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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 FUR OFFICIAL USE aNLY JPRS L/ 10~81 - 26 January 1982 Ja an Qe ort ~ ~ CFOUO 4/82) F'BI$ FOREIGN ~ROADCAST INFORMATION ~ERVICE FOR OF~'ICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R004500024050-9 NOTE JPRS publications c~ntain information primarily from foreign newspapers, periodicals and books, but also from news agency transmissions and broadcasts. Materials from foreign-language suurces are translated; those from English-language sources ' transcribed or reprinted, with the original phrasing and other characteristics retained. Headli.nes, editorial reports, and material enclosed in brackets are supplied by JPRS. Processing indicators such as [Text] or [Excerpt] in the first line of each item, or following the last line of a brief, indicate how the ~riginal information was processed. Where no processing indicator is given, the infor- - mation was summarized or extracted. _ Unfamiliar names rendpred phonetically or transliterated are - enclosed in parentheses. Words or names preceded by a ques- tion mark and enclosed in parentheses were not clear in the original but have been supplied as appropriate in context. Other unattributed parenthetical notes within the body of an item originate with the source. T�imes within ~.tema are as given by source . , The contents of this publication in no way represent the poli- ciee, views or at.titudes of the U.S. Gavernment. - COPYRIGHT LAWS ANA REGUL�A.TIONS GOVERNING OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS REPRODUCED HEREIN REQUIRE THAT DISSEMINATION OF THIS PUBLICATION BE RESTRICTED FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY, APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 EOR OF'FICIAL USE ONLY JPRS L/10281 26 January 1982 ~ JAPAN REPORT (FOUO 4/82) CONTENTS POLITICAL A1~TD SOCIOLOGICAL New i~olitical Leaders Viewed (THE Jd~PAN TIMES, 17 Dec 81) 1 Fiscal 1982 Budget Draft (MAINICHI DAILY NEWS, 30 Dec 81) 4 Suzuki Totters on BudgPt Compilation , (Takehiko Takahashi; MAINj~HI DAILY NEWS, 30 Dec 81)....... 7 ~ Review of Suzuki's Political Activity (Teruo Tsutsumi; THE JAPAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL, 29 Dec 81).... 9 _I I lgg2: Crucial Year f~r Suzuki ~ (MAINICHI DAILY NEWS, 3 Jan 82) 11 i - Suzuki: Defense Budget Will Have Popular Support (MAINICHI DAILY NEWS, 3fl Dec Rl.) 13 ' Administration Destroyed by Its Creator (Takehiko Takahashi; MAIi1ICHI DAILY NEWS, 6 3~�.n 82) . 14 , Upcoming Japan-USSR Talks Viewed (Editorial; TOKYO SHIMBCIN, 12 Dec 81) 16 Popularity of Suzuki Cabinet Increases (ASAHI EVENING NEWS, 12 Dec 81) 18 Current Status of Relations With United States Discussed - (Fuji Kamiya; NIHON KEIZAI SHIMBUN, 11 Dec 81; SEIRON, Dec 81) 20 . Response to U.S. Criticism Differences in Decisionmaking _ a - [III - ASIA - 111 FOUO] , FOR ~FFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Asukata Reelected as JSP Chairman - (Editorial; ASAHI EVENING NEWS, 25 Dec 81) 23 LDP's Diplomacy Feud (Rai.suke Honda; THE DAILY YOMIURI, 18 Dec 81) 25 � Storm Over LDP Veep Ch~ice (Raisuke Honda; THE DAILY YOMIURI, 11 Dec 81) 27 ~ Voting System Is i,n Need of Ck,ange (Yuji Koidp; THE JAPAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL, 22 Dec 81)........ 29 Impact of Lockheed Trial (Takuo Hayashi; MAINICHI DAILY NEWS, 27 Dec 81)............ 31 Suzuki Prods Polyan~kii on Northern Isles Issue ~ (THE DAILY YOMIURI, 7 Jan 82) 33 Politics of 'Harmony' (MAINICHI DAILY NEWS, 4 Jan 82) 34 Japan To Defend Itself, Suzuki Says , (THE DAILY YOMIURI, 1 Jan 82) 36 Government Defense Plans: A Leap in the Dark (THE DAILY YOMIURI, 30 Dec 81) 37 MILITARY M-~ssive Defense Buildup Planned (THE DAILY YOMIURI, 31 Dec 81) 38 'ASAHI' Editor on Defense Budget Increase (ASAHI EVENING NEWS, 30 Dec 81) 39 _ Security of Sea-Lanes Needed for Survival of Japan (THE DAILY YOMIURI, various dates) 41 Safe Sea-Lanes Vital, by Finn Sollie Safety of Sea-Lanes, by Yoshiya Ariyoshi Protection Discussed, by Osamu Kaihara SCIENCE AND TECHNOIAGY R&D Strategy of Intelligent Robot Makets Discusseci (Hirano; NIKKEI SANGYO SHIMBUN, 10-14, 17-19 Nov 81)....... 