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APPROVE~ FOR RELEASE= 2007/02/08= CIA-R~P82-00850R000'1000'10046-9 Z4~ : ~ I I~ I ; ' Z APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ruK urr1~~H~ u~r_ UIVLT JPRS L/8239 _ 24 January 1979 ~ ~ ~ TRANSLATIONS ON NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS CFOUO 4/79) ~ ~ ~ U. S. JOINT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE ~ FOR OFFI CIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 NOT~ JPRS publicntions conCntn informaCion prim~rily from foreign newspapers, periodicals And books, but nlso from news agency transmissions and broadcasty. Materials from foreign-language - sources are Cranslared; thoae from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and ' other characCeriseics retained. Headlinea, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets [J are supplied by JPRS. Procesaing indicatora such as [Text] or [ExcerpC] in the firaC line of each SCem, or following the - lasC line of a brief, indicaCe how the original informaCion was procesaed. Where no procesaing indicator is given, the infor- mation was summarized or extracted. UnfAmiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are t enclosed in parentheses. Words or namea preceded by a ques- tion mark and encloaed in parentheaea were not clear in the _ original but have been supplied as appropriate in context. Other unattributed parenthetical noCes within the body of an - item originaCe with the aource. Times within items are as given by source. The contenta of this publication in no way repreaent the poli- ~ ciea, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government. _ PROCUREMENT. OF PUBLICATIOhS JPRS publications may be ordered from the NaCional Technica~l Information Service, Springfield, Virginia 22151. In order- ing, it is recommended that the JPRS number, title, date and author, if applicxble, of publication be cited. Current JPRS publications are announced in Government Reports Announcements issued semi-monthly by the National Technical Information Service, and are listed in the Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications ~Issued by the Superintendent of - Documents, U.S. Gavernment Printing Office, Washingtonv D.C. 20402. Indexes to this reporC (by keyword, author, personal names, title and series) are available through Bell & Howell, Old Mansfield Road, Wooster, Ohio, 44691. Correspondence pertaining to matters other than procurement may be addressed to Joint Publications Research Service, 1000 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia 22201. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 gH~EIOGRAPNIC OATA ~proualteJ. '1'ttc vel~iclc i~peJ by witi~out yeoppin~ for inspcction. The customs nfficers dn ~hc sc~ne immecliate'ly cliused uFrer elie vehicle. A hoti pursuiC ensu~d wliiclt went on for h~71f ~n hour. N~ar Hsing-pan, a suburb nL 'I'~liping, th~ suspece 1osC control of lti~ c~zr ~nd crF~shecl Into .~:~tcmu ~;u~~rdrnil ~nlon~; ~hc ro~~~l, tlir. Spokeqman s~tid. 'I'wo n~en Inunediutcly ~umpc~~l ou~ oC Llie dlsabl~J c:~r ~nd ~I~~~u dis~ppeared in the darkness. A search of Che area yielded no result. The disabled car was brought beck Co Che cusComs building at Taiping, the spokes- man said. With the help of police dog, Cen packages of crystal heroin weigh- ing 8 pounds and 12 ounces were found in ehe left fronr door of the car. The case is under inveseigation. (TexC] [Malaysia KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chinese 12 Nov 78 p 12J 1004 'TWU 5USP~:CT5 ARRESTEb--I'en~ng 16 Nov--YesCerday the Penang police arresCed Lwo - - Chinese in separate incidents aC Che Secnnd Road and the Third Itoad. ~orty- - eight vials of heroin and eighG hypodermic syr3.nges were seized. It was ~ learned that a police officer, wnile on duCy at the 5econd Road aC 2:30 pm yesterday, do~ained a suspicious 32-year-old Chinese male. A search of bodily possessions yielded 22 vials of heroin and 8 hypodermic syringes. It was also learned tliat at 7 pm yesC~rd~y two policemen deployed at ttie Third Road arrested a 26-year-old Chinese youCh who was believed to be a narcoCics ped- - dler. A search of bodily possessions yielded 26 vials of heroin. The two Chinese suspects are detained aC the police station further investi- - gaCion. [Text] ~Malaysia KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chinese 17 Nov 78 p 1 2J 1004 S~V~N POUNbS 0~' HEKOIN--Penang 26 Nov--T'he Penang police sefzed 7 pounds ot heroin, the largest amount seized this year, and arrested two suspects, a man and a woman. AcCing on intelligence reports last night, Ha-chih-o-man, head of the criminal departmenC, personally led a group of detectives for a mission to the Hai-chien Wharf. The mission resulted in the detention of a car and - its driver, a Chinese youth. The police found 7 pounds of heroin in the car. On the basis of a clue supplied by the suspect, the police arrested a female narcotics dealer, who is belie�ved to be an accomplice. It was learned that rhe seizecl heroin can be used for 670,000 injections. This is the largest amount of narcotics seized by Che police this year. [Text] [Malaysia KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chinese 27 Nov 78 p lJ 1004 ~ 7-1/Z POUNDS OF MORPHINE BASE SEIZED--Penang 27 Nov--The police of Penang dis- covered yesterday what was believed to be a major international smuggling operat`_~n involving a large quantiCy of high quality morphine. The seized morphine, weighing about 7-1/2 pounds, was found in the shape of two solid square cakes, which can be very easily mistaken for soap. Zf,?o suspects were arrested--a man and a woman. Both of them are Chinese from Penang and 29 years old. The ma~e suspect is a fish merchant. Laboratory tests showed that the seized morphine is of high quality valued at $50,000. It can be used for 275,805 injections. This seizure was made possible by a plsn master- minded by Ha-chih-ao-ma, head of the criminal investigation group of the Pe- nang police. A large number of policemen was kept in hiding for more than 3 � 12 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - hours uC ehe scene of Che nrre~t. At a press conference in the AcCion It~om of the police hettdquarCers, H~-chih-ao-ma said Chat Che police departmenti received reliable inform~tion ut 7:50 pm on 25 November. Ae 10 pm a group of ~l~tectives L~d by ussistunt pol~ce chief Ya-Cu-la were deployed ~C Che I'enan}~ ferry. After 3 l~ours of wniCing, n sr.dnn with license plate PAA 9f347 _ appenred ae ehe ferry ae 1:15 ~m. The p'olice came oue �rom hiding and in~ercep- ted the car, which was then escorted to the police headquarters. A bag con- ~aining two square cakes o� solid morphine was found under the front seat of the car. ~TPxt~ ~Malaysia KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chineae 28 Nov 78 p 12j 1004 CAAU A PLANTS D~5TROY~b--Batu Pahae, Thurs--Police have desCroyed about 1,000 g~n~~ plants in a jungle clearing ~t Kampung, Parit Tengah, Ct~ngit, near t~ere tod~y. Tt~e i~lanCs, worth nbouC $20,000, were fully grown and according Co the police, ready Eor "harvest." Acting on informaCion, a party oE our officers l~~id an ambush in Che area but when no one turned up nfter several hours they,destroyed the plants. [TexC] [Kuala Lumpur - NCW 5TRAIT5 TIM~5 in ~nglis}~ 29 Dec 78 p 6 BK] CSO: 5300 . 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - sTtvrnroxr REEIAfiILITATION PEItIOD FOR DRUG USEP.S TO BE EXTENTED 5ingnpore THE STRAITS TIME5 in English 29 Dec 78 p 9 BK [TextJ THl~ g o V e t' nlt1e11t uA by 80 per cent 1n tfcal measurea vrUl be - alll extelld the t'e- ~ luat over s year atter worked out to atop drug habllltatton peilod Operatlon Ferret began, addlc:a irom ncqulring f0i drug SUpeTViBees , e n t or c R m e n t Iarge amounte of barbl- 1n V1eW Of t h e 1 r a~alnat trat8ckera and turatea through cllnic- puehers lntenslAed, the hopp1ng, proxlea or the "pCOnene88 t0 1'e- nddlcta formed en 'ant' black market. lapse; ' says the Home katne 1n , Mhfch the Minlster, Mr Chua ~~~1~ brouQht ama~i Plan for amounta of heroln lnto 81an Chin~ in an sln~apore. Travel papera intensive ~ addendum to t h e have thentore been Preaidentfal addres.g witl~drawn rrom drug ~ ~uperviaeea, aaya Mr patrollin at the opening of ~y~, g Patliament. ' T[rRMNC~ to the m!� "Druq ddd:c4 a n d StQ 't0 nlatl'Y~a A1an for more drua pushers mwt never ~ p~ ubllc~~honsna~~ ~~atea b� allowed ~ mf~~ prevent Mr. Chua saya foo! pat- others on the ecale ex� rola aill be lntroduced in p~rlenced pHor to O~per~l- ,substitutes mon~~ atstes trom next tlOn F'rlLEl," hE s4 Apart irom the dru~ RBS'iRlt~T(l fa Each team w111 be as- problem, hL addenducn ~~b ptirnt ~,~h alaned a few blocks to ' also deaL afth the com- ~tarted in Apri~ 1077. he DAttol, eaDeclally ln the munbt t h r e a t, rond q~ys thla qulcldy pre- daY, when reeldenta are ~afety, more fnteasive veated druR addlcta a~'aY from hoc~e. - poltcin~ fn h o u e! n g irom recruiting others ~r thfa purpoae, re= ealates and talslna th~ ro~d, servlats lrom the Pollce qualitq ot unior I~olfc~ "lbme who hnve been ~rce and VI~!lante ofAeer~. hooked are extremely COrpa ~1~~ be~ uaed aa He prefacea hle tNn1a- D~ne ~o relspae, deeptte au~h a labour��lntenelve try'a vlewa and polfcle~ rehablUtatfon and atrin- ;ob cannot utUlae reQU- , on the druQ problem Rent meoaurea to auper- Doll~e ofricera. � wlth the oburvaWon ~1e~ ond control them;' Reaervlats, now Der- that unttl recently; the he aotes, torming reaerve duty be-~ ma~ lmportan~ druR ut ~~~n became tween 7 p.m, nnd . 11 _ abu~e wu hemin. Tough ~r~ ~~Bapore. the Dm., rvUi be re-deployed la~n and unnlentlnR turaed to aub- 1n Ja~uary to pe rform - e n f o r c e m e n t h~ve ~tut~e~, tt~s raoat lmpor- duty between 10 a.m. eerlouuy dVrupted the tant ot ~~vhkh are barbl- nnd E D.m. - ~ tfoa ot herofn tnW, and turatea. In the flrat t~vo yenrs, !!a dlatrlbutlon wlthln Theae. unUke herofn, reurvlata wfil have to ~~~~M, have slpaya been avail- pertona duty on 14 d4ys Result~ oi thla enforce- able tor bona tide uae on ~~h year. Thereaiter, taet~t ~rere tl~t heroin a doct�r's preecd~ pt1on. they allt perform 10 d4ps Medical p r a c WtWners a year, includlna 1n- �elsed last year pq+t only have therefore been camp trafnlnQ, tor tao about one-quarter of Ylerted. Yeari; then aeven days that selzed fa the Are- '~Thdr eare and co- rbua Year. The retoU o~yeratioa are Aeceaeary price in risl terms o! it barblturaka nre not the acarcer drua shot to peeoa~e a dru~t of abuee," W?~ ~,tr. Ct~ua. He dieclaa that prac- 14 ~ � APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 � yeac tor three yeare; aasfqned to thoso eec- N~L~ ~nd tour dny~ a yenr ln tlona 1n the PoL'ce Pbrce ~he IauL three ye~ra of , where they cat~ contrl- te~erve eervlce, bute alth thelr braln ~Ol3t aacb raervL~ will Dower," he 8uch thereforo ~erve el day~ iecttona ~ include the ~$~'~T@~ her~ ovar tbeir 10 yean of te- Tratlic Pollce, Morlne � ~erve lervlce, By 'July PoUce Man~oaer and CI3VA dleolaei - 1079, ~here alU be ~,900 Lo~t~cs 8ranch; Crtml- tho ot the or ania~atlocu - poUce N8 reservl~f~ wf~h s~o IaLeW~eece Unl~ o! u er !he ~rep CPM iZ'1 tea4rvfet~ ~ ~vaflable CID~ and Pland and sactioni. the ~q - tor p~~rol du~y eaah Operattony Srancti; Na~fonnl Llberation Front dqy~ 8aye Mr, Chua; '~It L (~INLF), an undarttt~ound The number of reae~v- hoped tha! ~ome of theae aAteWf~ or~~nta~Uon of ' t~ta r?111 ~row untU it scholare mqy chowe a the Cl~ Gentral, u - eervLti f by~` Jn~a~ 1987, 4tter r L~helre pihree-~yepr m8~ 1n 8lnq . Do n 1~i~ 'b00 rvlth 999 retor~ru ~vsU- ~pell. Thoae who chooae w1LA `~I~e able eo?ch dw. o~her careers tvill ~till be ern Ponfiuular Malay- - Dollae hnWonal aervia nle~n etatea to torm tb~ POl3~9 ~Or ~ raerv~aa.~~ sout~ wne or ttu a~rtt,~, The leader~hlp of the police on Pressure et~~~. void decks ' on Reds uda~ m'~`�!~~ MR CHUA dUclaei Malsyala. the~~ vold deClu of hotiLf- to continue ~ ChuA ~aya 81n~a pore cells ha~e pmvlded 1ng bioc~e w111 accom- DIBCUQF3INCi Lhe com- medlclne, materlala, t1n- mudak ~o1lco 1~~� muaUE. threat, he tay~ ance and maapoaer tor 'I~hese ~rill be a AaL con- the Ynlernnl. 8ecurftq the commuNat ten~orLt~ ta?c6 polnL and 1mmeIIl~~c Department hat deitroY- ~~nlnaular M~l~yela. . aource ot help to the e~id moat of the oommu- 'braina~ direotinQ reaiden~e nearby. nie~ celL !n ~S1n~pore the communUt Wtrat to ~y;U ~ be throuah tbe cooDetRtfop ~ �p�~ ~ 1oO~t~ed 1n . - r~DorWna wd brieflnQ ot the M~alayelan Nou- ~~Y~i he ceatre~ ior che re~rvuta ritr auLhorlties . un yatrol dutta. 'The remainfn~ com. munfita ue on the run Upgrading but etill poee A tArMt as enperience ahoah . th~t s ndaxd , thaq wi11 re~rouD ~d re- butld t h e f ~ or~~_ tlotu,'~ he Warn~. 0 offie~rs �~e pres~urea~ain~ the communiay w!1[ pon_ ~[R CH1JA. ~DOaWn~ Llnue to that tt~er w111 on 6he need to raire ~he not nnd 81nQapon vu1. qualitY of ~edor pollce nerable or auaceptible to ' _ ot~icen, ~qtn: "IL the thelr subveraive opeta. Poltce Pbra ia Lo meeL Wone, or ferWle ~round the nea challen`ea tor recruftman~" ahead, ita futun leadera He saqi that u' 1he mus0 me~aure up W t2~e Communlat a r t y of - taak." Malapa (Qpl~f~ conttnue~ AL DreseaA onlr 10 ot ~~~db ginaa e~t .the 90 naldon~ of de- of "3dalU~a' ,'~ita ~c- puty ~uDetlnteudeat and ~Wa in Penltyular above are fllled eub~taa- Malpqsf4 exteqd W 81n- tlrely+ bY arddul?te~. Qapore. Thre~ 8A~' ~ctLOl~ Tb achleve 1ta oblec- - aere traniferrM to Lhe ttve of eelalnR ~ner in ~taDoreA 1~Poli~ Pbr~ce Malay~!a and 8lnaapore. uholanhlD ~rtll be iaf~tw the CPM has adopted a ~ ~ucW aext qeat wiqi tt~e o- Dronged atratNBY. same krau ~ad aondi- Ite armed wlna carrlea a~ 8AF acholar- out terrotlat actlvlLies. The underaround rving ~~~r providea loaiatlcs and re- year. 30 to 15 returned cruita peceonnel for the P8C rcholar~ Wfll � be a~~ W1nQ, and at- Doated to the Pollca ~mDN to rebnild the Fbrce annually to do ' Communfat United Front: their naflonal aervice. "Tbeae acholacs w111 be CSO: ~300 15 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 , ~ SINGAP~RC ~ '1'RAFFICii~RS DROP DRUG PACKETS FRO^t TRAIN - Kuala Lumpur NEW 5TR~IITS TIr1ES in En~lish 2 Dec 78 p 1 r~'ext ] SINGAPORE, Fri. - ot operationa an~ had Drug traffickera have veeti~'~e~'kione ntOnly etwo ~ ~ found an almoet un- caeee !n whtch mari-� detectable way o! br= uana were thrown out of inging druga into ~ratna were detected, he . 3ingapore they die� added. _ pose o! their waree out ~ of traine at prear� Not set'[ous - rang ed points in But he id the eitua�~ Woodlanda betore re� t~on W~ ~ aerioue. He ~aCThia~iep~ecausei~ln- eatd there had been a drop in , demand for I coming train psaeengere 'dr~lga here becauee are not checked at m~y addicte had been ' Woodlanda but at Keppe1 put;tn rehabllitatton cen� _ atatfon, thue allowing {ree. - amugglera to tosa drug For thie, and other re- parcela outotthetrainto �aeone, trafficera are ~ = be collected by waiting Bvoiding the Bingapore membera, of tk~e ayn�,rket, hea~ id~, dicate. Th~" -C'~atome"D4$~- Sourcea sald drug ayn� ~nt eaid ye~terday t11at 'dicatea adopted thia it ad not recetved any: method becauae of the r of this metl?od oi. effeetiveneea o! narco ~ am~gglin6. doga at Woodlande ; apokeaman said Cuatoms checfcpoint. ' ,trains ahould be atopped Central Narcotica? on reaching Woodlande Bureau Deputy Director sand pnaaengera checked. Poh Geok Ek confirmed xratfickera ueually yesterday that dxu~ trat� , operate on the night - .iickera were uafng rains ~ain whtch leavea KuaTa ~ and dlspoaing of their Lumpur at 10 p.m. and ware along tfie line. a~ves at Singapore iuat He eaid the bureeu bQfore dawn. had mounted a aumber CSO: 53~~ ~ _ 16 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I , - THAILAND OPIUM CROP REPLACEMEPIT PROJECT MEETS WITH rIIXED SUCCESS - Kua11 Lumpur BUSINESS TIMES in English 30 D1ov 78 p 6 [ArCicle by Garry Marchant] [ Text ] tted 8tatea -18 per cent reranante of'Chi Kat POTAT0~8, Qottee, Shek a Kuomin ang kidne~y bew~s and truib of the totnl, laet qear, army who moved ~outfi dor,~1ct`rroVlde~part of the doubl~ the 1978 flgUr@g~ aiter the Communist eblinion at the eouroe of ~~o~ement Agenc of� takeover of Ch1na in the ~hkntd'~ heroi~ ytb- Y lgsg, blam~. Theee eiref~omd ai ticfai~ in Ban~kok. A Theee o le meke, the crope the ~isit'ed ~Na� Mexiaan ,(iovernm~t 1?� p. tione fa pushl,t?Ic es sub- crop ~eup~reseton pra ~ly a mea~re llvinr~ atitutea for ~e 'opium gramme-6ai de~troyed Browing op!um -'~a p0 1n the Norkhern muah o! the poppy in that great proHta go tp the ' dealere. Ottlciale oNy�. = Th~and eeotion of the c o u n t r y, fo r c i ng m~e 8~~ ~~c.~err CioWen Trfa~le. Amertcan dealers tolook ~ a i t e r g t'11 e y. h a v e The Trlan~le, about outefde their traditiamal ~.chaeed the opium and l 0!~ 0 0 0 s q u a r e soures ot eupplia. ~$k en it lrom the - kildmetree � o! ru~ged Crop suppree~ion' !e owera. ' 'mpyntatn~ and ~ung e in� n o t p o 1 i t f o a 11y o r ~~e yeara ago~ the c l u d 1 n g N o r th e r n economficaily feaeible in United Natione Pro-~ Ttuiland, Laoa, Burma the aolden Trlangle, , amme for Drug Abwee and a corner ot China s however. Centrs~l n~- ~ontrol (UNDF'AC) Y~unnan proWnce, ie the ernmants in Ban g~cok ~~Qhed a U9i~ miWvn~ world's greatest opium and Rangoon exert�little _ ganien, ~providiag 70 per control . over growing (i4�4 million) pilot pra cent 'o[ the �wdrld'rr , ere~,,which ere run by ~ct attacking opium e?t hotoin. ~ ~ ~aag~ters. refugeee, e~~e. The aim was ~yery �.y ,,~e' area o o m m u n! s t r e b e 1 s, to flnd alternative crops producet heroin ethnia ~}lnorltiee and hill to . oP~~~ 8nd to con- to-~up~11y i.~i million ad� tribeAmea.� vince farmere to� rwitch Q~ even ~allo~ for Oplwzt is thad~llY eaeh to theee cropa. v~e, eeiaure~ and xal crop ibr"tho~e 1SWng "We have done what ~+onsumpti'.on. More along th,e�Thai�Bmrmeee we~etouttodo.Wehave SouW-~t A~lsn Ae~p~n berder; .:~ht~ �W11 u'lbee ideatified tuitable crops is~now enter~g!the U8� ar?.'iupple~ted by ~d found Way~i to work � � - with the hill people," saye Dfck Mann, pro~ect' - manager of the GYOp Replacemeht and Com� _ muntty Dsvelopment Programme. Mann, who ti~et came ` to Northem Thatland aa - - � a Baptiet misaiofiary 20 yeara ago, addn: "Our _ purpoae was not to m~lce a dent in the opium pra 17 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 duetldn but to eec 1f It le wher~e?r n eottee bwh, H o w e v e r, u n e e tewtble to grow ather tor exumple, teker r~t 6roYtere ar~ given an erop~COmmerclxlly The leaet three yearr to ~Ite~natlve, the ~overm ntxt ~tep l~ up to ~o� grow, ~'rwt tree� take ment enut tart entnre� meon~ el~e," mueh lon~er betore tMey ?n~t erop~uppru~tan, T:~ s 1 ~ n d U N be~fn to pay ott, wfthout eaonomlaallr a~rteultural pxpe~rt~, Mark~tingoplumf~no dbeutrow ~tte~b on the workfnt out ot Chla~i roblem, ~uyer~, urusi� ht11~ people. Mal, Thalland'~ reeon~ Py That~Chfnere trader~~ Ircann olatm~ thYt wlth - 1ar~e~t elty, ~etpet~d come rfaht to the vfltare. the rf`ht tundr �nd ma or~~poppy growing a Naranteed cwtomer pt~~onnet, poppir ~e~ow� sreu, They then eet up tdr every arop, And ~ng Cautd W~~fintn~tid otlleeR In Nve "key oplum can be ~tored tor In Northern Thiltand in vlll~se~" trom where ~ ~a~ ume, unllk~ trerh ttve yeu~s. Howe~er~ no thoy oper~ted Into 16 trult Mhteh otten ~polb tund~ have bten pra "ratelflte vf11a~~~," 1�tore re~rhiry~ marketa vtded to take up~ M6en Thlrty vtllage~ ot In Chtang ~trl or the pflot pro~eeL i~avu Kuom(ntsng retu~~~~ ganrkok. ntt. ~ e htila trlbe~peopl~ ~?r~ pealera provlde the And ~vtn ft a'~`hsf ~ UN oftfcer~ uent� on1y contact many ot th~ 'ceap repla~etn~nt pro� ~ hllf tMbe~ have wfth the Kramme were ~ue� ly v1Nt th~~e remote ~ubide world~ bMniing ceutui, the a1aelt eould vlllagei, provldfng ~eed, t n m o ~ t o~ t h e 1 r ~~~ly be taken up by fertlllaer, advfee and en� howehold needs on mu1~ g~'m~~ ~e - courarement, 8ueeeer caravanr tn exehan e ducer ot oplufn. An har been mlxpd, The ~~r opfum. Theie ~rtlmst~d~l101ansayear more ~ophf~tfcated anA trader~, who know the eome~ out ot arey ot educated Chineee are area better than the gurms targely con� more open to new fdeai. grmy or poltap, wtll ob� trnlled by I?uur~e b ot THbes ~uch ar the Lteu ~~~~~~y tl ht to en� the Bhan UNted ~y and Lahu, whlch we coure e o~um eultlva� the 8han Mti?te Arm~r an~ oplum extensively, have g p the Karen N~tfonal Un� been harder to convlnce, tlon and malntaln thelr ~on. But UN tleld worker~ bu~lne~~. Any crop replReemeat pro� In 1174~ ue optlmLtia, Tha tand Ftae~onn 1n� li tertfle and the cllmate ~Q�~m~ witl n~ed ~up~ trodueed tourher ~nU� tiuttable tor a number ot P�K ti'�~ ~ Po1~ee a~id na~eotle~ lawr and army. '�Ali ft would take began a Ilmit~d ero cro s. Cottee hu been P cularlr ~ucca~tui, V tor a te~ ot my neld ertdiealion t~o~eamme. men to be ~hot [or the TI~ ~e e l~rmr ind a commttment hu ro ramme to bs ~ W~ been made to buy, et a$ r M~i iZ B~U'Ob~A hellao~ p� guaranteed minlmum ~'�~ht to ~~tandat111, ter~ donated br the Ud p~fce. �11 that the M~nn ~ay~. A~my~ moved asaliut N o r t h e r n T h s 11 a n d D e~p 1 t e t h t oplum convoys tn ~han tarm~n can produce. drawbacTca. UN oKlelala ~n~ur~~nt terrltor~r . atrawbercle~, ~pp1e~, sre convlnced oplum Forel~e dlptomab In peachea, Iycheer, beaeu could be eitmUuted In ~~y ~ e~'op and pynthrum now cov Thall~nd. "In vflla~a e11~~ er acrea ot vaUey once wh~re w~ hav~ been h~~ h~lped redue� uaed tor poppfe~. A tew worktng, we have re� oplum o_u_tp~+~ Wllases have ~witchM to duced opium productlon i*~ the alteraate cropr en� by 40 r eent." ~[ann i~ tfrely. Thf~ yeu aeveral aa~a. '~We have iden� e~~~ ~~l~ned a p ontract to tft ~d ~ub~tltu~ cr+op~. r~How~v~r abandon o fum In ~x� Now we mu~t tram'0 ~~~w chanre tor a~overnm~nt vUla`e~ to ~00.