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Redundancy of F`inite Automata in Uniform Computing Arrays 18 Choice of Thr~ughput of Processor Series in Designing Family of Special-P~:rpose Computing Systems 21 Formalized Approach to Optimization of Internal Configuration of Microcomputers 2Lt Highly Productive Co~nputer Equipment fo~ Data Processing..... 31 Configuration and Principles of Organization of Parallel Processor for Numerical Processing 33 Structure of Image Proceasing System I~0 - Data 'I'ransmission System Based on Elektronika-60 Microcomputer and CAMAC Equipanent !~6 ~ Modem-2400 Sigmal Conversion Device 53 SOFTWARE Method of Protection From Unauthorized Use of Information in Adaptive Control S~rstem With Identifier 54 COMpIJTER NETWORKS Computer Network Adaptivity, Stability, Reliability 62 Deaign Principles for Computer Network Upper I,evels 82 - a- [III - USSR - 2].C S&T FOUO] FOR OFFiCIAL USE OPiLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2447/02/09: CIA-RDP82-44850R444544484419-8 ~ FOR OFF'ICIAL USE ONLY Implementation of Network Access to Software Packages on - Experimental Computer Netwoxk 85 Role of Terminal Stations in Computer Networks 95 Computer Networkss Path to Development of International Information Services 97 Complex of Models for Design of Topology of Conununications of Territorial Tnformation and Computing Centers With Regard to Beliability ........................s.................. 101 Design Principles for Struature of Shared-Use Computer 3ystems in State Computer Center Network 103 Languag~ for Development of Programs With Distributed Structure in Computer Networks 7-05 Evaluation of Time of Message Transmission by Datagram ?~Iethod i.n Computer Network 107 Approximate Method for Comparative Evaluatian of Cost of Distributed Systems of Data Bases 108 Efficiency of Informati~~n Exchange in Computer Networks..... 109 Data Teleprocessing Standardization Activity by International Organizations 121 Problems in Experimental Research on Interactive Information ftetrieval Systems ...........................0 123 Computier Network Economics 13~ EXHIBITS AND CONFERENCES 1 Systems En~ineering Exhibit To Be Held in Leningrad..e...... 131 - Questions of Computation Optimizations 14th ftepublic Seminar-School in Katsiveli .....................a........ 132 - PUBLICATION5 Abstracts of Ii;ems in Journal 'AUTOMATION AND CaNII'UTER EQUIPNL~NT~, March-April 1982 136 Table of Contents ~om Journal ~CYBERNETICS', March-April 1982 ........................................o........-:... 142 i Analytical 1Kethods for Multiprogram S~'stems 1 4 - -b- FOR OF~'ICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 - ~ FOR OFf~'ICIAL USE 01VI.Y Journal ~INSTRUMENTS, MEANS 6F AUTOiMATION AND CONTROL - SY3TENIS TS-2; COMPUTEft HARDWARE AND 0~'FiCE EQUIPMENT', July-August 1981 1Lt? Journal ~INSTRUMENTS, MEANS QF AUTOMkTION AND COhTROL SYSTEM~ TS-2s CCMPII~R HARDWARE AND OFFICE EQUIFMENT', September-October 1981 .............o..................... 161 Journal ~INSTRUMENTS, MEANS OF AUTOMATION AND CONTROZ SYSTEMS TS-2s C~IPUTER HARIn~4RE AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT~, November-December 1981 17l~ Pcwa~� System Automatic Equipznen~ Semiconductor Elements 19C - c - FOR OF~[CIAL USE ONLY � APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 - FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONLY HARDWAR.E UDC 681.335.7 - COMPONENT BASE OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPUTER Moscow VESTNIK AKADEMYI NAUK SSSR in Russian No 3, Mar 82 pp G2-75 [Article by Corzesponding M.ember of USSR Academy of Sciences K. A. Valiyev and Candidate of Technical Sciences A. A. Orlikovskiy~ (Text] One ef the most importa,nt problems of modern computer equipment is deveiopment of powerful high-performance computers designed to solve important national economic and scientific research problems with minimum time expenditures. The productivity of this c~mputer system should reach one billion operations per second, which is quaranteed r.~t on~y by innovations in computer configura- tion bu+- also by development of high-perf~rmance large and superlarge inte- . grated circuits (BIS and SBIS) for proceesflre and memory systems, that is, the . component base of the computer. ~ Three in~dependent approaches to development of processor BIS and SBIS have now ~ been established. First, this is development of s*leciali~ed circuits--a large set of integrated circuits which cannot usually he used for processors of oth- er t;pes is developed for a specific processor. Another approach is development of mlcroprocessor modules that are low-digit processors (4, S, 16 and so en) with microprogram software. The sphere of in- fluence of microproc~ssors is ext~emely broad--fr~m control systems of inechan- isms to mini- and larqe computere. The proces~ors of large computers can be ~ developed on the basis of microprocessors wi:.h supplementary use of a number of cirauits, u~ually of standard series of ~igital integrated circuits. The third ~dir~ction ia clevelopment of matrix BIS and St3IS that are matrices of logic cells with multilayer connecti~ns. The first layer quarantees connec- tion of transistors to th~ logic component. The secand q~aarantees connection of aeveral logic cannoaents to ce11s, for example, flip-flops. The third guarantees oonnection of cells to the circuit of the functional unit. In this case the nomenclature of the functional units based on a typical base crystal can ~e extensive and c~..-~ number 20~~-500 circuits of different types. The second and third of these directions have been ~zvelc~ed most inteneively and - the use of matrix BIS and SBIS is preferable for hlqh-performancE computers. 1 ~~R OFFICIAL US~ ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE OI~LY Tt~e component base of the internal memory of.high-performance computers will be semiconductor BIS and SBIS of the internal (with random access), read- only (proqranmable) and associative memoriea. - (1) (2) KOMTaMT H 6839 f{ONTB T M 3MNTT8Py KONTBHT H HonneHropy 3MNTT9p ~3~ ~4~ -/1N1N' Si0 p+ rS ra P+ SIO SiOZ n n-NOnne rop n ~7) ' P~ _ p+ n'-cMparai+ cnoH � p P - p-noAno?HHa (8) a (10) NOMT~NT N NCTONy HOhTBMT N 3aT80Py ~12~ ' ~9~ ~1~.~ HOHTSNT H GTONy .~BTBOP n SIO~ n+ ` S102 NcTCx ~ ~/HaHA n (15)~ I CTOHG / j ~13~ I I`~Y~. TOHMNLI CAOF \ �~V~ / ~ I (tU00 A1Si0~ ~ ~ ~ p-noano?HHa (S) ~ ~ ~ 003 ~ ~ _ ~_LH__~ ~ _ _ _ ~ b ~ Fiqure 1. Structures of Bipolar (a) and MPD (b) Inteqrated Transistors: the bipolar transistor (a) is formed in a thin (approximately 1 um) epi- taxial lay�r. The base and emitter domains on the order of 0.3 and 0.15 um thick, respectively, are areated by ion implantation and diffusion methods. The MPB transistors with n-type channel (b) is developed by ion implantation to a hiqh-resistance substrate. The domain of the cY:an- ~ nel is separated from the gate by a thin (less than 100 nm) layer of Si02. To eliminate spurioua contacts between the transistors in the in- tegrated circuit, each of them is surrounded by a layer of Si02. The length af channel L~,, is limited due to the possible couplinq of the chan- nel and source space charge (003) domains with a value on the order of 0.1 um L1~IPD - metal-dieletric-semiconductoJ (Key o17 following puqe] 2 FOR OFF[~'[AL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000540080019-8 - FOR OFN'IC1AL USE UNLY [Key continued from previous page] l. Contact to base 9. Contact to source 2. Contact to eqnitter 10. Gontact to gate 3. Fmittex 11. Gate 4. Contact to collector 12. Contact to drain 5. P'-base 13. Source 6. n-collector 14. Channel a 7. n+-concealed layer 15. Thin layer of (1,000 A) Si02 8. p-substrate 16. Drain _ The basic material of modern microelectronics is silicon. The two main vari- - etiQs of silicon BIS and SBIS are determ~ned by the physical principles of their design. These are bipolar and MPD transistors. Their structure, real- izable in an integrated circuit, is presented in Fiqure 1. Amplification in bipolar transistors is b~sed on control of base current by the value of the collector current and that in MPD transistors is based on control using th.e voltage on the gate through a thin semigate oxide with a value of channel current.. Unlike MPD integrated circuits, biFolar integrated circuits have higher speed (by a factor of 2-10), but are inferior to them in the degree of integration, that is, by the maximtinn number of co~nponents located on the chip. Along with the use of silicon to create integrated circuits, the capability of using new materials having better electrophysical parameters than silicon is being studied extensively. One of these promising materials is gallium arsen- ide, in which Plectron mobility in weak fields is 2-5-�old higher than in silicon. This es~entially permitR ~np tn ach{eve higher apeed of transistors and circuits based on them. The most important parameters of integrated circuits are the delay time per logic component tZ, the number of qat~s on the chip N and the power P consumed by the cirauit. The power consumed by the chip is limited by the capability of heat dise~ipation in high-speed aemiconductor circuits. Thus, the maximum dissipation with air cooling should not exceed 2 W per chip, while that with liquYd cooling ehould not exce~d 20 W. The relationship of output to the speea of the r.omponent is determined by the physical operating principles of tlie active iastrument on the basis of which the circuit is constructed. These relations are basic in natura and will be considered with respect to specific devicas. One can assume in the first approacimation that the delay time in a component is i.nversely proportional to output. Therefore, in attempting to achieve h;gh speed, the developer ig forced to restrict the power consumed by the . chip by tha number of oo~nponents located on a sinqle chip. It is obvious from these argumenta that all three parametere are interrelated. Therefore, the quality of the logic component is usually characterized by switching en- erqy PtZ/N = PptZ, obviously dependent on all three parameters. The two main channels of development of microelectronics are related in one case to achievinq the maximum possible speed and is related in the other case to achieving the highest degree of integration. In the firet case we will talk abou~ very high speed integrated circuits (SSIS) and in the second case we will talk about v~ry large integrated circ~uits (SBIS). 3 FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00854R000540080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USF OIV1,Y 'M?e capaobilities of bipolar and MPD transistors are far from exhausted in both directions, but are limited by the minimtun topological dimenaion. The evolu- tion of the miaimum topological diunension is illustrated by the curve presen- ted in Figure 2. It is obvious from the figure that the minimum topological ~ dimension in industrial production of integrated circuits now comprises approx- imately 3 um, which is guaranteed by the methods of optical lita~rag::s. ^a~- ing into account that the resolution in formation of a drawing cannot be less that the wavelength of the light used for exposure, one can conolude that the efficiency of optical lithography is sharply reduced upon crossing the boun- dary of 1 um. Methods of cathode-ray, ion-beam ~nd X-ray lithography are being developed for industrial production of integrated circuitg with minimum topological dimension of not more than 1 Um. '~he resolution is not directly related ~o the wavelengths of these emissions, but is limited by the effects of interaction of the radiation with matter. Along with development of pre- cieion methods of creating the drawing of devices and the connect~ons between them, development of precision methods of microstructuring, specifically of methods of ion alloying of supersmall domains, ion and plasma etchinql and so on, is required to achieve such small dimensions. Main attention will be devoted in this paper tu analysis of alternative di- - rections for development of very hiqh-apeed integrated circuits--the component base of high-perfoYmance computer systems. Among these directions are bipolar and MPD-silicon integrated circuits, circuits based.on field-effect transis- tors with Schottky barrier based on gallium arsenide and superconductinq in- tegrated circuits based on the Josepk~son effect, considered as tl-ie future base of supercomputers. Components of Bipolar Integrated Loqic Circuits Let ue return to the structure of a bipo}.ar transistor (Figure l, a). Side dielectric domaine (Si02) that usually cover a thin (approxim.ately 1 um) epi- taxial layer, are used to insulate the transistc+rs in the integrated circuit. The tranaistors on the substrate are insulated from each other by a closed "conceal~d layer-substrate" p-n junction. The base and emitter domains are created by fan implantation and diffusion methods. The high speed of bipolar transistors in digital circuite is determined by the transit time of electrons Tpr through the thin base (0.1-0.15 um), the recharging time of the barrier capacitors of the p-n junctions and the accumulation and scattering trime of the minority charge carriers in the domain of the base. Bipolar transistors in higher speed circuits do not operate in the saturation siomain; therefore, the inertia related to accunulation and scatterinq in the base of electrons injected from the collector is eliminated. The high speed of this circuit ie determined primarily hy the lenqth of recharging the barrier capacitors of the emitter (Ce.b) and collector (Ck.b) p-n junctions through the resistance of the base. 1See: K. A. V aliyev, Problems of Developing the Canponent Base of Very High Deqree of Integration fo~: Canputers," MIKROELEKTRONIKA, Vol 9, No 6, 1980, p 483-490. ~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 F()R OFFICIAL USE ONLY i ioo ~ - - b0 (1) _ - - _ ~ ; io ~ a a z ~ 5 _ ~ ~ � ~ ? \ 1 0.3 IB80 1970 1980 I990 200C rnn~(2) Figure 2. Variation of Minimian Topological Dimension in Integrated Circuits Limited by Capa~iiYities of Lithoqraphy: The maximum capabilities of photolithoqraphy ~aomprises approx- imately 0.5 Um when using a light source with wavelength - of approximately 200 nm. The use of X-ray sources and electron and ion beama is required to create a drawin~ with the smallest possible topological dimension (0.1 um) Key: 1. Minimum dimension, um 2. Years The time c~natant of this process is T6 = ra.6 ~L~~.6 CK.6~� (1) The process of establishing the curreni ir.