48 - b - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400500020050-9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY POLITICAL AND SOCIOLOGICAL NEW POLITICAL LEADERS VIEWED - OW180955 Tokyo THE JAPAN TIMES in Eng.Lish 17 Dec 81 p 12 [Kinoru Shimizu's "Politics Today--and Tomorrow" column: "Competition Among Pde~ L~eaders to the Fore"] [Text] A senior Dietman of the Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) and one-zime foreign minister says the "one point of interest in future LDP cievelopr~er.ta is to what extent the so-called new leaders, whom Prime Minister Zenk~ 5uzuki cleverly 'manipulated' in hi~ recent reshuifle, will be able to baost their political strength in the months ahead." He nre~icted that there wouJ.d appear - differences in strength among the new leaders during the next year or so. In the new setup created by Prime Minister Suzuki, the new leaders were given im~portant posts in the cabiner and party executive. Suzuki had lonQ considered it one of his duties to "foster" the new leaders. And in his reshuffle of cabinet and party posts on 30 November, he put his plan into effect. Y Though there are more than a dozen younger politicians who are called "new leaders," Suzuki had in mind only six of them--Kiichi Miyazawa and Rokusuke Tanaka of the Suzuki fac*ion, Noboru Takeshita of the Tanaka �action, Shint~ro Abe of the Fukuda faction, Ichiro Nakagawa of the Nakagawa faction, and Michio Watanab~ who has no factional aCfiliation. In the new Suzuki administration, Miyazawa was retained as chief cabinet secretary, Tanaka was made chairman of the LDP Policy Affairs Research Council, Takeshita was named senior deputy secretary-general and Abe was appointed international trade and industry minister, while Nakagawa and Watanabe were retained in their respective posts of director general of th e Science and Technology Agency and finance minister. Important Posts All of these, except Takeshita, had held important posts ever since the Suzuki administration was inaugurated in July last year, Abe haviiig been chaircnan :~f the Policy Aff airs Research Council and Tanaka international trade and industry minister and according to the prim e minister, they had amply fulfilled his expectations. 1 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-40850R040500024050-9 FOR OFFICI.4L USE: ONLY Suzuki says that in order to ensure the longet~ity and stability of the LDP administration, efforts must be made to cultivate men of talent capabie of carrying on th e administration in the next generation. ~ However, most observers think that his aim in giving key posi~ions to these young leaders was to improve his chances of getting reelected as president of the LDP. Being relatively young and ener~getic, they might possibly move in a direction unfavorable to the Suzuki administration if they were not given important posts and were left to their own resources. If appcintec~ to important posts in the cabinet and party, however, they would not be free to act as they pleased and furthermore, there would be a definite plus factor in that ~heir enterprise and industry would ultimately contribute to the achievements of th e Suzuki administration. Very Hard Work In a talk with reporters, the prime minister said he planned to work these politicians very hard. He added with a smile that he expected there wauld be some compet~tion among them as they had been given positions of eq;al im~ortance in the recent reshuffle. "Who will be chosen from among them as a ca?:3idate for the LDP presidency will depend on the efforts of each individual," he said. Fully aware of Suzuki's intentions, Finance Minister Watar~abe, one of the new leaders, made the following amusing comments in a magazine interview: "We new leaders are like spirited racehorses. After. being qualified to take part in i:he .race, we line up at the starting line. And thez~ with a carrot dangling in front of our noses, we are told to run. The horses run with all their might, but run as the:v may, they never catch up with the carrot. Soe~~a of r_hem collapse from exhaustion and are thus conveniently weeded out by natural