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December 20, 2016
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January 10, 2006
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August 22, 1952
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_AF g~tEP'i` ~~ ~as=~; pY~' Release 2006/02/02 CIA=IMP$2 TOPIC.-. - Qnviet Trecr : ?ror 1hoxcirs nntj 36 flatcars EVALUATION .----_...-.PLACE OBTAINED DATE OF CCNTEN~ -,.....~.~.-.w,a~......~._._ : _a 35X1 DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES _.._, 4ENCLOSURES 14',EM?ARKS 25X1 1. 30 boxcars, 12 r'latcars and It. c onr ola car }at uomr.?s1.t .a f 30 July 32 cars 15 oars 1 boy cars az-i:'~ 72 y 1atc,irs 7 boxc'irs and 27 -:1 t c'-zr s ATE PREPARED? 25X1 To Ju.eterbo ;- Altes L2cer Ju.eterboq?- Utes Lager F,'rank.f rt/Over Fra.n'kf urt/O d(,r Jueterbog- Altes Li.trer 7 )o -cars 2 s'latc rs end 30 Trty ? flatca. s 12 boxcars and 27 flatcars 1 boxcn:tr -and tro' p trains 31: f?1 tc,lr. s J ueterb(i?^_.-- Ites .u-?:.: 71 or 3 u('t or k;)o r" - Altos luflper Frarercf'.rt/3de r s)1 t of * ii e lst f. ecz :r v has been observed at oe?,c ritZ ? it is u .:' whether ti) . Fohis m At roved to 1 uc ~n v E lid or Alter r')bov L.etv3(?en ~. ',md 24 Jla~y six .- u _n5 F'va're 'r rcvitl,t., dispatched ro:1 f 1ten.grahow to Br n x nLurQ. T;,1(? ';,r ?4ns ;7r :bahi.y. d . car-.-ied tr o. ps belonging to units of the 6th arty #)iv` which are , 25X1 ".~' .' tr`?ins T-r- (1..') ro D ao y carrieu v ?St1.c116s, 7,55,77.3 1 ` 25X1 s.... %.,? as . ; z obtained on the spa chi+ng and receivin:': 3taL-on o? this en ineer unit . l1) Pie, volume of daily leave traffic avera.ed 35 t::o2:: ier~ t;) and 4 t: s:1:iiers tors Brest Litovsr:. during the ~~'eriod sroM. 1'' to 24 Jt.. y 1) 2a a y m ~f YC` tAr .~. l' 7LS 1 i F Approved For Release 2006/02/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO13900020001-9