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APPROVE~ FOR RELEASE= 2007/02/08= CIA-R~P82-00850R000'1 0003002'1 -4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ur 1 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 _ . - ~OR ur~1C1AL USE UNLY JI'It;3 L/Q31f3 7 March 1975 _ ~ ~ ~ ~ TRANSLATIONS ON NARCOTICS AND DANGERO~JS DRU~S (FOUO 10/79) ~ U. S. JOINT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 NOT~ J~'Ct5 publicaCions contain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and ~ooks, bue also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts, Materials from foreign-language ~ - sources are trnnslAted; Chose from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinCed, with the original phrasing and _ ocher characCerisCics reCained. - lleadlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackete 4 are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [TextJ or [Excerpti] in the first lin~ of each item, or following the lasC line of a brief, indicate how Che origittal information was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the infor- - mation was summarized or extracted. Unfamiliar names rendered ~.~:~onetically or transliterated are _ enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a ques- tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appro~+riate in context. Other unattributed parenrhetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. Times within items-aze as _ given by source. The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- cies, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government. COPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN RF.QUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 t91ffLI0GFtAPHIC ~ATA I. Hrpnn Nu. 2� Rocipirnt'~ AcrctiM~~in ;HEET .iPR5 i,/ 8318 � _ r I ~i I~~ ~~ii ~u it Ic 5. epott Uatc , 7 March 1979 ' TRANSLATI4NS ON NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS, 6. (FOUO 10/79) 7. ~luthor(v) 8. Pcr(orming Orgunizetion Rcpt. No. ~ 9. I'~~rl~~rmin~; UrKanit.~tiun N~ime anJ AJJrey.r 10. I~fU~CCfI~IJ9IC~u'ork linit Nu. Joint Publications Reacarch Service _ 100G North Glebe RoBd 11. Concract/Grunt No. Arlingtnn, Virginia 22201 1Z, ~pon~oring Urbunizatiun Name and Address 13. Typc of Report dc Pcriod - Covered As above 14. - 15. tiuprlcmcntery Notcs - 16. Ahxtra~�ts The serial report consists of translaCions from the ~,~orld press and radio relaCing to law, law enforcement, illicit traffic and personalities concerned with narcotics and dangerous drugs. - 17. I~cy Ror.l+ and l)ocumenc Analysi~. 170. Dcsctiptocs Narcotics Drug Addiction Law (Jurisprudence) Law Ertforcement 176. I~enti(icrs/Upen-Gnded Terms Dangerous Drug~ Drug Control Drug Traffic COtiAI'1 Field/Group SK, 60, 6T 18. Avail~bility ~tatement 19. Security Class ~This 21. \o. ut PaRcs For Official Use Only. R`P�"> ~ 7~ Limited Numbe:- of ~opies Available From JPRS. � y�~~~~y ~~~~s (rn~5 2z. N~,� - Page uhc~.n:~rFtFn MORM N~1!�!9 (REV. !�711 ~JSCOMM�DC '{~l2�P77 , THIS FORM MAY BE REPRODUCED APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 FOR'OFFICIAL U~E ONLY ' JPRS L/8318 7 March 1.979 _ TRANSLATIOf~S ON NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS (FOUO 10/79) CONTENTS PAGE ASIA BURMA Brief s - Keng Tung Heroin Seizure 1 Youths Jailed for Heroin 1 Mohnyin Hero in Seizure 1 Mandalay Jails Two for Opium 2 JAPAN Bricf s _ Clampdown on Inagawakai 3 Drug Smuggler A~~:rested 3 ~ MALAYSIA Drug Help Center To Increase Its Intake (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 31 Jan 79) 4 , Traders on bru~ Charge Freed , (NE4d STRAITS TIMES, 5 Feb 79) 5 - / Number of Drug Abusers Said To Increase Daily (KIN KWOK RIBAO, 9 Jan 79) 6 Drug Supply Center Uncovered, 'Important` Suspect Arrested ~ (KIN KWOK RIBAO, S Jan 79) 7 Briefs Opium Seized 9 Indian Youth Sentenced g � 25Q Grams of Heroin Seized 10 ].03 Pounds of Morphine Seized 10 - a - [III - INT -138 FoUO) L~/1D /1C~L'~T/~TTT rt~r.~ nw~rv APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 I FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CONTENTS (Continued) Yage HProin Seized 11 - Arug Possession ~stablished 11 PAKISTAN , Opiu~a Rules Amended to Curh .'#buse - (BALUCHISTAN TIMES, 29 Jan 79) 12 r Briefs - Plan To End Opium~Addiction 13 Opium Haul ar Airport 13 PHILIPPIN~S Brief s � Marihuana Plantations 14 Ma~or Narcotics DisCributors 14 SOUTH KOREA Br ief s Drug-Linked Crimes 15 Use tif Narcotics 15 THAILAND Thai Paper: Too Many Drug Traff ickers Escaping From - Prison (Editorial; BANGKOK POST, 12 Feb 79) 16 Four in Leg Irons at Hero in Trial - (THE AUSTRALIAN, 6 Feb 74) 17 - 'Blind Date' in the Jungle ~ (BANGKOK POST, 3 Feb 79) 19 EASTERN EURO~'E YUCOSLAVIA - Pall Sowing of Poppies Declined Drastically ~si ?978 (Editorial Report) 22 - - b - - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 _ FOR OFFICIAL USE OM~Y CON'.fENTS (Con~inued) Page LATIN l~MERTC.A B12AZIL - - ariefs Cocaine Traff icker Captured 23 CHILE Br~.ef s ' ~o~ice Cxackdown o~ Tra~f~.ck3n& 24 COLOMBIA Defense Mini.sCry on AnCinaxcotics Activity , (I.ATTN, 17 Feb 79) 25 ~ Huge Drug Seizure in Antioquia Aepari~cnent (AFP, 23 Feb 79) 26 - - Brie~s ` Discovery of Cocaine Laboratories 27 Huge Narcotics LaboraCory 17 - Cocaine Seized 2~ _ Cocaine Seizure 2~ Marihuana Plantation 28 Cocaine Laboratory 28 COSTA RICA - Briefa Narcotics Director's Resignation 29 _ DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Brief a Drug Traff ickers Arrested 3 0 - ECUADOR Br ief a Drug Traff ickera' Arrest 31 - c - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY . CONTGN~S (ConCinued) Page � FERU Br ief s Fight AgainsC Drug Traff ic 32 - ~'IP Tntensif ies Arug Campaign 32 ~ - Drug Seizuxe g2 ~ Traff ic kers' Arreat ~ VENE2UELA . Briefs Cocaine Haul 33 NEAR EAST AND NORTH AFRICA - IS1tAEL ~ Drug Abuse ir1 IDF To Be Dealt Severely ~ ~(Roni Rimon; HA'ARETZ, 22 Dec 78) 34 SUB-SAHARAN AFRTCA SOUTH AFRICA Pol ice Intensify Antimarihuana Campaign ` (Schalk van Schalkwyk, Jan van Wyk; DIE TRANSVA,LER, 19 Jan 79) 35 - FiESTERN EUROPE FRANC~ ~ Briefs Toulouse Drug Arrests 37 ~ NORWAY lletectives' Chief Attributes Rapid Theft Rise to Addicts - (Svein Dybing; ARBEIDERBLADET, various dates).......... 