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December 20, 2016
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January 6, 2006
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January 30, 1953
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PEE ACQUIRED T' a i T Q 7 REPOPIT CD NO. 4-11OUN TT RY Eal-t 0erm=yt ,SUBJECT Railroad Construction Projects DATE OF 9NFO. OF 7HE 11NITk:6'ITATFS. W17HIR THE NEANI! G OF TITUS 113. BECTiOli5 798 AND 704. OF THE to. S. COPE. AS AS3RNMI0. :TS 7RA118tlIS;;lOU 02 PCVE1- ATIOO OP !SS CONTENTS TO OP. 11PC.IPT 67 AN UNAUTHOti1ZP. PAPSON 25X1 25X1 2,5 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ARMY l~ AI:2 ,;r J FI3a 3. SE1REa:'/e~ONTROL ??. U.3. OFFICIALS 01131.:1 Approved Fo O la '64 I&2aMt1MA -00457RCM09$0002-4 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION In early ;,u ust 1952, tha second track of thi; resden- Bad ;-,,chRndau railroed line was being reconstructed;. (1) iftur completion of the construction designs for the I3irkenwerder-}Iexzaaigsdor?f- usttsrz xk sector of the floret Riess, D rltn, It was discovered that the now line ould cross Ltchocnr.,alde airfield. Thereupon, Erwin Kramer, Director Cenerale Railroads, Berlin, ordered that t ?ro new designs be submitted to him by 6 "ieptember, One design was to route the new line east of the airfield, chile the other design wa,s to route it west of Schoeinralder. (2) It is planraE:d to have the Berlin ,Sued Ring extended to the northwest in the form of a so-called ::eat Rim; in 3.953, The ".est Ring is designed to extend from ',;ichendorf to t_ildpark., We project re quir. es the construction of a bridge over the Havel River =sear Forsthacaa Templin at an estimated cost of 70 million eat- .anarks. (3) In late ryu ust, the 7irectcrate General Railroads, Berlin, I Ithe tlSee Il spurtrack on the Jatznick-44Jecker-muende branch line has been recon^- struct,ed and put into operation: During, the war, the spur track served a plant of the :pren,g-Chernie Corporation, ( a group of explosive plants). (4) vvor : on the extension of the northern section of the Berlin Outer Freight Ring via llerani.gsdorf as far as '?ustorm.ark would be started soon. (2) It is moreover planned to have the line between ;.ustermarlc and ' ldpaark double-trackeri0 In view of this more urgent. pro ject, the plar.r. d double tracking of the 3eddin' Belzig railroad line was postponed, although Iwork on it had been started in late July. (5) 6., The permanent way of the curve between Iierlirn-choenhauser jillce and Pankow was to be completed by 15 September,, It is tea %evl?d thrit safety installations will be installed in a temporary way for the time being, The permanent, way of tl connecting curve at -.ildpark will be completed on the sww day. ",ork on t1:: T 25X1 DATE DISTR. 30 January 1953 NO. OF PAGES RE103 TO RECORDS CDR INUESIATELY AFTER USE J0L - 32,ZBOX - a3;gip Approved For Release 2006/02/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800050002-4 r`.T.nrmm Pnnnenonal~ vx r. I.s'.fr+'Tn'! .r n rlwr?r'w 4.7l:FVl ;ia0 Vl'd'w ..I'1.4 V,~Vi Lal r"r ...0000000' On 22 .: C.}t ; LS v , 25X1 25X1 u ,!',z