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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/Q2/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY JPRS L/10022 30 September 1981 Woridwide Re ort p NARC~TICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS CFOUO 45/81) , FBIS FOREICaN BROADCAST INFO~MATIC~N SERVICE - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 NOTE JPRS publications contain information primarily frum foreign ne.:,papers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are translated; those from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text) - or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original in�orcaa.tion was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the infor- mation was summarized or extracted. , Unfamiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentY~eses. Words or names preceded by a ques- ~ tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appropriate in context. ~ Other unattributed parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. Times within items are as - given by source. The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- cies, views or at.titudes of the U.S. Government. COPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLTCATION BE RESTRICIED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R004400050072-3 FOR OF'F[CIAL US~ ONLY JPRS Z/10022 30 Sep~ember 1981 WORLDWIDE REPORT - NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS ' (FOUO 45/81) _ CONTENTS ASIA ' B URMA Rangoon Paper on Success in An tinarcotics Drive (Editorial; LOKTEiA PYEITHU NEZIN, 14 Aug 81) . . . . . . . . . . . . e . . . 1 Briefs Opium an Mail Trian 2 Opium Arrest an Train 2 Black Opium in Mergui 2 . Heroin Seizure on Ship 2 Maymyo Opium Arrest 2 - He roin Seizure in Mogaung 3 HONG KONG Drug Traffickers' Diversion en Rot~te to Hong ~ong ( ~iE WOIr[CING PEOPLE' S DAI,LY, 25 Aug 81) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 MALAYSZA Police Report Drug Seizures, Arrests for First Half of :~98~ (NEW STRAITS Z'IMES, 8 Jul 81) 5 , Seven Kg of Opium, Murphine Seized Near Port Klang - (NEW SZ'RAITS TIMES, 8 Jul 81) 6 Crackdown on Smugglers, Pushers in Sabah (BORNEO BULLETIN, 18 Jul 81) 7 ' Large Addict Population in Johore Baru ' (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 29 Jtm 81) 8 ~ _ a _ [IIS - WW - 133 FOUO] APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 ' FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY NEW 7.EALAND Drug Trade Said i3nder Control, Inquiry Unnecessary (EVEN1NG POST, 7 Aug E1) 9 Briefs Drug Abuse in Military 10 Sramen's Drug Canvictions 10 PAKIS TAN Briefs Ships Carrying Drugs to Europe ~-1 Massive Drugs Haul PHILIPPINES Marihuana Plantations in Benguet, Nueva Vizcaya Raided (PHILIPPINES LIAILY EXPRESS, 8 Sep 81) 12 Plants Destroyed, Arrests Made ' Cultivator K311ed NPA Marihuana Field Raided , (BULI.ETIN TODAY, 15 Aug 81) 14 Police Seize Heroin, Arrest Seven Men (BULLETI~T TOLIAY, 16 Aug 81) 15 Briefs Hexoin Seized 17 TAIWAN Briefs Suspected Drug Factory 18 THAILA.ND Nation A.dopts New Plan To Wipe Out Opium ~ (NATION REVIEW, 4 Aug 81) 19 ONCB Qzief Backs Substitution Plan; Conflic~s Noted (Vithoon Pungprasert; THE NATION REVIEW, 1 Aug 81) 21 Center of Drug Addiction in Bangkok Noted _ ~7.YE NATION REVIEW, 5 Aug 81) 23 Irb re Hilltribesmen Cultivute Opium - (Manas Ruamrsdee; THE NATION RE~'IEW, 5 Au~ 81) 24 UN Team Hi*_s Guaranteed Income P3an for Opium Grawers (THE NATION REVIEW, 10 Aug 81) 26 ~ b - _ FOR OFFICIAI~ USE aNLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Qiietig Mai Villages Targeted for Crackdown (BANG~OK POST, 20 Aug 81) 27 ~ao Held With Lao Opium (THE NATION REVIEW, 30 Aug $1) 28 Negative Effects of Poppy Cultivation Reviewed ' (Editorial; THE NATION REVI~d, 7 Aug 81) 29 Morphine Smugglers Arrested in Hat Yai (BANQCOK POST, 30 Aug 81) 31 Akh a Tribesmen Arrested With Heroin - (BANQCaK POST, 29 Aug 81) 32 Briefs � Opium Processing Plant 33 CANADA Heroin Smuggled in Cor~tainerE Called Problem by Customs Officers (Ian Mulgrew; THE GLOBE AND MAIL, NATIONAL ~DITION, - 25 Aug 81) 34 B rie fs ` Drug Offenses Increase 36 LSD Arrests 36 LATIN AME RI ~A BAHAMAS - Bail Forfeitures Leave Police With Huge Drug Stores (Dilette 1llompson; 1iiE TRIB~iF:, 17 Aug 81) 37 GUATEMALA Briefs Marihuana Confiscated 39 MEXI(~ Technology Used To Coimter Drugs Described (EL DIARIO DE PIEDRAS NEGkAS, 19 Aug 81)..........~....��������� ~ _ Officials Gfiar~ed With Escape of Inmates Releaised (~L DIARIO D~E PIEDRAS NEGRAS, 13 Aug F~1) 41 - c - ~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 _ ~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Traffickers Involved in Escape Fmm Detention Center (EL MANANA, 24 Aug 81) 44 Op3um Traffickers Apprehended in Several Locations (EL llIARIO DE PIEDRAS NEGRAS, 14 Aug 81) 46 Briefs Opium Trafficker Arrested 47 Antidrug Coordination 47 Traffickers' Land Reassigned 47 NEAR EAST AND NORgI AFRICA IRAN Ministry Reports Antinarcotics, Police Accomplishments (KEYHAN, 9 Sep 81) 49 WEST EUROPE DENMARK Brie�s Police Find Morphine Tablets 51 FEDERAI, REPiiBLIC OF GERMANY � Study on Motivation of Youth To Begin Taking Drugs _ (DER SPIEGEL, 14 Sep 81) 52 ITAT~Y Hug~ Hashish Seizure on Ship in Bari ~ . ~LA GAZZETTA DEL ME ZZOGIORNO, 27 Aug 81, IL MATTINO, 27 Aug 8?) 55 Inadequate Drug Laws Decried, by Dionisio Ciccarese Suspicious Ship Searched TURKEY Six Foreigners Arrested for Hemin Smtiggling _ (HU:tRIYET, 9 Sep 81, ~UNAYDIIv, 9 Sep 81) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 ~HURRIYE`T' Comment ' GUNAYDIN' Photo UN ITE D KI NGDOM Briefs ~Cocaine Smuggler Jailed 61 - d - PO R OFFI CIAL USE ON'LY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 BURMA ~ RANGOON PAPER ON SUCCESS IN r1NTINARCOTICS DRNE BK211505 Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHLT NEZIN in.Burmese 14 Aug 81 p 4 [Editorial: "Accelerating Success in Ar?tinarcotics Drive"] [SiIInmary] The success in the antinarcotic drive--which has been launched as a national campaign under the guidance of the Burma Socialist Program Party [BSPP]-- is accelerating. The narcotic drugs law was passed in the country in 1974 to eradicat~ narcotic drugs. Under the law, sentences ranging from 5 years imprisonment to the death penalty can be given for various drug offenses. "In accordance with this law, action has been taken against persons using narcotic drugs and persons engaged in the narcotic drugs trade. During 1980, there were 2,495 durg cases. These included 835 opium cases; 536 heroin cases; 292 marijuana cases; and other 832 cases which included failurP to register and gossession of a syringe. Narcoti~ drug~ cases declined in 1980 compared to 1979 in which 4,363 narcotics cases were reported." In addition to legal action, antinarcotic drugs control work in the fields of pre- vention, treatment, rehabilitation and drug education among students was carried out folloiomg the formation of the central narcotics control board. The national. antinarcotic drugs control campaign is being carried out jointly by the army, the people's police force, p~blic aervants and the local people. "The narcotic drugs suppression work was carried out like a military operation. Be- tween the 1974-75 opium cultivation season and the I980-81 season, a total of 37,677 acres of opium fields were destroyed. Bet*aeen 1975 and 6 February 19t31, _ Z20,000 mari~uana plants were 'destroyed:" - The effective antinarcotics drive can be attributed to the leadership and guidance of the BSPP and cooperation among the members of the armed forces, the people's police force, members of the local par~y, council, mass and class organizations and the people. ~ CSO: 5300/4655 1 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 . BURMA BRIEFS OPIUM ON MAIL TRAIN--Mohnyin, 8 on.information, police personnel and people's coun~illors of Kachin State's Hopin yesterday searched the Mandalay- Myitkyina special mail train and found about 3 viss [1 viss equals 3.6 pounds] of c~oked opium on Daw Hkazn Htwan of No 9 ward in Namtu--five packe~s in her~bag and one packet in her bedroll--and found 1 viss of cooked opium on Ma Mya Aye, - alias Ma Hla Hla Aye, of No 2 ward in Namtu--one packet in her bedroll and another in lier ur~3erwear. Action has been taken against the two women. [Text] [BK211412 Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 17 Sep 81 p 4] OPITJM ARREST ON TRAIN--Hsipaw, 14 Aug--On 10 August morning, railway police Corpor- al U Sein Maung and Corporal U Than Win searched a masket carried by passenger Daw ~ Nwe of No 5 ward in Lashio, who was travelling in coach No 2, when the Lashio- Mandalay train No 132 reached Hsipaw station. They found 1.5 viss [1 viss equals 3.6 pounds] af raw opium hidden in two hollowed-out pineapples in the basket. [Text] [BK211412 Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 22 Aug 81 p 4] - B?~ACK OPIUM IN MERGUI--On 10 August, Maung Tun of Tavoysu Ward in Mergui was summoned to the township police station for questioning. Ten small packets of black opium were found hidden in a hat he was wearing. Maung Tun was arrested and charges have been filed against him under sections 6.B and 14.D of the narcotic drugs law. [BK211412 Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmesc~ 23 August 81 p 6] EEROIN SEIZURF. ON SHIP---A search team composed of police and por~ authorities of Bhamo on 22 July conducted a search on Bhamo-Mandalay passenger ship "Pyadapyan." Ma Yi Yi Sein of Wetlu Village in Katha Township and Ma Khin San Myint of Theingi ward in Katha were found to b~e carrying .50 viss [1 viss equals 3.6 pounds]~of opium in their hand lugga~e. Charges have b~en filed against the two women under. sections 6.B and 7.B of the narcotic drugs law~. [BK211412 Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHU NEZIN in Burmese 10 Aug 81 p 2] MAYMYO OPIUM ARREST--Maymyo, 5 Sep--Acting en information, Maymyo Township Police Commander U Sein Lwin, city police station Officer U Thein Tun and some councillors from No 3 ward raided the residence of a Sino-Shan, Ma Air Pu, at 0600 on 4 Sep- tember and seized two ba11s of raw opium weighing 3.26 kilograms and wortn 5,600 kyat. The Maymyo people's police station has filed charges iinder sections 6.B, 10.B and 14.A of the narcetic drugs law against Ma Air Pu, 30, the houseowner; and Maung Aik Sein, 24, the opium carrier of No 8 ward in Kyaukme. [Text] [BK211412 Rangoon I`'nA~ ~IN in Burmese 15 Sep 81 p 4] 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450072-3 HEROIN SEIZURE IiV MOGAUNG--The ward council and the anti-insurgent team of Mogaung on 3 August arre~ted Htay Win, alias Kyaw Htay Win, of Shwenyaung with 1 pound, 13 - ounces of pure heroin valued at 50,000 kyats in Aung Thukha ward, Zegon Quarter. Htay Win was arrested while delivering the heroin hidden in a speaker to the house of Sai Aik La and Ma Cherry. The seized opium reportedly belonged to Z'in Myint, alias Sai San Tun, oi ~aunggyi. Charges have been filed agianst the courier, the awner of the heroin and the owners of the house. [BK211412 Rangoon LOKTHA PYEITHU NEZIN in Burmese 14 Aug 81 p 4] CSG: 5300/4655 ~ ~ 3 I i APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R004400050072-3 - . HUNG KONG DRUG TRAFFICICERS' DNERSION EN ROUTE TO HONG KONG Ran~oon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY~in English 25 Aug 81 p 7 [Text] HONG HONG, s3 Au~For the Srst time~ Hoag Hong's qati-narcotics agents havd found t}utt drug tra.~ekers have been usiag - Chins ss a diversioa to sell to Hong Hong. 'The agents were drug syndicates, traffic- . awakened to the diversioa kers have given up s!~ip- when the Canton autho- ping drugs to Hong Kong rities recently seized by junks and changed to ' ' kilogramm~ of the "diversion' tactic, apium and arrested i4 he said. suspects, one of whom is pithough China has said to be a buyec for a b~en classifieu as a"clean Hong Kong syndicate. gince no ~~-ugs had ThrPe m~n . and six come out of it, anti- ~ women amoag the arrest- narcoric agents have not ed had come W Canton relaxed their vigilance ' from the border of south for fear of shrewd traffic- Chiaa's 'Yunna.n Province. kers making use of the A spokesman for the 1OOPhole~ he said. Anu-NarcoticsBureau here A recent crackdr,wn by - told the Press Saturday Canton authorities on - that so far there has been traf~'ickers revealed how no large-scale syndicate they carried drugs using Cantan as a"transit through south China's base" to channel drugs Yunnan Province to into Hong Kong. Canton where they made Since i974 when Hong contacts with Hong Kong Kong smashed several t~ckers, the spokesman said. C~O: 53Q0/4966 i ~ j 4 ; ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 r~aY s i~ POLICE REPORT DRUG SEIZ1JRES, ~RRESTS FOR FIRST HALF OF 1981 Kuala Lumpur NEIJ STRAITS 'TL~1ES in English 8 Jul 81 p 3 KUALA LUM�UR, 'i`ues� - Police have _ [Text] dealt a severe blow to the drug trade with the seizure of over 500,000 grammes of various types of drugs and the arre~t oi , 4,052 people, including 3"l foreigners, dur- ing the first half of the year. The biggest single success was in Alor Star last month when police detained a That national and seized 22 pounds oi morphine worth mil- lions of dollars. During the first hslf o[ pore, 14 from Thailand last year, police seized and one trom Paktstan. only about 61,OQ0 Dur(ng last month grammes ot drugs and g~one police arrested 636 arrested 3,630 people, in- people tor drug offences. ciuding 17 toreig~ners. They seized 6,021.55 In reviewing the Hrst gramme~ ot prepared = half af 1981, CID ~irector o p 1 u m, 3 0, 0 0 8. Q 0 8 Datuk Abdul Rahim Is� ~8mme9 0[ morphine, mail satd yesterday the 3,146.94 g: ammes of hero- success In the sei�ures ~n and 1,224.6i grammes and arrests were due to o~ ganja. aooperation from the Commenting on the public. maior c�3ses last month. - He said tlll Juno this Datuk Abdul Rahman year poltce had seized safd on June 10, ot[icers 65,12s grammr.s ot pre- f r o m S u k i t A m a n pared opium, 20,333 ~~opped a� car In Alor grammes ot raw opium, Star. ?2.000 grammes of On examining it, they m o r p h t n e, 2 3, 3 6 9 tound n travelling bng grammes ot heroin and containing [ive blocks ot = 380,775 grammes ot, gan� morphine and arrested jA� the driver, a Tha3 cltizen. - O[ the 4.052 people ~r� On June 28, an Ameri- rested, ~101 will be canwasstop?edbypolice charged tor drug peddl- olticer, along Jalan $atu 1ng while 61 for tratfick� Ferringhi in Penang tng - which carries the shortly after midnight. death sentence or lite im� The man ~vas carrying prisonment. a plastic bag containing 3 So tar i5 peoplc have powder tin and a shavi:~o been sentenced to death foam can. for trafficking, lour e` On checking, thc ~t- whom have since bcen ficers fouad nine packets cxecuted. ot heroin hidden in the On the foreigners, Ua�. two tins. tuk Abdul Rahman said ln Kuala Lumpur on lhose arrested included June 15, officers stopped two irom ihe United a man in Jalan Che~as. States, two trnm Brunei, N e w a s c a r r y i n; a tw�o trom Denmark, two cigarette box which ccn- . trom E~ong Kong, three tained some heroin. - [rom Indonesia, one [rom New Zealand, two from Italy, onc trom Singa- - CSO: 5300!83~3 5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02149: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050472-3 :~f T ~y S In SEVEN KG OF OPIUi~I, :':GRFHINE SEIZED NEc~.Tt PORT KL~VG I:uala Lumpur t1E(~I STRAITS TI:tES in English 8 Jul S1 p 1 [Text] PORT I~LANG, Wed. - Customs gether with three narcotics doga, detained six people, includ- raided a house several hundred ing a 16-year�91d s~hoolgirl, and yards from the scene of ambush, seized nea,rly $1 million worth of later in the night. morphine and opium in two sepa- On searching the house, the oP- _ rat~ opera~ions near here yester- ficers s~ized a pot of prepared da opium weighing 5.~4kg. They also - Acting on a tip-off, a Customs arrested three occupants of the party led by SuFt. Ali bin Baba, laid house, including a 16-year-old an ambush on a cax at Jalan Telok schoolgirl. Gadong at 4 p.m. Tne Custqms party also seized They stopped a car vciith three sPVeral docurnents including twa p~~ple including a woman. It wa,s 1 It rns tb laeved sPhet drugs were - hea.ding tc~wards the port. On searching, the Customs of- meant fox th~ international market. ficers found a block of morphine The spokesman said the Custorns weighing 1.65kg hidden under the th s bs~nd;cate i for hthectpaste s x back seat. ~ A Gustoms spokesman said here months. _ today all three occupan~s of the cax Customs officials from three were detained and upon question- Sta~es took part in the operation. ing: the same Customs party; to- CSO: 5300/8353 b APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 ~ ~ IALAY S IA .l. C:~1CI~OWN Oi~ S~iUGGLERS, PUSHERS Iv S~BAH Kuala Belait BOR.'~EO BULLETIV in English 13 Ju1 81 p p 1, 2 ' [�XCerp ts ] ' KOTA KI\'~?BALC,'.- During che raids iast - Police and customs offi- Saturday when 30 people, " 'cers in Sabah haDe 1o- including a 32-year-old � ~ c!eared war on drug house�.vife and a~~�year- sm~gglers and drug push- old Chinese siaseh (me- - en, the police by form- dicine man), were derain- ing an anti-narco~ic: police fouud o ium team and the Customs and heroia v~lue~ at Department by obtaining. $300,Q00. a hiahsoeed launch. T'he 10 people, w~:o in- This fo}1o~vs the arrest cluded Sabaha~ and Pe- cE 10 neo~lr in raidi im m~sular I~talaysian~ aged crowded Gaya Street in between 22 and 54 are � ~~~ta Kinabal:t and ac ~ought to be the ~ain ~ Kamoung Air on the ~y~buton for a syndi- . , out!kirts of the stat~ ca- ~~e trying co spread it~ ' pital. operations throughout the Palice are aazious to Kota Kinabalu area. get on top of the drug � � ~ ~ problem brioce it geu A favourite drug smug- . out of hand and organised giing method is far un- ' czime syndicates get a suspecting travellers paca- firsi grip on tho state ~ng chrough Subang ~n- and iu addicts. ternational airporc :n Sabah has nothing like Pcains~rlar '.~falayeia to the serious dtug problem ~ Bi~~n lu3Sage or Eaced by Sarawak and boxa for friends in Sa- Peninsular ~fala}nia, but Eah. - police fear heroin and yfuch of tnis :~appens - opiusn are finding their on night flights to Sabah way onto the streeu, When ucurity and cus- mainly smuggled in from tams checla are les~ etnn- the mai~land bv sea or gent, although palice in by am:upecting air pas� the state capica( have sengers carrying other refused to either confirm traveller's luggage. or deny chis i~ one me- thod of bringing in illi- cic gaods. CSO: ~300/~3~3 7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R400404050072-3 u,Ai,Ai'SIA L~1kGE ADDICT POPULAijO*J I~T JOI'_CT_tE B~~RU Kuaia Lumpur `1E~~1 STR:~ITS TI~?ES in English 29 Jun 81 n 16 [TeXt ] J O H O R E B a r u only the vlsible tetl� bein~ addfcted, I �ant In most cases, tal- w~thout the dadah ad� tale sfRns. The needle 1o kick the habit but I klnR to the addicts is dlcts fs not Johore has been piercing his can'i do it alone. 11ke talkinR to a~ stone Baru. Addtcts are part buttocks too because ~~I even surrendered H,a~~, ~hey cannot - and parcel ot the town. the veins on his arms rnyself to the ho~pital hear, neitfier do they The addicts cannot J~s~ will not surface to be cured and was Want to hear. , be missed. Thev are ~nymore. sent to Tampoi hospi� There is no other everywhere. w'ashln~ He Y~tid he. went on (or two weeks.Then State that can beat cars tor money to buy druRs abuut a year they released me just ~ohore where the whatever amount ot back. His excuse, a Itke that: I w~as not re� number of crimes heroin they c~n get or broken hoine - the habllit:~ted. They told committed by addicts - rummaging rubbish reason put torward by me that the rehabUita- is concerned. Bob- - cans (or waste food. manv addicts. tion centre wss (uli b e r i e s, h o u s e- It ls a pUilul si~ht He ly one ot the and lhere w�as no more n r e a k f n g s, s n at c h buc It !s also something many ja~;a kereta boys place. thelts and other minor which has became han~in~ around Jalan ~~I went back to the crimes are rnmpant. part of Johure Saru ~h Foo~:, near the Tun slreels. I had no job, I Sex for drugs and ilfe. The si~ht does noi Abdul Razak Com� needed tood and m~ druRs toc sex are aiso shock anyone any� P~er~ earn[ng money addlct Iriends were nothing unusual. mure. by washing cars and there to sh~re what lit� T h e n u m b c r o t The addicts come "?ooklnR atter" cars. tle tood they h1d with temale addlcts (s also irom all over the State. At the central mar� me. The others, the yuite ~larmfng. The trom Pontian, ~[uar, ket, there is another educated ones, theY ratio, accordinK to a Kiuang, Kota Tinggi, youth, obvfously algo shunned me. Some ot yource, is somethinK Aiasal, Benut, Iiengit an uddict, a bialay by them knew ~ne but ~~ke one temale to eve- and even [rom other ~he name ot 1lustaphs they just avoided me. ry (ive male addicts. States. or "'.1tus" to his ac� "So 1'm teft with the Girl~ are beinQ Sume were alre.idy quafntances, who goes addicts and being w~ith druRRed tor ses, as addicts when they from one trult staU to lhem, I am Ilke them.l Mentri Besar Tan Sri came to Johore Saru another asking tor would like very much Hajl Othman Saat said whlle others came, tuil (ruits. to lay ott "fit' (herofn) recently, and thcre arc ot innocence, tor the � He ~ets one pineap� II only I could. R~~~s who scll tl~eir brt~ht city lights, tiut P~~ trom one siall und "The trouble with bodies !or druRs. succumbeA lo the �cul� s~ coconut trom anoth� e~�erybody Is thut they The ,1[entri liesar ture sho~k" oi lhe so� ~ w' h e n h e h xs arr e~�er read ~ lo con� describ~d lhe~e };trls phistlcated town lile. enouRh, he w91.1 piuc~e demn druR abuae but S~y ~;Lnak ahu's" (~vi~d Son~e started �ith his frufts in front o( the lhey don't do anythin}; underaRed Rirl~). Rsnja (marijuanu) ~n:trket and sell them. lo help people like The dadah problem - whlle olhers went "1 know, ub:~n~, that me." In the Stxte is loo n~al. � atraiqht to heroin to ~+'h~t I do is liko beh� One ot tiiustapha~ s Somew~here, some� impress "friends." K~nR but I don't beg for (riends said rltlier ar� one is cryinR for h~~ip S. Talib fs just 18. He ~noney. At least, I'm roRantly that as na� but not much. it see~ns, uyes the syrlnR~. The not stealinR, robbinR body taught hi~n to ~et can be do~e to help marks on hfs arms are or committin~ olher hooked on dadah, it h~~~~, evtdent. But these are torrtiw o( crimes and was only Ioqical that � vices. I can't help nobody should tell him lq 41AP. CSO~ 5300/3353 8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R040400050072-3 NE'?~ ZF'.ALAND DRUG TRADE SAID UNDER CONTROL, INQUIRY UNNECESSARY ~ Wellington EVENING POST in English 7 Aug 81 p 3 ~Text~ The drug scene in New "For, ahat you are~ tind- ~ The Government was Zealand at ~resent xs ing in New Zealand at the ~naintaining a hard line on being contatned~ Par- moment, and I make this ,~o~bis, and on all illiclt llament was told last night claim from a careEul study ~g$ . in the bud et debate. of th~ aituation at the mo- . It did not believe an jo- g ment, fs that t6e drug scene ~ quuy Would add anything to The Government MP far in New Zealand is bein~ coa- ~t it already knew. tained. It is not explodmg, it Horow6eoua, Mr Geoif � There was no parallel,. Thompson, said the 11~' ior .is nOt getting out of control, which Mr. Prebble was Auckland Central, Mr Rictr iE is not changing significant- ~g ~ ~.A ~e ard Prebble, was calling ~y io ~ra~t~r," the Horo- Australlan �situation, where a6enua MP told the 6ouse. again for an inquiry into po~j~ ~~~eat . it had beeo abown some coN . ~di''~~� rt tor t6e ended ~P~oo might exist in E6e po- The Goverment's re- ~~~h s6ow~ ath t, with ~ i0~' ' ~ ~ No tu~6 claims 6ad ever : sponse to the scourge of . the eiception oi ceaaabia oi- 6g fences, �offeaces tor . drug b~o n'?ade in New Zealand. ! dru " 6ad been,a constant a, ~ . monitbr[n g~ by ~ government i~~~ ~d reduced by 17 ' TEe Governmect, Mr ; oificlals tht'w~Bb the.miause ~~~o~ � Thompaon said, was. not of drugs commlttee~ and t6e ~ aware of any evidence to drugs advisory.committee, ''Effor.t Suggest the Mr Asia eyndj- to ensure t6e country was r.~.. . cate 6ad any remalNng ia- , keepinB uP to.. date wit6 Its The � reason ~ for ~ the in~ . te~est �6ere.. ~ , , . , ~�Y ~ enforcement,. Zreatmeat and xreaee .in canaabia otieoces~ ::;/?n inquiry could not elidt : educatioa requirements. ~e.. aaid," atecnrtied . irom .,a ' as ; much informatlon�' be= ~ �in addi~. ~ ~ 'greater,rpollce,~etiort.~ ~~e of :limita~on:evidence; - the law to combat 'che evils ~sei:urxa had� ~ b~en of �a '.~ncr~mination~ ~ucveillaace the, drug trade 6ad been iamaller nature, and deteo- ;~pnd,the: BatherlnB~of:~prooi made when nece~aary bY the .~tion had: been 'h~ore efiec- . by:eitiorceicient:s~gteacles~~aa Government. . tlve. . . ~ ~ . . ,the conc'ta could,. S:i J, ' xl; ~ h CSO: 5320/9090 9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 - NEW ZEALAND BRIEFS DRUG ABUSE IN MILITARY--Wellington (PA)--There have been 28 drug-related convic- tions of defence forces personnel in the last 12 months, the Minister of Defence (Mr Thomson) has told Parliament. Most were for offences related to drug experimentation, he said. Mx~ Thomson was asked by Mr P.I. Wilkinson (Nat. Kaipara) if he had any plan to try to stamp out drug abuse at New Zealand armed personnel establishments in New Zealand and abroad. "I hope that there is no implication in this questi~n that there is widespread drug abuse in the New Zealand Armed Forces," Mr Thomson said. "We have almost 13,000 servicemen and servicewomen and,in the last 12 months there have been 28 drug-related convictions." These had been dealt with by both the civil and military authorities, he said. Measures introduced to combat drug abuse included an education programme to teach service people about the dangers and penalties, and the production of notes to help commanding officers and medical officers recognise and handle drug cases. Mili- tary police had the responsibility to make checks and could use detection dogs if necessary, Mr Thomson said. ~Text~ ~Christchurch THE PRESS in English 25 Jul 81 p 11~ SF,AMEN'S DRUG CONVICTIONS--More than three-quarters of the seamen suspended from the seamen's register as a result of Section 40A of the Shipping and Seamen Act, - 1952, have been convicted of drug-related offences. This information was given in Parliament by the Associate Minister of Transport (Mr Malcolm) in reply to a question by the member for East Coast Bays (Mr G. T. Knapp). The section under which the suspensions were was an amendment to the original act, passe3 in 1971 and which came into force in 1972. Under the amendment, seamen may be sus- pended on several grounds, including bad conduct, offences against discipline, desertion, endangering life or vessel, and conviction under the Narcotics Act and the Customs Act. Mr Malcolm said that since the provision came into force, 223 suspensions had been made, of which 180 had been drug-related. Mpst of these had related to the possession of drugs, seven were for the illegal importation of drugs, and 30 for supplying drugs. The section, which had the backing of the Seamen's Union, was "doing a great deal of good in cleaning up some sections of the industry " Mr Malcolm said. ~Text] ~Christchurch THE PRESS in English 6 Aug 81 p 4~ CSO: 5320/9090 10 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R004400050072-3 PAKISTAN s BRIEFS SHIPS CARRYING DRUGS TO EUROPE--Norrkoping (TT)--According to a Pakistani ship's captain there is no Pakistani ship sailing in European waters that does not have narcotics onboaid. The captain told customs agents in Stavanger that he recently threw 150 kg of hashish in the ocean off the English coast. The captain said he threw the drugs overboard on orders from the shipping company which had been tipped off that there was hashish onboard the ship. On Tuesday customs agents in Norrkoping found 3.7 kg of hashish and 1.2 kg of cannabis oil onboard another Paki- stani ship. The confiscated drugs represented a value of 425,000 Swedish kronor (627,000 Danish kroner). According to Lars Widholm, Norrkoping customs chief, it was suspected that the crew had thrown hashish into the ocean before the shi~.