~ the collector is equivalent to the process of chargirsg the co-called diffuaion capacitor CAx~ Tnp � jo~~T+ ( 2 ) wriich is also charqed through the resistanc:~ af t.he base with time constan*- TAx~ rb, TnP, j0~~~ � ~ 3~ Here ~t is the temperature potential and Ip is the cu:rent switched by the l~gic component. The output vo~~age is shaped on the load resistor in the collect~r circuit. The inertial of voltage variation on the load resistor is deter.mined by the recharqe time of the barrier capacitors of the "collector-bas~" junction (Ck.b) and "collector-subatrate" junction (Ck.p) through the load resistor Rk. The constant of this process is � J FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 FOR OFFIC'lAI, USE UNLY TK = ~x ~CK.6 C~c.a~, ( 4~ Takinq into account that the loqic drop on the load resistor is ~Un = lu � NK, (5 ) the function of Tg on current is easily found Ts = 0Un � ~Cx.a -f- Cx.n)/Io� ~6 ~ The time constants Tb (1), Tdif ~3) az,d Tk (6) are contained in the general expression for the delay time with sane coefficients which are equal to unity by an order of maqnitude. Without calculating the values of these coeffi- cients, let us present the general foYm of function tZ (Ip) in Figure 3. Since the pow~er constnned by the component Pp = IpUi.p (Ui.p is the v~oltage of the power supply source), then the dependence presented in Figure 3 is similar to the dependence of the delay time on cozsumed power Pp� It is rather qeneral in nature and valid for any digital bipolar circuits. If the transistors in the circuit are contained in saturation, the delay is increased by the scattering time of the surplus electrons in the base, which is equiva- lent to the shift of the curve in Fiqure 3 to the domain of greater values of tZ. , ? ~ ~ t~ ` ~ ~ . ~ . 2 ? ~ _ 3 -3s^'_'-_ ~ ~ . ~ ~ i ~ ~ - - - ~0 Fiqure 3. Dependence of Delay Time of Logic Component in Bipolar Transistors on Value of Switched Current: the dashed line indiaates the dependence of some components of de- _ lay time on current: 1--time of voltage variation on collector in whose cirauit the load resistor is connec- ted to resistor Rk; 2--time of establishing the collec- tor current, determined by the time of accumulation of electrons in the base injected from the emitter; 3-- time of establishing the voltage on the "base-emitter" junction due to the effect of the input voltage get~er- ator in the circuit of the transistor base It ie clear from the qiven arguments that the values of tandbtheitransit times Ce.b~ ~b.k and Ck.p, the resistances of the base body ~ 6 FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONLY , APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE OtiI,Y of the electrons through the base TPr muet be reduced to guarantee high speed of bipolar logic circuits. This is achieved by redu~ing the dimensions of the transiBtor in the plane of the chip. The resistance of the base is re- duced by add~itional alloying along its periphery (see Figure 1, a). The value of constant 'tk is reduced by reducing the voltage of the power supply Ui.p and of the logic drop ~U1. Let us consider the experimental dependence of the delay in the current switch on bipolar transistors2 (Fiqure 4), which correspond to two types of transistors with emittere having an area of 1 X 3 um and 2 X 5 um and resist- ance of the base of 360 and 290 oh~ns, respectively. The logic drop was selec- ted as equal to 450 mV. The depth of alloying the "emitter-base" and "collec- tor-base" junctions was 0.15 and 0.30 um, respectively. It is obvious from Figure 4 tha: the minimum values of the time delay comprised 0.29 and 0.39 ns at consumed pow~r of 1.48 and 1.85 mW, which corresponds to values of the pro- duct Pp'ty180 and 310 fJ. `1 . ~3. NC ~ � ~0 ~ ~ ~,7 \ \ ~ 0,5 \O q ? 0,4 ~ ~ ~ I ~ 0,3 0.2 0,1 0,2 0,3 0.4 0,5 0,7 I 2 3 Pp.rBT ~2~ Figure 4. Experimental Functions of Time Delay in ;.,ogic Component Eased on Bipolar Transistors: 1--corresponds to transis- tors with emitter having area of 1 X 3 um; 2--with emit- ter having area of 2 X 5~m - Key: ~ 1. Nanoseconds 2� mW The reserves for further reducing the delay time in bipolar logic components include reducing the value of the logic drop to approximately 4~t, reducing the power supply voltage to values on the order of 1 V and reducing the barrier capacitors o� th~ p-n jun.ctions to values less than 10~14 F, whic:~ is quite achievable with minimum topological dimension of 1 um. As indiczted by esti- mates,3 the delay time in bipolar logic com onents can be smaller than 10-10 s while the product P~tZ can be less than 10-~3 J. 2See: H. Naka.shiba, I. Ishida, K. Aomura and T. Nakemura, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STAT~ CIRCUITS, Vol SC-15, No 4, 1980, p. 455-459. 3See: A. A. Orlikovskiy, MIKROELEKTRONIKA, Vol 10, No 3, 1981 p 195-205. 7 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFRICIAL USE ONLY Si.licon Integrated Circuits With MPD Structure The speed of a logic component based on MPD transistors is determined first by the iaertia of chanr?el farmation in the connected transistor, that is, by the accumulation time of electrons injected from the channel and source do- mains in t,he channel and, second, by the recharge time of the total load capac- itor, consisting of the self-capacitances of the transistors which form the logic component and the input capacitances of the following logic stages. The storage time of the basic carriers in the channel is short. 'tt is equal to Maxwell relaxation time by an order of magnitude. Therefore, one can assume in the f irst approximat~ion that ta Ca � Ua.a.ljo (7 ) and the product - ~ ~ tep'..C~s�U'x.n~ (8) Here, as before, Ui,p is the voltaqe of the power supply source and Ip is the switched current. The logic drop is ~U1 = Ui.p in the considered circuits with MPD structure. The proportionality o� tZ'Pp to the square of the power supply voltage has been confirmed experimentally. Taking into account that the current of an MPD transistor (see Figure l, b) is proportional to its transconductance and by expressing the transconductance by the "gate-charinel" capacitance C~, the electron mobility in channel Up and the length of the channel Ix, we find tY~e expression for the delay time _ (n ~_a +J ~ ~ E~n (9 ) It is obvious from (9) that, by keeping the ratio Cn/C~ constant, one can reduce tZ by reducing the length of the channel Lk. Therefore, when develop- ing SSIS, one must guarantee the maximum possible short lengths of the channels of MPD transistors. The parameters of MPD logic components for Lk = 1 um are presented in Table 1, where data on bipolar logic components with the same min- imum topological dimension are also reported. Table l. Parameters of Higher Speed MPD and Bipolar Logic Canponents4 for Minimum Topological Dimension of 1 um Parameters Bipolar Component MPD-Component tz? ps 115 at Nn = 1 115 230 at Nn = 4 [Continued on following page] 4gee; P. A. H. Hart, T. Van't Hof and F. M. Klassen, IEEE TRAN5ACTIONS, Vol ED-26, No 4, 19 79, pp 421-429. 8 FOR OFFiCIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 FOR UFNI('IAI. Uti~ QNLY [Table continued from preceding page] ~ Parameters Bipolar Canponent MPD-Component Pdt, fJatNn=1 Mi.n~mum dimenaions: Ffiitter 1 X 2.5 um Width of contact to base 1 Um Effective length of channel 0.5 um Length of gate � 1 um Note. Nn is the number of identical logic components oonnected to the output - of the component being investigated. It is obvious from the table that a bipolar logic component has the highest ~ speed with equal energy expended for switching and with identical minimum di- mension, whil~ the advantaqe with respect to the MPD component becomes a mul- tiple of 2 as the number of loads increases to 4. ~ As can be seen from (9), the additional capacity of increasing the speed of MPD components includes the use of MPD transistors with cavity channel. The channel in these devices is arranged in the semiconductor where electron mo- bility can be 2-3-fold higher, rather than in the surface of the domain. The lowest achieved delay tim es f or a logic component based on MPD transistors with micron cavity channel comprised 72.5 ps at Pp = 43 mW per coanponent, which corresponds to = 3.15�10-~2 J. Unlike bipolar components, the delay time in MPD-components is inversely pro- portional to the power supply voltage. This is explained by the fact that the current to be switched Ip Ui.P.sinc~ the current of the MPD transistor in the sloping part of its characteristics ie proportional to the square of the voltage on the gate with respect to the source. Taking this into account, we find from (7) that ta'~. C.'ulU~r.n� ~10) Therefore, record l~w values of delay time have been experimentally at power supply voltages of 10-14 V, unlike values of 3.3-5.2 V in bipolar circuits. It follows from (8) and (10) that the power consumed by an MDP-component in- creases in praportion to U~.P as Ui,p increases. This feature of MDP-compon- ents can hardly be regarded as favorable for design of SSIS based on them. - A significant decrease of the "source-substrate" and "channel-substrate" ca- pacitances is achiev~d in the "silicon on sapphire" structure. This permits one to reduce the delay time by the value of Cn. The experimental SSee K. Nishiuchi, H. Shibayama, T. Nakamura et al, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID- STATE CIRCUITS, Vo1 SC-15, No 5, 1980, pp 809-816. _ 9 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/42/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 NOR UFFICIAL USE UNLY ~1~ - . . . 2 ~ \ ~ ~ ~Q . . 0,6 ~2 ~ O ~ p,,, { 1\ 0,2 ~~t.~_ ~ ' O,I - ~ 2 5 10 12 VN.n,~B ~2) Figure 5. Experimental Depende~e of Delay Time of Logic Component Based on MDP-Transistors on Power Supply Voltage for Transistors with Different Lengths of Channels Key: 1. pe 2. V dependence of tz on power supply voltage is presented in Fiqure 5. As can be seen, a delay time of 200 ps is achieved with power supply voltage of 5 V and Lk = 0.5 um. The minimwn delay~of 170 ps is achieved with power eupply voltaqe of 10 V. An attempt to develop devices with channel lenqth of 0.3 um did not lead to an increase of the speed of the component eince it became necessary in this case to reduce Ui.p, the value of which is limited due to the effect of coupling of the space ch~rge domaine (OOZ) of the "source-substrate" and "channel-suba~rate" p-n junctions. Thus, tl:e maxim~n speed is achieved in silicon MDP-co~nponents in "silicon on sapphire" structures with minimtna topo- logical dimensions of 0.3-0.5 um and with sufficiently hiqh power supply voltagea (approximately 10 V). Very High-Speed Integrated Circuits Based on Gallium Arsenide Gallium areenide has a number of advantaqes over silicon. Firs~t, it has high- er electron mobility in weak fields (3,500-7,000 cm2/V�s) and higner maximum drift vslocity of electrona (1.5�10~ ~n/s). Second, qallium arsenide has a wider forbidden zone (1.52 eV), which permits one to produce high-resistance material (up to 108 ohms'cm), which has excellent dielectric properties and can be used in insulating substrate for an inteqrated circuit. Interest in gallium arsenide as a material for inteqrated circuits arose dur- ing the early 1970e with regard to the attempt to develop very high-apeed in- tegrated circuits based on Gann devices in thin epitaxial layers and later with reqard to the capability of producinq planar Schottky field-effect tran- sistors in gallium arsenide. The Schottky field-effect transietor in modern integrated circuits based on qallium arsenide is the basic coomponent.6 The 6See: K. A. Valiyev, L. N. Kravchenko, A. A. Orlikovskiy et al, MIKROELEK- TRONIKA, Vol 5, No 5, 1976, pp 378-392. 10 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR ()FF7CIAL USE ONLY structure of a Schottky transistor is presented in Fiqure 6. This atructure is realized by using promising processes of ion implanatation(double Se and - S- ions) in a hiqh-reaistance substrate (i-GaAs), electronic lithography and plasma or ion methofle of etching. This essentially permits one to realize the submicrot? dimeasions of the channel and gntee between the qate and re- sistance contacta to channel and source domains. ~ 2 ~ � OMN49CNNA NOHTBHT ~ 4 ~ ~ 7~/Pt/A u 3arsop ~1 ~ ~QN3llBl1lpNN NCTON ' CTOH rj n ~ n n n n-HaHan (6) AUG~/AU ~ HOMTBNT WOTTNN i-GaAt Figure 6. Structure of Field-Effect Transistor with Metal Gate Formed with Danain of Schottky Contact Channel Key: 1. Source 5. Channel 2. Gate 6. n-channel 3. Resistance contact 7. Schottky contact 4. Dielectric. With electron concentration in the channel on the order of 1017 cm 3, the thickness of the space charqe domain in a Schottky diode is equal to 0.1 m by an order of magnitude under equilibrium conditions. The thickness of the channel in a field-effect transistor should be the same. Development of such thin liaanogeneous hiqh-quality layers by the epitaxy method is clearly problem- atical= thcerefore, it is preferable to use ion alloying. , The inertia of a"qate-channel" Schottky diode is determined by the product of the barrier capacitance of the gate by the resiatance, which consists of the resistance of the channel and source, including the resistance of the ohmic contacts. Therefore, one att~empts to reduce the length of the channel Lk and the dimensions of the gaps between the gate and contacts to the channel Ls and source Li and to increase the degree of alloying of the channel (up to 1017 cm'3) . . If one assumes that the resistance of the channel and source are equal to zero, the time of switching an "ideal" field-effect transistor is determined as 11 FOIt OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 I FoR ~~rt~u~ini, u~H: ~~h~,ti~ ts.: ~Q/Io. (11) Hera OQ is charge variation under the gate and Ip is the current to be switched. According to estimates,~ t~ ~ !~x ~ (12 ) u ~ e where h is the thickness of the channel and v8 is the maximum velocity of electron drift in weak fields, equal to approximately 1.5�10~ cm/s. It is easy to see that tZ is equal to 10'll s by an order of magnitude at Lk = 1 um and h= 0.1 um. The value of ty decreases to 3�10'12 s with a decrease of Lk to 0.2 Um. This estimate may be asaumed maximum for a delay time of switchinq a field-effect transistor. Circuits based on normally closed transistors in which the channel current is equal to zero with zero voltage on the gate with respect to the source, have the lowest enerqy expended for switching among the different types of circuits based on Schottky field-effect transistors. This circuit engineering also has greater simplicity with minimum dimensions of Lk < 0.5 m--the lowest speed _ due to lower values of capacitances introduced by the connections between transistors. a ~ b c ~ i u j R(u) S~ - ~ u ~ - i~ N3onaTOp ~ d V N, n. n I ~~R ~ ICM S~ I RH ~ Ug U . Figure 7. Josephson Tunnel Junction: a--structure of tunnel junction between two superconductors S1 and S2 separated by thin di- electric layer (t ~ 1 nm); b--volt-ampere characteristic of - Josephson junction; c--equivalent circuitj d--circuit of simplest switch based on Josephson device with tunnel junction With the dimensions Lk = 1-2 um now achievable, the highest speed is achieved in circuits based or~ normally open transistors due to the high currents that ~See V. I. Starosel'skiy, L. N. Kravchenko and A. N. Sapel'nikov, MIKROELEK- TRONIKA, Vol 9, No 5, 1980 pp 387-400. 