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December 14, 2016
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May 19, 2003
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October 3, 1952
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25X1 ,NFO ATION R PORT CD NO. 1 stations .mentioned during the p SU IE1 T RNA"MA T Care Operating across East Germ=an der Stations ACQUIRED 5X1 DATE OF INFO. 25X1 25X1 2 cotton seed oil 2 benzol THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION Stettin Troeglitz Scheuae Groaskorbetha Bad Brambaa DATE DISTR. -1 Oatobsr 195,2 NO, OF PAGES 5 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOV67 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Iitenberge srseburg CLASSIFICATION C_RF_ STATE ,r -NAVY r.srn DISTRIBUTION ARMY ?S AIR FBI To Via o ow ng n rs o is r cars pans ro as criian Approved For Release 2003/ CIA-RnPR2-00457R01 01-8 CLASSIFICATION CENTRAL REPORT NO. Germ tae to July 1 military goods Brest-Litovsk ''af.,deb-u'g Eranl;Zurt/Oder h' ateuberg I " n Velteg 29 July 45 on. Pty 21 3 orww oil Austria Bieeenthal Kulmmeradorf ft if > Eeraeburg Ir 2 if 55 l 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For. Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014400160001-8. Approved For Release 200J)b ff1 CIA-RDP82-00457R014400160041-8 25X1 25X1 o 'u1y ::%~nzcl 1 crude oil 'G rt 20 July 47 erpty Drest-Litovsk Le Frankfurt/O::er B'31'. (B;.varian railroad station) 5 benzol it 7 cotton seed oi:! it 3 It IF 1 tt 4 ens ty Stettin 1 .?.u^uFt 3 to Prest-Litovsk 16 benzol it I toluol Brest-Litovsk ?'ersQburE Fran!.furV ;der `:ustria Krupa 'Bad .",chandau ~rosskorbetha 'ad Drambach 3oehlen ''er^eburg rt ' Fitter erEe tt i iesa +- Goth rt Trocr-litz ,".cheune Leipzir? rankfurt/Oder Bayr, 3f ''erseburg '.olfen Barlin- spindlersfeld empty it 13oehlen 7 to to Fran:._ urt/Oc.,er r to i 'ersehur~- rt 6 cotton sced pi'! ;: ittenber.-?e r- 2 It rt 4ostock tt it u n :Mesa rt 3 tt tf G othz rt 19 crude oil Austria :rumpa Bad chandau 30 tt " Grosskorbetha Bad ^r-arnbach 48 e^pty 'Itettin Troerlitz Fcheune 8 rt n s 52 cru{'A oil 32 tr t; Aai, ust, 76 tr 3 I,.: ty 4jisenspal ,a,1e1 If Austria Gross'{orbetha Dad Brau:bach t+lookothal Bret- Li to*.-,k Grosskorbetha Frankfurt/bder Lei7zig ?3ayr. Pr r r'er ,eburg SC'':oene +eC 1~.. ;., rdlersfel olfen '~.C~ T 25X1 Approved For Release 206 b I12: CIA-RDP82-00457R014400 60001-8 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014400160001-8 SECIRST - 3 - J 1.u,-711:3 t 1 benzol ;3rest-Litov,.k vaitnle oil tf 2 transf ormer oil " 31 crude oil ust 32 ercty 19 crude oil tr:3 naf ormer oil 1 benzol 6 r:ili tart' Foods 8 emnt1- 14 2i. cotton seed 38 crude oil 61 crude oil 7 . uc ist 11 er" ~t:7r 3 crude oil 1 crude oil 9 r.u,..ust 32 Austria Krumpa 13ad ';chandau Poland Troe;li.tz Scheune Austria Kru i a mad r:chanc au Brest-Litovsk 731er1in-- r,?niuurt/C`de 25X1 25X1 ''erseburg Frank.:'urt/Cder ; osslau Berl i.n'Rurriels- burg Ittnr'eLylsbu'rC 1e Ve1Len '.