~ arrived in Sweden. Lars Widholm suspected the crew had traded hashish in West Germany for expensive goods. "Since crews on the Pakistani ships are poorly paid it is customary for them to earn extra income through trading hashish," said Lars Widholm. [Text] [Copenhagen BERLINGSKE TIDENDE in Danish 27 Aug 81 p 4] � 6578 - MASSIVE ~RUGS HAUL--Karachi excise department and criminal investigation agency officials seized 10 maunds of hashish and opium and arrested 5 persons who are re- ported to have links with an intErnational drug trafficker's gang. One of those arrested was a bus driver who had 5 kg of hashish in his possession and later con- fessed to the cache of drugs in his house in North Nazimabad District from where the drugs were recovered. [GF211303 Karachi JASARAT in Urdu 14 Sep 81 p 6] CSO: 5300/4654 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 PHILIPPINES MARIHUANA PLANTATIONS IN BENGUET, NUEVA VIZCAYA RAIDED Plants Destroyed, Arrests Made Manila PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS in English S Sep 81 P 2 [Text) NBI agents raided last week a five-hectare marijuana plantation in barangay Ampusangan, Kibungan, Benguet and uprooted some 7,050 full-grown marijuana plants worth P10 million. NBI Directc~r Jolly R. Buqarin said the raid was conducted after the arrest of two suspected marijuana suppliers in Sta. Mesa. Confiscated from the two--Francis Rilloraza.and Delfin Andiso, both Baguio City were three kilos of dried marijuana leaves. - Their arrest led NBI agents rush to the marijuana plantation alleqedly owned by Robert Baniaga, 35, of La Trinidad, Benguet. Baniaga is now being hunted together with two of his caretakerso one Murphy and one Balangue, both of Benguet. In another development, NBI operatives in Naqa City arrested a marijuana supplier in sitio Compra, barangay Tinalmod, Pasacao, Camarines Sur and seized 11 kilos of dried high-grade marijuana leaves worth P33,000. Arrested was Orlando D. D~nes a resident of Pasacao. The NBI said the raid on Dones house followed a two-mon~h long surveillance on suspected marijuana planta- tions and pushers, in some of the coastal barangays of Pa3acao. The NBI learned that most marijuana leaves distributed and peddled in Pasacao came from marijuana supplier residing in barangay, Tinalmod. Accinq on this information, NBI agents laid an entrapment for the arrest of Dones. On Sept. 3, an undercover agent posinq as a buyer contacted Dones and offered to buy dried marijuana at P3,000 a kilo. When Dones produced some samples of the marijuana leaves, operatives pounced on , him. Eleven kilos of the stuff contained in three sacks were found in Dones' house. 12 I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 r'ultivator Kil]..ed Manila PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS in Enqlish 8 Sep 81 p 2 [Text] Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Sept. 7--Government operatives killeu early _ yesterday morning one ~erson and arrested *,hree others found cultivating marijuana = plants in barangay Bitnong, Du~ak del Norte, this province. The xaiding team, led by lst Lt. Fortunato M. Bundalian, uprooted 2,000 fuTly-grown 10-foot-tall marijuana plants and a sackful of dry leaves worth P500,000. The plantation is situated in a wooden area 30 kms. away from the national hz,ghway and can be reached by six hours of hiking. Bundalian identified the slain cultivator as Malado Pal-a, 21, of Sablan, Benguet. Pal-a, armed with a 10-inch Igorot knife, was shot dead when he resisted arrest by strangling one Sgt. Rufino Guinid, whoqn he took as hostage. Arrested were Mendoza Limpayos-Guac, 30; Elmer Supla, 22f and Daniel Alsado Lim- payos, cousins and natives of Benguet now residing at Dupak del Norte. Also taken from them was a 12-gauge shot~un. Maj. Miguel Coronel, Nueva Vizcaya provincial commander, disclosed that at least . 15 persons have been arrested and several million pesos worth of marijuana plants have been uprooted and killed since he launched an intensive drive against the cul- tivation of marijuana five months ago. _ CSO: 5300/4965 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 PHILIPPINES NPA MARIHU??NA FIII.D RAIDID Manila BULLETIN TODAY in English 15 Aug 81 p 36 [Text] Naga City, Aug. 14--The Camarines Sur Constabulary command raided the other day a suspected New People's A~my's (NPA) marijuana plantation in Barangays Biglaye and Tinalmod, municipality of Pasacao. The raiding team uprooted more than 1,0~0 full-grown marijuana plants with an estimated value of P300,000. Three suspected NPA weed cultivators were arrested by the PC team led by Col. Wilfredo P. Villanueva, PC/INP provincial commander. They were identified as Delfin Villarbar, 29, Pando Benitez and Antonio Paganusan, 30. ~ During the interview with the BULLETIN, the three suspects admitted that they planted the marijuana in the area near their respective houses. They claimed that the marijuana seeds were given to them by Cwo NPA commanders who controlled the area, whom they identified only as "Kumander Sino" and "Kumander Moris." The suspects added that Sino and Moris, together with their heavily armed band numbering around 20, threatened to liquidate them if they will not plant the marijuana seeds. They also said that the armed group continue to visit them after they planted the seeds up to the time the plants are matured and ready for harvest. Col. Villanueva said that marijuana planting is fast becoming a very lucrative - source of income for the NPA in the province. The income, he said, that the NPA derives out of the illegal planting of weeds is used to sustain the finar,c ial needs of the subversive groups in th e province. The suspects are presently detained at the PC headquarters in this city. Villanueva also ordered an dll-out province-wide campaign against marijuana planting. (Roy Sinfuego) CSO: 5300/4967 14 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R004400050072-3 PHILIPPINES POLICE SEIZE HEROiN, ARREST SEVEN MEN Manila BULLETIN TODAY in English 16 Aug $1 pp 1, 8 [Text] Police arrested Friday night seven members of a gang allegedly engaged in ~ selling heroine. They seized a plasCic bag containing heroine worth about Pl million. Three of those arrested by Makati police operatives led by Lt. Col Ramon Lauzon were Americans. The rest were Filipinos. As of last night, the police was looking into the international connections of the group, according to Brig Gen Ruben P. Escarcha, superintendent of the ~outhern police district. Also seized were syringes and P7,000 in cash, which was believed to be part of the group's income from drug transactions. Detectives Roland M. Garcia an.d Antonio Mangabat, officers-on-case, identified those arrested as Glenn K. Koenig, 20, single of 1525 F. Agoncillo St; Ermita,~ Manila; Thomas Robert Doherty, 28, married, of room 305, TYadewinds Hotel, South superhighway, Makati; and Andrew Steven Parco, 30, of Manilad St, Mandaue city. The three were said to be salesmen. The Filipinos were identified as Cesar D. Banares. 