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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-R~P82-00850R000'100040003-3 ~ ~ _ ~I ~ ~ ~ 3 APR I L i 9?9 ~ C F~lO il?9 ~ ~ i OF i~_ . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~ f ~o ~ , ~ ~4 y y ~ �Vi1 � ~1~ Va~ ~ b fi,, ~e ~ ~ ~ - ` ~ ~ ~o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ , ~6 IMAGE EvAIUATiON TEST TARGET ~MT-3) , I.0 ~ ~ ~ y ~ Z.. _ 1L ~ ~ ~ 2O ~ 1.2~5 1.4 1.6 ~ . 6" _ 9/ , . . . ` ~ ' ~ ` / . _ ~ . � ~ S' . z a,~ Q ` 4 ~ ` ~ ~ ^ ~ , 'a . ~ _ ~ ~ '~l~~ ~ O ~ ~ Iti? ~ . ~ o~ p~~ ti ~ , b"'Y ~ wen ~w+:iRar ~ / ~ N.Y. 145~0 / / � ( 71 ~ ? ~7l�~50~ ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FQR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - JPRS L/8367 3 Apr31 1979 ~ USSR AND EASTERN EUROPE SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACTS CYBERNETICS, COMPUTERS AND AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY (FOUO U79) ~ ~ . ~ . U. S. JOINT PUBLICATIONS RESEARCH SERVICE FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 NOT~ JpR5 publicaCinng cont~in informaCion primarily from foreign newspaper~~ periddic~ls ~nd booke, buC also from news agency tranemissions and broadcaste. MaCerials from foreign-language sourcea gre Cranslnted; thome from ~nglish-language sourcee are trgn~cribed or reprinted, with the original phrseing and oth~r characteriaCics rerained. Neadlinee, editorial reporta, gnd material enclosed in brackets are aupplied by JPRS. Procesaing indicators such as (TextJ ar (Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the 1asC line uf a brief, indicate i~ow the original information was - pro~eg~ed. Wh~re no procesging indicaCOr ig given~ Che infnr- mation was aummarized or exrracted. Unfamiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a ques- tion mark and encloaed in parentheses were not clear in the = original but have been aupplied asappropriate in context. Other unattributed parenthetical notea within the body of an item originaCe with the aource. Times within iCems~are as given by source. . The contents of this publication in no way repreaent the poli- cies, views or attitudes of the U.S. CovernmenC. COPYRI(~T LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSNIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY . JPRS L/8367 _ 3 Apri]. ].979 ~ USSR AND EASTERN EUROPE SCIENTIFIC ABST~ACTS ` I CYBERNETICS, COMPUTERS AND AUTOMATION TCCHNOI.OGY (FOUO 1/79) This serial publication containa abstracts of articlee and newe i~tema from USSR and ~astern Europe scientific and technical ~ourmala on the apecific sub~ects reflected in the table of contents. ` Photoreproductions of foreign-language sources may be obtai~~ed f.,rom ' the Photoduplication Service~ Library of Congresa~ Washingtc~n, D. C. 20540. Requests should provide adequate identification both ae to the sourcc and the individual article(s) desired. , CONTENTS PAGE I. DEVELOPMENT~AND PRODUCTION OF CON~UTERS AND CONTROL EQUIPMENT A. Unified Sys*em or Ryad Series 1 _ B. Hard~rare 3 - C. Prograaming and SoftWare 15 - D. Other 20 II. ECONONIIC APPLICATIONS A. Genera:. Treatment 22 _ B. Over-all Planning Methods 25 C. Economic Control at Locgl Level 26 D. Extractive Industries, Fishing 27 E. SuPb~,l~ System 29 V. INFORMATION SCIENCE A. Information Serv:ces 30 'a' (III -USSR-21CS&TFOUO~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ~ I, D~VELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION 0~ COMPU'r~RS AND CONTROL LQUIPMENT A. Unified Syatem or t~yr~d Seriea Uss~ UDC 681.3.06 ~ INTRODUCTION TO TH~ OpERATIONAL 3YSTEM OF Ye8 COMPU'r~R5 Moscow WEDENIYE V OS YeS EVM in Russian, Stetiatika 1977, 11.9 Pp, ~5k [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL~ AVTOMATIKA~ TELEMEKHAN'!KA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEiCI~IlVIKA No 1, 1978 Abatract No 1B63K (Synopsie)] = F'~I,EDOV~ V. end RAYKOV, L. D. [Text] An examination is made of the composition, working principles and fVnc+,ional poasibilities of the OS (operational system) Ye3--the moat hi~ily developed system in the software complement of the YeS computers (EVM). The authars discuss such problems ea making a set of fluictions ' available to the user, sdaptaticn to applications, multiprogramming modes and so forth. Emphasis is ple.ced on the controlling program of the oper~- tional system. The book ia written for programmere who are becoming acquainted with the 03 YeS operational syatem. It mey also be of use to ~ specialists stuc~jring the problems of designing and using computers and com- puter softWare. USSR UDC 658.012.011.56 COMPARATIVE EVA.LUATIONS OF THE USE OF DIFFERENT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES FQR YeS COI~UTERS SBORNIK NAUCHNYKH TRUDOV. TSENTRAL'NYY NAUCHNO-ISSLIDOVAT~L'SKIY I PROY- EKTNOTEKHNOLOGICHESKIY INSTITUT ORGANIZATSII I TEKHNIKI UPRAVLENIYA [Collected ScientifY c Transactions. Central Scientific Reaearch Institute _ of Planning Technic~l Organization and Control Equipu?ent] in Russian ~ No 4(26), 1976 PP 127-130 [From REF'~RATIVNYY SBOItNIK, ORGANIZATSIYA UPRAYLF~1IYl! No 3, i9?8 Abstract No 3.67.157 by Yu. P.D.] BELOUSCVA, L. I. end TISHKO, B. I. [Text] The operational syatems of the YeS computers (EVM) contain several different programffing languages: assembler, COBOL, PL/I, FORTRAN and so on. _ The principles of choosing a programming language for the YeS EVM differ from those for chooaing the correaponding languages for the Minsk-32 1 FOR OFFI~:It.L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 . FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY computera. This is caused by certain pecu].3arlties of the operationel syatems of the Ye5 ~VM; the Ye3 machine-oriented language (Assembler) has , much greater ce?pabilitie~ than Y~.SK for the Mtnsk-32, and the higher-1eve1 languagea--COBOL and PL/I--do not have means for input from punched tape. Beaidea, the uae nf different apecific control eyetemf. euch e~s real-time systema requirea new criteria for chooeing the progre~mmtng language. A table ie presented that givea some time and volume indicea charecter3zing the uae of applicable programmtng languages. All paremeters for setting up the atatistica were choaen for progranm written by programmers of approxi- metely identics~l. skill. Programa in Assembler ere written with the uae of both macrocoam?ands of the disk operating syatem (DOS) and gpecial user micro- commands. In investigeted problema 68 percent of the programs are written in COBOL, 31 percent in Asaembler and less than 1 percent in PL/I. The table preaented alloWS comparison of different lenguagea With respect to the time for writing the programs, the number of carda of oripinal text, translation time, nwnber of outputa per machine up to com- ~ plete debugging of the program and ao on. To define comparative estimates, an analysis was made of the ata:lde~rd progranm used in the data proceasing systems. Analogous programs were written with the use of different pro- gramming lnn~tueges for the DOS/YeS. Ana~ysis of the resultant data ahawed that the mos~ widely used programming languagea are COBOL and Assembler. Use of the higher-level COBOL shortens the time for ariting programs of an economic nature by an average of 2y percent, aimplifiea thP intrnduction of changea needed in economic data processing, red~~ces losses of time necessaty for writing and debugging progrema, and also increases the labor productiv- ity of the programmer. Compatibility is ensured for prograa~ written for the YeS disk operating system and the YeS operational system. Use of the - COBOL report comp~ler enables automQtion of such a difficult procedure in economic data processing as printout of various tabular infoz~ation. COBOL has convenient aorking facilities With a lit,rary of initial modul~s (BASIS ~ and COPY ~perators). The PL/I un3vers al. programming language is auperior in capabilities to the other progremmfng languages, and offers a variety of possibilities for more productiv~e use of modern data process:ng systems . such as handling program interruptions, programming se~aentation capability, selection of input/output method, and feasibil:ty of communication With programs written in other languages. With increeaing complication of math- ematical calculetions in economica problena, there aill be an inerease in the use of PL/I. The Assembl~r machine-oriented progrea~ing ~anguage requires progrem compilation on the machine-commsnd level, and because of this the prograa~ing becomea laborious and presupposes cansiderable pro- grammer experience. HoWever, the presence of maerofacilities in Asaembler offers the g~ogrammer the capability for Writing mBCradefinitions. These facilities simplity progreua coding, reduce the ~number of errors in pro- grea~ing and provide for the use of standar.d op:�.