�~ e~Mt ~ ~obu y~~rtill~er and But Wen ta a tlaw W Othen arC nnore the economlca ot tlfe pra a~~00 aeeM ~ 13 squane actptlcal at~ut the tlme~ tti~~~. baaed on last ' mlle~ - ot p~ wr~e _ m o A e y, i~ r t 1 I 1 s~ r. ~prtnt'~ prfca ot ~bout d~~~' b du the tast peiticlde and Western Ubi76 (fiAi) tor l.! kllo� b~00m1~ ~ b sxpertlu requfred to In� ami of oplum, Wlth ~t~~ ~ onepe r eent ot troduce the new crop~. ~ae prlcea. a irr~e �f W~PP~M b O p f u m t~ a fam~i~lr would earu trou~ g~~� b a c k b r e~ k t n s, U8f700 to U8N80 (about V0~ timecon~uminr orop to ~p W i~0) � reu~row� nm~ queation enatlca. culdvat~ anQ harvat. tnr opiuu~. Thts ta the ~~~dence. fneludla~ Each pod mu~t be tevei of tncom� a~ulr ~ate111te photo~ra ha~ lacerated and the ~um rtltute crop muit mcet~ Po~v to 1ar~~ q~Wa uraped otf iater fn tbe aceordlr~ to UN thfnk� ot opium produaed la day. The poppfa are Ina. Chtna. Kowerer. nno~t atnsltlv~ W lxu~me~ of ~xP~rti. "Ibeiudla W t~mperature , and raln� Hor~?ever. theae prfca aarcotiea~ apnt~~ tall. Thli year, un� tor op[um are about halt that tDl~ r!a � ~~uonal rain durins �of a Itw yean ~o. Waattcn ns~rfc~ls. lurve~~ reduced the proflts !n tl~e herotn bell~ved tha6. . quai~lty dithe crop alo~ns ~'ad~ are w lmmenu Cbfaa'~ produM! Q~t That�Burma boMer. that oealers could par u~ e 4 1 n t ty Howw~r. opfum la re� th� ~'~n m+Ay u~na pha~maceutfeal la� ady to harve~t uit the curreat prtc~a and dwtrr. -~rT K~~ montlu ~ltf~ Planf~n~. ~tUt_ ~tt rfch. ~'taturM. Cso: 5300 18 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ ~HAI LANU `I'ti10 bVCCHMLN ARit~5T~D IN gANGKOK W~TiI b~tU~5 ~ngkok TNAI aAT in 'I'hni 31 bec 7A p 2 BK (Text] On 30 b~cember at 2045 h~ur~ ~ n~r~oci~s unie of the metropoli~~n p~lire ~rre~ted tWO butrhmen--(5ie11~ ~rit Kikpo), 38 years o1d gnd (tiin~m~ Chrieti~n), 2~ yearg dld--a~ they aere r~~dy to bo~rd Thai Internaeianal ~'light Nn TC 940 fnr Amsrerdam. The butchmen h~d`in th~ir po~se~sidn 9.4 kg df No ~ heroin. 'I1~ey confeseed that they ~hecked in gt the 5inm Ndt~l on Phet Buri rn~d after d~eir arrival in Thailand. Tl~en thcy ae~e to Ph~eth~ya, t~here they bought the h~roin ~t g cogr of 900,000 baht. After returning from Phgtthaya they atayed a night at the Indra t{oeel and awved r~ the ~loridg HaCel gt Phaya T1~ai inter~pceion until rhe nighC of the intended dpparture. _ . . n ' : 4` ~ � ' i . ~ . . � , ~ � , , M � .~ti , . ~ ~ . ~ , I , . +'~=r , , ; tR . r , ~ ~ , C50: 5300 19 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 L 7'!{AIi~ANU HdLt.~GI~D 01Tr CAItVING U5~b ~OEt SMU~L~NC UttUG5 Bangkok B~ANGKOK Pd~T in ~nglish 4 Jan 79 p 5 ( TE Xt ~ bNUU ~nffkk~n ~.W d+n~~ ' tAlsk d I~erl~w ~e1~Nt ~wtd+a ~eh1r wt .t 1~! lrY~try N ~U e ~Me~~eM AerNr Ird/e MM~* ~f fM ` ~r~ lINIrN~ i~Y~t ' , T)!r MI/ MrN~t171� ~ �i~ti ~fi~MN~Wh tttk/ IiNwN Vq Ma ~n tw1N ~ MnU YiMr Y ~ tUe Mrt N ~ 1MR ~M/ deN..~. ~Nwa ,rr~.~ `x, irr rhfN M Ore~M M. N!l wltw !p pt~e~ N NM 1 , , , " flnt ~Mt wtMr~y M ~ w~~ ~~~~t 1� ~~~t~ ~ " s ~i~M ~M~r' att14M . IkMY st/ tY IWt 11~N . M~~t M MY~ w W ~ ~ t~ ~ . t - ~ ~ t 8dunid...didn't ac - a+~Y� CSO: 5300 ' 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ 'CNAtLANU AItu'dit~ AitR~5'~ NA~S I12ANIAN, TWO ITALIANS WI'TH UI~UG5 _ Str~pped to Bddy B~ngkok WORI.U in ~n~lieh b~c 7g p 1 BK (TextJ ~'~~uf:f: drurt a~nu~clinK h,~,k ~u~~l 1~.~~ ~~Ihi�r ~',i�t~~ai. ~dlicinl. Ihnt hr ~u~lt~ia, ~,ne lreni~n ~11d (~q~*qy~~. lllt~ tn ~~i� ~CK~. ~hM itll ( in HanKk~~l IN~~ haliArl~. wcre ep� ('~M~m~x ~r1liciaM +~aid. MhoAak~tr~~tn,yptle ~Mtln~kd Irv ('u~hnn. = (nrcn~atti end ~tin,+ f?endn ~eit ~~?'the~tN .N ~~iiel. nt 1?~m Muen~ Adinlnri ~reM dMafned u, ~t~~n~rw;tqs~~e Ain~~ttcnrlvthl*mumin~t. ~Nrtta with Ali nn rw~i�~ Iri ~i~r Afi lhe R'fn1 '11~c Irnnien. (dcnfified ~~G~n .In~c~ thc.v h~d a1� rnn~umptinn !~?r lwo n. Ali Atern `/,~n~ench ~ry~ kavinK m~~nth.. Ali Rnid hc wa+~ I:lill ~~afined tn If! e rnn hr~ih~�~. eddi~icYl G~ hch~in. the ~~f� - ~~f eh tnnian ~ttk~ Alf alle~e~llv l~~ld tu~iel. ~ANI. the (nnien Kmlx~ev in IG~nI~. Hctt~lfl MfiiKhinA - nl~~tl l.t~ kilr,~nmtnc~ M�e~ faund M Ali'~p~e+~ ~km. pr~lioc eqcKtd. ~ ~1!'Iw~r IInI1~M ~,h idcntificd a~ 1'itt~n~r L~~tcni~ltf ~nd Mie~ Y ~~a1fi~A 1~~u1~Ni. ~~~pry. ?.~tti rlainxd M ws. p Ih~ci~cr in ltalv and Mi~� _ - Adiut~Ki wid i~hi~ r?s~ an ~c1n,~ In Wxne. 'JAe thrap RwpoM ~r� ` rntcl in Fl~n~lrok ~I+o~rd ~ kiryu~l*~r~c Aidinca AiKht ~ Ie.t !ie~o~dar. 11ier w~re ' ,r ~ .nc~dulcd 1~~ le~ve fnt Fi~~t~c et I.1~1 lhi~ nr~tninit� r3 ~ ~~111~1111M 11~N'IOI111k~CAftM ~IM~I~tYi~l1~ ~1~ A~~ M~1M1 ~1C - � - I~nt ~nr1 whil� ~ilfinR nn - n I~ctw~h in Ihc ~IrytanW'c W~~n~rt �nd ~hav MAicad n .Mr(li~yt hi� hMk. ` 'll~nr ~~IM� ~auiuRc� , ~.sapin~rat ~ henNn wrtr Giutltl ~iai to hi~ z x 1 ( i~in~~ 1u~rr.NOn /ti~/ict ~~//irvrs ~uf fhr parko~rinR Jrt,ni d?uK w~ct Al~ A:orn zon~crnrh'a (~A or lN~n JNuanK lhia mrntinx. 21 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I't'omiqed I'ree 5upply iltin~;knk t3ANGKOK ~O5T in l~:nglish 23 tiec 78 r 5 BK ~mC%tl AN Iranlin rnd twn Italianr w~re ore~ted yerWrday morning st Don Muan~ Alrport on eb~rge~ ot at� tempUn~ to ~mu~1e 6eroln out oC t1~e oountry~ drport oMelal~ ~sild. Untof the~urpecU~Identltleda~All 'Th~e two were arre~ted gpt a tree eupply ut A:am xan~enph (7~), wha c1Um~d tu becdu~e they rep~rtrdly hern?n tor two monthi bp tho wn o~ the roclal ~tfaln ~ttache ~rrived ~n~kok on the atter rarrying nut the aw o~t the tr~nlan ~mbawy In Itnme, wu same piane tr the tr~Nan al~nment. aslcrd tn rubmit to ~ r~arrh at the ~nd were nUo abnut to ~p pext nwrNng he dep~rture loun~e by ru~plc+oui le~vp on the ume (Ii~ht met a Thal ln tront of the Cunonu otflclal~. ar hu~ pnlice wid. ~~ace Notpl ie Inatructed The~archyldded~.aklfo~rammei xrn~pnah come to by the ttnllan. 'Che man oI No, 4 h~rofn ~tufted In tire plaiUc theU detence eayity~ that arrivrd In d eedan, told b theee wrip~d ~round ht~ b~ek the two kaew nothing hlm to hap eboard and a~ two titd to fil~ le~~, Cwtonu ot� ~bout the drW~~ ~nd wece ticl~l~ ~ald. wlth him in Th~iland thry drove ntf tc~ether. t{la ure~t imm~dutely 1ed ta th~ ~a becau~e they know no T~en the rtun handed prehen~ion ot two tLllana, VlttoHO nthpr lan~ua~e bedda th~ d~ugr to hlm and t.oren:attl (i0) and Min PotN:la Italian. dropped him dit an the Adlutorl (781, as they arrlved at thp WgY~ he ~eportedly told - alrport and were about to bard the xan~pneh, who ~1� pol~re. legedly odmitted to bela~ ume t11~ht ae xan~eneh. Loretuattl a d~ug addlet, totd In� zrngeneh alleQedly ciatmed to be a butcher whlle Mlu ve~tlgaNve otticiale that told potlce th~t he wed to Adlutorl ~ald d~e wu an actra~. Me anived Thalland I~et ~Dend obnut U5Wb0 a day 5atunlay. He reportedly ~n Komc to utl~ty hlr met an italian in hii hotel d~g need� ~nd h~d to elevator one day who en� ge~ a"fIx" every other tlced him to�c'rry the fl� three hourr. Iegal drug to Rome tor pollce are ~eckln` the U5Sd00 atnng with a two men who iupptled promlie that he woutd the herofn. , .r . : . i~~~s ~`J' ti~" ~ ~ 'y r":~':�~ ~~z`~~ ~ l.#`';j 3 ' 1 ~ . .1~- f ~ . . +,rs ti},: _ - F~ - ~ 1 TM +.a ~ - r 's ~ _ - - 4. ~ ~ _ " ~ r~ ~ ~ ~ Y _ ~ . ~ ?~Rriti~ A~IrIKf ` VMM'M LA~~td PoGa anip tluou~h lhr odheait�r hddinR baK,r conluiniry~ ' hcroin titd /o ZanRcncfi'r lcRi a/to hi,~ orrra~ ~tcrdop. 22 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 , ,y, y h+9A ~'K ~ ~~~~~i, .Tc ~ T-F. F.Si ~ ~ d~ ~ ~ ~ y~~i~ i `x~ , ~j ~ �}F.~,~.,~ ~ i ..:r~i~a?�.~ - ' y'. ' : M I ~ , .3 � ~ ~ t4~:*, ~ ~ r . ' l .r ~ .n ~ s~c~.~y a.nKr a a� orria o~ ~n. ~n~.rood~, Cootroi Bord o+e~1 A t~nP~wB~n~in p~ttlawstioiu, . from INt, Vittiorb� 30 AH Aram L~r ~rnh, ?A, and Il~p PratttM /Wi~rwri, ~'f. CSU: 5300 23 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ THAILANn BIt~~~5 'IWO ARR~STED WI1'H b1tUG5--Chi~ng Mai--Two mett wer~ grregted in this provincial town on New Ye~r'~ Day when polic~ f.ound 700 grammes of high-grade heroin in th~ir pos~es~ion. Th~ Cao m~n--M~nop Ch~nChgvichai (29) ~nd ~ra~~rt 5rich~mnan (25)~ botih frnm Ban S~n pee 5u~ Vi11gg~--aer~ riding ~ marnrcy~le glong the ~nh H~m tid~d in the municipgl ~r~~ with the two paclcgges of heroin when th~y were atopped by Che police. [~ext) (~an~kok BANGKOK PO5T in ~nglish 3 Jan 79 p 5 BK) GERMAN HLLU WITH HEROIN~--Chiang Mai--A German Courist Was arrested here yesterday with 283 grammee of No 4 first-grade herotn hidden in the rear parC of a teakwood elephant while he waa abouC to board a Bangkok-bound bue. Chiang Mai police identified the German Couriet a~ Gottfried Sctunid (29). It Was report�d that he has been in Chiang Mai for some Cime and wae about to return to Bangkok yesterday with the heroin he purchased there. He admitted to police that he boughC both the heroin and the teakwood elephant in Chiang Mai but declined to reveal the places. He said the tealcw~ood - elephant vhich is ho11oW on the rear part was specially made. [Text] [Bangkok BANGKOK POST in ~ngliah 29 Dec 78 p 5 BK] TWO ARRESTED ON DRUGS CtWRGES--TWO Indonesians, believed to be members of a ma~or drug syndicate in Europe, were arrested last aight at Don Muang Airport uith 9 kilogrammes of No 3 heroin, a Customs official at the airport said. Arrested Were 5iaila Smith Victor and Kainama Christian, both in the~r 30's, as they arrived at the airport at about 2030 hours, to board a Thai-Inter TG 940 flight to Amsterdam. Tt~e arrest climaxed 5 weeks of investigation by Thai narcotics officials who with the help of Interpol learned that the two planned to enter Thailand to emuggle heroin out of the country. Customs officials found a total of 9 kilogrammes of No 3 heroin contained in eight plastic bags which were placed between layers of clothing in one of their luggages. Investigators said Victor had slipped through police dragnet lagt September While Christian had never been in Thailand prior to his arrest. The tWO reportedly arrived in Thailand on 2~ Decem!~er and managed to evade police surveillance before they emerged again at the airport yesterday, the official said. They were now detained at the Anti-Narcotics Office for further inveatigation. (Textj [Bangkok BANGKOK POST in English 31 Dec 78 p 1 BKJ CSO: 5300 � 24 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - ~ANADA JUSTIC~ MINYST81t CON3IDLRING BILL TO EAS~ MAItIHUANA P@1ALTI~S Bill Plenned B~fore N~xe ~lecCion Ottawa THE CITIZEN in ~nglieh 28 Dec 78 p 10 (Text~ lwttca Minister Marc ,offences to the Food und~ ~orode wid Wednarday Dru~ Act from the Nar~ :~a~pe~~#o tnttoduce a ootic .Control Act. it diod Wil ioft~qi~g tMa penalda ~fter Senate pauage in for~. of nurijua� 19~5. na ~ f~a nent dec~ Sfmple paietsion of tion. In an iqtetview~ Lilaa~e uadet the Nar- i~ ~~~t cotic Control Act cao he ~axpect~ to n~xive a mean up to ~avea yean in priwn~ although tew of the - f~ n~~ ~ 33~281 conviatloni la~t partmam~ by tbe cntl of Yar ~brou~ht mora tban Cna. Jamury: p~4 s~i~l,,a penalty ~ �~~�d fot~ poiMediQr ot ~enpheta-. to oo~et tha fn11 ranu..4f annabii dru~. iactudtqg ~ ~ m ~~fP~" ,d~ - huhi~h, lashit6 oil sad rmjr be invoduood. Limtb othcr [~?ted dn~p ~u�w~e11 q~. of amphe- ~ ampltietan~iaa. ~ tamiaes wcrc imposed As healtb mini~ter in arlier in tbe 19y0s bbt 1974~ Lalonde preparod a poiseision i` not� an Senato bill : tbat would h~ver thif~,~0 ..caaatbi;, 25 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~dit~ri~l C~mmm~nt~ 'CoronCo '~ll~ GLOn~ ANU MAIL in ~n~li~h 2g bec 78 p 6 ~~ditori~l: "Th~ M~rihugne Shuffle"] (TextJ The he~dline rivets dur gCCettCidn: "OCCaw~ reviving plan Co ease marijuana penalties." And here we hav~ JusCic~ Mini~t~r M~rc L~lond~ ennouncing thge ypg, h~ r~cogniz~~ rhat "it mgy be a good time Co re- ex~mine our laws in this r~~pg~t," ~nd he wonderg "wh~Cher you cgn con- Cinue eo have g lgw th~t ig r~a11y re~eCeed by guch ~ larg~ numb~r of your citizen~." Sounde good. 5oundg logic~l. Sounds hopeleegly vague. The minister muet be famili~r with Che eopic. It wag Mr. talonde, in hie former incarnation ag minister of n~tiongl he~leh ~nd welfare~ who pre- _ par~d a bi;ll in 1974 eo reduce the p~nglCie~ conneeted with.mari~ugna and hgghi~h. The bi11 would h~ve moved cgnngbie offenceg from ~h~ Ngrcnt3c Co~nCrol Act (meximum prieon sentence for posg~gsinn, seven yeare) Co the ~'~od and Drug Act (maximum fin: for poageseion, $1,000). It pags~d ~ thrnugh the 5engee in 1975 and died in the Houee of Cammone. Three years lat~r~ Mr. Lalnnde ig considering anoCher try, and "sources close Co the minieter" ineiet he ie gerious. It would b~ nice ro think se. Despit~ a Gallup report that 46 per cent of Canadians endorse the de~riminalization of mari~uana, and deapite eatimates that three million Canadians have used the drug, the Government per~ists in maintgining that people whn emoke marijuana are criminals. Laet year~ 33,281 Canadians were convicted of poesession. Those who found the right Ju~ge ~reQplved a:.conditional or .~tbepiute ~ leavtng the court- - . . . lese than respect _ tlrbt�qt~p~ced.;'Those ~this a subt?e hint that the ou~r,way ~ s r~C~ ~ Canadians c.~n expect civilir.eii di`ug pe#~ a s~teit+~e laws jis to re-elsct the Liberals? Or is had no respecx. tor a law whkh levels M~.. ,Lalon~e merely re~etiNng the ridicular~ peaaIaes at peopte eri joying term "prgend', a~d preparing us br a a reoreati~iat det~g uaed by more than tew more y~ars ot tortnred excuses 10 pec+~nt o! t~ir fello~rcitizens. ~ �h~ikfi'm1nlstera who insist that t~lere is Mr. Laton~e~~tys Government otti� ~ tial~.tor~tpf�rm, but not yet? ~ cials are studyiag the matter "on ~an ~ O~the,.face.o} tt, it appears that both urgent basis" a~d will probably report the I:lberata and C~nservatlves ere tn him;~~t tbe,,eqd of Jawaary. At that prorrilsing that~ it eiected~ tl~ey, may point he'~m~y ~ntroduce appropriate consW~r removing the crlminal pe~al. IegislatFon; but 'sees tlttle hope that it t~ri ;~oss~aioa a~`+ ma't~twna. will pas9 bBfot+~ a~t eleCtim is called. Is ~V~tlere~awe we heacd'thaMine betore? - C50: ~ 5320 26 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - CANADA ~DS IN WES'~ QUE$EC SMASH MA,TOR DRUG RING - Ottawg THL CITIZIId in ~nglieh 20 Dec 78 p 1 (~ext] RCMP ~ end Aylmcr policc sma~hod~ g officiai~ said tha Tuaday raid culminetod a~ m~jor drug rin~ in a wave of raida Tueiday four�month invcitigatlon by tha RCMP night~ raultio~ In cluraea `Qeinat at leaat drug squad and nctted a"vcry ~iLbla '13 poople aad oqatyc~tion o~' one of tbe amount" of hashi~h ,and marijuaat ~i~an a pr~at quant it i a o f Ille4al ~ru~ found in ''the homes in the Aylme~ area. He ~aid tho 'the, `roa in rocant hi~tory. exact amount and ~treet vahie of'tha nu- , Most of the 13 individuab~ whae nama ~ootics l~si yet to be ~determined~ but addal ;~re bcino withh~ld by pol~oa. have been it is one of t6e lugat drug hau4 mtd~ ,char~cd by tha RCMP aith tr~ffickina. from tha area. . Two additionel nrrdu are expected lat~ Thc raida arc tha rault of an ~nv~~tfga- this wcak, tion by a ~pecial RCMP 12-man drug unit Tho Kria of nidt~ whicb ~lasted from 4 organized to conantrate on�t6o drug pcnb~ ~p.m. to 11 p.m., saw both polla forca lem in tha West Quebec area~ Roy c~c- searo6 17 hortw t6rou~hout the Aylmcr plained. ~ orea. Polia hsva al~o arratod an unre- Soma of the poople charged in Tuaday'~ leaicd number of poopic living tn Hull aad raid were to appear in a Huli court tod~y. other Wett Quebec areas after similar The other~ have been rdaied on bail unt~l raids earlier this month in oonnection with February. the Aylmer operation. A detailed dacription of the raids and '$gt. Jaeph Roy~ an RCMP drug aquad the nama of tl~ose charged are to be ra leased Thursday, RCMP o~dals satd CSO: 5320 27 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 CANADA BRY~~S ARRE5T5 IN INTERNATIONAL INV~STIGATION--Mis~i~sauga (CP)--Provincial police say a four-moneh internaCional drug inv~stigation ended ~'riday when aix Onrario men were arrested and charged wieh drug-related offancee. Ag e _ _ regult of Che operation, Brazilian suChoriCiee seized three kilos o� pure _ cocaine~ valued at $7 million~ which wae destined for Toroneo. The s3x _ men will appear in ~rampton provincial court January 18. (TexC~ (Ottawa THE WELKEND CITI2EN in Englieh 16 Dec 78 p 58] ONTARYO DRUG RINGLEADER JAILED--A Toronto man described as the "Number One" figure in a drug ring that was "spread a11 over Southern Ontario," wae sentenced y~sterday to eeven years in prison fdr trafficking in methampheCamine and another year, consecuCive, for not appearing for hia trial on that charge last March. County Court Judge A. H. HollingworCh ' told Rawley Durette, 32, of Woodfield Road, "I have no uae for people like ~ yourself who have the Continental cars and are living the high life off the avails of druge." The drug ring operated in a variety of Ontario - cities and towne, notably Toronto, Hamilton, Kingeton and Oshava. [Text] (Toronto THE GLOB~ AND MAIL in Englieh 19 Dec 78 p 44] CSO: 5320 28 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 AAO~ENTINA DRUd ADDICTION SEMINAR OPENS _ Buenoa Airee LA NACION in Spanish 12 Dec ?8 p 6 /~1�ext~ R Adm Jorge Albertio Fragt? (ret)~ ministor of eocial welfare, apoke on the opening day of the workehop entitled "Seminar to Train Inatructore in the Battle Againet the Abu~e of and Illege~l. Traificking in Druga,~~ vhioh is taking pYac~ at 2133 Combe?te de los Pozos and ie saheduled to last until 20 D~cember. The gathering was opened by Dr Carloa Norberto Cagliotti, executive 8ecre- tary of CONATON /Flational Commieaion on Addiction and Narcot3ca7 and direc- - tor of CENARF30 ~Aational Sooial Reeducation Center~, Yho diacusa~d the peychoeoaial factora related to thia diseaee~ the eftorta of doctora e~nd officiale and the battle againet druga undertaken by the preaent nationeil go~exnment. Minieter Fraga then eaid, "We are convinaed that to defend the dignity of ma~ and hia right to life is to confront, wherever they are found, all the interesta and all the enarea whoee exietence conatitutea aggreeafon againat the aocial body, vith ite degradation of ~thics and aorality and its perver- sion and diaruption of communitiee." He atated~ "On the baeis of theae principlea the Argentine nation haa launch- _ md a irontal attack againeL the abuae of and illegal trafficking in druga in ordsr to detend ita eoaial intsgrity and its spiritual, cultural and hiatorical heritage. Argentina ie vorking diligently to overcome and eradi- cate thie aggreeeion." Fraga declared~ "CONATON, t+hich, under m~y chairmanahip, aervee as an advi- eory body to the Executive, hae produced recommendations which ha~e given - riee to epecific aocial control meaeures. For example, they have led to the ~ creation of CENARESO, which ie engaged in research, training and rehabilita- tion. Aleo, special crimis~al laae oonc~rning druga have been rritten; a~nd ~udge8 have been empowered to seek the aaaiatance of th~�arded forc~s in the dsatruction of marihuana, coca aad opium plantationa, vhich are prohi- bited under all circumetancee throughout the counLry. Moreover, the ues of aoosine ha~s been prohibiLed, aloag with the iaportation of the co~a leavea eeeential to thie harmful habit." 