23, married, a combo player, of 8976-B Aranga St, San Antonio village, Makati; Lito Lagunsad, alsc of San Antonio village; Javi P. Rubio, of Urdaneta v311age, Makati; and Roberto Cervantes, of Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. The Americans were arrested inside the Tradewinds and Manila Garden hotels while the Filipinos were picked up one after the other in various hideouts by Sgts V. Alcaraz and F. Arevalo; Pfc:. A. Marqueta, Patrolmen Roland, Felizardo Ellano, and C. Fuentes. The suspects were confined at th e Makati police jail. Capt. Manuel L. Cahanding, chief of the theft and robbery section, said sc~me of the suspects were earlier seen holding up a couple in a taxi at about 7 p.m, in front of Tradewinds Hotel. 15 ' APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000404050072-3 A security guard of the hotel called the Makati police who followed the s~ispects to Room 305 of rhe hotel. There they found Doherty, Koenig and Banares, with i the pYastic bag of heroine, syringes and P7,000 cash. - Police later proceeded to Manila Garden Hotel in Makati where they spotted Farco selling P2,000 worth of heroin to a police informer at the hotel lobby. Makati police operatives were dispatched to various parts of Metro Manila where they arrested the other suspects--Lagunsad, Rubio and Cervantes. . [Photo Caption] Capt. Rodolfo Campos, chief of the suspe~ted cargoes and anti- narcatics (SCAN) team at the airport, and customs chief appraiser Ale~c Arvisu inspect Mogadon tab lets, estimated at 30,000 found with other prohibited drugs in two boxes which arrived from Hong Kong, declared as machinery parts. Airport Collector Romeo Malig ordered the drugs seized. (Louie Perez) CSO: 5300/4967 - 16 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 PHILIPPINES BRIEFS HEROIN SEIZED--Some four million pe~cos worth of heroin was sei~ed by elements of - the Cebu Constabulary Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) last night in a house at St~. Nino Village, this city. This, so far, is believed the biggest catch by the authorities in the campaign against dangerous drugs in terms of the kind of iirug and its market value. Sketchy reports received by the Herald said that eiemen'ts of the CANU swooped down early last night on a house rented by a certain ~met?-cal national, T'homas Robert Doherty, and confiscated an undetermined number of bags of pure grade heroin. Doherty, one of the three .Americans arrested last Friday at the Trade Winds Hotel in Makati for possession of heroin, is the alleged mastermind of a Hongkong-Cebu-Bangkok syndicate that uses a shellcraft store in Mandaue City as a front for drug traffiking operations. [Text] [Cebu City VISAYAN HERALD in ~'.~'*sglish 20 Aug 81 p 8) CSO: 5300/4965 17 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400400050072-3 TAIWAN BRIEFS SUSPECTED DRUG FACTORY--Taichung--The officers probing an international syndicate of drug trafficking between Japan and the Republic of China said recently that they suspected there was an underqround factory manufacturing Pentazocine in Tai- chung. Besides supplying Amphetamins to the druq syndicate i~n Japan, the officers said that the illicit factory may also manufacture Pentazocine for local consump- tion. At present, the authorities are collecting information about the activitiEs of the syndicate. The Procurator's Office of Taichung District Court is now keep- ing an eye on three men who had earlier been rel~ased on bail for further investi- gation. It is understood that when the Japanese authorities have supplied enough evidence, local authorities will take further action. ' CSO: 5300/4966 lU APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400450072-3 THAILAND - NATION ADOPTS NEW PLAN TO WIPE OUT OPIUM BK040~I3 Bangkok NATIAN REVIEW in English 4 Aug 81 p 1 [Text] Admitting past failures in its substitute crop plan to wipe out cultiva- tion among hilltribes in the north, the office of the Narcotics Control Board [NCB] has adopted a new "coordinated " plan with operations concentrated in the basins of eight rivers in the north where opium cultivation has been rampant. The new 5-year comprehensive plan, to be put into effect in the new f iscal year beginning Oct 1, 1981, blames past failures on the fact that most projects w~re on a small-scale basis, which did not stop the hilltribes from moving ttieir opium fields to nearby sites. Past mistakes were also blamed on the lack of coordination among government agencies concerned. ~ Under the new 5-year plan, according to informed sources in the NCB, development plans to replace opium cultivation will be based in the basins of the following main rivers� Mai Chaem; Mae Kok; Mae Taeng; Mae Ngat; Mae Chan; Nan;Lum Nam Pai and Lum Nam Yoi,Mae Ping. "Unity, consistency and feasibility" wil.l be the main thrust of the neRa opium substitute plan, which will also call for participation by the private sector to promote substitute crop cultivation. The plan will be launched in the wake of a bumper opium crop this year--a trend which has raised concern among anti-narcotics officials. It has been estimated that about 600 t~n~ of opium may be produced from the "Golden Triangle" this year due to f avourable climate in the area. The new plan will also attempt to promote productivity of substitute crops and to stress agricultural system compatible to the hilltribes' lifestyle such as agro- f~~testry. "Th e governme:nt will take steps to encourage the hilltribes to be loyal, both legally and practically, towards Thailand. They will be given both rights and responsibilities as Thai citizens," according to the plan. - The new plan will also try to avoid "duplication of work, confusion and budgetary ~ waste" in the various projects by conducting research work, coordination and programme planning as well as evaluation of the development plan in earnest. 19 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 The plaii will place the 5ub-committee on substitute crop cultivatiotl and addictive crop control as th~ body with the authority to resolve all problems related to this development scheme, with other related government agencies serving as its ccordination points or field units. The new plan will also provide alternative income sources for ~he hilltribes ~ who has traditionally been relying on opium as their main economic crop. These substitute schemes would include the cultivat ion of vegetables and other substitute crop~ which offer high income; handicraft work; planting of coffee and pears as well as tourism. Wh~le primary education and public health services would be offered with greater efficiency by the government, the plan will also improve the marketing side of the products from the hilltribes. CSO: 5300/4657 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 - THAILAND ONCB CHIEF BACKS SUBSTITUT ION PLAN; CONFLICTS NOTED Bangkok THE NATION REVIEW in English 1 Aug 81 p 5 [Article by Vithoon Pungprasert] [Text] Secretary General of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (NCB), Police Maj Gen Pow Sarasin, has defended th e substitute crop programme in the northern hills to phase out opium cultivation as a reasonably successful project. He said in an interview with THE NATION that the United Nations had onl.y recently