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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 FOR O~'FICIAL USE ONLY JPRS L/9902 ~ 11 August 1981 Woridwide Re ort p NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS CFOUO 37/81) FBIS ~OREIGN BROADCAST ~NFORA/IATION SERVICE _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 NOTE JPRS publications contain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are transl.ated; those from English-language sources are trar.scribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text) or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original infcrmation was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the infor- mation was summ~,rized or extracted. Unfamiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentheses. Words or na.mes preced~d by a ques- tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appropriate in context. Other unattribute3 parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. Times within items are as given by source. The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- cies, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government. ~ CQPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODiJCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION . OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE OYLY. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 ~ ~ ~ JPRS L/9902 11 August 1981 WORLDWIDE REPORT ~ NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS (FOUO 37/81) CONTENTS ASIA BURMA ; Briefs Heroin Seizure in Rangoon 1 INDONESIA Brief s Heroin Trafficker 5entenced 2 LAOS a Cultivation of Opium Poppies Reported in Sayaboury Province ' (SIANG PASAS(?N, 11, 12 Jun 81) 3 Samet Canton Sayaboury Province Hilltribes ~fAI AYSIA Bill Will Require Addicts To Register (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 11 Jun 81) 5 Prison Program for Rehabilitation of Addicts - (Halinah Todd; NEW STRAITS TIMES, 11 Jun 81) G Over 4y000 Arrested for Drug Offenses in Past 6 Months (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 9 Jul 81) 7 - a - [III - WW - 138 FOUO~ FOR OFFICTAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400440040014-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - . Briefs Seizure of Narcotics 8 , Opium Sentence 8 Opium Seizure ' 8 Treatment Center 8 PAY.ISTAN ~ Smuggling Method Has Ship's Crew Swallowing Heroin (MORNING NEWS, 21 Jul 81) 9 Briefs Smuggling Attempt to India 10 Heroin Caught at Airport . 10 Drugs in Suitcase � 10 Contraband Seized � 11 Eight Maunds of Charas Seized 11 THAILAND Thai Official Comments on Narcotics Situation (Phao Sarasin; Bangkok Domestic Service, 20 Jul 81)............ 12 'AFP' Reports on Thai Move Against Opium Warlord ~ (Jim Wolf; AFP, 30 Jul 81) 14 LATIN AMERICA BOLIVIA Commission Proposed To Fight World Drug Traffickers (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 12 Ju1~81) 17 Briefs Cocaine Traffickers Arrested 18 Cocaine Base Seized 18 CHILE - Peruvians Captured With Cocaine (LA NACION, 7 Jul 81) 19 Briefs Cocaine Bust 21 COLOMBIA Sweden Tries To Extradite Trafficker (EL TIEMPO, 2 Jul 81) 22 - b - , FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Drug Seizures, Bribe Attempt Near Barranquilla (Jacquelin Donado; EL TIEMPO, 8 Jul 81) 24 Kidnappings Allegedly Drug Related (EL TIEMPO, 2 ~ul 81) 26 New Methaqualone Surge Discussed (EL TIEMPO, 29 Jun 81) 28 - Methaqualone Replaces Marihuana, Cocaine 'Trip' With No Return, Guillermo Goelkel Cocaine Seized at Eldorado (EL ESPECTADOR, 14 Jun 81) 33 Clandestine Airfield Found in P1eta (EL ESPECTADOR, 26 Jun 81) 34 iJriter Says Anti-Trafficking War Being Lost ~ (Cecilia Rodriguez Maya; EL SIGLO, 14 Jun 81) 35 Arrests, Marihuana Seizures in La Guajira (EL ESPECTADOR, 8 Jul 81) 39 ~ Briefs Cocaine Seized at Eldorado 40 Marihuana Seized 40 Cocaine Seized in Bogota 40 ~ MEXICO Cocaine Smuggler Captured 41 ~ PERU Briefs Drugs Transported in Rugs 42 Cocaine Shipment Discovered 42 Traffickers With Explosives Caught 42 VENEZUELA Three Sentenced for Possession of Cocaine (Victor ~lanuel Re:~noso; EL NACIONAL, 30 Jun 81) 43 Briefs . Mandrax, Hash, Marihuana Found 46 - c - ~ FOR OFFICTAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400440040014-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA KENYA Brief s Bhang Arrests 4~ WEST EUROPE AUSTRIA Heroin Ring Smashed, Five Persons Arrested (ARBEITER-ZEITUNG, 10 Jul 81) k8 - Brief s Vienna Drug Scene 50 DENMARK Justice Ministry Preparing New Drugs Law Legislation (Jens Olaf Jersild; BERLINGSKE TIDENDE, 12 Jul 81) 51 FRANCE Eleven Drug Traffickers A.rrested (THE WOR:;ING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 10 Jul 81) 53 SWEDEN Police Arrest Family Tied to Large Heroin Smuggling Gang (Hakan Bergstrom; SVENSKA DAGBLADET, 2 Jul 81) 54 TURKEY . Death Penalty Demanded for Drug Smuggle-rs (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 10 Jul 81) 56 - d - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 Bu~ BRIEFS HEROIN SEIZURE IN RA.NGOON--Rangflon, 11 July--Police Station Officer U Aye and party of the Crime Preventi_on Squad of the Rangoon Division People's Police Force seized ten gra~r.mes of heroin from Maung Aye Min (20) of 32n.d Street at the corner of rierchant and 32nd Streets yesterday evening. According to the information given by Maung Aye Min police searched the apartment at No 56 (top floor) 30th Street. Tint Lwin alias Tawtha who was living at the house ab- SCOIICIECI wiien the police came. Police sei.zed K800 believed to be proceeds from the sale of heroin from Daw Yi (47), mother of Tint Lwin. Pabedan police are _ action agai,nst Maung Aye Piin and Daw Yi under Sections 6(~) (possession), lOf,b) (sale), 11 (abetment) and 14(d) (failur.e to register for treatment) of the Narcotic Drugs Law. [Text] [Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 13 81 p 8) v CSO: 5300/4958 1 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 INDONESIA BR IEF S H~ROIN 1'R~'~rFICKER