9~5 5~ 29 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ AR(~ENTINA LSD TRAFFICKERS SEIZED Buenos Aires CLARIN in Spanieh 2 Deo 78 p 2g /Text7 A recent newa report described the latest "find" oi' the British - group The Rolling Stonea. Copiea of their lateat album whiah "smell of mari- huana" are being aold in England. Those whA think that such "clever pranka" occur only abroad are mistaken. Itight here in Buenos Aires police have ~ust broken up a gang of drug traffickere which ueed normally innocent postcards ' to send measages. Specifiaally~ agents from the Drug Addiction D3vieion - of the Federal Poliae, by means of a couple of operations carried out in the ~ northern part of areater Buenos Aires, particularly in Olivos, succeeded in arreating theee criminale and uncovering their ahady activitiea. These ~ first came to light when it was laarned that young addicta were using lyaer- ' gic acid diethylamide (LSD) and ex~periencing harmful reactions. The aang ' - The addicte told police that they had bought the drug from a person named _ Eduardo, a reeident of the Florida dietrict, Buenos Aires Province. The police then arreated Eduardo Miguel Diaz, alias Eddy, 23, an Argentine citi- ~ z~~n, unmarried, a buainessman, living at 1~~1 Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro, ~lorida. He wae found to have in hia poasession 25 units of LSD, part of a shipment which he had received clandeatinely from Amsterdam, Holland. That is, Diaz would receive vord of the shipments, and th~ drug itself, by meane of postcards sent from AmAterdam by Cecilia Pucci, a trafficker living ' in Holland. On many of the cards the police found different dates by means i of which tha Argentine trafficker learned not only when the goods would ar- ` rive but aleo hov detection would be avoided. However, thia Eddy was not the onl ~ y person arrested. The police alao de- , tained Altredo Jose Chriet, 21, an Argentine citizen, unmarried, a clerk ' reeiding at 29 Piran, Martine2, and Jorge Cayetano Blas Savignano, 26, an Argentine citizen, unmarried, a taxi driver living at 2260 Chacabuco, Olivos. At their respective homes narcotics agents found 50 grams of ' "loose marihuatta" and 4 units of ISD. 30 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 The also arrQ~ted drug u~ers of both aexes, who, in order to ob- tain funda, were inducing other ausceptible young people, largely adolescent$, ~o beaome usere. These 1aet, who have beco!ae dependent on narootiaB, under- go a recovery prooese ao that they oan return to society and ~ry to deal with reality in a heal~hier fashior~. Their names are withheld so that their re- habilitation will not be 3.m~~ired. - ~'he police are seeking further deta3ls the case, which hae been aeaigned to Roberto Cita~t~, the federal ~udge in San Mart3n. � ~ In Santa Fe - , The Santa Fe polioe have diacovared a roarihuana patch at a home in the pro- - vincial capital and have arrested people beli.eved to be connected with drug trafficking. Itt a raid on 3131 Martin Zapata police arreated its occupant, Criatina Salapar and two vieitore, Francisco Pereyra and Eduardo Abate. Behind the house they found a patch of Indian hemp, from whiah cparihuana is made. It was aleo learned that the farm was a gathering place for drug ad- dicts. The indictment in the case is being drawn up, and the necessary in- vestigation is being carried out. The d~.acovery of ~he marihuana patch resulted from a very careful, discreet aearch by the police of Santa Fe Province. As already indicated, it led to the arrest oF the drug traffickera, altihough thus far they are only believed - to be guilty, which is why the inveatigation is continuing. , Furthermore~ in view of the fact that the house was a gathering place for nuaaeroue drug addicts, the polioe expect� to make additional arrest+~. � 9085 CSO : 53~ ~ ~ 31 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 BRAZIL MUItnElt 0~ DRUG TRA~FICKER UND~R INV~STIGATION 5ao Pgulo 0 E5TAl)0 n~ 5A0 PAULO in PorCUgue~p 10 Dec 78 p 66 ~Text) The Crimes Agninat the Pereon Divieion of the b~IC ~Criminal Invee- Cigation Department] ia pureuing an inveetigation with a view to idenCifying thoae responsible for the murder of drug trafficker Brigida Luzia da Silva~ 46, which occurred early yeeterday morning, on the Poa road, 6~600, in Guaianases. Jorge Pais, 15, the nephew of the victim~ said that the crime was committed by tliree men and a blond woman, who fled in a r~d Volkewagen. Brigida aold mari~uana in Poa, Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Mogi dae Cruzea, Guaianasea and Itaquera, and had been arresCed several ti.mea. He was at the door of his home yesterday morning when the criminals arrived. The blond woman approached, took a revolver from her pocket and fired various shota. Brigida was taken to the Santa Marcelina Hospital, but died as he was being carried in. The initial investigation of the crime was undertaken by agents of the 44th precinct, who learned that Brigida~ in addition to _ receiving drug buyers at his hame, circulated through the neighborhooda to deliver mari~uana and cocaine. A Friend Jorge Pais told the police that the blond was a friend of his at:nt, and had frequently come to the house with different young men and in cars of various makes. Brigida obtained mari~uana from the city of Pedro Juan Caballero and drug division agents are expected to join in the investigation. The police . . believe that the murd~erere of the drug trafficker were membera of another gang and wanted to gain control of the "smokeshopt~." ' Brigida Luzia da Silva lived for many years as a drug trafficker and pick- pocket. When h is companion died, he decided to take over the selling of mari~uana. He made many tripa to Paraguay and B~livia in search of cocaine. The poli.ce learned that it wae Brigida who aupplied mari~uana to many gangs of thieves operating in the eastern part of the city. _ 5157 CSO: 5300 ~ 32 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 g i2AZIL UP~ DitUG OFFICIAL DISCUSS~S RI5L IN 5EIZUItES OF DRUG3 ~ A1tRE5T5 Sao paulo 0~STAI)0 D~ SAd PAULO in porCuguege 16 b~c 7~ p 19 (~ext~ The dire~tor di the unit for the cc~ntral of traffic ~nd u~e at the ~ederal Police Department (Dp~), ~abio Wgnderlei~ hg~ enno~nced rhet there wae an increa~e in drug arregts made by Chat dtvieton over the figure for last year. Marijuana arreBta were up 199 percent, and those involving cocaine 92 percent. po~lowing these arreate~ 1,424 pergone were charged in the 962 inveetigatione leunched. Degpite thig fact, the DPF has not suc- ceeded in breaking up the gang which eup~lied cocaine to Michel Frank, cherped aith the murder of Claudig Lesein Rodriguea. "Theae caseg are not easy to prove," the director explained. "The investigations take a long time gnd, apart from thet, the law doeg not allow the rele$ee of the namee of the peraone charged." Alceu Rocha took the opportunity to add that the Claudia Les~in Rodriguea - c~ee "from a police point of vies+~ is not of major importance. It is even unimportant to the DPP, becauae crime caused by druge comes under the juris- diction of the co~on courts. The DPP," he added, "by aeizing drugs, is preventing thousands of persone from making use of them. Thus we are pre- venting other cases like the Claudia l.esain affair from happening." Pabio Vanderley further etreseed the various couraes in the efficient com- batting of drug traffic being taken by DPF agents in schools in the United Stetes. However, he denied that these courses offer special training for ngents in torture, "a n~thod which the DPF doeg not a11oW and which thie year caused the diamissal of two police officers by decree of the president of the republic." Alceu Rocha added that the DPF doee not tolerate corrup- tion, nor ill treatment of prisoners~ and that all abuses.are immediately dealt With and thnse to blame removed from their posts. Up until the month of October last. the Treasury Police Division, according to its director Paulo Gomes, seized goods valued at more than 330 million cruzeiros, which sum was returned to the public coffers. He furt? r stresaed the aizable eeizures of coffee, in a volvme of exces~ of 900 tons, tieing amuggled out of the country. 5157 CSO: 5300 33 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 BnnnztL tI5T OF UttUC-LINKLD pttOMINLr+ P~OPL~ UNDISCLnS~U S~o Pgu1o FOLHA b~ SAO PAULO in Portugu~g~ 20 nec 18 p 15 (TexrJ The federel police hgv~ not yee r~ve~l~d the liet of pnliticiens end people from high eociety in Sao Pgulo, ttin de Janeiro and Mato Groeso cdnne~ted wiCh narcotics ~rgffic and uee found tagether with 17 kilos of cocaine laet 'I'hurgday when federal police of Sao Pgulo arresC~d a ggng of drug trgffickers. 'Phe 17 kilos of cocaine worth 60 milli~n cruzeiros was found in the possesaion - of a gang of 12 Brazilian, Portuguese and Bolivian eraffickerg. Part of ~ th~ drugs wa8 to be amuggled tn the United StaCes, Spain, England and Canada; where another part was to be sold in Sao Paulo and Rio de Jaaeiro. Polic~ ct~ief Arthur Carboni Filho, chief of the narcotica secCion of the f~deral police in Sao Paulo, announced immediately after arresting the gang - of traffickera Chat he had found the liat with the names of politicians and people from high society. Chief Arthu~ Carboni Filho made no further comment about the list but an agent at the Pederal Police Department who preferred to remain anonymous said: "Lists of names like that are very dange:-~s. The traffickera can put the _ names of politicians and people from hig: ~ciety in their addreae booka ` merely to compromise those people. But ic is also possible that those people are actually connected with drug traffic or use. Those lists, there- fore, have to be investigated with great care. The federal police are rnrrying out the invesCigations." It is not known when the federal police of Sao Paulo are going to release the liat but it is certain that that will happen only when the investigations - have been concluded which, i[ was reported, will take at least another 10 days. Part of the depositions of the gang of traffickers arrested ia also being kept secret. The 12 traffickers who made up the gang are: Maria Sanchez de Sueldo, Jose Rojas Torrico, Melvy Gonzales Max, Roque Juatiniano Galego, Antonio Augusto Nunes, Artur de Jesus Cunha Rocha, Maria Dolores Abrantes, Carlos Manoel de Oliveira Sanchy, Elias E1 Daher, Wilson Said Bdutros, Dinarte Vincente de Almeida Filho and Adao Dias Batista. The investigations to break up the gang of drug traffickers were conducted in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso. - 8711 34 - CSO: 53Q0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 B~zIL DRUG PttOBL~t IN ~itA52LIA m~t~tLU pUBLIC CALAMITY Bre~ilie CORlt~YO BRAZILIEN5~ in Poreuguege 19 Der 78 p 14 [T~xt) "The number of drug addictg in Br~~ilig cdngtituteg a pnblic ~alam- ity." That ie the opinion of profegsor Caldino Moreir~ ~ilho, pre~idenC of Youth Challenge, an ingtitution aimed gt rehebilitaCing addicts. According tn his information gnd thgt of Carloa Alberto Le~ndro, program director of Challen~e, there are about 300,000 drug userg here, wiCh usage being more excessive and more gl~ring in Taguatinga ~nd Ceilandia. Itt Plano Piloto the habit is "camouflaged," Galdino explaing, "because many families hide their children'g problecn since Brasilia is an adminis- trative city, protecting importgnt figures whd do not want to reveal the exigtence of drugs in their homes." 'fhey relate that 60 percent of the youths between 18 and 22 yeara of age who are taken into cuetody ere involved with drugs, end that the incidence of drugs has increased by 2,d00 percent in the last few years. In an attempt to help thoae adolescents, Youth Challenge offers them "hope through the word of God." The directors are convinced that the bible acta on the minda of the addicts and changea them. The boya and girls are in- terned voluntarily, either by seeking it out spon[aneously, acceding to their parents' suggestions or leaving prison to be treated. Most of them come from parenta who are geparated, alcohalics, or prostitutes. Many did not have the opportunity to work and/or study and suffer financial diffi- culties. Caldino points out that before entering the institution he heads, some of the youths sought different ways to solve their problems including philosophy, such as exiatentialism. In Challenge "apiritual power fills their emptiness." The homosexual drug addict is one of the concerna of the group that works in that institution. The homosexual's existence is to turn to drugs to forget his problems; it is a sort of escape. His recovery is more difficult - because he influences others, creating trouble. For that reason, the Work With the homosexual youth is done more on the outaide level, on the basis of contracts in thc street and the distribution of guidance leaflets. 35 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 When he ig sent to Youth Challenge, eh~ ~ddi~t gne~ ehrough an initial inter- vi~w where h~ "g~ner~lly openly" expl~ing hig ConfliCCg~ After th~t, he ~t~y~ in ~ pl~c~ in Sobr~dinh~ ~ar 15 tn 2d dgy~ wher~ he i~ ~cre~en~d. During th~t peri~d he becomea aware of the progr~m pr~~~nt~d by the in~tieu- eion. A fir~t ph~~~ oE the tr~gtm~nt ie ~piriCugl th~rapy, "the gerug$le td ~liminar~ th~ r~n~ong Chgt l~d him td drugg gnd/dr h~mog~xualtiy," con- ducCed fnr 3 month~. Uuri.~g Ch~t p~riod, the bnys ~e~y in g cdunCry houge in th~ rurgi ~reg of the ~ed~ral Diserict gnd eh~ girl~ in the M~nsa~g parkw~y ~~ctor~ 7'he next st~p ig occup~rinngl ther~py, "b nwnths of ~~ngt~nC d~ily getivity gc which tim~ th+~y tnke vocgrional training eour~eg and p~rform work in th~ home ~o that th~ individu~l will have g new idegl of life and aill chang~ gg a whole." Th~ boyg ere trgn~f~rr~d durin$ that 6-moneh period to plgnaltin~. About 700 youthg h~v~ alr~ady pasged through Youeh Chnllenge in the past 6 year~. It ie recognized ag a public service insCitution gnd ig regisCered with Ch~ National Council of 5ocigl Service. Approxitngtely ~0 percene c~f ita inmatee hgve returned home rehabilitated. A lgrge pgrC of them become "working personnel," working with the new inmgtes afCer appropraite train- ing. Financial Difficulties Youth Challenge hae monthly expenditures of 150,000 cruzeiros. Each ynuth costs the institution 1,500 cruzeiros per month. That mon~y is obtained �rom contributing membership carda~ personal don~tions of aenators and deputiea, end government aubsidies for sma21 pro~ectg, in addition to pro- motional work by aociety ladiee. Nevertheless, the amount received is in- adequate and the directors are etruggling with great difficultiea. "We are carrying out a superhuman effort for 200 or 300 youths. The pro- liferation of drugs is much greater and for that reason we at Challenge are not going to minimize the prdblem," Galdino said. He declared that the con- clusion they have reached is that the ever-increasing number of addicts in Brazil and in Brasilia requires that a new position be taken by all Brazilians, by the government, and by the organizations connected with the problem. One of the ways found by Youth Challenge is that of prevention. A course of - family education was given in recent weeks to 50 couples of the most diverse _ social levels. There they studied the sub3ects: psychology of development, ; religion and family, mass communications, and drugs. At the end, a dis- ` cussion of the conclusions of the parents showed the need for expanding the ` course and the "ennrmous educational role that belongs to the family." From January to December of next year, family education courses will be given every month to 100 couples at a time, who will later diacuss the sub~ects covered with couples irs their block. A center for the re~~abilitation of minors is another proposal made by Challenge. 8~11 CSO: 5300 36 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 B12AZIL DPI~ SEIZES TRAPFICKBFtS, COCAIN~ INTENDLD NOR LXPORT Sao Pgu~o 0 ESTADO DE SAO PAUI.~ in portugue~e 15 D~e 78 p 22 (Textj Federal ggenCe in Sao Pau1o and Mgto ~rog~o ~eized 17 kilogrgme of cocgine valu~d at 60 million cruzeiroe ~nd arre~tpd 12 drug treffickera linked with an internstionel gang. Th~ drug ehipmentg vere intended far Che UniCed 5tates, France, Lngland, Canada, PorCugal, and Guiana. One of th~ drug traffickers grregt~d stated that YO kilograme o� the coceine were ~ to have been delivered to Pastor Jim Jones, of the People's Temple sect, wh~ ordered the collective auicide several weeka ggo in Guiana. The police effort began With the sei~ure of tWO kilograms of the drug found in an accordion, after which "operation extermination" Was launched, vith more then 30 federel agenta headed by Chief Artur Carbone Pilho par- ticipating. Four Bolivians~ six Btrazilians, and two Portugueae citizena Wer~ arreeted. The investigatione are continuing becauae the ag@nte learned that another eight kilogrems of cocaine Were turned over by the drug traf- - fickere to the "pilots" (drug couriers). All airports and embarkation points in the country are being Watched. According to the federal police, drugs vere found in the poesession of al- nwst all those arrested. Chief CarSone said that although the drug traf- fickera Were working with an "international connection," taking ordera from the gang leaders~ they operated within an "airtight compartment" aystem (functioning separately such that none knew the others). Those arrested eaid that thia method is used to "enaure the best results and as a safety meaeure to protect the drugs." In addition to the European countries, the drug traffickers intended to aell the cocaine in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Pernambuco. According to architect Wilson Said Boutros, a resident of Campo Grande, in - Mato Groeao, "all the networks in thCse Brazilian cities Were Waiting for the drug to arrive in order to process it on contract." The drug traffick- � ers were imolved With individuals Who sold cocaine an shipboard and in clubs and demand "ia very great at this end of the year period, because of New Year's celebrations," Boutros explained. - 37 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 A rnnCrnr.t for fiv~ grnme n~ pure cocuine C~n coxt Up to 10,000 cruzeirog, , ecrdrding Co one of th~ pnlia~ ggcnt~ who p~rtici~gted in tihe invegCig~tion. According to that eame agent, ~razil has been aerving as a"bridge" for th~ inCern~tional trgffic dev~lop~d by the mgfia "cnnnec:tidn~" Chief C~rbdn~ addpd Ch~e eho~e grregeed ~gid Chgt Brezil wgg cho~~n b~cguee of ieg vget territarigl ar~~. The coCgine g~ized--gnd Ch~ oChpr ~ight kilogr~mg--wa~ alrp~dy consign~d gnd would have be~n ~grri~d by priv~te ~nd cdmm~rcial gircraft end ~hipe. The ma~or cocaine dietillerieg ar~ in tihe city of SanCa Cruz de I.~ 5ierrg, _ in ~olivia. The ngrcotics bureau in the UniCed SCaCee has an up to date in- telli~ence service and i~ ~w~re of those arriving in and departing from - Bolivia with "inee113g~nce" about drugs. U.S. policemen contributed to the arr~gt of Che drug traffick~re. Pederal police agentg grrested Bolivign citixene Maria Senchpz de Sueldn, Jo~~ Ro3aa Torrieo, M~lvy Gonzalez Mgx and Rnque JueCiniano Gallego, re~ident~ of Santa Cruz de La Sierra; Portu- guese citizena Antonio AugugCo Nuneg and ArChur de Jesus Cunha Rocha, gnd Brezilian citizens Marin Dolore8 Abrantes, Carloa ~tanoel de Oliveira Sgnchy, residenta of Coimbra Portugal~ Eliana E1 Daher, architect Wilson Said Bou- trog~ Din~rte VicenCe de Almeidg Filho, regidents of Campo Grande, MaCo Groaeo, and Adao Dias Batista, who lives in Corumba. The greater part of the cocaine--about nine kilograms--was seized from the - Boliviane. This effort was coordinated by the director of the drug division of the federal police, and many individuals in Mato Crosso society are on police liste ag drug traffickera and addicts. According to the federgl police, their names were not revealed on the orderg of the Miniatry of Justice, "until auch time a8 the reaponsibility of each individual can be duly establiehed." The federal agents involved in the operation made a survey of the route the drugs follow after leaving the city of Santa Cruz de I.a Sierra in Bolivia to reach Sao Paulo, Santos and Campinas. FYom Santa Cruz, the "pilot"-- the individual entruated with carrying th:� drug--travels to Puerto Suarez, onto Corumba and Campo Grande, and then to the state of Mato Grosso. From there, he has the choice of travelling to Sao Paulo by airplane or con- tinuing by road. The next stopping point after Campo Grande is Presidente Prudente, then on to Penapolis, Marilia, Bauru and Sao Paulo. From the capital the courier ~ travels to Santos, where the drug is loaded on ships flyiag French or Greek flag, or he may go to Viracopos and Congonhas, where the drug is put on a ' pl~ne. PorCuguese citizens Arthur de Jesus Cunha Rocha and Antonio Augusto Nunes were carrying four�kilograms of cocaine when arrested, and intended to return to Portugal by plane. Smuggling Methods The cocaine eaken abroad is always divided into small quantities, often hidden in trouaer hems, coat collars, false auitcase bottoms, belts, dolls, plaster atatuea, plush muffs, women's coat-linings, photagraph album covers, double shoe solea, cans of coffee, Canadian currency and aurfboards. 38 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Itigordu~ ch~ck~ gre not mgde ut th~ nntional ~irporee, nnd feder~l gg~nea - ~~id theC in ~urop~ gnd Ch~ UriiC~d SCgC~g~ un th~ contr~ry, drug ~g~nee examine all auitcases and paeeengera. The police believe ehat th~ tn~~or drug Craffickere h~ve conCacCg in ~lmnsr ~11 the porC~ and girport~ Co hplp them take drugg through. ~ ~ ~ ~ x'~~ r.~ ~ . _ . :r o ~ s . ~a~~~ 2 . , C ; * .i'. ' ~ ~ t~,~f ;~~4 , , ?i~ _ k i a ,4 Z ~ s: a : ~_t ' } s ~ ;R !=L~ . L~:''~ ~t . A ' J ~*.:..~t C ~ ~a � # c`' ~ ~ .i, k ~ ii AT f ,s.3. .E,~ st n~'t'~ ,k :b'~�~b~'af'v~ -a~ . ~ . , 7 a ~ ~K~. ~;f.. ~ ~ ~,~.1 saf:k4} ~~r'~' ~ Y r~ ~~'~t~"~~ x ;Y ~ ~ 3~ ~ y . ~ a u;~. ~~t 'a,y~~�; . ~ } ~ij~ ,~a~~;,, ~ . . F3~5 y~ ,,R . N ~7[~F.. . . . `i.ei,t:.:. .~C~ _ ':;k.+': ' dl6~ ^>l:. ~'~i The traffickera had connections as far as the United 5tates and Europe. 5157 CSO: 5300 39 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - . ; . . :~t' ~ ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ ~ ~ ~ , , ~ ~ ` . ~ ~ : . 1,+ . _ , ~ � . . . . . I i ~ ~ ~ BRASIL ; ~ . BOl~1/IA ? , ; tfA t~U! � . ot u s~~~? , ~ ~ ~ , M1tfR0 {IZAlttt G011MA~~l ~ ~ _ ~ ~ ~ ~ - . ~ ~~1 r ~ CMMd hN~va~q r,~ " G~ANO! ~ ~'..~..r.' i IAUAU `h, PARAGUAI ,+~?~ot?rtt-�~ oc~+w+w?s ' s~io ~~ua ~ ' , y,Ma - ~ r..._~_. - _ � - 5157 CSO: 5300 40 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 BttAZYL BRI~FS EXPULSION OP T1tA~~ICKERS--The pr~gidenr df Che republic signed a denr~~ y~aterday revoking Che expulsion of the PorCuguege, ~duardo Dourado Fern~ndea, beneficiary under th~ law that prohibits the expulsion of foreigners having children born in this country. Under another decree signed by President Geisel and based on legal proceedings by the Mini~Cry of Juatice, Che Pgra- guayan, Victor Pastor Benitex, the Argentine, Claudio Orlando Serbali, and the Peruvian~ Jose Luiz Pomaeda de Cub~, all involved in drug~, were expelled from the country. The decrees were published in the Official Journal issued yeaterday. This yEar four prisoners in the state of Sao Paulo were the beneficiaries of the Chriatmas pardon and 76 prisonerg in various statea had their sentencea reduced under a decree signed yesterday by the president of the republic. Thoae pardoned are: Arlinda Felix Chain, Carlos Panes Lucas, Jorge Dias and Santos Veiga. [Text~ [Brasilia CORREIO BRAZILIENSE in Portugueae 21 Dec 78 p 11j 8711 CSO: 5300 41 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I CHIi.