extended the agreement to help in the scheme, adding 40 more villages into the programme, "because the UN sees that th e programme is heading towards the right direction." Pow said that a Germ3n assistance programme for hilltribers will also commence soon. - "Compared to ten years ago, the amount of opium cultivation now is very small indeed. Ten years ago, the production was abo ut 100 to 150 tons. Now, it has gone down to about 48.57 tons. This shows a drop of more than 50 per cent," he said. Pow also reported that at Doi Sammuen, Chiang Mai, the income of a hilltriber had gone up from 40,000 baht to 60,000 baht th is year from substitute crop. "We expect the average income to go up to 90,000 b aht per year for the hilltriber," he added. The NCB secretary general contended that the problems arising from duplication of work among f;overnment agencies "could be overcome." "We have, for example, set up a special task force in the North to suppress opium cultivation with provincial governors acting as the main coordinators of the project," he said. A meeting of the task force recently agreed to seri~usly wipe out opium cultivation in ten areas in Chiang Mae alone. "We have picked the areas where the hilltribers have already managed to earn suffi- cient income f rom substitute crops," Pow~said. 21 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R400404050072-3 Informed sources said that the NCB and the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) have been locked in a debate over the substitute CYop programme. During a recent meeting between representatives from the NCB and the NESDB, the proposal by the NCB to launch anti-opium operations in the basins of eight rivers in the North wher e opium had been rampant was discussed. The NESDB wants the main thrust of the development plan in the next five years to concentrate on absolutely poor areas, arguing that opium cultivation is only - one of the numerous social problems of the people in the remote and poor area. The NESDB representatives also argued that the NCB's proposed projects on eight river basins would not be practical. The NESDB asked the NCB to propose the anti- opium campaign on a prov ince-by-province basis to fit in with the NESDB's develop- - ment plan. Sources said that the NCB representatives in the meeting counter-proposed that the anti-opium campaign could be reduced to concentrate on three river basins-- Mae Cham, Pai and Nan for which foreign aid agreements had been signed. "We will map out the substitute crop plans on a provincial basis for Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Nan and covering one tambon of Lampang as well," the sources said. CSO: 5300/4656 22 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400050072-3 THAILAND CENTER OF DRUG ADDICTION IN BANGKOK NOTID Bangkok THE NATION REVIEW in English 5 Aug 81 p 3 [Text] YHRAKANONC has.been listed as one of� the city's areas with the highest number of drug. addicts, a senior officisl in the Bangkok Metro-� politan Administratidn (BMA) sa~d yesterday, : Chief of the BMA's Addlction PrevenUon � and Rehabilitation Division, Dr Kachit Choo-: panya, said the areas with the seoond and third Iargest numbers of addicts were Yannawa and Phyathai.respectively.. He said the statuUc was collected from 14 BMA's rehabilitation centres in the city sina the beginning,of this year during which 15 ~80 peo le were g~ven treatment for drug addidioh. ~use recetving treatment in.Bangkok repn- s~nted half of tfie entire number throughout the country ~listed at abodt 30~00, he said Dr Kach~t aaid most of the drug addids were 25 29 yeazt old and men outwmbered women. . . . . : , . He added that the number of women who asked for-tleatment from the government had been increasin$ sir?ce 1978: � . . The ~BMA wall ut up anothei rehebilitation ~ centre in Phrakanong next week to cope with tNe increasing number of, drug addicts in the , area, he said. ' � � CSO: 5300/4656 - . 23 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 THAILAND MORE HILLTRIBESMEN CULTIVATE OPIUM Bangkok THE NATION REVIEW in English 5 Aug 81 p 4 [Article by Manas Ruamrudee] - [Text] - As the Office of the Narcotics Con- trol Board prepares to embark un a new five year plan to replace opium cultivation in the northem .hills, some ~serious setbacks in the past have been . discovered and dissected. ' ~ ~ Today, The Nation presents the . first of a- two-part series on the pro- . blems and propo~sed solutions as cun- tained in the new plan - and whether ~ the cures wo u1d prove effective in the : end. ~ HER~ ~?RE ~ opium growing ven- ` scattered in 87 dis- .veloped over~the'cen- T worrisome s~~ns ~ns, '1'lii~ ~is s wor- tricts of 22 provin- tury~ even before theY . up there in the in- ~ =ym s~gn, ces in the Northern and eirugrated into Thw- famou~ "Golden Tri- '~e tnnd of the some Central provin- land. ~well ' angle: ' Not only is a ~nsfer o f technical , ces. ~ � ; ~ ~ ~ , ~ bumper opii~m cmp . s know-how of opium ; ~�,,~t ,.Moat of them, Y -threatening to nentra- ; ~~ltiv~tion =irom one..~ ~oweyer, tive oa ~ the ~ ]y st lev~e~e � above ;lize aU previoua ~o. . ' �trib~ 'to another: `b ~ '~:basins.. of eight: dveia : 3,000 feet or higher. ; .;~1~1'the'No~th on which , G�. ~e ~~lmont trlben . vernment efforb to reading tast in ano-~~ E ,pee~uade hilltribas to ~~ec directlon " noted 'opium growa wild and ~ are e.biggaf o~ium~ sluft from opium to . an internal ducumrnt , ~b~~~t~Y~;~~'`~"'~`~'~ ~ gro~'?'er~ sccardrng to other crops, the trane- ~ i' ~ the OfC~ce of Nsr- About 80per cent .the I~CB'e report fer of opium~gowing ' cotica Control ~ Board ' o! ~ the hilltribers lie- ~ which .adds that esch I know~ow. from one ; which has rmppcd out ~ bng to aix triba Hmong lamily worka tnbe to. a~wther~ has ~ i new 5ve- ear ~ 1an n8mely We. ~~Hmong~ average ~ of ~bout . also st?own eome stri- y p ~ Yao, Lisaw ~ Muaer ; 6.7 ~ rsl ~of opium to yet sga~n try to ' I or snd IC~aren~ al~ � t fieW..The Yao famlly' lcing resul'ts. make the long trou- ~ ' o~ ~,}iom ~ known has ari average, of The Kareaa~ for , ble~plagued progran~ - to be nlsted to opium ' ' one, used to kap a .