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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400054061-5 FOR OFFIC[AL USE ONLY - J~RS L/ 1001 1 25 September 1981 Worldwide Re ort p NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRU~S _ CFOUO 44/81) _ ~ FBIS ~OREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATION SERVICE FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 NOTE JPRS publications contain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are translated; those ~rom English-language sources are transcribed or renrinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets ' [J are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text] or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original information was " processed. Where no processing indicat~r is given, the infor- a~ation was summarized or extracted. Unfamiliar name~ rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a ques- tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were nat clear in the original but have been supplied as appr~priate in context. Other unattrihuted parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. Times within items are as given by source. _ The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- ~ies, views or attitudes of the U.S. Government. ~ COPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGUI~ATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF - MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONI,Y. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 FOR OFFICIAL L,'~:. ONLY JPRS L/10011 25 September 1981 WORLDWIDE REPORT NARCOTICS AND DA~IGEROUS DRUGS (FOUO 44/81) _ CONTENTS AS IA AUS TRALIA Victoria, WA Legislation Takes New Tack on Drug Offenses (Various sources, 5, 7 Aug 81) 1 Proposals in Victoria, by Barbara Fih Lhctors' Protest ?�?Qs t Aus tralia Draf t 7.tao Heroiri Smugglers Get 20-Year Jail Sentences (THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, 8 Aug 81) 6 Briefs NSW-'Mr Asia' Link 7 INDIA Minister Addresses Conference of Poppy Grawers (THE TIMES OF INDIA, 25 Aug 81) 8 Briefs 'Narcotics King' Arrested 9 Delhi Opium Seizure 9 _ PAKIS TAN Briefs Pethidine Recovered 10 Police Seize Drugs 10 - Vendor Seized With Narcotics 10 Hyderabad Drug Use 10 - a - [III - WW - 138 FOUO] Cl1D /1SCT/`T ? T T TQF l1NT V APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400054061-5 FOR OFFICIAL USti ONLti' PHILIPPINES Briefs " Marihuana Piants Seized 11 Heroin Connections Uncovered 11 LATIN AMERICA BAHAMAS _ Drugs Worth $5 Million, Ttao Men Seized at Sea (THE TRIBIJNE, 13 Aug 81) 12 BERMUDA - Briefs Jail in Cocaine Case 14 BRAZIL International Marihuana Traffic Ring Disbanded ' (Various sources, various dates) 15 Paraguayan Source Depositions Taken More Marihuana Uncovered Hashish Trafficker Arrested in Rio Confesses (0 GLOBO, 11 Aug 81, 0 ESTADO DE SAO PAUTA, 14 Aug 81)........... 19 'Very Important People~ Notebooks Seized Briefs Drug Trafficking Charge Denied 24 Cocaine Bust 24 CHILE Briefs Drug Traffickers 25 NETHERLAND6 ANTILLES ' _ Cocaine, Heroin, Marihuana Smuggling Activities (Joop Spanjersberg; HET VRIJE VOIK, 25 Jul 81) 26 - b - _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 PE RU Briefs Drug Traffickers Arrested 31 TRINIDnD AND ivBAGO Six, Including Three Venezuelans, In Court ~n Drug (~arges (TRINIDAD GUARDIAN, 20, 18 Aug 81) 32 Venezuelans (harged Drug Cases Postponed NEAR EAS T AND NORTH AFRI CA ' IS RAE L Briefs Heroin Seizures 34 Tel Aviv Heroin Seizure 34 Heroin Seized 34 Hero ~n 5eizure 34 SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA LIBERIA Briefs Marihuana %)estroyed 35 - WEST EUROPE AUS TRIA Study on Drug Addiction ir. ~wer Austria (DIE PRESSE, 27 Aug 81) 36 FRAN CE ' Briefs Large Cannabi.s Seizure 37 - c - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-04850R000400050061-5 i FOR OFFICIAL USti ONLti' SW I TZE RI~AN D T~wo Hundred Kilograms of Hashish Seized in Zurich (NEUE ZUER(~iER ZEITUNG, 27 Aug $1) . . . . . . . 