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December 14, 2016
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March 26, 2003
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November 4, 1952
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Approvec~Fc~~~~~03/08/12 :CIA-RDP82-004~~~14400360002-5 c,-ii~P"~~Z'm CENT ~N~QRM/~?Tit?IV REP?R"t' ~UNTR~' East Germany SU[3JE'CT Frd~gl~it Trains Passim Thazough Fran:sfur~c/Oiler ~~AC~ ACQUIRED DATE aF IN1=a. 25X1 CD NOa 25X1 DATE DISTRo ! lVO. DF PAGES ~+ -alo. DI" ENC~S~ tusrl=a ses_ow~ SUPPIrEMEl~T TO REPORT NO. 25X1 THIS IS UNEV~IC.UATED lNFORMATlG~N 25X1 -25X1. '~arsfA:o , of. i~~1es F'.rom ~~1 /117 5a /~.?O Sb,l;.~ d s; x;!12+? 2~,`i2~ 25X1 `t'he :io1~a~~=ins trai.*as x~a.ssed ~:hrou~h.Frankfurt,lGder ~Vo ,, of Cars/~;o~ cf i._x,_es follo:~in~; r; r- :ins sassed through Frankfurt~Gder 5 ?l!i ll~ 5~~/1.1y ~~./'ll~ ~; i~:1-mac 56'~.~n STATE Ct.~tS51rlGATIDN ARMY ;r , ,AIR ~;EPORT ND. krankfurt/Qder l,i~;berose Frankfurt/Uder. $oehler_ Frankfurt/`Oiler 13a~..tgow near Raxl~.xa Ha~Tenow Frankfurt/Gder s?'ran k fu rt/Gder `''r~ nkf'urt/~.~der it lily. k ~?orn Ar~st Czeremcha Brest Brest Brest Czere;ncha :l ?3t L.~~ ~s Bl'e5t ~r~3t ~'o Brespu Brest Brest. Charbinka f3re:~ ~., Srest Brest Brest Brest; k rankf~ir~ ~ rankfur~ Frsnkfur'.~ Frankfurt Frankfurt Fra.nkfurr. Frc~,nkftu t, Frarikfu_rt.; Frankfurt Frankfur4 25X1 Caro X11 cars empty taut f~ tted to carry ,;.rlnor 1-.t1tOIS:O~i18S ~?1 cars em~>t~~ but fitted to carry ore Gasoline i ~1~.~ f?,ci2`S ernp'ty 1711t fltte(3 :o cr:rr~r armor ~! uton~obi ~. es Autorr:abil es A7.1 cars empty but fitted to carry coal ~1~. cars erg~ty but fitted Go carry oil anti gasoline k'actory fittings Uranium ore C~ r 25X1 i'ip iron Iron plus iron ore Partly rlea,;, rem~.anin~; cars c~:mpty E~utomobiles A ;itomobi 1 es ir.~:pt;' i?.~at r;~^ tank t:~axvs Gorlst.ruct3_r3n steer. Iron are ~~rriptyr.rater tank cars slit ornohi. J.. e;, Approved For Release 2003/08/12 :CIA-RDP82-004578014400360002-5 25X1 51/106 Hrest Frankfurt 56/7.15 Br? ^st Frankfurt 49,110 $rest Franlci'urt 53/109 Brest Frankfurt 59/121 ?cif;a~L Brest 4.8/116 Frankfurt Brest 56/112 1~rAnkfurt Brest 53/108 Frankfurt Brest 43/97 Aue Brest 38/111 l~erseburg Brest 54/110 ?Frankfurt Brest 57/116 Frankfurt Brest 46/99 Johann eor~;en-Brest stadt 58/116 F.a.debsrg Brest 54/12[1 Frankfurt Brest 54/120 Frankfurt Brest 25X1 3~ Ttte l~o~ of? Cars/ t3o a of Axles From To 55/17.4 Czeremctia 55/111 Terespol 57/12Q Terespol 54/104- Terespol 53/109 Czeremcha 21/69 Terespol 56/112 Teresi?ol 55/112 Terespol, 44/11b Terespol 58/116 Terespo]. 57/124 523/119 56/118 57/115 57/115 52/119 53/:116 4j'iy /120 53,/113 53/121 55/117 ~.