~e pick up momen- ~ltivatlon In one way distana from opium p~ ona egaln. . or the other. .The cultivation, lnitial sur- latest :urny Hmong~ Yeo and veyf had ahown that ~~ys ~at there an L~saw are known. ~to they werc only hired ~ aow a total of 360,- be particularly well- labour on the opium ; ppp hilltribesmen ~~e . - $~Id working mostly ~ pf op~~ cultivation, ~ foa t~e Hmungg. ~.which h d been �~de- ~ ~ �~But ~ , the ~~latest . . . . ��trend iadlcates . that . i large � nu~nb er of K3ren hilltribesmen huyg started their own ~ 24 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400450072-3 6.13 rai H�hile tlie "In nearly every Whaf has the go- Li~aw recurds abou~ hilltribe village where vernment done abuu't ~4.74 rai per fa~nilY� opium is planted, it~,i.h~ roblem n Haws are seen to 'The Karens have the ~ ~ . ]owest ratio of 2.28 be the capitaJists pm� perhaps, at there are rai per family: viding the fmancial too many ~overnment If these fi res resources for opium agencies mvolved in cultivation and get helping the hilltribers were accurate~ the e~ back in opiu~" ' to shift from o ium overall hilltribe fami� P P. - ~y would work on the official ceport to other alternatrv~ 4.59 rai of opiwr~ adds, cro s, . With s total of about 0p ium~ in other ~p there in the 45 U00 . families of words, ic THE econo- northern hills, various hilltribers, Thailand's mic crap which de- � governments units, all total op~um-planted cides all utl~er fac- a ointed by.separate area would be estima- tors of life, including ~~~net dec~stons, had ted at 206 t550 rai, the choice of land set up their own pro- to aettle down the ' Thete ~s nothing � jects. . . ver~ secretive about aize of families etc... �`Some of the pro- op~um cultivation Whatever basic dif- jects mey have iden- among the ~ hilltribers ~ ferences there may be tical objectives but ahhough the 7'hai , among the djiferent adopting d~ffercnt.ap- Covernment . has out- ~ribea, c~ne basic proaches. This is be- , lawed such activity. ' theme runs �through: cause of a lack of a ~ The techniques arc ' ppium. n their main principal master plan from one tribe to ano- ' source of� income and or a clear~ut national ther, They also obtain : wiping opium out policy which results financial support ~ for m dama in results. frum the northern 8 B the lucrative agricul- hill, is a mammoth The' outcome is that tural ~ activity from ~ v~- ~~e trou- project't both internal and ex- blaplagued govern- resolve, all the .~ro- ternal sourcxs~ in the ment ~ efforts eo far .blems in the opiwrE form of both d'uect have shown. . g~owing hilla. Besides~ h theY set their ovm financial support and ICanns mi t J~titlons, nurowing the provision of seeds, h~ve undergone eoc~ne ~~ces of achie- oor hilltri r~nen'te~ ~ b~~ changes in their ~ the goals;' the p ~ lifestyle amce they o~cial,ctport saya. money from e forced downhill ~~A ~he .pffia . richer hilltribers or when the government . , of The Narcotics Con- ~ from the Chinese jn 1949 enacted a law go~ ~t dovm Haws who get repaid to ban elaah~andburn in opium at the rate cultivation. � recently to rmp out of 2,000 baht per a new five year plan, joi,,, according to the . njng to rice farnung it some offici~! report. on the plains, begen ; ver}' severe aetbacks pp;um is consu= ~ to develop, contacta Which had hampered med for different pur- with oubide com~ the project all along. poses befure it is sold munitia ~nd the de- ' "B~~da+ ~q go- for e profit. The re- i mand for cash�� ;to, ~~*~pt ~ not,. vi- . port 4e~otea ~ s'survey p~~ ~;.t r~ famiing~ ~ goroualy pursued, ~the ~ that � 12 ; basic ol~c ~ for , the T ~ t~,hich ...saye ~ tools.was~acquiced td P Y:~.. 'per ant of the o ium boost -r roductiyity; . ~ 1?i11tn'ben and , that ~ consumed w.~ithin ~:within~f-mted~areas,~ ; f: is to offer them the . the family wh~7e ~11 ~ :The change led~to a' = ri~~ ~d. ~Ponsbi- ~ . other- er cxnt m' wed t' - � lit~es as Thai citiuns . p , new occupation ~.tor �~~uding domic~7e ro- to repay loans and 10 ~ the Karene. They be- ~~tion � of ~heir other per cent is used ; came hired Iabour on and the 'issu- ' to barter for other the farm. � ~ u~a of identification - kinds of goods. The � t But it was also � the report remaining b7 per cent noted that some : ai ~ .~,a i~ marketed in general. ~:tt~e farmers � on . the ~ � TO?~iORROW: ' Ro- 'I'here is little : ~lains has begun to . ~blem~,' 'Probkmr, ~Pro- doubt that the hill- 'climb" back up ~ to ' blem~. � tribers come urider a ~ the hills to plant great measiu~e of in- : opium because o[ its fluence of the Chinese higher de~ee of pro- Haws (remnant~ of ! ~tability.. � ~ � the former KMT sol- ' : dieca (93rd Division) who fled here ,after . the Communists took over Ci~ina . in .1949): 25 CSO: 5300/465b APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 THAILAND UN TEAM HITS GUARANTEED INCOME PLAN FOR OPIUM GROWERS - Bangkok THE NATION REVIEW in English 10 Aug 81 p 3 [Text] i AN IIVDEPENDENT evaluatan team com- The mi~sion arguet that 1t the ptopored alution ~ miasioned 6y tl~e United Natan~ ha~ atronglY wa~ to be ~doptcd, wme obviow con~equenai would ~ opposed a piopoaal that opium�g~rowing h~ltrr be t1~o following: bets who agree to take up subst~~t~ ~~rnp cultt � Thee would }wve to be a Wge Irdectbn of vation should be teed an income equi- ovenw aid in the form of money to p~y the farmeri . not to grow opium. Udas the government of Thai~ vslent 4o what t ey now derive from opium, ;~d wu repared to widawrite thi~ ever�increa~~ production. requirement for tonign ~id for yaar~ shead. ihould ~ concept envisages the opium cultivation fo:eign aid be t�minated fo: any reaaa now unfom to te wiped out from the northern part of Thal- txn~ then ody ditaatet cquld reailt aad opium pro~ land wifhin seven to ten years - or perhaps dutbn would L1ce1y rwwne on a very la:ge ~cala; ' even quicker, according to the report. � There would be an hnmedi~te requiremeut for i The ~pecial- report, eatiUed: "Report of An Iado- m~stve iry'ection of sWtable nphament crops aad pendent Evaluation Tram Regudiug the Sts~te of the ~t pn~er?t ue not ivailabJe; . ' [Jnited Nations/ftui PioBamme for Drug Abuse � Such s icheme could oaly pmtper if acoompa= Control, wa~ made availahle W 7'heNQtiv~+t thi~ wedc. ~ br mlct law enforcemant on ~ considerable ~cale. ~ Diacu~ing the new propo~al, the report saya: "In The ' pollce" requlred to supavi~e wch a tcheme are our opinion, to proaed by ammarily rtopping opIum' mt avWable', , Producticn in :hb way is frsught wrth ernvn ~Ipnve.e. The dsager that wch ~ yttem would opea 1'he lesson from th~ anfortunato experiena in Tu:key =~-nues for widespceru wr.~uptbn canuot be ~nored; of peying people to ttop growuig opium ahould be oplum psoduction L ~toppea or phaseQ kept in mind." out, it ia not eanply a mattar of eredicating opium cul- The mission sayt that the propoia] had beea pro- , tivation The way of llfe of the opium farmen and posod by ��an ovenea~ victim oountry^ whi~h had rug� their famIIia ia chaaged. Thb can ohly be a~adual gested that o~1um cultivation the "Gol- ~ able~of assim~7atiohnby~eimple people wpth a mirwnum den Triazigld ~hould be wiped out at a futes speed , Q~ , ~ The aurvey team ~ay~ ln the report: "If it is dwired ;~o proaed by introdudngr scheme to pay people not, to grow ~ opium in more or leu a:wnnury fashion, thtn ~ ae would tugo mor? ~tronaly t}ut wcb a plaa ihould ~ be ~ubjected to the mo~t ~earching examinatiun ~nd ~crutiny bdore ~ny actbA L taken at grouad IeveL" ~ The report add~: "In our opinion. to ttlove in a precipitate or impatieat manaer would be to oourt . di~aster, and dieattor not only for the tcheme in itult, but for the undetirablo ropescus~iocu it would have for Thailand aad the intemational ooaununlty a~ whola ' - ~ . . . . . . CSO: 5300/4656 26 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400050072-3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R004400050072-3 THAILAND CHIENG MAI VILLAGES TARGETED FOR CRACKDOWN Bangkok BANGKOK POST in English 20 Aug 81 p 3 [Text ] � T~ OFPICE of the ~*�~Y ~w~~ ~e of- Nuooda Control Board