~ _ POLICE UNCOVER CKILE~S BIGGEST LSD D~AL, AKitBST THIt~~ Santiago EL MERCUItIO in Spaniah 28 Uee 78 p C 1 (TextJ Tha biggest LSn tra�fic operaCion in Chile was diecovered with the successful ouCcome of inve~tigations conducted over a period of 9 days by pergonnel fram the Department of Drug Control and Crime Prevention (OS-7) of Che Carabineere (National Police], leading to Che arrest of Che three persons responeible for Che crime. T~?o of them are Chileans and one ia e naturalized Chilean cf Argentine origin; police found 1,447 doaea of the above-a~entioned hallucinogen in their possession; experta conaider this aubetance to be "the moat dangeroua drug at this time." The unusual aepact o~ this case is Chat the LSD dosee were camouflaged as harmless United Statea Chriatmas carde. The arrested were identified as Juan Carlos Buschmann de Santos, 24, single, a high achool graduate, a naturalized Chilean of Argentine origin, ID card No. 7,015,784-4, from 5antiago, residing at 6220 Martin de Zamora, Las Condes; Auguato Cortez Maturana, 37~ r~ingle, architect, Chilean, college graduate, residing at 157 Marchant.Pereira~ Providencia, IA card No. 138,203, Talca; and Pedro Pablo Ateaga Correa, 27, married, photographer, high school graduate, no ID card, xesiding at 320 La Concepcion, Providencia. All of them were turned over to the Sixth Criminal Higher Court of Santiago which will conduct the Crial. Lt Col Luis D. Fontaine Manriquez, commander of OS-7, who gave newsmen this infot~ation, declared that "fortunately, the sub~ects were arrested after they had sold only soatething like 20 doses of LSD, thus preventing a real drama because, i~ all of the druga had been sold, about 5,000 youths would today be exposed to serious physiological and paychologi,cal di.sorders." The police chie~ s$id that "What these detainees were Crying to pull off was a zeal crime againat Chilean youths." He repeated that the traffic detected here "is the biggeat operation dis- covered so far in Chile because much a~aller doses have been confiecated from criminals on two earlier occasions." 42 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~onC~in~ ehow~d n~wemen a thin ~lip of pap~rM-~i,mi,lar eo w~llp~p~r--wtch em~ll equares~ indica~i,ng thaC th~re was on~ doee o~ LSn in ~ach o� them, for a maximum df ~ive per~one. He added th~t thig drug i~ ~l~o b~ing pu~h~d in "ecoCch tape, 1itt1~ sugar bage, and ~tuck to ~e~mpg." Inve~tigati~n On ehe bas~,s of information received by ehe technical advi~ory section of OS-7, to th~ effect rhat detain~ee Buechmann and Cortez were drug eupplierg in the eastern part of ehe capital, an investigaeinn was launched to establieh Che correcCnees of thie inforwation. A eurveillance and tailing operaCion wae launched for thie purpnae with positive reeulCg. At about 2200 last _ Monday~ in Faxo de Apoquindo, Juan Carlo~ Buschmann de S~nCog wae arrest~d; t,n hie poese~eion, in his Croueer pocket, officers �ound 29 doees of LSD which~ as he confessed, he was bringing for sale among consumers in the area. On being queaCioned, Buectunann eaid that he had received 40 doaes of LSD - from ACeaga "so that, togeth~r with t:ortez, they would be handling 550 peaos worth each." ~ :nveaCigatore ~reat io Che home of Ateaga, accompan3,ed by Buschmann, in order - to find the exact place where Che resC of the drug was being hidden. Once they atrrived there, they queaCioned Ateaga who was accompanied by Cortez. Both admitted theix guilt. Police officera confiacated 1,447 doses in the ~ building, caeauflaged as Christmas cards from the United Statea. According to inveatigatora, ACeaga confeased that he entered the country on 18 Decembex after having apent 4~ years in the United States. He added that "be�ore to Chile, I contacted a United States tra~ficicer in the city o~ San Francieco, Califoraia, frrna whom I bought the LSD." � The Couxt Personnel froc~ OS-7 announced that the confiacated drugs were turned over to the pha~rmaceuti,cal section of the National Health Service and that the detaineee aere turned aver to the Sixth Criminal Higher Court of Santiago - which w~,ll handle the txial. Lt Col Lui,s Fontaine said Chat "LSD is a drug classified as a hallucinogen ~ whoae use i,n medicine had to be stopped due to the danger it constituted in the treatment of patients who auffered serious paychopathi.c disorders and - changea. Sei,enti~ic investigators xecently found out that the use of LSD causea aer~.ous disturbances, both physiological and psychologi,cal. 1`he effect of a small dose of approximately 0.12 milligraata lasts about 54 hours in ternts of oxganic changes and tranaformation; individuals go through the otagee o~ etialulation, hallucination, and depregsioa and these generally lead the conewo~ng individuals on to suicide." . .43 . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 The police chie� added ehqt "i~ is not neces~axy eo ti~ke LSD orally since it - suf�ices to hold i~ between the Chumbe for an interval of 30 seconde to gee the eame intoxication through oemosie." _ _ "Juet 3 houra after consumption," he said, there are disturbanc~a in per- c~pCion, called synestheaia and paresthesia which change the senae o� vieion and hegring. The body goes to sleep, along with hallucinations, including viaione, and the individual may believe that he is performing physical acte Chat are beyond normal. The chromogome damage produces by LSD could be compared Co Che consequences deri.ving during ehe decade of rhe sixties from the uae of Thalidomide, when children were born with morpho- logical changes." _ PHOTO APPENDIX ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ ~~y� ~ ' ` s~ o~,` ~ , s P ~ ~ ; Sd ~ ; 5,,,~,~~~~'~t~ 9 .Z.. ~ ,f ' ';i T , ~~fj~~ t , ~ , t ~i i Y ~~t k ~ n : n ~ ~ a: t , ` ~`f~ ~ ~ fr ~ax ~ '^s~'~~`~,�`t~; e~? i~ ~s y~ F~$~~~ S ~ ~ ~a ~v, ? : . . H ~ ~Y'~'~~:. ~ LSD Drug Traffickers. Each o~ the little squares in the thin paper, correaponding to a Christsoas card~ i.n the photo on top Cnot included~ containa a doae iatpregnated w~th the dangerous hallucinogen which, as was pointed out, is enough fox ~iye pexsons~ The bottom photo shows, from left to right, Juan Carloa Buectnaann de Santos, Pedro Pablo Ateaga Correa, and Augusto Cor.tex MatuLana, the three persons arrested by the Drug Control and Crime Prevention Department (OS-7) of the Carabineers o~ Chile. 5058 CSO: 5300 44 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - COLAMBIA F-2 CONQrfANDBR TO DRi~S OOURSE TN ARGBNTINA _ Bogota EL TIBMPO in Spanish 11 Dec 78 p B-3 ~ � r. , S . ,v:, a:: , . ~ fX 3. i ~ .~'s : _ ~ . } - [Twtt] Col Miguel Mr~za Marquez, national F-2 commander, want to Buenos Aixes (Argen'tina) yesterday in order to participate in a couYSe on combating dxug traffic. 771'7 CSO: 5300 _ 45 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - COLOMBIA MARIHUANA LDGALI"LEp FpR 50ME USES Boqota EL TIBMPO,in Spanieh 6 Dec 7'8 p A-8 [Article by Isme?el E. Arenas: ~~Way Clear for Several Uses of Marihuana"] [TextJ The Bogot~? Superior Court tac itly accepted the use of mari- huana for therapeutic purposes--concretely for the treatment of arth- ritis--by acquitting a woman who had 7 pounde of marihuana in her possession to uee for the disease. The court felt that the drug law was not violated by the possession of marihuaae for a method that has become common in Colombia; the us~ of the drug in baths and ointments to alleviate trie pains of arthritis and similar diseases. The use of marihuana--not to smoke but to rub it on--was verified in the specific case o~ the woman through a study made by forensic doctors. Judge Pantaleon Mejia Garaon carried out the legal study because of - a trial in which a woman had been sentenced to 18 ~aonths in prison. Accordinq to what was verified, the accused had acquired 7 pounds of the well-known and dangerous drug in order to use it in baths to cuYe _ arthritis, a disease that had been diagnosed by the dxtors and was verified by the goverriment forensic doctors. When her spurned lover denounced her, the womas~ was indicted ar~d the judge of the Third Criminal Court in Bogota imposed the sentence of 18 months in prison, � For several years there has been the belief tha?t marihuana dissolved in nlcohol is an ideal remedy to alleviate the pains of arthritis. 46 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Many pedple dn all sociai r~veis uge m~?rihuan~? in ointmentg and pias- teYS in dzd~r to ~~numb~~ th~ pain. It must b~ pointed out that marihuana--banned in the United Stat~s a?nd Colombi~ becAUS~ of its t~rribi~ effect on ~ddic~s--is being tee~ed therapeutically t'oz differ~nt diseas~g. in North America, for example, there hav~ b~~n te~ts in glaucoma cases and some cases af canc~r. Of course~ the possession o! larg~ quantities of marihuana--even if the ownar alleges that he is arthritic--is punished as a violation of the drug law. - The court has ruled now on the case of a sick woman who had acquired ? pounds of m~?rihuan~ to use as medicine. The woman, sick with arthritis, despaired at the futility of conven- tional medical treatments and decided to obtain marihw^.~a in which to be?the herseif, One day the lady quarreled with her lover and he, angry, decided to denounc~ her to the authorities for possession of marihuana. Her houae was surrounded and the 7 pounds were found, of course. The woman was arrested and tried for violating Decree 118 of 1974-- - that is, the drug law. ~ Tha judge of the Third Criminal Court in Bogota sentenced the aick waman to 1~ years in prison. The case reached the criminal division - of th~ Superior Court and was assigned to Judge Pantaleon Mejia Gar- zon. He consulted forensic doctors about the therapeutic uses of ~ marihuana in relation to arthritis. _ The forensic doctors responded: '~The use of marihuana in the treat- ment of arthritic or similar problems is not accepted in therapeutic medicine aven though it is used for these objectives.~~ Judge Mejia Garzon, making an overall study of the case, reached the conclusion that the drug law had not been violated and, consequently, it was wrong to aentence her to 18 months in prison. For this reason the sentence was revoked and she was acquitted. Thus the use of marihuana was practically authorized by judicial authorities.,,but only for bathing. ~717 CSO: 5300 47 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 C'01.OMB IA MARIHUANA WTP$S OUT NORMAL AGRICULTURE Bogota EL TlBirtP~O in Spanish 11 Dec 78 p B-3 [Articie by Jose Cervantes: "Marihuana Destroyed Agricuiture~~) [Text) Barrnnquilla, 10 Dec--Hugo Escober Sierra, miniatar o~ justice, confirmed here th~?t "marihuans cultivation and traffic have destroyed aqriculture in La Guajira. W~e can no longer find even one yucca on - the peninsul~?." Esccbar Sierra said thst the eastern pl~?ins have also been converted into a pn?radise for marihuana traffickers and stated that it is cul- ~ tivated and aold there although on a emaller scale than in La Gua~ira. Also he said that the government forcea have discovered moze mari- huana fields and clandestine airparts in the plains and La C~ajira. - He challenged the gxngsters and said; ~~We are su~e o~ winning this battle. They will see.'~ The minister of justice amnounced here that the state of siege that has been in e~fect in the country for 5 years w~ould be liPted in the middle of next year once the new Penal Code and the reform of Colom- bian justica go into effect. The minister stressed the problems of La Guajira. He said that President Tlxrbay Ayala has appointed eight ministers to go to the peninsula and evaluate the true situation on the spot. He said that some clandestine airports are being destroyed but others that aYe in better technical condition than the legitimate airports wiil be used as stopover airports for flights abroad, duly supervised by the government. "Ima~gine,~~ he said, ~~agriculture has been destroyed in La Guajira. The probiem is so aerious that there is no longer even one yucca ~ (manioc ) in La Gua j ira. 48 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Cdnc~rning the gitu~tion of ~u~tic~, tha cnurtis ~nd ~~ils in Colombia, th~ m3nieter indicated that with the refoYm of justice and the p~n~l Code and Cod~ oF C~3minal Procedure, "we w3,11 correct many errors, many gaps. Ne announced that 90 million p~gos will be allocated for th~ r~habi- litation, expansion and construction of n~w ~~?iis. _ He lamented the depresginq st~?t~ of the courtg and the d~1ay ~.n prn~ ceeding~ but he optimist3cally recailed: ~~W~ wi11. corr~ct all that." - The minister po3nted out that some lawyers exploit the gaps in pre- sent Colanbian legielation to defend traffickers and give an honest appearance to crimes that are not included 3n our codes. Thus it is urgent to roform Colombian justice so that th~ new crimes that led to a new public safety law do not remain utttouched by ~ustfcA. ~scobar 5ierra ended his dialog with EL TIF~tPO stating: "Do not think that the United States directed and advised us to promulgate the public safety law. You can be sure that it was an autonomous ar~d courageous position or decision by our president, Julio Cesar Tlirbay.~~ 7'717 CSO: 5300 49 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 COIAMBIA BR IgFS RBC~iT DRUG SBI2URES--Santa Maxta, 27 Nov--Sunday the army struck a weii-aimed biaw against the marihuar~a traffickers by capturing 10 of � the gangsters a?r~d confiscating six vehicles and 600 bundles of mari- huana worth 80 million pesos. During the operation in Aracataca, several of the traffickers were shot but managed to flee, according to the �uthorities today. The ms~rihuana wa~~ being tranaported in four iarge trucks escorted by two campers. The confrontation took pla?ce bet~veen Aracate?ca and the ta~rn of El Reten. Severai weapons were also confiscated. The 10 arrested were not identi~ied but it a+as indiceted that several were "big f ish.~~ The authorities dealt a spectacule?r biow against a arell-organiaed gang of marihuana tYaf- fickers in Le? Guajira in accord with the laws against traffickers and smugglers put into effect by the national goverr~ment. The informa- tion office of the Ministry of National Defense reported that com- bined troops of the army and police seized 23 booces o~ pre~sed mari- huana, ammunition for automatic rifles, airplane oil, tents, seven parachutes, radio scanners, field glasses and several documents in Bl Playon Ddstrict of the toam of Carraipia. [Teut] [Bogota BL TIFs~~p in Spanish 28 Nov ~8 p A-3) 7717 T7tRBE DRUG RAID6--Yn the past few hours the authorities dealt new blaws to druq traffickers by sei2ing a large quantity of marihuana and cocafne and capturing four criminals. The operation was carried out in the departments of La G~,iajira, Meta and Cundinamarca. Com- bined troops of the police,the army and the DAS [Administrative De- partment of Security] participated in it, according to the informa- tion office of the Ministry of National Defense. The first blow was - struck by soldiers of the ~~Cartagena~~ Battalion who seized 150 bun- dles of marihuana inside a building at ~~pelechua~~ in the toam of Rio- hacha, La Guajira Department, The second operation was carried out _ north of the Colombian capital by members of the antinarcotics group of the Bogota Police F-2 who seized 500 grams of cxaine and 370 of marihuana. In this operation Carlos Alfonso Torsonville Prada was arreated for possession af the alkaloid and the hallucinogen. The - 50. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 third blow againgt the drug tr~?ffickers took place in M~ta n~partment when members of the rural DA5 di~covered field of m~rihuana on the San Fernando farm in the tdwn oF Pu~rto Rico. Gonzalo itndriguez Roa, Josa Nelson Cubid~s attd Manuel Gomez Gomez were arrested. [Tex~~ [ Bogota ~L TI~NIPO in Spa?n3sh g Dec 7g p C-2 ]'7~17 COCAIN~, MAt22HUANA 5~I2gD--In the pa?gt few hours the authorities struck h~rsh blows against th~ drug ~CraEfickers by a larg~ quant3ty of mar3huana and cncaine and capturing four criminals. The operat3.ons w~r~ carried out 3n the departments of La GUa33za, M~ta and Cundinamarca and combined troops of the army, DA5 and police participatc3d in them, according to a spokesman from the Ministry of iVatiional Defonse. The first operat3on was carried out by soldiexs of the ~~(~?rtagena" Battalion who seized 150 bundles of marihuana inside a bu3ldfng at '~Pelucha~~ [as published] in the town ot i2iohacha, La Guajira Department. The second blow was dealt north of Bogota by members of the antinarcotics gxoup of the Bogota Police F-2 who seized 500 grams of cocaine ~?nd 370 of marihuana. In this operation Carlos Alfonso Torsonville Prada was arrested for possession of the alkaloid and the hallucinogen. Rinally, in Meta Department, m~mbers of the rural DA5 discovered a field of marihuana on the ~~San Fernando~~ farm in the toam of Puerto Rico and arrested Gonzalo Rodriguez Roa, Jose Nelson Cubides and Manuel Gomez Gomez for the illegal business. The marihuane field was destroyed within hours by th~ appropriate suthorities in the presonce of off icials from the O~'fice of Attorney _ General of the Nation. [ Text Bogota fiL S IGLO in Spanish 11 Dec 78 p 15] 7'717 CSO: 5300 - 51 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 COSTA RICA BRIEFS DFtUG TRAFFICKERS CAPTURED--Jose Angel Salguero Tencio and Julio Cesar Lopez - Gurierrez were caprured during a recent police operaeion and were charged with aelling cocaine eC a local discotheque. [San Jose Radio Relo~ in 5panieh 1200 (~iT 17 Jan 79 PA] CSO: 5300 , 52 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 M~XICO CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR DESCRIBE5 ANTIDRUG POLICY _ Culiacan EL SOL DE SINALOA in 5paniah 11 Dec 78 p 6 ~Text~ "The use of inedium and high-powered weapons ie always aseociated with~ the drug traffic, and thie is what has forced the Federal Judicial Police to wage a relentless battle againeC this acCiviCy, which is what we are trying to eradicate. "Therefore, we sometimes have to hold individuals who have violated the law for longer periode of time, in order to complete the preliminary investiga- tion and subsequently place them at the diaposal of the court. But Chis is - not a general rule to be followed in all inatances, and we close some recorda when we feel that all the evidence has been found and that all that needs to be done ia to arrest the accomplices of the individual in custody." These remarks were addressed to the members of the Bar Association by Cruz Lopez Garza, coordinator of the Permanent Campaign Against the Drug Traffic in Zone 06, who stresaed the fact that his only concern is to combat the highly dangeroua crime againat health in its various degrees. "A charge has been made by Federal Judicial Police Comdr Juan Jose Hernandez del Castillo to the effect that there are other entities in the state and that, every time they make an arrest they claim to be members of the 'Fede- ral Judicial Police;' something which we are normally forbidden to do, be- cauae our work consists solely of arresting those reported to us through the pertinent warrant for their arreat." Lopez Garza explained: "We are particularly concerned with arresting persons in compliance with arrest warrants or who have been caught in the act; and, thanks to thie, it has been possible to issue orders for official imprison- _ ment in 98 percent of the cases, and hence reduce second offenses related to crimes against health in 65 percent of the cases. "There has always been an attempt to make the Federal Judicial Police forces appear to be a group of heartless gorillas, and it has sometimes been said - that a group of ballet dancers cannot be sent to combat the drug traffic; and therefore, out of 500 charges made against us for different reasons, on- ly two or three at the most are warranted. 53 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 "Some of ehe mo~e r~cenC ordera ehae hav~ be~n rece~.vpd are to ~rr~ign ehoge - who have been arre~ted when any o~ the legal degrees of crime cgn be proven againat them, actd to hold them for Cria1; and eo release ehose againae whom ~ no charg~s can be proven, buC withouC neglecCing to make the preliminary invesCigetion." 