selection." The new l~aders first began to attract attention in August 1977 when a policy grou~ called the group for stud'~es on free society (jiyu shakai kenkyukai) was formed by some leading businessmen and 11 promising LDP politicians. One of th e aims of this new group was to reform the political admi.nistration being conducted by the influential politicians of thP day, in an attempt ta check the decline of the LDP which had been in evidence for some time. In addition to the six new leaders already mentioned, members of the group included Ganri Yamashita, former director general of the defense agency, former education ministar Toshiki Kaifu and former Zabor minister Takao Fujinami. These politicians, together with presen~ transport minister Tokusaburo Kosaka, who was - invited to join the group but refused, became known from that tin~ as tY:e new leaders. ~ The six new leaders whom Suzuki has taken under his wing have already begun to compete with one another with a view to candidates in next autumn's Fresidential el~ction. Oddly enough, these six men fal]. into three sets of rival relationships--Abe vs Takeshita, Miyazawa vs Tanaka, and Watanabe vs Nakagawa. 2 FOR OFFIC[AL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500020050-9 F'UR OFFICI:~L liSl�: O'~Lti' , 'Ich.iroku War' ' Tl~c~ f iercest of these rivalries is that between Miyazawa and Tanaka who bot;z belong to the Suzuki faction. One of Suzuki's biggest heac~aches in his recent reshufFle was deciding how to treat these two politicians. Relations between them are so bad as to earn the name "Ichiroku war," taking one character each from their first names. At Eirst, Suzuki ttiought of appointing chief cabinet secretary Miyazawa to the post of chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council, in order to give him some experience in handling party affairs. - According to LDP custom, for a man to quality as a candidate for the premiership, he should liave had experience in the key cabinet posts of foreign affairs, finance or defense as well as in one of the three top party posts. Accordingly, Suzuki considered giving t~[iyazawa his f irst party post. However, Rokusuke Tanaka got to work on Suzuki with the support of the younger lliet members of the Suzuki faction, requesting that if he ~ould not keep his position of internation~~l trade and industry minister, he should be given that o,`. chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council. Rokusuke 'Canaka, an active politician, also sought the cooperation of former Prinie rtinister Kakuei Tanaka who wields a great deal of influence in the LDP. The - latter was favorably disposed toward Rokusuke Tanaka on account of his friendship with the late Prime rtinister Masayoshi Ohira, but he was not on very good terms with rtiyazawa . Political Pressure In the end Suzuki bowed to the political pressure applied by Rokusuice Tanaka and gave him the job of chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council. Miyazawa was naturally displeased w ith this appointment, and relations between the two men are reported to have grown even worse in recent days. According to observers, Abe wtio became international trade and industry minister, Watanabe who was retained in th e post of finance minister, and Tanaka, chairman of tl~e LDP Policy ~ffairs Research Council, have the responsible task of tackling tlle d.iff.icult prol~.tems concerning national finance administration, trade friction and deCenSC. Any ot these issues would immediately prove prejudical to thcir {~olitica l. }~os i tion. 11.1 tiiough Abe's ai~les are hoping that his new post will give him a chance to increase liis political strength, tlie situati~n does not warrant any such optimism. As I~'inance Minister Watanabe said in his remarks quoted above, a number of the new - may well Call by the wayside. Meanwhile, Yamashita, former director general of. the defense agency, and transport minister Kosaka are aiming to take part in th is competition among the new 1~.eaders. Thus the new-leader contest is l:ikely to gr.ow in intensity and attract a great deal of interest in the coming months. COPYRIG1iT: THE JAPAN TIMES 1981 C;SO: