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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-04850R000400070055-0 - FUR OFFiCIAL USE ONLY JPRS L/10140 25 November 1981 - Worldwide Re ort p - NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS (FOlJO 54/81) Fg~$ FOREIGN BROADCAST INFORMATI~N SERVICE FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 NOTE JPRS publications contain informa.*.ion primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language sources are translated; those from English-language sources are transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headlines, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text] _ or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the original information was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the infor- - mation was summarized or extracted. Unfamiliar names rendered phonetically or transliterated are enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a ques- tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appropriate in ~ontext. - Other unattributed parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the scurce. Times within items are as given by source. The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- cies, views or attitudes nf the U.S. Government. COPYRIGHT LAWS AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTc.D FOR OFFICIAL USE QNL,Y. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400470055-4 FOR OF~iCIAL USE OIYLY - JPRS I,/10140 - 25 November 1981 - J WORLDWIDE REPORT NARCOTICS AND DANGEROUS DRUGS (FOUO 54/81~ CONTENTS ASIA BRUNEI Magistrate Describes Brimei's Brug Penalties (BORNEQ BULLETIN, 26 Sep 81) 1 B UFtMA Briefs Opium Seizure in Katha 2 INDIA Calcutta Police Fail To Pursue 'Hashish Trail' (THE HINDU, 6 Oct 81) 3 IN DON ES IA Nation Defined as Ma,jor Transit Point (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 24 Oct 81) 4 MALAYSIA Five Pounds of Heroin Seized at Ferry Terminal ' (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 2 Oct 81) 5 PAKISTAN Opium Seizure in Baluchistan Reportecl . (THE WORKING PEaPLE'S DAILY, 24 Oct 81) 6 _ - a - (III - WW - 138 FOUO] - APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 _ FOR OFFIC:AL USE ONLY Briefs Hashish Seized in Islamabad 7 Excise Team Attacked 7 PHILIPPINES Drug Tra=fic Bared in Manila (Jose De Vera; BULL~TIN TODAY, 30 Oct $1) 8 Briefs Gun, Drug Smuggler Arrested 10 EAST EUROPE I - CZECEiOSLOVAKIA Briefs Narcotics Laboratory Mscovered 11 LATIN AME RI ~A ARGENTINA Briefs Drug Consumers Arrested 12 ~ - , BOLI VIA Paper on Antidrug Efforts (ET. DIARIO, 27 Oct 81) 13 Briefs Minister Heads Antidrug Council 14 Cocaine Burned 14 Q-II LE Cocaine Since 1970 Viewed - Ivan Fredes, Andrea Orzegow; ERCILLA, 14 Oct 81 1~ COSTA RICA Briefs Plane, Traffickers in Custody 18 - b - FOR OFFICIA ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 _ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY ECUADOR Briefs Cocaine Traffickers Seized lg HONDURAS Tons of Marihuana Seized Near Swan Island (Nelsan Fernandez; LA PRENSA, 12 Sep 81) 20 B rie fs t4arihuana Plantation Discovered 22 MEXICO Briefs International Dru~ Traffickers Arre~ted 23 P ANAi1A Briefs ~ Trafficker`s Arrest 24 PARAGUAY Briefs Morphine Pe~dl.ers Arrested 25 PERU Briefs Drug Ring Brok~:n 26 VENEZUELA ~ B rie fs Drug Arrest 27 NEAZ EAST AVD NORTH AFRICA AFGHAN IS TElN Finnish Expert Appointed to UN Drug Effort in Country (HELSINGIN SANOMAT, 2~ Oct 81) 28 EGYPT Opiwn Attempt Foiled (AL-AHRAM, 19 Oct 81)..~ 30 - c - FOR OFFICIAL USE ~:1LY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 ~ FOR OFF`ICIAL USE ONLY IRAN $riefs - Traffickers Executed 31 Drug Case Statistics 31 IS EtAEL Briefs Hashish Found 32 SUB-SAHARAiv AFRICA NIGER Drug Abuse~Statistics, Prevention Measures Noted (Binta Mahamane; SAHEL HEBDO, 19 Oct 81) 33 SOUTH AFRICA Mandrax Dealers Use New Rc~ute Into Cotmtry (Emtelia Jaroschek; RADID DAILY MAIL, 29 Oct 81) 35 Mandrax Courier Methods, Techniques Are Described (Emielia Jaroschek; RAND DAILY MAIL, 29 Oct 81) 36 WEST EUROPE NETHE RLANDS - Briefs Heroin Confiscated 38 NORWAY _ Gove rnment Steps Up Urug Enforcement Effo rt in North Sea (Thorleif Andreassen; AFTENPOSTEN, 30 Oct 81) 39 Police Make Arrests for Drug Abuse in North Sea Oil Field (ARBEIDERBLADET, 19 Oct 81) 4~ Briefs - Hungarians Smuggled in Hashiah 42 - d - _ , ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 BRU1vEI ~IAGISTRATE DESCRIBES BRUNEI`S DRLTG PENALTTES Kuala Belait BORN~O B[1LLETIN in English 26 Sep 81 p 4 [Excerpts] I{U.1LA BELAf'!'. Brunei's law seia thel ~rict ~courts haa increasr Thi~d1Y. the' 'prosen~-~ '!ti-ycar�old tally clerki maximum sentence foo ~d sharply this year. , tion failed to prove he Jr�m tiuchinq has 1x~n posxes~ian of dangero~u � In 1979 ~ there were had been imoortina the - sentenced to years in drugs at 10 years in jail ~,o~ ~~yt year none and~ drug, for which the ma- a Brunei prison for po.r., plu+ a a2U,OQ0 fine, but yo far this year ther~ ximum sentence is 30 .cr.~i~~n oi c�annabi. such a stif( sentence ie ~ave already been oine, ycars plus SS0,000. and c~�eu with chat ~~n- considercd suitable onl}e wKh Most involving Ma� Vir Kong said possess- i~nce he should count for the worst ofEenders. ~aysiam. ion of 169.69 grams of ~ hunself lucky. the ~magiy- The senlence for (int The magi~trate said� cannabis wa~ a very ser- : ~ trite told him. offender~ is left to the gentencinR must takeall ious offence~ but i:ot so 4fagistrate Mr ICong~ discretion of the magix- ~h~ Eactors into con- bad aa to wattant the� S~�nq Kwong ~~resided trate, although the mi- .ideration and aim as~; maximum penalty he o~�er the 15�day trial of nimum fo~ second oifen- - + could lay down. ~ well to balance the in-. L~~ Tong Kui, who plea� ders is fixed at twq He thenfure sentenced - ded not � guilty to im- years or s3,000. ~ terata of the public and Lu to 3} yeus in jail, porting cannabis. He then discussed the ~e state with . those of~ dating from May 19 the accu~ed: gistrat ~s Vc ncltuded the u~~~rot drugs eh edaind Tn the case of Lu, her ]owedt LusI~R ppealrtag- ~aid, he would gi~r prosecution had prove~ determining untenca. ' v~rei~ht to the mitigaungi a'nst the stifE sentence>. _ Lu was in pos~ession of Brunei s law treab thd factors that he was a he had earlier received� cannabis but had failed possession or use oE any, (~rst offender and had; fr�m a different magis-; ' to prove he wa: import- dangerous drug as equal= ~n ~n custody sincai trate. ing it. � ly reprehensible - her~ J~nuary 21. When his ~case first; 'He therefore found Lu The ma trate told. came to trial on March. guilty oE the reduced ~on is' considered equiva- ~ 2, Lu pleaded guilty to charge of paseuion of lent to canna6ib. ; Lu he wa~ very lucky on ~ ~e charRe oE importing 169.69 Rrams oE canna. B~~t in traf(ieking ca~- three couut~. cannabis and magistrate - ~ es the drugs are ueated Firstly,, he wai not? Tuan S ed Ahmad. Idid b~~Before pauing yen- differently, with two ~~arged with tnfticking, gave him the maximum tenc�c, Mr Kong discus~- qram~ ot heroin,, three oE which carriea a maxi� sentence in his power, ed in detail Brunei s an- morphine, 15 of canna= mum sentence of . 20 ~~~e ~�eara plut $20,000. ti�drug laws and other bis and 100 of opiusr~ 10 stroka os theQ otanus� Lu, however, appeal. factors thut magistrates, conaidered equivalent. ~~cndl he wa~' ed against the aentence, must consider when fix� The greater the am- y~ which was deuribed as � ount of drugs in ~ case charged " with importing, ane oE the stiffat anti- inq penalties. ~he heavier the nalt only a quarter of the' the Misuse of Drug~ ~ Yi drug penalties in recent Enactment of 1918, he should be, Mr Kong uid. ~annabi~ fmund in his eare. Another factor to take~ Pd~us~ion - if he had Y Mr ustice O'Connor said, has the secial ob- consideraeion is the. ~n charged with im-~ j _ jective of preventing ortin the entire am-' alfowed the appeal on "the growth of drug p~~alence of dcug ab-' P g technical grounds and ab~~se and in partic~ilar, use and t}ie magiet~ate. heay,iehe nte face a, orderrd~ the case be re- the dangerous drug trade. said the number of drug� p~* tried, beforc a different "'1'lu enactment re- cases tried in &lait Di~t-~ inagiatrate. ^ coqnises and treats drug - abuse as a crime_ . CSO: 5300/8307 1 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 BURMA BRIET?S OPIUM SEIZURE IN KATHA--A police squad headed by subinspectors U Maung Ko and U Khin Maung of Katha Township palice station No 1 on 19 October raided the residence of Daw Kham Mar Gwe, 76, in Kyangaw Tada-u Kyunpintha village tract, Katha, and found S viss [18 pounds] of raw opium, worth 20,000 kyat, hidden under the stove. Daw Kham Mar Gwe has been charged under Section 6.b of the Narcotics Drug Law. [BK130548 Rangoon MYANMA ALIN in Burmese 30 Oct 81 p 4] CSO: 5300/4552 ~ 2 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 I1~ID IA CALCUTTA POLICE FAIL TO PURSUE 'HASHISH TRAIL' Madras THE HINDU in English 6 Oct 81 p 9 [Text] a rtmpr wey. es in other edvenced like- cP~um. he?ox+ and hashieh. R r~+ cou~tr~es. ceived far more Douryte a few year!� - On the n~qht oi ths Auguet 31 re~d, ago then npw, p~e pf the atbectipns CAICIIITA. Oct 5 canduCted me~nly by s few dediCeted bevg the es~y avalleb~lity Oi euCh druqa Once noted For ~b eff,cbncy eil over df~cers. one of the aneeted men was ~n tM Hin+Neyen lotus Isnd, wh~eh ws~ the country. Cekutta's police deP9rt� a pereon who hed been er?e~ted ~n on e di?eat rout~ west bom the fertibd. rt+erK xems to be loeing rts gr~p Not cor+r~ac,K~on w~th the prsvioue ea~zu?e 9oldan tttanpb d Burma, Theitand end - only has general lawleeenees and the as well. Thh seert+ed to Ind~cMe that Karr~chee. ths produciny cantres d number of tnmes gone up in the C~ty. e netvvork af ~orta hed been eetebl~shed the druqs. . = But recernly d wea guiky oF en u?