38 Heroin Smuggler,Sentenced to Ten Years (NEUE ZUER(~iER ZEITUNG, 22 Aug S1) 39 TURKEY ~ Ztao Iranians Arrested in Istanbul for Opium Smuggling (MILLIYET, 29 Aug 81, GUNAYDIN, 29 Aug 81) 41 ' MILLIYET' Report ' GUNAYDIII' Report ltao Greeks Arrested in Istanbul, Heroin Seized - (Ramazan Ozturk; GUNAYDIN, 2 Sep 81) 44 - d - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 AUSTRALIA - VICTORIA, WA LEGISLATION TAKES NEW TACK ON DRUG OFF'ENSES Proposals in Victoria Melbourne THE AGE in English S Aug 81 p 5 (Article by Barbara Fih] [Text] The State Government is considering using money confiscated from drug offe~ders to finance drug rehabilitation programmes. The Minister for Health, Mr Borthwick, said yesterday that in the next session of Parliament the Government would introduce legislation to freeze the assets - of drug traffickers. _ "The courts ~ill have the power to appoint a trustee to administer the assets from the time the person is being charged, to the trial. If the person is found guilty, then we have the power to hold the assets," he said. Mr Borthwick said ttie confiscated assets would be put into a drug rehabilitation and research fund to assist new and existing drug progra~nes. "We currently have 38 drug rehabilitation 3gencies in Victoria and are puttting up $8 million at the moment. But we will progressively have to give more funding to drug treatm^_nt and rehabilitation," he said. The State Government announced last March that it might consider legislation to allow confiscation of profits from ille~al drug trading, after an Opposition pri- vate member's bill which was introduced earlier this year. The director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, Mr William Clifford, said he doubted that the new legislation would work. "It is one thing to legis- late to get illegally attained assets, i.t is another to put it into operation," he said. Profits _ "They will need a fairly hefty machinery to make it work. By definition, drug t~~ffickers conceal what they make and it will be difficult to trace the profits. 1 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450061-5 - "With our present standard of policing and criminal justice, the vast amount of police work is on drug users and not criminals. Now the Government is proposing _ legislation for the big traffickers and corporate crime, and must get the police force advanced enough to handle them." Mr Clifford said a survey done by the institute in 1977 has showed that 91.8 percent of drug prosecutions in Austraia were users and possessers and only 5.3 percent were traffickers--most of whom were from the middle range, not the big boys." The legislation foreshadowed yesterday provides for changes to three acts of Parliament dealing with drug abuse. ~ ~he proposed legislation will require doctors and pharmacists to notify the Health Commission it they believe a patient is a drug addict. The medical director of the Buoyancy Foundation, Dr John Poolman, said yesterday that he would "be opposed to giving the name of any drug abuser I treat. It is difficult enough to persuade drug users to seek help, but once you start regis- tering their names it will make them afraid to seek help. Drug users should be treated as sick people, not criminals," he said. Mr Borthwick said that under,the new Drug Poisons and Control Substances Act, it would be an offence to offer or supply a drug of dependence to patients other than for medical treatment. "The doctor will require a permit from the commission to supply a drug of addic- tion to drug d~pendent patients," he said. T.he Victorian medical secretary of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Bill Ryall, said yesterday: "We welcome any legislation which wi11 clarify the doctor's role to .prescribing addictive drugs. "The important thing is that the Minister is seeking to give doctors statutory . protection when reporting cases of drug addiction." The acts to be