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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000'100'100028-9 ~ iT OCTO~ER i9T~ ~f~ 44~T'9~ i O~' ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY JPRS L/~8719 17 October 1979 ~ ~ Woridwide ~e ort - p NARCOTICS ANQ DANGEROUS DRUGS ~ - (FOUO 44/79) . 4 FB~$ FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATIOIV SERVICE _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/48: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100144428-9 NOTE ~ JPRS publications contain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency - transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are translated; those from English-language sources - are transcribed or reprinted,, with the ori~inal phrasing and other ch3racteristics retained. ~ Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets are supplied by JPRS. 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For further information on report content ' call (703) 351-2811. - - - ~ COPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONI,Y. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/48: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100144428-9 . ~ FOIZ OFFICIAL USE ONZY JPR5 L/8719 ' 17 Dctober 1979 r WORLDWIDE REPORT ~ NARCOTICS AP~D DANGEROUS DRUGS - (FOUO 44/79) CONTENTS PAGE ' ASIA ~ AFGHANISTAN Brief s Opium Seized 1 AUSTRALIA Briefs Heroin Bust 2 BUFtMA - Over 100 Arrested for Drug Offenses in August (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 17 Sep 79) 3 Briefs _ Court Jails Heroin Smuggler 4 ~Iyitkyina Police Arrest 25 4 Arrested for Heroin Possession 4 Rangoon Police Arrests 4 Zalun Opium Arrests .5 Heroin Sentence of 5 Years 5 Police Raid in Moulmein 5 Court Jails Heroin Addict 5 Opium Dealer Caught S JAPAN 'Yakuza' Enjoys Golden Age of Stimulant Drugs (Masayuki Nagashima; SOUTH CAINA MORNING POST, 23 Sep 79) 6 - a - [III - WW - 138 FOUO] FOR OFFICIAL US~ O~1LY. . , ' _ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CUNTENTS (Continued) Page NEW ZFALAND January-June Figures Show Big Jump in Drug Offenses (THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 1, 3 Sep 79) 9 Hard Drug Offenses Up 63 Percent Appeal for Public Support, Editorial Enlarged Police Squad To Combat Drug Runners (THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 4 Sep 79) 11 Guilty Pleas on Charges of Importing Heroin (THE EVENING POST, 4 Sep 79) 13 Briefs Heroin Supplier Jailed 14 Cannabis Seeds From Canada 14 PAKISTAN ' ' Briefs Biggest Opium Haul Reported 15 Woman With Opium Arrested 15 - Charas, Opiun~ Seized 15 Cloth, Charas Seized 15 SOUTH KOREA Briefs Drug Trafficking Network ~ 16 - THAILAND - Island Rehabilitation Site, Drug Problem Surveyed ~ (SIAM RE1T, 30 JuI 79) 17 � CANADA CANADA RCMP Says Montreal No Longer Main Heroin Transfer Point (THE CITIZEN, 25 Sep 79) 21 Drugs, Material Worth Millions Seized by Police (THE GLOBE AND MAIL, 27 Sep 79) 23 ~ Drug Ring Leader Given 18-Year Jail Term (THE WEEKEND CITIZEN, 15 Sep 79) 24 - b - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CONTENTS (Con~inued) Page _ Briefs Soft-Drug Crimes Decline 25 Heroin Charges 25 Tfanitoba Legislature Member Arrested 26 Value of Seized Drugs Cut 26 ~i , . LATIN AMERICA ARGENTINA Briefs Drug Traffickers Arrested 27 Drug Users Arrested 27 Coca Leaves Seized 27 COLOMBIA CNA Opposes Ma.rihuana Legislation (EL ESPECTADOR, 18 Aug 79) 28 Poveda: Insufficient Authority To Deal With Foreigners (EL ESPECTADOR, 20 Aug 79) 30 Law To Redeem Drug Areas Proposed (EL ESPECTADOR, 18 Aug 79) 32 . 'Worlds Biggest' Cocaine Seizure Described _ (EL TIEMPO, 12 Sep 79) 34 F-2 Seizes Cocaine in Risaralda (EL TIEMPO, 8 Sep 79) 40 Drug Orgy Turns Into 'Kidnaping' (EL TIEMPO, 22 Aug 79) 41 Traffickers, Cocaine Laboratory Seized (EL TIEMPO, 18 Aug 79) 43 . Plane Abandoned, Traffickers Escape . (EL ESPECTADOR, 27 Aug 79) 45 Three Aircraft Seized, Marihuana Confiscated (EL TIENiPO, 19 Aug 79) 46 Cocaine Traffickers Arrested (EL TIEMPO, 25 Aug 79) 47 Traffickers, Cocaine Seized in Bogota (EL ESPECTADOR, 10 Sep 79) 48 - c - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ FUR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ~ CONTENTS (Continued) Page Briefs Ma.rihuana Seizure . 50 Investigation of Judge 50 , Four Traff ickers Arrested 51 _ Cocaine Seized at Airport 51 COSTA RICA Briefs - Na'rcotics Smugglers Sentenced 52 ECUADOR Briefs Interpoi Official Killed 53 MEXICO Americans Carrying Cocaine From Peru Captured (DIARIO DE NOGALES., 11 Sep 79) 54 , Three Heroin Traffickers Captured by Federal Judicial Police (DIARIO DE NOGALES, 11, Z3 Sep 79) 55 Heroin Sale Atte~pted Traffickers Make Statement Trafficker Carrying Cocaine From Ecuador Captured (DIARIO DE NOGALES, 7 Sep 79) ....................a. 56 Briefs Cocaine Traffickers Seized 57 Trafficker With Cocaine Arrested 57 Drug Ring Leader Seized 57 Traffickers Sentenced 58 Marihuana Incinerated 58 _ Three Traffickers Released S8 Marihuana Trafficker Sentenced 59 PANAMA Briefs~ ~ Cocaine Traffickers Caught 60 PEFU Cocaine Black Market Thrives in Tingo Maria _ (EL COMERCIO, 7 Aug 79) 61 - d - _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CONTENTS (Continued) Page SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA _ RHODESIA Drugs Confiscation Bill Discussed (THE HERALD, 27 Sep 79) 62 Brief s Teacher Authorization To Seize Drugs 63 WEST EUROPE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ~ Five Kilos Heroin Seized, One Arrested in Frankfurt (FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, 10 Sep 79) 64 Addicts To Be Treated, Not Imprisoned (Andreas von Schoeler; FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU, 8 Sep 79) 66 PORTUGAL Northern Police Units in Campaign To Destroy Marihuana Plants (Cruz Cunha; 0 PRIMEIRO DE JANEIRO, 28 Aug 79) 67 - SPAIN . Brief~ ~ Hashish Haul 70 ~ Hashish Confiscated in Algeciras 70 Youths Arrested 70 . TURKEY Briefs Large Hashish Seizure 71 Hashish Seizure 71 Gendarme Teams Seize Hashish 71 UNITED KINGDOM Scottish 'Julie' Raids Uncover Drugs Factory (T.A. ~androck; THE DAILY TEL~GRAPH, 2 Oct 79) 72 - Fifteen Charged Following 'Operation Cyril' (T.A. Sandrock; THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, 20 Sep 79) 73 , - e - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 CONTENTS (Continued) Page Briefs Cannabis Growers Remanded 74 Drugs Charge Denied 74 - f - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY , _ ,;r_.. . ~ ' , , APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 , AFGHANISTAN Bi2IEFS _ OPIJM SEIZED---More than 1,100 kgs of opium, which wa~ being transferred from Gandahar abroad were intercepted at Maywant Woleswali Subprovince ~ District by the antismuggling squad. A source of the Maywant Woleswali ' said the opium was found in 160 bags and the owners of the contraband are undergoing questioning. [Text] [Kabul Radio in English 1900 GMT 16 Sep 79 LD] CSO: 5300 , _ 1 - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ ~ AUSTRALIA BRIEFS HEROIN BUST--Agents from the Federa~ Narcotics Bureau in Darwin have charged a New Zealand man with importing and possessing 1 kilogram of ~ heroin. The bureau commissioner, Mr Bates, said the man had arrived in Darwin on a flight from Bali. He said it would be alleged heroin with a street value of up to $500,000 was concealed in a 9-colt battery. The man was appearing in the Darwin magistrate's court today. [Melbourne Overseas Service in English 0500 GMT 1 Oct 79 OW] CSO: 5300 n I 2 , . r.. ~ ~ ~ . q. . ~ . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 BURM~, OVER 100 ARRESTED FOR DRUG OFFENSES IN AUGUST . Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 17 Sep 79 p 1 BK [Text] Rangoon, 16 Sep--Police personnel from the Crime Preventon Division and Pol ice various townships arrested 103 persons, including five women, involved in 85 drug cases from 1 to 31 August 1979, under Galon Project (18/79). Cases ~ The cases included six opium cases, two opium solution cases, 15 heroin cases, 29 marijuana cases and one pethadine case. Thirty-two offences were related to failure to register for treatnent. Various kinds of drugs seized in connection with the cases included more than one tical of opium, a snall quantity of opium solution, 11 grammes of heroin, one viss and 50 [1 viss or 100 ticals equal 3-6 lbs] ticals of marijuana, 18 vial.s of pethadine and seven hypodermic syringes. Townships Two of the cases took place in Insein Township, three in North Okkalapa, ~ six in Hlaing, six in Kamayut, one in South Okkalapa, five in Thingangyun, three in Sanchaung, eight in Kemmendine, three in Ahlone, two in Lanmadaw, nine in Latha, nine in Pabedan, ten in Kyauktada, two in Pazundaung, seven in Bahan; six in Mingalataungr~yunt, cne in Port Township and one in Kung- yangon. Altogether 78 persons were arrested the Narcotic Drugs Law during July before the Galon Project (18/79)was launched.--(H) CSO: 5300 ~ 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02108: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 BURMA ~ - BRIEFS COURT JAILS HEROIN SMLTGGLER--Rangoon, 14 Sep--Tin Nyunt, 18 of 92d street in Kandawgalay ~�rho was arrested by Subinspector U Tin U and a party from Rangoon Division Crime Prevention De~ar ~ent while he was trying to smuggle four , 10-kyat packet~ of heroin to some detained persons at Pabedan township court detention, was jailed 5 years under Section 6.B of the Narcotic Drugs Law and to 1 year under Section 14.D, both the sentences to be served con- secutively. The sentence was passed today by the Pabedan township court No 3 chaired by U Khin Maung Lay. [Text] [Rangoon MYANMA ALIN ~n Burmese 15 Sep 79 p 7 BK] MYITKYINA POLICE ARREST 25--Myitkyina, 7 Sep--Under the special arrangement - of the Kachin state people's cou~ncil and state people's police force, action was tak~n against drug users and distributers in Myitkyina township�s Eya, . . Wetapu and Tatkon areas beginning from mid-September [as published]. So ~far, 25 persons have been charged in court under`Sections 6.B, 10.B and 14.D of the Narcotic Drugs Law. [Text~ [Rangoon BOTATAUNG in Burmese 13 Sep 79 p 6 BK] ~ ARRESTED FOR HEROIN POSSESSIODT--Rangoon, 12 Sep--At 1030 this morning, Police Station Commander U Aung Soe and a party from the Rangoon Division People's Police Force's crime prevention department searched at the corner of Lanmadaw's :~;'7 Kyongyi and Mawtin streets, two suspicious-looking persons--Tin F.lyunt, 22, of Lanmadaw's 4th Bahosi street, and Kyaw Kyaw, alias Kyaw Zin Sein, 21, of Mawtin st~teet--and found a packet of heroin worth 30 kya*_ ftom Tin Nyunt's - rolled-up shirt sleeve. Lanmadaw police stat~.o.n has filed charges under $ecLions 6.B, 11/14.D of the Narcotic Drugs Law against the two men. [Text] [Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 13 Sep 79 p 7 BK] RANGOON POLICE ARRESTS--Rangoon, 12 Sep--Police Lance Corporal Tin Hlaing and a squad from the crime branch of the Rangoon Division People's Police Force yesterday evening searched in front of "C" stall, Theingyi market--at the corner of Anawratha and 25th streets~-Thet U, 20, of Yankin and found.a 2-cc plastic hypodermic syringe anu`needle hidden in his sarong. Police also searched Aung Min;,of 30t~ street�''and found a packet of heroin worth 50 kyat. ~ Pabedan police station has filed charges under Sections 6.B and 14.D of the Narcotic Drugs Laws. [Text] [Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 13 Sep 79 P ~ ax~ 4 . . . , 'y . . , . . . . . ~ . . . ~ . . . . . . . . ~ . . . . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02148: CIA-RDP82-00850R040140100028-9 ZALUN OPIUM ARR~STS--Zalun, S Sep---Policement led by Subinspector U Sein Than ~ ~ of Zalun townsh:i.p people's police force, together with village people's council chairman, raided U Htin's residence in Yelechaung village of Pakwe - village tract. Found at the house were Lun Tin, Aung Shwe, Kyaw Shwe of that village who wer~ cooking raw opium solution to inject into their bodies. Police also seized a hypodermic syringe-,- cooked opium solution and a spoon - for heating opium solution. Township police force has filed charges under Sections ll, 6.B, 10.B and 14.D [of the ~Jarcotic Drugs Law]. [Text] [Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 15 Sep 79 p 7 B~C] kiEROIN S~VT~NCE Or 5 YEARS--Rangoon, 18 Sep--Aung Myint, alias Bolar, alias - Amin, 20, of Arzani road in West Yankin, who was arrested and charged on 5 May f~r possessing 3 small packets of heroin, each valued ~ 25 kyat, was today sentenced to 5 years imprisonment under Sect3on 6.B and to 1 year und ~ Section 14.D ef the Narcotic Drugs Law--both the sentences to be served con- currently. The case was heard by Pabedan township court No 3 chaired by U Khin Maung Lay. [Text] [Ra.ngoon BOTATAUNG in Burmese 19 Se~ 79 p 8 BK] _ POLICE RAID IN MOULMEIN--Kadoe, 18 Sep--Acting on information, U Nyunt Win, chairman of Kyaik-pane ward people's council in Moulmein's Dine-wunkwin, and a party yesterday evening raided the residence of Maung Maung, alias Kyaw Win, at No 67, Bogyoke street in Kyaik-pane ward, and seized 1 tical [.036 pounds] of heroin wrapped in paper and put in a penicillin bottle. Dine-wunkwin people's police station has filed charges under Section 6.B of the Narcotic Drugs Law ag4inst Maung Maung, alias Kyaw Win, his wife Ma Aye Ngwe and U Tin Shein, a guest from Hlaingbwe. [TextJ [Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHU NEZIN in Burmese 22 Sep 79 p 5 BK] COURT JAILS HEROIN ADDICT--Rangoon, 20 Sep--Kyauktada township court chaired by Capt Khin Naung Myint today sentenced Nyunt Tin,. 