�etors fnr executin~ ty~pical procedures in economic data processing. : 2 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY B. Hardaare crssR unc 6y8.oi2.oii,56 ON TIi~ PFtOBLEM OF CHOOSTNCi Tfi~; HARDWA~k; CQlr4'LEX FOR A~1 AUT~MATED MANA(}EMENT ` SYST~M Moscow TEKHNICIi~SK2YE SREDSTVA OBRABOTKI INFORMNTSI~ [Technical Fgcilities for Aate Procesaitig] in Rusaian 1976 pp 35~~+8 [From REF'~RATIVNYY SBORNIK, OR(}ADIIZATSIYA UPFtAVLENIYA No 3, 1978 Abatrect - No 3.67.162] KOMANDROVSKAYA, I. A. and KOMANDROVSKIY, V. G. [Te:;'.] One of the subsystems of an automated man~etnent system (ASU) is the hardware complex; in choosing thie complex a nwnber oi� interrelated and interdependent problems ariae. The optimum choice of the hardware complex on the level of the entire aet of problems is a compl.icated ~ob in virtue of computation~]. and other difficulties. It m+u~kes sense to aolve such a prob- ~ lem by stagea on the level of problems of different degrees of complexity and significance. Hence the problem ax~ises of breaking doxn the entire set of problems of choosing the hardirare complex into subaets and repreaenting them by a multilevel hierarchical acheme. This paper attempts to formalize the representation ~f the set of problema of choosing the hardware complex of an ASU in the form of a hierarchical mul~ilevel acheme of problems and ,~obs that arise in planning, elabora~ing, using and developing the hardr~rare complex. ~ USSR c~c 681.326.7 ON THE PROBLEM OF DETERMINING THE COE~'FICIENT OF PREPAREDNESS OF A CON~U'PER SAKAFtTVELOS SSR N~TSNIYEREBATA AKADE~IS 1~AAN~E,SOOBSHCHENIYA AKADIIrIII NAUK 1 GRUZIN3KOY SSR in Russian vo1 86, No 3, ~977 ~ 685~-688 [From REP'ERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TEI,~N~KHANIKA I YYCHISLITEL'NAYA - TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B22 by I. P. DvornikovaJ MIKADZE, I. S, and t�tIJRUSIDZE, A, [Text~ The pa~er examines a method of calculating the preparedness of a computer xith the use of continuous hardWgre error checking that catt detect and correct errors that hFVe ar:sen as a con$~~uence of steac~}r-state fail- ures and random intermittent malfunetions in indivi duel computer dub- assemblies and devices. The possible states of the computer are shoxn on 3 FOR OFPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL U5E ONLY a grnpt~. mtiree veratonc~ ur~ ennsidered: 1) Coritinuoua checkfng ie reli- able and i~ 3ntended fnr datection of errors caused by nteady-stete fail- - ur~s nr random intermittent malfunetions; 2) Continuou$ checking ie reli- able and ia intended for cnrrecting isolated errors and detecting double errors caused by double steac~y-state failureg or random 3ntermi.ttent ma].- functions; and 3) Continuous checking is not r~liable and is intended for correcting an isolated error ~nd detecting a dottbl.e error caused by eteacly- state failures~ In all versions considered it is assumed th at the etreema - of failures and malfunctions conform to Poisson law. In the case of a , failure or malfunction, the mean time of recovery of a computer is deter- mtned by Laplace-3tielt~es tranaforms ~ith reapect to known computer . recovery time distrib ution functions. A comparative eatimate io given of the firat and second versions of checking with consideration of the ratio of the volumes of equipment needed for each version. Figures 1; referenceg: 3. Ussx Unc 681.322-185.3 HARDWARE FOR A FAM[LY OF SMALL COI~UTERS TRUDY INSTITUTA EL~KTRONNYKH UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIIQi MASHIN [Proceeding3 of the Institute of Control Computera] in Russian No 50, 1976 pp 3-19 [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEN~�KIiANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA - TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 18171 by T. M. Kuznetsova] ' GGLUBEV, B. P., ALF.~CSEYEV, YU. D., BOYCHENKO, A. V., ZENIN, V. M., - KOLOSKOV, M. S., FONAREV, M. N. and CHERNYSHOVA, S. A. [Text] Consideration is given to the considerable r~le of peripheral equip- ment in automated managEment (ASU). As a result of analyais of the fields of application of small computers, pri~acipal forms of representa- ' tion of input and output data are defined, and classes e?nd groups of exter- nal devices are differentiated in accordance with these forms: external storage units, d~ta input/output devices, units for communiaation betwe~en~ - operetor and computer, systems for remote processin~ of data, data prepara- tion devices. The technical characLeristics of external devices are considered. The paper : gives the results of analysis of non-Soviet periphexal equipment th a~ can serve as a besis for developing methods of comparinE; and evgluating the technical level of Soviet computer equipment now existing and under develop- ment as compared With non-Sov~et analogs. Tables 1:~. 4 FOR OFFICIl+L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY UsSR tmC 68i.327.6(088.8) A IN~MOfiY D~VICE WITH S~L~'-CH~CKING U53R AUTHOR"S CERTIFICATE No 555~+~+3, Divieion C, filed 27 Oct 75, published 18 May 77 [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA TELENIII4IANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEIGiNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstrect No 1B355P~ _ SLIPCHENKO, V. G., KORNEYCHUK, V. I., ItEBUKIN, A. I. and Mt1Y, GUDRUN (East Germ~r~y), Kiev Polytechnical Institute [Text] A memory device is now aveilable with se.lf-checking that containa accumulators connected to their respective regiatera, checking unito, AND e.nd ~R logic elements. The disadvantages of the device are large hArdwaxe - expenditures and low reliabillty of the device. Among known devices the closest technical solution to this invention is a device that contains ~ accumulators connected to an address register and to main and awdliary word _ registers, and also contains digit-by-digit check units with inputs con- nected to the outputs of the corresponding word registers, and has error- detection modules wfth inputs connected to the outputs of the main word registers, while the outputs are connected to the inputs of a control unit, and in addition this device containa AND elements of a first group. The first inputs of these AND lements are connected to the outyuts of the corresponding main trord registers, and the outputs of the AND elements are connected through main OR elements to the inputs of an ou::put register. The device contains main AND elements of a second group that are connected to the main word registers. A disadvantage of this device is that informa- tion output is impossible in the case where failures arise in like cells of the accumulators. This reduces the reliebility of the device. The reli- ability of the device is increased by adding AND and OR elements. Some o~' the inputs of the additional AND elements are connected to the outputs of the digit-by-digit check units, wZ~i.le the other inputs are connected to the control unit. Their outputs are connected to the inputs of the co:respond- ing additional. OR elements, whose outputs axe connected to the seco:id inputs of the main AND elements of the first group. Figures 1. 5 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY uss:~ unc 68i . 327.664 , 4 A TECHNIQUE FOR ENaINEERIN(} EVALUATTAN OF mH~ QUALImY OF nESI(}N OF THE FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE OF' ACCUMULATORS ON CYLINDRICAL MA(~NETIC DOMAINB TRUDY INSTIT~'rA ELEICTRONNYKH UPRAVLYAYUSfICHIKH MASHIN [Proceedings of the Inatit ute of Control Computers] in Rusaian No g9, 1976 pp 3-16 [~rom REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELE',M~I4iANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No l, 1978 Abstract No 1B368 by T. M. Kuznetsova] BOYARCHENKOV, M. A., PADYUKOV, L. N. and RAYEV, V. K. [mext] An examination is made of the problem of rational desi~ of micro- topolo~r of a chip for storage units on cylindrica]. magnetic domains (TUt:il). By chip is meant a domAin-containing cryatal carrying on ita fur- face the microprints of circuits for moving9 recording, erasure, awitching and readout of TSNID. Some wqys to ev~aluate the quality flf design of chip structures are discussed. Calculations arc done in application to the structure of a chip with internal decoding of the accumulator addrese register. Selection is substantiated for two types of structures: symmetric with peripheral location of two decoders speci~..lized for recording and readout; and asymmetric with a decoder that combines these functions. Informational, technological and generalized function~l criter2a are proposed for chip design. The results are given in graphic form for convenience of engineer- ing evaluations. Figures 5; references: 12. ussR uDC 68i.327.664.4 PROBLEMS OF DESI(~1ING DATA READOUT CHANNELS FOR DOMAIN MEMORY D~VICES TRUDY INSTITUTA ELEKTRONNYKH UPRAVLYAYUSHCHII4i MASHIN [Proceedings of the Institute of Control Computers] in Russian No 59, 1977 pp 37-43 [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELI~4NIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B:369 by T. M. Kuznetsova] KRASOVSKIY, V. YE. and SNiIRNOV, S,, N. [Text] The euthors consi der the problem of desi~ing a data playb ack channel (TVI) based on magnetoreFjistive Permalloy microsensors. The basic TVI requtrements are formulated that stem from the ;eculiaritiea of the output signal of tlie sensor and of interfere~~ce signals; methods are investigated for realizing these requirements in TVI design based on the 6 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY exemple nf a circuit developed for a cylindrlcal ma~neti^ domain (TaNm) m~mory with a c:apacity ot' 256 18-digit worda. The given mVI contains e bridge circuit that ineludea both main and compensatory aenaors e~nd a pa3r of resistors, preatnplifier, ple~yback amplifier and a diode. The TVI is realized by meana of atandard semiconductor microcircuits. The regions of ~ stable operat3on of the mVI are determtned as a furiction of the magnitude of ~the sensor supply currents, controlling fields and working frequencies. An effective wqy of increasing the interference immunity of the TVI is pointed out--placing the Amplifier in a magnetic module. Because this method is not applicable to existing amplifiera due to their large overall dimensior?s, it is planned to devel~p apecial hybrid ple~yback amplifiers for cylindrical magnetic domain memories. Figures 6; references 3. ussR unc 681.327.664.4 NAV]"~G CYLINDRICAL MAGN~.'TIC DOMAINS BY THE FIELD OF AN ISOLATED MAGNETOSTATIC TRA: . TRUDY INSTITUTA ELEKTRONI~YKH iTPRAVLYAYUSHCHIKH MASHTN [Proceedings of the Institute of Control Computers]~n Russie~n No 59, 1976 pp 78-90 [From REFERATIVNYY ZHUR?vAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEMEI4iANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B370 by T. M. Kuznetsova] RAYEV, V. K. aitd KHODENKOV, G. YE. [Text] An atten~~~t is made to determine the region of stable operation (OUR) of a domain-moving circuit. To do this, an e~amination is made of aavement of cylindrical magnetic domains (TsNID) by the field of an isolated magneto- static trap that does r.ot change shape With time, ancl also by a field with uniform gradient. The region of stable operation is constructed on the basis of a complete stuc~y of stability with a number of idea.' :.zing assump- tions. Wsys to construct a reel OUR are pointed out. Figures 2; references 3. 7 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY _ ussR unc 68i.327.~64.4 - I~THODS OF' R~(}ISTRATTON 0~' SMALL-DIAMETER CYLINDRICAL MA(~NETIC DOMAINS BY N~ANS OF ACOUSTIC WAVES TRUDY INSTITU'.CA ELEKTRONNYKH UP~AVLYAYUSHCHIKH MASHIN [Proceedings of the Institute of Coiitrol Computers] in Russian No 59, 1976 pp 48-57 [From REF'ERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEN~KHANTKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No 1, ~.978 Abstract Nu 1B372 by T. M. Kuznetsova] - YUROV, A. S. [Text] An examination is made of the problem of detecting cylindrical magnetic domains (TaNID) with a diameter on the order of a few mtcrnmet ers - by using the proper~ies of acoustic waves. A comparative anal,ysis is made of different methods of registration af ~sI~: lnteraction of acoustic waves with a magnetic field, with a magneti2ed medium and with charge carriers in _ semtconductors. It is concluded that the second and third methods have the best outlook, which can be attrib uted to the possibility of exact detection of Tsl~ without increasing their dimensions, and also to the low sen~itivity to strqy pickups from the controlling fields. Some quantitative eveluati.ons axe given on readout devices that use these methods. It is n~ted that one element is common to all readout devices--the transducer for excitation of . acoustic waves--which necessitates the development of effective structures that can effect this excitation in the system comprised of an epitaxi ~1 ferrite-garnet film and substrate. Teahnological procedures are discussed for realization of th ese devices. F`igures 4; referencea 14. - ussR crnc 68i.327.664.4 EXPEItIl~NTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CYLINDRICAL MAGNETIC DOMAIN SWITCHES FOR DONIAIN N~MORY DEVICES TRUDY INSTITUTA ~;LEKTRONNYKH. UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIKH MASHIN [Proceedings of the Institute of Control Computers] in Russian No 59, ~976 pp 63-66 [~rom REFERATIVIJYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEMEKHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA _ TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 18373 by T. M. KuznetsovaJ IVANOV, YE. A. [Text] An analysis is made of the operation of cylindrical magnetic - domain (TsNID) switches controlled by a current-conductive overley that passes a current pulse at the instant of transfer of the TsI~ from one register of the domain memory to another. Several sxitch models are 8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAY. USE OrILY ~ studied with different configurations of the domain transfer elements: the element ie located between registers and there is a current-conducting - contro]. line; the ele~uent is made in the form of a rectangular overlqy; the element is made in the form of a cross. The regions of atable operation of these switches are determined as well as the range of ampl3tudes of the - control pulses. Note is taken of the inadequate econo~r of the awitches, the need for large control currents and strict phasing of the current trans- mission timea. Figures 3; referer~ces 3. - ussa unc 681.327.664.4 CHAA~C`rER2STICS OF THE CYLINDRICAL MAINETIC DOMAIN MEMORY MJDULE TYPE ' DOr1~;N-1 � " TRUDY INSTITUTA ELEKTRONNXI4i UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIF4i MASHIN [Proceedings of the Instit ute of Control Computers] in Russian No 59, 19 76 pp 17-21 - [From ItEFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEMEKFiANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No l., 1978 Abstract No 1837~+ by T. M. Kuznetsova] KARASEV, YE. V., KRASOVSKIY, V. YE. and POTAPOV, V.S. _ [Text] The paper describes the type "Domen-1" memory module based on materials with a cylindrical magnetic domain (TsNID ~ diameter of the order of 100~t! m. Module dimensior,s are 50 x 40 x 10 mm , information capacity is 64 bits, and maxi~um dati: Lransmission rate is 100/kbits/s. A detailed - description is given as we7.1 as the characteristics of the principal module elements; control coil; permanent magnets; keeper; communication p? ate that contains a sub~tre;ie with readout pickups and with generation an3 annihilation wires; substra#e With domc~in-moving circuit; magnetic crystal. The selection of orthoferrite is ~ustified as the material for the recording medium. The circuit is given for a combined Permalloy generator that handles data input. The working ranges are given for the TsNID input device and the domain-moving circuit. A readout device ia described that is based on a magnetore:sistive pickup of annular ahape. F`igures 4; references 3. 9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~Olt U~~ICtAL U5E ONLY Us~~ UnC 68.1. ~~7:5~5 AN Ot~'I'ICAL n28K A~ A'UN~F'I~b' bA~A M~UIUM IN GON'rAOL SYST~MS ` ~F~ICH~;:KIY DISK KAK 'Y~INYY' N052m~L' tNF'OftMAm9tI V SIST~MAtW tJPRAi2~t�JIYA in ~iuggien, Warldoride ~1~ctrot~chnical Congre~s, Mo~cow 21-25 ,1un 1~~77, Section 7, No 4g, ~?8 pp, unpubli~~hed [F'rom tt~F'~RAmIVNYY ZHtJI2NNAL. AV'rOMAmIKA, T~L~NIF~{AN?KA I VYCHISLIT~L'NAYA m~KlWIKA Plo 1, 1978 Abgtrc.ct No 1~404 by C}. Meylelch] GURS}{KOV, N. V. and p~~OV, V~ V. , [mextJ 7'h~ puthora define and digCU~g th~ m~?in requirement~ for a"unified" ~ datg medium thaL Wou1d ~ind the tnnst exten~ive poggibl~ gph~re of' ~pplic~- tion. primarily in the ~xternal stores of le~rge control eygtems, in computer corr~plexeg, in systems for collecting and procegsing information in the pre~ence of large and varied information floWg, e?nd finelly, in computer~ of' moderate and even loW produrtivity, in dats preparation sysLems a~d for dgt~ exrhange bet~reen computers of identical. ~nd different productivity. A detailed examination i~ m~de of: Lh~ state of development of external stores; requirements for the unified medium; the det~ recording method; the external devices based on th~ unified medium; the uae of unified media in control gy~ tema .