38 ~ . Gove~cnment To Tighten Phone Tapping Rules in Drug Cases (AFTENPOSTEN, 20 Jan 79) 44 ~ - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 ~ F~R OFFICIAL USE ONLY - CONTRNTS (Continued) PagE - SPAIN Cornmentary Notes Crea~er Dr~ig Usage in Spain (ABC, 13 Dec 78) 45 = Drug Enforcement ~f�ort for Las Palmas in ~978 - (Jose Vera Suarez; YA, 16 Jan 79) 47 - Hashish Ring Arrested in Galicia (LA VANGUARDIA, 18 Jan 79) 49 Briefs Drugs Stolen From Pharmacy 51 Drug Arrest Figures 51 _ Morphine Stolen Prrnn ~harmacy $2 SWITZERLAND Pair Involved in Hashish Transport Sentenced - (NEUE ZUERCHER ZEIT[1NG, 20 Jan 79)..... 53 ~ Pair Sentenced for Transporting Heroin (NEUE ZUERCHER ZEITUNG, 25 Jan 79) 57 - TURKEY ' Heroin Sent�for Analysis Switched With Soap Pow~er ' (HiJRRIYET, 26 Jan 79) 61 Narcotic.s Squad Seizes 80 Kilos of Powdered Hashish (HURRIYET, 27 Jan 79) 63 Heroin Dealer, Italian Cirlfriend NabbQd in Istanbul (CUNAYDIN, 26 Jan 79) 64 WES'P CEItMANY - t3rie�s Drug Dealer Imprisoned 65 - e - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 I _ BURMA , BRT.EFS _ KENG TUNG HEROIN SEI2iJRE--Keng Tung, 31 Jan--The commander of the Keng Tung - township narcotics suppxession squad, Subinspector U Ohn Kyaca, and a parey on 30 January seized 90 grams of heroin from U Kya Aye of Pon-hton ward, ~ Tachilek, and U Aik Lar of Nawng-hpa ward, Keng Tung. The seizure was made in Nawng-khit road, N~ 3 ward, Keng Tung. On the same day, Subinspector U Ohn Kyaw and his squad raided the residence o'r Daw Na Mu Kha--a notorious _ heroin dealer--in No 5 ward of Keng Tung and seized 270 grams of heroin and _ 30,000 kyats obtained from heroin sales. [Text] [Rangoon BOTATAUNG in - Burmese 10 Feb 79 p 5 BK] YOUTHS JAILED FOR HEROIN--Rangoan, 13 Feb--Thaketa township court No 1 - chaired by U Tun Lwin today sentenced Maung Maung M~int, 19, of Thomson _ Yeitha street; Ali, alias Win Myint, 20, of 32d street; and Hla Min, alias Min Min, 19, of Kyongyi road, to 8 years' imprisonment each, and Aung Gyi, alias Ah Kwi, 20, of Lanmadaw; hla Tun, alias Muser, 19, of Ma-ugon Lankye; ' Maung Maung Sein, 20, of 24th street; and Maung Sein Kyin, 19, of 21st - ~ street, to 6 years' imprisonment each, under Section 6.B of the Narcotic - Drugs Law. The court also ordered that the Mercedes--license plate E-2414-- ~ - used in the transportation of heroin be confiscated. The case was that at midnight on 22 April 1978, a security patrol of ward people's council be- came suspicious of a group of youths in the Merceder car parked at the - ' corner of No 5 Anawmar ward, Thaketa township No 1. When ~he car was - searched nine small packets of heroin wrapped in paper and weig;hing about - 1 tical [.036 pounds] were found hidden under the back seat. W'hile arrange- ments were being made to send the car to the police station, the youths drove away but were apprehended near the Yacht Club at Inya lake. [Text] _ [Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHiJ NEZIN in Burmese 14 Feb 79 p 5 BK~ - MOHNYIN HEROIN SEIZURE--Mohnyin, 10 Feb--Acting on information, Subinspector U Khin Maung Kyi and a police squad, together ~aith ward cuuncillors, yester- day raided the residence of Daw Chit Myaing in Thazi ward, Mohnyin's region - No 1, Kachin state, and found over 10,000 kyats worth of No 4 heroin and 80 empty penicillin bottles from Shauk Pyin of Sha Nwe ward, Lashio. [Text] [Rangoon BOTATAUNG in Buimese 17 Feb 79 p 4 BK] - = 1 - ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 MANDAIAY JAILS TWO FOR OPIUM--Mandalay, 1 Feb--Mandalay Northeast township courC No 1 with U Khin Maung as chaiz7man and U Tun Sein anci Daw Ohn Kyi ~s membera today found NLaung Soe Soe, 25, son of U Khln Maung Shwe of Maukme compound in Mandalay's Seiktyamahi ward, guilty as charged under Section 6.B o� the NarcoCic Drugs Law and sentenced him Co ~ years' imprisonment for possessing 900 kyats worth of heroin. The cas~a was brought to trial after the heroin suppression squad of Mandalay ].ed by Ynspector NyunC Shwe - found a"Burplex-C" vitamin bottle containing 900 kyats worth of heroin _ during its raid on the residence of� Maung Soe Soe on 18 Auguat 1976. Simi- - larly, Township court No 3 with U Maung Maung Tun as chairman and U Nyo Law and U Tl?an Maung as members today handed down a 5 years' impr,isonment aen- - tence to Maung Khin Maung, alias Maung Maung, son of U Lu of Yadanabon _ Khawasu ward, as he was found guilty under Section 6.B of the Narcotic Dru~s Law for possessing a small amount of opium. [Text] [Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHU NEZIN in Burmese 8 Feb 79 p 4 BK] ~ CSO : 5300 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 JAPAN _ ~ - BRIEFS ~ CLAMI'DOWI~I ON INAGAWAKt1I--Tokyo, 13 Feb KYODO --The National Police Agency ~ launched an operation Tuesday to annihilate Che influential criminal _ organization tnagawakai. By forming a special investigative centier, the - - agency inCends Co drive the underworld syndicate to the wall, availing itself of uneasiness among gang members following the arrest of their _ leaders. In a clampdown that began at the Curn of the year, police have apprehended Four gang leaders and 66 members on charges of opening gamb- ling houses, uging violence and trafficking in arms and stimulanC drugs. - Three JapanFSe swords and 25 grams of amphetamines valued at about - 8 million yen or, the black market have been seized. The four leaders now in cus*.o3y include Hirotaka Yokokura, 37, head of an Inagawakai affiliate - in Shinagawa Ward, and Yoneo Iwata, 39, chief of another affiliate in Yokohama. Inagawakai, based in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, has 91 affiliates and a total membership of some 4,500 throughout the country. ~ It is on good terms with the nation's largest gangster organization, the Yamaguchigumi has~d in Kobe. [Text] [Tokyo KYOGO in English no time . ~ given 13 Feb 79 ()~1] DRUG SMUGGLER aRItESTED--Narita, Chiba Pref., 15 Feb KYODO--Customs and narcotics agent5 Thursday announced the arrest of a Chinese traveler on charges of smuggling 9ti4 