} end thet d hed gradueted Rom the W~lw~rd Ibrr. Fdbwing irrterne- character~st~c leck of ewerenee~ by tskeoff to the opereGve staqe. tior+a) pre~ure. the traffic Wough IVepa?~ not iollowmg up ite ~nvest~get~ons on But eomehow, M~ere Nas been littb Could be cloeed but tl'te w~stvvard flow the ~nternatwnal hash~ah trad that has f~ ~nveabgation deepde the s~za did not ttop. DruqA sceped dva~gh been runrnng through the uty fa sorne of the heul and the obvious menace B~he? a Weet 6engai with Varanasi� time. af an mternat~onel druy recket operadnq bpcomirp a mepr peddling oentre. On the night of Au~uet 31, tfie police e ~~Y ~cutt~'s ~ze. From thera it iaed to qet through made one oF the b~ygest se~zwes of T~~mit eountri~ R appears axtremely ~ PakistarrAfphernstarrlran routs gan~a - 1700 kg - ~n South Cakutta. w+l~kely thet the crty pohce depertrr~erH ~nitially. But Ister wRh Islamic logbletion Fax persons were anested aher a he~ been dang rts homework. Aocarding ~n .1he~s courrtriee aacki~+g down herd hot chase and a hlm style Fght betwecn to Interpol, both Ind~ end Pa{usfan p~ ~p pff~ y~ tr~ffi~ ~w~~ copa and rbbbers wrth flick-knives and heve now been amonq ths trsnsd ~$~Iie:. Italy or Conice on ds revolvers. cowitries for drugs for qwto eome time way to the larqe lucretrve merkeb of A?uck was carry~ng the stuR packed now The uuff does not end up here, th~ U.S and Canade. . in 44 gunny begs hidden under wooclen but d pe~.9es throuqh. TAe police heve Ths etakes bsing h�- a 3 kq planks hom Assam to Kar~x Later no fgwes agan to md~cate 1~ psck of hesh~sh would~ St rtwllbn . aeveral more arrests were made. amonq R+~+ m~ght be eiold within Gr~ater U.S. - profits ae di~tr~buted them peopk who hed come to take ~Icutta. The pravsl~nce of dnips like alaq ths wsy. fa inetanee tl+s four bcel del~very of the dem, w~th caeh. msndrax however. hes becoms estsbl~ men in the truclc on Auqwt 31 admitted The cost of the heul ofFk~elly was ~ that thsy had been offKed Rs. 10.000 _ erxianced as fia. 8.90.000. k coat m~x:h Shortly eher c?,e x~zures, che Urnon fa d+a ~e1s p.~ o~ tl~si. prec,a� mae d co~mee on ths bloclc merlcet. Flon?e Oepartment author~,e9 and thea cerqo over e xnall dietarxe Nor wae thro the 6~ catch M Calcutta. corx?ected eqene~ bepan N+ek ~mr~sti- The crty police dspartmerrt's calculs~ E~ghteen rtwnths ago. esv~?el per~orro. qetwns What had perpkxed them, tad in~ctivity ~s tl~e for all to eee. ~nciudmg e&dreh net~onel, were er- sccadug to reports ave~bble. wes And tl+4 bcal Cernrul Exci~e Department rested ahe? the ae~zure d gen~a elthough haw could the ~tuff elude ths ~uppo~edfy ha taksn very Irttb intereat m ths not qu~te on the xab of Auquet 3t unceaelnq vpdence of eo many border eeizure. The question aaked ~s this R eeertb remerkabk ~n Mnnde/qnt tfiet post peroonnel and ech~eve such If a msn had been arreated 18 monehs the pol~ce apparendy for reasona beet penetraoon. However. ths f~nd wee no ago on a cherge of dnq peddling. known to tl+emeelves. did not axx,e fluke. che poGce claim and asy thet bow eould he ~dare take euch a r~ek the mettar w~th tfie importancr it there was a def~nde np-off. apein eo ~oort unleae he was easved deserved. thie oould be becauee drug T~II 1974. Nepel ueed to be tfie, mepc d.decn,etb praeccion b�r some veryr = oHences had not yet hixt, sx~ety m transrt couMry fa rt~eny kinde d drupa Powerful quaters7 CSO: ~300/1002 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 INDONESIA NATION DEFINED AS ~SA.10R TRANSIT POINT Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 24 Oct 81 p 5 (Text] ~ DfARARTA, 23 Oct-In� polia and proaecucors- donesia hae bcen establish- to cnpe with the manace. ed in international semi- He stid ir was quite nacs as a major tranait posaible that Haj oilqnms country in the narcotic were t~bdo a in oc out trrf~'ic to the United Statea smugg p and Australia~ Deputy side the country as alleg- Attorney-General . Datuk e3 in some" quarteru, l~i Mulia said here. view of the general laxify In the country itself~ in the checking of their the drug pcobtem has in- luggage. creased dramatically as He alao noted that In- evident from the number donesia was the most of -re~cded narcot?c lenient ~mong A9EAN , offenas which has jc~mp- countciCS in sentencing cd from~ 2S9 in t978 t,o drugoffenders,considerinb 66q in Ig~O~ h~ told a that in tlt~ Philippines, m-etinq of law student9 Singapore and D4alaysia here Wednes3ay. ihe death sentrnce is the Datuk ~Iulia, who is in norm for ~erious narcotic charge of inrelliRence at ' crimes. the ~lttorney-General's � In the face, of the ~row- Of~'ice, said the Govern- {ng narcotic danger, the ment has not yet sdCC_ Attorney-General has pro- eeded in smashing nacco- posed that the Govern- tic mafias in the country, ment review the ty361aw but is now ~tel'P'nS ~P on narcotics~ with the aim the abilides oE the agencies oE dealing more aternly concerned-cuatoms+ the widi offeudeta. he said� . CSO: 5300/4909 4 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 r2ALAYSIA FIVE POi3NDS OF HEROIN SEIZID AT FERRY TERMINAL ~ Kuala Lumpur NEW STRAITS TIMES in En~lish 2 Oct 8~1 p 1 [ Text ] p~NANG, Thura. - Cu9toms officers from briefcaee as hia and he the reventlve branch ~'ia totd to open it. p After o~pening the laet night seized about b~feYcaae, rie ran away flve pounde of heroin with 4~ The otticers gave which can be con- chase and atter about io0 verted into at leaat yarda, the man was half-a-million ahota. caught. They also detained "The ottlcers checked tive men - aged between th~e brlefcase and found 20 and 30 - trom Penang, four packets containiag Kedah and Perak. A car herotn;' he added. was al~o selsed. E~yctk Ahmad eatd tol- Speaking at a Press low-up tnveatigationa conference here today, wen underway. 3enlor Maiatant Dlrsctor Present at the con- ot Customs Ahmad Ab- fennee wen the head ot dullah aaid the heroin the preventive branch, wae tound In a brietcaae Ha~t Sulalman Ali and in the boot ot a car at a the 8enlor Assistant DI- roadblock outalde the rector ot Cuatoma (Pre- terry terminal at But� ventlve) Enclk R,adzi bin - terworth. Murad. A team trom the pre- ventlve branch, led by - 3enlor Cuatome Otticer Fakaruddth Mohamed Baelr, had eet up the roadblock about 7 pm tor routine checki. Encik Ahmad esid about 1o pm, a car regis� tered in Perak, drove out from the ferry termtnal towarda the roadblock. The otficera algnalled the driver to atop and or� dersd the occupants out. ~ A thorough check otthe car was made. They tound aeveral baga and a brietcase ln the boot ot the car, Encik Ahmad aald. The Hve men were then ordered to Identlfy thelr luggago and to open them. Enc1k Ahmad ~ald one - ot the men identltfed the � CSO: 53U0/3308 5 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-4 PAKISTAN OPIUM SEIZURE IN B~I.UC~iISTAN REPORTED Rangoon THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY in English 24 Oct 81 p 7 [Text] I9LAMA@AD, zz Oct - members of an interna-, Paki3tani customt men tion~l gAng of pedler~, seized ~wo-and-a-half tot~s arresting including two of contraband ppium trom Thais~ . Swiaaair workera a truck in Batuchistan and two cuatoms mea. Province, bordaing Af- 'I'he dc~uga riag was � qbanistan~ and brokc an uncovered after tgo kilos ~ mternational drug ring in (aboct 40o Ibs) of � Itarachi, it w~s reporced , haehieh wae intercepted here today. as it was beiag amug- The opium, valuod at gl~e~d out W Rome on a more than six milllon Thai airlines flight foc dollars in the international Amaterdam today, officiai m~rket, v~as hidden in sourca said. ' ooncealod compartmenta They said the two ir~ the truc~, the oMci~l arreeted cu~toms ~ men aews agency APP ~aid. had brought the l~sshish Two peraons, including con~ignmrnt to the Kara- ~the truck driver~ were e'~i runway in six ulumi- arrested. nium c.raate+. Thc gang's In Karachi the N~rco- payoff of too,ooo rupas tics Department aad (about to,ox doltara) waa austoms men ~rrcsted alw ~aized.-NAB/AFP. CSO: 5300/4909 6 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-4 - PAKISTAN BRIEFS ~ HASHISH SEIZED IN ISLAMABAD--Islamabad, Nov 5: Pakiatan Narco tics Control Board t~day seized aver 20 kilagrams of hashish, worth milliona of rupees from a local packages f irm at Islamabad. According to details, Mr Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, Direc- tor Enforcement, Pakistan Narcotics Control Board, was tiped that two Italian nationals had booked a consignmeiit throug,h a local packagea firm to Italy, and a special raiding party consisting ~f Mr Ihsan Ahmed, Malik Riaz Ahmed and Ra~a Tariq Nawaz, was organised. A raid was conducted at the packages firm, which re- ~ sulted in the recovery of the hashish concealed in five wooden boxes. The accu- sed have been identified as Mario Preziofia and Carlo Alberto. Meanwhile the au- thorities of the PNCB contacted the Interpol in Rome and conveyed the passport numbers, addresses ar.d other details of the accused. A case against both the accused has b een registered and further investigation is in progress. [Text] [Karachi MORNING NEWS in English 6 Nov 81 p 1] _ EXCISE TEAM ATTACKED--Some drug pedlars attacked an excise team and snatched away their man arrested during a raid in Nazimabad on Friday night. The Excise party had raided the den, arrested one person and seized two kilos of charas. When the alleged ring 1 eader of the pedlars Saifullah, knew about the incident he along - with his accomplices confronted the party and got the arreated man released. [TextJ [Karachi DAWN in English 8 Nov 81 p 8] CSO: 5300/4551 7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000400470055-0 PHILIPPINES DRUG TRAFFIC BARED IN M~NIDA Manila BULLETIN TODAY in English 30 Oct 81 pp 1, 17 [Article