2909 CSO: 5330 54 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 MEXICO CAUSES OF ADDICTION IN CHILDREN DISCUSSED _ Mexico CiCy EL SOL DE MEXICO in Spanish 16 Nc,v 78 pp A-4, A-10 jArticle by Hector Solis Quiro~/ LText% There is great concern in knowing how to prevent drug addiction among children and adoleacents. To prevene means to make preparaCions in advance to prevent a danger. Therefore, true prevenCion is based on a knowledge of the causea and the manner in which to combat Chose causes. If we consider that every child normally requires love and family care and that he should not only be given what he needs but required, from early childhood on, to meet an increasing series of obligations, we shall realize that, without those factors, he or ahe will not be happy. This happena when a child lives with a family which is licentious, indifferent, tyrannical. aggressive, in constant conflicC ar criminal, a family which abuaea the child or abandons him or overprotects him preventing him from developing. There ' we have one of the causes of drug addiction in the midat of childhood or adolescence--namely, the desire to flee fran reality. A large portion of the population is guilty of this type of conduct within the honce, and this harms the child b;7 leaving him or her unprepared for marriage and parenthood. The proper policy would be to prepare peaple fran those two functions by in- corporating in the school cursicula, f~rom kindergarten through highschool, - teaching that would be suitable for th~ pupil's age and development level and which would deal with the reality of the home and the manner in which to resolve various types of problems. When children do not go to school and, much less, learn to engage in an oc- cupation in accordance with their capabilities and interests, they become afflicted with idleness, which is another substantial cause of drug addic- tion, especial2y since it is associated with problems such as the advantage the family takes of the child, dropping out of school, running away fran = home, dAngerous friendships and others. Other causes of a child's idleness are fr~mily disorganization, the lack of paternal control over the child's 55 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~tCend~nc~ ~C gCI1d0~~ ehe l~ck of proper ~ccomplishment o~ school work, the need eo gn to work ge ~n early ~ge or be out on ehe eCreetg, ehe mnrher's sbsence in the home, gnd ehe l~rk of child recr~~~ion c~neprs n~~r ehe pl~c~ of r~gid~nc~, Th~ soluCidn to this n~use ts particul~rly ~d~qu~C~ prep~rg- Cion of rhe married couple for their function ~s parents. - Anoeher ~~rincipal c~use nf drug addtceion ~mong children ~nd adolesceneg ie curiosiey which incites, basically th~ ~dolescene, ro experience the ~ffecCs of drugs whinh "his fri~ndg" use, of ehose which ~re more ~xCen~ively ~dver- tised or abouC which more is spoken. They are unawgre of the fact Chat once ehey have used cerCain eul~geances ehey are no longer able eo conerol eheir own will and free ehemselveg from Che drug, if ehey are not assigted in Cime by someone. This cen be prevented by c~re�u11y supervising Che child's friend- ships. Finally, one of the most important cguses is group pressure in highschools (secondary, prevocarional, normal, preparatory or vocaeional) consiating of - Che fact that Che bad students of each school meee to "get high" on drugs. In seeking other "converCs," they prevail upo;~ some of their companiona to take drugs and do not leave them alone until ~hey have tried what suits them best. The best way Co prevent this cause is to have good school organization which keeps an eye on the more secluded areas of the schoolyard and discovers the traffickers operating in those areas, who are trying to get others to use drugs. Paternal vigilance over anyone suspected, together with school vigi- lence, is the most effective way to combat this cause, especially if an ef- fort is made to keep Che young people occupied by serious application to their studies. - We do not pretend to have exhausted all the causes of drug addiction among children and adolescents but only the main ones and the simplest methods of prevention. Our objective is to give guidance to parents, as we know that this problem is particularly pronounced in large cities. Surely, it will not be difficult to prepare parents, if they themselves are convincEd. It is much more complicated to incorporate such preparation in the educational programs of the entire population, but this task is not difficult, once our educational leaders are convinced of that need. What is difficult is to convince them of that need. 8568 CSO: 5300 56 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I~XICO _ DRUG ADDICTION AMONG CAPITAL STUD~NTS DLpLORED Mexico City MET~tOPOLI DE EL DIA in Spanieh 23 Nov 78 p 11 lArticle by Eva Leonor Mendez Cobog% ,(,Text/ In Che lasC decade drug addiction among children has increesed approximately 600 percent. According to recent staCiatica, about 20 percent of the achool children in primary and secondary achoola use some type of drug or have tried druga. Joae Luis Esquedo suggeats Che estab- liehment of orientation centers and social prevention centera in strategic points of the city. The Federal Uistrict is the Guyana of suicide for a large number of youth and children who, atCacked by misery, hunger and unemployment, fall into the clutchea of vice, according to a statement made to METROPOLI by Jose Luis Eequeda, inveatigator for the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Esqu~da pointed out that the news of the group suicide of 409 inhabitants of Joneatown, Guyana, atunned the world. On the aupposiCion that this news is entirely a aocial phenomenon, sociologiaCs and anthropologists need to deal with this sub~ect. - "This tragedy," he added, "at many kilaneters distance horrified us, without even thinking that it happens every day in our own capital of Mexico and that frequent reports in Che agenciea of the Public Miniatry of thia great city speak of the death of a child or adolescent who has swallowed, smoked or inhaled aome narcotic or drug losing his life in an aberrant suicide. "This slow death in the world of drugs," Esqueda continued, "is viewed with indifference. And this annihilation of the new generaCions passes unobserved before our people. There are groups of citizens who organize and make pro- tests about smog, noise, road congestion and overpopulation without even taking into conaideration the fact that a great movement is taking place carrying on a spirited charger the new apocalyptic rider of drugs, who is naturally dragging many adolescents and children caught in his paCh (with- out complaint or angry voices) into the worst vices, and this becomea a - part of the indifference of the metropolis." 57 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Dxug Addiction Among 20 Percene of Seudenes After pointing out ehxe 20 perc~nt oF ehoee ~teending primary schools and highechaols in the ~ederal Uistrict t~ke som~ form of drugs, Esqueda Gutierrez stated that Mexico Citiy, like all large cities in ehe world, elso has thie problem which can only be analyzed through seudies made on the sub~ect, - "In a ciCy like oura," he added, "with more than 18 million inhabitants, we can underatand ChBC problema unavoidably exist among the children and youth; but what we cannoC undersCend i,n regard to these emerging genera- tions is Cheir inclination Coward and addiction eo narcoCica and drugs as formulae of ael�-indulgence and solution to their problems, which pseu- do intellecCuals have aeCempted to ~ustify in their own weakneas as an escape from aocial ~nd human realtty. _ "In ehis edventure ot foolhardiness and imitative snobbery we are encoun- Cering staCietics ~ust as alarming as the suicide of Che fanatics of the People's Temple secC. A conservative estimate puts the rise in drug ad- diction during the last decade at 600 percent, and we may well ask from where auch a volume of drugs is coming. "Distribution networks have been discovered extending from the states of Sinaloa and Sonora to Jalisco, Michoacan and Oaxaca. The inCention is Co be closer to a vast market such as that of the Federal District. Here the ~ ~ centera of ed~cation have become centers of commercialization; naturally, - we are speaking of inerchandise such as Indian hemp and psychotropic drugs, substances which are mostly consumed by students through distribution by organized groups, by "promoters" of questionable existence." ~ In a sententious manner our interlocutor continued: "And as if Che pre- ceding were somewhat the vortex of this great asphalt 3ungle, it has given _ rise to a commerical median for 'little users.' And when we speak of 'little,' we mean children varying from 6 to 14 years of age. In this commercial median of inhalants, which naturally is not a median in regard to iCS profits which are enormous, we find the complacency of those who should take part in the affair. "From day to day disguised bakeries are set up, some flagrantly, for the sale of inhalants in improvished areas, such as nearby La Merced and , Garibaldi, two definite examples which many newspapers have already ' pointed out in no uncertain terms. The poisoners of these children have realized.additional profits by installing facilities and shanties ' for the protection of those consuming this drug which destroys the lung and brain cells causing extremely serious damage. In this manner, in- _ nocent children can become drugged without observation or interference." 58 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 SoluCion ~ When E~queda was asked for a possible soluCion to thia serious problem, he answered: "In the face of this collective suicide through which ad- dicted adolescents and children will somehow meee their death or unbal- anced mental condition through their own desire or through the influence ~ - of others, we tiave only Co ask our authorities, in this case the city - _ manager, Prof Hank Gonzalez, via�the Directorate of Social Services and = General Medical Services, for the establishment of guidance centers and prevention centers in key_points and in coordination with the DIF /Federal Division of Investigation/. This organization's interesC in children's welfare has been indicaCed in the form of supervising, counteracting and guiding parents, children and adolescents in school centers with systems which, far from generating curiosity, fully clarify the serious dangers _ involved and stressed that the idea]. solution would be to get rid of the social evils which lead to aberrations and distortions of the personality. But knowing that that hedonism is utopian, we perfer to ask the authori- - ties, among whom we must include the Legislative Power, to revise and , legislate gr~at~r punishment for thoae who manufacture rhis collective suicide. ~ 8568 CSO: 5300 . 59 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 M~XICO DRUG CROPS DESTROYED IN FOUR STATES Mexico CiCy EL SOL DL MEXICO in Spenish 16 Nov 78 p A-8 - LText/ In 12 hours of intensive activity, members of the Federal Judicial _ Police and army discovered more than 3 milliun poppy and marihuana plants end 5 tons of Indien hemp drying in the sun in the statea of Jalisco, Michoacan, Chiapas and Durango. The antidrug brig~des made raids in Tecalitlan, Jalisco; Yatas and Tumbiscatio, Michoacan; Chacalas and Tapachula, Chiapas; and Sierra de Durango, where Chey found 530 plantings of poppy end marihuana, the former having 2,406,730 plenta and the latter having 621,750 shrubs. Moreover, in Pihuamo, Jaliaco, the federal agents found 5 tons of marihuana spread out in five driera, 200 kg ready for distribution and 26 kg of seeds. The investigators questioned some of the farmers and villagers and obtained ' _ a few i~ndications which, from what they said, will help them to find the r owners of the herb, who were surely warned by persons in their service. In another action carried out by the Federal Judicial Police in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, they effe~ted the errest of two well-known drug traffickers, who had 320 drug pills, a few grams of heroin and 1 kg of marihuana in their po~- session. The tw~ peraons arrested gave fictitious names to the individuals who had al- legedly given them the drugs to be delivered to third parties who did not keep the ap~~ointment. Empero Jose Rodriguez Perez and Alicia Esparza Rodriguez, alias "Perla," were identified by sane of their customers. Finally, in Tijuana, North Baja California, the Federal Judicial Police ar- rested Francisco Quintana Coronel who was attempting to smuggle 200 grams of heroin into the United States, - Prancisco later informed the agent of the Federal Public Ministry that his ' uncle, .Marcos Campos, had delivered the drug to him in Culiacan, Sinaloa, to transport and sell. 8568 CSO: 5:100 60 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I MEXICO HEROIN DISTRIBUTOR CAPTURED IN COAHUILA CONPLSSES GUILT Accomplice Arreated Nuevo Laredo EL DIARIO DE NUEVO LAREDO in Spaniah 20 Dec 18 Sec B p 3 (Text] Yesterday, Federal Judicial Police officers assigned to Piedras Ne- gras, Coahuila, arrested Aavid Alfonso Ramirez for invesCigation, confiscat- - ing from him two pressure scales, t~?o hypodermic syringes and 1 kilogram and 200 grama of a white powder which was apparently a cutting substance i~nz 'he- - roin. ~ ~ _ During hia statements, the individual in custody said that he was en~,ag~~ in ~ the purchase and sale of heroin, which he bought in the town of Mazat~an, ~i- naloa; and that about 4 years earlier he had sold 6 ouncea of heroin kc~ two Americana. ~ t The Federal Judicial Police in this town reported that all the infflrrnation _ was turned over to the United States narcotics department, with the result - that Frank Hernandez Martinez was arrested with 150 grams of a dark brown = powder that was apparently heroin, which had been sold to him by David Alonso. Statement to Federal Prosecutor _ Piedras Negras EL DIARIO DE PIEDRAS NEGRAS in Spanish 20 Dec 78 p 1 [Text] Yesterday, David Alonso, an individual captured by the Federal Judi- cial Police under the co~and of Fernando Marin, in Sabinas, Coahuila, after he had been fuund to be engaged in heroin distribution, made a statement to the federal prosecutor, Xavier Elizondo, admitting to his guilt of this crime. As may be remembered,, David Alonso was identified by the Mexican-Texan couple Frank Hernandez Martinez and Carmen Huescar de Hernandez as the person who sold them the 150 grams of heroin which was confiscated from them at the Eagle Pass, Texas, customs station, as they were attempting to take that drug into the United States. The woman was said to have been carrying the envelope containing the drug in her bosrnn, and it was detected by the police and confiscated. 61 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 It wgg those ageoci~eed wiCh the drug traffic in Che UniCed Statea who, once agnin, gave the Federal Judicial police Chp tip which enabled Chem to Cuke action against the individunl identified as the diatribuCor of Che druga throughout Che noxthern region. Nence, David Alonso Ramirez was captured and held for questioning by ehe fe- deral prosecutor him~elf. He declared himself convicted, confessing to the crime d� drug dietribuCion in the degree of heroin sale. Yesterday, all the evidence wag aC the Federal Public Ministry agency, from special scales and syringea to sugar and oCher subatances which the drug trafficker David Alonao used to cut the drugs and to make a larger amount; and therefore a greater profit. Like all the drug Craffickers, David Alonso stated that aomeone in Mazatlan, 5inaloa, was the person who sold him the drugs. The Federal Judicial Police hinted thaC there are others involved in the drug traffic. 2909 CSO: 5330 62 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 MEXIC'0 LARGE COCAINE SHIPMENT SEYZED . Mexico City EXCELSIOR in Spanieh 2 Dec 78 p A-31 jArticle by Victor Payan and Refael Medina/ LText/ A shipment of 150 kg of pure cocaine, valued at about 3 billion peaos, was seized by the office of Che Attorney General of the Republic _ on a clandestine airport runway in the Chiapae forest near the Guatemalan border. The drug, transported from Colombia to Chiapas, was in a twin-engined plane manned by two persona, who were arrested. Six persona had previously been arrested in the Federal District by agents under the orders of Comdr Florentino Ventura and by Javier Coello Trejo, an - agent of the Federal Public Ministry. The artesta were made through information given by Interpol to Florentino Ventura, who is one of the head coa~n.dera of the Federal Judicial Police and ditector of Interpol in Mexico. This eVent was termed the most important of its kind made by Oscar Flores _ Sanchez, attorney general of the republic. Accordi~g to information issued by the Federal Judicial Police, investiga- tions under the orders of Gen Raul Mendiolea Cerecero had been going on for 6 montha, but it was not until 4 November that it was possible to discover the activities of the international drug trafficker, Alvaro Cardenas Anaya. Verioud 3udicial agents, in coordination with Jesus Meixueiro, als~ a chief commander of the Federal Judicial Police, kept close watch on Cardenas Anaya in order to find out who were his contacts. Thus, it became known that Alvaro had met with Jairo Parra, Luis Crespo Rodriguez and Jose Audel Valdovino Molina, part of a band that has connec- tions in five countriea. 63 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 The four ~ub~ecte~ aCCnmpnnied by neher drug traffickerg, Joae It~mirez Mertinez anJ Jo~~ del Cermnn Pavon Or~eg~, werc awaiCing e ghipment of coc~ine, which they pxpected Co gell in the United Stateg ~nd Can~de. Once arrested, they had informed th~ police that a twin-engined plane coming fran Colombia would arrive at e clandestine runway in ehe Chiepas forest near the Guatemalan border. There the agenta captured aviaCors Bernardo Martinez Naverrete and Marco Fidel. ~or the first time in history the scenea of the landing, weighing of the drug end arreats were filmed by Mexican police in order to show before a federal judge, wiCh authentic proof, that they neither torture nor harass drug traffickera nor "fill them with drugs," as they might argue during the trial. _ Colombians Alonso Rodriguez and Beatriz Rivera de Rodriguez were pointed out by the traffickers who were arreated as the suppliers of the cocaine. 8568 C50: 5300 64 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ' MEXICO ~ ~ 33 KILOGRAMS OF COCAINE SE~ZED, FOUR ARRESTED Mexicali LA VOZ DE LA PRONTERA in Spanish 12 Dec 78 Sec B p 14 ~TextJ Ti~uana--AgenCs of the Federal Judicial Police confiscated 33 kilo- grams of cocaine valued at approximately 300 million pesos on the United States black market, and in this combined investigation succeeded in cap- turing four tratf~ckers #rom the ring to which that shipment belonged. The foregoing announcement was made by Carlos Aguilar Garza, the general co- ordinator of the campaign against drug trafficking in the northweatern zone ~ of the country, who added that this blow to the drug traffic was the result of an intensive probe led by Che commander of the Federal Judicial Police - on this border~ Clemente Moreno Hernandez. - Aguilar Garza said that last Saturday, 9 December, personnel under orders from Comdr Moreno Hernandez arrested the brothers Alejandro and Jesus Mora Rolon in a 1978 Rambler with Federal District license pla+tes on Revolucion Avenue in thia town, and discovered 10 kilograms of cocaine concealed in special compartments inside of the car. The police immediately thereafter captured the owner of the drugs and "head" of the ring, Pedro Joaquin Guzman Colin, in a 1973 Pontiac with Ca2ifornia license plates 218-GPT in the parking lot of the "La Sierra" Motel, and he was found to have a shipment of 10 kilograms of cocaine in his possession - as well. From this capture of Guzsnan Colin information was obtained which resulted in another seizure of 13 kilograms of cocaine in Tapachula, Chiapas, last Sunda.y afternoon, after it had been established that all these confiscated drugs originated in Colombia, and were taken to Mexico via Guatemala. _ In Tapachula, Gustavo Gonzalez, about 30 years of age, was arrested, and con- fessed that this ring had been operating for over 6 months, during which time = it had managed to make eight similar trips from Guatelama to Tijuana, from which the drugs w~ere taken to the United States. 65 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 At th~ same Cime, Guetavo Conzglez seated eh~e the coneacts were made at the "Maya Excel~ior" HoCel in GuaCemr~1~, which he lefC l~et Snnday and was Chen inrercepted in Tapachu~.a in a Gremlin car. Aguilar Garza noted in conclusion that, thanks to theee arresCg, in�ormation has been obtained on accomplices of this ring, both within the Republic o� Mexico and abroad. Except for Gustavo Gonzalez, who was arrested in Chiapae, the brothers A1e- ~andro and Jesus Mora Rolon, and "chief" Pedro Joaquin Guzman Co1in, are being held in T~.~uana. At the order of the general director of the Federal Judicial Police, Raul _ Mendiolea Cerecero, when Gonzalez Sanchez was arrested in Tapachula he was taken, along with the vehicle, to Chis town, where Che Gremlin car was dis- - mantled today, and 50 polyethylene bags containing about 12 kilograms of the drug were discovered in Che rear section. This operation against the drug traffic, one of the greatest successes that have occurred during recent years, was coordinated by Mendiolea Cerecero himself, Federal Judicial Police Comdr Clemente Moreno Hernandez, and Carlos Aguilar Garza, the general coordinator of rhe campaign against drug traffick- ing in Ba~a California. 