changed are: --the Poisons Act, which will provide heav~,~ increases in penalties for traffick- ing and using narcotics, and barbiturates, controls on glue sniffing and abuse of cough mixtures, and give the courts greater powers in investigating and dealing with drug offenders. --the Medical Practitioners Act, which will give the medical board increased powera to deal with doctors abusing or illicitly prescribing drugs. --the Alcohol and Drug Dependent Persons Act which will give the courts power to require a person to undergo treatment at a drug assessment or rehabilitation centre. - 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400050061-5 The inreased penalties for dr~sg offences include: ~-Trafficking in drugs of dependence such as morphine, opium and i~ts deriva- tives--25 years' jail and/or a$200,000 fine. The present penalt~? is ~5 years' jai.l and/or a $1C'0,000 fine. --Unlawf~l possession of drugs of dependence~--two years' jail and/or a$5000 fine (up from 12 months' jail and/or a$500 fine). --Trafficking cannabis--10 years' ~ail and/or a$50,000 fine (trafficking in . plant) 15 years` jail and/or a$100,000 fine (trafficking in resin). The present penalty for cannabis trafficking is 10 years' jail and/or a$4000 fine. --Trafficking in hallucinogenic drugs 10 years~ ja~1. and/or a$50,000 fine. The present penalty is 10 years' jail and/or a$4000 fine. - Of fences - ~ The proposed legislation will also provide for three new offences. These are trafficking and possession of restricted substances an,d forgin.~ and uttering pre- scriptions aiid obtaining prescriptions for restricted s~bsta~nces by false pre- tences. Each offence carries a penalty of two years' jail and/or a$5000 fine. ~ Mr Borthwick said that under the new act there would be a crack-down on suppliers of glue and other volatile substances. Penalties will be up to two years' jail . and/or a fine of $5000. The head of Victoria's detectives, Assistant ComQnissioner (crime), Mr Paul Delianis, said the proposed anti-drug legislation would hit the traffickers � where it hurt most. Mr Delianis said L-he narcotics business involved huge sums of money and the new legislation would mean that drug criminals would f~ce longer jail terms, and. lose their profits. "If you can take away what they~ have gained and dish out a decent jail sentence, it will have a deterrent effec~ on others," he said. Doctors' Protest - Canberra THE AUSTRALIAN in English 7 Aug 81 p 2 [Text] Doctors say they will be forced to inform on patients under the Vi~torian Government's hard-hitting new drug legis~ation. The General Practitioners Society, the Australian Medical Association and the Doctors Reform Society fear that the ~atient-doctor relationship will be destroyed if the legislation to be introduced i~n Parliament's spring session, is passed. A proposed amendment to the Me~d,~cal Practitioners Act requires doctors to notify the Victorian Health Commissi~o,n yf they have reason to believe a patient is a drug addict. 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400050061-5 %J - The president ot the Gen- they u�ould end up on a eral Practitioners Society, police file. Dr' Tom Pietzsch, said !ie �~If confidentiality is bro- n~as concerned cliat the leg- ken you will find patients no isia[ion ~�ouid require doc- longer trusting doctors," lze tors to act as policemen in said. - . reporting drug-dependant Dr MacDonald said th~ patients. AMA would discuss the _ ~�The traditional role of the proposals with the State medical practitioner as a Minister for Health, Mr Bor- healer w�ill be destroyed and tha�ick, next week. � ~ the incimate patient-doctor , The president of the Doc- relationship jeopardised if tors Reform Society, Dr An- patients realise that their drew Refshauge, said doctor w�ill be required by restrictions on prescribing law to report on them," he drugs were welcome but the said. reporting of par,ients w�as of "While ~ti�e are keenly very dubious ~�alue. aware