by Jose De Vera] [Text] Brig. Gen. Bienvenido L. Felix, chief of the Constabulary anti- narocitcs unit (CANU), pinpointed Manila yesterday as the illegal drug connec- tion between Bangkok and Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Uni t ed States, and between Malaysia and Canada. Felix said that the Philippines, next to ~hailand, is Japan's b iggest mari3uana supplier. _ Felix made the revelations in a paper on the drugs problem in the Philippines which he read before the first meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian - National Police (Aseanapol) at Camp Crame. The conference was attended by the national police chiefs and deputies of the five Asean countries--Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philip- pines. Fe1ix reported that more than 30 foreigners have been arrested in Manila since 1972 in possession of heroin, hashish, and mari~uana. He said national law enforcement agencies have succeeded in minimizing to the lowest level heroin addiction among Filipinos. He saici ~he Philippine ~~ug traffic extends from street pushing to activities of foreign-based organized crime groups and involves pharmaceutical drugs as well. _ According to the CANU chief, with Metro Manila as ita center, the Philippine drug trade lias three principal elements--as a source, ae an importat ion and trans- shipment area, and as a major diatribution center. I~Iariiuana, Felix told the conference, remains as the favorite d rug of Philippine drug users. He said the situation is compounded by easily obtainable cough p reparations, tranquilizers which are not included in the list of dangerous drugs, and cer- tain volatile solvents which are inhaled by users. 8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 Illicit cultivation of mari~uana has remained geographically widespread but is prevalent in the mountainous areas of Luzon, he said. The incidence of cultivation, Felix said, rose from 177 marijuana plantations in 1979 to 292 in 1980. Forty-one out of 77 Philippine provinces reportedly have plantations. CSO: 5300/4909 9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 PHILIPPINES BRIEFS GUN,DRUG SMIJGGLER ARRESTID--An attempt to smuggle guns and drugs into the country has been foiled. General Rabian Ver, armed forces chief of staff, announced yester- day the arrest of a suspected courier of a Filipino U.S.-based terrorist group car- rying 5 firearms, 3,000 rounds of ammunition and assorted drugs, including heroin. The suspect was identified as (Arturo Espiritu Farvis), a Filipino-boi-n American from Ilocos Sur, who was arrested Friday morning after he arrived at the Manila - international airport on PAL Flight 107 from 5an Francisco, California. Presi- dential security command agents, aviation security command and the Bureau of Customs found 4 handguns, 1 shotgun, 3,000 bul~ets, 200 capsules of heroin, one-eighth of a kilo of powdered her~in and one half pound of mari~uana hidden inside a ~ampbell soup box fil_led with chocolate ann candies. [Text] [HK080246 Manila Far East Broad- ~ casting Company in English 2330 GMT 7 Nov 81] ~ CSO: 5300/4555 10 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 CZECHOSLOVAKIA BR~EFS NARCOTICS LABORATORY DISCOVERED--A clandeatine laborazory for production of narcotics was discovered in the apartment of 26-year-old Marie P. in Prague- Vinohrady. Her 30-year old unemployed companion Jan M. was also arrested. [Prague ZEMEDELSKE NOV INY in Czech 9 Nov 81 p 2] CSO: 5300/3002 _ 11 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 ARGENTINA BRIEFS DRU~ CONSUMERS ARRESTED--During an anti-drug operation carried out by the Drug ~ Department of the Buenos Aires Police Force the following persons were arrested: Juan Jose Castillo, Victor Daniel Albornoz, Rafael Carlos Benitez and Carlos Alberto Delfino who were caught with 5 gms of cocaine hydrochloride, 40 gms of marihuana and 22 pills of manurax. [PY041333 Buenos Aires CRONICA in Spanish 2 Nov 81 p 8] ~ CSO: 5400/2061 , i 12 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 BOLIVIA PAPER QN ANTIDRUG EFFORTS ~ PY052156 La Paz EL DIARIO in Spanish 27 Oct 81 p 5 - [Excerpta] Officials of the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department have reported - that it would be inadvisabl~ ta release the list of persons arrQSted for drug trafficking over the past few weeks. Thie wonld hamper investigations since the peddlers dA not operate alane but together wi~h other persons (pushers, accomplices and accessories).. The sources also confirmed that approxi.a:a~el;r 20 kg of cocaine have been seized in Santa l:ruz and Cochabamba as a result of v~riour~ operstions. This drug is - currently under guard at the headquarters of ~he Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department. The cocaine seized in these two departments was confiscated from persons engaged in petty drug trafficking because, thanks to the actions undertaken by the armed forces and the Dangerous Drugs Department, large-scale trafficking has disappeared. The Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department, whose actions have been coordinated with those of the National Antidrug Council ever since the armed forces undertook the commitment to struggle against this crime, has handled approximately 600 cases. ~ The persons charged with drug traff ~cking are sub3ected to severe questioning designed to preciaely establish their degree of guilt. The report added that as a result of these investigations several persons have been arraigned before the courts, others are still being held but most have been released since their guilt - could not be proven. CSO: 5400/2061 13 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02109: CIA-RDP82-00854R000400070055-0 BOLIVIA BRIEFS MIIQISTER HEADS ANTIDRUG COUNCIL--Th~ interior mini.ster h$s temporarily been put . in charge of the presidency of the National Council for Struggle Against Drug Trafficking. President Torrelio Villa has deleg~ted this post to the minister because of the president's heavy load of administrative work. Minister Romulo Mercado Garnica gave this explanation yesterlay afternoon shortly after a meeting with President Torrelio. The measure was decided on during the last cabinet meeting wh~ch was held on Tuesday. Miniater Mercado Garnica referred to the decisicn and _ said: [Begin recording] I would only like to tell you that the decision has been given the wrong interpretation. You know very well that the Council for Struggle Against Drug Traff?cking was created through a gover~ent decree. It now happens that the president, who is also the pres3dent of the council, is overloaded with work and has delegated to the interior minister the task of president of the Council for Struggle Against Drug Trafficking because of that heavy workload. [End recor~iing] Colonel Mercado G~rnica also reported the approval of a measure through wh3.~:h the National InvestigaLion Agency [Direccion de Itrvestigacion Nacional-- rIN] will be directly responsible to the Interior Ministry. [Excerpts] [PY051513 La Paz Radio Illimani Network in Spanish 1130 GMT 5 Nov 81] COCAINE BURNED--Interior Ministry officials and off icials from the Dangerous Brug . Department supervised the burning of 58 kg of cocaine and 300 mari~uana plants. The off icials said that the cocaine, which was confiscated in several operations, was worth $29 million. [La Paz Radio Illimani Network in Spanish 1700 GMT 28 Oct 81] CSO: 5400/2061 - 14 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400470055-4 CHILE COCAINE TRAFFICKING SINCE~1970 VI~,'WED Santiago ERGILLA in Spanish 14 Oct 81 pp 12-13 (Article by Ivan Fredes and Andrea Orzegow: "Passenger in Transit"] [Text] An elegant, imposing yacht with a California registration came to rest on the peaceful, warm waters of Arica on 24 July. The occupants of the "Erin": American James ~:dward Cernack, 30, and Dane Kim Jeff Jensen, 26, soon established friendly contact with the authorit.ies and inhabitants of ~he northern city. Auring their two-month stay at the port, awaiting so they claimed the start of the windsurfing championship that was to be held and in which they were going to compete, theq became such good frienda with the people of Arica that even the _ officials of the Yacht Club had lunch with them. However, the romanticism soon gave way to suspicion. Strange excursions on the high seas in the early hours of the morning cau~ed police to keep the yacht under close surveillance. With confidential investigative infor- mation, maritime authorities issued a search warrant for the vessel when it was ready to set sail for Tahiti. The truth came to light. Discovered under the deck - of the "Erin" on 28 September were 22 leilograms of cocaine, 98-percent pure, worth ~ $1 million in the United States, three firearms and over 500 bullets and different calibre shells. It was the biggest amount of the white powder found in Chile iu the last 10 years. Was Interpol (i.nternational police) correct in once again placing our country at the head of that illegal trade, as it did in 1970? There was a time when it was easier (around 1973) because there were fewer persons to fight the trafficking and they were not specialists, but what is happening now is not a"boom." The traffickers always maintaized a certain level of activity but - there was less investigation. Finding a little m~~re or a little less cocaine does - not mean any increase or decrease in the illegal a~:tivity, one iuvestigative source told ERCILLA, but his first words strike a chord. Naturally, when one reviews history, the statistica clearly show that the "old days - were better" for the traffickers who went through our national territory. In 1970, Chile led in the number of arresta, with 33.3 percent, followed by the United States witch 32.5 percent. With regard to seizures, the United States had the largest total: 46.1 percent of the figure. While our country was close behind 15 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 with 32.6 percent, it registered the largest seizures with respect to the quality of the drug. The f igure was high, compared with the present, when one considers that up to 1979, the State Defense Council which since 1973 has taken part, as stipulated by law, in all infractions involving alcohol and all trials concern- ing the processing or trafficking of narcotics had sustained penal action in no less than 300 cases, while to date, it has no more than 65 before it. ~rthermore, while investigations show ~hat the amount of kilograms of cocaine _ combining cocaine sulfate and cocaine hydrochloride (different stages of process- ing) has gradu ally increased in the Zast 3 years (nearly 14.5 kilograms in 1979; 22.6 in 1980; and nearly 28 kilograms so far this year), it would be false to claim, as was done at the beginning of the past decade, that over half of the illegal production of cocaine passes through Chile. _ Only a Gorridor There are a few constants. Since the 1940's, when the country entered the cocaine trafficking network,.it was not more than an unwitting victin of the nations that produced and con~umed the highly-5ought "white goddess." There are few cocaine = addicts in Chile, according to Maurieio Flisfisch,, president of the State Defense Council. That is not true in the United States, which has the largest number of consumers in the world. Thi~ ex~,~ains why the national terrltory is involved in the hidden cocaine web. Peru and Bolivia are the only ones possessing the plan~ and Chile shares borders with both. What b etter "wild card" could there be for smuggling the drug to the United States and, on a smaller scale, to Europe.and a number of Asian regions From the standpoin t of distances, it is perhaps not very logical, but it throws people off the track and provides ports which, in the case of Bolivia, do not exist. That is why the no rthern Arica the area and port closest to the coca planta- tions wins the p rize for the largest number of Chilean criminals tempted by the lucrative "exportation" of the product. They get so rich that they cannot even say how large their fortune is. And no wonder: If processing a kilogram,of cocaine hydrochloride costs about $100, due to the great demand, it sells for nearly $100,000. Whence the once prolific appearance of laboratories in different areas of the country, which now continue to be raided, but after year decrease in number because of the more organized police work. Logically enough, such "purchasing power" does not exist in Chile, meaning that its role is reduced to that of a corridor for the dazzling "snow" (so named because of rhe cold effect it produces in the nasal passages when inhaled). The words of the investigative official consulted are pertinent: "This is a crime that does not affect the Chilean citizenry there are very few consumers but rather, the Americans. The police could lose prestige if they do not manage to arres t the traffickers and they are caught in another country. Now then, if the conditions for the trafficking exist, the risk for the persons invol.ved would be much smaller because the price of cocaine would also go down, which might 3.n turn induce Chileans to become consumers. In that sense, such trafficking could mean a problem for the country." . 16 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 Flisfisch makes these statements, but practically guaranteea that t'here will be no such danger. However, he point~ out others alre~dy undermining Chilean.young people. "Since the passage of Law 17,934 up to the p�resent time, it can be maintained thaC illegal cocaine hydrochloride traffieking i~Z.the direction of other countries has for the most part been contained. With re$pect to the processing here, it has - nearly been eradicated through the raiding of laboratories and the arrest ~f those involved, most of whom are in prison. This success is confirmed by the number of trials pending and guaranteed by the creation of specialized police services and the concern of the judicial branch." "Latent Evil" However, there are still drawbacks. On the one hand, he observes that what is on the increase is the trafficking and consumptian of marihuana and LSD among Chilean young people. (In the course "The Adolescent and Drug Dependency" being giveu in the country until 23 October, it was revealed that 23 percent of all young people . admitted to the University Psychiatric Clinic are there for clrug addiction.) With _ respect to cocaine, Flisfisch says the same thing as other.investigative sources: "If you are not careful, trafficking may inerease and it is a latent evil because we are right alongside the great producer: Bolivia." Nor must one lose sight of what the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, Lester Wolff, said $t the World Confer- ence on Drugs held in Chile in Auguat 1977: Two Constants "Traffickers operate with,sophisticated methods, backed by huge amounts of money. They have become their own supergovernment." Without a doubt, these org~nizations do not act haphazardly. They trick whomever they want however they want. The very investigative source consulted by ERCILLA admits that there are many problema in investigat~ons because they "are people of intelligence with heavy economic resources and very well-organized rings." One example is that as their routes are discovered, they change them. The official reveals that in the beginning, the route was Chile-United States; then Chile-Rio de Janeiro-Madrid-United States; then Chile-Buenos Airea-Milan- United States; and now, because of the seizure of the "Erin," the current alterna- tive would appear to be Chile-Tahiti-Australia-United States. Two constant Chile and the United States, for an elusive, latenr. evil that has little possibility of flourishing here, for the time being at least. 11,464 CSO: 5300/2041 17 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 COSTA RICA BRIEF PLANE, TRAFFICKERS IN CUSTODY--No narcotics were found aboard the U.S. plane that was detained in Tortuguero and the two foreigners traveling in the aircraft were turned over to immigration officials. (Bobby C~rlton Bryant) and (Robert Mitchell Fullerton) were admitted narcotics traffickers and had replaced the plane's U.S. registration numbers with a Colombian registration number. Mechanics of the air section found remnants of cocaine and a few mari3uana seeds and leaves in the cabin. - Both (Bryant) and (Fullerton) rented the plane from a company that renders services to narcotics tra�fickers. (Bobby Carlton Bryant)�and (Robert Mitchell Fullerton) were arrested in Tortuguero when their plane ~ad mechanical troubles and had to make an emergency landing. (Byrant) and (Fullerton) were traveling in a light plane with Colombian registration HK741P, which, it was proved, was false and had been pasted on top of the legitimate registration. Both stated they were on their way from Colombia to Houston, Texas, but when they noticed one engine was not working prop- erly, they had t~ land in Tortuguero. The plane is really regi~tered in the United States under the number N783A and belongs to the (Sulakes) aviation company, a well-known company which rents planes to narcotics traffickers. (Bobby Carlton Bryant) and (Robert Mitchell Fullerton) were turned over to the immigration author- _ ities. [Text] [PAQ72127 San Joge Radio RELOJ i.n Spanish 1730 GMT 7 Nov 81] CSO: 5300/2063 18 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 ECUADOR BRIEFS COCAINE TRAFFICKERS SEIZED--1tao Ecuadoreana arrested with 20,000 grams of cocaine. Members o= the National Police of Lo~a arrested the following citizens: 26-year - old Simon Rengel Jimenez, and 28-year olai Alberto Ro3as Chamba when they were caught at illicit trafficking of drugs. Z~wenty-seven packets of cocaine paste, weighing approximately 20,000 grams, were confiscated from them. They were trans- porting the drug in a light truck, a Nisean Junior, 2,000, with 7icense plates P-72314, the property of Rengel Jimenez. From the confession of one of those arrested, it was ascertained that Rodrigo Delgado, a Colombian, proposed to Simon Rengel Jimenez that they transport a shipa~ent of cocaine paste from Sozoranga, in the province of Lo3a, to Tulcan far a big sum of money. After completing the ~ negotiation, Rengel Jimenez contacted Rodrigo Delgado on Monday, 12 October, from whom he received 27 packets of cocaine paste, which were hidden in secret compart- ments of the light truck. They agreed to deli~ver the drug the following day in Tulcan, where Delgado would be waiting. In his confession Rengel Jimenez indicated that Alberto Ro3as Chamba and Flaberto Torres Cueva had nothing to do with this - smuggling, inasmuch as they were only travelling in the truck as passengers. It was explained that Torres Cueva escaped when they were intercepted by the police; the Interpol police are therefore continuing their search. As for the arrested persons: Rengel and Rojas Chamba were placed at the disposition of the district attorney of the Court of Lo~a for ~udgment and eanction for the trafficking of drugs. The 20,000 gxams of cocaine are in the police station storeroom, awaiting suitable means of destruction. The Nissan Junior truck was confiscated. [Text] [Quito EL COMERCIO in Spanish 20 Oct 81 p B 10] 8255 CSO: 5300/2055 19 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 HONDURAS TONS OF MARIHUANA SEIZED NEAR SWAN YSLAND San Pedro Sula LA PRENSA in Spanish 12 Sep 81 pp 4-5 [Article by Nelson Fernandez] [Text] The biggest seizure of marihuana yet made by the authorities in t~rritorial waters of the central american countries was