2909 CSO: 5330 i i 66 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ MEXICO NINE TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED WITH MARIHUANA, HEROIN Mexicali LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA in Spanish 13 Dec 78 Sec B p 12 _ = [Text] Mexicali--AgenCa of the Federal Judicial Police intercepted 1,453 ki- lograms of raw marihuana valued at $247,000 on Che local black market, and 130 grams of heroin which was Co be sold for 150,000 pesos. Nine persons were arrested. The probe, which lasted nearly 10 days, began with the arrest of Miguel Canez Ramirez, aged 25, a native of Hermoaillo, Sonora, residing at 1157 Tamaulipas, and his companion, Juan Manuel Esparza Ro~as, aged 31, from ZacaCecas, a re- sident of 1753 Colima. They were in a red 1964 Ford, with license plates 616-XHE, on the corner of Colima and Ninth Streets, waiting for a purchaser for a marihuana shipment. They had a bag containing 7 kilograms of raw marihuana in the trunk, which they intended to sell for $170 per kilogram. These drugs were to be taken as a sample of the quality of the shipment that they would later sell to the presumable purchaser. They ob~ained thie marihuana from Armando Alvarez Lopez, aged 33, of Culia- can, who lives at 2598 Queretaro, and Ezequiel Garcia Carrillo, aged 29, _ a native of Mexicali residing at 2369 Imbambura, both of whom were arrested at llth and Queretaro Streets in a white 1962 pickup truck with license - - plates 186-XCT. They were waiting at that intersection for the first pair, who were to pay them $90 per kilogram for the marihuana. They, in turn, obtained the drugs from Leon Carruth Salazar, aged 50, of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, residing at 2598 Queretara, and Jesus Manuel Rodriguez Felix, aged 32, of Culiacan, Sinaloa. They had in their possession a bag containing 8 kilograms of raw marihuana. They sold the drugs to Armando and Ezeauiel �or $60 per kilogram. Following the intensive investigation in which the Federal Public Ministry agent, Oscar Felipe Castro San Martin, and Federal Judicial Police group 67 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 chie� Euataquio Loxente Arioyo participated personally, ehey diacovered ehe aite where the reat of the marihuana was atored. The storage place was in the home of Humbertio Salazar Monge, aged 39, of 956 Allende Street in the Pro-~amily Li4e Development. In thati location they ar- reaeed ~seeban Castaneda Gamez, aged 43, owner of eh~ drugs, who had ~uat arrived from Tepeaca, in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, and Esteban Heras Felix, aged 50; a reaident of Culiacan, Sinaloa, trom whom they confiscated the 130 grama of heroin. Eatetian Cataneda confessed ChaC he had brought the drugs in a Thorton type truck (double axle rear transmission), making several trips. ~ He diatribut~d them from~one to another here, always employing local people, - and he inCended Co sell them to a purchaser who would be responsible for tak- ing them to Che neighboring country. The connectiaa was formed between them because they were from the same locali- ty. Both Jesus Manuel Rodriguez Feliac and Humberto Salazar Monge, as well as _ Esteban Eieras, are from the Jesus Maria settlemenC in Che municipality of Cu- liacan, Sinaloa. Esteban Heras had arrived in the town 2 days earlier, car- rying the heroin in three polyerhylene bags. He claimed Co have purchased it in Culiacan, where he concealed it in the - clothing that he was carrying in a shoulder bag. He took,the train, and arrived in thia town a day later. Here, he hired a taxi and looked for Hum- berto 5alazar's house, where he was given lodging. When the police arrived, he was in the room which was used as a storage place, _ together with Esteban Castaneda. He was about the elude the police, but the group chief, Lorente Arroyo, noticed the suapicious presence of the shoulder _ bag, asked for the key Co open it, and upon searching it found the drugs. The marihuana was in 103 bags. When they had the latter items in their custodq, the Federal Public Ministry _ agent, Castro San Martin, requested the assistance of the municipal police. Eight patrols arrived at 956 Allende to protect the federal agents, and they carried the drugs to the federal proaecutor's office in two panel trucks be- longing to the same Mexicali municipal police. _ Yesterday, Castro San Martin said that both this marihuana and another ship- ' ment recently seized would be burned next Tuesday. : 2909 CSO: 5330 68 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 MEXICO TRAFFICKER IN DRUGS, MARIHUANA ESCAPES Mexico City EXCELSIOR in 5panish 25 Nov 78 p A-29 LText/ In Che presence of about 20 agents of the Investigation Division, Pascual Renteria Aguilar escaped yesterday from the building of the General Directorate of Police and Transit. Aguilar, in charge of the Olivar Pharmacy in the Olivar del Conde community, was arrested because, for some time, he had been selling'narcoCica and marihuana to the youth of ehat area. Together with him, the police also captured Miguel Angel Rosales Avila and Jorge A1- berto Moreno Cruz, charged with bringing customers to that pharmacy. The _ three were relieved of 50 boxes of sleeping pills, stimulants and several marihuana cigarettes. Yesterday at noon, when agents were t~king Che three _ prisoners to the press office, Renteria escaped. Miguel Angel Rosales, Pascual Renteria Aguilar and Jorge Alberto Moreno Cruz were arrested for selling narcotic pills in a pharmacy in the Olivar del Conde community. The second individual escaped yesterday from the _ bi~ilding of the General Directorate of Police and Transit taking advantage of carelessness on the part of the agents. 8568 CSO: 5300 _ 69 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 MEXYCO TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED IN CAPITAL Mexico City EXCELSIOR in SpAniah 25 Nov 78 p A-29 . ~ h 4~'... ~M~ ! ~ r;t , _ + { ~ r E~~'xe . F 'd rF . ' r~~~,~ The police captured Humberto Lara Sahagun, Jaime Fernandez Breton, Hector Ortiz Valencia and Cesar Gonzalez Magana, who were selling marihuana in Zona Rosa. 6 8568 - CSO: 530U - 70 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - M~XICO TRUCKLOAD OF MARI~iUANA SEIZED, DRIVER QUESTIONED Shipment Enroute to Reynosa _ Nuevo Laredo EL DIARTO DE NUEVO LAREDO in Spanish 22 Dec 78 Sec C p 3 _ [TexC] The Federal Judicial Police detailed to this town dealt the drug Craf- fic anoCher harsh blow by seizing a double-wheel vehicle in which a ton of marihuana was being carried. In the vicinity o# the customs sCation in the settlement of Ciudad Miguel Aleman, the federal police arrested Rosendo Vasquez Colin, driver of the ~ 1976 Chevrolet double-wheel truck with state of Tamaulipas license plates W-7453. Upon inspecting the goods being carried in that vehicle, the Federal Judicial _ Police agents found some aheet metal boxes containing carefully arranged pack- ages of marihuana, which were being transported as if they were electric tools. - The Cruck with all the drugs, as well as the driver who was under arrest, were taken to the Federal Judicial Police offices in this town, the former to be sent to that office's yards, and the latter to be questioned more closely about this shipment. - One of the doora of the truck that was carrying the drugs bore the initials - SARH (Secretariat of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources], possibly affixed there to deceive the federal police, or it might well belong to that Secre- tariat. The individual under arreat confeased to Che Federal Judicial Police agents that he had only received instructions to leave those goods in the town of - Reynosa for some people who w~ould come for them. The authorities will find out whether the truck really belongs to the govern- ment agency cited on its door, or whether it was tampered with. 71 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 . Engineer Hired Driver ~ Nu~vo Laredo EL MANANA in Spanish 29 Dec 78 Sec A p 2 ~ (Text] YesCerday, federal prisoner Rosendo Vasquez,who was recently - capCured while dxiving a truck loaded with meCal boxes conCaining about a ~ ton of marihuana, appeared before the second d~Lstrict ~udge Co make his pre- ' liminary statemenC. The accused con~irmed the deposition that he had made previously to the agent of the. Federal ~'ublic MinisCry. The federal social representative brought charges against Vasquez Colin for preaumed guilt of a crime againse health in Che degrees of possession and transportation of cannabis indica. ` . During the course o� the questioning, Vasquez claimed that he did not know what was contained in the boxes, because upon being hired by an engineer - named Juan Gutierrez Rodriguez to drive the truck from Toluca to Reynosa the latter told him that it contained electric generazors and armature. It may be recalled that Rosendo Vasquez was arrested on 20 December by Fede- ral Judicial Police agents while driving a 1976 Chevrolet truck with license _ plates W-7653, with the government designation SARH on its door. It was carxying 10 metal boxes containing 537 marihuana bricks. Vasquez stated that engineer Juan Gutierrez had hired him in Toluca to drive the truck to Reynosa, where they would both meet. - Despite the fact that the Federal Judicial Police made an intensive search for Juan Gutierrez, the results proved negative. - 2909 - CSO: 5330 72 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - MEXICO a - ' MARIHUANA GRO~WERS ARRESTED IN MATAMOROS _ Mexico City EXCELSIOR in Spanish 23 Nov 78 p A-26 /Text/ Yesterday, agents of the Investigation Division end members of the Judicial Police of the State of Puebla captured farmers Sidronio Carrillo _ Me~ia and Sixto Adorno Jimenez in Izucar de Matamoros of that state; they _ were growing marihuana and delivering it to a band of drug traffickers, who - were operating in the schools of this captial. _ i Ya ~ ~ ~ ~ ..8. ' `.o~ ~ ' ~ . < ~ . , . z ~ A ~ - ~~~i~~i.~t~~~~,`~,~~; ~~i J , a ' ~0 ~ ~Q~~~ 3c~5~~ ~ ~ ~ c s ~ � ~ . .3~.x i5~ ~ a~t $a ~ *~~Q ~ Z. ~ < < ' 3'' ~ ~ Z '2~.~'h g' ~ ~"'f`'~ � . a~3 ~t:~~ . +n4 . h � a~..v~.'~' Ya h +~~~~y~.~ ~ r ..~~.`SC;~_,CC ~,?'kh�}5 ~"`2 . ~C k} ;Y,~,~,..o. .�.',S , ifi3kC...: ^ti ~ ~ _ . ~1; ~t 4 ~ : tt. `t 3 Y~ y}fCi~~~ Y:`: ~ . . : `cr x~~,,~c~u~~' :;~`;L,:\.�f%':~~'~Y"a ~,vF~"~ ;.~i:~~~:.. ! ,I~~o With the sacks in which they were storing 120 kg of marihuana and seeds of that plant in their possession, farmers Sidronio Carrillo Mejia and Sixta Adorno Jimenez were arrested by the DIPD /Investigation Division for the Preventio~ of Delinquency/ . ~ 73 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 'Che twu prisonere, Erom whom the police confisceted 120 kg of the drug, were working for Sixto Ro~ns Avila, Jose de la Rosn ~iernandez and Ricardo Moreno Ftivera, who ure already being tried in a district court after having been erre~ted on 13 November. During the interrogationa 5ixto, Jose and Ricardo geve the names of farmers who are cultivating the plant. With the information given, Col ~rancisco Sahagun Beca, head of the Investiga- tion Divieion f or Crime Prevention, hed ordercd rhe investigation to be con- tinued end this led to the capture of 5 idronio end SixCo. Yesterdoy, the agents errested the two farmers, who confessed that they had been growing the psychotropic plant for more than 14 yeara and that their only customer has been Ricnrdo Moreno Etiveru. - They said they had planted it in the ravinea of Los Reyes Teolco, Puet~la and were aelling it at 1,300 pesos per kg. ' 85b8 CSO: 5300 _ 74 I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 , _ MEXICO TRAFFICKERS SEIZED: POPPILS, MARIHUANA UESTROYED Mexico CiCy LL SOL DE MEXICO in Spanish 22 Nov 78 p A-10 LText/ In a flurry of activity which lasted 48 hours and covered 10 states, the Federal Judicial Police aucceeded in capeuring 24 dangeroua drug and wine trafFickera, destroying 426 poppy plants and more than 5 million marihuana plants, seizing 2.5 tons of marihuana ready to be sold and confiacating a plane and five vehiclea in addition to 20,000 pills and 650 bottlea of various liquors. The Cesana Centurion plane with 340 kg of packaged marihuana was found on a clandestine runway located in "Lana del Chicalote," in Teloloapan, Guerrer~, where the police captured Rey Martinez Roman, Alejandro Roman Antunez and Lorenzo Armenta Martinez, who had high-caliber riflea and an automatic pistol in their poasession. In the city of Jimenez, Tamaulipas, the police intercepted a shipment of 20,000 pills and seized two late-model automobiles arranged to transport drugs in their tanks, bodies, bumpers, doors and floors, and at the same time they arrested Jesus Andrade Chavez, Ismael Lucero Alvarez, Ismael Valencia Gonzale2, Mariano Martinez, Osiel Gonzalez, Crisoforo Flores, Isauro Rodriguez and Roque Cano. Many Plants Discovered The poppy and marihuana plants were found in places known as "E1 Rodeo," - "Quebrada de Arroyo," "Ciringa," "Rosario," "Rancho de Toray," "Metates," and "Rio Verde," in Sinaloa. Rancho San Pablo and Rancho Potrerillo, in Chihuahua; San Felipe de Hijary Pihuamo, in Jalisco; north of Cerro de las Cajas, in Apatzingan, Michoacan; - Aguita in the city of Galeana, in Nuevo Leon. Rancho Guevara, city of Qyuezco de Aldama and Rancho Santa Ines de Ixtaltepec, in Oaxaca. - In Mazatlan, Sinaloa, the judicial police captured Manuel Lopez Marquez, alias "E1 Nuesitos," Marca Antonio Zamudio Quezada and Ricardo Acuna Tirado, while they were in possession of 30 kg of rnarihuana ready for sale. 75 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 The 650 bottlee of verioua liquors, such~~s champagne, cognac ~nd whisky, were being transported by Jorge Sobrino Franco ~nd ~ernando Vada Benitez in a Valiant automobile, license 464-BJ{~ of the Federal District, on Che Durango- _ Torreon highway, Other cepeures of trnffickers were made by the Judicial Police in Morelie, Michoacan; Tuxtepec, Oaxaca; the capital of this atate and in Tlalnepantla, SCeCe of Mexico, where ~sCela Rodriguez Florea were arrested with 25 kg of peckaged marihuana in her poeseasion. 8568 CSO: 5300 ~b APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 MEXICO - BRIEFS ~ 'OPERATION CONDOR' TO CONTINUE--The commander of the Fifth MiliCary Zone, Brig Gen Juan Arevalo Gardoqui, attached Co Che General Staff, stated that "Operation Condor" to counter drugs in the sCatea of Durando, Sonora and Chihuahua would be carried out on a permanent basis. He said that the vi- gilance would not be kept in the rural areas alone, but in the urban sections as well, for which purpose the forces are in constant conCact with the agenta of the Federal Public Ministry. He noted that the Durango-Sonora-Chihuahua triangle has considerable drug trafficking problems, and thaC this ia why in- tensive efforts are being made there, using patrols. He also said thaC there would be a consCant battle against cattle rusCling, and thaC campaigns are ' under way to search for weapons, as is the DN-3 plan which is in effect in instances of disasters which strike the population. [Text] (Ciudad Juarez EL FRON2ERI20 in Spaniah 10 Dec 78 Sec A p 6J 2909 HEROIN, MARIHUANA SEIZED--Mexico City, 19 December--Yesterday, Federal Judi- cial Police agents seized over half a ton of marihuana, 150 grams of powder- ed heroin and a liter of marihuana oil in Che towns of Oaxaca, Tijuana, Pie- dras Negras, Nuevo Laredo and the Federal District. The Office of the At- torney General of the Republic announced yesterday that the drug traffick- ers Esteban Hernandez Fernandez and Alfredo Penaloza Torres were arresCed in a 1973 Chevrolet Camper without license plates, in which they had con- cealed half a ton of marihuana under a load of bananas. They were inter- cepted along the highway from Aguilera-Oaxaca to Veracruz, and a 12 caliber shotgun and a 38 caliber Colt pistol were found in the truck. In the town of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, the youth David Alonso Ramirez was arrested. He was carrying 1 kilogram and 200 grams of powder "for cutting" heroin. - He admitted to having purchased the goods in Mazatlan, and selling them in - Eagle Pass, in the United States. [Text] [Nuevo Laredo EL MANANA in Spanish 20 Dec 78 Sec A p 5] 2909 GUADALAJARA, MAZATLAN DRUG ADDICTION--Ti3uana--The General Secretary of Or- ganization for Youth Rehabilitation Centers in Mexico, Gelen Velazquez, claimed that, despite the government's efforts, drug addiction among the youth is still widespread. She announced that in such towns as Guadalajara and Mazatlan this problem is assuming alarming proportions, to the detri- - ment of social stability. She said that a high index of marihuana consump- tion has been reflected among children under 12 years of age and, starting 77 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ar that age, in Che consumpCion of other drugs. In view of Chis fact, Che government is increasing its assi.stance Co the Youth RehabilitaCion CenCers, which are the agencies responsible for ereating young people with drug ad- ~ , diction problems. Mrs Velazquez arri.ved in this town for the purpose of becoming familiar wiCh the work that the Ti~uana YouCh Rehabiliration Center - is doing. [Text] [Mexicali LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA in Spanish 10 Dec 78 Sec B - p 8] 2909 PSYCHOTROPIC PTLLS SEIZED--The Federal Jud3cial Police confiscaCed approximate- ly 7,000 toxic pills .from a group of individuals who had been distributing - these psychotropic subsCances iri Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Yesrerday, the Federal Public Ministry announced that, at dawn, federal agents arrested Noe Landeros Sanchez, AnConio Rodriguez Moreno and Guadalupe Mendoza Avendano for investi- gaCion. About 2 kilograms of toxic pills were seized from them, most of them whole and the rest ground up; but it was reported that they totaled approx- imately 7,000 psychotropic subsCances. The source of the information iioted that the agents had arrested Che three individuals in questinn because Chey had information to the effECt that they were engaged in selling psyc:hotropic substances. Several addicts who were taken into custody said that they were addicted to the toxic pills and they simultaneously provided the names of their suppliers. [Text] [Nuevo Laredo EL MANANA in Spanish 29 Dec 78 Sec B p 2] 2909 _ MARIHUANA TRAFFICKERS JAILED--Xesterday, the drug traffickers Homero Beltran Aguirre, aged 25, and Ariel Davila Torres, were officially imprisoned for - a crime against health in the degree of possession and trafficking of mari- huana; and, as for the accused Ezequ3el Garcia, who was charged only with concealment, t~iis fact enabled hi.m to give a guarantee to the ~udge's satis- faction, and he obtained a release. The aforemenCioned individuals had been engaged in trafficking in marihuana, which they purchased in .6 @, ~ - . ~,;1 w i!,:'~~i - ,S$; t~!:+ ' ~ ! :N~',^�ii ~}'N~I K, ,A.t~t; - ' ,~~3~y.y,,, LL~'~"3F, ! ~ Victor Daniel Oliver'a Rodriguez, apprehended after remaining a fugitive for over 10 months. Olivera Rodriguez said that, when he learned that he was wanted by the Nar- cotics Brigade actively engaged in rounding up traffickers and users he fled to Pc,rto Alegre, on 11 January. There, he lodged in the Hotel Chicago, on Garibaldi Street, but h~ must have changed lodging several times, owing to the frequent'raids carried out by the Rio Grande du.Sul police. Although the Brazilian officers were seeking criminals and in- dividuals without docum~entation that would allow them to stay in Brazil, Olivera was afraid that his status as a fugitive for the crime of drug ~ trafficking might be known and this gave rise to his nervousness that finally led him to flee to the country where his arrest had been ordered precisely. - He admitted to the Uruguayan authorities who arrested him as soon as he = set food on Uruguayan territory that he had made several trips t~ Paraguay paid and ordered by Temesio Maisonnave, bringing in several kilograais of marihuana. He also said that he "worked" for Gonzalo Garreta and Eduardo Cattami, already tried. He had even gone so far as to go to Brazil with prescriptions falsified by Carlos Alberto Gomez Martinez. When he discovered that the prescriptions were not valid, he decided to buy the psychopharmacological drugs in Montevideo with those false prescrip- _ tions and, once in Brazil, he exchanged them for marihuana that he then brought to Uruquay. ~ 85 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ Today, Olivera Rodriguez wi11 be taken before the first session trial judge who will surely order him remanded to prison. It should be pointed out that, in due tiem, the prisoner's pals were charged.with the crime specified in _ article 31 of Law 14,294 (drug trafficking) and article 220 of the Penal ; Code (f~l~~,fication in this case complicity or coperpetration o� falsi- - �iaation of a private document). ~ 10 , 042 CSO: 5300 i I f i _ 1= i _ I ~ I I f- I i i . i- i i 86 ! ~ . ; . I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 VENEZUELA BRI~FS ~ HEROZN SEIZED--The Judicial Technical Police [PTJ] have seized a suitcase which contained a large heroin shipment. The PTJ officials discovered the suiCcase as they inspected the luggage aboard a Venezuelan International Airline plane which arrived at Maiquetia lnternational�Airport from Bogota. _ The heroin shipment was valued at 5 million bolivares. The woman who , owned the suiCcase was able to escape. [Caracas Radio Continente Network in Spanish 1000 GMT 13 Jan 79 PA] SMUGGLERS ARRESTED--Caracas, 12 Jan (AFP)--A map of clandestine runways in Colombia was seized from two smugglers who made an emergency landing _ last Tuesday on a rural road near Maracaibo, police reported here today. Cuban Pedro Otoniel Pena, 53, and American Michael Lee Carello, 29, confessed that they were going to exchange an arms shipment for drugs at a clandestine ~ - airport in the Gua3ira Peninsula in Colombia. They admitted that before landing they ~ettisoned the arms shipment. However, officials found packs - - of bullets and inatructions on how to use semi-automatic U.S. carbines aboard the plane. Pena and Carello left Florida enroute to Colombia on a bimotor plane but their arrangements with their contact on an island - near Haiti: failed and they were unable to refuel. The report adds that the smugglers ~ettisoned 60 44-magnum revolvers, 20 38-caliber revolvers and _ _ 12 M~l rifles. [Paris AFP in Spanish 1648 GMT 12 Jan 79 FA] = POLICE SEIZES MARIHUANA--The Interpo'_ in Venezuela found 1 million bolivares worth of marihuana in two suitcases that were left in Che cargo warehouse at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia. .