of the e~�er-growing He said it would be an in- problem of druq abuse in fringement of the patient's this country, this is not privacy. g~ing to be solved by in- A spokesman for Mr Bor- creasing penalties and more `nwick said police would n~t stringent gor�ernment con- have access to Health Com- trols." ~ mission files on drug addicts. ~ The president of the He said the reports would AMA's Victorian branch, Dr be used by the commission J. F. MacDonald, said ad- to keep'~ track of addicts' diccs might not seek medical movements so they can be creatment if they thouRht identified and rehabilitated. West Australia Draft ~ Perth THE WEST AUSTR~LLAN in English 5 Aug 81 pp 1, 10 ~ Excerpt] ~ � The WA and Victorian ~to help !n the~ rehabili- growing, preparation and Governments yester3ay ~Uon oj drug addicts. wholesaling, � -announced details oi touSh new penalties, for Victoria also announc~ People manutaMuring people, inYOlved in drug ed proposals for stiifer or preparing cannabis or dealinA and trafSicking, penalties for people con- opium wiil be subject to In -WA; ~drug dealers victed of drug dealing, higher pena2tles - iir,es and traflickers convict- The.y introduced o� up to 5100,000 ed ot~conspiring to manu� in the next session o! and/or 25 years' gaol tacture, suppiy or sell parliament due to begin for opium, and $10,000 drugs~ can' t~e gaoled for next month, and/or up to 10 years' up to 20. years, with no gaol for cannabis. option ot a fine, under The WA provisions are leglslation . introduced , in conta[ned .n a redralt as well as increasing State ~arliament yester� of the Misuse oi Drugs other penalties for druJ day; Bill. offences related to tra~ In ~both States, le isla- ficking, the Bill gives the g Tlie Minlster fur PoUce police greater power to tion will provide !or the and 'h~afiic, Mr Hassell, investigate the drug seizure oi assetg con� said that the Bill _-2~ trade and seize and nected with drug dealIng. g~~ted the. Government's lreeze 2he proceeds oi Tha Victorian Govern- intention~ of 'tackling the drug dealing. ment proposes that con- . drug probiem at th� top � ~ tiscated assets. be used 2ex?eis. o~ tt~e.".diaia - � 4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400054061-5 The police � would be- Explaining~ the ~Bil] in able to freeze assets in- the Legislative Asseml} cluding bank deposits, ly Mr Hassell said that pending a court ruling the focus oi the Bill w;as on whether money or directe@ at the dn~g properLy should be!or� dealer chain. feited to the crown. ' Unlawful sale or dis�' ~~T posal oi these proceeds ~~~gs remain and peT� ~ _ would incur a penalty ot hapy are increasingly a � up to five years' gaol or' threat to the eommun- a$20,000 fine, ' ity," he said. Refusal to give lnior~ : ~There is no room for ~ mation or providin~ false ~mplacency in. dealing cr misleading informa�' ~e drug problern. tion will have a masi- ~ mum penalty o! up to : "The Government rea- three years' gad or a lises that harsh laws dir� . ;3000 fine. ected to addicts alone The Bill tormalises the W~ll not reduc~e 21ee � - police practice of using P~blem. under�cover ofiicers but" "The legislation 8im� strengthens provis9ons ' ed at cu,tting .�o~t ~ the to prevent misuse of marke2 st~p~O~y. 3t aims their powers. ' profite~rss~beh~.ndee t~e � OFP'E.vCES . scenes.", . Among the ofiences in . ga~~n also intra ~ the Bill, are: duced the Acts Arreend~ � Preparation oi can�'. ment ~Irfisuse of Drugs) nabis or opium. Bill wh9ch extends the � Owning, leasing or jurisdict3an oi the Dis� occupying premises used trict Court to handle for prepar~ng a drug. more drug tratticking ~ Possessing a~ipe or and dealing oifences. other utensil which has Ix was proposed to been used for smoking acnend the Ch}xd ~/elfare of drugs. Act to provide Yor the � Being found in any control and treatment of - place being used for children involved with smoking drugs. proG~ibited drugs or � Forging or altering.a plants, hp said. - prescription