made last Wednesday when a patrol boat from the Honduran naval base seized a fishing boat with Uaited States ~lag and crew, carrying nine tones of the drug valued at 10,800,000 lempirae. The marihuana, grown in Colombia, was being transported from this South American country towards a place in the state of Florida, but apparently the captain went off course, entered Honduran waters and w-as seized 11 miles south of the Cis~e Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean. The crew was composed of Jesus Eugenio Salgado, 19 years old, coming from the resid- ing Cayo Bueso (the only one who speaks Spanish with a Cuban accent); James Mike Owens, 28, born in New Jersey, and Ray Weatherinton, 54 native of Miami and captain of the boat. The name of the boat is "Captain K.C." with registrq number 59611 and belonging to St. Augustine Trawlers of St. Augustine, in the state of Florida. After the capture, the boat was towed to the dock of the Puerto Cartel naval base, where the 430 bales containing the.drug were moved to two of the base warehouses. Yesterday, in the presence of the inspector general of narcotics, authorities of the naval base, the ~ustice of the peace for criminal activity, Miguel Angel Landaverde Cerna inspected the drug to assesa the fine and initiate the Iegal proceedings which in general terms will close with the burning of the marihuana and the sentencing by the court of those implicated. One of the defendants, young Jesus Eugenio Salgado, stated that he resides in Cayo Bueso, Florida, ~ahere his wife! Teresa Salgado and his son, hardly four months old, are staying. Questioned on the matter, he said that it is the first time that he and h~.s friends are involvedin marihuana smuggling, adding that he knows absolutely nothing about the owners of the drug, nor who put it in the boat, nor the people who were going to receive it. 20 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R400404070055-0 - He said "We made contact by telephone and loaded the marihuana on the high seas; from thereon I don't remember anything. We are dying of hunger and they grabbed us to do this and ~ust look at us now..." _ Asked where the marihuana came from, he replied that they got it on the high sea~, 150 miles south of the coast of Aruba, where armed men intercepted them in three vessels and loade d the drug aboard, order ing them to bring it "to a point in the Gulf of Mexic.o, although we do not know who was going to pick it up nor anything about it,.." When questioned about how they penetrated Honduran territorial water.s, he explained. that "we thought that we were in international waters; the cap tain said so and did not explain how it was that we were not...." Salgado related that they were seated _ in the vesselwhen they heard the siren of the Honduran coast guard. Then they stopped. Athough the man being questioned said he knew nothing of this, autho.rities of the naval base maintained that the crew members of the fishing vQssel had received an offer of payment for the transport of the drug the sum of 50,000 lempiras annually. - 96 78 CSO: 5300 /2009 21 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400470055-4 . HONDURAS BRIEFS MARIHUANA PLANTATION DISCOVERED--A marihuana plantation was discovered and confiscated by agents of the Treasury and of FUSEP in the town of Sacaguato, 3urisdiction of Sabanagrande in this department. When the plantation o� grass was discovered, 791 plants were confiscated located on land owned by one of the men implicated and situated on the outskirts of the town. This did not originally arouse suspic~.on. Santoe Macario Ramis Barahona and Santos Antonio Avila Avila, originally from that community were accused of the crime and in accordance with the police report are engaged in agriculture. [Excerpt] [San Pedro Sula LA PRENSA in Spanish 18 Sep 81 p 2) 9678 i i CSO: 5300/2009 22 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 PPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2047/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 STATINTEL APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 STATINTEL APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000400070055-0 PANAMA BRIEFS TRAFFICKER'S ARREST--Cicoletta Semeria Sorencia, who was caught with 12 packages.:Qf cocaine at the Gen Omar Torri~os Herrera international airport at noon on Saturday, was placed at the disposition of Isaac Chang Vega, assietant prosecutor. [Panama City LA REPUBLICA in Spanish 20 Oct 81 p 10 PA] ~ CSO: 5300/2063 24 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 PARAGUAY BRIEFS MORPHINE PEDDLERS ARRESTED--Through thorough investigations members of the Interior Ministry's Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department were able to arrest 40-year-old Paraguayan Raul Alejandro Suarez who was found with.2 grams of morphine. Through Suarez' statements the department was able to arrest Argentine citizeus Carlos Omar Ferreira Moleda, 20 years old, and Enrique bnilio Salgado, 23 years old, who are also charged with morphine trafficking. ~Asuncion A~C COLOR in Spanish 21 Oct 81 p 25J ~ , CSO: 5400/2061 - 25 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 PERU BRIEFS DRUG RING SROKEN--Cajamarca--Members of the f irst rural detachment of the 6th Cajamarca Precinct of the Civil Guards have inflicted a severe blow to drug trafficking by seizing 5 kg of cocaine ba~se and 10 million soles in cash. The sinister drug ring operated from a place called E1 Eacaloa in the village of Huatanal, Cospan District (Ca~amarca). The pol3ce raid, carried out after preli- minary investigation had been the Civil Guards, resulted in the arrest of five persons who were caught red-handed. The arr~sted peddlers, who are currently , being held at the Ca~amarca police station, are: Juan Francisco Rodxiguez Aguirre, j 47, and his children Luz Irene Rodriguez Sanchez, 23, and Santos Cesar Rodriguez ~ Sanchez, 21; and also Cesar Augusto Arangoitia Meadieta, 27, from Lima; and' ~ Humberto Alcantara Ramirez, 26, fram Laredo Tru~illo. Chemists Santos Pita Huannan ; and Juan Alva Alfaro are still at large and being sought by the police. [Excerpt] [PY102059 Lima EXPRESO in Spanish 29 Oct 81 p 17] CSO: 5300/2060 ~ 26 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 VENEZUELA BRIEFS DRUG ARREST--Police last night captured (Giovanni Rodriguez Milano), a drug trafficker who has been active in Vargas. The authorities confiscated a package of drugs containing 11 measures [codos] of cocaine and 30 mari,juana ~ointa. The _ drug trafficker will be turned over to the Interpol aection of the ~udicial police. The drug trafficker, who resides in Maracaibo, reportedly makes frequent trips to Caracas to sell the drugs, which he brings from Colrnnbia. [PA121723 Caracas Radio Continente in Spanish 2100 GMT 11 Nov 81]. CSO: 5300/2060 27 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000400070055-0 AFGHANISTAN FINNISH EX~ERT APPOINTID TO UN DRUG EFFORT IN COUNTRY Helsinki HELSINGIN SANOMAT in Finnieh 24 Oct 81 p 9 [Text] Professional intereat as well as a love of adventure and challenge have led the Central Criminal Police crimin~al investigator Risto Vei~alainen to a unique position on the battle-ridden Afthanistan. Vei~alainen ie the first Finn ever to have been chosen to serve as a specialist for the UN narcotics department, UNDND. One of the reasons why a Finn has been chosen to this estxaordinary position is Finland's non-political reputation. UN cooperative development agencies regard Finland as one of the most f~avored sources of recruits. Risto Vei~alainen, 43, is the reason why the Finn chosen for this post was Vei~alainen. He is generally considered to be Finlaad's leading expert on inter- national narcotics questions. Veijalainen's background includes a long career with the police, Candidate of Jurisprudence degree, foreign language akills, familiarity with the workings of Interpol, a long career a~s the chief of the Central Criminal Police narcotics division, the uneasy post of the chief inveatigator in the Salora case, and a character that does not give in easily in criminal investigatione. Faking concern, Veijalainen's co-workers at the Central Criminal Police are now collecting a"memorial fund for co'lleague Vei~alainen, for nobady can possibly stay alive chasing drug criminals, and, to top it all, in a crises-beriddled country." Veijalainen's of.ficial title in Afghaniatan is "criminal investigation advisor" in the narcotics division of the interior miniatry in the country's capital Kabul. Afghanistan Top Producer of Opium Vei~alainen's ~ob description includee supervieion of the police drug investigation and the UN pro~ect's million mark budget, coordination of the cooperation between the Customs and the Narcotics Police and organizing of the training of the narcotics police. The actual chasing of the drug criminals in the Afghanistan mountains is not part of Vei~alainen's ~ob as the UN advisor. 