S~i~TTENCLD--During the trial at the East Jaka.rt3 Court of First Instance on Saturday morning [30 May], the judge handed down a sentence of life ' imprisonment to Chang (Thio) Kim Soei alias Kasim Susanto alias Didi Kuswara (47 years old) accused of smuggling 5 kilograms of heroin to A~sterdam via the Halim Perdanakusumah Airport. A fine of 10 million rupiah or 6 months imprisonment and court costs were also imposed. In his decision, Sunu Wahadi, chief judge at the trial, stated that 5 kilograms of heroin and 91,000 rupiah, which constituted thE evidence, were confiscated for the state. A briefcase which was used by the accu~ed to carry th2 heroin was destroyed. From responses to questioning during the trial, the judge said Chang was convincingly proved to have participated in a giot to smuggle 5 kilograms of heroin to Amsterdam via Hali.m Airport on 7. Ma.y 1980. The heroin was hidden away and not reported to the res;~onsible authorities. Chang � unlawfully violated three articles of La.w No 9/76 concerning narcotics of which hz :lad been accused. (Excerpt] [Jakarta SINAR HARAPAN in 30 May 8i pp 1, � 12] 6804 CSO: 5300/8346 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 r,aos CULTIVATION OF OPIUM POPPIES REPORTED IN SAYABOURY PROVINCE Samet Canton Vi~ntiane SIANG PASASON in Lao 11 Jun 81 p 2 [Excerpts] Samet Canton is populated by the Lao Theung nationality and the Lao Mai ethnic group who were originally called Lao F~hai. The canton's northern bou:ldary is with Hongsa District. On the souLhern border is Phieng District. To ~ the east lies Ban Mai and Ban Pong cantons. To the west is Thailand. The canton is i~.; S:yaboury District and is approximately 70 kilometers distant from the town of ~ayaboury itself. Samet Canton comprises 19 villages with 928 families, located in the mountains. The elevation is approximately 1,500 meters, with high peaks. In going from village to village, it is necessary to climb sCeep elevations and there are hardly 50 square meters of level land. Comrade S~eng of the canron administrative committee voiced the opiaion that the people made their lit~ing primarily by cultivating dry field rice and corn with ' secondary crops of opium ~oppies and tea. They carry out livestock raising. Sayaboury Province Hilltribes Vientiane SIANG PASASON in Lao 12 J~in 81 p 3 (Excerpts] 5ayaboury Province has an area of 1.8,400 square kilometers. It comprises 7 districts, 48 cantons and 513 village with a population of 188,361. There are three major nationalities which are divided into a great many ethnic groups. These are the Lao Loum groups such as the Black Thai, White Thiai Gnouan, L~~e, Kalon. The Lao Theung include the Khmu and the Men. The Lao Soung include r_he Striped Lao Soung [Mong], Black Lao Soung [Mong], White Lao Soung [Mong], the ' Yao, Haw.... Fcr the most psrt 99 percent of the people make their living by f.ield and paddy cultivation. . I~ you were to stop over in Sayaboiiry Province for a visit during this year's monscon, along the mounCain tops, sides and foothills you would see the rr:t:lci--ethnic population determinedly attending t~ production. Xou would see dry t:eld rice and corn maturing. Then one might see the fields of manoic, sweet pot~=~~o, taro, pineapple, cotton and opium poppies belonging to the Soung people 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 ~ along the beautiful mountains. In the plains that are known as the rice granary of Sayaboury one can see the cooperati~~ized farmers bent to the ground preparing - for plowing, harrowing and sowing. They are working so as to be ready for the rains. It is certain that the harvest this year will exceed those of all previous years. CSO: ~300/4633 ~ 4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 ~~~.LaYs za ~ILL ;JILL R :QL'IRE ~DDICTS TO ?.FGISTER ?Cuala Lumpur ti~1~ STR~ITS iI~~S in Englisn 11 Jun R1 p 2 ~Te:ct; , WHEI+I a Bill now drafted That ls what fs at stake in to make the registration the prison's rehabilitation oi addiets compulsory pro~ramme.If it succeeds tt con~~s into force, addicts wtll bolster the Prisons' - who avoid registering case - especially put will face a'ail ~entence ii against the dismal record ot ~ relapae from t6e Welfare they a,re caught. There Mlnistry rehabllltation cen- are an eatimated 400,004 tres. addiCts ln Mala,ysla. Who The Prisons Department will deal with the regis� already finalised plans tered addict~" tifiill the for a rehabilltation centre 1n already overcrowded Jelebu, Neg rf Sembilan, prisons be overwhelmed which will hold 2,000 addicts. _ with criminal add~cts" Tbe 200-acre site has been There Is a bchlnd�the� viven by tbe Negri State scenes tussie ~oing on, ~overnment and the com- i sources indicate, between lex will be com leted b the Minlstry oi li~elfare Ser� December neat ear. y vices and the Prlsons De- ~~.~y e a t l 1 yb u l 1 d 1 t artment over who should ake the responsibillty for ourselves," Datuk Ibrahtm rehabilitation when the Act said. The stte will be cleared is passed. and built using prison The Prisons Department labour with tec6nlcal ad� is 6olding out tor the rfght to vice from the dKR. "We will handle :sll addicts over 18, kave workshops, agricultur� as well as all criminal ad� ai activitles, fish ponds, a dicts; that is the vast ma� mini�tactory and a hlghway . jQrit~�. The Wcltare ~ifnlstry restaurant:' is quite happy~ to have criml� Datuk Ibrahlm does not nal addicts gu to prison but anticfpate a more than 10 ~ it wants the job ot re� per cent tncrease in addicts habilitating all addlcts who going to prison even after voluntarily register, the compulsory registration ot addicts becomes law. C::~: ~300/33~1 5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 ;~i~L~YS IA ?RISQ.~ PROGR~~1 FOR REHA3ILIT.