grams of stimulant drug with a street value of 300 million yen Erom South Korea. ArresCed was To Chun-hung, 39-year- _ old clotliin~ dealer, of Hong Kong, who arrived at Narita airport on 13 J~?nu.zry Crcm Hong Kong via South Korea. His nervous attitude aroused _ si~spicions.of customs officers who searched him and found the stimulant drug liidden in his suitcase. To said he was asked by a Chinese acquaintance ~ in Hong Kong to carry the stimulant drug from South Korea to Japan at the - end of last year. The acquaintance promised to pay him $1,500 for the - ~ob, To told *_he customs. To said that he visited Seoul at the beginning - of January and received Che drug and traveling expenses from the Chinese. He was to hand the drug Co him at a hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo. [Text) Tokyo KYOUO in English no time given 15 Feb 79 OW] CSO: 5300 - ~ 3 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 MAI,AXSIA DRUG IiCLP CIIVTER TO INCREASE ITS IN~Ir"iI~ - , Kuala Lumpur NEW STRAITS TIl~S in English 31 Jan 79 p S - ~e~-7 IPOH~ Tuee. ~ T~~. Centre !or the - Rehabilitation oi Dr~rg Addicte i~ toi - increa~e ita intake tQ ~~0 by the end of , - - the year. It ie aleo expected .to admit more penplealter t'x;e Chineae new year, _ featival aeaean. Mr. Gerald Jeremiah, , The pre~ident of ~ ttte . 8n a~aiatant to Encik - centre, Enotk Yskob bin ydkob and vice�pre~i- - 'Abdul Rahmar~, �a1d to- dent ot the centre, ia 1n - ~day ths centre waa re- New York duing a three� Qistered ae a 11m1ted ~and�a�halt year ~egree ;company on Nov. T,19T8. courae in piychology . - It L. now known as Mr. Jeremiah had un� Pwat Partolongan Bhd. dergone training and re� "We have more than habllttatfon !n the Philip 190 peopl� inoluding p~nee irom 1976 to 19T7.. - eeven gir1~, at the.. oen� ~k Yakob eaid two " he s~id. tt'�;, other members ot the. We hope to increlue etaft are expAOf~d to the number to 960 by tLe ~eaero in Aprll ti~r a ib~ end of the year." month oour~ ebroad to ~ - CourBes abroad n;ethod~rehebilltatfon ~ ~ , Enci:s Yakob ~nid the centre had a number of _ plan~ tor the 'year. - Among them were - sp eciali~ed aourre~ - abroad tor membera of - itv lherapeutlc ~t~tff; ~ trafning oi a therapist~ bUilding the , centre'a _ headqusrtere and ho~tsl in Kampung Bercham; and ~ett7ng up ot a ce- ment brick tsctory. . _ Cso: 5300 _ 4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 ~.ALIIYS?A ~ TRADERS ON DRUG CHAI~G~ P"R~D Kuc~l~ Lumpur NEW S~'~2AITS TIMES in Engl.ieh 5 Feb 79 p 11 ` ~ex~ ~~~A, iun, - Ztivo Court preifdent lrir. - bwln~ua~n w~n ~c� Ausu~tJae P~u1 ru1~d qn1tt~d at~d dliohu~sd tha{ th~ proNOUtloa had by the 8~wtona Court te?iled to make out � ' ye~terday wtthout thefr prims f~ele caaea~ slrut ~ defance be1n6 oalled on s the tw?o men and thar i ' herom, ot powewfon ot there wa~ lwufflcient ~ - ~~idenae to ~how ther Kuala Lumpur record were ln paieNlon ot the deat~r On~ Ben~ Hor, 40. dr~ _ and 1poh bwineamaa He ~~afd an admleaion !lhre Jln Hon~, 60, were by 8hye that then aere e d wlth poueufr?s nlne packeta 1n the boot ~'J.~ammea ot hurofn. ot the csr only ~howed Th~y w~re a11e~ed to thst he knaw the baw oot~fttM the of� whereabout~ of the. i ltnce 1n a oar at ths Nr dru~ - ~bok Hot~l oupa rk itt I~ did not, harwwr~ JaW~ H~r~harRl~irs on prove po~~afon~ Hr. _ I Id~reb ~ la~t yese~. Pau1 ~ald. cso: 5300 S APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 J MALAYS IA NUMIiER OF DItUG ABUSER5 SATD TO INCR~15~ DAILY - Malayeia KIN KWOK KIBAO [KIN IQdOK DAILY NEWS) in Chi.nese 9 Jan 79 p 4 [Article: "InveaCigative ReporC of N3tional AnCi-Narcotica Association Pointa Out Drug Abusers Increusing Daily; Over 20,000 Arrasted in Last 8 Years; Overseas Alone Over 600 Arrested"~ [Text) (Kuala Lumpur 8) According to Che investigative re port by the Na- tional Anei-Narcotics Association, since 1970 a Cotal of 23,551 drug abus- ers have been arrested. This includes dealers and storers of drugs. At the same Ctme, up to last year a total of 662 drug abusers t~AVe been ar- rested abroad. The nation's drug users have been increasing daily. Judging by the number of people arrested for drug abuse both at hoa~e and abroad and those enter- ing hos~itals to give up drugs, the nation's drug problem is becoming mor~ serious every day. From 1973 to 1978 the tiumber of people going Co prison or the hospital to give up drugs reached a total of 18,324, and if hospital - equipment were improved, there could be an, even greater number of people entering to give up drugs. Drug users arrested in the country could teceive a complete medical cure before being sent to places for drug abstention. The nation's drug ab- stention centers, from 1975 when they were opened to t:~e present, have al- ready received 2,149 people to give up drugs. Ti~e association indicated that a total of 662 Malaysians were arrested . abroad for drug abuse, of whfch 3 02 were fn Singapore, 115 in the Nether- . lands, 69 in Germany, and 34 in Belgium. Malaysians arrested in other countries include some in Australia, Austria, the United States, Brunei, Denmsrk, England, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Maghreb, Syria, Thailand, Nong Kong, and Switzerland. 9282 CSO: 5300 6 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 r MA:.AYS IA DRUG SUPFLY C~NTEit UNCOVERID, 'IMPORTANr' SUSP~CT ARI~STED tialnyaia KIN KWOK RIBAO [KIN KWOK DAILY NEFIS] in Chinese 5 Jnn 79 p 12 [Arricle: "Ambush aC the Indian Village of Wu-chi-pu-lan-lu by - P'o-te-shen Police; Drug Supply Center Uncovered, On~ SuapecC Arrested, Druge Seized"j (Text] (5en-chou, Pa-hsi-p:~::-~ang, 4) After more than three months of open ~nd secret investigations and atep-by-step trncking, the P'o-te-shen police recently announced it had closed in on and successfully uncovered a drug aupply center in the Indian village of Wu-chi-pu-l~n-lu, nrrested an fmportunt auspect, and aeized heroin worth approxi~tely 2,000 yuar: and a aet of drug taking equipmenC including amall knives, candles, and some small plastic bags for packing drugs, co:npleting a glorious achieve- ment. - Tl~e arrested suspect was a 27-year-old Indian yo~th, described