12 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAI. USE ON1.,Y guaran-ee recharqing of the "gate-channel" capacitor. The typical parameters of logic canponents now achievable at Lk - 1 um in logic components based on - nozmally open and normally closed field-effect transistors are presented in Tabla 2. � Ta'~le 2. TyFical Parameters of Canponents of Logic Integrated Circuits Based on GaAs with Minimum Length of Channel of 1 um an Normally On Normally - Parameters Open Transistors Closed Transistors velay time tZ, ps 90 700 Consumed power Pp, mW 20 0.15 Logic drop ~Ul, V 2.5 1 Pptz. PJ 1.8 0.1 Gallium-arsenide integrated circuits with medium degree of inteqration (fre- quency dividers, counters, ring generators and so on) are now going througYa the stage of development and testing. Development of large SSIS based on GaAs becomes possible after industrial assimilation of production of high- - resistance substrates and the te~hnology of normally closed field-effect transistora with minimum dimension of the gate less than 0.5 um, which w:ill make it possible to achieve tZ ~ 5�10-11 ps at PptZ ~ 10'l~ to 10-13 J. Taking into account that gallium arsenide has a number of disadvantages (high cost, comparatively low mechanical strength and plate diameter less than that of. silicon by a faator of 2-3), one can assume that the economic factor be- comes decisive when selecting gallium-arsenide or silicon circuits of the com- ponent base for modern development of large high-performance components. Gal- lium-arsenide circuits may become the main component base of the processors of supercomputers during the period 1985-1990. Supe:rconducting Integrated Circuits Based on Josephson Junctions A Josephson junction is an almost ideal switch with a sharp threshold, super- small switching delay (10'll s) and very low dissipation (10-6 W). , The main Josephson device, on the basis of which some types of logic ~ircuits have been studied, is the tunnel junction containing two superconducting layers S1 and S2. They are separated by a thing insulating layer with thicl~sness t (Figure 7, a) in which exchange of Cooper pairs betc,reen superconductors is possible. As a result, when the voltage on the junction is ~qual t~~ zero, the current of the Cooper pairs IC aan pass through it and in this casE: the junc- tion can be in two states--with voltage U= 0 and current I< I~ and with fin?te resistance (with single-frequency tunnelling) in which the voltage pro- portional to the sum of the widths of the slits .k~p~ 1 I ~ ~ n (6) T ,q T CyncpoNaqP ~uta4 S ~ I P ~ I C U ~ ~ I O6(~i6dNNKN KOM~Htl6TM~( I M ,I T I I I ...J ii CyncpeH~op �sone.sei~unU Fig. 2. REM task program modules Key: 1. starter 6. task control master table 2. completion of REM 7. task supervisor 3. dispatcher 8. BTAM instruction handlers 4. transport station 9. table status unit S. address vector table 10. nucleus The BTAM macro inatruction handlers process the corresponding BTAM macro instruc- tions and forward IO requeats to the task supervisor. They are loaded to main atorage by the starter and receive control from the task supervisor ~hen the appropriate BTAM macro instruction is issued by the user. The task supervisor controls the BTAM macro instruction handlers and transfers con- trol to the appropriate IO supervisor entry points when IO requests are forwarded by the handlers. Completion of the devicc emulation program begins when the dispatcher receives an - instruction for termination from the loader. Upon termination, storage requested for the huffer for the messages and the list of addresaes for the ECB's is cleared, the STAM macroinstructiun handlers are cleared, and control ia returned to the operating system. 90 FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 The transport station is a system of program modules intended to perform two basic funttions: --set up and maintenance of operation of logical channels, and --support of data tranemission by physical communication channels. Responsible for implementation of these functions are the appropriate subsystems for control of the logical (SULK) and physical (SUFK) channels. SULK performs the functions of the transport layer of the experimental computer network, implementing organization of the logical channels and maintenance of - communication sessione, assembly and disassembly of inessages and control of their flows, and the functions of interface between the LOGIP and the TS. SULK has the following structure: --TS initializer --TS scheduler --TS terminator --TS request handler --interpreter and protocol instruction preprocessor. The TS initializer issues the NAM instruct{ons AOPEN and ASPAR, opening data sets for operation with the adapter and monopolizing IO proceasing from this unit. The TS scheduler plans TS operations. When there are no requests for TS services, TS is in a wait state, after issuing the macro instruction AWAIT for the list of ECB's of expected events. The TS terminator receives control when there is a request for TS termination. Forwarding the NAM macro instruction ADAR, it disables TS access to burat use of the adapter. The macro instruction ACL05E terminates use of NAM by the trcansport station. The interpreter interprets LOGIP-TS interface instructions. It discerns logical instructions and requests for data transmission to the network. Logical instruc- tions are requests for opening/closing of logical channels. When these requests are made, control ia passed to the protocol instruction preprocessor. If the length of the message to be transmitted exceeds the maximum packet length establiahed by the administration for the experimeatal computer network, the interpreter breaks up the message into packeta and senda them to the SUFK. The protocol instruction preprocessor performs operations to open/close logical channela and advise LOGIP of completion of these operations. The module analyzes protocol instructions, noting the logical channel state. The SUFK is the program implementation of the network and channel levels of the experimental computer network. In accardance with this, the SUFK performs the functions of generating the packet, routing packets, making.up the frame, trans- mitting data over the physical communication channels handling malfunctions during data transmission over the physical channel and interacting ~rith the SULK. 1 91 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFIC[AI. USE ONLY The physical channel control subsystem (SUFK) has the following structure: - --packet control module --channel dispatcher --transmission module - --instruction analyzer --frame transmission completion module --frame retransmission module --data reading module --TS data processing module, and --data receiving module for the LOGIP. U - The packet control module, af ter receiving control from the SULK, copies the data into its own area and generates packet headers, noting the numhers of the logical channel and group logical channel. This ensures delivery of the data to the necessary user through a virtual chain. The channel dispatcher performs the functions of allocating the physical channel between the LOGIP and the TS. Using the exchange log, the dispatcher informs SUFK of the information source and number uf malfunctions during data transmission. The module also makes up and packs data packets into a frame and makes up frame headers. The transmiGsion module eff ects direct transmission of data over a physical channel. It initiates transmission by using the NAM macro instruction AWRITE and analyzes the completion of an IO operation. The instruction analyzer receives the inatructions that have arrived from the adapter, forwarding the NAM instruction ACNTRL. The analyzer also checks for adherence to the channel protocol. When thQ protocol is violated, an error meesage is sent to the console and the instruction received - is ignored. The frame transmission completion module clears the exchange l~g for further use. The frame retransmission module receives control when there is a negative receipt for frame transmission. It notes the number of repeat tranmissions. When this ~ number does not exceed the maximum specified by the protocol, the module calls the channel dispatcher with a request for frame retransmission. When this number is exceeded, the communication channel is considered out of order. The data reading module receives control when the adapter sends a"read" instruc- tion. Making use of the NAM macroinstruction AREAD, it reads the arriving data into its own buff er and checks for completion of the IO operation. When the IO operation is completed normally, the module sends the originator an explanatory receipt, using the NAM macroinstruction ACNTRL, and transfers control to th~ operating system. The TS data processing module receives control upon completion of tranamission of a packet belonging to the TS, and also if data has been received through a logical - 9? FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 F( LY channel that had not been opened. The module controls the queue of inessages, the source of which is the TS itself. ' If the TS has received a message through a logical channel that had no t been opened by the L~GIP, this module prepares a messEge to the user through the corres- ponding logical channel on the lack of facilities, the services of which were re- quested, and puts this message in the TS message queue. Upon completion of TS message transmission, the module orders the message queue _ and informs the TS scheduler of the presence of inessages for transmission. The data receiving module for the LOGIP receives control when a logical channel has - been opened by LOGIP for data txansmission. The module informs the LOGIP of the presence of a message and sends it the data buffer address. After receiving a positive receipt, the buffer is considered free. The module analyzes the sequence bit of the message packets and when necessary, performs assemhly of the message. This software design principle for the LOGIP and the TS permits affording simpli- city of further expansion of system capabilities by incorporating new modules. The auvantage of the second alternative is that there is no need to ~nake changes to the software package to enable its interface with a network. In the process, the software package is independent of the complexing units and the TS protocols. The shortcoming of this alternative is the high cost for software development. Thus, as the more optimal by amount of additional sof tware to be developed and system response time, the first alternative can be successfully used in specialized network software packagea. The second alternative is universal in the sense of adding to the nomenclature of software packages used and can be recommended as standard for networks built on the base of Unified System computers. By using these methods, the following Unified System softwar.e packages have been connected to a network: DUVZ [conversational remote ~ob entry], ICAMA, OKA and POISK-1. Now being implemented are the network access method and net~ork adapter that follow the X.25 standard for connecting a working complex directly to a communication com- plex with the serial method of transmitting information. 93 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2447/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500484419-8 FO-R OFFICIAL USE ONLY SIBLIOGRAPiiY 1. Yakubaytis, E. A., "Concept of a Modern Computer Network," AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL'I~AYti TEKHNIKA, Nu 2, 1981, pp 3-14. 2. Zinov'yev, E. V.; Strekalev, A. A.; and Rogova, 0. Ye., "The KAMA Remote Data M~nagement System in a Computer Network,"~ AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA, No 6, 1980, pp 21-26. 3. Yakubaytis, E. A., "Arkhitektura vychislitel'nykh setey" [~amputer Network Arci~itecture], Mosco~r, Statistika, 1980, 278 pages. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii, 1981 8545 CSO: 1863/129 94 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 ROLE OF TERMINAL STATIONS IN COrII'UTER NETWORKS . Moscow PROBLEMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (s'_.gned to press 28 Sep 81) pp 25-30 [Article by Viktor Mikhaylovich Bryabrin, candidate of engi~eering sciences, ~ sector manager, Cumputer Center, USSR Academy of Sciences] [ExcerptsJ The generally accepted view of architecture of computer networks assumes that the basic fur~ctions for user - information and computing service are performed by base (hoat) centers, while terminal stations together w~~h channels and coa~unication centers provide only transparency _ for the information to be sent. In this work, an analysis is made of an approach under which terminal atations implemented as personal computer systems provide usera with far more service .functiona than under the traditional approach. T~ao nontraditional functions of terminal stations are discussed: 1) preparation of ob~ect or load ~,~dulea for their executioa on base center compute;.s, including input of source programs, their editir~, debugging and cross translation; 2) creation of an "intelligent interface" to a computer network, including an information reference system on its componenta, formation of a user'a view on types of service and others. ~ BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Yakubaytis, E. A., "Arkhitektura vychislitel'nykh setey" [Computer Network _ Architecture], Moacow, Statistika, 1980. , 2. "Vychislitel'nyye aeti. Terminologiya" [Computer Networka. Terminology], Scientific Council on Compleac Problem of Cybernetics, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1979. 3. Asaf'yeva, N. Yu.; Borkovskiy, A. B.; Bryabrin, V. M.; Ponomarev, V. V. and Senin, G. V., "Representation of Knowledge and Processing of Natural Langcage in the DILOS System," in "Voproay razrabotki prikladnykh sistem" [Proble~ns of Development of Application Systems], Novosibirsk, VTs SO AN SSSR [Computer Center, Siberian Branch, USSR Academy.~f Sciencea], 1979, pp 25-50. 95 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 4. Bryabrin, V. M., "F-Language: Formalism for Representation of Knowledge in an Intelligent Interactive System," in "Prikladnaya informatika" [Applied Information Scier.ce], Moscow, Finanay i statiatika, 1981. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnich~skoy informatsii, 19$1 8545 CSO: 1863/129 9d FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 COMPUTER NETWORKS: PATH TO DEVELOPMENT OF INTERI~iATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES Moscow PROBLEMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 ~ (si~ned to preas 28 Sep 81) pp 31-42 [Article by Khinko Mikovich Khinov, professor and deputy director, a~~d Vladimir Nikolayevich Kalachev, candidate of engineering sciences and senior acientific associate, both from the International Scientific Hesearch Institute of Control Problems] - [Excerpts] State of the art of international infozmation services based on computer networks ~e analyzed. Trends in development are identified. Various rat~s for use of information services are systematized. E~'f.orts performed in socialist countries on organizing systems for communication with foreign computer networks and data bases are described. Organization in Socialist Countries of Systeme for Commuaication with Foreign Computer Networka Several socialist countries now have efforts under~ay to establish systems for . communication with computer networks in the Uaited States, Canada and '�Jestern Europe. Interest in setting up these communication syatema was evoked primarily by the capability of an outlet to the ma3or foreign data baaks and computer networks - and of studying making the information and computiag resourcea of their owa coun- triea cammercially available to foreign users: A number of socialiat countries, members of the International Inatitute for Applied Systema Analyais (IIASA) in Laxenberg, Austria, use its communication center for an outlet to foreign computer networks. Establishing communications through the IIASA allo~as use of the experien,ce, gained in IIASA, on aetting up computer net- works [8, 9J and resolution of a number of organizational problems. Communication wi~h the IIASA was set up centrally by establishing in each country a Cente�r for Automated ~:ccess (TsAD) jCAA] to the IIASA. Within the country, access to foreign computer networks and data bases muat be effecte3 through the CAA. , The CAA's technical equipment must provide for: --convenient access in the interactive and batch modes to IIASA information and computing reaources, and through the IIASA, to the foreign computer networks --~ontinual rep~rting on all connections 97 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY --prevention of unauthorized acceae to external reaources, and --establishment of an additional level of inf ormation protection with a record of data and messages received and sent. The CAA also has to make acceas availa~le to national users remote to it. In con- nection with this, it has to be noted that a centralized access system will be profitable when it has a large number of users. The main administrative functiona of the CAA include: --providing the legal and financia~ bases for access to foreign resources --administrative monitoring and access control --maintenance of the archive containing the communication protocols, and --establishment of necessary working contacts with national organizations r~sponsi- ble for setting up computer networks in tneir own countries to introduce expertise in using foreign infornaation ar.d computing resources. Systems for automated access to foreign computer networks and data banks are being set up in the VNR [flungarian People's Republic], the PNR jPolish People's Republic], the USSR and the CSSR [8-11]. Experience in setting up these systems an~3 the little opexating F;xnerience gained so f ar have shown thati the main diffi~ulties occur in solving organizatLonal, financial and legal probiems, but not technical, since there i~t now sufficient experience in orga~izing national computer networks in these countries. Organizing access to foreign computer networks through the IIASA has contributed considerably to simplifying technical problems. For communications, Hungary uses Hung,arian TRA-70 computers, a leased communication line and ~he X.25 protocol j10]. The solution~to the financial and legal problems is of interest. During the experime:ntal operating period, costs are being paid centrally. This is because at ~~~i.~s stage in view of tihe still ~n sufficient number af users, it is inexpedient to introduce a regulating system of payment by the users themaelves for access to the foreign information and computing resources. Therefore, in Hungary, the main costs are paid by the State Committee for Develop- ment of Technalogy. These include funds for purchase of equipment needed and pay- ment to foreign firms for information and computing services granted. Costs for use of the communication line are :::rne by the Hungarian Post Office. System - operating costs are borne by the organization that set up this systemt the Research Institute of Computer Technology and Automation of the Hungarian Academy of - Sciences. In the experimental Ftage, computer users can access foreign computer networks and data banks during 60 hours per week. An hour of operation costa 60 to 80 dollars and depends on the type of operation and data baae. Contracts with the foreign firms that make the information and computing services available were con- cluded through the foreign trade firm, the VNR METROIMPEKS. In 1980, contracts - were made with Lockheed and the European Space Agency (ESRIN). Used for communication ~ith the IIASA in the USSR is the NORD-10 communication com- pul:er ~nd a dedicated communication c:~annel routed Moscow-Prague- Laxenbarg. The channel is time-multiplexed into eight asynchro~ous channels with a throughput of 300 baud and one synchronous channel with 2400 baud. The synchronous channel is allocated for development of packet s~ritching, which ~t~.ll be implemented on the base of the SM-4. Financial problems are resolved the same as in bungary, ~entral- ly, in the experimental stage of operatfon of the automated access system. The basic costs are horne by t;~e USSR State Committee on Science and Technology. Costs 98 F0~ OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2447/02/09: CIA-RDP82-44850R444544484419-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - for maintaining the system are borne by the organization that set it up, the All- Union Scientific Research Institute of Systems Research. Connected to the CAA in Mos~ow are users from Kiev, Leningrad, Novosibirsk and Riga as well as numerous - users in Moscow itself. ~ At the start of 1981 in the CSSR, a co~unication system was connected to the Moscow-Prague-.Laxenbe.rg communication channel and uses four asynchronous 300-baud channels. Experimental operation of the system started in mid 1981. Efforts are underway in Poland within the framework of the "Computer Network" research program to set up an inter-WZ computer network. Putting a network of three centers into operation was planned in the first atage in 1981. One center will be connected to the IIASA communication line and will provide access for national users to fo:-eign computer networks and data banks. As the network expands, the number of CAA users will also increase. Communication systems between the socialist countries and West European computer networks, interexchange of information in national data banks and connection of national users to CAA's can be effected on the basis of Unified Computer System hardware. An example of ~he capability of implementing computer networks based on Unified Computer System hardware is the experimental communication line between Moscow and Kiev computer centers [12J. Used to link the YeS-1040 and YeS-1030 com- puters in it were YeS-8403 data transmission multiplexers, tS010 modems, a four-wire connecting line to link the ~ompuCer centers to an international telephone station, and an international telephone channel. Concluaion With the emergence of computer networks, infor.nation services have expanded con- siderahly, the number of users is continually incrsasing, and international information aervicing is developing rapidly. This has caused a need for further development of data bases to meet the continually growing user demand for informa- tion from the various fields of human kn~wledge. The income of firms from provid- ing information services is continually increasing: average annual income growth - rates are 15 percent. Let us note that the export of information services is a very unique form of internatianal trade, in which the sale of the commodity does not reduce its supply in the exporting coun~ry and requires no nonrenew~able national resources. The lack of legislation on up and operating international computer networks in the majority of West European conutries at the start of the period of develop- ment of international informa.tion servicing hased on computer networks f acilitated the rapid monopolization of information services by 11.S. finns. Laws are now being pas~ed or prepared in the West European countries to restrict the entry of American firms into this area and promote development of national information computer networks. 5ince the time o~ emergence and development of information services based on com- puter networks, the pricing system has undergone several changes on the information market. Since the r~id seventies, transfer of data bases by creating firms to operating iirms has changed ~rom a rental to a license basiso The cost of 99 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAI, USE ONLY author's righta (royalties) for data base creating firme has increased, but this has not affected the growth rate of demand on the information marketo Among the _ system of payment by the user for operation with a data base to an operating f irm, used most often are systems of payment by the hour, dependent or not dependent on the data base, and a payment system depending on the type of operations on the computers. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. "Organization of Management in the Coatrol Data Corporation," Moscow, Progress, T914, 359 pages. 2. Rothenbuecker, 0. H., "The ~op 50 U.S. Companies in the Data Processing Industry," DATAMATION, Juae, No T-6, 1978, pp 85-110. 3. 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Topology is optimized based on successive improvement of initial structure. Economic algorithms have been de~~eloped to computer cost characteristics and network reliahility parameters. The coaplex has been implemented in the form of a PL/1 softr~are package. PLOTTER. Theae are programs that organize output of graphic information on an ATsPU [alpha-numeric printer]. This secti~n combines general-purpose and specialized programs. A printer has to he used because of the shortage of plotters in existing computer centera equipped ~uith the Unified System of Computers. The general-purpose prograans in the section allow output of an arhitrary plot on a working field with the dimension h X v, where h and v are the number of characters horizontally and vertically. Values of h and v are defined by the user. When h exceeds 128, the size of the printer carriage, the plot is output in several pages. The interactive complex developed allows improving a communication network config- " uration that includes up to S00 ola3ects and up to 1000 communication channels. The coffiplex has been implemented in the PL/1 algorithmic language and is intended for oppration on Unif ied System computers using the OS 4.0 or OS 4.1 operating system. The catalog, organized on disk after tranalation, which includes on the order of 35 programs, requires about 150K bytes of storage. In the case of optimizing a network of 100 oh~ects on the YeS-1040 computpr, on the order of 100K bytes of main atorage are required; the time for inclusion or ea~clusion of an optimal branch ranges from 0.5 to 1 minute for determinate criteria and to 7-10 minutes for stochastic criteria. In the NET version of the package, all programs are stored in. a common lihrary on magnet{c disk and program interaction is controlled automatically by YeS OS facilitits, 101 FOR OFFICIAL US~ ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY HIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Bratukhin, P. I. and Maksimenko, V. I., "Structure of State Network of Computer Centers and Complex of Mathematical Modela for Determining Ita Basic Technical Characteristics and Territorial Layout," UPRAVLYAYUSflCSIYE SISTE~*4Y I MASHINY, No 6, 1978, pp 3-8. 2. Bratukhin, P. I. and Kvasnitakiy, V. N. et al., "Osnovy postroyeniya bol'shikh informatsionno-vychislitel'nykh setey" [Principles of Design of Large Information and Computing Networks]� edited by D. G. Zhimerin and V. I. Maksimenko, Moscow, Statistika, 1976, 296 pages. 3. Gadasin, V. A. and Ivanov, G. 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It includes facilities for list processing, subtask interaction, data exchange through a communication network and exchange with local terminals. The implementation, made on the Unif ied System of Computers, permits the user to define ne~ types of data and include new statements in the language. _ Conclusion The RPL/S language has now been implemented on the Unified System of Computers by using a general-purpose RPL converter, It is undergoing experimental operation within the framework of the efforts on developmPnt of an experimental netwnrk of computer centers. ~arly results indicate the language is conve~ient.and easy to learn. This is an experimental language and it may be recoIDanended for broad application only after comprehensive tests and discueaion. But there is no doubt of the need for programming languages oriented to operation in computer networks which will increase as this area of computer technology develops. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Hansen, P. 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FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFiC[AL, USE ONLY APPROXIMATE METHOD FOR COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF COST OF DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS OF DATA BASES Moecow PROBI.EMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, 5ISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (signed to press 28 Sep 81) pp 71-75 [Article by Inel' Alekseyevna Zotova, candidate of engineering sciences and sectoi chief, Lyubov' Mikhaylovna Feofanova, senior scientific asaociate, and Artur L'vovich Shchers, candidate of engineering sciences and department chief, all from the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Organization and Control Problems of the USSR State Committee on Science aad Technology] ~ [Excerpts] A centralized data base and two types of distributed data bases are comparatively analyzed by using cost criterion. - Formulas are derived for approximate evaluation of cost of different data base systems. Some results are deri~ted and discusaed. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Savinkov, V. M., "Distributed Data Base and Its Maintenance by a Data Base Management System," in "Printsipy postroyeniya RABD GSVTs" [Principles of - Design of Distributed Automate~i Data Bank for State Computer Center Network], Kiev, 19~5. 2. Tominaga, H.; Ta~ima, S.; and Saito, K., "Tradeoff of File Directory System for Data Base," I. E. C. E. Japan SE-77-88.77. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii, 1981 8545 CSO: 1863/129 108 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2447/02/09: CIA-RDP82-44850R444544484419-8 FOR OFFICIAi. USE ONLY EFFICIENCY OF INFORMATION EXCHANGE IN COMPUTER NETWORKS Moscow PROBLEMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (signed to press 28 Sep 81) pp 76-84 [Article by Stanislav Ivanovich Samoylenko, doctor of engineering sciences, - professor, and deputy chairman of the Scientific Council on the Complex Problem "Cybernetics" of the USSR Academy of Sciences] (Text] Sasic principles of functioning and procedures for access to an adaptive switching network are considered. The adaptive switching method is comparatively analyzed ~zith other known methods: packet switching, channel switching, and hyhrid switching with fixed and floating threshold. Comparison is made by criterion of useful utilization of network path throughput. It is shown that adaptive switching provides a gain in throughput utilization, offering a universal set of transmission capabilities in the mode of packet and channel switching or by dedicated (permanently s~ritched) channels. Keywords: computer networks, adaptive switching method, packet and channel switching, hybrid switching, network path throughput, comparative analysis - 1. Introduction To achieve high efficiency in a general-purpose data transmission network, the fol- lowing main requirements have to be met: ~ 1. Capability of interaction through network of existing teleprocessing facilities without changing software. 2. Capahility of interaction through the network of future teleprocessing systems based on international standards. - 3. Achievement of eff icient use of expensive throughput of network paths. 4. Achievement of capability of data transmission in various modes, including real- time transmission and direct interaction between computers. These requirements are not met in a net~ork based awitching method taken individually. Thus, in particular, a channel s~ritching (KK).[GS] network does not meet requirement 3; a packet switching (KP) [PS] network does not meet requirements 1 and 4; and using permanent (dedicated) channels (PK~ [DC] does not meet requirement 3. 109 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 ~ . FOR OFFIC[AL USE ONLY In connectidn with this, for general-purpose networksr it is advisable to apply hybrid switching methods that achieve an eff icient path load when the CS, PS and DC modes are combined. Theae capabilities are poasesaed by the adaptive switching (AK).[AS] method, which combines PS, PS and DC with achievement of efficient use of network path throughput [1-5]. Discussed in this article are the general principles for designing an adaptive switching network and procedures for access to a network based on the standard - X.25 and k.28 protocols, and adaptive switching is compared to the other methods. The main switching methods used or under development for uae in digitsl communica- tion networks are: CS, PS, hybrid switching (GK) [flS] with fixed (GKFP) or - floating (GKPP) threshold [6]. In comparing AS with the other tranamission methods, we will use the following technique. For a specified type of traffic and path capacity, the maximum flow achievable in the mode of CS, PS, GKFP and GKPP will be evaluated when the specif ied requirements for service are met. Then AS will be evaluated by capability of achieving trans- mission of the eame f lows under the same requirements as that for the methods being compared, and additional capabilities (if any) offered iu the AS mode will be determined. In selecting parameters determining service quality, we will assume that in the CS mode, the transmission aystem is described by the model.M/M/l without a queue with failures and the basic criterion of service quality is the failure probability Pf. In the PS mode, transmission wi.ll be de$cribed by the model M/M/N with queues without limitations, and the main criterion for evaluating tranamiasion quality will be the mean packet delay time during transmission through network path T. The evaluation wjl.l he made under conditions of transmitting the following type of traffic. Tranamission will be made by communication sessions of inean duration T. In each session, messages with pauses between them, the share of which equals h,1II will be transmitted. 2. Design Principles for Adaptive Switching Network The adaptive switching network consists of nodes each other by paths. Through each path, fixed-length frames, consisting of a apecified number of octets, . are transmitted. In each frame in the time-division multiplexing mode, tranmission in mode of CS, PS and DC is combined. To tranamit in the CS mode when connections are organized on all paths through which the connection pasaes, the frame positions aesigned to the given connection are fixed. The request for organization of a connection is sent to the network in _ the form of a service packet or prescribed dialog with an asynchronous subscriber station. 110 FOR OFFICIAL USE t~NLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 In the DC mode, a connection is secured ~ust as in the CS mode, but for a rather long period and by previous agreement with network administration. - The connection may be set up by the operator of a network input node by previous agreement with a subacriber. In the PS mode, all frame positions are used that are not occupied at a given time by transmiasion in the CS or DC modes, including those temporarily free in orga- nized connections because of pauses in messages being transmitted. The adaptive network functioning principles are discussed in more detail in [1-Sj. 3. Procedures for Access to Adaptive Switching Network In considering access procedures, let us give the procedures for existing and future teleprocessing systems. 3.1. Teleprocessing System with Permanent Channels A teleprocessing system using dedicated channels caa be implemented by connecting subscribers by trunk lines to the closest network node and organizi:zg permanent channels in the network. In the DC mode with synchronous transmission, the net- work provides for transmission of blocks formatted in accordance with the protocol used in the given teleprocessing system. Wheu interacting with an asynchronous subscriber, the network transmits characters one at a time or in a group between the computer and suhscriber. Impl~ntented on the trunck lines is the procedure for - transmission of levels 1 and 2, adopted in the givtn teleproce~sing system. In the simplest case, permanent connections can be organized through network operators. When software ia used, service packets to set up and dismantle connections can be generated. Using DC does not cause reduction in efficiency df network path use thanks to the capability of filling the pauses in messages being transmitted. 3.2. Extension of the Standard X.25 Protocol . The standard X.25 protocol is intended for interaction with a network of synchro- nous subscribers in the PS mode with transmission through virtual channels or in the datagram mode. In the adaptive switching network, similar procedures can also be used for transmission in the CS mode. To achieve compatibility with the X.25 procedure in the AS mode, the CS mode can be earmarked by~assigning appropriate groups of logical channel numbers to the PS and CS modes. Thus, in particular, one can use the following distribution of logical channel groups: group 0, for transmission in the datagram mode group 1, for permanent virtual channels groups 2-13, for switched virtual channels group 14, for permanent channele group 15, for switched channels. In the process, to simplify dividing the data and service packets in the DC and CS modes, for each channel one can alloc~te two ad~acent logical channel numbers, using one to aend data and the other, service packets this channel. 111 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Since the diatribution of logical channels ls a local node function and the ser- - vice packeta uaed in the PS mode do not change, this access mode is fully compatible with the standard PS mode provided for by the X.25 recommendation. 3.3. Extension of the Standard X.28 Protocol For asynchronous character-oriented terminals, an extension of~the X.28 procedure, provided for the PS mode, can be implemented ~hen describing the special services requested when the connection ~s or~anized, i.e. when the parameters are specified to implement interaction. In doing so, an additional parameter def ining the switching method can be introduced. The absence of this parameter indicates transmission c~ill occur in the PS mode; presence of the parameter determines the CS mode. In the process, compatibility with the standard %.28 procedure is achieved, since no procedures provided for by X.28 are modified. 4. Comparieon of Adaptive and Channel Switching In using channel switching, one of N channels is made available for each communica- tion session. If requests for communication sessions come in accordance with a Poisson distrihution and the distribution of their duration is described by an exponential.distribution, then the maximum input stream that can be served in the CS mode is determined hy the condition [7] Pmax = (NpCS)N (1) f NlnE~ ~N~pCS~n nI where pfax is the maximum permitted probability of failure to respond to a - request to aet up a communication session, PCS is the load factor for one channel of the path by the communication sessions in the CS mode, and N is the number of channels in the path. If pfax and N are given, then from eacpression (1) we determine p~s, on which in turn the degree of use of network path capacity depends. If p~s is known, then the netwoxk path usage factor for transmission of data and service information for Pf~ � 1 is H~S = p~S(1-h) ~2) - where h is the share of pauses in the transmitted messages. ~lhen adaptive switching is used, we shall assume th~t the same traffic as in the _ preceding case is sent through the path in the CS mode. In the proceas, there will emerge the capability of sending in the PS mode additional traffic through part of ' 112 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 F( the path with capacit3� CPS = C (1-H~S)~ ~3) whe~e C is the network path capacity. In ~he PS mode, with a Poisson stream of packets with an eatponential distribution of their length, for a system with an unlimited queue, the maximum stream is determined by the condition [7]: T ~ (4) _ max 1 -pPS where Tm~ is the maximum mean delay of packets permitted in the PS mode trans- mission, T is the mean time for tranmission of one packet through the path (or part of it) with a specified capacity, and pPS is the capacity usage factor with PS. Expression (4) determines the maximum value of the capacity usage factor with PS: T . (5) pPS=1- T max Based on what has been presented, one can formulate Statement 4.1. With identical traff ic and equal qualitative conditions for CS mode transmission, adaptive switching affords the capability of additional data transmission in the PS mode with the maximum amount of transmission: C[1 - pCS~l-h)~Pps� . Corollary 1. Maximum relative gain in path capacity ueage with AS is ~l~ nAS/CS ~AH ~CS ~ pPS(p l~i h~-1). (6) 7 CS CS 6 Shown in fig: 1 is the relationahip e between nAS/CS and the share of pauses h S ~3~~ 4 when pPSa0.6 and p~S=0.3 and 0.6. Analysis 4 (~)~r?' of ex reasion 6 shows that the i* ~S p ( ) gain with AS compared to CS increases as pPS and h 3 (4~p+~ increase and declines as p~S increases. 2 9 Key: ~ i' nAS/cs 4' pcs- 0.6 1. PCS -~'3 5' PPS 0.6 0 0~2 0.4 0~6 0.8 1 h 9~ pPS - 0.6 . Fig. 1. Comparative evaluation of adaptive and channel.awitching 113 FOR OFFIC[AL iJSE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL US~ ONLY 5. Comparison of Adaptive and Packet Switching _ In comparing adaptive and packet ewitching, let us consider transmission of inter- active traffic containing relatively short messages with long pauses between them. Comparing adaptive and packet switching in transmission of files is equivalent to the comparison of channel and packet switching which has been widely discussed in the literature [8]. Adaptive switching during transmission of interactive traffic may make use of the entire path capacit~* in the PS mode. However, transmission through the path in the AS mode differs from the transmission mode used in PS networks. The difference is that in PS networks, each packet is formatted into a separate block transmitted over the path. Transmitted over the path ~in AS are fixed-length frames, each containing part of a packet, an entire packet or several packets as a function of the relationahip between the length of the part of the frame uaed for packet transmission and the lengths of the packets to be sent. In subsequent discussion, we will assume that the frames in the PS and AS modes, during transmiasion of them over the path, have an amount of service information equal to SPS and SAS respectively. The mean number of packets sent in one frame when there are no switched channels is 1 P = Lf/Lp, where Lf is the ~.ength of the information part of the frame, and LP is the mean packet length. however, in a frame that may contain several packets, for example Np, there is additional service information required to define the bounds between the jointly transmitted packets. The size of this additional service information Sf can be determined from the following considerations. The service iaformation entered muat define the: --number of full packets in the frame --number of poaitions in the frame at which packets end, and --flag of completenesa or ~.completeaess of the last packet in the frame. Consequently, S f= Sl + S2 + S3, where S1 is the size of information needed to describe the number of packets in the frame: Sl = [log2l P~] bits, where I~�aX is the maximum numher of packets that can be sent in a frame, P [xJ is the smallest integer equal to or greater than x, and S2 is the mean size of information needed to describe the separations between packets: S2 = [log2L�j I P , 114 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 where Lf is the numher of poaitiona in the information part of the frame, N1II is the mean numher of packeta sent in a frame, and P S3 is the aize of information needed to describe the completeness or incom- pleteness of the last packet in the frame: . S3 = 1 (bit). In sending Ip packets in the packet switching mode, needed to frame the blocks in the network path are g=S~ Nm (bits), PS PS p where SPS is the size of service information used to frame Np packets in the PS mode. In adaptive switching, needed to send Ip packets over the network path are SAS=SAS + S f (bits) . Based on what has been presented, the following conclusion can be dra~n: Statement 5.1. In sending interactive traff ic under the conditiona when an average NP packets are sent in a frame, AS affords better utili2ation of network path capacity, if this condition is met: - SAS + L1og2NP~] + 1. ~7) > ~ S~ - [log Lfl PS 2 Example. Comparison of adaptive and packet switching with interactive traffic. To illustrate the range in which AS affords more economic utilization of capacity than PS, let us consider expression (7) under the following conditions: a) maximum number of packets in a frame Nm~ = 16, i.e. P [log2Np~ ] = 4, b) HDLC or BSC [binary synchronous communicationJ procedurea are used to send the frames over the path. In the case of HDLC procedures [9], 6 octets ar~ used for a frame, and we will assume that SAS = SPS = 48 (hits) . In the BSC procedure with the tranaparent mode of transmiasion,.framing consists of 10 octets, and we will assume that SAS = SPS = 80 (hits). ' Under theae conditions, let us derive from expreseion (7) for the HDLC procedure N1II (~LC) > 53 . p 48 - j1og2Lf] 115 FOIt ~FFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Similarly, for the BSC procedure, let us derive I p (BSC) > 85 . (9) 80 - [log2Lf] Fig. 2 shows the relationship between 1 P' (HDLC) and 1 P (BSC) and the number of ac positions in the information part o f t he ~~1~ . f rame, L f, where 1.4 IV~ is the mean number of packets in a P frame, above which AS is more efficient 13 N~ in capacity utilization than PS. It can be seen from this graph that AS ~ affords better utilization of capacity than PS when the frame length exceeds 1.1 mean packet length by 20-40 percent when the kDLC procedure is used, or 1 by 15-20 percent when the BSC procedure is used. ~2~� 16 32 64 128 236 512 ~K These conditions are easily met in practice. Consequently, always under real conditions, even when interactive Fig. 2. Mean number of packets in a traffic is sent which is most suited to frame, above which adaptive is PS, adaptive switching caa afford more efficient than packet better path capacity utilization. This. switching gain becomes even more tangible when one Key: considers that less redundancy is ~ needed for forming the frame under the 1~ rP conditiona of AS with a fixed-length 2� Lf frame than is the case for PS with a variable-length frame. 