23, of Upper Pazundaung to 18 months imprisonment under Section 14.d of the Narcotic Drugs Law. The - defendant was caught at 1630 on 11 July with some heroin and a hypodermic syringe inside the men's room on the second floor of the Rangoor. division people's council office. [Text] [Rangoon BOTATAUNG in Burmese 21 Sep 79 p 4 BK] OPIUM DEALER CAUGHT--Pegu, 19 Sep--A police party from the No (1) Police Station here seized 90 ticals of raw opium from one II Win i~faung at about 8:30 am on 16 September. Police are taking action under Section 6(b) (possession) and 19(b) (sale) of the Narcotic Drugs Law. [Textj _ [Rangoon WORKING PEOPL~'S DAILY in English 20 Sep 79 p 8 BKJ CSO: 5300 5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 .ini~nN - . - 'YNCUZA' I:NJOYS GOLDEN AGE OF STIMULANT DRUGS Hong Kong SOUTH CtItNA MORNING POST in English 23 Se~ 79 p 6 (Articl.e by Masayuki Nagashima in Tokyo: "Scourge of the Yakuza"] ~TextJ Hongkong is the second principal source - of stimulant drugs coming into Japan. Many triad gangs *ahich operate widely in Southeast Asia, use EII: as a base. Last year about 10 pe'rcent of the drugs smuggled in Japan originated in HK. Japan's underground gangster drugs are brought in from other Asian cuun- _ syndicates, the yakvza, are becoming �~a� _ increasingly active both inside and The yakuza moved inco drug peddling outside Ja an, des ite an all-out war after the polia bcgan kaping a strwt survcil- P P lance on gam6lin$, ~n whieh the yakuza were on them mounted by the police. heavily involved, ,~n the early seventies. Since There are now more than f00,000 yakuza the drugs fetched,`,hi~gh Qrias, it seemed the and, altogpther, thcy made a profit of one eimplesf way of n'~a?nta~mng and expanding trillion yen (roughly HK$25 billion) in 1978, the~r orgamsationa. Around the same time, accurding to a recent survey by the national tbe restrictions on travelling abroad were Pofice Agency.'fhus, cach gangster earns an lifted and the rapid "internationalisation" of av;.ragc of about HKS220,000 a year. Japan began. Partly as a consequena of this, 'fhe yakuza are involved in.various kinds the yakuza were able to operate successfully of shady business such as gambling; prostitu- werseas. � � tion, and the smuggling of hand-guns, from The major syndicates, including the abruad. But in recent years, Eheir main source Yamaguchi Gumi, the largest syndicate, of incnmc has been from smuggling stimular~t which is' based in Kobe and controls the drugs from Southeast Asian countries, South Kansei District, the Sumiyoshi Rsngo, and Korea, and Hongkong. the Inagawa Kai, both of which arc based in The present can be called the second Tokyo, are now involved in drug-peddling. golden age for stimulant drugs."The first A senior member of the Inagawa Kai, in came after the end of World War II, when an interview in Tokyo, implied that his or- what remained of the stimulant drugs used liy ~ganisation waa involved in peddling stimulant the Ja~anese mititar~y forces began to be drugs, but he denicd that any of the senior dissemmated. This first goldcn era lasted members took drugs. until the late 1940s. Large syndicates like the lnagawa Kai Ever sincc the yakuza syndicates began to kcep going primarily through thc "jonokin" sell stimulants around 1970,'when Japan's system, by which money is paid by'younger economic growth was at its highest, 'the members to the top members. Most of these number of people who take them has been funds come� of course. from the sales of increasing year by year. stimulant drugs. According to the' Qolice, In 1978, about 18,000 pcrsons, ~including nearly half the total income of the syndicates housewives and students; were arreSted''for - about Y450 billion (roughly HKS11. bil- stimulant drug abuse, and about 100 kilo- lion) - was from the sales of drugs: The grams were scizcd by the ~olice. The police yakuza purchase drugs overseas for between believe that there are now about 2,000 kilo- Y3,000 and Y5,000 per gram and sell them grams of stimulant drugs on the market and here for between ,Y300,000 and Y500,000 per that about 200,000 people are involved in gram. . _ their sale or use. Ninety-nine per cent of the One senior yakuza member, : who was 6 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPR~VED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 given a three-y;,ar sentence for selling and very convenient ior the yakuza to manufac- using stimulant drugs, said in Fuchu Pri's�on ture drugs secretly. The manuFacturin~ proc- un the outskirts of Tokyo that he could easily ess creates a strong smell and~factones are make one million yen (about 525,000) to easily detected as a result. To overcome this three mi?lion yen;per month by selling drugs. problem, the local drug manufacturers pro- He~ said that most of the members, both dua the drugs on remote islands, making it younger and senior members, are imolved difficult for the police to clamp down. both in tho sales .and use of dru~s. He in downtown Manila, especially in the explaincd that he had to pay "jonokin ' every ~ ~Malate � area, thers are said to be �a few month out of the profits he made from selling hundred "represeptatives" who have been - drugs to younger members, their mistrecses dispatched by yakuza syndicates in Japan to and friends. , oversee the traffic in drugs, hand-guns, and According to him, gambling provides a girls, to Japan. In most cases, they are senior useful opportunity to persuade others to try members of large syndicates like the Yama- drugs. When playing mahjong, for instance, . guchi Gumi, the Sumiyoshi Rengo,, and the yakuza members talk thyir frienda into using Inagawa Kai. Some of thom have offias in . . stimulant drugs, saying that they will kcep the luxurious Makati area. They are disguis- them awake and happy all night~ ong. After ed as the ofFices of entertainment production he developed a taste for drugs, he said he companies, expon-import compames,, travel began using them when making love. Many agents, and,, in many cases, as exporters of - people meAtion this as a reason for using fshery products. it is believed that the Yamaguchi Gumi In this way, the yakuza have succeeded in was the first group to exQloit the Philippine creat~ng a market for drugs. So long as these market. Other Iarge synd~cates followod und social needs exist, the yakuza can survive by recently yaku~a from Kyushu have become - selling drugs. influential m Manila. The yakuza representa- The yakuza call stimulant drngs "whife tivcs organise "tourist groups" from ]apan, diamonds." Throu~h underground channels, composed of drug carriers who are under they smu~gle hign-priced drugs into this their control. The representatives hand drugs , country. � to the carriers before they return to Japan. The yakuza work closely with local syndi- Sometimos, pistols are smuggled as well. cates in the rnuntries where they obtain the Drugs are smuggled in many ways. In drugs, and in some countries, they even have some cases, drugs are dissolved in bottles of "representatives" who stay there, kaping in scotch or oontained in foreign cigarettes. close contact with their'syndicates in Japan. Guns f:ave been hidden in wooden carvings The police believe that so far as drug- and in icecream boxes. The police believe trafficking is concerned, the yakuza syndi- that, to avoid risk, the yakuza representatives cates co-operate with one another, even often use ordinary touiists as carriers. They though within Ja~n; they compete fiercely to ask certain members of Japa nese tourist expand their terntones. groups tp carry items back to Japan, and give South Korea is the principal source of them a monetary "gift" to do so. The tourists, stimulant drugs, partly because many Japa- wtto do not realise that stimulant drugs are nese yakuza of (Corean origin have families contained in the souvenirs, bring them to and relatives there. About 70 per cent of the Japan and give them to other yakuza mem- drugs brought into Japan last year came from bers whom they do not know. South Korea, mainly via Pusan. It is believed Manila is relatively close to Tokyo and is that this country has the capacity to supply bccoming a new centre for ~akuza activities. about one ton of drugs to Japanese gangsters Although other forcigners, including Ameri- a year. ' cans and Chinese, ara invol.ved in the drug-, Hongkong is in second place. Many Chi- , racket, the yakuza are expanding their activi- nae gangs, which operate widely in South- ties fhere. east Asia, use liongkong as a base, and in The yakuza in the Philippines have an 1978 about 10 per cent of the amount of the important "side business," which is sending drugs smuggled into Japan originated there. girls, including bar hostesses, to Japan. Some The third main sources of supply is Tai- representatives send a�fev~ girls to Japan wan. The police believe t6at the yakuza sent c.very month. The girls are forced to engage in members who knew how to mix drugs to train prostitution wlfNe working in bars and clubs. � . Taiwanese gangsters. The Taiwan route has The girls aro� sent to Japan in a lawful been active since around 1975. manner. The yakuza get 60-day sight-sceing visas for girls, who work in Japan under the The Philippincs recently emerged as a new supervision of the yakuza until their parmit- source of drugs, but, so far, the amount of the ted duration of stay oomes to an end. The drugs originating there which have been seiz- girls can earn more thap one million yen a cd' is small. One good reason for this is that month, "if they work hard," even though a tfie Republic of the Philippincs consii, s of a large portion of their earnings is taken by the large number of small islands, which m~ikes it yakuza. � 7 � APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 . Although the immigration of6cers are well here. They paid about Y200,000 (54,400) . aware of the eituation, they can do nothing ~ch for bogus passports. If is vary likely tfiet - about it since in this instance the yakuza are the yakuza were mvolved in these cases. working within thc law. � , - Bangkok, the capital of Thaitand, remaina The "all-out war' launched by the police one of the ma1'or sourcea of drugs in Southeast against the yakuza syndicates does not seem Asia. From Bangkok, the yakuza amuggle to be meeting with much success. The yakuza European-made stimulant drugs into Japan are strengthening their peuition botb here and together with pistols. Bangkok is well=known abroad by smuggling in more and more as a centre for the smu~gling of narcotics, stimulant drugs, guns, and girls. Encouraged including opium and herom, by American and by the high value of yen in the international - Chinese syndicates. ' � market, the operations of the yakuza overaeas seem to be expanding. The police are tr~ing to The yakuza in Bangkok are particutarly keep a much stricter wetc6 on the activrtiea of involved in sending g~ris to Japan. Major the yakuTa. ` syndicates in Japan have regional representa- The immi ration suthoritia �will soon trves in Bangkok who dispatch girls to Japan' (ntrodua dogs trained to detect drugs at regularly. major airports. Another important campaign In December last year and Jannary this will be to educate people not to uae dan~erous year, 73 Thai girls were arrested for holding drugs `which can rault in their committing false pass~orts while trying to Ieave Japan other crimes because of the consequent delu- � from Nanta and Osaka airports. The immi- sions. gration authorities believe that the girls were ~But these efforts will not be enou all working as bar and club hostessea here and gh to probably engaged in prostitution. eliminate all the drug abuse in this country. So long as there is a demand for drugs and One of the ~irls had about one million yen social4arasites can make a living by peddling (HKS22,000) in cash. According to the imm~- them, rt is doubtful whether the problem can gration officials, the girls bought their way be overcome. _ CS(f: 5300 . g APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 NEW ZEALAND ~ JANUARY-JUNE FIGURES SHOW BIG JUI~ IN DRUG OFFENSES Hard Drug Offenses up 63 Percent Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 1 Sep 79 Sec 1 p 2 [Excerpts~ Hard drug offences increased 63 per cent in the Auckland area � in the first six months of this year, and cannabis-related offences 5l. per cent. The Auckland police chief, Assistant Commissioner E. J. Trappitt, announced yesterday that the police in Auckland dealt with 1194 drug offences of all types from January to June, and 1019 offenders. A total of 807 offenders were apprehended for cannabis-related offences, the other 212 for hard drugs. Mr Trappitt described the rises in drug offences as "disturbing." The total crime figures show an increase of 10 per cent for the first half of this year, compared with a"statistical half year" for 1978, using one half of the annual totals. Mr Trappitt said males were the most frequent offenders in every category, except shoplifting, in which females constituted 57 per cent of all offende~s. Appeal for Public Support Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 3 Sep 79 Sec 1 p 6 [Editorial: "Drugs: A Miasma of Misery"] [Text] Behind the statistics showing, over the past six months, a 63 per cent increase in hard drug offences in Auckland lies a hideous miasma of misery. The figures show only the surface eruptions of a still growing problem. ~ 9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 � Effective pulicing may weli a~ccount for part ef the rise in arreats,'but there is no doubt that drug pu$here are it~aidiously, . ateadily increaaing their ~lientele. ' Those addicta who have been arrested may well be termed the ' lucky ones, for reltabilitation is, at least, a possibility. - The many who avoid detec- ~ tion face a wretched future. Their , habits grow' evermore expensive ' and are all too often maintained on the ~proceeds of crime. Here, - no doubt; liea, one reason, for a 53 per. cent increase in roloberies in ' the eity. The polfce deserve full praise for an unremitting. campaign againgt drug abuae. But they can- not work alone. An~- appeal has . alread,y iaeen made by the crime . ' directorate of policp headquarters in Wellington for pvblic eupport in . ~ combating "the d.rug acourge:' Without a vigilant Society, willing to co-operate activeIy with the ~ police, there can be little hope of striking at the core of the prob- lem - the faceless men who finance or operate a trade which ~ i is veritable murder by proxy. � ! CSO: 5320 . 10 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 NEW ZEALAND ENLARGED POLICE SQUAD TO COMBAT DRUG RUNNERS Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 4 Sep 79 Sec 1 p 1 [TextJ The Auckland police drug squad is to be greatly enlarged to cope with a rapidly growing workload. The move follows the announcement last week of crime figures which revealed a large jump in drug offences in the first six months of this year in the Auckland district. Hard drug offences rose 63 per cent in that period and cannabis-related offences 51 per cent. The police dealt with 1194 drug offences of all types, and 1019 offenders. The sharp rise in drug offences has had to be matched by the number of detectives working exclusively in this field, the Auckland criminal investigation branch regional controller, Detective Chief Superintendent B. Wilkinson, said yesterday. More manpower must be devoted to the drug problem if the police were to keep abreast of it. Mr Wilkinson said other crimes were increasingly interrelated with narcotics, and drugs inquiries often led detectives into investigating other types of offences. The drug squad w~uld be enlarged from 14 to 22 and some of the new detectives wou3:d be [words illegible] the squad this week. It was hoped all 22 would be working together within a fortnight. The changes would not mean any changes in emphasis in the work nf the drug squad, Mr Wilkinson said. All areas of investigation would be given the same priority as now. The first priority would continue to be working with the Customs Depart- ment to prevent importation of narcotics. 