-`~TION CF :~DDICTS :~uala Lumpur `IE'~i ST?2~iTS TI~~S in Engli~h 11 Jun 31 p L [~rticle by cialinah Todd] ~ E:tcerpts ] � � of the gener~tion that !s eoal ot the prisons pro- THE ~asic r.eed af an addict, more likely to meet the ~.amme is change in be- explains Zul with eager earnest- p=ob~em of drug addic� haviour.) ness, " tion with cold showers, In November, 1979, Da- ~S love and a sense Of physical jerks and ex� hortations to dfscipllne, tuk Ibrahim declded to belon in se arate addtcts irom "Addiet s are not Crlminals," add9 he hns lnittated the coun� non-addicte in the pris- Mazlan. "They are sick people. Our putihimsel ~q a eiy be ons - partiy to s~cop duty is to give them $e!f awa: eness, to hfnd its need~. smuggfing of drugs .nto help them expreas their feelings." H e h a s a 1 r e a d y iatea ciorrupt on ot war� It you think these are ~nembers oi a chewea out a coupte ot aers. Aaaicts were kept bleeding hearts society, you are wrong. unco-operative prison su� ~n dadah blocks and were The settin - the re mented, often Perintendents and has not allowed to mingle g ~ given his approvnl to the �,ith the other prlsoners. brutal world, of Pudu Prison. cuunsellora' demands for The speakers - hardened men with r i v a t e c o u n s e 111 n g For short�term pris- P oners, thie has the un- 11VE t0 ~lght years' experiP~~ce as prison rooms. tortunate effect of spend� warders. But whether or not a ing their days locked in The "clients" - crir,~; ;tt! drug &d- Prison environment is their cells. With prisons dieta in ail for usseasion of or traffick- taeat tor rehabilitation ~og9~y overcrowded - p purposes is tmmaterial. pudu is designed for 600 lri in dadah. There are 2,210 addlcts in and holds 2,600 - there ~til and Mazlazl, like 67 other prlson prlson fur possesslon or W~ no way to make sepa� counsellors, are now officers. pushing; many more are rate workshops and They wec'e BeleCted "~ye had all-night mara- s~rving terms tor shop� p~aying fields for addtcts. li[ting, huusebreaki g But all dadah pris- from among warders thone where they learned ~ ol more than three to "own" their feelings. and the[t. oners serving sentences ye81's' Cxperlence and Some yelled abuse at (Oi those imprlsoned uf more than six months , ut tht'ou h the noT- each other. Some crfed. on drug charges, 897 are H,Qre transferred to p g ~iulays, 1,154 Chinese Sere7nban Prison, where m tt 1 t h P e e- m o n t h Theae counselling o(- ~nd ~57 Indians. The larg� a �~~rk, physical training Cadet offlCer' tralning. flcer~, who graduated est numbers are concer~� ~nd counselling pro- Then they went on to a e t m o n t h, w 1 1! trated in Penung and ~Ammc ~vas begun for six-month co~~rse in 9Pearhead a new pro- Seremban, tollow~ed by thein. coune~:llltig under the ln� 81'amme wlthln the 30 Kuala Lumpur, Talptng Uf the ~f28 prisoners structSon at two US ex� prlsons tn thc counlry lo and Alor Stnr). dlscharged trom Serem- perts in the rehabilltatlon rehaDil;tcxte criminnl ad� T h e P r! s o n s D e� ban dering 1980, 55 are of addicts ln a prison set- dlcts. partment has only two back ln prison. To state ting� T h e y h~? v e b e e n cholces. It can do nothing that thls ls only a 14 per "We taught ther~i coun� thcre," Dan E{uchar said. " and face thc certa.inty cent relnpse rate makes selling skllls - under� "~'~~nt is more, as oi- ~hnt the nddict wil! go it soun~ good. standing, sensltlvity, how flcers, they will have au� straight back on drugs But it includes only to asseas and evaluate thority over the warders. �'hen he gets out and those who have been the emotlonal needs and Some cor,ditions inslde sooner or ]nter end up in caaght and tound guilty problema of the client," the dru; blocks they may prison n~ain. on drugs charges for a Dan Kuchnr, one of the be able to chnnge." Or the Prisons cun try short six months after re- American trainera, said. Perhaps the counsel� to cure the. addict. (Ad� lease. It doee not include But they dld more than lore' greatest na~et is the dicts are tisually through those back !n prlson for - learn the theory and stocky driving fib re of the physical w(thdc�awal other offences or those master the jargon. "They D a t u k I b r a h t m b i n ~r~3on ti m IIi la~ces~ lace but have nc~t been caudhh went into group therapy hiohamad, Dtrector Gen- in the olice locku sPThe g lhemselves." Dan sald. erai of Prisuns. Although P P� CS(': ~3C0%�,351 6 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 MALAYSIA OVER 't?0 AF:RFSTED FOR DRUG OI~'FENSES IN PAST 6 MONTHS Rangoon 'rEIE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 9 Jul 81 p 7 _ [Text] KUALA LUMPUR, 7,Ju~y--Malaysian police arrested moYe than �,ooo geople for nai~corics o~Fences and seized moce than Soo kilos (half a ton) of illegal drugs in th'e firat half of this year, an official spokesman said today. He said 4,052 people including 37 foreignors were urested for drugs offences from January to June this year, compared to s,63o arrests for similar crimes in the' fisat half of tast ycar. � About 5oz kilos of morphine, heroin, raw opium and cannabis seizeci by police this ye~r was cight times the amount confiscated in the same period last ycar, he said. Six foreigners and 59 Nlala}~sians were charged with trafficking.and faced dcath or life imprisonment if found guilty, the oHicial aaid. , He said six other t'oreigners faced jail sentences tanging from thrce to i� years for "peddling" narcotics. t~ndee Malaysian law, anyone found in possession of mure than five grammes of an illegal drug is presumed tcr be a peddlar while those caught with more; than ioo grammes are deemod to be traffickers. NAB f Reut~et , CSO: 5300/4958 7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 MALAYSIA BRIBFS SEI7.URE OF IJARCOTICS--kuala Lumpur police arrested 658 people and recovered about 100 lcg of dadah last month. The dadaiz seized included 62.2 kg of raw opium, 0.2 kg of ~repared opium, 1.9 kg of morphine, 4.4 kg of heroin and 30.2 kg of ganja. The big~est seizure was ~n Apri1 30, when, following a tip from Sin~apore police, 50 kg of rato opium was recovered from a house off Jalan Kelang Lama. Seventeen bundles of opium were hidden in a sewerage tank and eight other bundles in the spare tyre of