~'igures 9; references 18. usSR UDC 681.327.66(088.8) A 1+~CHANICAL MEMORY DEVIC~ . CSSR AUTHOR'S CERTIFICAT~ No 525163, Division (l, filed 23 Jan 75, published ].5 Feb 77 [From It~F'ERATIVNYY ZHURNA:., AVTOMATIKA TELENmCHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B412P~ NIKOLAYEV, V. A., NOVOZHILOV, L. N., PAVLOV, P. I. and PANIN, V. G. [Text] A mechsnical memory for a pro~rem control device is available thet contains rotating accumulator elements, each of vhich carries mc~vable locetors that perceive electromechanically transaitted dats pulses vie the corresponding electromechanical transraission. Also available is an electro- mechanical memory that contalns a drive xin~aticauy coupled to a ehsft that carries electromagnetic clutches and cams vith lobes and switches. The meiin disadvantage ofauch devices is the presence of inecheaical coupling between the input/output data units and the storage elements, which results 10 FOR OFFICIl+L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~o~ n~~ict~. usE o~.,Y in qutckly vdrn edmponents in thege memories . The clogeet in t@Cf1TL~CEL~. ese~n~e t~ th~ given inventidn i~ s m~chgnic~]. m~m~ory th~t eonteins ndn- mggn~tie diak~ fegt~ned to a~hefL, the groovee in thes~ diskg carrying magnetic etorege elementn, r~cording, rp~dout ~?nd era~ur~ unit~. The pr~~- ence in guch ~ memory of edntrol electromagnetg with flat p~l~g that h~v~ ~1ot~ ~nd eover t.he di~k with gtorage elementg, ~s We11 ~ the pre~enCe nt' g ph~tn~l~ctrie d~t~ resdout ~y~tem, conaider~b~,y? complicQtea the deeign o� the memory unit, perticulerly r+hen it i~ nec~~~a:y to dev~lop a mLil.ti- ~yale ~tore for which the m$mory volume of th~ gvAtl~ble device i~ in~d~u~te. The memary vo~ume of the fle+ri~e is incresged by making esch ~torage element in the form of a f~eme with e permanent m~gnet. The axle of the frame ia held by apring plateg accommodated in the groovee of Lh~ c~S8k8~ in Whoae plane of rotiation is the erasure unit made in the form of an L-~h~p~d profile atop. Inst~lled on a pedeatal in the zon~ of travel of th~ fr~me~ ~re the record unit and th~ r~adout unit, Which are made in th~ form of e?n electromagnet ~nd mggnetically controlled contactg. ~ ' ~'i gures 7. ~sft tmC 681.327(086.8) A NI~MOEtY b~VIC~ USSR AU'rHOR'5 CERTIFICAT~ No 547817, Division G, filed 1 Aug 75, publiehed 5 Mey 77 ` (,From RE~'ERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA TELEMElCHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No J., 1978 Abstract No 1B420P~J GURTOVTSEV, A. L., Institute of Electronics and Computer Technology, Acade~r of Sciences of the Latvian S3R [Text] There are existing memory devices xhere search for the recording zane on magnetic medie is accompliahed by determining the diemeter of the roll on the feed reel. Because oF the nonlinear nat~~re of the relation betveen tape roll diemeter and the number of a zone~ the location of the zone is only roughly cietermined. The use of inechanical meau:. (~~ode disks, light source, light senaorj for detenaining roll diameter increases the overall dimensions of the device, complicetes manufacture ead ed~ugtment, end reduces reliability. The closest technical solutio~ to this invention is a meQOry that contains an acc~ulator xith tape medium, this accumuletor being connected to a control unit and to the first input of an address compari~on unit with Lhe second and third inputs connected to channels for sett;ng the rin~ address and reading interval, vhile the fourth input and first output are connected to en error register, and the second output is connected to the first input of the control unit. The field of applicetion 11 FOR OFPICI~+L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~'OR OfFICIAL US~ ONLY ~f th~ d~vic~ i~ ~xpand~d by i: ~luding ~rro pargl].~1 eireu3tg, e~?ch aon~ieting of ~ clel~y el~ment an~ pu1~e generator connected in ~eri~g, and by ~dding ~ frequ~ncy dividQr ?xnd en OR gatP. mhe 3nputg of the delqy element~ are connect~d to th~ e~cond ~?nc1 thircl output~ of the comparison unit and to the second and third inputg of th~ control uni~. It~ fourth input ig connected to th~ fr~queney eLivid~r, uhieh ig conn~cted by ~tg firg$ input to th~ con- tro111ng output of the error regi~cer, gnd by i~e s~cond input through the - OR gate to the outpute of th~ pu1~e generators. ~'3gureg 1. ussx unc 68i.327.22 TRAN3F'~RRAI, 0~' YNFORMAmION DISpLAY~L ON T}{F 'VID~OTON-340' 3CR~N Moscarr F2~'rFtANBLYAm3IYA INF'ORMAT3II, VYYODIMOY NA ~QtAN DIS~'L~YA ' VID~O?rON- 340' in ~tussian, Institute of Atomic ~nergy, IA~-279 i, 1977, 6 pp, mimeo. [From REF'~RATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AV'rOMATIKA, T~LE~it~{A~JIKA I VYCNISLIT~L'NAYA TEK}iNIKA No l, 19'(8 Abstract No 1B491K (synopsig)] SHKAf~$ANOV, A. N. [Text] The author congiders tlie feasibility of transferring inforrmtion dis- plqyed on th~ "Videoton-3k0" scre~n in casee khere it ig t,ecesg~ryr to have the same informetion in territorieilly separated points, or vhere Lhe acreen aize must be ma~ified. Several mpthods are described for rebroadesati:ig information depending on the diatance of the video monitors from the base d3spla}r. ussR wc 68i .3 PROBI.EMS OF' CON~TRUCTING A DISCR~TE DATA TRAIVSt~QS3I0N NE':'WORK F'OR (3~N~RAL USE Moscow 211FORMATSIYA T ItiF'ORMATSIONNYYE SETI [Information and Informati~n Networks, Collection of Warks] in Russian, Ne?uka, 1977 pp 74-83 [From REF'EEtATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TEI.~iANIICA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TIICHtJIKA in Rus~isa Na l, 1978 Abstract tio 1B526] SHVARTSMAN, V. 0. [TextJ Hesed on customer requirements for e discrete data tranamission network (3PDI) the author considera diPferent methods of constructing such 12 FOR OFFICI/~L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~OR dF~ICIAL US~ ONLY networkg, 1:pchntqu~~ for dat~ trgnsmie~ion over the networ~s, construction of ~rritching centers and dgt~ transmisslon ~quipment~ Figur~g 1; teblea 1; reference~ 6. Uss~ troC 681.327,2'8(088.8)(47) A D~VIC~ ~'O~i DATA ~XCHAN4~ U89R AUTHOR'3 C~RTIFICAT~ No 550631, Diviaion t'iled 18 Mar 74, publi~hed 21 Mar 77 [~ro?~~ 1t~F`~FtAmIVNYY ZI{URNAL, AVTOMATIKA, T~I~I{HqNIK,p I VYCHI3L2'~~L~NAYA ` m~KHNIKA No l, 1978 Ab~tract No 1B535p~ DIDF~IKO, 1:. I. , K~IRNAUKH, K. ti. , KOmLYAR, V. M. , KOCHUR, YU. P. and gNANDRIN, I. 8., 5pecis~l Design Office for Automated Control Systems [Text] A device ia proposed fbr operation in e data tranemiesion complex and for organizing communication rrtth a computer complex. The device con- te3na a progrem a~dule, and repetition, decoding ~ communicaLion, control ~ I/0, regiater snd coding units. Connections are made betWeen the input and outpat modu~les of the device to expend funetional capabiliti~s. Figures l; references 2. USSR tmC 681.139.14(088.8) A 3EIECTOR CHANNEL U33R AUTHOR'S CERTIFICATE No 545981, M vision G, filed 26 Me~y 75, published 3 Mar ?7 [From REF'ERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA TELEMEl~iANIKA I VYCHIgLITEL'NAYA TEK}~1IKA No l, 1978 Abstract No 1H542P] DOLYA, A. D. [Text] A selector channel is nrnr available thet contains a register of the number of the peripheral device, an input/outpu~t comrnand register, a unit for coupling to an immediate-access memory, an operation code register, a regisLer of the currenL address of data, a current data counter, e register of the address of the controlling vord, a byte counter, a data regisLer, a 13 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~OR O~FrCIAL US~ ONLY r~gigter for coupling t+ith the interfece and n ch~nn~l c~ntrol unit. mhig chann~l hea inad~quate r~liability. A splector channel i~ available thgt contains g serlee circuit com~ri~ed of a module for eonne~ting tihe chennel to ~h~ c~ntr~]. proc~~sor, ~ regi~t~er of ~h~ addree~ of the extern~l davice I and ~ unit for connecting the channel to ~xtarnal d~vie~~, unit for aon- i necting the chQnnel to the central immec~i~t~-gccega gtore thgt ie connected . t,o fYrst and second dat~? registere and to the control register, ahich is _ connected in turn to an adder. 7'he unite for conn~eting th~se chennel~ tn ext~rnal dev3eee ugu~?].1y have hsrdwer~ for gimulating an extern~Z device - wh~n the channel ie operstefl in th~ checking or debugging nade. Hor?ever, Lhe I/0 intp:face (ru~eg; interface-coupling emplifiers, cireuite for interfacing With extern~l. devi~ces) ~re not covered by checking in Lhe autonomou~ mode. 7'he purpoee of thig invention is to improve the re1i~?bil- ity of the seleetor chgnnel. For thie purpoe~ the channel addition~Ll.y con- taing a first byt~ r~gi~ter connect~d to ~ cnmparigon m~dule, and ~].so adci~ ~n addr~~s-setting unit ~nd a seri~s circuit compri~ed of a gignal ghaper, ~ a command gheper snd a second byte register Lhati ig connected to the com- parison module, the firgt byte regiater, the addres~-~etting unit ~nd the unit for connection to exLernal devices. Usually in dete exchange r?ith , externel devices the selector channel operatea in a m~nopole mode, end only one group of interfgce buses is needed for data transmtsgion (from the ~xternal d~vice to the chennel or t~rom the channel. to Lhe externsl. device). Nhen getting the monopole mode of data tran~mission in the proposed selec- tor chanriel, the rev~erse group of information buses ia used for tranamitting control data. Transmission of conLrol d~tg ig synchronized by controlling - si~als of the channel gnd of the extern~l device. Figurea 1. 