28 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400074455-0 Risto Veijalainen made already last i~iay a preliminary visit to Afghanistan on a two-week jaunt as a UN consultant. "Afghanistan has traditionally been among the biggest producers of opiutn. In 1979, the officially confircned amount of confiscated raw opium was 30 tons. The actual amount going to the European markets in the peak years has been estimated to have - been as high as over 500 tons," Veijalainen said. According to Vei~alainen, Afghanistan's domestic drug problems are minor despite the tons of opium produced. The local farmers look on poppy growing roughly the s~e as the Finilish taxpayers look on cheating on taxes. Together wtih Fakistan and Iran, Afghanistan is now on the top of the list of most important producers of opium for the West Eruopean drug markets. According to Veijalainen, the heroin and opium traffic is now crossing over from the Golden Triangle of Asia--Thailand, Laos and Burma--to the near East. The Afghan police claim that the drugs move from Pakistan through Afghanistan into Europe. With its freely available hashish, the capital, Kabul, was in the early 1970's the Mecca of the hippie movement. World Narcotics Situation Getting Worse The UN yearly report describes the world's overall narcotics situation as worse than ever before. "The drugs cause most damage in the Western countries. That is why the UN has started its narcotics control pro~ect which will provide the farmers with farming alternatives. So far, the UN narcotics pro~ect has provided for the building of modern quarters for narcotics investigation in 10 Afghanistan towns." "Although only a minor number of drug offenses are discovered by the police, it is, however, certain that international drug trafficking is directed by certain criminal organizations with their organized leagues. A.lthough we don't have in Finland a drug problem of international magnitude, our narcotics trivestigation is high-class." "It is quite different to be a narcotics investigator in a producing country than in a country where drugs are not grown," Vei~alainen pointed out. According to the Foreign Ministry, there are no Finns in Afghanistan at present. Western ~ournalists have long been denied visas to Afghanistan, where even now battles continue~~between the government and guerillas. lIowever, the turbulence of the Afghanistan situation does not scare Vei~alainen, who will spend the first week of November in Vienna at the UN before continuing to his final destination. Officially, Vei~alainen's post in Afghanistan has been budgeted only until the end of the year, but in the event that additional time can be arranged, Risto Vei~alainen wants to consider returning to the country. Veijalainen has known to expect the UN position for about a year, but the Afghanistan government and the UN have only now been able to arrange the final papers necessary for travel. 29 9571 Cso: 5300/2040 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400470055-4 EGYPT - OPIUM SMUGGLING ATTEIrIl'T FOILED Cairo AL-AHRAM in Arabic 19 Oct 81 p 19 [Text] Security forces in the Ministry of Interior foiled a new attempt to smuggle a large shipment of raw opium valued at half a million pounds. The smugglers had hidden the opium inside secret hollow spaces within some woodwork arriving in pack- ages aboard a plane arriving from Karachi, Pakistan. , Information and investigations had determined the return of certain drug smugglers _i and their aides to their activities, and that they had agreed on a new plan to bring ~ large drug shipments from abroad, after several other operations failed, the last one being the arrest of a foreign diplomat and an Egyptian smuggler at Cairo airport. ~ In implementing the research plan supervi~ed by Ma3 Gen Sami As'ad, the director of - drug administration, to observe the smugglers' moves, it was noticed that a group of smugglers and their aides had traveled abroad to bring in large shipments of drugs. In order to further distort the facts, the amugglers moved among several countries, finally landing in Karachi, where they had sent several packages containing woodwork. Through the i~vestigations received by Maj Gen Mamduh Salim Zaki, narcotics agent, . Colonel Muhammad 'Abbas Mansur, operations manager, and Colonel Sayyid Ghayth, an agreement was reached with the Port Security and Customs Authorities to foil that operation and uncover the plan, as it was learned that the smugglers had resorted to a new, original method of hiding the drugs in secret hollow spaces inside the wood- work and had sent it by installments, some of which arrived addressed to fictitious persons. The smugglers made sure that all these packages would be transitted from Cairo to Nairabi to ensure that they were not opened and that they were stored at the airport until one of the amugglers could claim them without being discovered. Col Ahmad Nadda, chief of the narcotics section at the airport, was disguised as one oE the freight workers in order to observe the planea arriving from Karachi and the passengers' lounge for the probability of having someone claim these packages. A group of security officers, headed by Ma~ors 'Imad Rashid, Shafiq al-'Ushri, and ' - Tariq Abu Zayd, opened all the packages containing woodwork, where they found ship- ments of raw opium valued at half a million pounds. ' 9455 CSO: 5300/5002 30 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 IRAN BRIEFS _ TRAFFICKERS ~XECUTED --Tehran, 2 Nov (AFP)--Three people accused of drug trafficking and of being "corrupted on earth" were executed today in the northeastern city of Ardabil, the ETTII,A'AT newspaper said today. The Ardabil Revolutionary Court also handed 14 people charged with drug traffick- ing and consumption and opening gambling dens aentences of one to 10 years in prison nnd 70 lashes of the whip. In the southern city of Kazerun, a ma.n accused of adultery was executed. Three other men were sentenced to 40, 50 _ and 60 lashes for having "led astray" young girls, the newspaper said. The KEYHAN newspaper, meanwhile, announced the arrest in Tehran of a former member of the shah's secret police, Savak. The report said Nur Mohammad Farzin had served in~Savak for 17 years and was a member of the Bahai religious sect. - ~ Several documents seized in his home pointed to the sect's collaboration with ; the former regime, the newspaper said. Mr Farzin, who admitted being a Bahai, ~ was jailed fn Evin prison, it said. Elsewhere, 10 "active elements" had , sympathizers of the outlawed people's Mo~ahedin group were executed in the eastern city of Mashhad, Iranian television reported today. The left-wing _ dissidents were convicted by revolutionary guards of "armed uprising against the Islamic revolution," the report said. No date was given for their executions. [Text] [NC021807 Paris AFP in English 1741 GMT 2 Nov 81] DRUG CASE STATISTICS--Tehran, 3 Nov (AFP)--A total of 459 drug dealers were executed in Iran between the appointment of Sadeq Khalkhali as head of the Revolutionary Narcotics Court on June 10, 1980, and th~ present day, the revolu- tionary court announced today. Quoted by the ETTELA'AT newspaper, the court said also that during this time 45 traffickers were sentenced to life in prison, 6,700 to jail terms of three months to 10 years, 21 had their possessions confiscated, 21 were fined and 5,489 were released on bail. Ayatollah Khalkhali - resigned as narcotics president on December 7 last year. [Text] [NC031722 Paris AFP in English 1705 GMT 3 Nov 81) CSO: 5300/5320 - 31 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400470055-4 ISRAEL BRIEFS HASHISH FOUND--Some 50 tires and four sacks containing 2.7 tons of hashish were cast on the Dor coast near Haifa in the last 24 hours. This is reported by the ITIM correspondent in Haifa. A coast guard helicopter and boat on 1 November attempted to find more of the drug. The containers held 9,460 sole-shaped packages of hashish weighing 250 grams each. The police investigators bel ieve that the drugs were drawn to ~he coast from the smuggling . route running between Turkey and Lebanon, en route to Egypt. [TA010608 Tel Aviv ITIM in Hebrew 1505 GMT 1 Nov 81 TA] I I i i ' CSO: 5300/4703 32 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 NIGER DRUG ABUSE STATISTICS, PREVENTION ~IEASURES NOTED Niamey SAHEL HEBDO in French No 280, 19 Oct 81 p 14 _ [Article by Binta Mahamane: "Stop the Scourge"] [Text] Drug use is now a universal phenomenon despite the police force's many traps for smugglers, clients and other users. Here in Niger, the ever-vigilant police force supplies untiring efforts to prevent drugs from being brought in. Mr Allagouma Adamou, the police commisssioner, explains to us what the police do to prevent drugs from entering Niger. "The police and customs work together at border stations. When customs seizes a quantity of drugs, they inevitably turn it over to the police, who handle the matter on a penal leve." To prevent the sale and use of drugs, the force conducts "police actions" in two ways. First, during police operations, they may "stumble" upon someone who has some tablets on him and is therefore a user. The police ask him for hie supplier's whereabouts _ so that they can trace the network; or, then, based on information from other peopie, Samarians, for example, the police are "given tips." If the police are sufficiently well informed, they lay hands on the person who is using or selling. But how are drugs r~aching Niger? The policy commissioner explains: "Several methods are used to bring drugs into Niger; they a~e transported by auto, on donkey or camel backs, in canoes, on foot...but less and leas often by automobile, due to very stringent controls on vehicles." Amphetamine tablets, red capsules (called "Roka's" by usera), hashish, and certain pharmaceutical preparations are the drugs which exiat in Niger. At police headquarters, in 1481, 22 persons were implicated in drug matters. Their ages ranged from 15 to 40 years. "In a single case," states teh commissioner, you sometimes find severaZ categories of drugs. But very often, people are more or less specialized. Some take only hashish, others emphetamine sulfate tablets, or "Roka's." According to police headquarters statistica, about 1,250 amphetamine tablets, 630 red capsules, 13 packages of hashish, and miscellaneous pharmaceutical tablets have been scized. The Police Conduct Their Inquiry and Send It on to the Courts Who Impose The Penaltq - About 10 years ago, drugs and narcotics in general worried the country. The peasant wants to work, and due to exhausted soils and to aridity, and even to the