a P4ercedes Benz, On May 4 two police dogs sniffed out 3.5 kg of heroin hidden in a nouse at Sungai :etani. On rlay 10 a raid on a house on Jalan Ch~ca Kit produeed 9 kg of raca opium, 3 kg of prepared opium and half a kg of mor- phine. On Nay 15 T^~i~C recovered 370 straws of heroin weighing 0.2 lcg from two men on a motorcycle at Kua1a Kedah, [Kuala Lumpur PIEW STRAIiS TI1~S in ~nglish 2 Jun 81 p 3] OPIUM S~PdTEP;CE--Lim Kim nua, alias Lim Kim Kwan, 45, a medicine-shop owner,was sen- tenced to 3-1/2 years in ,jail and 3 strok_es of the rattan by tl-,e Kuala Lumpur High Court today. Lim pleaded guilty to possessin~ the drugs at his shop on Jalan Besar, PulaL Ketam on January 4, 1930. Police raided the shop after receiving a tip and found the opium in a plastic ba~. [Kuala Lumpur itEW STRAITS TI~S in English 2 Jun 81 p 19] OPtU~I SEIZliRE--Customs officers seized 42 lbs of raw opium valued at M$ 60,000 last nig~t after laying an ambush in the Sungai Siput area near the Kuala Perlis river mouth. The persons involved managed to escape as there are many routes lea~ing out of the s~vampy area. Customs Director. Ahmad Kamili said da~lah smuggling had increas- ed along the Kuala Perlis and ~Cua1a Kedah coa~ts after the border *vas fenced at Padan~; Besar.. The Customs ~e~artment has bought two new sneedboats and increased the sea patrols of. the coastline. He added that the department would provide sub- stantial rewarcls for tios from the public. [Kuala Lumpur NEW SLTriDAY TIMES in Eng- . lish 7 Jun 81 p 6) ' - = T't~EAT`~NT C:~+TEt;--hiiri General Hospital in Sarawak has established an examination and treatment cenCer for drug addicts. Addicts needing further treatment will be sent to the Kuching Rehabilitation Center. ICuchir.~ has the highest, and Miri the second highest, incidenr_e of drug abuse in Sarawak. There are now about 80 drug addicts in Miri, ranging from 17 to 30 years of age. riost of the addicts, and most of the pushers, are Chinese. There has been aa increase in the use of heroin, a drug that began to flow onto the market only in the last 4 years. [iCuala Belait BOt2NL0 BULL~TT:t Ln ~,nglish b Jun 81 p 44 ] CSO: 5300/8350 _ 8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 PAKISTAN SrNGGLlt3G T�IETHOD HAS SHIP' S CREW SWALLOWING HEROIN Karachi MORNING NEWS in English 21 Jul 81 p 5 [Text] Onc o! the members oi a~ane, in the history oi the genQ oi smugglers, wluch uasd city, which was found dumped to omuQgle heroin out o! tha sea !n containera country with a novel and ]atest recently. modus operanfli, was hauled up ~e IIat oi Dawood Jat was by the C~i4 pollce yeaterday. raided, by the police a few T}:e accused was identified an �,erks ~go, in Gulshan-e-Iqbat Moula Jat, a Qang taember ot area. Two walkie-talkie sets Dawood Jat aad halE Rilo oi ~d charas were oeized from heroin was ~e9zed from hins. there but he bad fled. Tt?e reports ~sald that tlae C~~r after yackiug 3~eroin into condoma used to pass them oa to the crew membere o!' ~ ehip, who uaed to swallow them aad follow it with 3~onsy l~dore the saillng o! the ship. Later they used to purae it ou~ at thz destination for further tra!lick- ix~y. This, the pollce sources eaid ~vas believed to be novel and the latest method o! smuAgling heroin out oi the country. The eearch tor Dawood Tat in 112ahmoodabad area led to the arrest o! Moula Jat. Dawood Jat who atarted hia iiving ae a dock worker and as, the storY itoei irom iag~ to riches !umed into aa uncrown� ed king oi charas tb~ack gold) sltcr takin~ ta smugqlin�. Iie i~ also wanted bv the pollce in the biggest haul ot CSO: 5300/4627 i * 9 ~ ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 PAKISTAN BRIEFS SMUGGLING ATTEMPT TO INDIA--Huge quantity of morphine powder worth over rupees one crore in international market was seized by the Customs Intelligence Staff from Wagah borders on rionday. Two Afghan nationals, Jan Mohammad and Mohammad Din, were arrested on charge of smuggling. The Customs staff received secret information that a huge quantity of morphine powder had been purchased and was likely to be transported to Lahore for smuggling to India via Wagah border. Consequently, a vigilance party comprising senior Customs officials was formed by the Assistant Collector, Mr S.M. Arif. As the two smugglers arrived at the Check Post, their baggages were searched and 21,180 gram morphine powder con- cealed in the false bottom of a suitcase was recovered. [Te}:t] [Lahore THE PAKISTAN TIMES in English 7 Jul 81 p 3] HEROIN CAUGHT AT AIRPORT--A London-bound Pakistani passenger was hauled up at the Karachi Airport following discovery oF one kilo heroin in his briefcase by the Drug Enforcement Cell Officers yesterday. The passenger, Mohai::mad Akbar was to board an Air France plane for London via Paris when the Customs hounds on a tip-off, searched his briefcase and discovered fine heroin powder concealed in the false botr_om of the case. In yet another seizure of heroin another pas- senger Mohammad Ejaz Khan was nabbed with 120 grams of heroin cleverly concealed in the "Snuff Box" kept in a briefcase. The accused Ejaz was proceeding to Hong Kong by a Lufthansa flight when the seizure took place on a suspicicn by the hounds of Customs Drug Cell. Further investigations are continuing. [Text] [Karachi DAWN in English 13 Jul 81 p 7] DRUGS IN SUITCASE--Heroin worth Rs 40 lakh was seized by the Drug Enforcement Cell of the Pakistan Customs at Karachi Airport from the possession of a passen- ger destined to leave for Hong Kong on a foreign airliner on Friday. The con- traband drug was very cleverly concealed in ttie false bottom of the suitcase of the passenger.who was identified as Mahmood Akbar. He has been arrested on char charges of smuggling heroin. He l~ad purchased the contraband drug from Lahore. Later, investigations revealed that the heroin is being prepared from the illi- cit culrivation of opium in the tribal areas at the instance of the international narcotic dealers. According to reliable