to obta~n ~e debate on both prohibited drugs. . gills was adjournecL The Bill removes the six�month iimitation for commencing a prosecu- tion. CSO: 5300/7583 5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPR~VED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-04850R000400050061-5 . AUSTRAI.IA TWO HEROIN SMUGGLERS GET 20-YEAR JAIL SENTENCES Sydney THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD in English 8 Aug 81 p 15 [Text] ~ ~ - � . Two Americans 'convicted af p~~ s~~v, . co being importing ~700,000 wotth of knowinglY coacerned m the impoc- . heteitL wete each sentenced to ~uon of hero~n on t6e same dau. Detecrive,Sergeant W. HarrinB- 2Q ye3r5~ i3i1 in the ~sttlCt ton. of the Federal Police, said - c~ coun y~t~raay, ~ ~at at sya~y a~ oa J~~~ -�4 a blue suiccase had l:ren found Jnd~e ~Cameron-Smith ~ said the' to contaia more than one kilo~am defeace had claimed that the he- of heroia coacealsd in a,false cam- roin was not intended for sale in pzrtmeat ia the lid . ' Awualia Dut was fouad dwing an ' He said Ambmae was seen at- enforccd stapover . by the two mm tempting to ta~e delivery of the in Sydney: case but he had theQ changeu his� � "I don'.[ wsnt it to be thought - mind. hae a ovetseas bY ~yo~ 3ergeaat Harrington 'said Wha- Australia hr~s nat dpne everythiag b~ ~tteti that the case con- ~ in ib powa W� pr~vmt iu land taiaed heroin. � bea~ used as a supping stoae by ~e men had admitied buying criminals or that they can act with ~e heroin ia ganekok but had mmpumty to uaffic heroin 'or aaY claimed they intended to take the ~0 ~0 ~~g� ~d' heroin to Fiji, where it would be Daniel Ray Whalen, 31, of delivered to couriere before beiag SouW East Main Strdo~ Portland, .~en w, the USA. . Oregoa, and David Michael Am- goth mea wen heroin addicts. brose, 33, of South West Oaks ~rgeant Harrington said that Street, ia the same city, aPPeared when testbd, the heroin was found before Jud~e Cameron-Smith foc' to be more than 60 per ant pure �eatcace.. . : - . . . ~ had an approximate street Ambrose pleaded guilty ~n8 value of 5700,000� Committal proceedings W iafport � . ing into Australia e quantity of ha Judge Cameron-Smith fued a roia on.laauary, 4 th~s� year. Whe no~pazole period of 9f Years. CSO: 5300/7583 6 . APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPR~VED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-04850R000400050061-5 AUSTRALIA BRIEFS NSW-'MR ASIA' LINK--Sydney--A NSW detective has begun investigations in Britain into possible connections between the disappearance of Griffith anti-drug cru- _ sader ponald Mackay and the "Mr Asia" drug ring. The policeman, Det-Sgt Joe Parrington, has flown to London to continue inquiries into the four-year-old Mackay mystery. NSW CIB detectives said yesterday that Det-Sgt Parrington was working with the Lancashire police. Suggestions made during the "Mr Asia" trial in Lancashire indicated a link between the drug ring~and Mr Mackay's dis- appearance. The Victorian Police Assistant Commissioner, Mr John Hall, told an inquest in Melbourne earlier this year that he thought there were connections . between the drug syndicate, the failed Nugan Hand Bank and Mr Mackay's disappear- ance. When the "Mr Asia" trial ended last month the NSW Premier, Mr Wran, said that the police would fly to Britain to continue investigations into the Mackay mystery. Det-Sgt Parrington, who headed the Mackay investigation,' will try to interview members of the "Mr Asia" syndicate who were gaoled after the trial. The syndicate's boss, New Zealander Alexander James Sinclair, and others were ~ found guilty of murdering one of their colleagues, Christopher Martin Johnstone, who was known as "Mr Asia." [Text] [Perth THE WEST AUSTRALIAN in English 6Aug81p 23] CSO: 5300/7583 ~ 7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450061-5 INDIA = MINISTER ADDRESSES CONFERENCE OF POPPY GROWERS Bombay THE TIMES OF INDIA in english 25 Auq 81 p 13 [Text] Indore, August 