structures 33 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 for marketing and establishing food cropa, he has to work very hard to produce. For this reason, the peasant uaea "hana-kwana" which is a drug, a narcotic. This was practically a crisis in the country at the time. Everyone remembers that "hana-kwana" was the most widespread narcotic and when evening came, was sold with great fanfare in the village square "in sight of and with the knowledge of" the customs authorities. At that time people did not perceive the danger of narcotics. Today drug use has taken hold in the cities, due to the rural exodus and the problems posed by large cities. At the same time, the narcotics used are diversified. We asked Chief Justice Moussa Yacouba to tell us how many drug cases they had to judge during the past 2 years. "In 1980," he stated, "there were 59 narcotic cases with an average of 5 persons involved per case, both users and sellers. From January to October 1981, 71 cases were handled. The classes involved are basically part of the rural exodus; second, you also find students, particularly during exams at the end of the trimester or semester, depending on the grade the student is in, and also at the end of the year." But there are also minors involved. But they use harmful substances instead, such as "parfum," a wild plant which is called "touri foumbo" in Zarma, which, when used in a certain manner, produces tre same effects as drugs. There are also solutions used to seal inner tubes; the solutions are used by minors. In fact, it is because they are not financially capable of purchasing narcotics and do not know the channels through which they can obtain them that these young people use harmful substances. According to the chief ~ustice, there are also adults who, when they are desperate for sulfates or hashish, use "parfum," for example. However, Mr Moussa Yacouba does not think that the narcotics problem is the only one affecting minors in particular. There is, he added, juvenile delinquency which we should worry about, but with regard to certain offenses such as aggravated theft, vagrancy, etc. Ordinance Number 74-30 of 8 November 1974 and its enactment Number 77-10$ of 8 December 1977 provide for penalties for this offense. Previously, it was the very old 1926 French code which was applied in Niger. But it was the enactment of 26 January 1926 on the legal practice of pharmacology that was applied. Faced with the urgency of the problem, administrative and legislative authorities felt it necessary to update the old code. In other words, at present the legislation regarding the struggle against drug abuse is very recent. In the case of a repeat offense, na~cotics and poisonous substance offenses do not differ at all from repeat offenses for any other infractions. In clear terms, a repeat offender cannot be sentenced to a term less than twice as long as the first term he has incurred. Example: If a delinquent has been sentenced to 3 or 4 years in prison, 3 or 4 years ago, and he appeare in court, he cannot be sentenced to less than 6 or 8 years. Finally, it is to be noted tl~at the court must order the confiscation of the product sc~iz~d for delivery to the ONPPC [National Office of Pharmaceutical and Chemical _ Products] which will be able to use it. 9693 CSO: 5300/5603 34 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000400070055-0 SOUTH AFRICA MANDRAX DEALERS USE NEW ROUTE INTO COUNTRY Johannesburg RAND DAILY MAIL in English 29 Oct 81 p 1 ~Article by Emielia Jaroschek~ rText~ SOUTH AFRICA's mandraz spoke~man l~ Swaziland sald. smugglers are operating on a ~ week. Colooet new frnnt - they are now ~asie Smlt, head ot the Sonth runaing t6eir contraband Narcoucs Bareau, sa~d into the count tl~rrou ID��~'~ $01~' ~ ~ ca,'a ascond LtQ ~t~ g problem Mozamblque. _ y~~ ~ y Casea cootalaing thousandt o! Dqlets - ottea b~nen tableta ara being sncceaafullq =,~y~ b~ smuggled into Sout6 Atrica randa at their are stW along We new route, accordinQ operatin in all~ma~ cities ot to re rts. ~p~ T'6~eq are thea tranaferred to llce a~ackdoaoe ln w6l ~lats Swa~iland and Le~ot6o before ~~u ot qbl~s �have - bein~ moved to teed the lucra- been aeised and rpaners Uve South African markek ~ ~ And a aew market tor t6e drog ' has opened In South Atrica - C+OlJpB unong the drittint PoPWatloa ~~y year b Lce Wia Lvin~ and worklng on coa:truc- _ tion ~ites !or Sawl II and III at Y~ ~Inde seizura~such ax Secunda in the Eastern ~~y~leter?orthRS-cNWon, 'IYanavaal. SO 000 tableb,l6 000 tableb, and ~ S 700 fablete. Rir fl i htS co~~ s~c ,~ia aien~~ c~ ~ d~ht~Nn` ot c6ecks at atrports HoW South Atrtcaa aod Swazi- aad bprderpoe was a severe land poUce conllrmed they knew blow W dealen,~. help from the oi We aew route but they would pubBe rem~U~ed eaeeatial in not elaborate oa their pahtln~mandrsz abuse. lnvatf ations. Pollcge in Swazlland ~ald tbey w~.~ bIr��~~~ignme~ beUeved We smug~lers rua the Toan Uri Reekead when two dru ofl scheduled air fli~ht~. mea,nd ~ woman arre arrested ~e Rand Dafly MaU has beeo at ~ houie in Woodatock for al- _ told tfut emuQglers ue aleo l~edlq dealing in 4 300 tableb movia~ the drug into Swullaad wort6 about R13 OOU. alon~ the much-used road~ trom Mot4er m~Jor conei~ment ot Mozamblque. 74 000 t~blets woct6 about But polia ln Swasiland 9aid R710 000 aae seized by Swnsi- they had aot come acraes Inci- Lnd pollce in Septembec at Mat- - denta to verify thle. '"Thera la an w Alcport ahea t man alla~- e:tremely strict ebeck kept at ~ p~~ a~~ thae border posts," a top police of cia4 CSO: 5300/5607 35 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-4 SOUTH AFRICA _ MANDRAX COURIER METHODS, TECHNIQUES ARE DESCRIBED Johannesburg RAND DAILY MAIL in English 29 Oct 81 p 8 ~Article by Emielia Jaroschek; "The Secret Ways of the Mandrax Men"~ rTextl FURTIVELY, a courier ma~or cide~ - bu~tn masaive places a carefully ro~~~~nc, wmie c~ey keep wrapped parcel under a aryjg'' own hand~ ~~clean~~ o[ we back alley dustbin in The multi�millloa rand racket Johaanesburg. has doubled Its activities over Using green spray paint, de the past year as the big dealers _ makea a crude mark on a nearby make regular cZandestine fllghts � wall. 1'be sigaal is givea The to neighbouring couatries or drop 6as beea made. even Bombay itselt to negotiate Later anot6ec furtive flgure new deals. coUect~ the parcel. The original deals are "fized" His muk is made in black without any money or tablets spray paint over the original. P~~6 Again it is a slgnal.'fhe drop haa From the time the dealer buys been collected. the tablets - tor betweea 20c - The same method !s used at a and SOc each - to the time it dltfecent place to pay tor the reaches the user in the atreet, the consi~un ent T6e transacUon Ls p~jre has rocketed to betweea completed without any petsonal R7 and R15. contact. The origlnal negoUatiotu are It is the dead letterbo: aystem uaually made by t6e dealera, - normally used by insurgents aometimea wealtby South smuggling arms and spies seU� Africana. fng secret~. Then the dealer's courier steps But thb la no "drop" wne for ln. He ia used as a stooge to ~ insurgents or "spooks.' accompany the baggage wfth Its It is tht method now tavoured precious co~i~ament aad ea- by the Maadraz mandarins and sure lt la ~afely transferred Irom the parceL contain thousandt ot Hombay s~lrport�W an airport in t~ny whlte pil~ wortA hundreds nei~6Douring statea auch as of thou~anda ot Rand~. Zambla, Swazlland Lesotho or Laat mootb the Rand DaUy Botawana - and more recently Mail traced mandra= to lt~ Mc~ambique. aource in Bombay. Lethai Cracked Polfce have successtully It has now uncovered some of cracked the syatem at Wese the secret dlatrlbutlon method~ po~~ ~ w61ch middlemen - used by the Mandras mandarins ~ally locab - are pald to take to get thelr lethel ware to users kmp~~~, ~ ~f the alrport oa the street~ ot South Africa's rom? enb untll they are fi- ma Jor citle~. ~~~y~~~ over to ot6er couri- Behind the maJor smu~linB en tor money. route [rom Bombay via the Atri� At thia staQe two couriers are can state~ W South Atrlca are tbe ottee na~M to coUect a cooaign- big dealers - men and womea ment. Oae msn drive~ to the operating irom South Ahlca'e peJ~~~a ~~~,e ~ fetch t6e 36 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400440070055-0 ~ , x s.~ ~ - j t t~; r ~ _ . . _ , ~A. , r :.:f~ c.. ~ ' . . ..t: :~:-:z ~ ~ t3 ~~~fi 5. _ . ,F ~ a 3~ z >ia ~ + zs . 1 r.;ri:: ,"Y f A s `f~ . Xr~Y, . ~~i: ~.