sources, besides German chemists, Iran- ian chemists, who fled from their country after the revolution, have also been employed in the clandestine laboratories in the tribal areas for preparing heroin from the illicit production of opium. It is understood that these chemists are highly qualified and are experts in extracting heroin from the opium. It may be mentioned that heroin has become very popular among the users in the tdestern countries and America. [Text] [Karachi MORNING NEWS in English 13Ju181p8] IO APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 CONTR~ANU SEIZ~D--~'. bagful of contraband charas, 15 crates of alcohol, 250 bottles of foreign liquor, 144 injections of morphine and other intoxicant drugs ~aare recovered when a police party headed by a magistrate raided the notorious ~nultipurpose den in north Karachi last night. The gambling-cum-narcotic den was being run by one Saifur Rehman. The police have also arrested 15 persons while gambling in rhe same premises. Manager of the den Badshah Khan was arrested by the police and a loaded revolver was recovered from his possession. [Excerpt] _ IGF311G35 K.arachi DAWN in English 28 Jul 81] ~ EIGHT MAUNDS OF CHARAS SEIZED--The Anti-burglary staff of the Civil Lines Division yesterday reported seizure of eight maunds of charas ~vorth about Rs 3 million in the s*reet market of addicts abroad. They also reported arrest of. one Niaz Akbar from a Mahmoodabad house where it was dumped a~aaiting despatch to the port for its onward josrney abroad. The Excise staff of the East Division also claimed to have seized 45 kilograms of super-quality charas from a Suzuki Van (824-771). Ac- cused Abdul Ghafar who had brought the contraband from NWFP was trying to smuggle out the same abroad when the Excise police was alerted. Accordingly, a trap was ]_aid ~�men Ghafar came in the van to deliver it to a fake buyer. Further investiga- tions are :i_n progreas. (Text) [Karachi DAG7N in English 19 Jul 81 p 8] ~SO: 5300/4627 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 ~ THAILAND THAI OFFICIAL COMMENTS ON NARCOTICS SITUATION BK200828 Bangkok Domestic Service In Thai 0000 GMT 20 Jul 81 [Interview given by police Major General Phao Sarasin, Secretary General of the Comnanir.tee for Prevention on Suppression of Narcotics, to unidentified newsman--date and place not given.] [QL'ESTIONj How is the current narcotics situation? [ANSWf R] During the cuJ.tivation season which jusr_ ended about 50 tons of opium were Froduced in Thailand as compared with I4 tons in 1980 and 12 tons in 1979. The increased production is attributed to good weather and ~ big increase in the price of opium. About 400 tons of opium were produced in Burma during the 1980 cultivation season and about 5 tons in Laos during the latest season. . About h31f of the local opium production is used for consumption by the hill tribes geople in the north, while the remainder is destined for heroin producti~n. As you may already know, heroin production fact.ories are located ouLside Thailand. P.s far as we know, about 15 factories are located in Burma near the Thai b~rder. Most of the heroin produced in Burma is brought to Thailand. The remainder goes to Burmese addicts and is for export. Good Thai highways facilitate transportation through Thailand from the north. - Smuggling of heroin into Thailand is at its peak during this time of the year, as witnessed by the seizure of several large shipments of heroin recently. The heroin wholesalers are now buying at much greater risk. This, and the abundance of narcotics have brought down the price of narcotics. Most of the opium addicts are concentrated in the north and the northeast, while the greatest numbers of heroin addicts are in Bangkok and in Hat Ysi. The number of addicts seeking treatment in the various health facilities remains about the same as last year. The scarcity and the high price of heroin last year caused many addicts to turn to inhalation of other drugs, such as thinner. [QUESTION] Can you comment on the report that more of our youths have become drug addicts? [A~;S',~IEIt] '~tie officials who have conducted research into this matter have said thac the increa~e in the number of young dru~ addicts has been minimal. Our nreventive measures have concentrated on youths, both in and out of school. I do 12 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400440014-8 not believe our youth addicts have increased in number. The number receiving treatrnent i.n l~ospitals has decreased as a matter of fact. On the suppression side, my committee is studying Malaysian and Singapore narcotics laws. We have good anti-narcotics cooper~tion with Malaysia. Malaysian narcotics law is very severe, forcing narcotics traffickers to flee to our country. Thailand should have a law like Malaysia to deal with narcotics violations. Malaysia includes narcotics offenses under the national security law which empowers the authorities to detain for 2 years any person regarded as a threat to national security. Malaysia regards narcotics as its foremost enemy, more so than the communists. It regards narcotics traffickers as dangerous to its security and uses its national security law to detain them for 2 years at a time. I talked to several of our jurists. They believed wrongly that narcotics traffickers in our country can be detained under the hooligan law. Our suppression officials cannot make any arbitrary arrest of traffickers, but have to seek permission from higher authorities. A narcotics trafficking movement involves many people. If we are going to make an arrest, we want to be able to arrest the entire movement, not just few members. This is why we want a law which will enable us to arrest the financiers of the movement. We are also trying to draft a law which will legalize confiscation of traffickers' assets. Our present law does not allow such conf.iscation. We are studying Australian law wt~ich allows confiscation of traffickers' financial assets. Arrested