24--Nearly 3,000 tonnes of opium worth lts. 90,cr.ores, which are lying unsold, would be exported through the STC at reduced rates, the Union minister of state for finance, Mr. Sawai Singh Sisodia, announced on Saturday. Addressing a conference of poppy cultivators at Neemuch he said pattas would be _ given to 200,000 poppy cultivators in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan for the 1981-82 season despite the glut in the market. Nearlg 10~000 cultivators - attended the conference. Mr. Sisodia praised the cultivators of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for increasing the per hectare yield to 44.337 kgs and 45.238 kgs respectively. He suqgested that the facilities given to the tea, coffee and jute aultivators should be qiven to poppy cultivators also. The minister said the state CID had been asked to investigate the recent theft of morphine from the Neemuch alkaloid factory. Referring to another�scandal involv- � ing some officers who were uaing defective weights Mr. Sisodia said the CBI had been asked to investigate. CSO: 5300/7019 8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 INDIA BRIEFS 'NARCOTICS KING' ARRESTED--Pune, August 13 (UNI)--The r.atorious "narcotics king" of ~ Pune, Mohammed Jaffer Wali Alias Sattar, was yesterday detained under the Maharash- tra prevention of dangerous activiL�ies of slumlords, bootleggers and drugs ordi- nance of 1981. With this detention, the n~anber of people held under the ordina.nce in the city has qone up to eight. [Text] [Bombay THE TIMES OF INDIA in English 14 Aug 81 p 20] DELHI oPIUM SEIZURE--Detectives of the crime branch of Delhi Police caught a man fra~n Bareilly at Vijay Ghat, me:norial of Lal Bahadur Shastri, on ~'hursday night with about two kg of opium, reports PTI. Deputy commissioner of police~(crime) - R S Sahaye said on Friday that the opium had been brought for disposal in the Capital. [Text] [New Delhi PATRIOT in Enqlish 22 Auq 81 p 8] ~ CSO: 5300/7018 9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400054061-5 - PAKISTAN BRIEFS PETHIDINE RECOVERED--The excise and taxation office (west) arrested three persons from two different places of the city and recovered from their possession 7,000 ampules of pethidine worth Rs 1,005,000 packed in cartons and 12 maunds of.high quality. charas. This is the biggest haul of pethidine in exise history. [GF131317 Karachi DAWN in English 11 Sep 81 p 4] POLICE SEIZE DRUGS--Karachi police seized 10 kg of hashish and 1,000 vials of pethadine worth over 20 million rupees at two places on Friar Road and Nazimabad on 10 September. The narcotics were bound for overseas markets. Police also arrested three persons whose names have not been disclosed. [GF122007,Karachi MASHRIQ in Urdu 11 Sep 81 p 6] VENDOR SEIZED WITH NARCOTICS--SDM Liaquat Abad, Mr Iftikhar Alam accompanied by the local magistrate raided the premises of notorious narcotic dealer, Salif-ur-Rahman on Allama Rashid Turabi Road in North Nazim Abad and seized 250 bottles of liquor, 15 crates conta~ining 150 tanks of alcohol, 46 dozens of pathetdine, 2 gross sy"ringes, large quantites of smuggled opium and tablets of mandrake. The owner of the premises, Saif-ur-Rahman escaped, but the manager, Badshah Khan, as well as others present there, were taken into custody._ A loaded re~rolver in possession of Badshah Khan, was also seized. Alcohol was being smuggled by a doctor while nar- cotics were obtained from Peshawar. The poli.ce is in search of others indicted of this crime. [Text] [Rawalpindi TAMEER in Urdu 1 Aug 81 p 5] 9779 HYDERABAD DRUG USE--The use of drugs are on the increase in the district, parti- cularly in Iiyderabad citiy, and is now spreading fast among the new generation.