6. Comparison of Ad.aptive and Hybrid Switching In comparing adaptive and hybrid switching, ~re will consider hybrid switching with fixed (GKFP) and floating (GKPP) threahold. In evaluating AS, we will consider the uae of it in which all HS functions are per- formed and certaia ~dditional capabilities are implemented, which also determine - the advantages of AS. 6.1. Comparison of Adaptive and Fixed-Threshold Hybrid Switching In using fixed-threshold hyhrid switching [PxTHS], the network path is permanently divided into t~ro parts, using one in the CS mode and the uther in PS. 116~ FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 F'1 ' If of the total number, N, of channels in the path, N~S are used in the CS mode and NPS N-N~S, in the PS mode, then the path load factor can be determined by the relation = N NPS ~THS NS pCS~l-h)+ N pPS, (10) where P~S' pps and h are determined in accordance with (1), (2) and (4). With adaptive switching that enables transmitting in the CS mode the same stream of messages and with the same qualitative characteristics as that for HS, the volume of inessages sent in the PS mode can be increased by using the temporarily free channels intended for the CS mode. In this case HAS= NNS [p~s(1-h) PPS(1-pCS + h pCS~~+ NtS pPS' ~ll~ We shall determine the efficiency of AS compared to FxTfiS in utilization of path capacity as before ~ nAS/FxTHS= AS ~xTIiS . ~12~ ~FxT~iS One can now write the following: Statement 6.1. With identical traffic and equal qualitative characteristics of sending in the CS mode, adaptive switching affords the capability of increasing path load by the value nAS/FxTHS = NCSpPS~l~CS+~CS~ . (13) NCSpCS~l-h)+NPSpPS Example. Comparison of adaptive and ~~l) fixed-threshold hybrid switching. ~ r Let us assume that in the FxTHS mode, the ~ NKK.NK~�N/~ '(2) path has been divided in two, so that NCS=NPS=N/2. p~ ~Qe .oA` p o~ p,6 ~3) p ~+a` ~e Key: ~4~ g 4~. b~ oa ~5~ ~~.o. 1' nAS/FxTHS 2. N~S=NPS=N/2 0,1 - 3' pCS~0.3; pPS 0.6 4. p~s=0.3; pPS 0.3 0 0.2 0~4 0.6 0.8 h 5. p~s=0.6; pPS=0.6 ~ Fig. 3. Comparative evaluation of adaptive and fixed-threshold hqbrid switching 117 FOit OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400540080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Then m pPS~1~CS+~CS~ . (14) nAS/FxTHS PCS~1-h)~PS The relation between nAS/FxTHS and h for certain values of p~S and pPS is sho~n in fig. 3. It can be seen from the drawing in particular that the efficiency of AS in path capacity utilization when h=0.5 in a wide range of values of p~s and ppS lies within the bounds of 30-60 percent compared to FxTHS. It should be noted that this gain is achieved under conditions more favorable for FxTHS, since the volume of traffic in the CS and PS modes matches the capacity allocated for these trans- - mission modes. 6.2. Comparison of Adaptive and Floating-Threshold Hybrid Switching When AS is used, a gain compared to floating-threshold hybrid switching jFtTHS] is achieved only by filling the pauses in the component messages. When h=0, AS and FtTHS have identical efficiency. The path load factor with FtTHS is evaluated as follows: n AS/FtT_HS NCS pCS pPS ~h (15) NCS pCS ~l-h)+NPS pPS+N~s (1- PCS~ pP5 Example. Comparing AS and FtTHS, as in the previous example, we shall assume - that N =N =N/2. ~ (1) CS PS ~ Then from (15), let us derive 1 N~�N~~N~2 ~2~ - pCS~PS . (16) nAS/FtTHS pCS~l~h~ + pPS~Z-pCS~ o'~ a0 . The value of the gain for certain values a.b ~~~9 of p~S and pPS is shown in fig. 4. It ~ .Q6 can be seen from the graph that the gain ~A ~3~4 p;p'~ by AS in the path capacity utilization ~4 p~w'0' ~~0~3 when h=0.5 for the values of p~s and pPS 02 ,p;jc � wr under investigation, compared to FtTHS, ranges from about 5 to 25 percent. 0 o,z o.a o,~ o.s 1 h Fig. 4. Comparative evaluation of adaptive and floating-threahold hyhrid as~itching Key: 1. nAS/FtTHS 4' PCSs0.6; 2. NPS NCS~N/2 PPS=0.6 _ 3. P~Ss0.8; PPS=0.8 5. P=0.3; pPS=0.3 116 - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 Conclusion This analysis allowed dra~ing the following conclusions. 1. Adaptive awitching, offering universal capabilities for data transmission in the various modes (channel and packet switching, dedicated channels), can provide under real conditions better net~ork path capacity utilization than all the switching methods discussed: channel, packet, fixed-threshold hybrid and flosting- threshold hybrid sw~itching. 2. A comparison of adaptive and channel switching shows that adaptive, providing for transmission in the CS mode of the ~ame traffic and with the same qualitative - characteristics of communication ae a CS system, at the same time allows very sub- stantial improvement in capacit.y utilization compared to the CS mode. 3. A comparison of adaptive and packet switching shows that with the easily met requirements with regard to AS frame length and mean packet length under other- wise equal conditions, AS afforda better capacity utilization than PS. 4. A comparison of adaptive and fixed-threshold hybrid switching indicates that in sending real messaaes with the share of pauses on the order of 0.5, AS affords a gain of 50 percent or more in capacity utilization. 5. A comparison of adaptive and floating-threshold hybrid switching shows that under actual conditions with the share of pauses on the order of 0.5, AS affords a gain of 25 percent or more. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Samoylenko, S. I., "Adaptivnaya kommutatsiya v vychisltel'nykh setyakh" jAdaptive S~ritching in Computer Networks], Pre-puhlication, Mosco~, VINITI jAll-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Inform,~tion~, 1978, 78 pages. 2. Samoylenko, S. I., "Metod adaptivnoy kommutat~ii" [Method of Adaptive Switching] in "Voprosy kibernetiki: Problemy informatsionnogo obmena v vy.chislitel'nykh setyakh" ~Problems of Cybernetics: Problems of Information Exchange in Computer Networks], Moscow, 1979, pp 130-160. 3. Samoylenko, S. I., "Nekotoryye algoritmy adaptivnoy kommutatsii" j,SomN Algo- rithms for Adaptive Switching], Pre-publication, Moscow, VINITI, 1980, 36 pag~s. 4. Samoylenko, S. I., "Protsedury dostupa i protsessy peredachi v,seti ac?aptivnoy kommutatsii" [Access procedures and Communication Processes in an Adaptive Switching Network], Pre-publication, Moscow, VINITI, 1980, 64pages. 5. Samoylenko, S. I., "Adaptive Switching," Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computer Communications, Atlanta, 1980. 119 FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000500480019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 6. (Jitman, I. and Frank, H.), "E~onomic Analysis of Integrated Data and Speech Communication Networks," TIIER jPROC. OF THE IEEE], thematic issue, "Packet Switching Net~zorks," Vol 6, No 11, 1978, pp 313-337. 7. Martin, J., "Systems Analysis of Data Communication," Vol 2, transla~ed from English, ed. by V. S. Lapin, Moscow, Mir, 1975. 8. Kummerle, K. and Rudin, K., "Packet and Circuit Switching: Cost/Performance _ Boundaries," COMPUTER NETWORK, Vol 2, No 1, February 1978, pp 3-17. 9. "Public Data Communication Networks. CCITT Recommendations, Series X(X.25, X.20, X.2~bis, X.~)," Geneva, 1976, translated from Englieh, ed. by A. I. Kirplyuk and V. B. Kovyazin, Leningrad, 1977. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii, 1981 8545 CSO: 1863/129 120 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 vATA TELEPROCESSING STANDARDIZATION ACTIVITY BY INTERNATIONAL ORGANI7ATIONS Moscow PROBLEMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (signed to press 28 Sep 8~) pp 85-98 [Article by Stanislav Kushik, senior scieatific associate, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Sorokin, candidate of and department chief, and Stanislav Nikolayevich Florentsev, candidate of engineering science, docent, chief of depart- = ment of information technology and application programa, all from the Intemational - Center of Scientific and Technical Information] [Excerpts] Described is the activity of a number of international organizations on standardization in .data teleprocesaing, the standards and recommendations of which have been widely propagated in the world. Brief information - is given on series V, X, R, S and U CCITT recommendations, ISO and ECMA standards. Activity of technical committee TC97/SC16 of the ISO and other organizations on development of standards and recommendatiQns far the seven-level model of a computer net~rork ia discusaed. BIBLIOGRAPHY l. "CCITT Sixth Plenary Assembly. Geneva, 27 September--8 October, 1976. Orange Hook. Vol. VIII. 1. Data Transmission over Telephone Network; 2. Public Data Networ~CS," Geneva, puhlished by the International Telecommunication Union, 1977. 2. "CCITT Seventh Plenary Assembly," Geneva, 1980, documents No 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 39, 44, 48, 88. 3. Kodola, V.; Skripkin, V.; and Tsend-Ayuush, Ya., "Sostoyaniye i perspektivy standardizatsii-v ohlasti informatsionnoy deyatel'nosti" ~Status and Prospects - of Standardization in Inf~rmation Activity], Moscow, MTsNTI [International Center for Scientific and Technical Information], 1979. 4. Stepanenko, S. I., "Mezhdunarodnyye atandarty" [International Standards], - Moscow, Mezhdunarodnyye otnosheniya, 1979. - 121 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 5. ISO (TC91) SC16 N227--"Reference Model of Open Systems Interconriection," Version 4, June 1979. 6. "Standarty i rekomendatsii v oblasti teleobrabotki dannykh. Spravochnik. Ch. 1" [Standards and Recommendatioas in Data Teleproceasing. Han3book. Part 1], "Metodicheskiye materialy i dokumentatsiya po paketam prikladnykh programm" [Methodological Materials and Documeatation oa Software Packages], Moscow, MTsNTI, 1981, No 11. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy iaformatsii, 1981 8545 CSO: 1863/129 122 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 PROBLEMS IN EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH ON INTERACTIVE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS Moscow PROBLEMY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (signed to press 28 Sep 81) pp 99-112 [Article by Vladimir Petrovich Sinyalcov, senior scientific associate, International Center of Scientific and Technical Information] [Excerpts] General characteristics are given for the problem of experimental research on interactive information retrieval systems. Discussed is the conteat of the main problems, for the solution of which experimental methods should be applied. Given is a classifi- cation of the main stages of the procedure of experimental research on characteristics of serving users of interactive information retrieval systems and the content of the problems occurring in each of these stages is defined. A brief description is given of the work performed by the International Center of Scientific and Technical Information within the framework of the program on experimental research in interactive information retrieval syatems. The KAMA software package is used in the USSR as a remote control system in auto- mated systems for scientific and techaical information operating in the mode of remote retrieval. Standard KAMA system facilities allo~ performing analysis of - user activity from the viewpoint of using computer resources in an interactive system. At the end of a communication sessioa, the eystem outputs data on the num- her of transactions performed, number of accesses to files and statistics on the - execution of application and control modules. Hor~ever, the standard KAb1A system printout does not allow deriving data such as system response time to execution of indivi~ual instructions in the iateractive system, statistics on inatruction execu- tion, volume of input and output measages, etc. [4]. Brief Description of Work Performed at the International Center of Scientific and Technical Information (MTsNTI) A remote processing system for data bases of scientific and technical information has been developed ati the MTsNTI based on the KAMA remote control system. Listed in table 2 is the composition of hardware used. 123 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Table 2. Hard~are used in remote data proceasing system at the Internation Center of Scientif ic and Technical Information Number of units Producer Model/Unit ~ in installation YeS-1040 computer (1M byte main storage) 1 GDR YeS-5061 magnetic disk storage unit 15 N~ YeS-8403 I~D-3 data communication multiplexer; 2 USSR TAI telephone adapters YeS-8002 low-speed modem (200 baud) 4 CSSR YeS-8006 medium-speed modem (600/1200 baud) 4 ~iNR YeS-8670 AP-70 suhscriber station . 2 USSR YeS-8564 AP-64 cluster subscr~ber atation 3 VNR (8 video terminals and a typewriter) YeS-7906 local display station . 1 USSR (4 video terminals and a type~rriter) [NRB a People's Republic of Bulgaria; VNR = Iiungarian People's republic] The configuration of the remote data processing system at the MTsNTI is showa in fig. 2. The software includes the OS 6.1 operating system ~ith the basic telecom- municationa acceae meth,od (STl~ID), the KAMA re~ote control system aad the DIALOG software package (PPP). Fuactional capabilities of the KAMA and DIALOG are described in [4J . The program of experimental research on interactive information retrieval systems, performed under the general scientific direction of Professor L. N. Sumarkov, doc- tor of engineering scieaces, ~~s begun in 1979 f30]. All experimental research is - performed on the base of com~unication seasiona.~ith usera at the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics and the Institute of Atomic.Energy imeni I. V. Kurchatov within the framework of conversations on scieatific aad techaiical.cooperation. The aim of the effort is to atudy the typical behavior of users or the typical user during aessiona of cummunication with the system, and to define for theae users the _ characteristics required of a system when a selected number of problems are being solved. ~ Under this program, the following main results have been derived. 1. Probability distributions and averaged characteristics for an interactive information retrieval syatem were determined: Mean system response time Tm is 7-8 aeconda Mean size of i Formation output from system is~24,000-26,000 charactera 124 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 I I 1 ~12 Ec�~g6 al ~o ~ 2 a m Ycrpoaorso X ~ ~ ~ ~ c~ ynpasn~xMR ~ ~ il Cj0 M C AI ~ x o & c~i ~Z c~i ~j 3iF1'O ~ A~' o u=~'~I TbYmfIDEo~R-856~ 16~ g QC,6.1 ~C i+ �e ~ x ~ ~ a ~ ppl 1 (y) a ~2~ s1'N~( EC-H006 2 ts : : ~ ~ 11 ~15~ ~ ' ~C ~ ~ ~ ~o YCTpOACTSO �m I ynpASn~xNa D2M-180 u ~ ~r ~9~ ~ (13) ~ e ro I EC-8564 16 }m s ~ ~ e u) ~18~ o u ~ NO~EM 716oMe8zcKxft ~ EC-8002 EC'eS70 nyNKr ~i I . ~ EC-8002 p~-8570 871311 p~?xHrcc ~c, 11 . ' (19) 0 xa~ EC-80G: B`~~3~0 = ~~N~ . ~ M~ ~11) , i~ ~ ~ w oo EC-0002 LM-180 Zepwtean A ~~u� - Y . xaxalw y ,~~xxe+~ :e Mxxanr: (20) cs~~N _ � w. ~y~pvaso~a , ~yt,~. ( - ~ ~mH - s 7lxsxNNxTN tr. BMnrxac) Fig. 2. Configuration of Remote Data Processing System at the International Center of Scientific and Technical Information Key: 1. YeS-1040 computer 11. YeS-8002 modem 2. system and application sof tware 12. medium-speed communication lines, 3. OS 6.1 asynchronous transmission, 1200 baud 4. HTAM 13. low-speed communication lines, 5. KAMA asynchronous transmission, 100-300 baud 6. DIALOG 14. communication channele 7. data base 15. control unit 8. MTsNTI 16. YeS-8564 (AP-64) cluster subscriber 9. YeS-8403 data communication station multiplexer 17. DZM-180 printer terminal 10. YeS-8006 modem [Key continued on following page] . _ 125 FOR OFFiCIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFF'iCIAL USE ONLY 18. YeS-8570 aubscriher station 19. VT-340 video terminal 20. remote terminals at: Institute of Atomic Energy imeni I. V. Kurchatov, Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics and the Lithuanian Scientific Research Inatitute of Scientific and Techrjcal Information (Vilnius) 2. Probability distributions and averaged parametera of dyaamic properties of the user were determined: ~ Mean user response time Tm is 22-28 seconds Average number of instructions per retrieval session is 35-40. , Average size of information input into system is 170-Z00 characters 3. Transition probability matrices for the set of functional user states were ~ determined (exanaple of matrix is shown in fig. 3). Now being s tudied are correlations of the indicated parameters, hasic systems _ engineering parameters (size of data bases, total number of active terminals, and others) and integral characteristics of interactive information retrieval sessiona. - The main characteristics being measured, constarit and computed, are given in table 1 [no t reproduced]. The system for experimeatal research on proceduree of user interaction ~ith an interactive information retrieval aystem, implemented on the base of the KAMA tele- monitor and DIALOG soft~are package, has been included in the software for the sub- system, "Remote Retrieval of Informatioa from Data Bases of Scientific and Technical Informatioa," of the MTsNTI aad introduced in a number of other organizations. Conclusion For the fir st time in the USSR, experimental research has been performed on a practically functioning syatem of remote larg~ data bases of acientific and technical information that is part of the information network of the USSR Academy of Sciences ("Akademset on the complex program "Power Engineering." Resulta of experiments can he used ia developing standard documentation on organiz- - ing efficient interaction between users an%1 the USSR Academy of Sciences' information network. 