traffickers must provide a satisfactory account of their assets within 1 month or have them confiscated. I like that law. The United States has a similar law which allows the confiscated assets to be used in anti-narcotics efforts. I heard that only 6 months after implementation of the law, some $100 miLtion was confiscated. I feel that we should be able to enact a similar 1aw in Thsilar.d. We witl have to explain benefits of such a law to our lawmakers. Our present law does not give us the power to arrest financiers of the narcotics movements, against whom it is very difficult to obtain sufficient evidence. This has been an important obstacle to our suppression efforts. It - will help us a greaC deal if we could act against the financiers. For example, kraffickers in Malaysia and Singapore have fled to Thaitand because of the stiff narcotics law in their countries. c;SU: 5300/4631 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400440014-8 THAILAND ~ 'AFP' REPORTS ON THAI MOVE AGAINST OPIUM WARLORD ! BK300702 Hong Kong AFP in English 0620 GMT 30 Jul 81 [By Jim Wolf] (Text] Bangkok 30 Jul ~AFP) Narcotics police are cl~~sing in on Golden Triangle opium kingpin Chang Chi-Fu believed to be the world's biggest drug trafficker, top narcotics officials report. In a series of exclusive interviews, senior Thai officials and narcotics attaches from Western embassies disclosed that an all-out effort will soon be launched to capture the ethnic Shan warlord, estimated to control 70 per cent of the border opium trade. We expect the Thais to bag him in the very near future, said Robert De Fauw, Bangkok-based Regional Director of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). I The arrest of the 48 year old Mr Big would at least temporarily disrupt the flow c` aarcotics from the notorious Golden Triangle where Burma Thailand and Laos meet. Hugh new supplies of high-grade heroin, the scourge of the concrete jungle, have already begun to reach international markets in the wake of a bumper 600-met;ic-ton opium crop in the region last year. It Giould be a very important step forward. Chang Chi-Fu is enemy number one, said Si:eve Polden, chief representative here of the Australian federal police. ~r De Fauw whose organization helps fight the drug problem at its root declined to spell out details of the attach plan which kno~ledgeable sources have previously said would probably require a military operarion, not a simple police action. Mr De Fauw left here today for the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai, market center of the golden triangle, together with General Pow Sarasin, chief of the Thai Office of the Narcotics Control Board. General Pow told AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE before leaving that he would make an important announcPment next week about Chang Chi-Fu who is also known as Khun Sa. Genaral Pow said he had hosted a dinner for Burmese officiala to discuss the . matter on Tuesday. ~ 14 " APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 _ Burma's cooperation is be?ieved essential for the capture of Chang Chi-Eu who ~ heads an armed band of perhaps 3,000 mercenaries knows as the Shan United Army (SUA). Base~ in the fortified village of Ban Min Taek a few kilometers inside Thai territory, he is said to have carved out nearly impregnable fiefdom for himself on the rugged Thai-Burmese border. Thai authorities report that he slides back and forth across the remote jungled frontier to avoid arrest. The srea is a no-man's land traditionally outside the control of the central governments. The ability to launch a joint operation would amount to a significant step fo:�ward in Thai-Burmese relations long strained by distrust over the practice of giving asylum to each others ethnic minority insurgents. Mr de Fauw of the DEA said he hoped the move againat C;hang Chi-Fu would be a joint cooperative effort between Thailand and Burma. An ofFicial from another Western embassy said he thought the Burmeae would at least allow hot pursuit in a bid to neutralize the warlord. One unconfirmed report said the decision to launch the operation followed the execution by Chang Chi-Fu of two suspected informers. Thailand issued a warrant for Chang Chi-Fu's arrest on July 17, 1980, but it mentioned only offenses associated with leading an armed band in Thailand, not murder or narcotics. General Pow told interviewers earlier this year he lacked hard evidence for a court of Chang Chi-Fu's involvement in narcr~tics trafficking. Thailand has no conspiracy laws which means in effect that narcotics would have to - found on him to obtain a conviction. But new evidence against Chang Chi-Fu might have been the decisive factor analysts said. General Pow previously proposed to the Thai government that a reward of some $25,000 be posted for information leading to his capture. If the reward were offered, General Pow was quoted as saying, he won't sleep peacefully. ' But an An:erican source said media attention had finally prompted the Thais to decide to move. He said Chang Chi-Fu's high-profile had become a major embarrassment. It is not immediately clear what kind of action would be taken. Mr. de Fauw who leaves Thailand on Tuesday sEter a three-year atint, said it would take a sizeable force to immobilize the warlord. Chang Chi-Fu's band the Shan United Army is believed to be equipped with M-16 rifles, M-79 grenade launchers and recoiltess rifles. Some border watchers believe it will take a regimental-scale operation to put him out of action. 