� Narcotics like Charas, Opium, Bhang (Hemp, Hashish, Rockee capsules and locally made liquor And other harmful intoxicants are on wide sale. This has resulted in social crimes and criminal acts such as robberies, theft, kidnapping,.murder and - what not. It is reported that underground distilleries are runaing in and around Hyderabad. Some of the drugs are reportedly smuggled from the Punjab, the NWF'P and the Tribal areas. [Text] [Karachi MORNING NEWS in English 20 Aug 81 p 3] CSO: 5300/4652 ~ _ 10 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450061-5 PHILIPPINES BRIEFS MARIHUANA PLANTS SEIZED--Cebu City, Aug. 7--PC operatives pulled Wednesday their biggest haul of mari3uana plants in a week in Argao, Cebu, bringing to over P5 million the total value of the prohibited plants they have uprooted in three raids. Lt. Lanio Nerez, of the Cebu PC command, said the latest raid was conducted on a Bureau of Forest Development reforestation area in barangay Cansuje, Argao. The up- rooted marijuana seedlings in the latest raid were worth more than P3.5 million, - Herez said. No arrest were made, however, he said. Nerez said Wednesday's haul was the third in one week. The first was on Aug. 1 in barrio Ubaub and the second in barangay Butong, he said. He said that as in the latest haul, the plants were discovered in BFD refor estation areas. Authorities are naw looking for the owners of the plantations, he said. (PNA) [Text] [Manila PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS in Eaglish 8 Aug 81 p 3] HEROIN CONNECTIONS UNCOVERED--The PC said yesterday it has found, after successive raids in Metro Manila and Cebu, proof of big-time trafficking of heroin from Manila to Hawaii and possibly the U.S. mainland by a gang of Americans and Filipinos. The Manila-Hawaii route, which also uses Cebu as an alternate base, was discovered by PC anti-narcotics agents after the arrest of two Americans and their six Filipino . associates on drug charges. Heroin is a highly-potent narcotic that causes takers to have hallucinations. It is banned, because of its addictive properties and sometimes lethal effects. It is usually passed on to users in powder form for easy sniffing and mixing with liquids taken intravenously. Lt. Col. Jewel Canson of the PC anti-narcotics units also reported the seizure in the past few days of millions of pesos worth of heroin believed bound for Honolulu and $36,300 in cash used by the gang. Canson said two raids were carried aut at the Tradewinds Hotel in Makati and one at the Cebu City residence of Steven Balarama, 30, a businessman reportedly with a drugs case. Held last Aug. 15 at the hotel were two Americans--Glenn K. Koeneg, 20 and Thomas R. Doherty, 28--and five Eilipinos, four of whom were identi- fied as Andrew Steven Parco, Cesar Banares, Javi P. Rubio and Roberto Cervantes. Seized from them were assorted heroin containers, drug kits and $17,000 in 100- dollar bi11s. Three days later, CANU teams from Manila swooped down on Balarma's house in Sto. Nino Village in Cebu City, and confiscated more heroin, drug tools, and $19,300. Balarama also yielded an unlicensed cal. 25 pistol and various let- ters and documents indicating the gang's contacts in Hawaii and the U.S. mainland. Canson said the documents were now being ar.alyzed and ver~fied to esta'ulish the group's operations and their contacts. After his arrest, Balarama was taken to the CANU rehabilitation center in Taguig, Metro Manila, for treatment. CSO: 5300/4964-E 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450061-5 BAHAMt~s DRUGS WORTH $5 MILLION, TWO MEN SEIZED AT SEA Nassau THE TRIBUNE in English 13 ~~ug 81 p 1 [ T ext ] - ~ � FIVE MILLION dollars ~nners put up no resistance. worth of assorted hard drugs On board rhe unmarked ~~ere seized by the Bahamas speed boat was found "a Defence Force during a ~~So of. assorted substances routine patrol in the Beny $~P~ted of being quaaludes, Islands area Tuesdaay night. SP~d, and perhaps cocaint," Two males - an American a spokesman said. . and a Cuban-American - The Defence Force have been taken inEo police spokesman valued the cargo custody. of drugs at SS million. Our picture by Franklyn "It is the biggest haul that Robiason shows Criminal we have made of these type Investigation Officers ' of drugs," a Defence Force removing boxes of quaaludes spokesman said. just a portion of the SS HMBS Inagua, under the million worth of hard dru~s command of Lt Jackson seited by the Bahamas . Ritchie, apprehended the Defence Force during a , unmark~d speed. boat E:30 routine patrol in the Beny Tuesday night between the Islands area Tuesday night. ~ Ber:y Islands and R~usell The cargo also contained Beacan. The suspected drug other drugs includin~ cocaine. 