by police - - as a notorious top drug dealer who sold drugs exclusively in P'o-Ce-shen, Lu-ku, Tan-na-mei-1~, and 1{sueh-pang. The police say this is the biggest _ and moat importanC drug case to be uncovered recently by police in P'o County. The drugs seized by police filled four packages and 65 amall tubes. According to what the chicf of P'o-te-shen policc~ AasisCant Police = Superintendent Kao-fu-kan-ni hns revealed, several months ago the police, on receiving accurate information provfded by the public, proceeded at once to carry out an investigation of all clues surrounding the suspect. In the course of this investigation, the police learnzd that the suspect regulnrly frequented the Penang and Pi'te area in Northern Malaysia Co buy drugs and smuggle Chem to Wu-chi-pu-lan-lu, then pack them into small tubes and sell them to addicts within the country. Ne said that de3pite the dealer's cunning scheme of hiding the drugs in a house in the Indian vfllage nf Wu-chi-pu-lan-lu surrwnded on all sides by pig sties and , stinking pig manure, thinking that he could in this way avoid police in- vestigation, the web of the law is after all not easily evaded. tie said that ufter the iavestigative work of the police was completed, five poliee nrficers under his leadership and with two other police 7 - ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 sergec~nts~, Au 5su-m~n ~nd Han Na-fei, last ~riday evening ~t abouC 8:00 ~Cole over to Chc ~bovementioned drug ce~nCer and gurrounded iC. AC Chat timr. u few nddict~ werc going itt ~nd ouC of the c~nC~r, buC Che police, in order to nvoid slcrting them to their pregence, w~ieed u long eime ne~r- by unCil the guspect had ~urned on Che t~l~vision set and wttg engrossed in watctiin~ color television before ehey ~pproached in a group and ttrrested _ the suspect. Afeer conducting a search, Che police discovared to rheir - surprise.on opening ~ wooden lid on the back of the e~levision set thae - it cotttained Che abovementioned druga. Besides this the police also dis- covered in ~n emptied bo:~, a pack of wrapping paper ~nd drug-taking equip- men~. ~te Cnld how, when the drug dealer was arreated, his face turned pale and his body ehook ce~?selegsly, obviously excecdingly frightened, because ~11 the evidence was prasent. The ~:hief of police disclosed that from last May when he took office up to tlie present the police have in all pa?cta of Po-te-shen County success- fully ~pprehended 12 drug dealers and 32 addicts who had coaunitted a number of crimes. After the capture ~f this ma~or drug dealer, the police also scized some addicts' m3terial which can aid in the investigation of many crimingl cases whicli have raken pl~ce in Che county. He added that be- cause the police have eliminated moat of Che drug dealers and drug users - in the couraty, order there has been greatly improved. 9282 CSO: 5300 . 8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 MALAYSIA - E3RIE~S JPIUM SEIZ~D--Taiping 12 Dec--AfCer receiving reliable intelligence reporCS, the police aet up a roadblock at Hsin-lu-k'ou on Che afternoon of 7 December to inCercepC a southbound bus from Penang. An olc~ man was arrested with 31 and a half pounda of opium. All the passengers in the bue were brought to the police station for queationing and Chen released. The bus was detained. The head of the Taiping police district said that after receiving reliable information at 4:00 pm on 7 December, a road- bloc~C was set up at Ping-yi Road, ttsin-lu-k'ou, 7 miles north of Taiping. Around 7:30 pm, a southbound bus was atopped for inspection. An old mnn - carrying 31 and a half pounds of opium in a paper bag was arresCed. The - man, about 65 years old, was from Penang. According Co police, he was paid $200 for carrying the illicit drug from Penang Co Yi-pao. (Text~ ~Selangor KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chi~nese 12 Dec 78 p 1~ 1004 _ INDIAN YOUTH SENTENCED--Yi-pao 13 Dec--An Indian youth was sentenced to a 3-year jail term and six lashes by the district court after he admitted to illegal posseasion of narcotic druga. A Chineae youth, who was with ~the suspect at the time of arreet, pleaded not guilty and was acquitted because of insufficient evidence presented by the procecuCOr. The defendant is Ma-hai-ma-lao, 27, and the codefendant is Huang T'ien-chi, 27. The indictment said that they posaeased 8.43 gram8 of heroin found _ in a stall aC Je-lan-esu-lang at 7:45 pm, 18 AuguaC in violation of the anti-narcotica law. It wea learned that a police squad led by Ou Ching-fu raided the aforementioned place. At the time of their arrival, the defendant wae opening the door of the stal.l. A thorough search yielded two plastic tubes in a pair of trousers in a chesC. Laboratory tests = proved that the substance in the tubes contains the aforementioned amount of heroin. The defendant had asked for Ieniency becauae he was engaged and will get married next year. [Text~ ~Sel~angor KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chinese 14 Dec 78 p 12~ 1004 ~ 9 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 ~50 CItAM5 Or 11EEt0IN SCt7,l:b--Yi-pno 7 bec--The polic~ here rc?ided a residence nC Wen-mo-yuan carly Chi~ morning and ~eized 21 packuges and seven vinls of tieroin w~ighing a CoCtll of 250 grr;ms. A middle-aged rouple were ~ arresCed. Mi-ao-Ceai, d~puey police f�nd of Pi-zui Province in charge - of criminal affaira, maid at a presa conference Chat at 12;~0 am a group _ of po~~.