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 The rank of ~he squad commander is expected to be upgraded from detective senior sergeant to detective inspector and the enlarged drug squad is expected to absorb all the offices now occupied by the CIB car squad. It will then occupy nearly half a floor at the Auckland Central police station. The acting head of the drug squad, Detective Sergeant I. M. Revell, said ~ yesterday that the enlarged team was expected to be much more readily . responsive to public information. The squad had been hamstrung by lack of staff. Work had piled up and . detectives had been unable to respond (?promptly to) information given by members of the public. . CSO: 5320 12 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 NF.W 'LLALANll ` GUI.LTY PLEAS ON CHARGES OF IMPORTING HEROIN Wellington THE EVENING POST in English 4 Sep 79 p 16 [Text] AUCKLAND, Sept. 3(PA), Two men Colquhoun produced a - imported ~ heroin worth ~140,000 in this ~aPp~ parcel containing ~ country by hiding it in their bodies, the an ounce of herom, which 6e , had !n his trouser pockef. Auckland Magistrate s Court heard When spoken to further, tQdBy_ he said he 6ad three pack- BeEore Mr N R Taylor. ages of heroin iaserted SM, were Barry Wayne fnternally. Joseph Gundry, 23, rnnfing Gundry admitted daving ' contractor, of Orakei, and fonr packages hidden in the Simon Peter Colquhoun, 23, same way. ~ unemployed process worker, Colquhoun said that he of Meadowbank. and Gundry had travelled to Both men pleaded gnilty Bali oa August 8 and met a to indictable charges of ~~~0�' import9ng heroin and they The drug was purChased were committed in custody at Ch~ng Mai and he and to the Supreme Court for Gnhdry were to each receive - sentence. ~2000 for importing it to Sergeant G J Crawford New Zealand. told the Court that on August T6eY ~ ~pq-~ay ~ 26 the men arrived at the t0 be lnvolv ; in its dist~[bu- Aucklahd international aic- tion~ln thls country. said the port from Singapore, ~ sergeant. . When asked if he was id He said that the ei~h't possession of any drvgs, ounces was worth a total df =140,000 in ttus rnuntry. � CSO: 5320 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ - NEW ZEALAND _ BRIEFS HERI~IN SUPPLIER JAILED--A 25-year-old man who admitted possessing heroin for supply was sentenced in the Supreme Court at Auckland yesterday to four years' imprisonment. Grant William Collins, unemployed, of Grafton, had earlier pleaded guilty in the Auckland Magistrate's Court to a charge ~ of sugplying heroin with a street value of $2000. For the accused, Mr B. J. Hart said Collins need~d money to go to Australia. He was asked by a man friendly with an undercover policeman if he would supply heroin. Mr Hart said it was an isolated incident as far as Collins was concerned. He was not i~ the chain of drug distribution. Mr Justice Thorp said it appeared the amount of heroin foun.d in the accused's possession was not as great as ori~inally believed. Yet, said His HonouY, this was a sale - for profit and the deterrent aspect in any penalty was of prime impor- tanc~. [Text] [Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 13 Sep. 79 - Sec l p 4] CAIvNABIS SEEDS FROM CANADA---Hamilton (PA)--A parcel containing 15,000 cannauis seeds posted in Canada and addressed to a Taumarunui man has been seized by custams officers here. The haul, one of the biggest drug i*~terceptions in the mail, was in a 12-cm-square brown paper parcel. . ~ A Taumarunui man has been interviewed by customs officera and police. ' A senior Auckland customs official said today that Hamilton customs officers became suspicious of the parcel when they noticed that it didn't ~ '~ear a custom's declaration and was.strangely addressed. The packet was opened and the seeds discovered. He believed it was one of the biggeat mailed-drug detections made. Hamiltori customs officials declined to elaborate on the unusual features of the parcel. The 150-gram cache was ' p�robably worth about $2500, the Auckland officer said. The customs officer, who wished to remain anonymous because of the nature of hia ~ wark, said the num~er of seeds in the parcel would have amounted to a "major plantation." Interceptions of cannabis in the post from Canada ~ were "quite common" at present, he eaid. "It's autumn there, and the cannabis is being harvested,".added the officer. [Text] [Wellington THE EVENING POST in English 18 Sep 79 p 38] CSO: 5320 14 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ . ~ PAKISTAN ~ BRIEFS BIGGEST. OPIUM AA~(JL REPORTED--Peshawar, Pakistan [no further dateline given]-- Customs men seized 2,829 kilos (6,222 lb) of opium valued at 30 million doI- lars, the biggest opium haul in Pakistan's history. The drug was seized at Torkham, on the Afghan frontier, hidden in a truck bearing Afghan licence plates which was carrying American wheat for Afghanistan as part of a world food aid programme. Police said the drug's final destination appeared to be Europe. [Text] [Hong Kong AFP in English 0400 GMT 1 Oct 79 BK] _ WOMAN WITH OPIUM ARRESTED--Abbottabad, Sept. 12: The Abbottabad police . , has arrested Mst. Kaneez Fatimah, a widow residing in Abbottabad, under Hadood-e-Shariat Ordinance, on the charge of passessing narcotics. Police ~ sour~es said that a bag, containing 1500 grams of charas and 500 grams of ~ opium, was recovered from the accused lady, She is already facing trial in a local court on similar charges. [Text] [Peshawar KHYBER MAIL in English 13 Sep 79 p 1] CHARAS, OPIUM SEIZED--The Frontier Constabulary jawans have seized 4600 grams of charas and 200 grams of opium, in an operation near Jungli Khawar, near Badaber here last night. Accused Nasir Khan, frorn whose possesaion, the contraband material was recovered has been arreated. Similarly, in another operation, the FC jawans recavered two Dynamites, two fuses from one Nurul Wahab. In yet another operation, 110 bags of rice was recovered from truck No. PRB 7431 truck driver Nazir Khan has been arrested. [Text] [Peshawar KHYBER MAIL in English lb Sep 79 p 8] CLOTH, CHARAS SEIZED--D. I. Khan, Sept. 15: The customs authorities today seized about 2200 killograms of charas and 25 rolls of American georgette, from a truck near Kaur bridge on Jandola Tank road., [Text] [Peshawar KHY}3~R MAIL in English 16 Sep 79 p 1] ' CSO: 5300 15 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 SOUTH KOREA - BRIEFS DRUG TRAFFICKING NETWORK--Seoul, 18 Sep HAPDONG-KYODO--South Korean police have sna.shed three separate drug trafficking networks having connection with the underground world in Japan, the National Police Headquarters an- ~ nounced Tuesday. The announcement said two of the three rings have their drug rings in Korea's southern-most port city of Pusan and the third ring in Kwang~u, capital of South Cholla Province, and that they were suspected to have blacketeered in Japan through underground rings there a large quan- tity of mind drugs'called Philopon worth about 500 million won (Dollar 1 million) in street value. The smashing was made last week with the arrests of seven ~.rug manufacturers and traffickers of the three networks, includ- ing forme.r college lecturer Kim Kwang Jong, 39, of Pusan, according to the _ police announcement. Police said they have seized 500 grams of Philopon and 60 kilograms of Ephedrine, which the medicine is made from. [Text] [Tokyo KYODO in English 18 Sep 79 OWJ . CSO: 5300 . 16 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 THAILAND ~ ISLAND REHABILITATION SITE, DRUG PROBLEM SURVEYED _ Bangkok SIAM RAT in Thai 30 Jul 79 p 3 [Text] The drug addicts are generally said to number approximately 600,000 and tlle majority of them earn their living by committing crimes. This has caused a considerable problem to the society where most of the population become victims of these addicts. The basic government policy to suppress them is difficult so long as they are left to freely mingle in society as is the cas e now. The writer had an occasion to accompany Mr Sawat Khamprakorb, the minis- ter attached to the Prime r4inister's Office together ~oith officials of the Narcotics Control Board of th e same off ice to survey Ko Chang Island of Ranong Province 2 weeks ago to survey and locate a site for treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts following thEir treatment but for those not yet completely cured. This s ite will also be used for addicts ordered there by the courts. After completing the survey of Ko Chang Pir Sawat Khamprakarb advised that the island is considered unsuitable as a site for a treatment and reliabilitation center as there have been a large number of inhabitants who still grow fruit trees. There are also some schools. Turning the island into an addict detention center would create problems for the local population. Ko Chang to Ko Surin - _ After completing the survey, Mr Sawat opined that it is better to pick Ko Surin Island, Ranong Province, to be the site of a treatment center because this island ha;~ an area of 20,000 rai; that there is a~ood supply ~ of fresh water flowing rrom the mountains; it has beautiful scenery and is 53 kms �rom Ranong Province. It takes between 8 to 9 hours to travel by boat to ttiis island. This island is therefore good for treating the addicts because of the natural conditions and surrounding environment. Although the new narcotics act provides heavier punishment, it cannot stop the drug problem which is similar to the shadow that follows the individual himself at a11 times. i~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 Article 65: An~ person who produces, imports or exports heroin shall be liable for life imprisonment. Violation of the first paragraph, the pos- session for sale is a capital offense. ~ Article 66: Any person who sells or possesses heroin for sale in the ~ amount not exceeding 100 grams of pure substance shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of 5 years to life, and to a fine of 50,000 to 500,00!1 b2ht. If the amount is in excess of 100 grams, the guilty party shall be liable to life imprisonment ar the death penalty. Article 67: Any person in possession of less than 20 grams of heroin _ without proper authority according to Article 15 is liable to imprison- ment for a term of 1 to 1~ years and a fine of 10,000 to 200,000 baht. - Article 68: Any person w'~o produces, imports or exports morphine or c~caine is liable to imprisonment for a term of 1 to 10 years and a fine of 10,000 to 1C0,~00 baht. If the unlawful narcotic is morphine or cocaine the offender ~is liable to a term of 20 years to life punishment and a fine of 200,000 to 500,000 baht. Article 69: Any person who has morphine or cocaine in violation of Arti- cle 17 is liabla to impri.sonment for a term not to exceed 5 years and - a fine not to exceed 50,000 baht. Any person who sells or possesses for sale cocaine in violation of Areicle 17 is liable to imprisonment for a term of 1 year to 10 years and a fine af ],0,000 to 100,000 baht. If [a person] possesses pure morphine or cocaine not exceeding 100 grams [he is] liable to i.mprisonment for a term of 3 years to 20 years~~and a fine af 30,00~ to 200,000 baht. If the drug concerned is pure morphine or cocaine exceeding 100 grams [the possessor] is liable to 5 years to life imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 to 500,000 baht. A l.icensee who violates Article 17, paragraphs one, two or threP, is liable to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 5 years and a fine not to exceed 50,000 baht. Article 75: Any person who produces for sale, imports or exports harmful habit-forming drugs in the category of marijuana or Mitragyna speciosa is liable to imprisonment for a term of 2 to 15 years and a fine of 20,000 to 150,Q00 baht. Article 76: Any person who has marijuana or Mitragyna speciosa in their p~ssession is liable for a prison term not to exceed 5 years and a fine of not exceeding 50,000 baht. Possession for sale is liable to imprison- ment for a term of 2 to 10 years and a fine of 20,000 to 150,000 baht. 18 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 - Article 91: Any person who uses heroin, morphine, cocaine or opium is liable to imprisonment for a term of 6 months to 10 years and a fine of 5,000 to 100,000 baht. _ Article 92: Any person who uses marijuana or Mitragyna speciosa is liable to imprisonment for a term not to exceed 1 year and a f ine not to exceed 10,000 baht. , Article 93: Any person who deceives or intimidates with physical force or illegal coercive authority of any means, and compels another person to use drugs is liable to imprisonment for a term of 1 to 10 years and a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 baht. Any person who commits such offense with a weapon and two accomplices or more is liable to imprisonment for a term of 2 to 15 years and a fine of 20,000 to 150,000 baht. If the act in paragraph one or two is to a female or a minor, or to induce another person to commit a criminal offense for the benefit of himself or ~ - others the guilty party is liable to a terui of 3 years to life imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 to 500,000 baht. If the offending substance is morphine or cocaine, the punishment is to be increased by one half. If the act is to a female or a minor the offender is liable to a life imprisonment and a fine of 20Q,000 to 500,000 baht. If the drug which is the offending substance is heroin, the penalty is double. If the act is to a female or a minor, the offender is liable to the death penalty. Article 94: Any person who uses harmful habit-forming drugs and later voluntarily applies to off icials for treatment in the institute prior to the wrongdoing being disclosed, and has fully met the rules and regulations for proper treatment and has received certification from the proper offi- cial designated by ministerial order, is exempted from the punishment stipulated under Articles 91 and 92 above. _ Article 98: For any person who has been convicted for the third time under Articles 91 or 92 whose sentence has expired, officials shall confine the individual on ministeria~l order to the institute established by the minis- _ terial order to receive treatment until written certification from the official minister designated has been received to the effect that he has - fully met the prescribed courses of treatment and in accor�dance with the and regulations of such institute or clinics. Yes! Although the new narcotics act provides heavier punishment, the ques- tion of whether or not it wi11 solve the probler.i seems to be difficult. ~ So long as the 600,000 addicts still mingle within the society as at present, the deeper they will drag the next generation to use drugs or add _ to the number of addicts. 19 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 The writer is going to give you an example of how narcotics can cause trouble to,society: A review of the criminal records of 50 offenders reveals that each of them committed no fewer than 15 crimes. Each crime committed originated from drugs; having no~money to buy dru~s the addict has to commit a crime to get noney. [Jhen arrested, the criminal does not stay in jail for long and is released to commit another crime. Jail therefore is the home of the drug addict and the two are inseparable. It is the cycle deep in the minds of all the addicted. � Drug addiction is~curable. If the guardian or parents learn of their children's using drugs in the initial stages; that is between the period of 6 to 10 months, there is a chance of cure. The chances are dim for - longer use. Have you surveyed or observed if any member of your household is using drugs? Please do it now before it is too late or you will be sorry when your children become addicted. Has the time come for us to weed these addicted'out of the society where they are now mingling? For the addicted not only become undesirable per- ~ sons but they also a menace to the national economy. Among these 600,000 addicts, each spent 50 baht a day in buying narcotics making a total of 30,000,000 baht a day or 900,000,000 baht a month. If you want to know the more alarming figures, just multip]:ythis amount by 365 and you will see the flow of how much money is wasted by these drug addicts. Yes! To have an island specially arranged and set up for detention and treatment of thrice-convicted addicts will at least help prevent the next generation from being lured into the slavery of drugs by those already addicted. For the chron:cally addicted not only contributed nothing to the country's prosperity, but also helped to drag the society to ruin. _ It is time that for the sake of lnananiby we segregate this group from society to cure them per govern.ment policy and use Surin Island of Ranong Prov- ince as the detention center, for this beautiful island is a considerable - distance from the populated area. Being sent there to a favorable surround- ing environment they could be completely cured. At the very least the people would benefit from the reduction in crime if the addicted were segregated. 