15 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400040014-8 The looser in the 19b7 opium war against remnants of the exiled Chinese Kuomintang Army, Chang Chi-Fu gradually reasserted himself over the years. ~ Thai officials say he now controls sll facets of the border trade from the mule caravans bringing raw opium from the rugged hills of northern Burma to the 9 to 15 ~ illicit refineries churning it into heroin on the frontier at any given time. ' He is also believed to hold sway in the lucrative black market for gems and antiqaes, a position that sorne experts say he maintained until now because of influential friends in Bangkok. CSO: 5300/4631 ; ' ; ~ ~ i ~ ~ i ~ ; ~ 16 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 i ; ' BOLIVIA COMMISSION PROPOSED TO FIGHT WORLD DRUG TRAFFICKERS Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 12 Jul 81 p 6 [Text] GNNEVA IO , July-Rolivia called Frida}~ f~r thc creation of an inteniationa! commission tu fibht world narcotics traffickers and a two-billion-dollar emergcncy fund to aid drug'victims. Boli~~ia said a world conference should also be con- vened to adopt and coordinate a glnbal campaign against the illicit narcotics trade. Ambassador Dan Augustin Saavedra ~~eise to(d the ti~ F,conomic and Social Council (ECOSUC) that his country like many others needs urgent financial aid in helping peasant, ro grow different crops. The coca le:~f, the base of cocaine, is "a lamentaUln but economic re;ality" for Bolivian peasants, he said, but the Government needs assistance in carrying out crop substitution. ~ Saavcdra ~1'eise said the estimated 3o-hillion-dollar annual illicit traffic in cocainc is far lar~;cr than Boli~�ia'y gross natiunal product.-~'~'.~B/UPI CSu: 5300/4958 _i i i ~ ; I 1~ ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 BOLIVIA BRIEFS - COCAINE TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED--The Bolivian investigations police have arrested (Estanislao Quispe rlamani) and (Agustin Machuca Sainz) who tried to smuggle 4.27 kg of cocaine base through the checkpoint of Chuquiaguillo. The cocaine has been confiscated and the peddlers have been placed at the disposal of the National Antidrug Council. [PY291709 La Paz Radio Illimani Network in Spanish 1130 GMT 27 Jul 81] COCAINE BASE SEIZED--The local branch of investigations police of Montero, Santa Cruz Department, on Tuesday arrested (Teodoro Jose Oysaga) who was carrying 600 grams of cocaine base, and placed him at the disposal of the National Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department in Santa Cruz. [PY291709 La Paz Radio Illimani Network in Spanish 1130 GMT 24 Jul 81] CSO: 5300/2413 . 18 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400440014-8 ~ CHILE PERUVIAAIS ~APTURED WITH COCAINE Santiago LA NACION in Spanish 7 Jul 81 p 10 A [Text] After intense activity, officers of the OS-7 Carabineros of the city of Arica arrested two Peruvian drug traffickers and were able to confiscate 1.5 kg c~f cocaine worth $1.2 million on the international market. The arrest of the drug traffickers, who were identified as Bonifacia Huanca Santos and Gloria P~arin Pauro Huanca, 40 and 24 years-of-age respectively, took place at 2145 hours on Sunday in the Ibanez park of Arica as the women attempted to make contacts i.n order to sell the drug. Long Investigation The investigations were handled by officers of the First Drug Control Section of the OS-7 Department of Carabineros, which had been checking a11 the movements of the two criminals since the end of last month when the two women entered Chilean territory ~ for the first time for the purpose of establishing contacts which would allow them--on a second trip--to bring in the cocaine and turn it over ~o Chilean traffickers ~~aho would complete the process of transforming it into the hydrochloride. ~ Bonifacia Huanca resided in Manzana Seis, Lote 27, in the community of Pueblo Joven Aliaaza in Tacna whereas her accomplice, Gloria Marin, lived in Manzana 33 Lote 22, in the community of Agrupacion in the same Peruvian city. The police followed the movments of the Peruvian women while they were in Arica and when they returned with the shipn?ent of cocaine sulfate they kept them under contin- ' uous surveillance until they were able to arrest them in the Ibanez park as they ~ were carrying the six paclcages of the coveted drug. , Million Dollar Shipment The six packages of coca base (cocaine sufate) found in the clothing of the two Peruvian ~aomen weighed a total of 1500 gm which have a commercial value of $1.2 million in Florida, United States, which is considered the point of entry to the North American and European markets. Accurding to records in the po~session of the OS-7 investigators, the ob,jective of these two traffickers was to bring the cocaine shipment into Chilean terriCory in I ' ~ 19 . I i i APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000440040014-8 order to offer it to local criminals who would converC it to hydrochloride of a high degree of purity. This maneuver of having the drug pass through Chil~ is due to the lack of experte in Peru and Bolivia who are capable of refining the coca base and converting it into the hydrochloride which is the substance which is finally transported to world markets. The drug seized by the OA-7 carabineros was in the semiprocessed stage since pre- viously Peruvian experts from the city of Tacna had processed the coca leaves leaving them in a highly pure sulfate stage, approximately 93 percent pure. The 1.5 kg of cocaine was transferred by OS-7 officials to the Arica Institute of Public Health where--by court order--it was incinerated. Yesterday morning the traffickers were placed under the jurisdiction of the Judge of the First Criminal Court of Arica along with File No 255 of the First Carabinero Commissariat of Arica, in which city the two women will remain permanently until r the case is closed. ~ " 9204 CSO: 5300/2400 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 CHILE BRIEFS COCAINE BUST--Thirty-two million pesos worth of cocaine has been seized by police in Iquique and (Mario Bautista Branez Platero), 38, has beer. arrested carrying 1/2 kh of cocaine sulphate. [PY291709 Santiago Chile Domestic Service in Spanish 1730 GMT 28 Jul 81] CSO: 5300/2413 21 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 ~ i ~ ~ COLOMBIA I , ~ ; , i SWEDEN TRIES TO EXTRADITE TRAFFICKER : i Bogota F.L TIEMPO in Spanish 2 Jul 81 p 4-C ~ [Text] Yesterday, the Swedish Government, through its embassy in Bogota, asked the , Colombian authorities to extradite one of that counCry's nationalized citizens, ~ who is char~ed with drug trafficking and assaults against public officials. , i The drug traff3cker is Dennis Stefan Soderlund, who was arrested recently in ~ Bogota as he was preparing to leave the country for Europe. I ~ ~ . ~ t. ~ ~ . .