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November 17, 2016
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July 5, 2000
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December 22, 1947
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'E'xecutive for Administration and T/0, Commumications Division, OSO 1. The attached Table of Organization for the Co ioations Division, Office of Special Operations, which includes a total ofppositions, is approved subject to the following provisions t a. The currently authorized ceiling of= individuals for departmental 25X9A2 and :Washington field service will remain in effect. b. The additional ^positiora listed in your memorandum dated 4,7 Decem- ber 1947 may be filled at your discretion but only with your personal approval in each case* a. The total Ceiling ofd established above will not be exceeded 25X9A2 without specific approval from this offices ci. The upgrading and allocation of identical additional positions recommended in memo dated 13 November 1947 from the Chief, Communications Division, are not favorably considered at this time. This matter may be reopened for further discussion after we have had reasonable experiene* with the combined warehousing operation recently red cod a on involvi ' 25X1A the move of the OSO oo m wd attioati activity from area., It was agreed by all oonoerned in connection with the moving of So warehouse e.otivies t that paokin ; and orating would be done by the Services Branch, A*M, and that one inspector would be desigmated by SO to inspect equipment being packed for SO shipment. . This should reduce the require- ments for packers in the Ct:mtaunioaations Diviston T/0. Further rooom endation is requested on this matter. . 3. As recommended by you, no resurvey will be made with the Civil Service Commission at this time relative to this change. The positions eliminated from the Commuications Division T/0 will be held for suoh future action as may be agreed upon personally between this office and the Assistant Director for Special operations. u;xeoutive for nistration and Man Copies to a; Chief, Personnel Branch E-- Chief, Budget end Finance Br. Chief, Management Brslnoh Approved For Release 2000/08/08 : CIA-RDP82-00495R000400100054-9