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December 20, 2016
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October 7, 1952
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Aprov~'PRl1~21~,', h/~825t}0(~fi a"V( TT(;"' COW.UR i1c3S iC' nit?3"P?r?477r r.~. PIC...~ Soy at Trom Trains ;'ALUATION.J ...-m-. _PLACE OBTAINED. WE OF CONTEN REFERENCESI PAGES 4 ENCLOSURES 25X1 REMARKS 25X1 II The followinc troop trains district headquarters between 1 and 10 JJepteraber Date in Se. tev icer ~. ? 195 Composition of Tro (?p'rnizzs~_ 8 converted boxcars :'tolmirstedt Glauch au 3 boxcars and t5 flatcars convrorted bcx :car and Stendal Lu~skenw ale e 5 flatcars I converted boxcar and !fat deburg.. L flatcars 3:ruecl nfeld Lucke nwald e 5 converted boxcars, ~ilten~r;rabow Aossleben 1 boxcar and 17 flatcars 2 converted boxcars and 113_l.lersleben Terip1%n 4 flatcars 3 f"1 atcars II:9..llersleben 'eustreiitz 2 converted boxcars and slallersleben T'eubrandenbur 2 converted boxcars and I?illers1eben Jueterbog 5 flatcars 3 converted boxcars. dil.lersleben undetermined 3 flatcars and 10 SSA'--pa po flatcars CLASSIFICATION ;i )CR? ly~t;r}r.? Rt)L/US OT k~LCItiT S OP 25X1 25X1 ]o the :?1aF;d?burg railroad25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014600250001-6 Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600250001-6 Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600250001-6 Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600250001-6 Date in September 10 Composition of Prori Troop Trains 1 converted boxcar, Hillersleben Schwerin 1 flatcar and 8 '33'r-type flatcars 15 converted boxcars, .!Ater rabow A"echterstedl 2 boxcars and 1,5 flatcars Z converted boxcars, .'.ltengrabow T;rfurt boxcars and railroad 2t flatcars district 2e Trains with 'folks oli.,ei from uedii.nbur to * he Berlin railroad district 125X1 ? -0-71, Mi" 20 o xcars, on 25X1 6 September; a train of 1 coach, 20 boxcars am 5 a cars, 25X1 25X1 on 8 September; and a train of 1 coach, 20 boxcars and > flatcars, 25X1 on 10 September,, (6) AL;cording to an order b:r the `:CC to t} r. .'Tagdebur~; railroad district head- quarters, one ;;rain each, and composed of 1 transit worthy converted box cars, 5 kitchen cars and 3 boxcars were to be made available at the ;'agde,- burg main station on 20 and 25 ;5eptembe:^ respectively. (7) Ito Trr,oo train, of the 3d Subdistrict Office of the fer- tin railroad district between 28 August and > "eptember: 25X1 Date composition of Troop Trains 28 august I boxcars and 26 flatcars 29 n 16 boxcars and 28 flatcars 31 rr 12 boxcars and L1 flatcars 1 Senteribr-_cr 13 cars 18 cars with a sib-nal battalion Juc t e:'bog- f1ltes Lager Jueterbo; Jueterbog Luc.-:enwalde 1L cars with an .Lucl envialc3e artillery battalion 16 cars Luckenrt alde e:u::^appin .ri:isswasser "'euruopin Jes on-;Astor Finow Dresden f berswaide Jueterbog Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO14600250001-6 Approved For Release 2007/03/02 : CIA-RDP82-00457R014600250001=6 S::m RT/C0 'TnOLAJS 3 25X1 25X1 25X1 50 On 5 September, a troop tray of An 11rdPt~,arrrinevI i s With A guns and true', includinry 25X1 25X1 was observoo' at the ' berm ra a raliroaci station. The train cane from Jueterbo and went to Finow. (3) 25X1 II The following troop trains dispatch d from ym-rn ' 11 ,;rain of I car,, gondola car and .!. flatcars, ship- 25X1 70 According to an order by thel quarters, 250 boxcars had to .. a. o avai_ a ee for transit' operations until 10 September. (7) ?8. The folloain; nur- rrs of '%ov?"et rlilitary personnel were observed aboard leave trains in F'ran1furt/Oder beti oer_ 6 and 9 September: Date in September To rout Lito vsk From Brest Litovsk 6 100 and 90 100 and 110 7 30 and 120 90 and 120 8 110 and 100 11.0 and 100 9 1QO and 100 100 and 120 (10) I It'iomi?.E ntso (1) The troop train probably carried an element, of the 22C;t1i '1v Tani: ;P YFegt of the :.,i`;1'.th. Ode iirrrl from Jlauchau? (2) Various oilservaticns from italaT Luchern.'a1de indicate that radio vehicles I were there in. late August and early rtp',ot_m'~er 19,,2, It is believed that theassehbi-+ng of these vehicles is either a measure cprcparing for a field exercise, or for repairing of vehicle at the signal repair shop of the GOFG situated in Stalag a ; chicles observed there belonged to the First, Third and Fourth Gds :Sect ^rriy. t;.ccordi.n ; to the present report probably vehicles of the Third Shock _,rmy wore also at L elk-envralde n 25X1 The troop train carried elements of the %` (3~ 5th pL !3n S ~ o the 21st :sds ".ecz, Div which moved from the Lossa troop training grounds to Ilten-? rabow on 1 September 1952 and probably returned to its home station., (,1t; .e;je Droop trains cannot be identified. The co ;.position of the trans indicates that they ,.)ossj.b1 y carried tank details of various armies which had conducted firing, practices with live ar.,r'nmitii_on at i etzlin, Heath as in the sprint of 1952. The troop train to Schw~werin probably carrie d elements of the 7Z th "'L r, k 61" Tiog;t of the 94th Sods : ecz 25X1 Div wh ic h, I were unload ed at :chwerin ? on 25X1 7 ept er cC r (5) The troo' train -? - ~? s t'.i