~�'rr~'~ ~~i`v n r ~ ~ ~ ~ ; ~ x I ~v.~' i i ' ~ ' ~ ~ . ~ ~ ~ � 0; . ~ � ~ , tii , , , ~ ,.~J I - I ~t~` , , I i i i ' ~ ;4 I ~ Dennis Stefan Soderlun'd narcotraficante This man, who was born on 14 July 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the son of ~ Harriet Soderlund. INTERPOL in Stockholm issued an arrest warrant for this man for illicit drug trafficking, on the basis of the sentence issued by the Stenungsund Court of First Instance on 22 September 1980. 22 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 'Che international drug trafficker was arrested when he arrived in Colombia from Cali, where he had stayed for several months as an undocumented person, and was getting ready to travel to Paris. According to the information sent by INTERPOL, Soderlund was sentenced in Sweden in 1974 and was fined and placed under house arr~st and surveillance. According to a spokesman for the Colombian Foreign Ministry, the extradition request will be honored once all of the legal requirements have been met. In the meantime, the foreigner will be detained in DAS [Administrative Department of Security] facilities. 8143 CSO: 5300/2408 23 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 I I COLOMBIA I DRUG SEIZUP,ES, BRIBE ATTEMPT NEAR BARRANQUILLA Bo,;ota rL 'CIF~IPO ~n Spanish 8 Jul 81 p 7-B [!~rticle by ,Jacquelin Donado) [Text] Barranquiila, 7 Jul--The antinarcotics group of the Atlantico Police made a successful strike against a ring of drug tra�fickers in this city today, seized a shipment of hallucinogenic pills worth over 100 million pesos and arrested the si:~ principal members of the ring, all of whom are known mafia "capos." The dr:.ig scizure took place in an elegant suburb in the northern part of this city at a residence owned by Jesus Maria Gomez Zapata, better known by the nickname of "Pollo [Chicken] Gomez," the proprietor of a chemical distribution firm--JHOA-- and by his father, David Gomez Villadiego, the owner of a pharmaceutical laboratory, I1vSOPHARP'[A, who was also arrested. The other principal members of the ring were identified as Nemesio Nader Nader, a ~ native of Ayapel; Carlos Guillermo Cervantes Jimeno; Jose Abelardo Aristizabal Zuluaga, of :~iedellin; and I.uis Fernandez Caselles, of Barranquilla. According to official reports, the entire organization was arrested while the authorities were conducting a search of the home of "Pollo Gomez" and found a total of 276,000 Jumbo 714 pills in 36 plastic bags packed in a cardboard box ready for distribution abroad and within the country. Bribery Attempt The officers who carried out the operation said that the six prisoners had attempted to bribe the patrol with the sum of 600,000 pesos in cash in exchange for their freedom. ln addit~on to the ready-for-sale pills, the police confiscated equipment for the processing of paste and methaqualone for the manufacture of Jumbo or Rorer 714 pi11s, cash and checks worth over 500 million pesos. It was learried that these bank documents will be used to pursue serious leads, as it- appears that ttiey were all issued by persons linked with the illicit business. 24 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404040014-8 It should be noted that less than 15 days ago a seizure of inethaqualone was made in this city, raw material which is used for the manufacture of these hallucino- genic pills. The authorities are seeking a connection between the two seizures, as this seems to be the most important ring of gangsters operating in this section of the country. At present, the six prisoners are being held in F-2 prisons. The four motor vehicles confiscated, including three jeeps and one Mustang, are being held in police parking lots. The drugs and equipment will be destroyed in a few days. 8143 CSO: 5300/2408 25 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400040014-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400440014-8 ~ COLOMBIA ' KIDNAPPINGS ALLEGEDLY DRUG RELATED ; Bogota EL TIEMPO in Spanish 2 Jul 81 p 2-A - [Text] Three young girls, the daughters of Veronica Rivers, the controversial woman who was charged with smuggling and drug trafficking a few years ago, were kidnapped in Bogota about 20 days ago. The perpetrators of the crime are demanding a ransom of 50 million pesos. During this same spectacular incident, the family's private chauffeur and the motor vehf,cle in which the victuns were traveling were seized. This unusual quadruple kidnapping, the first of such magnitude reported in Coloinbia, took place at 0730 hours early in June at the point where Calle 100 meets the Superhighway North. Reports on this case, which have been in the hands of EL TIEMPO's judicial staff for several days, indicate that the three young girls were on their way to school, north of Bogota, in a luxury van driven by a private chauffeur. At a given moment, the van was immobilized by two vehicles, which stationed them- selves in front of and behind the van to prevent any escape attempt. Scveral individuals armed with submachine guns immediutely got ouL uf the kidnappers' vehicles and in a few seconds immobilized the four persons, under threats of death. One oE the crininals got behind the wheel of the Rivera family van, while the other three guarded ttie kidnap victims. The vehcile, driven by one of the criminals, disuppeared from the scene, escorted by the other two motor vehicles, one in front ancl one behind. ;s i.t rtirned out, rigl~t after the kidnapping Veronica Rivera began to receive r_1-,; calls during i:~tiich it was announced that if the 50 million pesos were not p