`ersebure resskcrbo la ':oehlen varic,;s stations r.ustria 6rosskorbetha. t3ad 11 Yru.' -a 34d 5che ndau "TrP.St-Li vows 30e, lan t'ra i1kf urt/sder Austria Grosskorbetha ad 13rambach 11 Krumpa Sad cchGudau Poland =:u?hland :' ran'.furtr''1der Austria Grosskorbetha gad 2rr.rn1 ach Krur pa Bad Schandau 'tettin Troe7li.tz `:cheune Poland 36 prude nil 1iustria 11 '.u .ust 2 e-: ^ty e*^i= tY 3l crude oil 70 e" t3' 2 it if L.: ac: 3rai, bach Brest-Litovsk _^.oehlen i'rankfurt/Oder 13 7 benzol S CitETJ Leipzig 3a,r,13f erseburg 13oehlen +. nl.rt^n 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014400160001-8 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14400160001-8 2." July 1? paraldehyde 19 r?asaline 1 gasoline o tar oil 63 er'nty 29 July 2E tar oil Itl ? crude oil 21[ enpt T Y" gasoline 26 Ito empty l August 25 ethyl alcohol 3 25 em-:ty 18 tar oil 39 gasoline 38 empty 2 August 7 gasoline 16 Ito empty 29 4 August 29 gasoline 16 paraldehyde 5 ;august 25 gasoline 19 empty 73 gasoline 30 tar nil 25 e??pty 40 emr.ty t'e rr reb urn; 'are st-Litovsk Boehlen 2habin:c Boehlen Stettin Troeg?litz ifru^pa Austria Troe6litz Stettin Krum; a Austria Berlin 3Mst-Litovsk Grosskorbetha Stettin Boehlen Grosskorbetha Austria ?" erseburg "rest-Litovsk Dessau ':ierseburg Berlin Troe;,litz "tettin Gros s'corbett:a )tettin Austria. 3oe'hlen Zhabinka Brest--Litovsk "habinka Grosskorbetha Austria Krumpa Austria l3oehlen Lhabinka e n P'er'eburg Brest-Litovsk Boehlen :;habinka Berlin Brest-Litovsk arosskorbetha Stettin Boehler, Stettin Troe litz n oc';ethal .ustria Grosskorbetha Frankf urt/Oder If Bad Jra_;bach Scheune Sad Brambach Frankfurt/Oiler Scheune Bad Brrribach Frankfurt/odor it C.,che une If Bad 3ruust 15 gasoline 40 empty 9 Au-ust 27 n 40 Wood alcohol 75 empty 11 Au:-ust 2 paraldehyde 32 gasoline Berlin- ',Brest-Litovsk flummelsburp Krumpa Austria Boehlen Zhabinka Crosskorbetha Iiustria Kruxnpa rani:furt/O,der Bad Brambach crank urt/Osier Sad ^rarbach T3oehlen Zhabinka n ILrumpa Austria 3crlin Brest-Litovsk Grosskorbetha it " Austria L'arseburg 3rest-Litovsk Boehlen Zhabinka 1 wood alcohol Grosskorbetha Brest-Litovs!c 22 paraldehyde .erseburp. 31 tar oil Troeglitz SI.eoift orst 40 empty Gross?corbetha Austria Bad Brambach 25X1 n? I K~m~` The consignees of these shiy~ rents were the fuel de;:?ots of: the Third ;hock Army in ; andeburg; the Second Gds M.'ecz :rrror in 1?` uerstenberggecklehbur ;; the COt'C in Velten; the First Ms '?.'ecz lrn r in Radebeul; presumably of the Fourth Gds Mecz Ar.W in Biesenthal; the 'hird Gds *'ecz ,,rn1,y in Xuumersdorf; and an unidentified fuel de-lot in "uenchebergm Fr_ n:cfurt/Oder it Bad Brczttbach Frankfurt/Oder n Bad Brarrbach Frankfurt/Oder 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14400160001-8