohenau , 3ex'l i.nIn-- ?::re t,g:. 1 um,mtels- Litovsk bur" ,3U ;,ar oU Troer`?_ 0 '!1'itz ?'1 r'ns'y- cCcthl n E:' .^Ity ,.Cw' en, Poland ;'aso ? tie BooLi1(in `itettin eat o ~~{a. m~'CQi!TFt.f L!US OI~'.iICZf~LS OILY Approved For Release 0 I 'V/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13100300010-6 C. 9 Gruen- 5t:rc'_Co- 1u _u'cc (2) "xur7na ', ohcnau Zisters Leana T)ad 22 ('T"_ +vyT dorf "+ran',ach 11 - q undo-f.er- 'K urma :.,?ad ? tined. Scha. ndau TV tF r"a:;olin.e 7oe:hlcn ha irr?.a L?ilv {yW ."_ne Troer?- Siiav'_ecico i3* 1 it `.oehlon `'cheurte O oss-w rlienau (ti.) Gross- 'K ow be 1-.. Chia 721'0 i - ,I., i to k r' rank- 13 wood fort/ O- a1co- ds~r Y~ of +'oIand Leip- 'orst 1 entity Austria 7~ad ichandau 3 itter- eld eir')ty 1.rur"pa 'johenau ad ;} 3 Zi'zter - C-ross- dorf koibr'-tha yip a\_ 1Jf1t~E: ~'rn'::?F'.thva c?orf (c;) y~ ?"C tl-- Pi "`ral]t:. ,. .~ .. ,r, v i c no, t'r, a c ~ _ a i rf ie3_.3 . .. t t1a. ~'x=i)...~u. s'i n gib... s' :' r r?C' ^1:;` )_S" atci'lod fro:'. ruenr u G . :: I :u L S :.e.1, S in ~..1ne ~.Tl vrliLcl~t are 2?'?s ual v un t b _ii9t')_eri