[Caracas - Radio Continente Network in Spanish 1000 GMT 15 Jan 79 PA] ~ CSO: 5300 _ 87 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVE~ FOR RELEASE= 2007/02/08= CIA-R~P82-00850R000'1000'10046-9 � i i979 ~ i~ ~ ~ 2 OF 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/48: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100014446-9 , � ~GYPT W4SNISH TRAFFICIC~EtS AMBUSHED Cairo THE EGYPTIAN CAZETTE in ~nglish 20 Dec 78 p 3 [ Te x t J A spvAD ot ayr~~r ~au. Warlns ~roa m~cn a~ aaso~tfa yollce ooolbost~d ~orn~ m~ !!~lC4~ 1N! a e~aY~ ot Y~lsb wt~N iti ~tmltlon. L~t~ ~Ii,9M aaQ art+NRN ~da~ t~ M~' oW a11r1 itat~l~ ~Irr~ ~ ~ ~ r Man~ et dl~r~Lh iw~~ !a t~M ~[atiurh ~wMt ~elbe ~,y ~ ~~t+ 1W we~k 1~a' ~roM ~afd Y~ ~nrMv~tta~,~ ; 11~11~d~I' ' ` ~1 ~la~lSe`er ~M +inw~~. ~a~~~d~ ~~ia~k~ t ~ ~ft~ ~t~ !n ~~wr~ ~ ~~t l~?. ~tt~ s~ . lb11M ~ ~tW tor , ~~M ~ 1M11 ~ ~ ~N rj wp1~ ' � !~M Y. l~~. ~td MM ~ 11MIMlrI~ t~~ t2a ~~ba~~,~~l~ A~WA~ ~D ~ ~lI~I� pG110~ ~rM� r"' CSO: 4820 8~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100014446-9 UENMAItK COPENHAGEN TO OPEN THRE~ MORE METHADONE CENTERS Cnpenhagen POLYTIKEN in Danish 19 Dec 78 p 1 (Articlp by Jems Holsoe: "Copenhagen To Have Three New Narcotics Centers"] [Text) After new year, Copenhagen wi11 establish three meChadone clinics, = where 4 or 5 social workers, four physicians, and one psychologist will - treat the 124 narcotice addicCs for which the municipality assumed responsi- bility when the health authority closed down Dr Ole HjorC's private metha- done mainCenance establiahmenr. . With the setting up of these three methadone c~inics decided upon on Friday and announced yesterday, the municipality of Copenhagen has very drastically changed the previous treatmenC policy. It has led Co numerous proresta by physicians and othera involved in the problem. City PHysician H. E. KnipschildC stated yesterday that Chief Physician Preben Freitag has be~~ appointed to head the three clinics. For the time being they will function for six months, but the chief physician thinks they may be open for a longer period. Freitag has been given a leave of absence from the criminal administration. Tt~e municipality will very shortly have to find premises for the Chree clinica, where daily doses of inethadone are to be distributed to the addicts. One of the clinics will probably be located in a store in the inner city, where FreiCag has treated a s!nall number of addicts. Before the city decided to esCablish these three clinics, attempts had been made to find ~ossibil.fCies for treatment in, among other places, the psychiaCric sections of Copenhagen's hospitals. Here, cooperation was - refused. The psychiatric physicians offered 10 days of reintegration which _ the city physician rejected. The social workers of Copenhagen's treatmenC centers are outraged by the decision, feeling that the work they are carrying or~ of reintegration and - resocializatfon of the addicts will be undermined by the new policy. Last night, Dr Freitag said to POLITIKEN *_haC with the decision made, he hoped that cooperation would bc possible. "The unfortunaCe situation of the addicta i~ at stake~" he said. 11256 CSO: 5300 89 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 - NORWAY POLICE FIND NEROIN LACED WITH STRYCHNINE Osln AFTENPOSTEN in Norwegian 29 Dec 78 p 2 %Text7 "It is a known fact that strychnine--or rat poison--is being mixed � with heroin for sale on the street," said Police Ad3utant Per Carlson of the Oslo police department. "In Denmark they have known of this for several years. We have also confirmed the presence of strychnine in Che heroin here in Norway at the time of a drug-related death." Carlson made this comment on a report from the Norwegian Public Health Inetitute to t;he effect - that there was atrychnine in confiscated heroin that the police seized before Christmas. Police Ad~utant Carlson emphasized that this batch which was analyzed has no connection with the five drug-related deaths in Oslo in the weeks before Christmas. "There have been more seizures in connection with the deaths. These seizures are being analyzed and the police have not yet been informed of the results. We are also awaiting the autopsy reports before we can be sure," said Carlson. According to the newspaper KLASSEKAI~EN the Norwegian Public Health Institute has found between one and two percent of strychnine in the batch which has been tested. The substance is very dangerous, and 10 miligram~ is the most that a human can tolerate. _ "Regarding the deaths before Christmas, it is too early to say anything with certainty. The cause of death could also have been stolen pharmaceuticals such as methadone. We have several unsolved pharmacy break-ir,s which methadone . (a synthetic opiunrlike substance) and other dri:3s were stolen. It is kaown from past experience that overdoes of this substance cause the death uf those who have taken it," said Carlson. , "Is heroin new generally available in Oslo?" ~ "Unfortunately, heroin has become more and more available. Drug addicts pay sky-high prices for it. In a recently complete.~'~case it was learaed that the price of heroin was between 5,000 and 10,000 kroner per gram 90 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 in Oslo, depending upon suppy and demand. The average price was between 7,000 and 8~000 kroner. An individual who was found guilty in the case parned 300~000 kroner for selling a relaCiv~ly small amount of heroin," eaid Police Ad~utiant Carlson. ~g According to CarlBOn auChorities in Europe have known for aeveral yeara Chat etrychnine wae being mixed with heroin. In Denmark this has caused several deaths among drug addicts. In most cases the etrychnine wae mixed with the heroin before iC was smuggled to Europe from the Eaet. 9287 CSO: 5300 . 91 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ _ NORWAY BRIEFS ~ FIVE DEATHS IN WEEK--1~an peraons, a man and a woman in their mid-twentiea, were found dead in their Oslo apartment last night. The death� were probably - the reault of drug ovez~doae. This bringa to five the number of drug-related _ deaths during the paet week. A six~h pQraon, a 21-year-o1~3 wom~n, took her own life several days ago while under the influence of drugs. The +two who = were found dead last night had used hard drugs for a long time. Earlier in . the week a 21-year-old man was fou.zd dead on Che sofa in another Oslo apart- � ment. He had been addicted to heroin for aeveral months. ThE same morning an 18-year-old was found dead in bed. He had come to the ha~e of a friend the night before. He complained of being ill and his friend helped him to bed. The next morning he was dead. The 18-year-old had been addicted to hard drugg for a long time. The fifth death was a 24-year-old hypodermic - , $ddict. He was also found dead in bed in an Oslo apartment. The hypodermic syring~e with the remains of the narcotic substanc~ was found beaide the bed. /Text/ %Uslo AFTENPOSTEN in Norwegian 23 Dec 78 (Evening Ed) p 107 9287 ~ CSO: 5300 92 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 SWEDEN INCREASIN~ US~ OP HEROIN WOBRIES OFFICIALS - St~ckhol:d SVENSKA DAGBLAU~T in 5wediah 7 Dec 78 p 4 [Article by Wi11y S1lberetein: "Heroin Claime More and More"] (Text] Heroin is claiming more and more victima. In the play "Syatem 84" - on televiaion Wedneaday, 16 peopl~ died. Alwost as many~ 15 young people, have died thie year in Stoc~.holm from overdoses. The police are quite diaturbed by the increasing amounts of heroin in Sweden. ' Y.aet year 150 peaple died from narcotica in Sweden. The average age of the decea~ed was 23 yeare. More and more drug uaera have gone over *.o the very dangereus heroin. In - 1975, police took 7.9 grams in Sweden. A year later, the figure waR up to 1,988.1 grama and in 1977, 1,335.4 grama were conf iacated. During the first 6 monthe of thie year, 1,010.4.grams have been found so far. Heroin has also be~un to be sold in liquid form. Heroin ia smuggled in small quantitiea, uaually 20-30 gr~nns, asang other thinga, in co~tdomg in Che smuggler's rectum. Consequently, cuetoms _ officials diecover only a emall portion of what is smuggled. Of the estimated 150 tone of heroin that left Thailatld in 1971, the police in Europd confiecated only 600 kilogramel Heroin is expensive. One gram costs between 1,000 and 2,000 kronor and is enough for about 5 doaea. More Robberies "Most vften it is drug abusera who smuggle heroin. They aell part of it � anc~ use the rest for their own conaumption," says Commiesioner Karl-Erik AugustesOn of the national police. The heroin is mixed before so1d. The atrength ie not always the same, which meane a dose can be much stronqer than the user thinks. Too strong r~ dose can cause the one injecting it to die immediately. 93 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 I _ "BuC it is not always ehe heroin itself Chat kills. The u~era are often in such bad condition that ~uaC the needle prick can be a sufficient ahock to cause a heart attack~" says Commisaioner Augustsaon. The drug is also behind ehe increase in violence and aseaults noted recently. Drug pushera are no longer satisfied with atolen gooda when they se11 the drug. They are demanding cgsh, which meana Chat the buyzra have for the most part turned from burglary to robbery to finance their drug use. Police Seizures of Heroin - 1975 7.9 grama 1976 1988.1 gr~s � 1977 1335.4 grams - 1978 1010.4 grams (lst half of year) ~ 9336 - CSO: 5300 1 94 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 UNITED KINGDOM _ BRIE~'S HEItOIN SMiJGGLING SEN~~NC~==3e~en ~urpwo~n at the Old Bailey yesterday e~thmiridc~ twn ~air~ of unde~pants with ~pecial sewn cumpartments eaid to have been abr'n by amUggle'rg Co transporC 200,000 pound~ worth of heroin. ~wo Litiyanss Mv~tafa Tekbali, 34~ f~ctory owner, and Moktar Tekbali, 29, - b~kery ato"rke~{ botH of Biahop'a Park Road, Fulham, were each ~ailed for five ye~~e fo'r s~nuggling. Redwa~ Maeal Meh, Syrian cAOk, of Butler Road, Willesden, aho ~dmitt~d b~ing t? c~iirief, was sentenced to three yeara. (T~xt] (LdYtddti THE DAILY ~TELE(3F~'H in Eng].ish 14 Dec 78 p 19] CSO: 9370 g5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ WEST GE1tMANY PRESENT ST~TE OF DRUG AUDICTION~ THERAPY IN FRG Hamburg DER SPIEGEL in German 25 Dec 78 pp 40-47 ' CArticle: "Like Babies Who Want to Be Fed~~] LText] Day after day, countleae young people in the Federal _ Republic are becoming addicted to drugs; by now, there are approximately 60,000 drug addicts. Ie it etill poseible to � save them or are they bound to die from the hypodermic needle? Onlq verq few drug addicto are prepared to accept help and - rehabilitation has proved a difficult job: `There is a ehortage of auitable facilities and trained ataff. Says a phyeician: - "We can~t get to the hard core." In school, Karl Allert* ~~felt aort of inferior.~~ The 15-year-old emoked haehieh and wae ~~proud of being a heshhead and better than the othera." The Berlin atudent did not get promoted end in the new claes he ~~had a crueh on a girl whom I found really eexy and ~ho Was a mainliner." Allert ful3ovred her lead "to be on the eenie level.~~ , Later, the junkie tried for many qears to get down again fran up there, and at firet he tried by himaelf. Allert learned a few leeaons: ~~Af ter ehooting up bad atuff, I wae throwing up all the time, and I told myeelf: Staq with your junk and take a few pills, and everything will be OK.~~ Until he got hold of something better. Allert sniffed '~age" (he~oin) and injected "Berliner Tinke" (acetic acid tincture of opium). He went back to hia parents, eince this ~'simply wae no life any more." At home, the drug addict made an attempt at withdrawal, which ended in a euicide attempt. * Name changed by the editora. ~ 96 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 The parente committed their minor eon to Che Karl-Bonhoef�er MenCal Hoepital ("Bonnie~s Ranch"). In the security ward, among schizophrenics, alcoholics and epileptice (eays Allert: "They were loaded with drugs an~. not responeive at all"), the drug adflict felt everything to be "tutally empCy; everything wenC wrong there." ' J Upon hi.s release, the addict was attraated to a woman junkie who had a child, and he was "quickly hooked again." A11ert dealt and atole--he once stole a VW bue containing a ehipment of champagne, in order to be able to _ buy the heroin he needed. During a withdrawal attempt at home, he beat up the child very badly--and wae again committed to "Bonnie's Ranch." Since Allert now faced criminal proceedings as well and eince he wanted to get out of the Ranch, but did not want to go to jail, he applied for ad- miesion to a rehabilitation comnune. The drug addict preaented himaelf at a Hannover comtnune, in which there was unfortunately no opening. "You finally make up your mind to do eanething," said Allert resignedly, "and then you find youraelf on waiting list number so-and-so." Like Allert, many other drug addicts in the Federal Rep~blic who want to give up the use of the drug are given the wrong directions or stalled off. Those who once found themeelvee in a security ward or who were denied ad- mission to a rehabilitation center tend to give up quickl3?. They are then hardly better off than individuals such ae Juergen Sahm*, 24, who did not even bother to line up, since all of that ia crap." For the - laet 6 yeare, the Frankfurt ~unkie has been vegetating, ahuttling between the "haehieh lawn" in the Bockenh~im Park, where the stuff ia dealt, end the public reet roome in the city, the retceat for the aecret fix. _ Oci three occasiona, Sahm ODed; he describes the experiencs ae follows: ~'Two seconds af ter ehooting up, I felt better. But then, seconda later, _ I felt a atabbing pain in the head and I blacked out. When I came to, I was lying on the rest room floor--apaema in the cardiac region, and pro- fuse per~piration." - So far, only the Frankfurt criminal police have noticed the junkie, one of ' the 1,300 addicte of whom the police maintain files concerned with drug abuse. He belonga to the apecies of mainlinera who refuae any help. The police conaider him "one of the potential dead bodies of tanorrow." But even police officere are sometimea aurprised at how soon an addict , will give himeelf the last, fatal fix. Ha~st Funk, 22, the eon of the Aielefeld Police chief, ran away from home ar.3 joined a ca~nune. Five montha later, he dfed of an overdoae of heroin. "If I had known that druge were being uaed in thia camnune," eaid the pol~.ce chief, "I would *Name ch~nged by the editors. 97 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 ~ have had my aon arrested right away.~~ No matter wheCher eomeone like Aller t eeeke help or whether zo eomeone like Sehm it ie only the next fix thdt makee eense, in the Federal Republic there ie little hope that drug~eddic ta will aurvive the drug. Once theis children are hooked on the needle, the parenta quickly lose control over them. Only very few drug addicta rouse themaelves at some time or other and make en attemp t at aithdrawal. If they do, they face new problema. For in the rehabilitation centeze and cortmunee of the Feder~l Republic, there are only � approximately 1~000 openinge vis-a-vie 60,000 drug addicte. Frequently attempte are made to break uaers of the hard drug habit while they are in ~ail or in a mental inetitution; however~ in the opinion of ' moat phyaiciane such attempta are pointless. But where the junkies find eccommodation ie decided not by phyeicians, but by judgea who are concerned with protection againet the addicte ratt~er than with their cure. Nev~rtheless, according to rehabilitation workere auch ae the Berlin paq- chologiet Sybille Kretechmer, there now ia a~~30 to 60 percent chance of rehabilitation~'--depending on the peraonnel and apace available in the re- habilitation facilitiee. However, frequent poet-therapy relapsea of addicta confirm a widelq h~ld view to the effect that the heroin addicte cannot be helped anyway. p~_ cording to the Frankfurt neurologiet Klaus Wanke, "Our society is all too _ anxioue to uee the catchword of a relapae rate of 98 percent, in order to - evade the taking of effective meaeuree.~~ In the struggle againet druge the cure ie as much a public obligation as ia preven tion, say the medical experte. But according to the Bavarian drug cannisaioner, Karl Kleemaan, therapy ie "the very laet net to catch the tightrope walker.~~ Whereae in other fields of inedicine, e.g. in cancer therapy, a minimal chance of auccesa ie accepted, the therapiate in the drug acene are sub- ject to the preseure to aucceed. After lesa than 10 qears of experience, - complains Berndt Georg Thamm, the drug commissioner of the Berlin Caritasverband [Charity Asaociation], the public "expecta ue to come up � with the philoeophere~ etone.~~ More than ever, a more relfable prognoais for drug careers is death in the rest room or death by hanging in the prison cell. Thfe year, there will be more than 400 heroin deathe; last year, there were 356. In 1978, some placee, e.g. Frankfurt (28) or Hamburg (16), recorded more drug-related deaths by late fall than in the previous years. By the end of November Baden-W1~erttemberg reported 60 drug-related deatha, i.e. $n 98 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 increaee of 23 over the total of 1977. Not included here and not recorded by any statiatica are thoae addicts - - who at aome time or other ~ump out of the window, with Che physician entering ~~heart failure~' or ~~cirrhoeie of the liver~~ in the death cer- tificate. According to an estimate by the Federal Health Ministry, the - death rate of heroin addicte exceede that of non-addicts by 20 to 30 percent. According to a survey undertaken in Rhineland-Palatinate, the number of juveniles uaing hard druga ie increasing. Says Bernhard Prahlow, the direcCor of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Parity Welfare Aeaociation: "At present, 8- to 11-year-old children are entering the drug acene." For ell their efforts, the police have not been able to curb the increes- ing use of heroin. During the first 6 montha of 1978, 130 kilograma of heroin were aecured by criminal police and cuetoma in the Federal Repub- lic, while during the whole year of 1977 the police aeized 60 kilograme. ' In the opinion of police officials auch ae Kurt Bauer, the head o� the _ Narcotics Department in the Stuttgart State Criminal Police Bureau, to epeak of "light at the end of the tunnel" ie permisaible onlq, if the demand can be curbed. Concerned parents and zealous politicians are pointing out waqs of solving the problem. According to one of the proposals, the addicts ahould be taken off the street by force. "Voluntariness in drug rehab- ilitation ia in many caees inappropriate liberalism," arguea the Hesse - Landtag [etate legielature] deputy Wolf-Dieter Firnhaber (CDU); "after - all, cholera, typhoid or plague victime are likewiae detained against their will." However, it ie not until a rising death rate alarms the public i:hat the politiciane become active. In Berlin, which in 1977 recorded the hitherto highest drug death rate of all Federal Laender (84), the Senate allocated thia year DM 8.6 million (aix timea as much as in the pre- ceding year) for drug control--"on account of the fatalities," as ~'heo Loos, Berlin~a deputy drug comtnissioner, conceded. Neverthelesa, this year Berlin hae again recorded 60 drug-related deaths. ' The attempta made by the authorities are at any raCe an advance as can- _ pared to the setbacka which at the beginning of the drug wave at the end of the 1960~s characterized the handling of addicte. Drug addicts aeeking ~ advice frequently.were given nothing but an instructional pamphlet, and veteran social workera found it difficult to relate to longhaired junkies. Some eelf-help groupa did not even attempt to cure the addiction. Rather, they propF^qted drug uae for the purpoae of raising political conacioueneas. In the Hamburg ~'Release" center (motto: "Help yourselves"), the consumption of aoft druge had long been considered the appropriate 99 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 medicine for effecting the withdrawal from hard druga. At thati time, the Hemburg drug commiseioner, Eckhard Guenther, excused Che occaeional jointe emoked in the "Release" center: "They have helped ua by taking 50 people off the mainliner market.~' In addition, there were external obatacles: In Frankfurt, a rehabilita- tion center wae smaehed by a drunk motorcycle tough. In Bittenfeld in Swabia, local politiciana and parieh councilora prevented the Wuerttemberg Charity OrganizaCion from rehabilitating addicta in an old parsonage. In Braunachweig, the advertieing organ NEUE BRAUNSCHWEIGER recommended mental institutione. The paper auggested that the addicts ("many are worth less than manure"~ be permitted here "unrestrained drug u~e until - their early death.