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December 20, 2016
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October 3, 1952
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COUNTRY -CJA-_RQP82-0045,7,ROl-4Q4210 TORO Cottbus .Airfield 25X1 DATE PREPARED. 3 October 1052 GPI REMARKS- 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 to About 5 p.m, on 9 August 1952, only one plane, probably an old Klea:mi with an Argus rpe engine, was observed in front of an open hangar at Cottbua airfield. (1) Io Russians were observed at the field. VP r n guarded the installation. .ttex' 9 August? the K1er.m plane with a twc-man crew was repeatedly observed aloft for abou 20 minutes each time. Between the and the net take--off, there was an interval of about 30 minutes. the ','P detail arrived at the field, ?ediately axter the 77i-is-sians had left. The Soviet aircraft had left during the nights prior to the departure of the ,a ov-. et troops. 20 On 11 August, a trainer was parked on the land ng field. `:ere was no flying on 114 and 2t August. On 30 August, hcrwover, a trai:raer made practice flights over Cottbus. 25X1 3. On 24 August, workmen were still repairing the tile roofs of the former ;Luftnachrichten Kaserns, north of the Cottbus-Burg road. (2) ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPO, The AA. gun emplace< ent along Cottbus-Dahljtz road was still unoccupied in 25X1 late August 1952. (3) 5. Vehicl. s parked in front of the collecting point for eapt y containers and a red fire truck on lie August and trucks on 19 Augusta On 24 4 ugust, no passengers or vohica41ar a c was observed there. The air force sentry was stir; posted at the coUsct- ing point. (li) 6. On 19 August, 2 radio trucks each irith 2 mast antennas each, 2.5 to 3 meters long, 1. tank truck and 1 ambulance were observed in ,front of the hangars of the fie:l do Two Po-2s are? #r-'o other aircraft with radial engines without cowling vrern parked on the landing field. (5) CLASSIFICATION SN.CIUT Approved For Release 2007102123': CIA-R?P82-00457R014600210003-8'_ Approved For Release 2007/02/23 CIA-RDP82-004578014600210003-8 S'-"CHIT; 78 On 30 August, construction rvcrI; Was cotxpletod in a nevr block of buildings east of the barracks installation at the field. The four new billets Were painted white, VP ;ieri in ranks of six wore drilling on the drill ;round of t ze new barracks area. (6) that the VP unit .,Yhich was quartered in th e new barracks buildings was cotm;tarded and trained by a Soviet colonel (7) In late August, new trucks arrived at the filed almost every day. On 29 Augustsatrain loaded with 28 ne: vehicle - P a ifif ra box like superstructures 26 25X1 three-axle trucks withou opt- co superstructures and with rear dual wheels, a:~rive.d. at the field. The drivers wore blue ins -tt-0 rank., On 30 August, three trucks.77777 1Rr- - 25X1 Jam) 10, On 25 August, 13 empty tr,1cks were dispatched from this 25X1 field to Doberlug-Kirchhain? On :trust, 3 loaded trucks and 3 jacks arrived- at the field coming from atrausberg. On 1 September, a train consisting of cars from Frankfurt/ Oder and x nigsdorf was observed in Cottbus the train want r$o,, dorf. The. train was trucks 25X1 I P. Between noon and 2+15 p.m. on 30 August, local flights were made by a Ptwin-en ine plane wit), a single-rudder assembly This plane could not be observed on the field after air activity was stopped. It was possibly parked in a hangars. 12a On 30 Au;u,t,, the newly built brick buildings seemed to be occupied as sTnoke rose from the -sr:tokestacks. (6) rig old buildings which were previously occupied by Russians were being, repaired. They were scheduled to be reoccupied already on 23 August. The fence which previously extended outside the barracks area was moved. (8) 13. A new dump was established on the eastern ed, o of the at a r i -,ht angle between the } urg highway and the railroad line. It was surrounded by a fence and had sentry boxes on the four owners, (,) 1, 4, continued on the road northwest of the field toward the Burg high- way. A vacated camp which was newly surrounded by a barbed ware fence was located northwest of this rotid. (10) 15. On 30 August, 15 large gray box-like objects, each 6 to 7 meters long, 2 to 3 meters wide and 2 to 2.5 meters high, were stored in t.e northeastern section of the landing field. (8) 16. After 26 Auk ust, traffic involving VP vehicles was intensified. On 26- Au,tust. individual VP men wearing khaki shirts and trousers but no blcuses arrived at the field by streetcar coming, from * furt, 25X1 17. Shirr ents zrere centiruouslir observed at Cottbus ra oa s-Oa i on.a were fitted 7itk loops on top for, the .hocks of aloistjn,g Boars, 18. r 3E C .r, +. sT, Approved For Release 2007/02/23 CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600210003-8 Approved For Release 2007/02/23: CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600210003-8 fh.`~ P1 19. On 2 and 3 8e e:, local fly in; was observed rat fi ld e ea a the occupation of the field b .,r itt ,,inns de c; eased after 1 5 AuCtstf, iin ;.e about 20 VP mn, who ;,,'ere to be trai7'a.r . b R y ussians, arrived at the field, (7) Cara:*rats. (1) It is believes: that this Aare is used for tratni.n ; purposes bn= the 3d Air VP #e t (600/3) which is stationed at Cottbus ai.rfield~ (2) The .forger Lief nachrichtern Ilaserne was pr-eviotusly, ccecupied by the AA unit stationed at the ieie", (3) -,ince the transfer of the b0iber? regiment to Justerbo{ Altes Lager.,, ? he hA unit also left Cottbus a:Lr fi,e ld u (4) It is believed that packing iwteriel is -being stored at the collecti point on the eastern edge of the field. { ) It is believed that these train rc are also used h;tr the 3d Air VP .Ret t (600/3). (6) It was previously, reported that tv - ~? -~; ,a .ld?n s are occupied by M VT' pers ornel 25X1 (7) The A .r Vt' regiments are ro:ba t.--aired hr ;; ??, inst- t is UTI'sno6?dri whether the Listruction ., ,., 4 u ~;; c ity of c t xN.and, (8) In pars f api 25X1 was assumed ti;1 all the, fighter re;i..t-m-ent Aiicn Aaaei; left -'arch:L t ?air ield in early Au,7ust is now statiorrad at Cottbus airfield,., Since no l 0-l$s have been observed in Cottbus. The aix,.raft: of'dt e it=rti formerly stationed in Par him have not been obsoi\.ed since their departure fl zn Parchim, It is believed that the aix?e g a ' t either 1: if t Eastern. 3ermany or were ass.LLned to other regitnennts of tbao `l\ionti- ,Yurth -Air Ar&r because, otherwise =;oul1 have e:"' e v'cd t~:em0 On the other hand, the ::~, ~ which v e e:> c~ pat,eh . to Cottbus' via 25X1 Brest Litovsk and lFrar_kfar ?,~ eA and are nog' stored in Cottbus., were auhich belongs to the '/ATB of the ' ghter r?e iment previously s 'a ` .orne in Parchjn. ` heref orez 25X1 it is believed that this OAT' is now s to zones! al; C:.,tt us airfield so that it can be expected that a f? r .. ~. .rer ~,~t -ail I W n..tivatoeid 25X1 (9) These r .otor vehicles i[eer e probably dispatched to a Soviet Army heac'?quar rs in :Guars r"sdarx:, (10) The i.rtended use of this ca.:, Is not k n o w n . SECRET, Approved For Release 2007/02/23: CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600210003-8