14 FOR OFFICIAL USE OHLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~OIt OF~I~IIAL U5~ ONLY C ~ Progra~mming and Snftware _ US~~ UDC 681.322,066 _ ~K~ pABLOp SOFZ'WAR~ SYB~M FbR CONTROLLINtl M[NICOMPUP~RB ~'ObSmAWY ST~ROWANIA in Polish, Vo1 7, No 2, 1977 ~p 165-180 [~'rom R~F~RATIYNYY ZHURNAL, AVTd(~IpTIKp ~ m~ ~~{~iANIICp I yyCHISLIT~L~NA~'A TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abgtr~ct No 1865 by A. D. plitman] WIBALSKI , J~RZY CText] A softaare eygtem i$ examined for mini-control computers tha~ ia - nri~ntefl tcri+ard groblem~ of t~echnoingical procega aontrol. Control can b~ � effected in the di~log mod~ or in t,he peckege mode in ISB ~anguage, ISB (a ~;ructurgl floxchert language) is ~ high-1eve1 problem-oriented languege. The interpreter of this langu~ge Workg undpr the control of ~ standard operational ayate~n, which enables simultaneoua use of other prograamding methods as well 1n ca~e of necesgity. The paper deacribeg the ~tructure of the IS$ interpreter, the proaremming teehnique and the program documentation ~ystem, and elgo the possibilities for reconfigureLion of the ayetem. The - . given softWare eystem ig re~lized on minicomputers of the MKI-25 type. Fig�ares 1~+; tableg 5; references 15. U$ ~ unc 681.3.06:51 CDL A3 A SY3TEM Ii~'L~.N,ENTATION LpNGUp(}E pND INTRODUCTION OF 30FPWARE SY.STF.M FOR SCIF~~TIFIC PURPOSES. PART II Dubr.a, Report E10-105~+9 in Engliah, Joint Inatitute of Nuclear Research, 1977, 9 pp, mimeo. [From R~FERATIV~JYY ZHURNAi,, pVTOMATIKA, TELEMEi4{ANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B71K (synopsis)] MARIN~SCU~ D. C. [Text] Che?t~ecLerisLlcs are given on a special language that is convenienL for deacribing systems programs: Lranslatars, editor programs, monitors an8 so on. Zts main syntactic conatructions are described as well as Lhe peculiarities of use. A translator from this language has been xntroduced on type CDC-65C0 camputers st Lhe Joint Institute of Nuclear Research. Methods of sccese to Lhe given translator are described as well es Lhe pos- sibility of using the language on co~puLers ot' other types. 15 FOR OPPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~Olt n~~ICIAL USg ONLY ; unc 68i.3~~.06~ _ SOFTWAR~ FOR T~ KARAm I~1'ICRO~ILMIN(3 b~VIC~ Novosibir~k F~RO(}~AMbINOY~ dg~9P~CHE~iIYE U9TROYSTVA MIKnOF'tL'MC~dVANIYA KARAm in Rug~ien, Acade~r of 3ciences of the U9~tt, 3iber3an nepartment, Computing C~nter, Preprint No 60, 1977, 17 pp, ~~a. [F'r~m F~F'~~2ATIVNYY 'LHU~iNAL, AV'rOMATIkA, m~L~MCECI{ANIKA I VYCHISLIm~L~VAYA m~I(HNIKA No l, 1978 Abs~r~?ct No 1B82K by Yu. V. Vyazr~~kov] D~BELOV, V. A. and MATSOKIN, A. M. [mextJ The psper d~gcribes aoftKare d~veloped at the Computing Center of the 3iberien Depertm~nt of the Acadeap? c~f Sciences of the USSfi for the KARAT micr-.filming device connect~d to the BE'SM-5 computer. The aygtem ig d~signed ss a supplement to the mathematical goft~rare of the SMO(3 graphic devirea, and enables mtcrofilm ~utput of a,11 SMO(l fecilitieg. The aoftware provideg for such functions eg setting the brightnesa, the diameter and ~xposure of the light beam, as Ke21 as frame changing, the u9e of video m~nitorir.g equipment end proceaures for outpuL of elphanumeric inform~tion using ~ built-in symbol gene.rator. The aoftt+are of the KARAT device also provides for creating archives of fragments and framea in externe~l compute.r storage with information formulated direct~yr in the com~ands of the device. _ Th~ information on the microfilcning dPVice tha~. is neceasgry to the user is eetited. Supplementary progrem faciliLie~ sre deacribed that enable more e ~ectiv~ use of the KARAT device. Figureg 2; teble 1; referencea 3. ussR unc 681.322.068 AN OR(iANiZIN(3 SYSTEM FOR COMPUPERS ~IITH LIMITID CON~UTIN(1 CAPABILITIES TRUDY INSTITUTA F.I.~KTRONNYKH ~JPRAYI.YAYUSHCHIKH MASHIN [Proceedings of the Institute of Control Computers] in Russian No 56, 1976 pp 59-6~+ [From REFERATIVNYY ZHUFNAL~ AVTOMATIKA, TEI~fANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHIdIKA No 1978 Abstract No 1890 by T. W. Kuzr,etsovaJ AA3KOVSKIY~ A. N. ead RODIONOV, V. V. [Tex~] The paper describes the OS-b0 organizing system designed for real- time softxare in computer operation. The OS-40 syatem is ~n aggregete of - the folloxing programa: initial start, monitor, eutracodc: executive routine, ~ime service, communication vith operator, communication with a higher-level computer, input drivers (output, library of staadard subprogrsms aad system 16 FOR OFPICIAL U5B ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL U5~ ONLY ad~ptation module). mhe authnrs give th~ minimum complement of dpvices n~ce~~ ary for functioning of tihe system together With a detsiled ~escrip- tion +~nd ~he quantitstive ch aracterigtiCg c~f the progrems. The following are pointed out ~?s the ma3n advanbeges of th~ OS-40 sy~tem: fea~3bil3ty of ~ev~lop~nent o~' thp ~ygtem, eaee of maintenance, flexibilit,y, variety of are~~ of applicetion, ~nd independence between uaer pro~am~ ~nfl the physical nw~ber (gampling code) of the device. Th~ OS-40 eystem 3s d~signed on the modulQr princlple, end in th~ minimum configuraLion occupies 1,000 worde of inemory. ~'igures 2; referencee 3. . - Ug~ unc 68i,322.068 Tltr; ~TRASSA' PRO(3RAM FOR TNE M-400 CONTFtOL ~OI~UTER COMPLEX TRUDY INSTITUTA ~LEKTRONNYKH UPRAVLYAYUSHCHIKH MA3HIN [Proceedings ef the Institute of Control Computer~] in Ru~~ian Yo 56, ~976 pp 65-68 [From ~EF'ERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TFLEMEKHANIKA I VYCHISLI'.:~~~L~NAYA TFKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abatract No 1B91 by T. M. Kuznetsova] 03TROY3KIY, M. A. [T~xt] An exsmination is made af the problem of effective debugging of programs on comput~rs. An ane.~yais ig mede of "Prokrutka" or "Trassa" pro~ams, whicr are debugging facilities that operate on the level of ob~ective codes and thet organize xork in the package mode rrith data output to a printer. Use of progrsms of the "Trassa" type in the M-400 control computer complex reduces machine time ea zompared vith a atetic debugger. A charecteristic feature of orgaaization of interection betWeen the debug- ging ar~d Working progremsis that after execution of a command or group of commands of the working progrem, control is transferred to the debugging progrem while the working pro~am ia protected from destruction. During an interruption, a pro~em ~f the "Trassa" type providea printout of informa~- tion on the co~d oftfie program being ~ebugged that was eYecuted before the interruption. A flor?chart of a"Tr~assa" type program is presenLed rrith an example of printout. Figu~es 2. 17 FOR OFPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOtt OFFICIAI, USE ONLY - uss~ unc 68i.327,2i.i.o68 30FTWAR~ OF THE TAPE 1~CO~iD~R AND (?F~'H~C DISPLAY F'OA AN SNP'ORMA'~ION PROC~98ZNa SYSTEM BA9Ell ON THF: 'NASFiI-2' COMPU'P~R Dubna PROaRA1~IN0YE OB~3PECK~NIYE MAONITOFONA I aRAFICH~9K0(30 DISF'LEYA DLYA 3IST~MY OBRABOTKI INFORMATSII NA BAZE ~VM 'NAIRI-2' in RuBeian, Joint Institute of Nuclear Reeearch, Report 11-10721, i977, 24 pp, mimeo. [F'rom F2~FERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AV'rOMATtKA, T~LENIEECFIANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA T~ECHNIKA No 1~ 1978 Abstract No 1B100K ( resume) ] AKSENOVA, Y~. K. and POLUMORDINOVA, N. I. [Text] The software is outlined for a data proceasing syetem developed on bes?; computere With the use of a small Nairi-2 computer. The reaults of numerical etudies e~re trgnscribed on the tepe recordera of the besis com- puters (BESM-6, CDC-5000) in the unified systema mode. The informetion recorded on magnetic tape is process ed and represented in a giv~n form with the aid of the Nairi-2 computer. The developed aystem of programs enables derivation of e predetermined dependence from the total volume of date on the magnetic tape, and gives a point curve on a graphic disple~y; the system provides all service mQdes of operation With the magnetic tape. The aork - with the program aystem is in Ap language With utilization of a number of nerr operators introduced into the Nairi-2 computer tranalator. USSR UDC 681.322.06-52:800.92 EXPAN3ION OF BASIC LANGUACE AND INCORPORATION INTO SOFTWtiFiE OF TH~ DISK OPERATING SYSTEM OF HP COI~'UTERS SERIE3 2100 AND M-6000 FOR D~BUGGING EQUIPMENT IN THE CAMAC 3TANDARD Dubna RASSHIRENIYE YAZYKA BASIC I VKLYUCHIIdIYE ~.