126 FOR OF'F[CIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 A B C D F F G H A 0,3 0,4 0,1 0,06 0,04 0 Q,OS 0,05 B 0,2 0,6 0,1 0,1 0 0 0 0 C 0,6 0,1 ~ 0,1 0 0 0 0,1 0,1 ' D 0,7 0 0 0 0,1 0,2 0 0 E 0,9 0 0 0 0 0 0,1 0 F 0~2 0 0 0,3 0~1 0,3 0~1 0 G 0,3 0,2 0~1 0~05 0,03 0,02 0~15 0~15 H 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Fig. 3. Transition probability matrix for functional states: A- retrieval E- query scan B- document scan F- training mode C- document printout G- auxiliary operations D- data base selection H- disconnection from system BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Gornostayev, Yu. M.; Sinyakov, V. P.; and Florentsev, S. N., "Sostoyaniye i perspektivy eksperimental'nykh rabot MTsNTI po distantsionnoy obrabotke nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii. Rezul'taty nauchnykh i prakticheskikh rabot MTaNTI: Nauchno-tekhnicheskaya konferentsiya, posvyashchennaya 10-letiyu MTsNTI, 14-15 Fevralya 1979 g. (Sbornik rasshirennykh tezieov dokladov)" ~Status and Prospects of Experimental Work by the International Center of Scientific and Technical Information oa Remote Processing of Scientific and Technical In�ormation. Results of Scientific and Practical Work by the MTsNTI: Scientific and Technical Conference Devoted to lOth Anniversary of the MTsNTI, 14-15 February 1979 (Collection of Expanded Theaes of Papers), Moscow, MTsNT~, ~ 1979, pp 34-35. 2. Gornostayev, Yu. M.; Zinov'yev, S. P.; and Sinyakov, V. 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Report at the Scientific Session of the Department of Mechanics and Control Processes of the USSR Academy of Sciences (7 May 1980)], Mosco~r, MTsNTI, 1980. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii, 1981 F~545 CSO: 1863/129 , 1 129 FOR OFF[C[AL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFF'ICIAL USE ONLY COI~UTER NETWORK ECONOMICS Moscow PROBLFaiY MSNTI: INFORMATSIYA, UPRAVLENIYE, SISTEMY in Russian No 2, 1981 (s{gned to press 28 Sep 81) pp 113-120 [Article by Yuriy Aleksandrovich Mikheyev, candidate of engineering sciences and deputy director, Pavel Ivanovich Bratukhin, doctor of engineering sciences and department chief, and Artur L'vovich Shchers, candidate of engineering sciences and department chief, all from the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Organization and Control Problems of the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology] ~ [Excerpts] Discussed are the three main components of the economic effect from iatroducing computers into the national economy: 1) selection of an efficient organizational form for introducing computers--establishment of the State Computer Center Network (GSVTe). The main design principles for the GSVTa are given; 2) optimal selection of the structure of technical characteristics and territorial location of the GSVTs. Diacussed is the structure of the complex of mathematical models . for determining these characteristics of the GSVTs; 3) optimal management of GSVTs resources in solving.subscriber problems. Given are the structure and main design principles for the network dispatcher service and the network distributed operatiag system. Development of the ROSS [network distributed operating system] and the DSS [network dispatcher service], which perform the functions mentioned above, will allow pro- viding for the solution to complex national economic problems and information ser- vices to network subscxibers with the minimum outlays for data processing within prescribed periods and with the required quality. Evaluating the economic effect from aetting up the State Computer Center Netwosk at ,present is a very complicated procesa. However, the experience available from aet- ting up early computer net~rork~ (fragments cf the State Computer Center Network) indicates that performing a given amount of work on a shared-uae computer network required half the capital inveatment aad one-half to t~o-fifths the operating cost of p~rforming it at individual (departmental) computer centers. The payoff period for setting up a computer network in the USSR is about 3 years. COPYRIGHT: Mezhdunarodnyy tsentr nauchnoy i tekhnicheskoy informatsii, 1981 8545 - CSO: 1863/129 130 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/42/09: CIA-RDP82-40850R000500480019-8 ~OR OFFICIAL USE ONLY EXHIBITS AND CONFERENCES SYSTEMS ENGINEERING EXHIBIT TO BE HELD IN LENINGRAD Riga AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEIQ3NIKA in Russian No 2, Mar-Apr 82 p 94 [Article~ [Text] The next exhibition Systams Engineering-83 is planned to be held in Leningrad in April 1983 at the suqgestion of the scientific and technical society. The topic is co~aputers and systems, subaystems, mini- and micro- computers, orqanizational. techniques, SAPR [automated design system~ systems, multiplication equipment, businese games, oomm~unications syatems and so on. Leading foreign companies, the collective organizer of which will be the Novea Company (West Germany), will be represented at the exhibition. To supply the exhibition with equipment meeting the interests of developing _ Soviet science and technology and the needs of industry, the scientific and technical center requests organizations, institutes, enterprises and special- ists to present their suggestions on the canposition (topic) of the exhibition, specific equipment and the manufacturing companies and also problems in this field which they would lil:e to have discussed at the symposium. The address is: 191014 Leningrad, IGovenakiy pereulok, 12, plant Ozgtekhnika NTTs, Sistemo- tekhnika. The telephone number for inquiries ie 272-16-01. OOPYRIGHT: Izdatel'stvo "Zinatne", "Avtomatika i vychialitel'naya tekhnika", 1982 6521 CSOc 1863/161 131 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY QUESTIONS OF COMPUTATION OPTIMIZATION: 14TH REPUBL~C SEMINAR-SCHOOL IN KATSIVELI Kiev KIBERNETIKA in Rusaian No 2, Mar-Apr 82 pp 129-130 [Report by V.S. Mikhalevich, I.V. Sergiyenko, V.~�Ivanov, M.D. Babich and V.K. Zadiraka] [Text] One of the main avenue~ in the development of computer mathematics is improvements in the theory of computation errors, research on questions of comparative analysis of computing algorithms and the building of optimal (in a " given sense) algorithms for problem-solving in computer and applied mathematics. Because with each passing year there is an increase in the number of organizations using computers for complex calculations, optimization of computations by all rational methode and meana is an urgent and important problem. ~ Taking into account the urgency of this sub~ect, the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Cybemetics organized the 14th Republic Seminar-School "Questions of Computation Optimizat3on" for the purpose of familiarizing a broad range of specialists with the latest achievements in the field of the optimization of computations, mathematical methods and program facilities for dialogue optimization and the more rapid introduction of research resulte in the national economy, and also for the purpose of coordinating research. The institute conducted the seminar- school 13 through 22 October 1981 in the aettlement of Rataiveli (Krymskaya Oblast) on the base of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences House of Creativity for Scientists. " The seminar-school was oriented on the scientif ic staffs of computer centers, scientific research establishments and teaching WZ' The main work on determining the sub~ ect matter of the seminar-school and the direction of its work was done by Academician V.M. Glushkov (deceased), Academician of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences V.S. Mikhalevich, corresponding member of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Scien~;es I.V. Sergiyenko and professor V.V. Ivanov. Representatives from 40 of the country's scientific research and training establishments participated in its work. They included Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences institutes of cyberaetics, mathematics, applied problems in mechanics and mathematics, material science and physics, the USSR Academy of Sciences Ural Scientific Center for mathematica and mechanics, computer centers of the USSR, 132 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R400540080019-8 FIIR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - Belorussian and Georgian academies of sciences, the Ukrainian SSR Gosr~lan, the universities of Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Novosibirsk and Gorkiy, = polytechnical institutes in L'vov, Kiev and Penza, teaching institutes in Irkutsk - and Sumy, and others. The number of participants totaled 130, including 1 academician of the Ukrainian _ SSR Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences: 10 doctors of science and 60 candidates of science. At the plenary session the par.ticipants of the seminar-school were welcomed by professor V.V. Ivanov, who tal?~ed about the development of the subjects of the seminar-school and its topicality having a direct relationship to improvements in quality and eff iciency in solving importazt national economic tasks. In their speeches, senior staff inember of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sc iences Institute o� Cybernetics M.D. Babich and director of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences House of Creativity, A.V. Yermoshin, spoke of the history of the seminar-schools and matters concerned with organizing and holding them, and also of the procedure for work at this seminar-school. On the scientif ic plane, of the sub~ects presented at the seminar-school, mention should be made of those avenues concerning the theoretical and practical bases for systems optimization and methods for doing it, and computation optimization by modeling systems under development with parallel computations on a large computer complex. These avenues, formulated by academician V.M. Glushkov, are being developed at the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences Institute of Cybernetics by Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences academic~an V.S. Mikhalevich, corresponding member of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences I.V. Sergiyenko, doctors of physical and mathematical sciences V.V. Ivanov, A.A. Letichevskiy, Yu.V. Kapitonova and N.Z. Shor and doctor of technical sciences V.L. Volkovicr. and their colleagues; and they were presented in lectures delivered by doctors of physical and mathematical sciences V.V. Ivanov, A.A. Letichevskiy and N.Z. Shor, doctor of technical sciences V.L. Volkovich, and candidates of physical and mathemat~cal sciences P.N. Besarab, V.A. Roshchin and V.A. Trubin. There was lively interest in the lecture titled "Main Directions in the Work of the International Institute of Systems Analysis (IIAS, Vienna)" delivered by Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences academician V.S. Mikhalevich who had 3ust returned from a scientific trip to Austria. In his lecture he characterized the ~ main scientific problems being worked on by the staff of this institute, and he also talked about the role of the Soviet Union in fulfilling its basic programs and about the participation of Soviet mathematicians in its scientif ic research. Under the general title "'rhe Variety of Optimization Problems," devoted to theoretical bases and practical recommendations in mathematical programming problems, interesting and substantial lectures were preaented by profeseor V.A. Yemelichev,and also by his students candidates of physical and mathematical sciences V.N. Shevchenko and V.A. Pavlechko, and by scientific colleagues A.D. Korzinkov, V.P. Ovchinikov and V.V. Matveyev. Questions concerned with the theory of chain and branch fractions and its application for solving problems in computer mathematics were dealt with in lectures and addresses 133 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY by professor V.Ya. Skorobogat'ko, readers P.I. Bodnarchuk and R.V. Slonevskiy and their students Ya.N. Glinskiy, Z.I. Krupka and Ya.N. Pelekh. Note should be made of the lecture by doctor of physical and mathema.tical sciences Yu.I. Petunin "A Modified Least Square Method for Regression Models With Random Pertubations of Arguments," and of candidates of physical and mathematical sciences I.V. Beyko ("Extreme Models for Controlled Systems"), M.K. Samarin ("Direct Design Methods for Aggregates af a Simple Structure"), A.I. Grebennikov ("Optimization Problems in Approximation Theory"), A.V. Buledza. ("T-Functions as Generalizations of Chebyshev Polynomials and Their Application in Iteration Process Theory"), S.N. Kiro ("Polyriomials Deviating Least from Zero"),Yu.K. Dem'yanovich ("Approximation of Local Functions on an Irregular Grid"), A.Yu. Luchka ("Fast Cunvergence in Pro~ection of the Noniterative Method for Ham�nerstein Equationa"), and D.V. Gusak ("Boundary Functionals for One Class of Random Processes"). Great attention was given to lectures dealing with the development of applied program packages for solving problems in mathematical programming, function - approximation and numeric integration. These were delivered by doctor of phy~ical and mathematical sciences N.Z. Shor ("Use of the Methods of Nondifferentiated Optimization as Nuclei f or Functional Models of the 'Planer' Package") and candidates of physical and mathematical sciences V.A. Roshchin ("Mathematical Models and Methods Realized in the DISPRO [expansion unknown] Applied Programs"), V.A. Pavlechko ("Realiza.tion of an Applied Program Package for Optimal in an Automated Enterprise Management System"), V.I. Berdyshev ("Numeric Function - Approximation") and M.V. Anolik ("A Program Package for Calculating Continual Integrals"). In addition, the subjects of the seminar-school included 17 addresses by its participants. These included reports by candidates of physical and mathematical sciences Yu.Yu. Chervak, S.S. Volokitin, I.V. Boykov, V.G. Ustyuzhaninov, A.A. Alekseyev, R.V. Polyakov, B.A. Galanov and N.Ya. Mar'yashkin, ~unior scientific personnel A.Yu. Yeremin and S.V. Poborchiy, and assistant lecturer R.N. Sharipov. There was discussion of original work and results. Particularly lively discussion resulted from the lectures by doctor of physical and mathematical sciences A.A. Letichevskiy "Parallel Computations on a Macroconveyer Computer Complex" and by candidate of physical and mathematical sciences P.N. Besarab "Numeric Solutions to Regular Differential Equations in Multiple Processor Computer Systems." The particpants of the seminar-school were given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest achievements in the f ield of computation optimization and to get to know about a number of new theoretical problems and possible directions in their research. , _ Summing up the results of the seminar-school, it can be noted that it was interesting and was conducted at the necessary scientific level. The lectures presented were substantial and profound in the scientific sense. They will undoubtedly promote a widening of the front of work to develop optimal methods and the corresponding software to provide solutions for standard classes of problems in computer and applied mathematics on the computer, and an improvement in the quality and eff iciency of computations in general. 