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December 14, 2016
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June 21, 2002
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October 11, 1952
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Approved For Release 2002/08/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14300020009-6 FIN L9 U-4401 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ,"%A35I FI CATION 0OWIDENTIAL If=00RITY INFORMATION INFORMATION REPORT REPORT NO CD NO1 COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Chilean Delegates to Conferenoia Internaoional do Defensa do la Infanoia in Vienna LATE OF 25X1 A INFO1 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1X 25X1A DATE DISTR, 1$;:October 1952 NO, OF PAGES 2 .v, vi rnv (LIBTLD BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. oug Raquel Gonzalez, Luz Fernandez, and Irma Sierralta, members of the Chilean delegation to the Conferencia Internacional de Defensa do la Infancia recently held in 'Vienna, Austria, are not first-line Party fig res, they are all members of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh), 2. Raquel Gonzalez, a Santiago midwife and aide to Dre Hernan Sanhueza, director of the maternity ward at the Barros Luco Hospital, went to the Conference as, a representative of local Communist midwives, nurses, and other hospital personnel, The Communist personnel of the hospital financed 30% of her expenses, and Gonzalez herself paid the remaining 70%. Gonzalez is a director of the Centro Femenino Cornelia Olivares, in Santiago., reportedly a Communist controlled organization, 3, Luz Fernandez, a Santiago schoolteacher, also paid most of her own expenses as far as Vienna. After arrival in Vienna, everything was gratis for the delegates, 4. The expenses of Irma Sierralta, a Santiago social worker and member of the pro-peace movement, were paid by her well-to-coo family. She is a former member of the now defunct Chilean-Soviet Cultural Institute, 5. The trip of the delegates to the Conference is of little significance, so far as the PCCh is concerned, other than that it apparently offered three more of its members the opportunity to visit the USSR and its satellites ,l The local Communist press, following an-early build-up of the Vienna Conference, has since abstained from publicizing the Confer- ence. The article inetic,de jjjjMA represents the only known post-conference publicity in 'G"hile. 6. Chief members of the Chilean delegation are believed to have been Mireya -Laf`uente and Nelly Villanueva, Chilean Communist feminine leaders, CLASSIFICATION CONFIDENTIAL STATE NAVY DISTRIBUTION ARMY X AIR Approved For Release 2002/08/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014300020009-6 Approved For Release 2002/08/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014300020009-6 CONFIDENTIAL -2- Democracia, PCCh publication, reported both as " possible,delegates in pre donference publicity. Both have recently returned to Chile from extensive European trips. While in Europe, they participated in various other inter- national Communist meetings. Comment. On 25 August 1952, Las Noticias a Ultimd Bog, anti- US leftist newspaper, carried an article regarding the participation of a Chilean delegation at the Conference in Vienna. All three indi- viduals gave enthusiastic interviews in behalf of the USSR and the popular democracies, apparently having traveled extensively in. the area. They qualified what they saw as a "curtain of flowers rather than iron." Throughout the interview they insisted that they were neither Communists nor converted sympathizers as a result of this trip but rather were extolling the virtues of the Communist countries as unbiased observers. CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A Approved For Release 2002/08/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014300020009-6