-:A1'EMATICEtESKOYE OBES- PECEiENIYE DI3KOVOY OPERATSIONNOY SISTEMY EVM HP SERII 2100 I M-6000 DLYA OTLADKI OBORUDOVANIYA V STANDARTE KAMAK in Russian, Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, report 11-10501, 1977, 15 pp, mimeo. [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TELEMEKHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA T~Y.HNIKA No 1~ 1~78 Abstract No 1~3116K (Synopsis)] VINKLER, K. snd NOYBERT, P. [TextJ The peper describes an expanded BASIC inLerpolator that operates - ~:nder the control of a disk operating system. Transcription of the supple- mentary part ensbles the use of disks for file storage. By using netir 18 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOIt OFFICIAL USE ONL'~ commands SmDF, neme and (}~TDF, name, stored or loaded programs in BASIC can be procesaed in the conventione~l wq}r by aystems in the diek oper- ting gyetem: DtJN~, LI9T, BTORE, EDIT. Two program packages enable use of the serv3ce fLnctiona of the diek opereting sy~tem in BASIC and data exchange with equipment in the CAMAC etandard. Subprograms ere ree~lized for exchanging data (in the form of a aingle word and a data block), execu- tion of control commands, data output to teletype, and service functions. usS~ tmc; 68~.323 CURRENT STATE AND PATHS OF bEVELOPMENT OF MICROPROCESGORS AND MICRO- C OM: ~UTERS . PART I I IZMERETIIYA, KONTROL', ABTOMATIZ. NAUCH.-TEKHN. REF. C.B. in Rusaian No 2(10) 1977 pp 55-65, 71 - [From REFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVROMATIKA, TE ~~{HANIKA I VYCHI3LITEL'NAYA TnCHNIKA No l, 19?8 Abstract No 18170 by T. M. Kuznetaova] PEiI~N(3ISHVILI , I. V. [Text] An analysie is made of the factors responsible for the appearance of microprocessora and microprocesaor systems and those that determine the directions of development of these systems. Basic characteristics are given on 38 models of microcomputers developed by vaxious U.S. companiea: the typical peculiarities of microprocessors and microprocessor syatems are indicated; the interface structure of microcomputers is presented. Principles of microcomputer software are outlined together with design of the system for monitoring and controlling operation. Programming croas systems are analyzed. Homogeneous limmped multimicroprocessor systems are described (based on the exemple oP the POPSY system and a aystem fo: pro- cesaing radar data) as Well as distributed controlling multimicroprocessor systems conatructed on the hierarchical principle. Theoretical principles are given for fficroprogrammed control of microprocessors, and the main areas of appliaation of fficroprocessors and microcomputers are defined. It is essumed that in 1978-1980 there s+ill be a radical re-examination o~' the architecture of computers in the direction of developing cheaper, more reliable and more productive multimicroprocessor systems with homogeneous pro~ammeble atructure. Figures 3; tebles 1; references 9. E 19 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOIt OFFICIAL USE ONLY D. Other ussR vnc 68i.3~+ TI~ ~MINI KHIM' HYBRID CON~UTER EI,~KTROPROM. I PRIBOROSTROENE in Bulgarian Vol 12, No 2, 1977 p 6g [ From REFERATIVNYY ZFiURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TE CHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TFKHNIKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B555 by A. D. Plitman] (}EORGIEV, V. [Text] The Mini IQiIM ia a small hybrid computer constructed on an up-to- date integrated circutt base. This is the firat machine of thia kind in Bulp,aria. The technical characteristics of the comput,er are given: time foz arriving at a solution 1 ma-20 s with recurrence rate of 0.001-10 s; accuracy of 1lnear and nonlineex modules no worse than 0.1 and 0.2 percent; amplitud~ of' analog signals up to 10 V; digital aigne~ls correapond to TTI, logic levels; power consumpti~n 70 VA, mass 10 kg. Figure 1. ~ USSR UDC 681.325(088.8) A SMALL DIGITAL CONTROL COMPUTER USSR AUTHOR'S CERTIFICATE No 525099, Division G, ffled 17 Jan 75, published 9 Dec 76 ' [From FtEFERATIVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA TELEMEI~iANIKA I VYCIiISLITEL';?AYA TEI4~iNIKA No l, 1978 Abstract No 1B201Pj PRANGISHVILI, I. V., BABICHEVA� YE. V., VEYT3, A. V., LEVERTOV, YA. A., MALYUGIN, V. D., LEVTSOV, D. V., PROKHOROVA, E. G., SOKOLOV, V. V., - USKACH, M. A. and SHKATULLA, A. I., Institute of Control Problems, Acadeaopr of Sciencea U3SR [Text] p~gital proceasor now available has a read-on~y command storage unit, a command counter, a control module and an arithmetic-logic unit with information output connected to the first information ittputs of the storage control uuit and the I/0 device. The ~i~st inPormation input of the arithmetic-logic unit is connected to the first information output of the storage control unit and to the second information in~ut of the I/0 device. The second information input ia connected to the information output of the I/0 device and to the second information input of the storage control unit, the third, fourth, fifth and sixth information inputs of this control unit being connected to the outputs of the immediate-access memory and the first, 20 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY aecond and third storage registera respectively. mhe second information output of the storage control unit is connected to the inputa of the = immediate-access memory and the fYrat, second and third storage Tha first controll~ng input is connected to the first output of the command register, the firgt input of this register being connected to the f3ret out- put of the read-only program store. To increase apeed and improve the coefficient of utilization of equipment, the ar3thmetic-logic unit ia based on a homogPneoue reorganiz,able atructure and the dovice incorpc~ra+,es a con- trol module, ad~ustment module and a macro-cotnmand shaper with output con- nected to the aecond controlling input of the storage control unit, ahile the input is connect~d to the aecond output of the command register, the second input of th3s register being connected to the first output of the read-only command atorage unit. The third output is conne~ted to ~the first controlling input of the I/0 device, the second information output of the I/0 device bein~r connected to the firat input of the control unit. The second information input is connected to the f~rst output of a check ~?odule tha1; has its firat input connected to the check output of the atorage con- trol unit, while the second and third inputs are connected respectively to , ~ the check output of the ad~ustment module and the first output of the con- trol unit. Figures l. ussR unc 68i.322.oi COHERENT OPTICAL COMPUTERS Leningrad KOGERENTNYYE OPTICHESKIYE VYCHISLITEL'NYYE MASHINY in Russian, Mashinostroyeniye, 1977, 440 pp [From REF'ERATZVNYY ZHURNAL, AVTOMATIKA, TFI~EN~3CHANIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHr1IKA No 1, 1978 Abstract No 1B221K (synopsis)] AKAYEV, A. A. and MAYOROV, S. A. [TextJ The book outlines the principles of design of coherent optical com- puters and the methods of data processing on such machines. A detailed examination is made of problems in the theory of data storage and process- ing; the principles of designing holographic memory units are presented; engineering methods are given for calculating the informational, phase and geometric parameters of high-capacity holographic memory units. Problems of optical recognition are also considered. Considerable attention is given to problems of efficiency and optimum utilization of holographic storage, coherent optical recognition systea~s. The book is intended for engineering- technical workers involved xith the theory and practical development of coherent optical computers and memory devices. Figures 120; tables 12; rePerences 256 21 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR U~~ICIAL US~ ONLY II. ECONONB C APPLICATIONS A. aenerel. Treatment ussR unc 658.oi2.oii.56 SON~ PROBLEMS OF USINa COMPUTERS TN MANAGERZAL DECISION MAKINa PROCE38ES Barnaul EKONONL[KA I ORGANIZATBIYA PROIZVODSTVA PROMYSHLENNYKH PREDPRIYATI~ ' in Ru~sian No ~.(56), 197~~ 2~P ~?