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December 14, 2016
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July 31, 2003
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September 24, 1952
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cssl~ICTIO~.oc LV VJ/VV/ IL l}IM-RL/r VL-V V'4J/ RV 1'4'4V VLLVVVJ-/ i C'OU 'IT-'\'Y M?'!U Ful r%=1=00C TLJpEL' ~,nf.C}Sites ~~y?if+lri w. `ATE: OF CG3%.'`'E N ' Tate .it> IT to 2~ runt 1952 `ATE OBTAI;' =. 125X1 E EFEMENCE` -_.-_~ .DATE PREPARED 21L S=a y r: ) J9 PAGES - ENCLOSURES (NO. & 1YPE) 1sketch on ditto F' ERriARKS ..._..-. _.-.- 25X1 25X1 1:: Between late ti~t1,r and early August, Cottbus airfield r?ii being evacuated, and electric lines were removed. After 15 August, the elec~.r _~ lines and installations h-.%! to be re.-established using day and night shifts, (1 2. On 1-, 19 and 20 August, three railroad ca ked air- 25X1 craft at Cottbus railroad station and, left for Bitterfeid , 3 On.9 Aus.;ust, six railroad tank cars with fuel for the f id arrived in Cottbus. r%r+ 't 7 A.....,.... 1 r7 sean , r+_ . .. - - - - 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 lro Bet oa 5:45 and 7:30 p,m. on 12 i'.uguat, there was no f'. at i he f Jeld. On a rM 1,11], of of ed,, 5,- Abut 6 p.r:!., r'n 14 August, trucks , loaded with the 'last .;avi=at soldiers and the equipment the radio station the site of the dismantle=' radio installation near Kolkwitz in the vicinity of the :.:.!1d and roved toward Cottbus.: 6. Or, 21 August, the field was partially occupied by Volksp `_izei. On 20 August, two plh.,toons of 53 soldiers with racks and luggage went frcr: i-s railroad station to the airfield. The .E' were from 1$ to 25 years old. They izYxed a good discitline fetween.9 a.m., and noon on 19 august, a low wing monoplL With radial engine, simiaar to the FL-32 type plane, enWa -ed in aerobatics. 'i later towed gliders over the field.?Durinr the preceding days, many VF trucks boa sd with billeting equipment mnved to the field. (3) Numerous Russian women vxsring b r a epaulets without insignia were observed . ketch of the badge wo . by bother pilots. 25X1 CLASSIFICATION ,SECRET Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14400220005--7 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 CIA-RDP82-00457R014400220005-7 2 - 25X1 Pier? by VP for several days 25X1 9 On 21 liurust, ! iter (fns), construct. on superintendent of the special construction ~-,taf_f in. Luckenw4lde, said that settlements which were referred to as ntacdtchen +. ^ma l town) were Unde*^ ccrtstruction at Cottbus, Brand and . elzow air-ields. The ;;aedtchen in Cottbus which was, completed in` an unusually short time has been occu- order to resume work there. Among other laborers, 5 winters were employed,. I't was rumored that the field is to he occupied by VFF air units. (3) vhe workers who had to discwtiri} =: th f lnld o.u .. our weeks Fore were hauled to the field on VP truc4,~ 25X1 II Comments 25X1 25X1 ) p b5mhe r regiment left .Cottbus airfield in late July 1952. The type-27 jet bombers =ssi.jried toiihxis r: giment were transferred to Jueterbor flutes 'Lager where they v-,ere ivcognized by their aircraft numbgrs,, The present location of the Pe-2 planes has not keen determined. (2) The arrival of six tank cars with foal, the landing of 17 TUG-15s and a previous report, according to which 15 r-ton crates on one flatcar each were observed en routs from Brest Litovsk to Cottbus via Frankfurt/Oder, indicate that Cottbus airfield has ben occupied, by a f igh.-er regiment. . In connection three oreviosusly reported trooptrains from Varcnim to I%ottbus it is believed that the fighter regiment which is nor, stationed in Cottbus was located at Parchim (:) Volkspoliaei is stationed at Cottbus airfield., It is unknown whether this regiment is stationed at the field only temporaiiy. since air activity with g1id r; was previously observed it is believed that this VP air unit already started +.rai According to another rep:crt, the 3rd Fiegt of the lst Air Force Div No 6oo of the , e construc:i-.i-n outside the northeastern corner of the landing field. It ,iws be] teved that these buildings belong to the so-caller s.taec .hen which is probably occupied by VF air force -er:,onue-l -C-cording to asketch which was forwarded previously four buildings were und r Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014400220005-7 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14400220005-7 irlsi nia ,wyL b~' 79u1~ c f' ;ti Visor n th serrate `raid-.a brai,.~. G'a"as ,dth ~;cadeca bra d Sz;i;RT T Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14400220005-7