9438 CSO: 5300 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 CANADA RCMP SAYS MONTREAL NO LONGER MAIN HEROIN TRANSFER POINT Ottawa THE CITIZEN in English 25 Sep 79 p 62 [Text] ~MONTREAL (CP) - Not too long M~mtreal has only between 1,500 to. ago., Mantreal was one of the main 2,000 heroin addicts compared with transfer points in the int~rnational her- 5,000 in Toronto and abouC 15,000 in ' oiri trade. This is no longer the case, Vancouver, ~he estimatod. ; says RCMP Inspector Gilles F~vresu. Favreau said in. an interview the city Not understand . :~o4v has become a major port of entry The inspector says that traffickers for hashish ~and an exporQer of chemi- here are "are split 50-50" betwan cal drugs. ~ ' French and English-speakin8 Cana- During the first' six months of this dians and he notes it would be inter- year, the RCMP seizo~ about 5~10� mi1= esting to ~nd out why, $ince English- lion worth of hashish in Quebec and Canadians account for only 1 S per cent of Quebec's populationt broughE 260 charges against 150 ha- "The reasons for this as we~l as the shish distributors, he said. difference in the numbet of hetoin � They also confiscated about addicts in the three.cities probably re- a500,000 worth of cocaine and herorn flect various and contradictory social and dismantled five clandestine lallora- trends," said Favreau. tories. . "It's like trying .to explain why. 85 Police believe factories in Quebec per cent of the hoidups in Montreal now are manufacturing such chemic~l are committed by French-speaking halluciriogeons as methamphetamines, p~p~e," who account for about 70 per MDA, LSD, and PCP for distribution cent of the local population. to the Maritimes, Ontario and West- Police here take the drug situation ern Canada as well as New York and seriously. For one thing, the number of Maine. ~ addicts is up from about 1,000 five The inspector said the ovetall situa- years ago. ' tion in Montreal was not as serious as thaf in Toronto-and Vancouver, ~f cne In-fighting ~ : number of heroin addicts in a eity is ~ A recent study by the Montreal taken as ae indication of the eztent of Urban Community Police showed that the drug problem. nearly two-thirds of all the crimes committed on Montreal Island are ro- lated to drug use. ' 21 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 . Some crimes are reflections of ' addicts attempts to get money for ~ drugs through shuplifting, prostitutnon and breaking-and-entries. But a signifi- ~ cant number of murders and serious ' assaults are the result of fighting be- ' tween drug distribution groups. ~ This city's role in the iRternational . heroin trade, which gave ~ rise to ex- " pressions such as "Mor~treal connec- ~ tion" five years ago; has changed be- cause of developments ih the world ~ heroin distribution system. Favreau said that a few years ago, ' , Montreal was an importarit transfer point for French heroin being. sent to the United States. "Now that the stuff comes m~inly from Thailand and Mexico, there is ~less reason for it to go through' Mon- treal unless it is destined for Canada." Now smoll-time Police inctirmants say smugglers now are working in relativeiy small-time operations on their own and bringing in an estimaled total of 20 kilograms of heroin a year for the Montreal-area ' market. ~ Y~u,~g importers are also now bring- ing in small amaunts of cocaine, he said, "at most a pound at a time" for the lucal market. . But heroin addicts are also younger ' on the average. ~ ~ "Ten years ago, heroin was much ; more widespread than i~ther drugs herc," the inspector said. "7'he average addict was in his early 30's;' and gener- : ally either a musician ~~r a former ! athlete who had alrea;dy had the ~ opportunity, to iry diffecent stimulants. "The current gene; af ion of addicts ~is much ~;~unbcr""fhan they used to be. Most now are between 20 and 22." ~ _ CSO: 5320 22 ~ � ' . ' ~ . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ CANADA - DRUGS, MATERIAL WORTH MILLIONS SEIZED BY POLICE Toronto THE GLOBE AND MAIL in English 27 Sep 79 p 8 . [Text] PENETANGUISHENE, equipment raflged from old terday lhe investigati~~n Ont. - RCMP and Metro moto~s, hoses, with� T-con- and surveillance started m Toronto ~police have ga- n~~, plastic bags~ . Toronto a year ago August. thered up speed with an q~ppQen~eppans a~td boxes of "We've been watching it estimated street value o[ $5- liltets~.: ' pretty closely. INs been million and materials to ..g~p ~~t under surveillance 29 hours produce . an,~dditional $50- Not~~; I1tcK~ stii the a day," he added. million in a raid on a small ey~~nt Apd~,li},~j1~y voJa. The Mounties spent most wonden shed near Penetan- tile cltemicals'blt~:~in ,fhe of the day yesterday remov- iyhene. ty .,pt ing the equipment and g The raid, which came p~u~~ ~a iy~~ Zgp chemicais from the shed. after a year of surveillance, pounds of speedi Tfie. esti- S/Sgt. McKean said the has been described as one mated street wlue; ff. tf~e equipment easily filled two of the largest ever in Cana- drug had : reac~d tnarket, haif-ton pickup trucks. da. , aould be mor~!' than ~,50- He said the force teared Twenty pounds of am-. mj~~l~;` some of the chemicals phetamines~ , commonlY T6e ' cAinbineld :RCMP- might explode and~was tak- known as speed~ was seized ToanrrW squad started ing .the evidence to Toronto. on 'h~esday from the shed watChir~g ihe house and He said the method being behind a home on Cham� e~; ~re than a year ago. ~ used to prodiii~ the speed is plain Road, just north of The survelllance resulted in known as the hydrogenator Penetanguishene. the arrest of~three men~on rriethod, wAich emplo}rs the A spokesman for the Tuesday. use of forced hy~rogen, RCMP drug squad said the Charged witli -possession ~ 20 pounda of s Its a dangerous proce- P~d of a narcotic tor the pur- dure," he said. "It's under estimated street value of $5- pose of trafficking were: mililon. The wholesale pt'essure and could blow value of a p~und of the Steve . Z~vara of Wasaga ~p uncut drug is $8,000. Beach, and Peler Lans- Along with ~the 20 pounds downe and Michael France, of S , police, seized a ~th of Toronto. Mr. France P~ is a(ormer resident oF the shed full of labbratory house rnt Champlain Road. ' equipment used in the pro- S/Sgt. McKean said yes- duction.. of. ttte, drug. The CSO: 5320 23 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ; CANADA i i 1 i i . I DRUG RING LEADER GIVEN 18-YEAR JAIL TERM ~ ~ i Ottawa THE WEEKENU CITIZEN in English 15 Sep 79 p 11 ~ [Text] Toronto (CP)--The leader of a$3-million hashish smuggling ' racket was sentenced here Friday to 18 years in jai1. Four accomplices were handed ~ail terms ranging from two years less a day to 12 years. Federal prosecutor Michael Dambrot said later he believed the 18-year f sentence was the largest ever imposed in Canada for a cannabis case. The previous maximum was 15 years, he said, although people have been ' jailed for I.ife for smuggling heroin. ~ ~ Judge Ian Cartwright said the smuggling operation, which brought 280 ` kilograms of hashish into Canada_from India, was a"slick and sophiati- ~ cated crime executed with military precision in a cold, calculated design to reap enormous profit for these criminals at the expense of their fellow human beings." � Less than three hours after their sentencing, an appeal court ~udge granted the men bail ranging from $2,000 to $75,000 pending appeals on conviction. ~ Dov.Orenstein, 37, of Toronto, described by the ~udge as the ringleader, ' got 18 years in penitentiary for possession of hashish for the purpose of trafficking. ' . Gustav Shapiro, 48, of Toronto, termed the field commander of the five-man ring, was sentenced to 12 years for the same offence. ' Gershon (Gary) Levin, 37, was sentenced to four years in ~ail, Moshe Ferendaru, 44, got 2 1/2 years and Hain Sabbagh, 43, a fringe partici- pant, was sentenced to th2 maximum reformatory sentence of two years - less a day. ~ . CSO: 5320 . 24 � ~ ' ~ , ~ . , . . . ~ ' ' . : . ' APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 CANADA BRIEFS SOFT-DRUG CRIMES DECLINE--Toronto (CP)--The number of drug offences in Canada declined in 1978, preliminary crime statistics prepared by Statistics Canada indicate. Behind the drop is a five-per-cent decline in the number of cannabis offences, the category of marijuana and hashish that continues to dominate Canada's drug statistics. The total ~ number of drug offences declined to 60,747 last yPar from 63,843 in 1977--a 4.8-per-cent drop. Marijuana and hashish offences reported to Statistics Canada by police made up more than 87 per cent of drug offences in 1978. There were 53,378 offences last year, a drop of five per cent from the 56,447 in 1977. However, heroin and cocaine offences, - while small in number compared with cannabis, ~umped dramatically in 1978--by 19 per cent for heroin to 1,221 and by 16 per cent to 1,030 for cocaine. "The reason behind the decreasing number of convictions I feel is because there is not as much enforcement of thz softer drugs," said an Ontario Provincial Police spokesman with the drug enforcement section. "It is a waste of time in some respects," he said in a tele- phone interview. "We spend more time cracking down on the traffickers, going after bigger things." None of the police spokesmen considered that the decline in soft drug offences indicates that the use of drugs is declining. [TextJ [Vancouver THE WEEKEND SUN in English 8 Sep 79 p C15] HEROIN CHARGES--Prince George (CP)--Eight Prince George-area persons face drug charges after a month-long RCMP investigation netted $12,000 in cash and heroin with a street value of about $80,000. Charged with - conspiracy to traffic in heroin are George Michael Mitrovic, 24, Larry Joseph Lesperance, 24, Ivan Michael Holly, 32, Martin Lenny Scholten, 23, and Heather Lynn Vetters, 22. Mitrovic, Scholten, Lesperance and Peter Novoselski, 56, of Burns Lake have also been charged with posses- sion of heroin for the purpose of trafficking. Harry Allen Bird, 27, Shirley Jean Mooney, 23, Stephen Lesperance, 20, and Larry Lesperance, all of Prince George, have been charged with possession of heroin. RC1~ said they seized about four nunces of heroin during their investi- gation. [Text] [Vancouver THE WEEKEND SUN in English 8 Sep 79 p A19) 25 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 MANITOBA LEGISLATURE MEMBER ARRESTED--Winnipeg--Robert Wilson, a Con- servative ~ember of the Manitoba Legislature, was arrested at his Winnipeg home yesterday and charged with conspiracy to import and conspiracy to traffic in narcotics. A bail hearing was told that Mr. Wilson financed an international drug importation network that flew marijuana from Colombia to Florida, then smuggled it into Winnipeg and other Canadian cities. Police know of five such shipments, ranging in value from $20,000 to $100,000 each, federal prosecutor Bruce MacFarlane told Provincial Judge L. R. Mitchell. Judge Mitchell released Mr. Wilson on bail of $20,000 property surety. Mr. Wilson, 44, has been Conservative member for Wolseley since June, 1975. For five ` years before that he was a member of Winnipeg City Council. He lives with his daughter and a housekeeper. His next court appearance is set for Oct. 1. Mr. Wilson's lawyer, David Margolis, did not ask for a publication ban at the bail hearing. Warrants were issued yesterday for the arrest of four other people in the same case. Police earlier charged 10 others, ranging in age from 18 to 40. Their preliminary hearing has been set for March. [Text] [Toronto THE GLOBE AND MAIL in English 27 Sep 79 p 1] VALUE OF SEIZED DRUGS CUT--Penetanguishene, Ont. (Special)--Police have reduced their estimate of the value of amphetamines and the potential of chEmicals and equipment seized in a raid near Penetanguishene. It was estimated originally at more than $50-million. The 21 pounds of amphetamines is estimated to have a street value of $4,750,000, while the chemicals and equipment could have produced a further $28,250,000 . worth of the drug, RGT~ Inspector Will Stefureak said. [Text] [Toronto . THE GLOBE AND 1SAIL, WEEKEND EDITION in English 29 Sep 79 p 14] CSO: 5320 26 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ARGENTINA BRIEFS DRUG TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED--La Plata, 28 Sep (TELAM)--Police personnel carried out a raid early this morning in the Sprike Night Club in Ciudadela and - arrested Juan Carlos Fuentes, Alfredo Mario de Marco, Jorge Carmelo Recia and Margarita Mabel Percosi or Marina Cortes. One kilogram of pure cocaine was seized in the operation. [~uenos Aires TELAM in Spanish 1103 GMT 28 Sep 79 PY] DRUG USERS ARRESTED--The police have arrested Augusto Mariano Baltar, . Maria de la Paz, Maria Jose Schusselblum, Romualdo Juan Reginia, Marcelo Patricio Mujica and Enrique Jorge Bottelli for writing their own prescriptions to get drugs for their personal use. The police seized 247 cubic meters of opium~-derived products, 80 grams of marihuana and . 180 tablets of hallucinatory drugs. [Buenos Aires LA RAZON in Spanish 27 Sep 79 p 12 PY] COCA LEAVES SEIZED-~Formosa po'lice have seized 20 kilograms 'of coca leaves which were brought fram Salta and arrested three persons whose identities have not been released. jBuenos Aires LA RAZON in~Spanish 29 Sep 79 p 6 PY] CSO: 5300 ~ 27 . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLOMBIA CNA OPPOSES T4ARIHUANA L~,GISLATION ~ Bogota EL ESPECTADOR in Spanish 18 Aug 79 p 14-A [Text~ Radical opposition to legalization of the consumption and production of ma,rihuana in Colombia, use of the herbicide, Paracuart, to eradicate existing marihuana plantations, expropriation of fields planted with mari- huana to be subsequently turned over to peasants and the introduction of development programs in ma,rihuariar-growing regions axe the basic proposals made by the Na~ional Antinarcotics Association (CNA~ to stop bills dealin~ wi~th the le~a.lization of ma,rihuana production in Colombia, ThE: CNA Organizing Committee, cha,ired by union leader F~a,usto Ch~,rris Romero, ha.s been working throughout the country for several months now followin~ the exa.mple of antinaxcotics associations operating in the United States~ ~ The CNA leader noted that~ in the face of the proposal made by president of the National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF) r~nesto Samper Pizano with regard to legalization of maxihuana, production in Colombia, they plan to conduct a na.tionwide campaign relying on the collaboration of union members, churchmen and political leaders to defeat the proposal. _ Foodstuff Crisis Charris Romero said that "with the introduction of maxihuana cultivation in Colonbian fields, simultaneously with a slowdown in ind~~strial development due to a diversion of capital to increase such cultivation there would be a slowdown in the production of foodstuffs~ inasmuch as it ha.s been demon- strated that marihuana growers reap higher profits." He added tha.t, when defenders of the bill to legalize maxihuana asgue tha.t the new source of foreign exchang~e would contribute economic benefits and "development," "they forget that wealth does not consist of having a lot of dollass, rather of really raising the standard of living of the popula- tion~ It is illusory to think tha,t production can be introduced without there being a simultaneous rise in domestic consumption: If there is pro- duction, there is consumption~" 28 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 $200 Billion ; The CNA representatives who visited the offices of this daily maintained th~.t, accordint; to "conservative" figures, the production of and trafficking in narcotics i~ in general the biggest transnational enterprise in the worldy inasmuch as over $200 billion a yeax exchange hands. They also pointed out tha.t Colombia annually produces 150,000 tons of marihuana which is sold wholesale for about $6 billion~ And tha,t when this much marihuana = is sold in sma11 quantities in the United States, it a.mounts to approximately ~60 billion~ Another CNA member, Maximiliano Londono~ said that only a minimal part of this money remains in Colombia, since the bulk of it winds up in the coffers of "Narcotics Incor~.