~~ The firat eubaidies offered by the Federal Government and the Laender were aquandered rather indiscriminately: On tearooms, drug clinica, communes and contact centers. By 1971, the atate had subsidized 118 facilities characterized by good intentions and a lack of expertise. It was not until 1973 that the rehabilitation centere were given s~ien- - tific aupport--initfallq in the hope that this would lead to the develop- ment of a generally accepted therapeutic concept. By now, however, the Bonn drug politiciana have realized that there can be no "optimal therapy," as Ministsr of Public Health Antje Huber conceded; the causes of dependence and the emotional and phyaical consequences of addiction ~ ir? the individual cases are too varied. The model of the four-stage "therapy chain" is probably the most pro- mieing: --Counaeling in outpatient facilities maintained by the public health authorities, welfare inatf tutions or self-help groupa; --physical detoxification in a mental hoepital or in the intensive care center of a hoapital (duration: 7 to 10 days); --paychological rehabilitation in a f acility removed as far as possible from the addict~s former "ecene" (duration: Frequently unlimited, at least several months); --follow-up therapy in a commune in company with other former addicts under the auperviaion of therapiata and social workers. There are weak links in thia chain. While counseling centers exiat in denaely populated areas, there are hardly any in rural regions. Most counseling is usually no more than the presentation of information con- - cezning therapy. Drug experts criticize that there ia hardly any outpatient or preventive care. 100 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 According to the Tuebingen pedagogue Thiee Poerksen, "The market of therapeuCic facilities ia an open arena for all aorta of thinge." The helpera in the churchea and welfare asaociatione have been 3oined by profiteers and miracle healera. Religious secta and political fringe groupa are likewise interested in hel~ing the addicta. � T'he Frankfurt AOK [General Health Ineurance Fund], for example, prefere - to refer ite policy holdere to the Hatzfeld-Eifa "Hahnenholz Hoapital" in North Hease--which to the Wieebaden paychiatriat Charlotte Berger �~s "at best a eanitarium." Berger, the drwig expert of the Hesse MinisCry of - - Social Welfare, etated af ter a visit to the hoapital: ~~For heroin ad- dicts, thie ie unauitable.~~ For many yeare, the ~'New Church of Scientology~~ received public funde (in Berlin DM 1.5 million) for iCe ~'Narconon" therapy. By means of devices such as Che ~'Hubbard E-meter,~~ the church apoatlea trfed to break the addicCs of the hard drug habit. In the opinion of the Berlin drug commiaeioner, Wolfgang Heckmann, Scien- _ tology~s cures are ~'illusory; once there is no longer any identification with the Scientology group, the addict drops back into the drug acene." It was only after almost all of the Weat Berlin drug experts had aharply ' protested t~at "Narconon" was struck from the list of organizations Co be aubsidized. Preaently, succesaful rehabilitation facilities are characterized by ane - feature in particular: '.rained pedagoguea and psychologiats are very atrict with the addicta. According to FRAI~,:.'~~1RTER RUNDS~HAU, "the hard line ia generally accepted now." In the Tu~.'~,ingen Drug Aid Center, where reveille is eounded at 5:30 am, "overaeera" appointed for that very pur- pose meintain discipline. Likewiae, atrict abatinence ia the rule in the "Ernest Holmes Hoapital" in the Allgaeu village of Leutkirch-Winterstetten. Any nonesae~tial food - or beverage ie taboo here, even, black tea, coffee and Coke. Those who want to give u~ drug uae there muat hand over their identification card,driver~a licenae and check book and must accept bodily aearches A~ well as blood and urine testa. In the Banneneiek, Hoenkenmuhle, Bennigaen anc! Aachtmissen communes in Lower Saxony, "dependence ~n the rehabilitatior: commune" is exacted fran the drug addict; subsequently, this dependence !.s step hy step reduced. Many communes are extr~mely selective. For example, the Hamburg "Reitbrook Project" will not a~lmit any aeriously disturbed individuals, or persone facing criminal proceedings and "the prospect of a jafl sentence." According to psychologiat Li~elotte Bruening of the Goetzing "Day Top" Center in Upper Bavaria, it ie easential "that the suffering be intenee." ioi APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 'I'hc derlin phyeicinn Werner Middendorf explaing Che concepC: The eddicte muat legrn "to endure everydey etreae. They mueC no longer b~ allowed Co - give themeelves up to thc quaei-maternel protection of the drug.~~ Coneequ~ntly, in thc ~netitutione there remaine only e nerrow margin beraecn barety permie~ible tolerance and mnet eevere treatment. In - WolfemuenArer Cestlp in Lower Franconia--which ae a"long-Cerm rehabilita- tion progrem" (duration: 9 to 12 monthe) is representative of th~ etrict epproach--the peychologieta take their patientg Co the upper limit. This begine ut the time of admieeion. The newcaner muet convince the other ex-junkies that he ie serioue about the treatment. "With them~~' obaerved peychologiat Ingrid Hack~ "the cocnpassion number cuts no ice: ~'hey know all the tricks." Thoee wFio p9ee the t~et submit to etrict regulationa: During the first 6 rreeke~ they get no mail nor ere they alloaed to receive vieitore; maga- zinee, mueic and TV are taboo. Whoever leevea the castle area, is ex- pelled. Md f or the firet 3 to 4 monthe~ the "prohibition concerning eocial and �exuel relatione'~ etipulatea: "No sharing of beds or bath- tube." Recorde and radio are permitted only et the second etege, after epproximately 3 montha; recorde reminiscent of the "scene " remain on the Index. Aeide from mercile.e group diecuseions~ the therapy includes hard agri- culturnl aork: Among other choree, the aomen have to muck out the pena of the pig� and of the two eheep (~~Honda" and "Guzzi"); the men fell trees ' and dig up potatoee. Not all patiente can withstand the preseure. The , Wolfewuen.ter therapiet Hack concedes that "at some time or other everqone aante to bolt." In fact~ many do and the coneequences sre frequently fatal. ~'Sometimea we drag them out of the rest roan 2 hours later," saye Ralph Wilk of the "Synenon" rehabilitetion center. Af ter prolonged abstinence,the firet fix is often the last one. In order to prevent such fatal relepses, rehebilitation orgenizationa euch se Synanon aant to be more than an intermediste station. Thus, Synanon's Berlin center considere iteelf a"community of life" and oper- atee according to the motto: ~'God helpe thoee who helps themselves." Through abetinence and aeceticiem, Synanon triea to help ita disciplee to a ne~? outlook on life. They eat only organicallq gra+n~ unsugared food _ and eleep in large helle cont~ining 12 and more beds. The center~e Way of doing thinge ie respected as aell as rejected. Berlin bueinesemen--impressed by the strict diecipline--donated ruge and aall paper, and the Rotary Club organized sailing trips on the Baltic Sea for 102 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Synanon members. I'atiente of other drug centere criCicize 5ynanon for oxderir~g ite membere to ~have their heada. ~~WheC ie the point of thie eCupid head ehaving~~~ ss'ce ~ convaleecent at the Berlin Charity Aeeociation, ~~it~e nothing but puniehment.~~ Which form of therapy of�ere the beat chance of rehabilitation ~nd whether a shaven head or the feeding of pige are of any help ie ae yet open to que~tion. Likewise uninecructive ere the succese retee publicized by eane inetitutione. Saye drug expert Themm: "Juggling with figures is good only for influencing public health policy; it hae no bearing on the probleme.~~ All too varied are the therapy objectivee and time limite eeC by the re- habilitation centere. To eome centere~ an individual ie cured if he or ehe aticke out the couree of therapy for 6 months without taking any druge; to others, the criterion is 1 year of abetention after the indi- vidual~e releaee. For many yeere~ the Serlin "Narconon" Project publicized rehabilitation xatee of 62 to 80 percent. Drug coamieeioner Heckmann coneidere thie "a " trick": The sect's reeulte were baaed on hoa many addicta Were etill in therapy after 1 year. Heckmann pointe out the abeurdity of this pro- cedure: If it aere valid, the Berlin Tegel Prison, fran ahich no addict can eecape~ could be credited with ~~a rehabilitation rate of nearly 100 percent." Recently, the 60 model facilities aubeidized by the Federal Government determined that 57 percent of the former in-house patients and 63 percent of the outpatients etayed clear of druga; however, th~se figures aere ob- tained for a target date 3 montha after the terminetion of therapq, Which in the opinion of inedicel experte is too early for a definitive evaluation. Cautioue medical experta will not evaluste the success of a therapy until the patient hae been living independently for at leaet 3 years. Says neurologist Wanke: "It is imposeible to make an asseeement immediately after the release of the individual concerned.~~ However, it ie difficult to obtein date on the poet-therapy doings of former heroin addicts. There are no official statistics on hosn many ?tay cle+~~ and how many get hooked again by the needle. There are some investigetione, ho~rever, that provide eome cluee concerning the addicts~ post-therapy chancee of eucceee. A aurvey undertaken by the Hanm "Weetphalian Institute for Child and Juvenile Peqchiatrq" produced the folloWing data concerning young drug addicte aho had undergone treadnent in a therapy chain. Three years 103 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 aft~r their releaee, �-twenty-nine percent kere Cotaily abetinent; --fifty-five percent had occaeionally taken druge--albeit soft druge~ e.g. haehieh, alcohol or pill~; --twenty-eix percent aere ehooting up again end riad dropped back into the drug ecene. The ma~ority of the 84 percent, who had eucceeded in giving up the use of heroin, had aleo regained eheir eocial etanding. Of these individupls~ 88 percent had reaumed their profeseional training or had returned to their ,~ob; 50 percent had to a large extent reestabliehed normal eocial relationa with non-drug ueers; 39 percent claimed to be pro- feseionally well eetabliehed and to have eatisfactory eociai contacte. - The Hamm reeulte are not atypical. According Co Heckmann~s estimate re- garding the rate of auccesa afteY the termination of therapy, " eCWeen 20 and 55 percant are still clean after 3 years.~' However, in the experience of many drug experts, every eecond patient diecontinuee the therapy aithin the initial period, i.e. in the lat qear. But this does not nlways mean that rehpbilitation has failed. According _ to the "Day Top" Center~ an individual aho breaks off the treatment in one center "can aucceed in another facility precisely on account of thia failure." Not all health insurance bodies recognize every institution. Thua the Cologne AOK ~General Health Insuranc~ Fund] will occasionallq refer patients to Wolfsmueneter Castle in Bavaria, v?hereas local iaeurance bodies keep clear of the castle. Those aho are dependent on the Social Welfare Office eanetimee have to put up with '~a great deal of rigmarole," eaye Bernhard Schmidtobreick, the drug expert of the German Charity Aosoci- ation in Freiburg: "They must fill out a great many complicated forms and other such noneense." Addicte are stalled off for many weeks and quite a feM give up--or become emart: Chrietoph Reichel*~ 22~ of Frar.kfurt a1Way� vieited the Social Nelfare Office in a"dieheveled and unkempt condit:on eo ae to arouse their caapaseion." Hawever, very few heroic~ addicts are still etrong enough to accept even the first aid. ~~There is a hard core,~~ eays Klaus Wanke, "that ae cannot get to." ~ Even eane psqchiatrieta demand that addicta, Who after ehooting up "no longer feel any euphoria"--ea a Frankfurt junkie describes his condition-- *Name changed by the editore. 104 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 but "at moet normal seneatione,~' be committ~d to rnhabilitation cenCere, and if neceeeary by force. After all, eeye lJanke~ ~~St ie not admi~eible to let a human being perieh thenke to our decision not to do anything~' ~see interview p 44) CnoC reproduced~. The thesie advsnc~d above ell by therxpiete and eocial w:,rkers ~h~ effect Chat only tho0e who come of their own accord cen be cured (Thamm: "That~s not eemethin;g I can accomplieh with e whip in a cloepd roan") ie to bs deemphaAized. - For some medical experte argue that many addicta are no longer capable of making rational decieione. Saye the Heaee drug coamieaioner, Charlotte Berger: '~Ae far ae their decieion making ie concerned~ they are like babi~as who ~ust eit there waiting to be fed." Likewise, Heaee~e minieter of �ocial welfarc~, Armin Clauee--alarmed by the increaee ia drug-relet@d deathe--recenCly eppealed to the courts and the public welfare departmente not to ehrink back any longer fran forcible coarnitmente. Ae far ae the legal eituation ie concerned, euch a step could be juetified. According to the Rtate lewe concerning the detention of siak individuals, drug addicts can be committed to a securi~y ward, if they endanger their felloa citizeno. According to the Heeee Detention Law! cacmitment ie also _ permissible, if the addicte represent "a danger to themselves~' and if "the danger is considerable and not avertible by other meane." However, the courte ueually exerciee restraint xhen an administrativ~ body requeets the commitment r,'~ an end ngered addict. The Dueseeldorf State Court of Appe~l~ e.g. does not consider ~~an addict~a unpredicta- bility" oufficient ground� for ceamitment. The Frankfurt State Court judges prefer to leave the addicts Lo their oan device~. It Was not aufficient--the ruling atated--~~that from a medical point of view and in the interest of the individual concerned, early treataaent ie imperative. The addict, too, hae the conatitutional right of individual liberty and he or she has *he right arongly to plan or conduct hia or her life.~~ The Frankfurt State Court conceded that a drug addict could be coamitted, but only if there ia good reason to expect behavior ~~ahich endangers the individual~a health or life in ouch a ray ae to interfere with law and order"--Whenever that may be. Thue the the~rapiat uaually does not get to eee the addict until he or ehe hns ceamitted a criminal offense--which ea a rule happens rather quickly. For evert saneone Who keepa illegal druge exclusively for hie am use is liable to prosecution. Thus according to laa every junkie ie a felon. 105 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 Likuwiee~ iC doe� not teke the addicC long to become a thief. At eoroe time or other he is bound ro eteei a portable rgdio in ~ department etore so ae to finance next day~e fix. According to the crime etatii~- tice~ there ie one drug-releted offenee for every addict. It ie left to the diecretion of th~ ~udgee where the drug addicte--first in conflict aith society and now aleo in conflict with the law--Mill end up. The judges can -�paee a prieon eentence and ord~r the addict committed to a rehabilita- tion facility--before or af ter he has eerved hie term; --forego puniahment and instead order the addict comanitted to a rehabili- tation facilitq; -�place Che eddict on probation on condition that he or ehe undergo treatment in a rehabilitation facility. It appeara Chat the courte are incapable of considering the addict~e aelfare. In making their decieione, complains the Munich attorney Alexander Sberth~ the judges are all too frequently motivated ~~by the deeire to punieh him for hie previoue conduct." In the opinion of drug experte, however, a lengthy prieon term ie an ex- tremely unfavorable point of departure for a aucceasful therapy. Saye - Eberth: ~~Once a drug offender has been proeecuted and once the eentence has been executed~ there ie no longer any chance of eucceasful therapq." According to eome drug ~xperts, detention or cemmitment to a rehabili- tation facility are advieable only ~or a limited period, i.e. for effect- ing phyeical NithdraMal and for inteneifying the euffering. The rehabilitation experts are agreed that judges are hardlq capable � of determining the right manent for diecontinuing inte:.lnent; the more so eince for the moet part thie decieion is made by a different judge, aho doee not knoN the addict pereonally, but only from the court records. Thus many heroin addicta are in the same poeition as the steam fitter Berthold Werner, 20, from Egelebach in South Hesee. Since the addict ha~f embezzled two color TV aete to finance hie habit, he wae brought up for trial before the Darmstadt Juvenile Court. In view of the 7 monthe of detention pending trial, even the proeecuting attorneq thought it advieable to release the defendant on prabation, in order to enable hia~ to undergo rehabilitstion treatment at the ~~Loaer Sax~nq Therapq Chain." The judge did not relent. Making alloaance for a previoue sentence, he eentenced Werner to 1 1/2 year~~ Retention in a juvenile hom4; after aerving 1 year, tierner aas diepensed from the reaaaining 6 months. The 106 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 . ~ court had rul~d that detention w~e neceeeary ~~eo make the defendQnt reali~e the impiicatione of the offenee commnittied.~~ Not always i~ iC Che courtie alone that block anq attempt at rehabilita- tion therapy. Z'he rehabilitetion centere and menCal ho~piCale--euiCable at best for the fir~t eCep away fran the needle--gre hardly capable of attaini;~g the ob,~ective e~t by the legielator~ namely ~~to break the addict hie ha~bit and to eliminate the underlying maladjuetment.~~ Frequ~ntly~ Chese inetitutions do not even differentiate betaeen addicts and echizophrenice. In eame institutions, it ie not difficult to obtain druge. "M addict can quickly go back to the drug ecene," canplaine Kurt Moog of ~~Zuflucht" LRefuge~~ a Frankfurt parente~ initiative, ~~and supplq the ahole craa.~~ From the �hortage of facilitiee, some ~udges draw their own conclueions - in regard to the addict to be sente~ced. Thue the Bonn Regional Court eent to prieon a drug offander,whom thejudges had initially ordered comomitted to a rehabilitation center. The rea~ons: In th2 3tate Hospital he could "not be helped,~~ and another euitable facility wae "not available.~' , Coneequently, far more drug addicte are �erving prison terms thea? are undergoing treatment in rehabilitation centere. According to a eurvey of Berlin penal inetitutions undertaken bq the aardene, every lOth inmate-- and of the vromen every 2nd inmate--ie addicted to druge. In the Heaee penal inatitutione, every third itunate ie a junkie. Hardly any penal inetitution ie free from druge. Saye Heinz Falke*~ 27, an inmate et Berlin-Tegel, ~'It ie not difficult here to obtain junk." In order to curb the heroin traffic in Tegel Prison, the prieon dealera have nar been quartered in a apecial ward. So far, there heve only been modeet ettempte to provide psqc?~ological therapy for convicte. In Tegel Prieon, 4 eocial workers care for 30 in- mates in tao drug wsrds. In the Frenkfurt-Preungesheim Woanen~s Prieon, ataff inembero of the "Youth Guidance end Welfare~' Drug Center conduct thernpy eeaeions vrith the inmatee. Meanwhile, the high rehabilitation failure rate, the lack of openings in rehabilitation centere and the realization that they are increasingly losing control of their children have mobilized a great many parente. In a tea room end in a rehabilitation cannune, the Munic.h "Con-Dropa" group--ahich Wae eetabliehed by parents of drug addicts--offers aeaistance in apertment and job huntfng. The parente~ aseociation carea for addicted convicts and refere them to lawqera. On the other haad, the Frankfurt "Circle of Relatives of Drug Addicts~~ is more concerned Mith providing protection "againet the terroriem of * Naaie changed by the editors. 107 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9 these young people who are by now motivated by only one desire, namely - by hook or crook to obtain the money for financing their drug habit." Some parente are prepared to use any means to get their children o�f the etreet, no matter where the children will end up. Helmut Kuache, a member of the Frankfurt parente~ aeeociation, calle �or the establistunent ~ of a"labor eervice for the young people,~~ for: ~~We mugt reconaider thinge�-Sodom and Ganorrah are close at hand.~' When they are informed about Che drug career of their children, the parents~ reaction ie ueually helplessnese or harehness--and they often do the wrong thing. Zuflucht etaff inember Nada Herman hae found that "ahen - _ the chiidren etart crying~ the mothere will give them money for drugs." Inetead of contacting a counseling center, they rather ee:l their car to finance the drug habit--ae did a mother in Langenselbold, Hesse. Or, as heppened in Frankfurt~ they let the drug-addicted eon have the apartme~nt key and when they return from their vacation they are aurprised to find all their belonginga gane: ~~From the jeWel box to the TV set, everything wae gone" (Herman). A Frankfurt father gave hia eon--who was willing to u~ndergo treatment-- DM 4,000 for a pre-therapy vacation in Turkey. Before hie departure for the rehabilitation commune, the father bought him DM 2,000 warth of _ clothee--suit, ehirt and tie--ae though he wae going to take the Watere in Baden-Baden. However, coneidering the new drug generation, even the therapiats are per- plexed. Drug experta have obeerved that the drug acene includes more and more addicte who--having dropped out of achool or an apprenticeehip program--iramediately etart ueing hard druga. These are youngstera from juvenile hanes and backyarde who--according to the Berlin physician Werner Middendorf--~~never received the emotional security that could form the baeie of a Withdrawal motivation." Saye drug expert Thmam: ~'They are aot even cloee to being part of the progrem." 8160 CSO: 5300 END 108 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100010046-9