~-~+9 [From REFERATI'VNYY SBORNIK, ORGANIZATSIYA UPRAVLENIYA No 3, 1978 Abatract No 3.67.160] AR(3UDYAYEV, I. (3. [Ter,+] Problems exe ca~naidered of further improving the effectiveness of using computero in entcrprise management systems as one of the main ways to improve the efficiency of business production activity of enterprises as a whole. A brief description is given of some of the most important reasons for inadequacy in the effectivenesa of camput er influence on the final results of activity of enterprioes, and nlain areas are aubatantiated for improving their efficiency. A detailed examination is made of the problem of using computers in proceases of making managerial decisions, particularly under conditions of risk and indefiniteness, and the place and role of the computer in this process is substantiated with consideration of the exiating capabilities of computers in the field of data processing and the presence of a perso~.; as a basic element in the system of enterprise management. The use of computers in decision-making processes under conditions of risk and indefiniteness is considered on the basis of the example of using them for systematic stuc~}r of causes of disruption of rhythm in pi�oduction and losses of working tiffie, which will enable an apk~reciable improvement in the effec- tiveness of managerial decisions made in ~'~is area. 22 FOR OFFICIkL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ussR uDC 658.oi2.oii.56 - DESTGN OF STANDARD TECHNOLO(~ICAL ROUTES FOR REALIZATION OF A COMPLEX OF PROBLEMS OF AUTOMATED ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN A COMPUTINa CENTER SBORNIK NAUCHNYKH TRUDOV. TSENTRAL~NYY NAUCHNO-ISSLEDOVATEL'SKIY I PROYEKTNO- TEKHNOLOGICHESKIY INSTITUT ORGANIZATSII T TEKHNIKI UPRAVLENIYA [Collected Scientific Tre,nsactions. Central Scientific Research Institute of Planning Technical Organization and Control Equipment] in Russian No 4(26), 1976, pp 76-86 [From REFERATIVNYY SBORNIK, ORGANIZATSIYA UPRAVLENIYA No 3, 1978 Abstract No 3.67.164] ZLOBICH, YE. V., MALEYEV, P. A. and FEDOTOV, 0. P. [TextJ The paper gives the essence and main principles of standardization of technological routing, data processing and distribution of ,jobs of an automated enterprise management system (ASUP). Standardization prerequi- sites are formulated and example~ are presented. A deacri~tion ia given of a standard technological flowchart as a basic technologicel document. USSR UDC 658.012.011.56 THE OUTLOOK FOR DEVELOPMENT OF AN AUTOMATED SALES MANAGEN~iT SUBSYSTEM SBORNIK NAUCHNYKH TRUDOV. TSENTRAI,'NYY NAUCHNO-ISSLEDOVATEL'SKIY I PROYEKTNOTEKHNOLOGICHESKIY INSTITUT ORGANIZATSII I TEHIiNIKI UPRAVLENIYA [Collected Scientific Transactions. Central Scientific-Research and Planning and Technical Institute for Organization and Technological N'.anage- mentJ in Russian No 4(26), 1976 pp 36-41 [From REFERATIVNYY SBORNIK, ORGANIZATSIYA UPRAVLENIYA No 3, 1978 Abstract No 3.67.165] BOVDEY, A. K., BOROVSKIY, L. G., MILORADOV, V. V. and TRUKIiAN, I. G. [Text] The paper gives the most general principles for construction of an automated sales control subsystem (APUS) and defines the main areas of development of an (APUS) based on third-generation computers. Complexes of problems that will 1oe solved in the APUS are en~mme2ated and the main ~ requirements are formulated for the information bas e. 23 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ro~ o~F~cint. us~ oNLY USS~ UbC 6~$.d12.011,~G dN mt~i~ F'~A52$ILImY ANn N~C~99ImY 0~' ~t(}IN~~IiINd D~9I(}~i 0~' A NOfiMA~IN~ MOD~L 0~' A MANAO~N~ SYST~M IN TH~ SYST~M~ APPROACH TO CONS~RUC'rIt~N d~' AN AIJTOMA:'~D ~NTE~F'RI9~ MANA~M~NT S Y9T~M ~arn~ul ~lCONnMIKA I 0~(~ANIZAm3IYA PAOIZVOD9TVb PAOMYBHL~iNYKH F~R~PI2TYATIY in ~u~gi~n No 1(56) pp 20-~1 [From It~~FtATIVNYY SBORNIK, OROANI7AT9IYA tJpRAVLF'StIYA No 3, 1978 Abstr~ct No 3.67.156] sxcmrs, a, a. [Text] Tt?e paper d~~~ribes an engineering approach Lo de~ign of an auto- tt~at~a enterpriee management system (A~UP) which make~ it poesible Lo obLain normative orgenizgtion~l, inforu~tional and mathematical mndel~ of an A9UP bag~d on th~ mo8~1 of the produet4on eyetem of an enterpri~e snd the requirements made on the eystem for contrc~l of cybernetice end gyetem~ engineering. The article is written for developere of ASUP end enterpria~ m~nagement directors, and me~}r also be of use to atudents ma~oring in the area of designing A3UP. 24 FOR OFFICIl~L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 x~~ n~~i~;rAt us~ or~~Y nver-~11 Y1~nning Methnr~ Uss~ UnC 6~8.di~.n11.~6 ANALYStB AND SYN'rH~S~S 0~' mH~ S~iU~I'U'Ei~ OF' ACmIV~mY 0~' p~SONN~L UNn~R GdNnI~'IONS 0~' I'LANNS"'C} (~F' AUTdMA~~ MANAn~Nm 9Y5~~MS Barnaul ~ftUNOMIKA t (1pQA1dt~AT9IYA ~~t0IZV0A9TVA PROMYBHLENNYI~i PREDPRIYATIY in Huggi~n Nn 1( Sd) , 1~76, pp 32-33 [~rom fi~~~AmIVNYY SBORIV~IK, ORdANt~,AT~~YA tJP~tAVL~tIYA Nn 3, 1g`~~ Abgtrect ' No ~.67.1$~] LINKOV, A. 3. [mext] A bri~f degcription i~ given of the method Qnd d~ign ~f offieiat ins~:uctiong for m~n~gement per~onn~1 Working under conditione of automsted enterprig~ rmn~~ment gyst~ma (ASUf') . The main agpects er~d gtage~ oP plenning are enumerated. r 25 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOIt OI~IGIAL U5~ dNLY ~~andmia C~ntroi ~t Leaa1 L~v~i tt~9~ t1UC 1i58.012.d11.56 Ott0AN27.Am~ON 0~ ~Ol~'1'~Ii 9TRUCTUR~ ~'IlNCT20NALLY O~t~~NTL+"D FOR Y'ROC~38INQ ~CONOMIC IN~DRMATION ~DR U3h A9 A C~iTRAI~ DEV~C~ IN MINI-COMPU'~~RS 9BORNIK NAUCHNYKH 'PAWOV. T9~'1'RA~.'N~CY ~fAU~NNO-I35~.~VAm~I.~SKIY I PRdY~KTN0~OL04ICH~9KIY lNSTI2Vr ORQAN27.AT~II I m~tiNIK2 UI'1tAVL~tIYA ~ [~olleat~d 9cientif~e Transeetions. ~~ntiral 9cientifie Re9~~r:h In~titut~ of P1~nning Te~hnieal Org~i~~?~ion ~nd Control ~quipment~ in Au~~iari No 4(26), 197~ pp 66-76 [~'rom ~F~~tATIVNYY 9BORNIK, OR~}ANI7.ATSIYA UPRAVL~N~YA No 3, iq76 Abgtr~et N~ 3.67.i~] 1'OK:: ~~i3KIY, Y. D. and B~I,AN, C~. A. _ [Text] Justific~tien is given for the uge c~f 1rnr-eapecity comput~r fe~il- ittes ~s appli~d Lo economic detg prnregging ,~ygtems. M exeminatiion ig made of the principleg of orggnizing a 1oca1 computer ~tructure. 26 FOR OFFICI/~L USE ONLY - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOR OFl~CtAt, U3~ dNLY n. ~xtractive tnc~ugtrie~, ~'i~hing . uss~ unc b5g.oi~.oii.~ ANALY9I5 ~F' T}i~: ~CONOMIC ~FF~~C"rIV~N~9$ dF AU'rOMAT~U ~YS'1'~t~ F~OR MANAd~tT 0~' F'~~t)UC'rt~N A~SOCIA~Il~N5 mRt1DY (~9tJ1)AR~TV~NNOOd p~tt~Y~CrNt~-KONS~iUK'rOHSK~ I NAUCHNO-I9gL~D0VAT~L'- - SKO(l~4 INSri7'UrA ~ AV'rOMAmI7.A~~~I UOOL'NOY p~OMY9HLENNOSTI [Proe~ding~ ot' the S~~t~ i~~~ign, Planning ~nd ~eientifia ~ee~areh Inetitut~ on AuLoteAtion di the C~gi Indu~try] in Rueeien No 23, ~977 pp ~3-18 [~'rom It~~RATIVNYY 380~NIK, O~~AN~7.A~9IYA UPt2AVI.~1~tIYA N~ 3, 1978 Abgtr~et N~ 3.67.16~] [Nn ttuthor given] [Text] ~'~etor~ whi~h determine the effertivenegg of' ~utomatpd manegement . gygtetm (ASU) ar~ presented. On the bagig of fartual gnd pro~~et~d c1~tg, coeffi~i~ntg of ~e~no~r sre vorked nut on individual steges of producLion co$t with rpg~ct to egrh subsygtem. 7'he gealy~~d pro~erted indicee of effectiven~g~ of ASU refleet this current level of developoent of hardware ~nd goftwsre. USSEi UDC 658.012.011.56 ~XPERIENCE AND PROBI.EirLS OF' DEVELOPI~NT OF THE AUPOMATED MANAG~N~'iT 3YSTEM FUR TH~ COAL INDUSTRY OF' ~AST (3~RMANY N~ B~R(1BAUTEC}~J, in 6erman Vol 7, No 10, 19?7 pp 708-711 ~rrom ~~RATIV'dYY ;BOFi~lIi?, uR(}Ah~ZA?SI3u UYltNVLF~IlYA No 3, 1978 Abstrect No 3.67.171 by N. V. Nasedkin] f:IHF'ELU, ERNARD; (lAU3TMAN, JOACtiIM; LORF~tZ, WAI.DEMAR and POHTIZ, EBERHARD [mextJ Development of automated management ayatema (ASU) for the coal induatry (A5UUP) ha~ required e large wlvme oP research, sad the resulta of this resesrch are thorough~}r presenLed in this srticle. Despite the specifics of the A3U, the problems of development of the system have much in comm~n rrith aud mqy be repeated in any other AStJ. Therefore Lhe authors~ bgsing their aorlt on research reeu~ts, share their experieace in develop- ment of an ASWP. The initial concept of the gysttm is primari~y bssed on eutomating information processes that are intimate~y rel ated to processes of preparing ead making decisions. These processes are assumed to be nlprithmizable. The structure of the sutomated eaterpriae mansgement 27 FOR OFPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ~ ~ 1?AR ll~Ft~ tAL U8t ONLY ~ ~y~tem (AStlI') i~ b~~d dn manag~ment fLnati~n~, lorig-r~?nge ~urr~nt pl~n- ning, mnnitoring ~nd opex~tion~. m~?nggpm~nt, ~nc1 ~l~o th~ ob~eat~ of rmr?~ge- m~nt (production and th~ gph~r~ o!' ~~rvic~). 'I'hue the follor?ing rompon~nL ~1~m~nt~ of L.'~e A~U ~r~ tr~?e~d: Automated informaLion ~yetem for eompiex pl~nning anc~ monitaring c~f th~ reproduetian proQe~~ (A3UPK), tihe ~y~tem af A;~1P, ~?nd the ~yetem of mane~ement of the nonprodueLion ephere (A9tlNP) . n~pending on Lhe m~n~gem~nt probi~ thet ere handied on different levele of th~ bu~ineeg agency th~ti i~ to L~ mar~aged~ Lh~ A9U i~ subdivided into gub- ~yet~m~ of verioug levelg thet ~re verticaiiy ~nd hori~ont~l~y reieted with- ' . dut digrupting th~ unity endintegrity of Lhe ~ystem. The beeie problem of th~ A~U cong~~t~ in improving thp eff~c~iv~ne~,~ of tihe produ~tion proce~g to be menaged and in retionali~ing Lhe management proceas itseif ~in p~r- ticular the related informetional process). Aesearch done in conneeLion . with clevelopmenL of the ASIJUP wag 13mit~d to tha second eubsyetem of the ASUP. Th~ resulte shorre8 Lh~t the introduction of en A9U r?i11 ineresee pr~, :ction effi~ienry tharilce to inten~ific~tion, ahieh leafl8 to st~ increese - in 1~?bor produetivity, improvement o~' produ~tion and a ris~ in profit, to sn iricre~g~ in the efficiency of ma~nagerial xork th~nks to ~n improvem~nt in ' the r~~ponge of directors snd the 1eve1 of decision making, end a reduction af exp~~?ditureg on m~egement as e coc~ equeace of rationalizaLion of the ~rork of man~gers. In the ASUF', consideretion wge given to the p~culi~ritieg of Lhe geetor, vhich impo~ed e number of requiremente on the development of the ASU: flexibility of the sygLem, multimod~lity, gLand~rd- ize?Lion