~orated, a company composed of the big mafia financiers . who are responsible fc~r providing the money for the esta.blishment of planta- tions and then transporting and maxketing the marihuana.." "Smoke It; It's Colombian" One of the members of the CNA, Fausto Charris Romero, traveled throughout the United States for months collecting information on the maxihuana problem, In connection with this~ he stressed the fact that in the north there are - various organizations dedicated to combatting drug consumption and~ more specifically, tha.t of the "accursed weed," But ne also ran into surprises. In hig~ schools and junior colleges~ he saw posters beaxing inscriptions like "Smoke it; it's Colombian." These posters were profeasiona.lly printed "which indicates tha.t this is not some sort of makeshift operation, rather a highly organized commercial one," On the other hand~ he said: "S~zrprisingly, I came across people who said th~~.t destroyin~ the marihuana crop in Colombia would mean destroying the country's economy and they also all agree that legalization would lead to the acquisition of foreign exchange for Colombia. "But I got into conversations with various senators and representa.tives in ,i'. , order to at the same time propose to them that~ with the money they contri- bute to cor~bat the drug traffic~ they could deliver aa.d to Colombia for the areas involved to combat the social problems these axe plagued with and in this way take a first step towaxd eradicating the cultivation of maxihuana in our country " 11,466 Cso: 5300 29 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLOMBIA ~'OV:~A: INSUFFICIL'NT AUTHORITY TO DEAL WITH FOREIGN~tS ` Bo~ota EL ESP~CTADOR in Spanish 20 Aug 79 p 15-A [Passages enclosed in slantlines pri.nted in italics] [Text] "The country lacks the legal authority to punish foreign drug traf- fickers," said head of the Administrative Depaxtment of Security (DAS) Dr Rafael Poveda Alfonso in a statement he made on the S~zper Network's "Big Interviews" program, during which he also referred to the serious problem the agency is at present responsible for dealing with, namely tha,t of foxeigners living in Colombia and the possibility that there ma,y be links between them and subversive groups, � In speaking of the DAS' control over foreigners living in the country, Dr Poveda Alonso said that "the problem of the status of foreigners can be regarded from �two points of view: tha,t of the attention the state bestows on the foreig~er and the necessity for the state to keep tabs on him~ As fax as the fir~t is concerned, I say that the foreigner is well talcen care ; of because he can at any time approach our offices and obtain satisfaction." How I~'tany Are There? Touching on the topic raised by the second point of view, the hi~i-ranking official said tha,t "if we want to lmow how many foreigners there are in the ~ country, it would be very hard to cite an exact figure, nor could we say ~ what occupations they are engaged in. Now," he went on, "reg~axding the ; investigations of subversive activities that have been in progress, many ; of these foreigners have been involved in different seditious movements, ; We therefore propose that we, with the consent of the president of the re- ~ public, clarify everything that has anythi,ng to do with the needs of the government or the country as regaxds the foreigners~ We will institute a ~census of identification papers~~ In this ~status of foreigners operation~, we will employ about a hundxed young people, recently gradua,ted from our Depaxtment of Criminal Investi$ation, in the examina,tion of papers we ex- pect to be carrying out~ That is, we will exam;ne about 200,000 identity caxds, staxting with number one, wYiich will tell us'who was the first forei~ resident and what address he gave because, unfortunately, from that point . 30 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 on we do not l~iow what happened to that person: whether he worked for a livin~~ was sick~ died or left the country." _ Dr Poveda Alforiso added that "once this first ghase is over~ we will launch what will be called the ~live census~, That is, we will summon all foreip,ners to contact our officec, not o:il.y in Bogota, but also in thoee to be found ~ throug~hout the country, so tha.t they themselves may benefit from such conta.ct anci the government can find out how many foreigners are living in Colombia," - We the Legal Authori~Cy The high-ranking official said tha.t "we do not deport people unless they are convicted of crimes~ In this domain, we are limited; we lack the legal authority and the legal neans to deport undesirable individuals~ According to the law, persons convicted of crimes are deported, In the cas~ of drugs, . foreigners found in possession of them are obliged to pay a fine and are then deported, Lately~ many Americans have been deported after having had to pay fi.nes and leave behind in Colombia the means of transport they used, especially airplanes~" With rega,rd to the report of connections between some foreigners and subver- siVe organizations~ the head of the DAS noted that "to da.te there is concrete on this, but we have already succeeded in uncovering the first bits - of evidence, at least to the effect tha,t there is a naturally deplorable ~traffic~ in weapons and "The weapons are received for gangs of traffickers and it ma.y be that those that are left over ase not sold to honest citizens, but rather to criminals." a~, � h ~ ;:;'r~ ~'::~::;:sry:;s ( r 1 _ ~ a- 3~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ; ~ x~~` < . S s ~ .~.s:>. >:~':>>d 'S ~:ii" ;i:i . x...;..;; ' _ i ~c;.'r~: " a ~ ~"s. . .~Y~: :r'^~...5'.at, ~ 11, 466 Rafael Poveda cso: 5300 31 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLGMBIA ' ~ LA:-1 TO REDEII~! DRUG 1~RF'~S PROPOSED ~ Bo~,rota II, ESP~CTADOR in Spanish 18 Aug 79 p 1-A, 8 A ~Tett~ The nation's attorney general, Guillermo Gonzalez Charry, ha~ sent Government Ninister German Zea Hernandez a bi11 aimed at the economic and social recovery of lands used to grow marihuana, cocaine and other items that are harmful to the Colombian economy and to the he~.~~;h of the Colombian people. llevelopment Plans The: bil1, which the government will have to submit to Congress for its con~icieration once it is accepted, deals mostly, according to thE a~ttor.ney general's statement of purposes, "with the foundin~, development and rrotection of agricultural and livestock cooperatives or industrial activities appropriate for the affected regions, which in the long run wi]1 entail a veritable redemption of these regions for the national econor.ty and licit sources of jobs for their inhabitants. More than - a strict parceling out of lands among individuals, the gnvernment feels that a we11 ~run and well-oriented cooperative system, plus the esi:ablishment of community enterprises and other joint pproduction schemes, ase the ideal instruments to perform this task." Government Participation ~lrticle 1 of the bill calls for government pasticipation in a,ll of the zones where marihuana, coca.ine and products are grown, in order to fully incorporate them into the development ana prosperity of the na~tional economy and the social and moral welfare of the people. To this end, accorcling to Article 2, the government is to draw up or carry out a special program for agricultural, livestock~ forestry and agr.o-industrial development in the aforementioned zones; by utilizin~ and coordinatir~ the functions of existing government entities or by creating special bodies as provided for in Paragraph 3 of Article 3 of Special Decree 1050 of 1968. 32 , , , , . . . . f:.;:, . , : , _ _ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 Aic? to Peasant Fas~ners llx~l;icle 2 ca31s for promoting the creation of a.~~icultural and ~ .tive;~i;oclc coopera~:.i.~v es, community enter.pri ,es and other joi.nt pronuci:ion schemes, in which Indian communities will preferably take part, and t'rie development of agro-industrial activities by means of financia.l, tarii'f, -tax and social incentives such as lon~- and short-term loans at reduced interest rates and with grace periods for amortization. - This a.lso includes a free supply o~ seeds, fertilizers and fun~icides for c-roPs; ~the creation of irrigation districi;s; the reduction or c~:inccllin~ of cluties on the importation of farm and industrial equipment an.d livesi;ock tools; the establishment of crop insurance and the creation _ of special bod.ies to purchase them; an up to 50 percent cut in income and capital taxes for those who for a pcriod of 5~�ears take part in tl~e nro~x~~ans that i;he national government formulates pursuant to the law; ,job promotion aiid the establishment of special minimum wages and social 'ner,ei'its that will insure Farm, livestoclc and industrial worYer~ in the zor�e;; an ~.ccep~able and decent standard. of living, and all other simila,r rie~,sures ~e~sed towards achieving the goals of economi,c anc social :~�ecovc-ry that the law aima at. E~c1:~ropr~.a~;i_on of Lands 'I'ne sa~ne article of tne bill provides for the power to decree, for the Uen.efi~L- oi the nation, the annulment of the ri~nt of ownership over. - n.riv~,tel oFmed land on which marihuan~., cocaine and si,-niiax crops exist, TI'dCOItA ~Colombzan Agrarian Reform Institute.,,J will flatl~ decree such ~n. annulrnent pursuant to the certii'icates i'or tlie destruction of crops tha~L must be drawn up or to the reports tnat i;he appropriate authorities rnu;~~t ;~u'omi-c to it. The-re will be no governmental appeal or appeal for ` review in the ca,se of resolutions decreeing the annulment of ownership~ Tt also provides that if the land on which zhere were crops is uncul.~iva-ted, the occupant wi11 forfeit the ri~ht to be awarded the land if he had � acquired i~ for the purpose of prior economic development; he will also farfei~t the ri~ht to be paa.d for an;j improvemen~ts �tnat he migh~ have - made on ~;he land. ~he bill, tlie programs callea for in ~rti ~le 2 are to be under.talcen on the lands whose o~mership 4ras annulled ox whose related rights were for.fei~tecl, I'inancin~; Article j states that i'or 5 years the ~,rovexxu,~ent wili ~.7.locaEe in ii;s bud~et act an annual sum of no less than 1 billion pesos to att~nd to and r~u.rsue the specia,l recovery pro~razn reierred ~o in the law, without u.etriraent ~to the services, supplies and cooperation ~hat the entities and ~-r~raniza~tions so designated by the ~vernmerrt ;nust provide. 33 ~7q3 CSO: 5300 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLOMBIA 'WORLDS BIGGEST' COCAINE SEIZURE DE3CRIBED Bogota EL TIE'NIPO in Spanieh 12 Sep 79 p 1-A, 2-A ~ext7 In the mo$t severe setback ever dealt gangs of drug traffickers, Colombian authorities seize~~ 800 kilos of cooaine, valued on the U.S. "black market" at 256 billion peao$ (almost twice this count�ry's annual budget of expendi.turea and invest- ments). At the same time, 6 sophisticated laboratories for proceesing the alkaloi d were discovered and '16 people--among them 1 Chilean . and 1 Ecuadorean--were taken into custody by the F-2 police, along with numerous long and ahort-range weapon$ and a fleet oP luxury vehicles used to tranaport the drugs. The gig antic operation--unpr~cedented in history--began last Friday and ended Monday with the simul.taneous search and entry of three luxurious residences located in diYferent parts oY the : Special District of Bogota. Some 250 specialists~Prom the military staff's F-2 police force ~ and a"squadron" of trained German shepherds participated in the , - epectacular roundup, which disperaed the most poweri"ul organiza- tion involved in producing and selling naraotics, with branchea in aeveral countries oP the Americas. . Details of the daring operation were relea$ed to the press yester- da~r by Col Miguel Maza Marquez, national chief of the military staff'e F-2 Porce. Meanwhile, aen Pablo Rosas Guarin, the national police director, demanded more decisive coa~eration Prom the U.9. government to put a stop to the activities of drug traf- ficking g anga. "We have received some American assistance, but the problem ig of sueh great magnitude that greater efforte are needed on the part of ~he authorities of that country," main- - tained the eenior official. 34 ~ ; ; APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 The inveatigation that culminated in the seizure oP the Pantaa- tic cocaine haul began laet Friday, according to Maza Marquez, when the so-called "opera~tion Bogota" was begun. y,. c ~ , ~ , . t'~ I ` ~ ~ ':,i~,,~~ ~~.~,r x . ~ i,# ' yf~ y s. ~ : q i' 4,' ' : 5 . ~ 57 % 'S j ( ; 3 ~~ll~ ~ ~4~'~' ~~~f~~(Y Y ,/S~ S.": . I~;'di ~I~'~~' ~~~~~~r~`~~ y ' uF:;: ~ ~ y y; ; . ' z, r . . ~ i ~i ~ ~ ~Y' � r~ i~'n 1 sr~h e A~ B i i ~?'pi~ :~~~~C~~~'^^sps s~'~' 3 ` a6 ut ` ~s va~'~" + ~ ~ , ~'s.~�yg~,. ~j //~S i . ~LX JW ~n~ s~; :i'f.~'1"+~t~~ ( ~ 6" . v t~' yi~i,ii ~ ~ ~e /y . ~i ~ . f r N ~s , '6 ~ U~~ r a / ' y y~~~~' ,Y~ ~'i K1 r a,.G ' ~j'�~~ ~ - S f 4'~/ / . ~S . S'! y..;� / fi 6 y ~ i ,Ju y/ ~ ~ ,`y / ;~,Yk ` i ~ "ii3.!F,. iy~,~ ..1~ ~ ~ ~ . 9y' ~ 7i~ 't~ y f ' i ~O` /97?~q~ ~ ~ .Y ' r , ~ . , ~ J y .t U/ i_. ~-:,i r."~~.~~ ~ ~ ~r'~^" . , < . .a.,,y y... Nin'~jn~" . . ".',F.~~ w wr2ns~i/ ~ ~ ~ ri~~ iN' i /6/ y .;i. //,Yav'�^wi"'iir~~ ~ ~ . i; - ~ - 5%~ / / ~MM.' ~~~I~ . ~ . . ~ ~ iln'~'"~w~Y""' ~ ~ ~ Mrl~l~J . ~ ~ s s ;>F: 35 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 , The first resulta of the operation--in which 250 agenta, trained doge and specialized units took part--came on Saturday, when a camper was intercepted. In it authorities Yound 25 kilos of the purest quality cocaine concealed in the double-bottomed roof. The capture of the passengere of that vehicle allowed the author- ities to leQrn f~ll details about the organization, which hae - branches in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and the United States. Based on data gathered by the aleuths, Colonel Maza Marquez set up the final operation ag aix~et the drug traffickera' g ang, which en~oyed the most modern and costly means oP transportation. Last Monday, the F-2 set up a plan to mount a simultaneous sur- prise attack on the organization's modern laboratories in differ- ent parts of the 3peci al District. The detectives, accompanied by their dogs, simultane~usly raided three residences, located at 1-33 Calle 139, 139A-42 Transver- sal 26 and ].~+7-Ol Carrera 9Q in Suba. At the latter addresa, built special- ly to hold one of the laboratories, detectivea found 500 kilos of cocaine in ~y some tunnels built by the organization to process and store the alkaloid. In these underground paseages, which , mu st have taken ePVeral months of tremendous work to build, the sleuths discovered a highly modern processing ~:a~" _ laboratory equipped with drying lamps, 4~ f acids Por the "paste," giant , plastic containers and countl.ess other k;~' complicated equipment. The underground area was searched again yes~terday with the aid of specially- trained German shepherds and another 100 kilos of cocaine were Pound. The drug had been so well hidden that it was poasib~e to find it only with ~ - tne aid of the trained animal8, since the tunnel was designed to be practi- ca11y search-proof. Colonel Miguel Maza Marquez, who directed the operation. 36 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 In the other two houaes--also located on the northern end of the city--authorities founcl the other 200 kiloa of cocaine, along with equipment and laboratoriea Por procesaing the "paste." Taken into custody were Rodrigo Solorzano Velazquez, Jose Antonio Ramirez Loaiza, Pedro Antonio Oxozco Bolanoe, Maria de Jeaus Orozco Bol,ano$, Ramon Javier Slsquferco Garcia, Manuel Antonio Munoz, Alvaro Londono, Gustavo Hernando Ortiz, Jairo Murillo Garcia, Jeremias Salinas Alfonao, Argemiro Munoz Pino, Dario P~,dilla Ulloa, Carlos Humberto Naran~o Lopez, an Ecuadorean, and Arturo Contreras Bullemore, a Chilean and owner of one of the homes Searched, which was located in the Contador neighborhood. s � ' _ ~ f # ~ ; ,p. ~ i ; � # ~ y y , ~ 3 . i d}` � � ~ g., ~ s S , ~ F . t~s~ ~ j � ~ ~ . j J:..' . ~b: f '~y~G'~Sk3 9~~ ~ ~ r ~ .E~ 3~ k S f' ~i t~/~~ . G : t, o~ , s~. .r ? , . s j s. S~ Y~j'e' ~ _ ,~"o* }j~`i'.: ~.y ~ ~ !,I � ~ I . M: / f~~ ~ ~ 'A�~ fi ~ ~ i~: : F~ ~ ~ ~j . . / " ~ , . : : ~ ~ k G: . ~:~i. i L F~;. `Y. . ry ~ ' J ~ ~ 'r.f S a': 'f~"a ~ V ~ .s, ,~q~'~`~w�x, .1 , ~iL ~0? t~~"`~~i !`~ ; . � ; ,y.'~ , ( ' 'f.i ~ . ~ 5~~~+ f ' . . Md.:y v:F"i.:.k�� : ~ . Mercedes Montenegro Emilia Aurora Mu~oz Rlvera 43 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ' Y` ~.4"~`."~w ~ r':~ n.~M . . - j f ~ ~ ~ n I ~ ~ fi r~;i~ f ~~~~~s' ~ - N~~~ ~ ~ . < Y ~ a .