~emen led by Lin Kuo-yao, were deployed aro~~nd a reaidence aC Wen-mo-yuan. A middle-aged Chinese man was seen coming eo the house on a moCorcycle. He was approached by the policemen, und ordered to open the door. A woman inside the houae angwered the knock. As aoon as she saw ~ the man and the policemen, ahe went back in Che house without opening Che door and ar~empCed to escape through ehe back door with two plastic b~gs. 5he was captured by the policemen who hid behind the house. Mi-ao-esai said that the two plastic baga conCained 21 packages and aeVen vials df - heroin weighing aleogether 250 grau~s. The middle-aged Chinese couple _ were nrrested. According to Mi-ao-tsai, Che seized heroin is worth $10,030 at marker price. He believes Chat the two auspecCs had been peddling n~trcotic drugs in the neighborhood for same time. 1'his case is under further investigation. AnoCher residence on Tn-ho-yuan Road (without houae number) was raided at 10:00 am yesterday by a group of policemen led by Lin Kuo-yau. Thirty-three vials of heroin weighing about 2 grama were seized, and a 25-year-old Chinese male auspect was arreated. A bundle of cnarihuana, a pair of acisaora, and aome aeaweed ~ were also seized. ~TexC~ ~Selangor KIN KWOK DAILY NEWS in Chinese _ 3 Dec 78 p 12] 1004 - 103 POUNUS OF MORPHINE SEI2ED--Pei-hai 28 Nov--A squad of policemen from Ya-lo-shih aeized 103 pounda of morphine, valued at $S million, from a giant truck whicr travela frequently acroea the border between Malaysia and Thailand. The truck, an escorting sedan, and one Burmese and two Chinese auspects were detained. The above illicit drug was seized at 11:00 am today on a highway at Wu-ms-lan village, P'ao-k'o-ti-mang-su-se-li~ Wei-pei-chia. The auapects, the truck and the sedan were turned over to the Pei-hai police station. The fresh fish in the truck wae later auc- tioned by the Pei-hai police. At a press conference held this morning at Pei-hai~ Ha-chih-aa-ma, assiatant police chief of Penang in charge of criminal affairs, pointed out that this seizure was one of the largest - made by Va-lo-ahih police.' The 30 cakes of morphine seized, of which 29 are large and 1 is small, can be used for 3,089,804 injections. It was learned that the detained Burmeae truck driver, 45 years old, came from Sung-ka. He was aided by a Chinese, 40 years old, who came from Ta-shan- chiao. The driver of the sedan, 35 years old, is from Ta-nier?-ta-man Wu-ya-na-ya~ Shuang-hai. According to a apokesman of the police depart- ment, at 7:00 pm yest~rday 11 police officers and detectives were sen[ from Va-lo-ahih in three groupa to Pa-tung-WU-aha on the Malayaia-Thai border. The police folloWed a truck loaded with fish and an escorting sedan for nearly 100 milea before the arreat. The apokeaman for the police department added that the police did not make the arrest until the convoy etopped, and two men on the truck were about to move a package from the 10 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 truck to tlie escorting sedan. The morphine was found in the packnge. The drug i~ believed Cn be amuggled into Mulnyais from 'Thailgnd. Concerned authorities are tracing the source of the drug, and tnveseigating tt~e posaible waye of ieo dinposul in Mal~yeia. ~Texr~ I:4ulayaia, KI1V KWOK DAILY NEWS 29 Nnv 78 p 1J 1004 � F1~ROIN 5~IZ~A--(Penang 27) Tlie pettang CenCral Anti-Narcotics Bureau last ntghC in anoCher glorious achievemenC guccessfully seiz~d abouC 2 pounds of heroin with a street value of 6,000 guan, arrested two auapecCed drug dealers and impounded u moCOrcycle used by the suspecCs. From what has been learned, c~C 7:40 lasC night two deCecCives under Che Central Anti- ' Narcotice Unit upon receiving reliable informaCion went immediaeely to Ilnta-men Harbor Co wnit in ambust~, and sure enough saw two furtive youths loirering ~bout the area. When the agenta of the Anti-Naraotics Bureau uppeared and went forward to idetttffy Chemselves, the two youths guiltily turned heel and fled. The two detectives pursued them and gucceeded in caCching them 100 yards away. They found on Chem two plastic bags of heroin. According to the head of the Central AnCi-Narcotics Bureau Ma-ha-li-wen [CransllCeration~ the two packages of heroin, weighting about 2 pounds and worth about 6,000 yuan on Che local market, were enough for 192,496 in~ecCione. The drugs seemed to have ~use been smuggled in from - a neighboring counCry. ~T~xk] (Malaysia KIN KWOK ItIBAO [KIN KWOK DATLY N~'WS~ in Chinese 28 Dec 78~p 1) 9282 DRUG P055ESSION E5Th$LI5}i~D--(KuanCan 8) Three Chinese nationals of Kuantan including two males and one female were accused today in the local court here of possession of drugs. One of the defendants canfessed to the crime and was seritenced Co 6 years in prison and six lashes. The other male and female ~iefendants will be retained for official inqufry on _ 9 June. The three defendants are Huang Chih-ch'iang, aged 20, a clerk residing at Pen-po Ya-lo-ya-ka (transliteration], Wen Shu-mei (Wen Lai- ~ chung), aged 45, resident at Pen-po, Tun-yi-ssu-mai Road [transliterationJ, and Ch'en Ya-hua, aged 28, residing at Pen-po, Chian-lao Road. The fir~t and second named dcEendants are son and mother. The chArgs srates that at 10:30 am on 12 October of last year in a room ae 3059 Tun-yi-ssu-mai Road (transliterntion) they illegally possessed 9.28 grams of heroin, thus vio- lating the 1952 law on dangerous drugs. [Excerpt] (Malaysia KIN KW~K RIBAO (KIN KWOK DAILY NEWSj in Chinese 9 Jan 79 p 1] 9282 CSO: 5300 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 I'AKISTAN OI'IUM RULC5 AAtENbEb TO CUIti3 ABUS~ c Quettn I3ALUCHI5TAN TIML'S in English 29 Jan 79 p 4 (1'ext~ 'fhe Covernmenr of Ilal.uchistan in order to curb tl~e mnlpraceices in _ s,~le of opium and also to stop indiscriminate use has amended West Pakis- - tan Opium Rules, 1956. According to the amendment the opium vendor or licensee now sh~~ll see opium " , not more than 12 ~rams to only he registered addicts on producCion of opium - ration cards. Tt~e addi.cts would be medically examined by Che District Ilealtti Officers and Medical 5uperintendent Quetta or Drug Abuse Advisory _ Centre. Quetta who would prescribe the qUantity of opium to be dispensed to tt~em. The public and npium addict~ in Cheir own interest have been advised to _ obtain t}ie applicatiot~ from form Local ~xcise and Taxation Office or and get themselves medically examined and registered as juitions in all the provinces. Opium addict by the District Health Officer or Medical Super- intendent, Civil Hospital Quetta to obtain the ration card. - ~ The annual medical examination would let them know regarding their state of health. According to previous regulations in all the provinces, opium was obtain- nble Crom the government licenced opium vends upto two tolas by anybody