1Z APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400054061-5 . ~ ~ . ) t~ ~ }v� ~ ~N";x ~ r.: P ` r~ ~ ~ y ~ ~ .:~~i~ �tl .~r' ~ 3 . ' L~ � ' ! ti h i~l~'', � � ~ ` ~ ~ CS `#1~' .~F:b1 H R:'" ..^'~'~+~1 . ` ' '~j.(~ l3 t.'` ~ ~ ! '~,e~F ' `,T, ~ . , . ~~~P .Iw:.` ~,~'~r'" _ ~5~ CSO: 5300/7582 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450061-5 BERMUDA BRIEFS JAIL ?N COCAINE CASE--A brilliant student whose mind was "blown by drugs" was jailed for three years yesterday for importing cocaine and cannabis into Bermuda. Derek Sims, 22, of Sun Valley, Warwick, admitted imnorting cocaine, with an estimated street value of $17,300, and cannabis worth $2,175 on June 21. _ [Excerpt] [Hamilton THE ROYAL GAZETTE in English 13 Aug 81 p 5] CSO: 5300/7582 14 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R440400050061-5 � BFA7IL INTERNATIONAL MARIHUANA TRAFFIC RING DISBANDED Paraguayan Source Rio de Janeiro JORNAL DO BR~ISIL in Portuguese 7 Aug 81 p 20 [Text] The drug ring led by millionaire Luis Newton Galeano (."Juca"), arrested by Federal Police, supplied 15 tons of marihuana a year, or 10 million cruzeiros' worth per month, to the Brazilian market. The drug, obtained mainly in the Paraguayan cities of Capitao Bado and Pedro Juan Caballo, was transported in trucks, concealed under loads of wood, or on three planes. Divulging details of the arrests, Police Chief Inacio Carlos Dias Lopes said one of the pilbts involved was Uel Sousa, of Brasilia, an employee of the Superintentency for Development of the Central West, who disappeared with a Bonanza plane, registra- tion PT-CMZ. Among the 28 persons indicted for criminal association in Sapucaia do Sul, Rio, Grande do Sul, were three police officers of the Second Police Precinct in Santos, Sao Paulo. The three men--Nelio Assis Lima ("Kojak"), Tadeu de Campos and Ademar Guerra--accepted a bribe of 1 million cruzeiros from Luis Newton Galeano. The ixiternational marihuana traffic ring was set up in Parana and Santa Catarina by Juca Galeano in late 1978, when he came out of prison in Porto Alegre. Now aged 30, and with several convictions, he is known as "The Man With the White Ghost." The owner of a white Volkswagen, he stole several cars of the same make and color, transferring his own license plate to them and selling them in Paraguay. Judge Francisco Barbosa froze Galeano's bank accounts, including those opened under false names as Luis Massa, Isidro Duo and Luis Carlos Goncalves Filho. These accounts, added to the value of the property of the group, which was seized and impounded, amount to almost 300 million cruzeiros. A 396-hectare estate in Guarapuava, Parana, with 200 head of cattle, was also discovered and legally impounded, as were five 20-hectare farms on which the marihuana was hidden: one in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Parana; the Melodio Farm, in Biguacu, Santa Catarina; two in Camburiu, Santa Catarina; and the fifth in Jordao, Santa Catarina. Also impounde~ were 5 houses and an apartment in Porto Alegre; a launch; S trucks, 15 automobiles, including a Volkswagen, a Passat and a Brasilia; 5 vans; and 50 million cruzeiros in dollars, guaranis and cruzeiros. 15 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050061-5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400054461-5 Y;~,,,z;~ f: ii i::;?:.a3i'~`i:xi:.. _ y:::`;:,,::.,,:';:::;;::q:.., i^ i:iit�~'~'.:::'.aw ' _ ~...;r..:~ i;::'.. ;s