~s , F , ~ ~ ,s,:.,'' : . :z::: ~ ~ bl.: L , . . \ .ri ~ Juan de Jesu.`sf Victor M~trtue~~ Gustavo Fonseca Carvaial Paii�so Pardo Mai~tinez Mora ~ 8743 CSO: 5300 44 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLONfBTA PLtLTT~ 1LBAN~OT]ID, TRAPFI~S ESCAPE Iio~o~ta II, ESPECTADOR in Spanish 27 Aug 79 p 9-A ~Text,~ i r?,: , . . 4 5~.~ 1A.~ . ~ ~ .i"ar ; ~ ~r ~ .i ? i'an ' ~ ~ . ~A:i. ~ i~ ~ ~ 9?~1 ~~:r a~.. ' , : . s , ~ t . w: ?y b~3�~ k 2 ~ ~ ~ ~ f ~ h ? s'.ei I . . , 6~ . : . ~ Juan Alvaro Enrique Lopez Juliao and Antonio Maria Eslait Blanco ~ were c~,ptured by agente of the attorney general's Judicial Police Anti-Narcotics Squad l~at night at the El Dorado airport. They _ ware carrying 300 oP cocaine, ~50, 000 in casY~~ and severa,l $amplea of hashish and marihuana. Also arreated was a third buddy, Luia Gomez. ~ ~ 8631 = CSO : 5300 47 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLOIYi~IA TRA~~'ICKERS, COCAINE SEIZED IN BOGOTA Bogota ~L LSPECTADOR in Spanish 10 Sep 79 p 19-A [Text] Four and a ha.lf kilograms of high-gra,de cocaine were seized by a~ent~ of the Naxcotics Division of the Department of Justice during an operation conducted in a northwestern suburb of Bogota, where three members of the gang of traffickers were captured~ The alkaloid was found in the reax of a car beaxing licence plate number GL-1U66 and was about to be sold someplace in downtown Bogota, according to what one of the agents said, Those arrested were identified as Rodrigo Alban Panduro, a na,tive of Iquitos, Peru, who is reported to be the leader of the ~ang~ Henry Nevardo Sierra A].arcon and Gerardo Leon Nova. This latest raid by Department of Justice agents was carried out in front of the house located at 75-41 74th Street, a buildin$ owned by the father of one of the men arrested and whose name was not given because he was not implicated in tne investigation, OfficiaJ. spokesmen infornad us that the drug had been flown into Bogota, a.ppar.ently on a flight originating in Leticia which arrived Saturday after- noon. One of the officials said tha,t these mer~ had been pu.rsued by Department of Justice agents for approximately 5 months now, The drugs seized on Saturday axe estimated to be worth about 5 million : pesos, since they are rated at 95 percent pure, 48 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ; _ r~ ~ F ~ , . ~ � , ~ ~ ~`.~.a .~,y; , . ~ :ua~, ~r!y~' X; yK" ' t ~ ~ i' ~ f. `y,. II 'y.' ~y~i i 1~ , ' ~ ~ RC , . ~ II ~ . ~v ` . : ,:f 5:. S~q ~ ~ ^ � ,X , Peruvian gangleader Henry Nevardo Sierra, Gerardo Leon Nova, Rodri~o Alban Panduro captured captured 11,466 ' ~ Cso: 5300 49 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COLOMBIA ~ BRILFS MARIHUANA SETZURE--The campai~. launched by the Army in La G~ajira to combat the drug traffic ha,s resulted in the arrest of six persons and the seizure of 215 packa.ges of marihuana and 7,500 grams of cocaine~ A bulletin issued by the president of the republic reports on the principal blows dealt the dru~trafficking gangs between 30 August and 7 September, as follows: At ~1 Pa.jaro 111 packages of marihuana were seized; at Camp Anauche in the dis- � trict of Uribia 13 packa,ges of, three VHF' radios and an M-1 carbine were found in an abandoned hideaway. At Sierra Alta de Pajaxo 24 packa~,es of maxa.huana, a:nd four printing presses were found in an abandoned hideaway. Also, in actions deployed in other parts of the country, the police succeeded in seizing 7,400 grams of cocaine worth 5,920,000 pesos and 67 packages of maxihuana evalua,ted at 8 million pesos~ as well as arresting six people. - [Text] [Bogota EL TIE'NI~'0 in Spanish 10 Sep 79 p 12-A] 11466 INVESTIGATION OF JUDGE--The Depaxtment of Juatice yesterday released a com- munique in it reported a number of sanctions it had imposed and the opening of a disciplinary investiga,tion againat a Santa Ma,ria judge who ha.d re-turned a Douglas aircraft appaxently i.ntended for use in the drug traffic. Just3.ce Department Secretaxy General Jose Roberto Herrera Vergaxa reported that he ha,s instituted disciplinaxy action against the Circuit Crimi.nal Court of Appeal of -the capital city of T~fa.gdalena which ordered the Douglas ai-rcraft bearing United States licence number 4731-5, presuma,bly used for traffickin~ in drugs, to be turned over to the lega.l representative of Candido Daniel Santiago, Kenneth Carter and Thomas '~r~dward Duckett. The in- vesti ~.tion was instituted at the request of Customhou3e Revolving Fund director Ga.briel Echeverry Gaxzon~ ~Text~ [Bogota EL ESPECTADOR in Spanish ' 11 Sep 79 p 12-A~ 11466 50 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 F'OUR TRAFFICKERS ARRE3T~D--Some 50 kilos of marihuana wa$ con- ~ Piacated by members of the "La Popa" Battalion in the capture of 4 members of a drug traffickera' gang. The 8uspecta arrested were identified as Daniel Villamizar, Ramiro de Jeeu$ Lopez, Jose Lesmes and Joee Alfoneo Rodriguez. Also eeized in the action, which occurred in the municipality of San Diego, ~urie- diotion of Desagtre, depa,rtment of Bolivar, was a camper bearing liaenae platee W-180 , which had been ueed to traneport the marihuana. ~ext7 ~$ogota EL TIEMPO in Spaniah 12 Sep 79 p 9-A7 8631 COCAINE 3EIZED AT AIRPORT--Two members of an international gang oY drug traffickers fe11 into the hands oP authorities last night when they were arreeted by the attorney general's Anti- Narcotics Squad as they were preparing to leave for La Dorada, to deliver 10 kilos ot' 97 pereent pure cocaine. Involved were _ Jorge Enrique Moreno Donoso, an economist Prom the Agrarian Fund, and Ines Elvira Herrera de Moreno, his wife. The alkaloid had been brought in "paste" form from Ecuador about 10 daps ago bq ~ the woman, who was traveling with her two daug hters. It was then proceseed in Bogota. According to reports from the attorney general's Anti-Narcotica Squad, tne euspects intended to take the drug out of the country in the next few days via a aeriea of ~ connections that was to have begun in La Dorada tonight. Moreno Donoeo ha.d led Anti-Narcotics agents astray two and a half months ago, when he was also carrying cocaine. He was located onlq yesterday, at Carrera 8 and Calle 27 south, in the 20~de Julio neighborhood. ~ext7 ~ogota EL ESPECTADOR in Spanish 23 Aug ?9 P 9-A7 8631 CSO : 5300 51 ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 COSTA RICA BRIEFS NARCOTICS SMUGGLERS SENTENCED--Two cocaine smugglers have received 12-year sentences and another was sentenced to a 4-year term for complicity in cocaine traffic. The case involved cocaine traffic amounting to 30 million colones. The two who received 12~year sentences can appeal. The plane and jeep they used have been cotlfiscated and the seized narcotics will be destroyed. James Patrick (Coe) and Richard (Bennet) Baker were sentenced ~ to 12-year terms for inCernational narcotics smuggling and George Arthur (Doran) was sentenced to 4 years for complicity. All three were ordered to pay trial cost~. The trial of the three Americans began Monday morning and ended last night. [Excerpt] jSan Jose Radio Reloj in Spanish 1200 GMT 26 Sep 79 PA] CSO: 5300 _ 52 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ECUADOR - BRIEFS INTERPOL OFFICIAL KILLED--Guayaquil, Ecuador, 26 Sep (AFP)--It has been officially reported that Capt Marcos Narvarez, deputy chief of the Interpol office, died today in a clash with a drug trafficking gang. The police officer was fatally wounded on Tuesday night when he surprised a drug trafficking gang that was negotiating the sale of several kilograms of cocaine paste. Mafioso Jorge Gonzalo Mori, who had been granted permission to 12ave the prison where he was serving a sentence, was also killed in the clash. The drug traffickers opened fire on the police once they were aware of their presence. The wounded police officer was immediately taken to a Guayaquil clinic where he died today, it was officially reported. [Text] [Paris AFP in Spanish 0021 GMT 27 Sep 79 PA] CSO: 5300 5 3 , ~i \ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 MEXICO AAfERICANS CARRYING COCAINE FROM PERU CAPTURED Nogales IIIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 11 Sep 79 p 4 [Text] Mexico City, 10 September--This morning, Federal Judicial Police agents captured three Americans who arrived in the country on Aeropezu flight 622 from the city of Lima, Peru. They were carrying 2 kilograms of nearly pure cocaine~;'in plastic bags which were attached to their bodies, and which they intendec~ to take into the United States in order to sell them on the drug black market in that country. . Upon being apprehended, the Americans Scott Stephen Watson, Denny Patrick , Sharkey and Scott Thomas King confessed to the federal agents that they were drug traffickers, and stated that they had, on a great many occasions. used our country as a corridor for taking various kinds of drugs into the United States markets. They also said that, during their trips, particularly those which they made to the city of Lima, Peru, they were received by another American, Donald . Henle~, who was responsible for preparing the drugs. He placed them in plastic bags, which were put on various parts of the body, attached with adhesive tape, so that they could be brought into the United States without arousing suspicion. They added that Donald Henley is also engaged in ob- taining drugs in many other South American cities; and, after processing them,~he sends them via the "couriers" to various cities in the United States. 2909 � CSO: 5330 54 . _ . _ _ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 MEXICO THREE HEROIN TRAFFICKERS CAPTURED BY FEDERAL JUDICIAL POLICE Heroin Sale Attempted Nogales DIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 11 Sep 70 p 4 [Text] Forces of the Federal Judicial Police dealt a heavy blow at the drug traffic when they seized a large amount of pure heroin valued at several thousand dollars and arrested three presumed drug traffickers. It was learned from unofficial soucres that the Federal Police, under orders from Comdr Narciso Estudillo Cerezo, arrested an individual named Olegario Castro, and another with the surname Parrales,.while they were in the com- pany of a woman (who was also taken into custody), attempting to carry out a heroin sale-purchase transaction. The foregoing was not corroborrated for DIARO, because Comdr Estudillo Cere- zo is not in the town. There will be further information tomorrow. Traffickers Make Statement Nogales DIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 13 Sep 79 p 4 [Text] Yesterday, the three presumed drug traffickers named Olegario Castro Sanchez, Refugio Urbina Alvarez, alias "E1 Parral," and Martina Guadalupe Garcia Parra, who were arrested by the Federal Judicial Police with a heroin shipment in their possession, made their statements before the agent of the Federal Public Ministry in Nogales, Humberto Garcia de Alba. The foregoing information was provided to DIARO by Garcia de Alba himself, who added that the Federal Police, under orders from Comdr Narciso Estudillo Cerezo, arrested the three traffiekers with a considerable amount of pure heroin in the3.r possession which had a black inarket value of $6,500. 2909 CSO: 5330 ~ 55 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 MEXICO ~ ; TRAFFICKER CARRYING COCAINE FROM ECUADOR CAPTURED Nogales DIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 7 Sep 79 p 4 [Text] Mexico City, 6 September--Today, agents of the Federal Judicial Police ~ detailed to the Narcotics Division captured an American at the Mexico City ~ International Airport who had arrived from Quito, Ecuador, and from whom they confiscated 2 kilograms of pure cocaine. The agents succeeded in arresting Eugene Nesti, who arrived in this city on Ecuadorean Airlines flight.42. His capture was due to the fact that, as he crossed the Inspection Section, he was obviously nervous; therefore, the agents approached him and noticed that his nervousness increased. For this , reason, they made a complete search of his baggage, in which they found, concealed in an interlining four polyethylene bags containing part of the ; cocaine. ~ The search of his personal effects was continued later, and, in a black port- . folio there were two folded newspapers in the center of which there were five more polyethyelene bags containing the rest of the drugs. { Nesti said that he had purchased the drugs in the town of Tumbe, Ecuador, from two individuals, claiming that he only knew th~t one was called Cesar Ilster. He said that he had met them during one of his trips on a tourist plan in that town, and that he had purchased the drugs from them for a price of $45,000, s'o as to take them to the United States. He also sai3 that his plan for taking the drugs, to the United States involved fly~ng from the city of Quito to this city, and from this capital to the town of Tijuana. From there, he intended to cross the border in a taxi, which would take him to California. 2909 ~ CSO: 5330 56 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ _ 1 ; MEXICO BRIEFS COCAINE TRAFFICKERS,SEIZED-~T~hree Americans coming from Lima, Peru, who had hidden in their clothing cocaine valued at more than 25 million pesos were arrested at International Airport by agents of the Federal Judicial Police [PJF], which is headed by Gen Raul Mendiolea Cerecero. They are: Scott . Stephen, Denis Patrick Sharque and Scott Thomas King. They arrived in Mexico at 0730 on Aeroperu flight 622. According to the investigations of Armando Martinez Salgado, deputy commander of the PJF, the three foreigners seemed , nervous when customs officials asked them some questions about the purpose of their trip and when he b~^ame aware of it the police chief ordered his agents to search them. Tied to their waists, legs and ankles in small plas- tic bags the three persons were carrying 2 kg of pure cocaine--capable of ' being cut six times increasing its price on the consumer market sixfold-- and when they were questioned they i_mplicated other persons who had "remained in Lima" as the owners of the drug. Later on they confessed that in San Francisco, California, they had agreed to go to ~outlr America for the drug and bring it into the United States where it is in great demand. [Text] [Mexico City EL SOL DE MEXICO in Spanish 11 Sep 79 p 12-A] 9204 ~ 'i TRAFFICKER WITH COCAINE ARRESTED--While attempting to bring into this country 2 kg of cocaine valued on the narcotics market at 16 million pesos the Amer- ican Eugene Nesti was arrested by agents of the PJF assigned to the Inter- national Airport. Eugene Nesti was coming from Quito on the Ecuatoriana de - Aviacion flight 042. He was carrying the drug in a navy blue jacket with a ~ double lining, between some newspapers and in a portfolio. The federal agents who arrested the foreigner we�re making a rotitine check on the Ecuatoriana de , Aviacion flight when they noticed Nesti's nervousness. When they asked him to open his baggage his nervousness increased and tae agents found the drug. When asked where he had bought the drug Eugene Nesti said that it was in the ' town ot Tumbe, Ecuador, where two persons whom he knows only by the names of . Cesar and Lester sold it to him for $50,000. [Text] [Mexico City EXCELSIOR _ in Spanish 7 Sep 79 p 30-A] 9204 DRUG RING LEADER SEIZED--Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 6 Sep--Abelardo Ceran Alarcon, drug trafficker and presumed leader of a ring of marihuana and poppy growers, was arrested last night by agents of the PJF. Alarcon's arrest toolc place at 57 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ~ 2200 hours on the Mexico-Acapulco highway, 10 km from this city and was made by federal agents who were traveling in a pick-up truck disguised as pea- sants. At the offices of the PJF the trafficker revealed the names of 16 persons well known in the area who he asserts belong to his ring. It is known that Dr Angel Arcos Tapia