witliou[ any res[riction. This system was found to be defective as it was bcing misuscd and created illicit traffieking and indiscriminate use of opium. CSO: 5300 12 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 PAKI3TAN = ~ ~ B12IEFS - I'LAN TO FND OI'IUM ADbICTION--Gilgit, Ja~i 3~: GovernmettC wi~l launch a cornprehensive programme for the eradication of opium addica~ion in Che upper parC~ of Ishkoman Valley in Northern Areas. This wae stated by Ma~ar General Mohammad Aslam Shah, Martial Law Administratox Zone 'E' wh:le replying to a welcome address given in his honour by a large gathering of the p~bli~ on 5unday. He was accompanied by Ma~or General ~ Mohammad Shoaib, Adviser Psychiatry, Pakistan Army, Sahibz$da Itanof Ali Khan, Chairman Pakistan Nnrcotic ConCrol Board, Commissioner and resident _ Mr Abdul Qayum Khan. He said President Mflhammad Ziaul Haq has assured - - all possible faciliCies for the eradication of Chis menace. [Text] _ _ Peshawar KHYB~R MAIL in English 31 Jan 79 p 1J OPIUM HAUL AT AIRPOItT--Karachi, 4 Feb--A police drugs squad today seized 64 pounds of opium in a raid at Karachi Airpo~t, cuatoms officials said. The drug, worth 60,000 rupees (7,250 dollars) on the local market, was found concealed in suitcases. No arresta were immediately made. ~Text] [Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 6 Feb 79 p 3~ - CSO: 5300 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 i ~ PHILIPPIN~S I3RIEFS MARIHUANA PLANTATIONS-~Constabulary operatives swooped down on seve:i mari- huana placitaeions in aeven provinces in northern and cenCr~l Luzon yester- d~y and uprooted a total o,f 7,942 marihuana planCs. The mttrihuana planCations _ were discovered in Benguet, Kalinga, Apayao, La Union, Mountain Province, ` _ Nueva Eci~a and Pampanga,+~ccording to Col Beinvenido ~'e1ix, ~hief of the - Constabulary Antinarcotics Un~t. The biggesC plantation was found in Mexico, - Pampanga, where a total oP 5,000 marihuana planCs were uprooted. Authorities - are exnmining reports Chat some of the marihuana plantationa were bei:~g fi- _ nanced by aliens. [Manila FEBC in English 2330 GMT 15 Feb 79 OW] - ~ MAJOR NARCOTICS DISTRIBUTORS~-The ConsCabulary Antinarcotics Unit reported yesterday the arrest of three of Che biggest narcoCics distributors in metro - MF?nila. The three, (Francisco Reyes), (Rosito BasCillo) and (Alfredo Lopez), were arrested during a raid on their hideout in Santn Cruz, Manila. [Manila FEBC in Engliah 2330 GMT 20 Feb 79 UW] CSO: 5300 14 , APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 ~ 50UTH KOREA ~ BRIEFS _ DRUG-LINK~r CRTMES--Crimes related to hemp and ottier habit-~orming drugs _ have been decreasing ov~r the past aeveral yeara, tC was ant~ounced yes- Cerday. According to the Health-Social Affairs Ministryi people who ' arnoked, dealt in or brought hemp in secret decreased Co 48~ last year ' . from 639 in 1977 and 1,460 in 1976. The ministry has made legal com- pla3nta agalnaC 363 people umong the total 671 who were c$~ght by the miniatry's control due to illegal handling, smoking and culfiivating habit-FC;:n~ing drugs and hemp. Ministry officials said tha~ though the drug-t�~lated criminals had decreased owing to stricter control and en- lightenment compaigns, problems had been appearing among youngsters as - they made uae of industrial adhesives and other chemicals for hallucinat- ing effecta. The officials said the ministry would seek ways of setting up legal provis~~ns to restrict misuse of industrial chemicsls and legal - narcotica. [Text] [Seoul THE KOREA TIMES in English 8 Feb 79 p 8] USE OF NARCOTICS--The number of persons arrested or booked on chargeR of _ using narcotics, including mari~uana cigarettes, de~reased drastica113~ - - recently, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said yeaterday. Accord- _ ing to the ministry, the number of pot,smokers which was on a rapid increase - a few yeura ago atarred to decline from 1977 when the Mari~yana Control . _ Law was enacted. In 1976, 1,460 cases were recorded. But the figures decreased to 639 in 1977 and 4Y33 last year, respectively. Ilsers of narco- tics also decreased from 904 in 1970 to 92 last year. The t~inistry mainly _ attributed the decrease to the government's positive contral policies such as blocking the distribution channels of hemp or narcotics and strengthen- ing of programs for youths against hemp-smoking or the use of habitual _ drugs. Meanwhile, a total of 671 persons were found using habit-fotzning drugs last year, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said. ;lmong them, 363 were arrested and 44 arrested without physical detention. The violators included 483 pot-smokers and 96 users of habit-forming drugs. - - [Textj [5eou1 THE KOREA HERALD in English 8 Feb 79 p 8) CSO: 5300 ~ 15 ~ - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 I - THAILAI~D - i THAI PAPER: T00 MANY DRUG TRAFFICKERS ESCAPING rROM PRISON - l~ungkok I3ANGKOK PO5T in ~ngli,.s,h 12 Feb 79 p~ 6 SK [Editorial: "Cnough of the One That Got Away"] _ [Text] CaCching drug traffickers ia hard work. It requires patience, _ painstaking inquiries of often involving [phrase as published] 3nterna- tfonal police forces and drug enforcement agencies, and a large measure of determination and dedicAtion because the men who are chasing drug traf- fickers are up against toagh odds, not Co mention all the proCection that can be brought with the money available to those in the drugs trade. Over the years, and particularly in recenC times, tite achievements of our drugs suppression police have won worldwide acclaim. - What a pity that our efficiency in ~atching drug offenders is not matched by an ability to keep these people safely under lock and key once they are caught. Last week yet another person serving a sentence connected with drugs managed to escape from a Thai prison. And it is a case of yet ~ again [as published] because o~her and bigger fish have made their escape in the past. Every one of these escapes is bad news all round: It is bad ~ for the morale of the police, it is bad for our inCernational reputation, , and it is bad for society becauae