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December 20, 2016
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March 16, 2006
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December 16, 1952
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CLASSIFICATION `L~~`.LT/C(Ji'T/iOL - U.,>., UF'f'IC?ALwi [ L ~or Release 2006%04' '~i~R.f~6fiZ220010-2 ro a ~ COUNTRY REPORT NO, TOPi c Soviet Amr u.nition Depot at '? auikow LDATE PREPARED_._,,. 16 December 1952 PAGES 2 ENCLOSURES (NO. &TYPE) REMARKS... Report continues The following is a complete list of rail shipments of ammunition that arrived at, or were dispatched from, the Wulkow ammunition depot during the period from 9 July to 30 September 1952. 1. Incoming; shipments 2 Autust: 6 boxcarloads from Brest Litovsk, 16 August: 1 boxcarload from klten abaw 16 Sep- tember: I boxcarload from Toe chin 2. Outgoing shipments 16 July: 1 boxcarload to Dannenwalde 1 boxcarload to Fi nor, 5 boxcarloads to Kapen, 16 July: 1 boxcarload to Roederau, 17 July: 3 boxcarloads to Altengrahcmi. 16 August: 1 boxcarload to Kapen. 18 August: 1 boxcarload to Jueterbog-Altes Lagero 11 September: 28 boxcarloads to Guestrow, 13 September: 3 boxcarloads to Gardelegen, 3 boxcarloads to Toepchin, 8 boxcarloads to Kapen. CLASSIFICATION SFr.R'Plr.:r,F7prz,rr.S- M W:ra?, nrJT,t* 25X1 01 Approved For Release 2006/04/19 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO16100220010-2 Approved For Release 2006/04/19: CIA-RDP82-00457RO16100220010-2 SECRET/C~_; .L U.S. GFT-P'1 _LS ~:NLY - 2 - 16 September: 4 boxcarloads to Pfaffendorf.. It Septeriter : 2 bo rearloads to Altenhain near Lrandis 1 boxcarload to ioederau I bo,-carload to iueterbog-Altos Lager 1 bo :carload to Dannenualde Comas nt? The train was listed in a previous report. I 2. Ccm-lcfi . It is notable that the volume of incoming shipments decreased at a am unition depots. It is assumed that all 25X1 large ammunition depots were filled and did need not be refilled immediately after consumption. Com.1erzt.. A new ammunition depot for the VP is located. un the rremises o e former CGer: an iAriry ammunition depot in Gucstrou-Priemerwald. P.ccordinp 25X1 to a previous report, it is planned to recons truct the spur track to the - Pri.emerburg railroad station o E The depot was filled 25X1 at the beginning of fu gust 1952, ' SLCR;.T/CLNTRCL - U.S. CAM . it URY Approved For Release 2006/04/19: CIA-RDP82-00457RO16100220010-2