of Lhe elements of the gyatem, provi~ion for growth, opt~mum orgsu~i~ation of connection~, econosq~r, capebility of opereLion uuder diffi- cult climatic and natural, conditions. The main problem of Lhe firaL stage of the research wss Lo find e lLndemeeLnl concept ecw?bling developmeat of an effectiive ASU unitying dlfferent elements of Lhe syetem. The formuleLed concept consisted in tLe follc~ing: tihe ASU coataine Lhree maia aubayatems and ia subdivided into Lhree levels ia accordaace vith the given level of organization of the eaterprise and Lhe managemenL. The sub- syatems within the three indicsted msin subsystems ere connected in strict hiererchical order. The central subayatem is the A3UP. To execute ita functions, Lhig subsyatem ie locsted on tt~e fur~etional level. The ~ob of ~ the ASUP et the laxer level consista in operational coatrol of Lhe techno- logicel procese of individual aggregatea, installetions aad 9ubprocessors; on higher levela its ~ob is to coordinate the operetion of individual ir~t~iation ar~d production sections of ineterial aad energy supply via a centrsl diepetcher point. The maln problems, not counting the problem of developing the fluidemental concept, in th~ research process rrere pro~lemg of proceasing the iaforloation flow arriving at the dispstcher point. A detailed presentstion la given ot these problems sad vaya to solve them. The main conclusiona from practical erperience sad Lhe research conducted are ss follovs: validiLy of the method of developing the A3UUP; Lhe necessiLy for plenning ~tage-by-stage inLroducLion of the system (based on development of procedural principles of the ASU aad development of a globnl concept on the secLor scale); development or ~ Asv ror the combine or secLor in accordance ~rith Lhe elemenL principle beginning xith the mdin elo- ments (subsystems); uaity of all ecientiats in varioua aresa; develop~ent of the ASU requires much m~re time and monry than vas estimated in plaaaing the system. 28 FOR OFPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 , ` FOIt O~t~tCIAL U9B ONLY 5uPp1Y 9y~tem u~~i unc ~~8.0~~.o~.i~47) ~N THF; gY~mEMB APPR~ACN m0 D~i/~IApM~tm n~' A NCI'WOFtit ~UBSCRI~R ~AmY0N5 IN Tf{~ At1'rOMAT~D MA:~A4ENI~tT ~YS~M (ASU) OF 9A99NAg ~58R m~tt)nl NAUCHNO-IS3L~U~VAm~L' StCt~CA INST~2'U~A ~ICONOM~K~ ~ OR(~AN~~Am~I~ MATEHIAL'NO'rEKHNIC~9KOti0 SNA~ZNE~tIYA [Proe~~dingg ~f the 8eientifie Reg~~reh In~titut~ of ~eonomic~ nnd Orga~i~e~ion of M~Ler~~?1-T~ehnie~,]. 3upplyr] in fiu~aign No 29, 1977 ~p 120-1~4 [~'rom ~F~t2ATIVNYY ~ORNIK, dRf3ANIZA~SIYA U~'ttRVL~t~YA No 3, 1978 Ab~tr~?et No 3.67.1J . N~ text. USSR UDC 658.012.011.56 pftlNClpL~ OF S~AttLAttDIZIN(f D~SIC~i SOLUT?ONS IN TN~ AUTOMAT~D MANAti~tT SY3T~M (ASU) OF QO$SNAB 85SR. BA9IC CONCEPTB AND 3TRUCTUR~ OF STMIDARD EL~tTS OF THE AUTOMAT~D MANA(}EN~NT SYST~M TRUDY NAUCHNO-I39LEDOVATEL'SK000 IN3TITUTA ~iCONOMIKI I ORaANIZAT3II MATERIAL'NOTEKHHICHE3K0~0 SNABZf{~+1I'~A [F'roceedings of Lhe 5cientific Research InaLitute of Economics 8ad Orgeniautron of Msterial-Technical 5upply] in Rugeien No 29, lq?7 [firom R~~'ERATIVMbf SBORNIK, ORCA.'VI7.AT3IYA UpRpyL~:NIYA No 3, 1978 AbsLrecL No 3.67.148] No texL 29 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 x ~ ~OR tlt~~ICIAL 115~ dNLY ~ V~ tNF~O~MAmIdN SCI~NG~ A. Ini'ormeti~n 5erviCeg r ~ U,~n tmC ~~1..~g8:b21.~I1.g~3.~ CUEi~Nm ~A'r~ ANn OU'rL00K ~~t b~,:'~1~pM~1~ ~F' ~ACILImt~~ 1~'OK DAmA TRANSMI~SI~N AND R~M(YI'~ ~ROC~~SIN~. (A ~ItNiI~Y 0~' ~V~~'i' ANb ~~It}Pt SnU~iC~S ) hbgernr VN'r~ NI~~H(YI'~SL. IN~'OtiM. (A1~-Unidn ~~i~ntifi~ ~ege~rch Institute af tnt~r-braneh Inform~tion) in Ftuggi~n 1~77, pp� [~'rom Ei~~~tAmIVNYY ~HUR?tAL, A'JmOMAmIKA, m~L~M~KHAriIKA I VYCHISLIT~L'NAYA ~ m~KNN~KA Nd 1, 197~ Abgtr~et No 1A14~K (~regum~)] , [No author given] : [mext] An evatu$tion ig given of the state of facilitieg fdr dgt~ tran~- mis~ion and rem~te proce~~ing. Th~ge f~~iliti~~ are cl~~ifiefl ~nd the corregp~nding teblea nf cherecterigtic~ are pregenLed. It ig noted that th~re h~ been a chenge in the ngLure of interastion betueen the uaer and computer gy~temg. Pe.rti~uler empheais is given Lo the dpscription of the ,oca1 loopg of the Ye3 computerg (~M). ~xampleg are given of comprehengive utilizetinn of facilitieg for c~aLA transmiesion and remote proceasing in the Ye8 ~VM gy~Lem. A forece~t ia given on development of thege fecilitieg. ~gg uDC 621.398(088.8) A DEVICE ~OR PROCffiSIN(f 2ELF~SECHANICAL INF'ORMATION USGR AUTHOR'8 CERTIFICATF: No 534780, Division C in Ruasian, tY1ed 21 Apr 75 pablished 23 Feb 77 [Fro~ REF'~RATIVNYY ZHUFcNAL, AVTOMATIKA R'ELE~CHANIKA I VYCHI3LM'~L'ttAYA T~K~tIKA Na 1, 197F, AbeLr~et No 1A151Pj ABDULLA~V, d. A. , MU9TAFAYEV, M. M. , DZHAVADOV, A. A. , KYAZIMOV, N. M. ~ , BAICHABOV, 3. M. , BE()DAT ~ YEV, L. T. ~ ALIYEV, A. a. and AKM~:DOV, B. 0. , Scientific-ReBearch aa~l Deaign InatiLute on I.arge-8cale Automation in Lhe Petrole~ and Chemice~l InduaLry [Te~ct] There are existing information-logic devices for processing tele- mechanical data Lhat contaia data-collecting facilities, an arithmetic unlt. a scaling module, synchronizetion uaiLs, code sad time converters ~ s dis- pl~y and a programmiag unit. In conventiondl devices the acdling modules haAdle oaly multiplicetion snd sddition. The sccuracy of calculation is ~ 0.5-1 percenL, aad 200 ms mear be required for performing thr~e-digit ~ FOR OPPICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 FOEi U~~ICIAL U5~ bNLY muitipli~~ti~n of binary-deeimc~l number~. With th~ inCre~fr~ volum~ df ~r.lemr,~hunictil datu bcinp, trnn~mittefl and prc~r~g~ed, gueh modui~~ have in~clequnt~ ~pee~l and prn~e~ning gCCU2`~Cy~ ~nd th~ir use 1lmitg th~ funC- tinne~. p~ggibilitiag d~'the devie~, g~r~u~~ of lin?it~d pc+ggibi~itieg ~urh un ~he ~~ek df ~~ubtraction oppr~ti~n end the lov speed of the gca.ling unit~, ~dmp~rigon oper~tion~ ~re perfor~ed by ~~peci~l ~amp~rison m~dul~e witt? a~~u~~~nt~, r~hich c~mpl3C~te~ the circuit of the d~viee ~ e vhole. in te~hnic~i egg~ne~, the r~ag~~t d~vic~ tn thi~ inv~ntion i~ ~ unit ~~r prd~egning teipmerh~nical infnrm~?Lion ~h~t cnnt~ing ~n arithm~tic unit Wi~h it,~ firgt inp~t c~nn~eted to th~ fir~t informetion inpu~ ~f the d~vie~, While the ne~ond input of the ~rithm~ti~ unit i~ connerted td the fir~t nut- put o� a runtr~l mddul~, ~nd the tl~ird input of the arithmetic unit i~ rc~n- , nect~d to th~ ~u~put of a ro~ffiei~nL-geLting modul~. The inpuL of an � nd~'~~~ ~dulei~ connerted L~ the eddreeg input of the d~vice, and the firat dutput af thig module ig conn~eted to the fir~t input oi' the eoefficipnt- setting modul~. mh~ secdnd input c~f' the ~dctreg~ module i~ conneet~d t~ th~ ~'ir~t input r~f the reginter unit. mhe fir~t input of the eontrol module iz; connected td the eontralling input nf the deviCe, e:~d the first output in rdnneeted to the firgt input nf the displey. The device algo eontsing u checking ttx~dule and s timer rrith output connecLed to the gecond input of the reginter unit. The pur~ge of the invention is to incresse the gpeed und grruracy of proregging and to improve religbility end efficiency of - oper~tion of the device. mo schi~ve thie goal, ~he propoged device incor- - pc~rateg an immediete-acces~ memory, ~ ende commuLator, e mode geLter, $ buffer memory for condition tsgs ano a formula-setting module. ~igureg l. u~~ Unc 681.327.8.01 ON ONE APPROACH TO LOpD LIMITATION IN A COI~UPER CONalIJNICATION NF,Z'F1pR1( Mosrow INF'aRMATSIYA i INF~ORMATSZONNYYE S~TI [Inform~tion and Inforroation Networks, Collection of ilorks] in Russiaa, Nauka, 19'j7 pp 187-195 [F'rom R~fi~NATIVNYY ZNURNAL, pyTp(~ipTIKp~ T~Lgp,~l~{pI,tlKp I yyCNISLITEL'HAYA T~{WtIKA No l, 1978 Abstrget No 1820 by M. V. Yevdokimenko] CINZ$URG, 8. M. [Text~ An investigation i~ mede of problc~ns of netvork overload prevention with bur3t commutation used for data exchange bet~reen geographical~y remote multiple-us~r computer centers (VTsKP). A method is proposed for edaptive and decentralized flox control~ Th~ total v~lue of peckets (STsp) ia eon- s~idered as a criterion for effectiveness of operaLion of the net~+ork. This criterion is defined a~ the sum of tha values ~ k> 0 of packets sk trans- mitted over the netvorlc in a unSt of time. It is essumed thst the value of eech burgt ig predetermined at the instant of eatry into the network. The 31 FOR OPFICI/+L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 ? , FOR O~~ICIAL US~ ONLY renultg nf th~ gtucty ghdw~d th~t the prdpdged ~.gorithm giveg a v~1u~ u� thi~ criterinn that ig ~~.dg~ td th~ m~ximwn ~~t~inabl~ ~.imit (~n~bling ~ u~roidunc~ nf network dv~rlogci~ and ~nsuring nptaork op~ration nt at 1e~nt ~ 'rU-~U p~rc~nt nf th~ maximum u~t~in~t~le th~or~tic~?1 limit). F'igures 3; reference~ 4. ~s~: i~~ - ~rtD - ~ 32 FOR OFFICIt,L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3 i ~ ~ - _ i APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100040003-3