it means that someone whp should be in jail is free, perhaps to resume the activities that had put him in 3ai1 in the firat place. - Though this newspaper disagrees with the use of summary punishment for , any offence and believes that guilt can only be decided in court of law, it recognises the frustrations the police must feel when a convicted man escapes and we can appreciate why it ie that the police here so frequently _ urge the use of summary powers vested in the prime minister. The deter- rents facing those involved in drugs are two�old. First, there is the risk of being caught, and in this respect the police are increasing that risk; secondly, there is the knowledge that having been caught the punishment will fit the crime. It is here that we are falling down, becauae if the drugs offend~r comes to believe that he has a good chance of eacaping the full mQasure of his punishment, then crime can be seen to pay and the odds come down in favour of the criminal. ' Prime Min3.ster Kriangsak has demonatrated that his goverrnnent wishes to _ do all that it can to wage war on drugs. If the efforts of all those who are waging that war are not to be negated or eroded and if their enthusiasm is not to wane, something will have to be done--and urgently--about en- sur ing that the nasty ~ish that are caught remain in the net. l6 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 THAILANn rOUR IN 1~I:G IRONS AT H~ROIN TRIAL Pereh THE AUSTRALIAN in ~nglish 6 Feb 79 p 1 [Text] IiANGK01{, N10NDAY ~~~{}ZI~.'[~; Australians charged with heroin smugglln~ ap� _ peared in a Thai court - yesterday wearing leg irons and l~andcttffs. 'fwo of thc men's wlvcs a�cpt In Uu court as thctr husbands - made a IO-minute nppearanr.n end plcaded thcir Innoccncc. Heforc thc court wrrc 8ydn^:r rugby lcuKuc star Paul Haywarti, halydresacr-travel c o n s u 1 t a n t Warren Edward Fellows and - Bangkok bar o~er Wtlllam Shi~ - clalr. They tacc Hfc tmprfson- - ment if tound gullty. ~ A tourth man chargcd with smug~Hng, Kittt ItnsaD~ a Thal. alao appcared. The Australlana werc rcfus~d bnll and .~udga Ura Yuengnon- kurn ael Februnry 98 aa lhc firsl dH,v of lt~cir trlal . _ Hayward's wite Janet ~?n.i brolhor Mick wetched thc brleC - courl appcerance, ns did Fe11ou�y' ��Ifc J;~net nnd Slnclalr's rrn - C~rna~>ry. - The tiirec Auatralfens wcre arree:cd on October 11 aftcr pollco raldcd n Bangkok hotet room and scfzed 8.4kg ot pure heroln fn a~ xultcase thcy satd - was to be amuggled to'Auatraila. The druB would have been - worth about S8 mllfon when cut and sold on Auatralian atreeta. Thc plras of Innocencc witl urobubly mcan a lengthy trlat, . 17 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 I ~ ~z ,,~.i,~. ._;.,..r- '.r . ~ _ ~ ~ . ~~a1p k ' . \ ~ 1 _ ~ r~~~ c ~ x+ ; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 8 ~ , ~ ` ^ ~ ' _ ~ ~ `1 ~ _ ~ ~ ~ ~ , _ ~ ~ . . The four drug suspecCs, with Cheir legs~ in chains, at the Criminal Court during their preliminary hearings yesterday. From lefC--Paul Hayward, Kitti (Noi) Imsap, Warren Fellows and Willian Sinclair. All four pleaded not guilty to ctiarges of possessing 8.4 kgs of No. 4 heroin with intent _ to sell. CSO: 5300 - ~ 18 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 T1IAILANU ' I3LIND DiATE' IN Tt{E JUNGL~ B.u~Ykok I3ANCKOK POST in ~nglish 3 Peb 79 p 3 BK [T~~xt] The dny had begun normc~lly enough. An informer had cnme in with a report that :.a drug c~ravan was into Thailand with a"big" assign- ment of narcotics. These reports were not un~sual, re3ularly coming into the narcotice suppreasion centre at a rate of two or three a month, but most of the time the reports prove to be grouridless and unreliable. A squad of police scouts was rounded up to check on the reporr. This in- cluded two American Drug ~nforcement Agency offiaials. Bangkok Post cor- respondent 5ubin Khuenkaeo managed to persuade the reluctanC officera to allow him to go along with the team, This is his report of what proved to be one of the biggea~ narcotica raids in recent years. . ~ The 10 of us left the Third Region Border Patrol Police Headquarters in the morning by car, travelling from Chiang Mai several hundred kilometres to ' the sleepy town of Chiang Rai and on to the border district of Mae Sai. We were now within the ill-famed Golden Triangle, a loose term uaed to de- fine a large area including parta of Burma, Laos and Thailand from which some 700 Cons of opium are produced each year, all of it going into the illegal markets of the world. The date was January 24, 1979. We left the car and began an arduous trek along hot, dusty tracks into the northern jungle, all the while climbing steadily towards Doi Pha Mt about three kilometres from the Burmese border and a apot where the C=~g caravan - was reporCed to be heading. Finding a good vantage point, we settled down for a long period of waiting, not rcally expecting very much to happen and realising that the chances of ~ actually intercepting a cara~~an were pretty slim. 19 I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 Nothing happened ~11 through th~t d~y and night go wc moved ramp to higher grouhd the next day tio continue dur vigtl, this eime, righe on ehe summit - in order eo get n better view of the ~urCoundings. We madc camp again nnd posCed aentries Co keep wc~tch on likely trails in the muuntninous and thickly ~ungled tcrrnin. Then followed ~norher long, monotonoua waiC, with nll oF us keeping our ey~s pecled fdr any sigtt of mov~ment on the mountainaide. Then an excited hilltribe guide ran ineo the cnmp. He had heard sounds of . what might have been a convoy coming cloge to our b~secamp, ; Silence - We hurriedly struck cc~mp nnd apread ourselves out to cover as large ~n area as possiblc. Meanwhile, absolute silence wag dbserved, for to be spotted now would havc ruined the whole operation. About 20 minutes later, n Meo tribesman a~peared in view with a shotgun slung on his~ahoulder and about five metres behind him a caravan of mules in single file followed. There were abuut 50 mules in the convoy. There were only ~bout five guards walking alongside the caravan ~t inter- vuls of about