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December 20, 2016
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October 7, 1953
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Approv ilRt tGML : 2 CIA-RDP QQ4~7R. 1A4M1 - 25X1 COUNTRY. astern REPORT NO. COF'' ?' .:ilitamr Informs, tioz from Iieat?i ATE PREPARED 7 Octo'!Aer 19152 REFERENCES____. .._.. PAGES REMARKS- 2 ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE l? On 17 August 17 2, ne woods south of :uotten at the l etzling Heath (I: 5J/X 5 ? roo _ trainirn,.; grotutds the can.) '25X1 consisted of about 25 loan temporary l .ildin ,s with a capacity of 70 me,t each, and 15 houses of the Idcutlankon settlement with a capacity of about 40 .:,ien each were included in the car:,7, A total of 400 rnan could be catered to in the zMsa at one timem On 1.6 9u .ast all buildings wore occupied to ca,~Acity, '.otor vehicle were identifi:;d driving to,y or i'roi, ; ae car: p:-o 2A on 6 Seotei_iber,, a radio station with four mast:, "as again erected at the barracks installations in -lillerslel_ _n on the southern edge of the -root, training grounds. Ten T?34 tanks c:;r= loaded at the Ueuhaldenslc"ben railroad station on 21 August and about 30 empty trucks . oro loaded there on 7 :~cx~te.~?.;er? The trucks had been escorted to the station by truck (225X1 ari 10 and 11 August, It-lie area -Brest and r orthriest of Colbitz on the western e ,?e of :Letzling `.Leath that Vic Colbitz-?Lctzlin?e;:a road had been blocked since the b~:gitnin; of 1252, The local farmers wore not allowed to cultivate their fields as they were not ;)ermitted to use t'_ : road, road leading into the heath rest of 'Jolbitz via trigonometrical poir.~t No 65 Gs furrowed by _'rurlcrous tr~~ck and Lank is a(Y.s, A road 1 arrior a sent:-, blocked this road about w. h i_ es t_of C0lhitz :Boar the water worl:a, :..otor vela cics 25X1 August, U'~ ane trucks, which had boon soon leaving the I=t'_-_ 7'r,' st of Coibitz near __.'oluirsi uo(It were 10adec., at the .olmire t `l ' lrozi ' s oa ti )n, ~? w y`~ /1f! yry ~y (1 /~ file trt,iclks `7eru old W new l.- y ;Jain ed0 he colirn was escorry{- ted by tioo:J LYcarin.' rod-!,ordered black eptaul ots and motor transport k.,igi J.a and an ofi'icer r, t% tank i isi;nia , The tr":,ops came in trucks T?3e train left .''o'',?irstedt toward 3tondalo taiti" raffic was heavier this ,oar than it had been daring 19;1- The residents of Colbitz were not allowed to 1cave their houses after 10 and their 'louses lad to ho bl" cked-out of ,er dusk, (1)) 4. During the period from, ; 1 to 22 August, the camp in the woods s:sutheast of Jae veni tz on the northern edge of Letzling Heath was still heavily occup:.od. The ap7roach roads were blocked by sentries 7ith red-Irordered black epaulets including some ,: ith CLASSIFICATION S C "' T Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : -CIA-RDP82-004578014600220009-1 ; Approved For Release 2007/03/02 CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600220009-1 SZ. cru1 . 25X1 tarok and sots with artillery r s'rr ' h black bordered crim on epaulets On 15 Au^~ st9 T-4314/85, tank ;ware loaded at the Jaevonitz railroad station, Jaevenitz resi pants stated that about 20 rocket 3aLm.chers 25X1 had moved to. the troop txa:ining woods grounds on l and 3$ Augusta via the Jaevenitz- Detzsin rerl road, :,tor vehicles seen in traffic from and to the ;came in the Coamcnts4 0l3 o have seen only part of Gamp P ankela south of G'.n as he reported quarters for only about 2;350 men. As a division has been stationed in the camp during about five months, in the sunaer of 1952, more low ter porary buildin s must exist, it is rather improbable that the majority of the division should be quartered in tents` According to previcus reports, the 7th Gds Tank Div is car iad in Cap ?1ankena How ev< r, the motor vehicles seer in traffic to the camp the 11"Urd ::,shock Ar 7-, Asp honaov'er, the road from Haldernsloben to Camp Born runs east of 4:arn Planken and as the 19th x1s 1.'ecz Div is stationed in Camp Born besides other units, it is possible observations regarding; road am carp traffic (2) The 30 trucks worre probably loaded ly soldiers oi' tae 7th Sys Tana, aivo (3) Most of the rotor vehicle in the Colbitz area confirm units of the 10th Gds Tank Div i a Cai o 1Q until U August d, (it) Camp Jaevonitz southeast of Jaeve',, was Still occupied by elements o the ' 7th j.Ttz Rifle Div until 22 Auuuust l.952,, Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600220009-1