~/1~5 Approved For Relea~e(~lp~/08/12 :CIA-RDP82-00457R01440036~0002-5 rake 2 Ido~. of Cars/ PSoo of -Axles k'rom To f611owing trains passed through Frankfurt/Crier C.zeremcha Texespol Czeremeha TEI`esti0l Terespol Frsr~kfurt Boehlen Fuerstenbert Arinaber~; Frankfurt -tieimar ~a~;d.ebur~; ~.2j`122 ~3itterfeld 25X1 Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frr~.nkfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt N'rankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt Frankfurt F'r?ankfurt F'ra nkf urt Frarikfur`; Frnnitfurt Brest Brest ~3rc;st Brest Brest Hrest Lsrest The fol.lo:~ira#; trains passed through. ?~'rankf'ur?t/~der ?~f3., of (ants/ Nr y of Axles Froni 54/110 ~#rest 5~?/.Z1.8 Brest 56/113 55/111 Brest ~'rG.nkfurt; Frankfurt Frankfurt ~c/91 Gzeremcha Frankfurt J~j`1.1.5 Czei ernoiYa > rankfurt Caro Partially empty water tank cars Construction steel Steel and iron iron ore i~:i scEllaneous Automobiles x~npty gain cars ix?ipty coal. oars used to carry iron ore Uranium ore Gasoline Empty coal cars used to carry iron orc ~ni~t,y grain -cars Uranium. Auilding suppliss Automobiles Automobiles Caren 25X1 Field artillery ~.ieces Jutomobiles and miscellaneous F;mpty railway cars .{damaged) Grain and meat Field artillery pieces rlectric locomotives empty ~npty Gasalins P~.iscellaneous r.:ilitary ec~u:~~~ment automobiles Gral.n L~rv~~~ty Grain Z ron ore and r~tzt omol~i.l es ,h~atomobiles Gasoline AYatomUbile~ Spocial orss Automobiles (uranium F:~;etory eouipment? Indu.stri~~l construction c:qui pr~e~~.t c_a~~ 25X1 ~1c~?s military e~ui?:unent, arms ~~sad autos Tdew cannon Automobiles and gig iron ~.iscellaneous construction ::za serial New tanks. t"~, for rrii~tar~r use and arznunitior 25X1. Approved For Release 20 3/08/12 : CI -RDP82-004578014400360002-5 25X1 Approved For Rele~b'b3/08/12 : GIA-RDP82-004578014400360002-5 Page '? Ptio,, o.f Gars/ Ito? of Yx1es 55/1. 4~/110 58/117 59/12U z3/:t2o zo/53 5$/118 ~.a/118 22/117 5 5/111a 57/117 55/117 3x/115 !0/118 59/T19 49/99 54/11 49/1U8 Pion of Gars/ No, ~ of .11x1,es 5.: The follolainh trains pa.?~ssd through Frankfurt/Gder 25X1 t+8 f lUl 541118 51 i.i.L $ 51/1()5 57/1.14 5/~/1.1U 56/113 56/.14 52/?14 ~ 7,~iO1 56 f 118 s:~/lag 56i 1.13 56/i_16 54/109 58/17 581419 59%18 58/4za :~9j~ lf3 try ~U ~S/'ll7 #rest Frankfurt Gzererrcha rrankfurt Brest Frankfurt Direst rrankfurt ~, Czeremcha Frankfurt Brest Frankfurt Frankfurt Brest Boehlen Brest Frankfurt Brest Frankfurt Brest Frankfurt Brest Fcavensbrueck Brest Frankfurt Brest s;eimar $rest Frankfurt Brest Aue Brest 'r;d.11e a,r;d Brest :.arse ~+tir~ Fuvrs~cantira.lde Brest 25X1 `