eight mules or so apart to keep the mules from breaking ranka. But at the end of the line there were about 10 guards all carrying assorted firearms, shotguns, carbines and AK47's~ After crossing the ridge of Doi Pha Mi the caravan descended to the bottom. Police then radfoed for reinforcements from base at the same time the 10 of - us on the spot silenCly watched the caravan move on. About an hour later two BPp helicopters with a canplement of about 20 men arrived one at a time some distance apart, The first landed about 200 metres from where we were crouching and immediately pulled up after un- loading the troopa for fear of being shot at. Suddenly, shooting erupted and all hell broke loose. The second helicopter alighted on the opposite flank and left in haste like the first one. The exchange of gunfire lasted for about 20 minuCes and then ceased abruptly ,just like it started. ~ The police waited for about 10 minutes before closing in warily and came - across u thatched shed and a large tent. The shed was apparently the heroin factory because drug-manufacturing equipment was found in it, The fireplace was still smouldering. The tent was the living quarters becauae of clothes and cots found in it, 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 The hr.roin-produCing equipment con~isted of. ~ big cauldr~n on the fireplace, baging, fleske, drums, etc. At a level a little lower than the factory - aiCe wae n am~ll etream, clearly the water so~rce for ttte factory. ~ Nobody wa~ found gt the f~ctory site. Ye was completel.y empty buti for gn - M16 ~uromgtic rifle, a carbine~ a,3g pistol wiCh a I3~.c?gk~ok licence number, amm~nition gnd several epent cnrtridges. Part of the rgid force went in hot purguiC of the fleeing Craffickers and the resC remained Co Ru~rd the c~mp gnd Che evidence. brugs left behind in the ehed conaisted ot 118 kilogrammes of high-grade heroin and morphine in 43 bags of "Double t,ion" br~nd heroin gnd 67 bricks of "999" brand moxphine. According to the police they were all of high-grade qunlity. CSO : 530i~ 21 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 YUGO5LAVIA FALL SOWING OF' POPPI~S DECLINEb DRASTICALLY IN 197'8 - [~ditorial ReporC~ In ~ report on fnll sowing, Skop3e NOVA MAItEbONIJA in Macedonian on 8~'ebruary 1979, p~~e 10, gives the following informaeion on r,he sowing of poppiea in Macedonia: ~ull sowing of poppies (in hectarea) for the p~sC 5 yenrs--1974-3,704; 1975-4,817; 1976-7,881; 19~7-6,876; 1078-3,381. The article ataCes that, nlthough it is one oE Che main f~ll industrial crops, the area planted in poppiea has varied greatly in recent years, de~creasittg by 57.1 percent last year. The reasons for this are given as the decreased purchase price for the seeds and the relaCively low price for the poppy capsules. The fall crops are aown on a minimum area, mainly in the gardens of individual producers. CSO : 5300 22 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 , n~nziL _ BItIEFS COCATNE TRAF~ICIC~R Ct1I'TUR~D--Heliodoro Leite Neto, 29-year-old former police - investigator, was caught redhanded yesterday by peraonnel of the ~~deral Police Narcotics bepnrtmenC with 11 grams of cocaine in hi~ posaession. l~e wna dismissed from the atate Public Security Secretariat forces in 1971 by virCue of institutional act No 5. Also seized from his rnnch loCaCed :~tt � Porungaba were: a preciaion ac~?le, a notebook listing namea and other per- sonal documenta. [Sao Paulo 0~STADO DE SAO PAULO in Portuguese 24 Feb 79 p 17 PY ] CSO: 5300 23 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 - r.u t t.i; _ bltl~~S I'OLICF: CRACKDOWN ON TitAI~~ICKINC--More than 200 dru~ trafEiCkers and common - _ criminal~ h~1ve Ueen arregted by the poliCe on I'acifi~ Coast be~ict~es and put - - ~~t th~ dispo~al of ttie court:~. A~cording to poli~e suurce3, ttiese arrests were made between 6 January to 15 ~ebruary in the are~ betwec~n Las Rocas de - 5anto Domin~o and Mir.~Elores. The 5an Antonio police ~~ersonnel under Capt ((:~rlos Gonznlez) 1~ave been reinforced by 5antiago police personnel to carry out thiy crime prevenCion campaign durinp, the summer season. According to pol.icc sources, most uf those arrested came from Santiago and other parts oC tl~e country to the vacation area. Thig crime prevention campaign will _ conttnue until the etid vf ehe beach season, according to poli~e sources. - [TextJ [5anti~go bomestic Service in 5panish 1200 GM'C 16 ~eb 79 pYj 5300 ~ 24 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100030021-4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100034421-4 _ COLOMUTA b~~E:NS~ MINI5T[tY ON ANTINAEtCOTIC5 AC'TIVITY Buenos Airea LAmIN in Spanigh 2200 GM'r 17 ~eb 79 PA ['CextJ 6dgota, 17 E~eb (LATIN)--The Colombi~n military forcea annouttced today t~aving ghot dvwn a U.5. plane, pre~umably involved in drug smuggling, over La GuaJira, 1,000 km north of here, on the Caribbean coagt. This is tlie first plane shot down since unautt~orized planes were expressly pro- hibited Erom Elyitng over La Gua3ira I'eninsula last Novemher as part uf the government's Operation Eagle to stamp out dru~ traffic toward the United 5tates. The OCCUpltttg di tl~c plane escaped, according to the Uefense Ministry communique, which reported the seizure of 1,151 bags of presaed marihuana, _ - tlie discovery of 2 smashed U.5. planes, ~nd the capture oE a ship and 34 Colombians and 7 foreigners, the latter ~lmogt all U.5. cftizens, The government considers La Guajira the prinCipal marihuana produ~tion and smuggling center. The cortmunique said that on 15 ~ebruary troops of the Rondon Air Force $ase close to Portete Bay (Uribia) shot down a U.S. plane. The plane had been - destroyed by fire when it was found. Ita occupants apparently managed to flee. Un 11 f~ebruary army troops found a smashed tWO-engine ligtit plane with li~enyc no. AK-003218 on Ln Teta }iill, near Uribia. Yts three occupants, all U.ti. cLtizens, were injured. Mocher plane, n tWin-engined Cessna with lt~ensc no. N-777-EI~, was seized by troops and its crew, U.S. citizens _ I'aul Herman Dickman and Achttim Vermoroy, were captured the following day. ~ Un [lic s