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December 20, 2016
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April 3, 2006
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December 3, 1952
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CLASSIFICATION fr, LT? cc RGI, IN T IV ` tII Y frastA For Release 2006/11/13. (IA KOP9ZOUM01580 100007-3 TOPIC 1EVALuATION-. . ~~ PLACE_ OBTAINFIA X1 OF CONTENT__ j DATE OBTAINED..j XIREFERENCES PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)-._---_-- - 4 _.~.. _~. 25 0 r T n v. 1,. The following military shipments were 17 October and 6 T1ovolber 1952 Sh_ i.pment 52 boxcars, 2 gondola cars and 2 flatcars with soldiers .6 boxcars and 10 flatcars with 20 T--3/85 tanks 2 boxcars with soldiers 1 flatcar with one T-34/85 tank 54 boxcars and 1 gondola car with soldier. s 20 boxcars with soldiers 27 boxcars w th soldiers From-To anlata direct ion of Kuestrin to Cottbus 17 October ternau to Lieberose 19 October Niederfinow to Lieberose 19 uctober I etween F'uerstenwalde to Lieberose 1.9 October direction of Gerbig toward Guben 19 October Frankfurt/Oder to Brest Litovsk 1.9 October ? ryes ?. Litovsk to }:herswalde 19 October CLASSIFICATION S t PE /fxWrRnr, _ ~t _ c _ cW Tr.T, T~ ,_,?n.v Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R015800100007-3 Soviet TrooD Trans Approved For Release 2006/11/13: CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3 SFC i T/CL,NPflO[. m .i " . ,I'}' CI "1 u C'TLY 2 Sbi.pment 1( boxcars w;.th soldiers 9 boxcars with soldiers 1 I oxcar and flatcars with 5 x 203--,ii howitzers, 1 x 152-mm field howitzer and military escort personnel From-'Co an. 15ate 'irl'st Litovsk to Berns u 19 Lcttober F-,rcl--:7'- Litovsk to Fuor.?tenwaldc 19 October i 1tengrabow to Fuers t enual~?e: 6 J'Yovember 3 2. Troop trains with soldiers from Jiete.,bog-A1tcs Las-cr 25X1 Cuben on 2 fovembcr, a train of 541 cars to k,,,estrip on 5 'tvember; and a train of 53 cars to Knestr_ ?i_n nn R 71nvr~mhr~r _ 4 I the .f o1I.ow?rinu shuttle-tr!Ti: ns with sol iers cane from the U.S.S.R. and went to Last Geri`'ranjr via Kuestrin bcr.we n 23 October and 14 November: Date Number of Boxcars 23 October 51 214 October 53 25 October 50 26 October 52 27 uctoher 49 28 October 53 29 Ccl-.obey 148 3L# GGc-` ber 43 31 C',;toher 50 1 November 48 2 November 53 (several empty) 3 i ovember 46 44 over ber 53 (e'npty) 5 The following eastbound and wi:s!.bound shutt e- .Ins passing through the Guber 25X1 railroad station betzreen 5 and 11 November: Date in Number of Cars From ? To 5 53 boxcars and sieiss,en 1 gonr,ola car with s ol(I ie rs 52 boxcars and 1. roondo7 a, car with soldiers Ja.od` n S! CI:..T/COTJTPi. L - U.:S. CPPICVT.1; ONLY Frank fort/G-? er Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3 #,. ,,i CR T/COAITROi, - i1 Date in 'cunher of Care From 2tovem er ~" 6 52 boxcars and Co,, b-?s {o ref 1 gondola car witt.. soldiers 5 52 empty boxcars and Jagodin 1 empty gondola car 52 e-Jpty boxcars and Jaged-i.n Cottbus 1 empty gond--la car 25X1 6Q 7 52 empty boxcars and Ja 7oc+:.i n Cottbus 1 empty ?ondoia car 10 51 empty boxcars and Jagodin Cottbus 1 empty gondola car i l 52 boxcars and "eitaar Kovel l gon)ola car with sold viers Rail. movements via the ~'ues trin railroad station 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R015800100007-3 included.: a daily ?rres ,i^n .nd brain toward ?rarkfurt t~cdAr be,,ween 29 October and 10 November; a daily vesthoun.d e:?apty shuttle train since 6 November and a daily eastbound - Ira?.n with soldiers hel:i,reen 30 October and 9 TTove;rbero7 bhuttle-tr-;i.ns with soldiers 'Listed he'iy:een 2 and 11 Novem e,25X1 in'ludedr shuttle-train of 5L cars from Magdeburg-B:rieckfeld to the Valle railroad dist.ric tt,, and. shut lvie-+.r,:nsIfrotn Ferme:'swalde to ;aq~lehurrr25X1 l3rueckfe?d on 2 ado-v it er; shuttle-tr~ain of 22 cars from Iandeburg- 25X1 1 ru.eck:^eld, including 3 cars to :` chvrerin, 12 cars tr Iudwirslust and 7 c:a to "ardcleren, on 3 November; and shuttle-train of 30 cars, frcrt Macdel-irgw25X1 13rueckfe ld, nci "7.d' a-? 