and Jaime Alarcon Marin, who have not been located, are among his accomp'lices. [Rogerio C. Armenta] [Text] [Mexico City EXCELSIOP. in Spanish 7 Sep 79 p 30-A] 9204 . TRAFFICKERS SENTENCED--Cayetano Valencia Hernandez, the second district judge in Nogales, sentenced 38 offenders to prison terms of l years or more, in most instances for crimes against health. Jesus Manuel Alvarez Moreno was sentence3 to 5 years and 3 months; Jose Juan Mendez Lopez was acquitted; Sa- muel Cortez Gil was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months; Fernando Ramos Amador, to 5 years and 6 months; Antonio Felix Lopez, to 5 years and 3 months; and Roberto Canedo Morales, to 5.3 years in prison, all of these for crimes against health. Armandn Islava, Javier Humberto Jimenez, Gilberto Medina Lora and Guiliermo Lopez Huerta were acquitted of the same crimes. Sabas Beltran Za- zueta was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months; Agustin Trujillo Sigala, to 5.3 years; Angel Garcia Madrid, to 1.2 years; Rickie Lee Hums, to 6 years in jail; Armando Cervantes Orozco and Rosendo Munoz Lopez were sentenced to 5.6 years in prison; Miguel Mendoza Garcia, to 3.6 years; Enrique Noriega Lopez, to 6 ye~rs; Roberto Velazquez irlendoza, to 6,10 years; Gilberto Martin del Campo Ibarra and Rodolfo Valdez Portillo were sentenced to 4 years in jail; Manuel Suarez Cruz, to 6 years; Rodrigo Guzmar. Galvan, to 6 years; Sergio Lopez Es- pinoza and Amado Esquer Hernandez, to 5.4 years apiece; Jesus Alberto Beltran Gastelum, to 7.3 years; Celia Rivero Urias, to 7.3 years; Manuel Chavez Tru- jillo, tc 7 years; Arnoldo ~vuitrado, to 2.6 years; and Raul Cota Borboa, to 5.3 years in prison. All the foregoing were also sentenced for crimes against healtti. [Text] [Nogales DIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 12 Sep 79 p 4] 2909 ;4ARIHUAIVA INCINERATED--At exactly 1100 hours yesterday, on~.the grounds of the 7_ocal garrison headquarters and in the presence of military and federal autho- rities, 200 kilograms of marihuana seized by the Federal Judicial Police in recent months were incinerated. Present at the burning were Ma.nuel Francisco Delgado Duran, agent of the Federal Public Ministry in Nogales; Gen Jaime Keyes Sanchez, commander of the local military garrison; a representative frorn the second district judge in the state; and Dr Juan Zepeda Madero, head c~f tlie local health center. [Text] [Nogales DIARIO DE NOGALES in Spanish 12 Sep 79 p 4] 2909 THR~E TRAFFICKERS RELEASED--Carlos Cornejo Gallegos, the agronomical engineer who wore the uniform of the National Army~~with the rank of lieutenant to pro- tect the shipments of marihuana that he was carrying from Mexico City to Ma- tamoros, was released yesterday, along with his brother, Juan Manuel, and 58 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 Eduardo Guilberto Ruiz, through a resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice. The three were sentenced to 6 years and 11 months in prison, a penalty which was confirmed by the court; and their final appeal was to the Supreme Court, which in a telegraph message to the second district judge, ordered that they be released and considered the sentence to have been served during the time that they were imprisoned. But oniy the Cornejo Gallegos brothers left jail yesterday, because Guilberto Ruiz was subject to another penalty and held because he had sent a"courier" to the international airport to receive a box which contained marihuana; and for this new offense he was given a 6-year sentence. The three men were arrested on 28 October 1975, at the Lauro Vil- lar Beach in Matamoros, carrying several boxes of marihuana, which they were about to ship to the United States. More grass was also seized at the "Las Rusias" farm belonging to Agapito Longoria, in the very place where they had stored it. On that.occasion, the Cornejo Gallegos brothers accused the Mata- moros police commander, Francisco Ochoa, as being the one whom they paid for protection, claiming that, over a short period, they had given him a sum in excess of 300,000 pesos. [Text] [Nuevo Laredo EL MANANA in Spanish 12 Sep 79 Sec B p 3] 2909 MARIHUANA TRAFFICKER SENTENCED--The Associated Fourth Circuit Court, located in Torreon, Coahuila, yesterday confirmed the sentence issued by Federal Judge Eduardo Aguilar for Alvaro Perez Morales, a criminal who has been con- victed of a crime against health in the degree of possession of 2 tons of ~ marihuana.. The foregoing information was provided to EL DIARO by Fernando Rangel, head of the penal department of the Second District Court, located in Piedras Negras. He said that Alvaro Perez Morales was sentenced to 6 years in prison for a crime against health in the degree of purchase, trans- portation and shipment of 2,000 kilograms.of marihuana. The latter was ar- rested about 4 years ago at his farm located in Nava, Coahuila, while he was "drying" 2 tons of marihuana which he had brought from Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he had purchased it in order to distribute it in the United States. It was carried on a trailer truck on which the marihuana was covered with bales of alfalfa and other grasses; but, along the way, a storm "drenched" it and the marihuana became wet, whereupon it entailed the problem and risk of "spreading it" on canvas to dry in the s~sn. It was discovered there by people passing by, who notified the Federal Judicial Police. The latter, neither late nor lagging, carried out the necessary action to arrest the drug trafficker and confiscate the shipment. Alvaro Perez Morales' defense attorney was dissatisfied with the sentence imposed by the judge, consider- ing it "excessive;" but the Associated Fourth Circuit Court, after studying the records, decided to confirm it, because i't found more than enough evi- dence to warrant the sentence's remaining as issued at the outset. [Text] [Piedras Negras.EL DIARIO DE PIEDRAS NEGRAS in Spanish 11 Sep 79 Sec B p 1] ;i 2909 CSO: 5330 59 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 PANAMA BRIEFS COCAINE TRAFFICKERS CAUGHT--The narcotics division of the Finance and Treasury Ministry seized cocaine valued at more than $1 million when they - captured Mark Hamilton (Cheening), who was trying to smuggle the drug to California. The United States, Latin America and other countries have made a tremendous effort against international drug and narcotics traffic. Panama, our nation, has become an important point for drug- traffickers trying to smuggle their drugs to the United States. Mark Hamilton (Cheening), a 22-year~old North American, tried to get approximately 1.35 kg of cocaine through our cust~ms using a common mzthod. He was ~lying from Santiago, Chile, to California. This was the 23d case investigated by the Panamanian Gover~ment and the 15th U.S. citizen caught trying to take cocaine through our customs ta a U.S. destination. [Unidentified speaker, presumably a narcotics agent] fzom our experience, we estimate tilat this cocaine is above grade 70, which is pretty good. jText] .[Panama City Televisora Naciorial in Spanish 2315 GMT 24 Sep 79 PA] CSO: 5300 ~ , 60 ~ ; . , r . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 , PERL' COCAINE BLACK MARKET THRIVES IN TINGO MAI~IA Lima EL COMERCIO in Spanish 7 Aug 79 p 17 [Text] Tingo Maria--The basic paste for cocaine is sold on the black market in this city at prices that vary between 150,000 soles, according to reliable information. The chlorohydrate of cocaine itself, which is highly purified through - chemical processes, is not processed here. Only the basic cocaine paste or cleaned paste with fewer impurities is fabricated in a rudimentary fashion. But no one here c~nsumes the basic paste. Almost all the product is for sale to Colombian traffickers or marketed in Lirsa. Polic~ say that because of the surprise raids both by day and by night in H;~anuco and Tingo Maria, the traffickers are moving the drug sporadi- ca11y. They do it through couriers, almost all of whom are minors, who make large sums of money in return. Now, they no longer speak of the Colombian traf�ickers who used to transport the drug in small planes that landed in clandestine spots that were virtually inaccessible by land. It is believed the drug is being transported through Monzon District over winding roads to the Huamalles Range and by way of Chiquian, Ancash. This journey takes 3 days and there is practically no police surveillance. F It is also said the traffickers use Indians who axe required to swallow ~ the little bags of drugs and who come down through Huanuco. 9015 CSO: 5300 - 61 _ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 RHODESIA DRUGS CONFISCATION BILL DISCUSSED Salisbury THE HERALD in English 27 Sep 79 p 4 ~Text~ . DRUG$ confiscated from Iie was aupported bY children ehould oot be Senator Sam Whaley, _ hanEed ~over to their who quoted the example parente who might be oi 'a teacher trave111ng on party to the crimc, Sena- a school trafn 'wiio would tor Kcnneth Flem�ing not be allowed to sefze warned during c8mmittee any drugs, tobacco or - stage of the Chlldren'a l~iquor which he found in Protectfon and Adoption a child's poasessioa on Amcadment Sill. ~ the trata. The Bill requirea a Dr Mutiti assured sena- Pol(ce o~cer, probation tors he would discuss the ollicer or teacher who matter with tne Minister seizes dt�ugs or liquor of Education. He pointed from a child to hand the out that a school campus - atem over to the chlld's was normallly the perlme- parents or guardfan. ter of a teacher's re- But Senator Fleming s~~onsibtlity, and if he said this was a very un- 5cizr,d drugs outstde . desirable practfce. school, he would not heve the protrction of tiie law. The Minister of Man- Senator 1'aboth Ganda- power, Social AtTairs, zdra clalmrd the intenlfon Youth and Rehabilitation, was to protect the te:+cher Dr Aaron Mut�iti, replied ~ ~1der children could be that the matter could be ~~naughty" and ff a taken to court if oeces- teacher interaened 1n the sary. � street or in the bush, he RECO]~SID~R could be stoned. "Wc don't want to Senator Fleming also create English condit(ons urged the Minister to re- ]iere," S~nztor Wlialey consider the provision that inlei�jected. teachers could'not confis- The Bill passed thi�ough - cate drugs from children commltLee stage v~'ithout outside the echool pre- amendment nad was read cinets. for the third time.-lana. CSO: 5300 62 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 RHODESIA BRIEFS ' TEACHER AUTHORIZATION TO SEIZE DRUGS--A proposed change in legislation which would give teachers the power to confiscate drugs from schoolchildren was welcomed by members of the Senate. Introducing the Second Reading of the ~ Children's Protection and Adoption Amendment Bill, the Minister of Manpower, Social Affairs, Youth and Rehabilitation, Dr Aaron Mutiti, said teachers - would be able to confiscate drugs, as well as liquor or tobacco, found in a child's possession at school in order to "safeguard minors from their own folly." Senator Kenneth Fleming and Senator Sam Whaley called on the Tiinister to extend the provision even further so that teachers would be - able to seize drugs from children outside the precincts of a school, as well as inside it. The bill received an unopposed second reading. [~Text] [Sali~~:UUry THE HERALD in English 26 Sep 79 p 3] ~ CSO: 5300 ~ i 63 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY FIVE KILOS HEROIN SEIZED,ONE ARRESTED IN FRANKFURT Frankfurt/Main FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU in German 10 Sep 79 p 16 [Text] Five kilogramE of heroin with an eatimated black market value of more than 1 million marks were seized Friday night in a parking lot on the outskirts of Frankfurt. Officials of a special commando of the BKA [Federal Criminal Police Bureau], in cooperation with the state public - prosecutor in Frankfurt and the Hessian police have captured one of three drug dealers as the dealers were fetching the "snow" from a hiding place in the woods. The BKA reported that two of the drug dealers escaped in a car "while greatly endangering the offi~ers involved." The police is now looking = for the Turkish citi2ens Vural Cavlar and Kamil Fayganoglu, according to the BKA report. The special commando against narcotics found out about the three Turkish citizens in the course of intensive investigations during proceedings against an internationally organized group of heroin dealers. As a result of a report by the BKA, the investigating officials became aware that in the early hours on Saturday a large amount of heroin would be fetched from a hiding place in the South Frankfurt area and would be passed on to dealers. According to the g~ report, the discoteque "Tiffany" was the place at which the heroin would be turned over. It was primarily a group of Turkish citizens who dealt with the dangerous narcotic there. In a search of the discoteque, the equally suspect brother of the captured Murat Acar, Metin Acar, born in 1961, was arrested. ~ The attack by the nar~otic commando occurred shortly before midnight as the heroin dealers had fetched 5 kilograms of the "snow" from a hiding - place in the nearby woods and wanted to leave the parking lot. According to the BKA the Turkish citizen Huseyn Murat Acar (born 6 August 1958 in Ankara) was arrested then. The two others, Vural Cavlar born in 1959 in Kastemoni (Turkey) and Kamil Fayganoglu alias Fuggonoglu, born in 1953 in Adana (Turkey), escaped because they drove at the officers involved with a Mercedes 450. 64 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 \,T . . . . . . . . . . . Three weeks earlier, the Mercedes used for the flight was noticed by customs officials at the German-Auatrian border as a Turkish citizen in the car, presumably on a courier trip to Turkey, carried along 10 grams heroin hidden in a~ar of creme. The car, which had to be released later, was at the time picked up by the now fugitive Vural Caval who ia coneidered Co be ~ne of the organlzers of the heroin deal~rd group, ~ccording to th~~ search report. - 2473 CSO: 5300 65 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 FEDERAL REPUSLIC OF GERMANY ADDICTS TO BE TREATED, NOT IMPRISONED Frankfurt/Main FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU in German 8 Sep 79 p 1 [Article by Andreas von Schoeler: "Drug Addicts Should Be Let Off With- out Punishment: Provided That They Undergo Treatment Voluntarily"] [Text] Bonn, 7 September. In the future, drug addicts should be let off without punishment if they undergo therapy voluntarily. The parliamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Andreas von Schoeler, has ca?led far a corresponding change in the law governing narcotics. In the words of the parliamentary state secretary, rehabili- tation of the drug addicts should thereby take precedence over the demand for punishment by the state in criminal law as well. As von Schoeler explained in a talk with the German press agency on Friday, consumers of narcotics will continue to appear in front of a judge. How- ever, the punishment for the offense will be meted out only if the person involved does not undergo therapy or if the treatment is unsuccessful. According to the FDP politician, experience has shown that admittance to an institution for withdrawal does not help much if ordered by a 3udge be- cause the readiness of the drug addicC for treatment is a prerequisite for its success. In von Schoeler's view, a change of the narcotics law as meant by the Ministry of Interior could also lead to a more rapid development of treat- ment centers by the various Laender and municipalities. In the most recent times, responsible politicians in Bonn have been con- cerned with the increase in drug abuse in the FRG Republic. According to official data, within the past year alone 400 people have died as a result of narcotics consumption. A few days ago Ruediger Pieper, deputy head of the Young Democrats, called on the governing parties to work for the abolition of penalties for the use of hashish and marijuana. 