~~i i`VY~`~~~~..) M~. ~ ~ s~ ~ , x ~ r _ ~;'y~. rr s ~ : R ~ ~ ~ ~ / ~ MANDRAX CASE Johannesbusg Drug Squad detectives recently seized these 7 350 Mandrax tablets,.worth about R70 000, before they reached the buyers. cons~gnment, wnich may range lets never reacb t5e ea er from 5 000 to 300 000 tableb or selt but are immediately sold to ~0 ~ Port Elfza~eth-bave ~ more, while another talces the buyers via dead letter bozes�or y~~derground markets for same route with the money. io cluMatine hotel meetin~s Couriers have also been wheee bnyers and co~riers book ~OdWenenSecundawithits tnown to Ay to South Alrica and into hotel rooms. driftwood populatloo working then return to the neig6boaring tot Sosol II and III has a demand SomeUme~ a pnrcel ia sfmplq t~ accordinQ to police states by road or air to collect left for the buyer at the rece~r ~o~u~. the conslgnment. tion desk. Paymeat la later de- They will sometimes bring the poaited in lockers - a~ain cut. ~ New routes tabiets stralght to South Africa. dng out dlrect conyct w~W t6e One such consignment, con~Lst- bu er. . '1'h~ mandarins are always ing of 48 000 tablets worth nearly ~r~e quaetltles ate alsp often ready to supply, coaatantly R500 0~0, was seized by cuatoms immedlately dlstributed to re~u- ~�Q up ~w ~~s and offlcials in Aprll this year. M lar cusWmers. ~~S ~ smuggle the drug Indian man and coloured woman Police inveatigations have ~6h~ ible gapa in the tight were arrested, showa tbat aoRie coasigmeats ot g~t ~~re ~~uth qfnca and PoUce are relurtant to reveal tableta 6ave even been bought t6e hiding methods o[ consiga- "on Ur,k" - pald tor atter they 0e~~~nB states are steppiag ments transported into South are on tbe streets. up their Mandraz vigil. Africa, but aome obvious ona Deakra are contianlnQ to ~Y ot the arresb are now have been found in spue wdeels, make raapive proflts de~pite 1D0Oe3''h~6rY. ~e:peri- air cleanen and t,Lx car parts. m~}~ poUCe ~~ugglers w6o are fool- Once ie South Atrica, t6e t~b- Usas are lound everywhen: ~y ~~~OB ~ w6ere wise Johameabure. Cape Tow4 Dur- ~~68~ers fear W tread". CSO: 5300/5607 37 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02109: CIA-RDP82-00854R000400070055-0 NETHERLANDS BRIEFS HEROIN CONFISCATED--The Hague, 17 Nov (.AFP)--Some 21 kilograms (46 pounds) of heroin, worth 21 million florins ($5.1 r.nillion), were confiscated and 17 people arrested yesterday after police discovered 500-gram (one-pound) packets of the drug hidden in boxes of frozen shr3mp, p~lice said today. Police followed the people who picked up the shrimp, which s~.rrived in Amsterdam Airport aboard a regularly-scheduled airline from Pakistan. The operation led them to a house in The Hague, where 12 people were arrested. The five others were detained after they were found in hotels in the Dutch capital, police said. [Text] [NC170911 Paris AFP in English 0826 GMT 17 Nov 81] . ~ i ~ ' CSO: 5300/2065 38 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 NORWAY _ GOVERNMENT STEPS UP DRUG ENFORCEMENT EFFORT IN NORTH SEA Oslo AFTENPOSTEN in Norwegian 30 Oct 81 p 3 [Article by Thorleif Andreassen] [Text] The government is going to put in effect more atringent enforcement measures to prevent the abuse of narcotics on the oil platforms in the North Sea. Carl Wendt, chief of police in Stavanger, will head up a committee which will undertake an accelerated critical review of the existing enforce~ent measures and practices. The committee will then make proposals for new, effective measures. The government hopes that the new measures will be ready for the coming year. Probably, some of a long list of ineasures which will be put into effect will include greater use of dogs, better technical equipment and more frequent spot checks by the police. Mona Rokke, the minister of ~ustice, points out to AFTENPOSTEN that the narcotics problem on the platforms is particularly serious hecause it involves not only the - Stavanger area but can spread to future petroleum activity in the north if effective countermeasures are not put into effect now. The minister of ~ustice emphasizes the problem that many of the workers on the oil platforms are not Norwegian citizens. These people are brought directly to the platforms, for example, from England, without first going through the Norwegian securety process. She is advocating, in regard to this, uniform enforcement measures for all workers on Norwegian oil platforms, irreapective of from where they come. The Wendt committee will examine very minutely the enforcement routines before it sub- mits its report to the ministry of ~uatice, which will conatantly be kept informed in regard to the progress of the committee's work. An important aspect is to delineate the extent of the problem of narcotica in the North Sea. The purpose in naming the Wendt committee is, among other things, to obtain an evaluation of both the narcotics problem in the Stavanger area and the problems in connection with the oil platforms. The last question will have priority so that the necessary preliminary rulea can be put into effect in a comparatively short time. The working committee will have representatives from the employees and employers in petroleum industry. In addition, people from the social departments 3n Stavanger will participate. "It is obvious that the availability of narcotics in Stavanger has increased in connection with the increased petroleum activity. Exp~rience shows that greater 39 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040400070055-0 availability leads to greater use. One does not have to be full of fantasies to imagine what dangers narcotics has for safety in the North Sea," Mona Rokke emphaeized. The Phillips oil company has requested permission to require from the police testi- monials in regard to the people who are sent out to the oil platforms. The ministry of justice is now evaluating that request. It is not known for the time being to what extent the ministry of ~ustice will grant this request. "It is obvious that one has to be careful in adopting orders which may be like restrictions on the - individual's right to work. On the other hand, I b~lieve there is wide understanding for the fact that conditions in the North Sea have such a special characters and where accidents can have such catastrophic consequences, that one can anticipate agreement on special measures," Mona Rokke said. She reminded us that both the employers and employees will be represented on the working committee which will be lead by Police Chief Wendt. "We will take a posi- tion in regard to the proposal from Phillips after we have heard from both the - employers and employees in the North Sea," she said. - It was on the night of 13 October that the police moved against some 20 petroleum workers at the Ekofisk field and in the Stavanger area. The background to this extensive police action was first and foremast the safety risk which the abuse of narcotics represents. Only a moment's careleasness and inattention can lead to a catastrnphe on an oil installation. Hence, there is an absolute prohibition against the use of alcohol on board. The narcotics police in Stavanger have noted that individuals in the narcotic milieu in the city easily get ~obs out in the North Sea To prevent this leading to an accident because of narcotics misuse, the ministry of justice is now giving top priority to the task of finding effective measures. 6893 CSO: 5300/2044 40 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 ' NORWAY POLICE MAKE ARRESTS FOR DRUG ABUSE IN NORTH SEA OIL FIELD - Oslo ARBEIDERBLADET in Norwegian 19 Oct 81 p 2 [TextJ On Saturday night the Stavanger police arrested two men at the Valhalla field in the North Sea. The narcotics campaign o� the Stavanger police is thereby being extended to several oil-drilling platforms, and all together five people have been arrested. - Officer First Class A.. Endresplass of the Stavanger police department has informed the Norsk Telegrambyra that the evente at the Valhalla field on Saturday night confirms the suspicions which the police have had that the misuse of narcotics in the North Sea is not just confined to the Ekofisk field. "The two men arrested at the Valhalla field were apprehended for using narcotics. One was fined and released, but the other man is still in jail," Endresplass says. The police have previously arrested three people at the Ekofisk field. The third, a foreign citizen, was arrested Friday and taken ~o Stavanger on Saturday. He is under suspicion of bringing in 56 grams of hashish. The stuff was then sold to a person at Ekofisk for 2700 kroner. The hashish was brought to Ekofisk via the heliocopter base at Forus. According to Officer Endresplass, the police will continu~ their anti-narcotics campaign at the oilfielda in the North Sea. The stuff which has come in will now be examined more carefully, and police action will most likely be also expanded to include other platforms besides Ekofisk anrl Valhalla. , - That which the police know the least about is, according to Endresplass, the supply route for the narcotics used in the North Sea. "We know that ehe people who use the stuff take along enough for their stay at the field. We also know r_hat the petroleum workera from the Stavanger area who use narcotics get it locally. Some of it is also brought in from abroad. In other words, there are many supply route~." Endresplass says. He does not believe there is any direct connection between the increase in the use of narcotics in Rogaland and the expansion of petroleum activity. "My impression - is that the misuse of narcotics in the North Sea and in the Stavanger area are in step with the situa~tion elsewhere in the country." - 6893 CSO: 5300/2044 41 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/09: CIA-RDP82-40854R040400070055-0 NORWAY BRIEFS HUNGARIANS SMUGGLED IN HASHISH--Oslow, 19 Oct--Too Hungarian citizens living in _ Norway, were sentenced by the circuit court of Oslo on Friday to 5 and 1/2 years' imprisonment for smuggling in and selling 27 kilograms of hashish. The ~udgment was in accord with the counsel's plea for the proaecution, district attorney Lars Frnsdal. The two Hungarians denied being guilty when they made their statements at the beginning of the trial on Wednesday. The haehish was purchased from a Danish citizen in Copenhagen, and the two maintained that they had been in contact with him only in connection with the sale of a motor vehicle and the purrr.ase of a vaca- _ tion cottage. The circuit court emphasized strongly that a very large quantity of narcotics was involved which could be distributed to a large number of people and that the profit motive was a decisive factor. The hashish was smuggled into Norway on several trips up to the spring of 1980. The two paid 690,000 kroner for the stuff, according to notebooks found in the possession of the Danish supplier. The stuff has here an estimated street value of 2.7 million kroner in retail sale at 100 kroner a gram. [Text] [Oslo ARBEIDERBLADET in Norwegian 19 Oct 81 p 2] 6983 CSO: 5300/2044 END 42 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000400070055-0