20 cars to Schwerin, 7 cars to Gardelonen and 3 cars to "uod"pin grg, on ovetnber,8 On 10 Ckctober, a troop tr - n carrying 'tanks and billeting equipient was 25X1 unloaded at the Frankfurt/Oder railroad station. The 1--rain probably came from Li.eberoe; n Tanks and ea, -i_rmen . were driven to the Bi ndenbura Kaserne. T #nt. ~ ~ l4 Q~c:i,~ent~ belongs to a tank repair shop. of the Fourth Gds -Necz /lrmy in zbersw e. : ne train T.oscibly hauled tanks of the 7th Gds ~Iecz Div to Lieberosea .The troy . ,ra'.ns from Brest L'tavsdc monti.cned in the c. n:~o e crr?1'ir~nedo SEECR T/CG JT'RR.:L - U. S. l:FFICIAt S, ONLY (;onatrie,rto In a previo'i.: report an e~stbo.tnd empty 25X1 troops train icaving Frankf ?rt/'Odes on , October, and a troop train with soldiers arriving at Fr; nkf-:lrt,/Oder fro.;, Irost Litovsk on i' October 1952 were the only 25X1 indications that recruits arrived in :t~a t Germany directly from d:sri,st Litovsk,, Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457R015800100007-3 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3 SLCfi1 T/C Ti `RCL - i.i.S. U7TC; T"';' G??LY 3. -a-tent. The train from Alten-r_~bobr probnhly transYort,ed materiel to one of o '.note*n iz dn. noe de-pots in the Fuers ' oric a l de area. 25X1 11. 25X1 proba y was shuttle- train Dar-id the train frc -n Jueterbog-tltes Larer to Cor2?icnt. Shuttle-train I on 5 November 19 2 on the U'ctthzs-Frank.iL?rt/L,der railroad line a;zr' was believed to h Ave carried dischargers from Weimar to Kuestr n. Tt is - of lcnown whether this tr l - left, bas' (per ?any via Ku..s'.,rin or rtaben. Shuttle-train Gwent-, = e m p t y from Jagodin to Cottbus on 3 Uovember 1952 in the present re ort, t at shuttle- ;rain transpor a soldiers rum agodin to Frankfn,. t/Oiler on 5 November 1952, the two s~ ai:.e7,ieits are ccntradictoryn All other trips of the shuttle-trains mentioned In par_:r?rai)h 4 are reported for the first time. ~,uestrin on. 4 ~'lorember 19152 shuttle- ,ruin 0 The train on. November I952 25X1 ca-riot i:-e accoun-,ed for. Comment. shuttle-train II observed west- 25X1 battnd on venM r !b to f rlin on L I oven ber 1952. See 25X1 It is not l:fown b :than shuttle-tr...i_ri as capt,r or 25X1 carricc.. sold it rs. All other shuttle-tra.i:ns werL previously reported. P?XI 6. 25X1 25X1 P?xI 25X1 25X1 25X1 .c3ischargees t, Jere replacer the program under- 'which -r r~ecr~.lits w a.s corinIctery on about 6 november. 1SS52. ?3? [---]Comment. Shuttle-trains L arriving in Last Ger'."any. 25X1 25X1 IJorc^. pro viousl:r reported Fermersualdc railroad stata_o_, is s tuatedI on t.1r i ;en berg-?,i en er line which _indicaat .s the rou?e of shuttle -tr^a= n The ra.T - oad 25X1 9 comment. Talks Melon- to the Stith 25X1 - ;5w ill .d ' D Thi t t S,',C- FT/CC.NTFGL - IU.:: G: 'ICTA1 S ONLY tl@ xn G~r iv. s pet-uncu ys s r ~t:k .ar Regt of brie 7th Gus, 'I the Horn Kaserne at Fra:nkfi rt/Lder 2U S tanks 25X1 moved after unloading on 11 October 1952.1 1 25X1 anent. The train frc.i Jueterbbo -alto's Lar-or to (}uben on 2 November 1952 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO15800100007-3