2473 CSO: 5300 66 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 PORTUGAL - NORTHERN POLICE UNITS.IN CAMPAIGN TO DESTROY MARIHUANA�PLANTS Porto O PRIMEIRO DE JANEIRO in Portuguese 28 Aug 79 p 7 ~ . [Article by Cruz Cunha] [Text] Yesterday morning a joint brigade of Aveiro PSP [Public Security Police] and Coin;bra Judicial Police agents destroyed an extensive crop of marihuana and seized about 30 kilograms of the drug, most of it already pre- pared for consumption and packaged for immediate entry into the traffickers' marketing channels. The marihuana patch, estiunated to donsist of about 500 plants, was located on rural property in Silveiro, a locality that is part of the parish of Ola in the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro. The property belongs to Olivia Clara da Maia, a widowed septuagenarian. _ One of the barns on the property was found to contain a r.eal drug factory where numerous packages of grass, already dried and pressed into rolls, were found in boxes, glass bottles, and an enormous plastic drum. In the sattte - spot there were also many packages already prepared as though for immediate delivery. A large glass bottle was found to'contain about 2 kilograms of seed, making it appear that preparations were being made for a large new crop of the plant. . PSP Investigation Led to Discovery - Discovery of the marihuana patch resulted from prof itable and methodical w~ork by the Aveiro PSP, which for a long time has been actively engaged both in direct observation of cultivated plots of ground and in contact by its agentis with the inhabitants for the purpose of following up signs of the appearance of plants not native to the rural environment. Thus it was that a few days aqo agent Jose Fernandes, a native of the munici- pality of Oliveira do Bairro, learned that there was a crop of unfamiliar plants in the locality of. Silveiro. He immed'iately notif ied Chief Ramos of the Justice Section and afterwards visited the locality, where samples of ' . 67 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 the plant were collected. It was then confirmed that the plant was in fact marihuana. ' The Judicial Police in Coimbra were then contacted, and a search and seizure operation was planned for yestexday mQrning. It was carried out by a joint brigade of eight men--four from each of the i:wo police services. Reporters Accompany Police It was in the course of routine work that r eporters from 0 PRIMEIRO DE JANEIRO, who happened to be at the PSP barracks at the time, noticed. that something ~ unusual was going on because the brigade from the Coimbra Judicial Police was arriving. We contacted members of both services, who would not tell us specifically what was happening, but our request to accompany the officers on their opera- tion was granted. We therefore followed the tw~ cars carrying the PSP and Jud.icial Police agents along the road to Oliveira do Bairro until we reached ta'~e locality of Silveiro. Only then did we learn that what was involved was a marihuaria patch. When we got there we were able to watch the unfolding of the entire operation, which was to culminate in the destruction of the plants and confiscation of the prepared drug. An old country house--the home of Olivia Clara da Maia, a 71-year-old widow-- was the place sought out by the police off icers. Adjacent to the widow's house was a large patch of ground planted mainly in pole beans, and behind it was the sought-for crop of ~ On being questioned by the officers, the owner of the property and land showed amazement at what was happening and said that the crop belonged to a son of hers named Joao Maia Figueira, 44 and married, who lives in Troviscal. The septuagenarian also said she had heard that the plant in question was used tA make medicines for curing poultry diseases. - Asked who came there to buy the product, the elderly woman said that no one ' ever came there looking for the plant and that only her son took care of it. Without further disturbing tne elderly woman and with her consent, the PSP and Judicial Police agents proceeded to destroy all the plants by uprooting them. They then searched some of the adjoining sheds and seized about 30 kilograms of the drug that had already been prepared. Having completed its destruction of the plants and confiscated the product, the Judicial Police brigade went to Z`roviscal, where the unusual farmer - 68 , APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 lives, in order t.o question him. It was not possible to do so, however, because he happened to be working in Aveiro. When reporters from O PRIMEIRO DE JANEIRO asked her if she was familiar with the plant, Olivia Maia told them: "If you were to ask me about the beans, I could give you information. But I don't know anything about this." The elderly woman, who deplored what had happened, added, "My son said they were plants that are good for poultry diseases. But I didn't know!" 11798 CSO: 5300 69 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 SPAIN BRIEFS HASHISH HAUL--The police of Las Palmas have seized this evening what is , considered to be the largest drug haul in Spanish history--5,300 kilos of hashish. The drugs are valued at more than 600 million pesetas. Two Italian nationals have been arrested and three North Americans, one of whom is apparently a television actor. [Madrid Domestic Service in Spanish 2100 GMT 6 Oct 79 LD] HASHISH CONFISCATED IN ALGECIRAS--A total of 100 kilos of hashish has been confiscated by the Algeciras Civil Guard in an operation outside the city. The drugs were being transported by Moroccan citizens, Abdesalam Abderrahman Harras and Liachi Ahmed Baires. They unloaded the hashish on a beach along the Cadiz coast. T'he drugs are valued at 10 million pesetas. The Morbccans ~ have been ha~ded over to court authorities on charges of contraband and acting against the public health. [Text] [Bilbao EL CORREO ESPANOL-EL PUEBLO VASCO in Spanish 6 Sep 79 p 18] YOUTfiS ARRESTFD--Seven youths presumed to be drug addicts and traffickers were arrested yesterday. ~ne police confiscated a bag containing 25 bars of hashish and pi11s from a drug of high hallucinogenic strength. The persons arrested live in Madrid and their ages range between 16 and 24 years of age. [Text] [Madrid YA in Spanish 19 Sep 79 p 36] ~ CSO: 5300 70 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 , ~ TURKEY ~ BRIEFS LARGE HASHISH SEIZURE--(Adiyaman)--Martial law security forces conducting a search on the road between the districts of Golbasi and Pazarcik (Adiyaman , Province) discovered hashish in an automobile bearing the license plate ! number 34 FA 870. Following the statements given by tk~e three persons who were in the autamobile in which 11 kilos of hashish were found, a raid ' was made on a home in Gaziantep~and the town of Serintepe in the Pazarcik District of Adiyaman. In the course of the operation, 41.2 kilograms of ~owdered hashish with a market value of millions of liras and 6 tons of semi-processed hashish was seized. Sukru Bekaroglu, Mehmet Terzi, Muhammet Bekaroglu, Ahmet Uzun, Yusuf Sert and Huseyin Yelocagi~were arrested in connection with the sei?ures. [Text].[Istanbul HURRIYET in Turkish 25 Sep 79 p 1] - HASHISH SEIZURE--A man who murdered his mother by stabbing her 39 times was arrested with 60 kilograms of powdered hashish valued at 3 Million liras. Nurretin Kusur, who was sought in connection with the murder~of his mother last month, was apprehended by gendarme forces at a mountain home near the sub-district of Yaygin. Some 60 kilograms of powdered hashish valued at ' 3 mill.ion liras was found during a search of the house. [Text] [Tstanbul MILLIYET in Turkish 22 Sep 79 p 12] GENDARME TEAMS SEIZE HASHISH--Malatya province gendarme narcotics teams seized 60 kilograms of hashish valued at 40 million lira at a mountain lodge near the sub-district of Ayacik. One of the persons taken into ' ; custody at the house in which the hashish was found has reportedly been sought for 10 months in connection with the murder of his mother. Acting on a tip, the narcotics teams organized a dawn raid on the mountain lodge located a short distance from the Yaygin-Poturge road. The teams en- circled the house and moved in slowly. They were able to subdue the ~ sleeping Nurettin Kucur and Haci Dere, who were subsequently put under ~ arrest. 60 kilograms of premium quality powdered hashish found in three bags located ir. a special passageway in the rear of the house were seized by the narcotics teams. The domestic value of the hashish has been placed at 12 million lira, while its value abroad has been estimated at 40 million 1ira. [Text] [Istanbul DUNYA in Turkish 22 Sep 79 pp 1, 7] ' � ~ - CSO: 5300 � ~ 71 . , i. . . . . . , , > _ - : _ . . . , n'uY:.N~ *c , . . . ~ , . . _ . . . . . . . ~ . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 ' UNITED KIN~DOM SCOTTISH 'JULIE' RAIDS UNCOVER DRUGS FACTORY London THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in English 2 Oct 79 p 3 [Article by T. A. Sandrock] _ [Text] A POLICE operation, comparable in ~scope abou[ two miles a~vay from an~� other houSes. t0 that Of " Operation JU11e," has A woman and three men are expecteQ to appear in Peebles uncovered the biggest illicit ~laboratory for Sherrif Cuurt toda~-. producing amphetami~es � ever found ~in Woods ~cache . Scotland. � Za "Operatian Julie,"~millians of pounds wortL of L S 1) 1n ~raids by Tayside and. Lohhia~ti an~. Barders ta~lets and drug-making chemi- alice, t~hree ~me~n aiid a woman, all 17tut~h natia~als, c~ls were seized after a lenqth,y ~ operation which resulted in a ~vere de~tained. Detective:s also f~und ~h~gh~ly-sapt~isti- number. oF. people receiv;ng ca~.ed equi~gmerrt f~or ana~nufa~turing the:drug 9n tablet. Pr't,SOa t m nth there was an echo and p~i~ll farni. � of the �Julie" case when a llocuments tuua.d. in tho The . inveStigatiuns ,coiicen� cache of drugs was found in a t+~eekcnd's raids indicated a rrated on the, urdering and .Berkshiie wood_ as a r.esult of hi ~hl = or anised inter- SuPp~y of varipus types of information obtained by a�squad t~ Y 6 chermicals, appa'rently in the of detect~ves investigating, oor- national distribution chain. normal .way of ~business 'fram ruption al�legations against T~he woman ~vas arrested at Europeaa countries to'Scotland. Metropol~tan a~ld City of Lon- a~bung~alow iri the ~illage of The caoperation of Dutch don police of6cers. Monikie, near Dundee, and the police was sought during~' the . Dw~n,g tfie � st six or seven men were held in a remote widespread inquiries and � in-' motfths there~ave been a~ con- cbttage at Lamancha, a village formation received, co�ordinated siderable nuRnber �of drug in Peebleshire. with tliat obtaineil~in London seizures, including one of'four ~ and Scotland, led to the raids. and a h~ tons of � cant~abis Telex links Det. Chief Supt James Cam� resin ia Cornwrall aad London, In uiries into the manufaa eron, of the Tayside Police, ~ich ~has reaulted in 11 people q a pearin~g , before the courts ~ture and distribution of illegal controlled operations by his ~~g~ ~th drug offe~ces. narcutic.s be~Gan months a~o force and Det. Chief Insp. ~~re � have also been anti- aFter information wes received Thomas Thompson led the ~g op~,~~on6 ~in the~Midlands ;it. thc (:entra~l Dru~s ]ntelli- Lothian and Borders operations. �a~ ~s a current cese in- gence Unit at 8cotland Yard. The two bungalows raided volving t'he illegat smuggl~ing �of 'I'i~is led to ~~olice susoicions were ' in r e m o t e areas. oannabis, t~ou ght ; to be worth about t.~vo companies registered Lamancha, in the Scottish about �1 million, into, the in Scotland, ~vlio had Telex border hills, is a small village, cowntry. tinl:s in Luropr. and the bungalow raided was ~ CSO: 5320 72 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 UNITED KINGDOM FIFTEEN CHARGED FOLLOWING 'OPERATION CYRIL' London THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in English 20 Sep 79 p 36 [Article by T. A. Sandrock] [Text] WdMAN ~vas amonr :L5 So.u~hK~ark; Ronalcl Jame~s people charged last Tayler, 43, wne~ploy~e~d, of Li~tle ni~~ht ~~~ith drugs oB'ences S~gB~'s, S~t L~awnemce Drive fo~llowin�g " Oper~rtion E~~'e, E~as~toate, Mtiddil~ex: Cyril " in whiclt 41z t~ns of M~alco1rri Roger Ga~ncli~ner, 33, cami~bis resin ~vere seized 3"ach~tsman, o~ Oak Waod, ~'Ve~st in London and Cormvall. R~d, Bi~rte.nne, Sbuth~rnp- 'i'he ~vill a~ ear at Hoi�se- . ton; Jaseph M4c~i~.e~1 '1`i~m~m~in~, Y PP 45, driv~r, . of S.Yamfo.rd Park ferry Road Court ' this Road, Ha+le, Altninch'am, � ~moruing. , Ch~hure; T~emen~e F~ramk Gao'd- ~leven fla~ce :t~vn eh~arges. The s~P~ . 40, ~ prop~ntg~ age~rt, of fi~st is oonspirim~ wibh Am� Eagtoate R~oad; Wedlit~~g, Ke~n~t; lrrosio Vin~ales ' and persons Rode~ni~ck Egleb~n~, 33, cafe unkno`vn between Jan. I; 1974, owner, of. Rnttend~am Cotbage, amd Scpt. 17, 1979, to cantra- Tal~~and Bay, Gbra.walt an:d vene Customs and Escise Acts Re~gina�ld Jack~om~. . bY the illeg~al importion of Fqur facinQ only .the: second cannwf>is msin, charge are: Mrs-Marie �Louise Munl:, 4'l, 'I'he second ch~ar~e is conspir- ]~oussewife, of Watford Way, ing ~~~ith A~n~brasin Virna~les a~nd Mill Hill; Denis George Madeu, per.ums unknnw~n in the sa~me 29, builder, of�Chestnut AvenuP, prrio~l to c.v>ntravene provisions Langley, ;}3ucks; Roger Kowtun, oP hhe Misuse uf � Ihvgs Act, 53, , salesman,' of CamberweA 1J74� Grove, Camberwell; and Ken- 1'lic 11. . neth Neville Chain, 28, tour Trevor 1~Viiliam Culcs, 40 manager, of The Vale, Heston, linancial cunsultant, of' Ays~ Hounslow. garth Road, Didtivi~cl~; James t111 1~ have -been held at 'C~h~uiu~as Janes, 52, unemployed, n~ester Row police station of Elloiy IToad, Winrbledo~n; since ;the drugs seizures were ]tobc~rt ~~'ii11s, 41, baok~m~aker, of made on Mosiday m a ivint Conrnish Hau~s+e, Bla.wgoa F:statq, operadon, by ; Scotland Yard c'Utto Se~e~t, Toori~n~g; Anthany divgs squad�� detectives and }i~ai+old Dugdal~e, 33, en~gineer, of Custqms investigatWrs. - � W~'corma�rine, Porche~s+ter, Hants; Seven otlier. people includin~ T~h~omas Lake, 37, um~employ~d, �two women who were detained of Brr,t~an .H~ou~se, Abbey Street, on Monda.y during Operation Cyril� nave been released. CSO: 5320 73 ~ , . . . , : _ , ~ . ~ ~ . , . . . , . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/48: CIA-RDP82-44850R000100104428-9 i% ~~i ~ UNITED KINGDOM BRIEFS CANNABIS GROWERS REMANDED--Two farmers were remanded in custody until today week and two young women were remanded on bail until Oct. 16 at - Plympton, Devon, yesterday accused of unlawfully cultivating cannabis plants valued at 197,000 pounds. They are Nigel Bulloch, 35, and Roger Russell, 38, both nf Higher Compton Barton Farm, near Totnes, and Evelyn Bowen, 21, an American on holiday, and Jennifer Geary, 20, of North Barsted Street, Bognor Regis. [Text] [London THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in English 25 Sep 79 p 3] DRUGS CHARGE DENIED--Guy Dellal, 20, son of .?ack Dellal, former director of Keyser Ullman, the merchant bank, pleade~l not guilty at Reading Crown Court yesterday to conspiring to smuggle cc;caine into Britain in 1977. Dellal also denied Customs evasion but admitted possessing cannabis at his home in Ilchester Place, Kensington. Judge Thomas Pigot, QC, ordered separate trials for Dellal and for David William Streaker, 36, of Bywater Street, Chelsea, who has denied evading the Customs with cocaine. Guilty pleas were entered on various drugs charges by David Finlow Iveson, 40, of St Neots,l,,~ambridgeshire, Antonio Spitzer-Isbert, 26, a Spanish actor, and Ricardo':~Granari, an Italian. [Text] [London THE DAILY TELEGRAPH in English 25 Sep 79 p 19] CSO: 5320 END 74 ~ . . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/08: CIA-RDP82-00850R000100100028-9