134 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 Professor V.Ya. ~korobogat'ko and candidatea of physical and mathematical sciences S.N. Kiro, M.D. Babich, V.K. Zadiraka, S.S. Lebedev, V.V. Lukovich and A.Yu. Luchka spoke at the f inal session. They noted the topicality of the sub~ects of the seminar- school, the high quality of most lectures and the undoubted usefulness of such measures, and they expressed a number of wishes regarding future seminar-schoola and their sub~ect matter, organization and venue. A decision was adopted in which the foll~wing, in particular, were proposed: to request the Ukrainian S~R Academy of Sciences to take the initiative in organizing and holding the 15th Republic Seminar-School on Questions of Computation Optimization; to recommend that when selecting participants for the 15th and subsequent republic seaiinar-schools the organizing committee give preference to computer mathematicia.ns anc~ programmers from Vuz's, computer centers and scientif ic research institutes and industrial enterprises working within the framework of the given sub~ect matter; to attract specialists from the country's ma~or scientif ic centers to lecture at the seminar-school; to express thanks to the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences Order of Lenin Institute of Cybernetics, the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences House of Creativity f or Scientists and the organizing committee of the seminar-school for organizing and holding it. COPYRIGHT: IZDATEL'STVO "NAUKOVA DUMKA", "KIBERNETIKA", 1982 9642 CSO: 1863/178 135 FOR OFFICIA.L USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY PUBI,ICATIONS ABSTRACTS OF ITEMS IN JOURNAL 'AUTOMATION AND COMPUTER EQUIPMENT', MARCH-APRIL 1982 Riga AVTOMATIKA ~ VYCHISLITEL'NAYA TEKHNIKA in Russian No 2, Mar-Apr 82 pp 95, 97, 99 UDC 681.324 FIBER-OPTIC C'HANNELS OF LOCAL COMPUTER NETWORKS - [Abstract of article by Yakubaytis, E. A. and Finkel'shteyn, Ye. Ya.] [Text~ Fiber-optic data transmission channels sre considered as communication devices of local computer networks. The different methods of desiqning the op- tical monochannel on the basis of optical cable segments with optical connect- inq elements and on the basis of long optrons are campared. The a~dvantages and _ disadvantaqes of e3ifferent versions of monochannel configuration--lineer and ~ star--are considered. UDC 681.324 ANALYSIS OF INFORMA~ION TRANSMISSION IN MULTIMACHINE SYSTEMS WITH DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS [Abstract of article by Red'ko, V. A. and Puzov, V. G.] [Text] The process of information transmiseion in a four-machine canputer sys- tem is analyzed by means of simulation modelling. The load of the transmission channel components, the nature of the resulting queues and the effect of the flow intensity of requirements on tranemission apeed are investigated. The variable parameters are the structure of the buffer memosy, the number of its units and sections and the policy of designating the buffer units. The pre- sented method permits selection of the optimum nersion of the strvctnre for a specific situation. UDC 681.322- FORMALIZED APPROACH TO OPTIMIZATION OF INTERNAL CONFIGURATION OF MICROCOMPUTERS (Abstract of article by Lapkin, L. Ya. and Nosov, V. G.] (Text] A formalized method is suggested for optimization of the internal con- figuration of a microaomputer designed on the basis of microprocessor sections. 136 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2447/02/09: CIA-RDP82-44850R444544484419-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Definitions of the internal configuration and its features are given. The problem of optimizinq the internal configuration reduces to one of linear programming with boolean variablea. Several poetulations of the problems of optitnizinq the internal configuration of a microco~aputer are considered. An example of the structure of a anicrocomputer and estimates of the features of _ internal confiquration ara presented. - UDC 681.324 FUNCTIONAL MODELS OF PROCESSES WITH REGARD Tp DETECTION, BANNING AND ELIMIN- ATION OF DEAD-END SITUATIONS [Abstract of article by Zinov'yev, E. V. and Strekalev, A. A.j [Text~ Functional models of proceases are considered under conditions of the occurrence of dead-end situations for methods of detection, banning and elim- ination of dead ends. The number of steps necessa~y to the process for caa- pletion is estimated. . UDC 519.7 SELECTION OF DIVISION IN DE(.'OMPOSITION OF GRAPH-FLOW SHEETS OF AIiGORITHIKS [Abstract of article by Baranov, S. I., Zhuravina, L. N. arid Peschanskiy, V. A a (Text] The method of finding the division in decanposition of graph-flow sheets of alqorithms (GSA) is conaidered that guarantees the division will be found with minimum number of tmits with restrictions on the parameters of each of the component GSA. The method permits one to find the oomponent GSA of ap- proximately identical caaplexity. The lower and upper bound6 are introduced to estimats the number of units of divieion. A aequer.:ial algorithm is described for finding this division. The result of GSA dec~aaposition by this division is close to the optim~n. . UDC 519.713 LOGIC-DYNAMIC SYNTHESIS OF DIGITAL DEVICES [Abstract of article by Levin, V. I.] (Text] Ari approach is suqqested for design of the block diagrams of digital automatons that quarantee two directions of the theory of Al1tO1R8tA118 indepen- dently developed earlier: a) logic eyntheais of the automaton circuit and b) dynamic analyais of the given sutomaton circuit. The desfgn includes five stepe: 1) coding of the internal states of the automaton by the version of the distinguishing code (yl, yr) that unoouples as great a number of � tranaition pairs as possible, 2) aeparation of transition pairs (if necessary) that are "impaseing" uncoupled in stage 1, 3) design of the block diagram of the automaton, 4) dynamic analysis of the transitions included in the remain- - ing uncoupled transition paira to determine the conditions for the t~ime param- eters of the circuit that guarantee the correctness of transition and selection 137 FOR OFF[CIAL USE ONL~I APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY of the corresponding par~aeters (end of procedure), if eelection is impossible 5) introduction of an additional yY..}.1 digit of the internal status code and transition to step 1 with respect to the code (yl, Yr~ Yr+l~� The algo- rithmic structure of each step is described in detail. An example that illus- ~rates the advantage in the complexity of r~alization of the automaton i$ qiven. UDC 681.518.54 LANGUAGE FOR FORMAL DESCRIPTION OF BINARY VECTORS APID PROGRAM FOR CAI~CULATING THEIR SIGNATURES [Abstract of article by Novik, G. I~., Kramfus, I. R. and Shenderovich, S. D.] (Text] Signature analysis is used extensively as a means of recording output binary v~ctora when testing logic circuits and devices. The length of the out- put binary vector corresponds to the dimension of the measuring wind~ow inside which specific, usually periodic distribution'of canpo:~ents (ones and zeros) of the vector occurs. Thie periaits one to realize suffici~ntly compact nota- tion of the vector in the form of aequentially arranged grc~ups of ones and zeros and this notation in turn permits one to introduce vectors into a digi- ~ tal computer by means of which the signatures are calculated theoretically. The calculatinq proqram is based on sia?ulation of the operation of the poly- nomial divisor X16 + X12 + X9 + X~ + 1. The proqram model utilizes a block of pr~grams written in PL/M-80 and microassembler 8080/8085 languages and the corresponding systeme programs. The proposed formal entry qrammar is suffi- . ciently aimple and ensures the flaw of entry with srbitrary depth of embed- ding. The operating time of the program is on the order of a fraction of a second. The calculated siqnatures of binary vectors when testing logic micro- circuits of differeat aeriea correaponded fully to experimeat~l signatures. UDC 681.324:681.3.06 ONE INTERACTIVE APPROACH TO AUTOMATION OF DESIGN OF OPERATING SYSTFMS [Abstract of article by Kalnin'sh, Ya. Ya. and E~aaanis, Ye. Ye.] [Text] Synthesis of operatinq devices that realize a program given in high- level algorithmic language with time restriction of fulfilling it is described. The problem of minimi~ing the hardware expenditures in synthesis of these de- vices is considezed. A method is outlined for automated design of operating devfces in which the use of formal methods of parallellinq the performance of proqram and minimization operations of hardware expenditures can be caanbined with the use of designer experience. 138 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY UDC 681.35 ESTIMATING THE DISTRIBUTIQN PARAMETERS OF THE CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS [Abstract of article by Chuyko, M. M. ] [Text] A method is proposed for determining the estimates of the distribu- tion parametere of the characteristics of computer systems found as a result of ineasurements. The experiments show that these distributions are multi.modal with regard to which it is suggested that they be regarded as mixtures of sin- gle-modal distributions of the given type. The problem of determining the diatribution parameters reduces to one of dividing the distribution mixtures by the components. It is suggested that random search for the global maximwn of the similarity fuaction in the presence of restrictions on the optimization parameters be used to solve it. A nwnber of advantages of realizing this al- gorithm is noted compared to realization of the previously known algorithm of - dividing the sample by subpopulations. It is recc~amended that the algorithm be used in the case of weakly separated mixtures of distributions. UDC 681.324 MODELS OF CONFLICTS IN MEMORY OF MULTIPROCESSOR SYSTEMS [Abstract of article by Kagan, B. M. and Kreynin, A. Ya.] [Text] Analytical probability models are proposed for estiiaating the pro- ductivity of multiprocessor systems with general and local memory. The models are based on exponential stochastic mass queueinq networks. UDC 681.51:519.872 METHOD OF INVESTIGATING THE FUNCTIONING OF FRAGMENTS OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS WITH VARIABLE MODE [Abstract of article by Sklyarevich, F. A.~ [Text~ The fragment of a computer system with variable functional mode is considered. The process of changing the modes is an inhomogeneous marker process. A transient system of firat-order linear differential equations that determines the laws of variation of the functional indicators corresponds to each mode. It is proved without using Focker-Planck-IGo]mogorov equations that their unconditional mean values are determined by a syatem of linear dif- ferential equations easily found by transfonaing the equations of the behavior of the fragment with each of the modes separately under conditions of fitting the functional indicators when their modes change. The method is applicable for determininq the mean value and second initial ~cament of the number of oc- c-spied processors in a multiproceesor system with variable mode. 139 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFIC[AL USE ONLY ~ UDC 519.718 DESIGN OF VERIFICATION TESTS FOR PROGRANA9ABLE LOGIC MA7.'RICE5 (Abstract of article by Zakrevskiy, A. D. ] [Text] The problem of detection in program~able logic matrices of multiple malfunctions formed by arbitrary combinations of ainqle malfunctions of the type of appearance or disappearance of transiators in the components of the matrix field of the circuit is considered. It is shown that the problem of designing effective verification tests for proqrammable logic matrices is closely related to that of optimum realization of a given system of boolean functions on a programmable logi~ matrix. An approach is suggested for solv- inq it that is made m~re specific for the case of a single boolean function in the syste~n. The problem reduces to finding a weakly deteraiined boolean func- - tion havinq single realization atn~ng disjunctive normal form with given number of elementary conjunctions. UDC 621.372.542 ANALYSIS OF VINOGRAD METHOD FOR CAIrC[iLATION OF DISCRETE FafJRIER TRANSFORM OF 2n-POINT SEQUENCES [Abstract of article by Mayorov, S. A., ~iatveye, Yu. N. and Ochin, Ye. F.] [Text~ The possibility of direct use of the Vinograd algorithm to calcul~te a 2n-point discrete Fourier transform and also the poaeibility of ueing small- ' point Vinograd algorithms in a 2n-point fast Fourier transform are considered. The computer mentiory expenditures and number of operations in realisation of _ Vinograd algorithms are estimated. UDC 621.391.244 APPLICATION OF RECTANGULAR PERIODIC FUNCTIONS TO CALCULATION OF DISCRETE FOURIER TRANSFORM [Abstract of article by Bilinskiy, I. Ya., Borovik, Yu. F. and Mikelson, A. K.j [Text] A method is proposed for ful~il?ing a Fourier transform that utilizes an intermediate procedure of eiqnal expansion in a system of rectangular par- iodic filter functians that assume only values of 0, 1 and -1, ~lhich can also be nonorthogonal. The requirements on the filter funation syatem are deter- mined. It is shown that the procedure of determining the Fourier coefficients according to the propoaed method consists of two steps. The intermediate co- efficients corresponding to the procedure of signal expansion in a system of rectangular periodic functions are determined in the first step. This step does not contain multiplication operations. The desired values of the Fourier coefficients ae solutions of a system of linear equations are calculated in the second step. The nwnber of multiplication operations in the secon$ step de- pends on the type of filter functions. Examples of possible systems of filter functions are presented. T'he use of a given method in fulfilling a discrete 140 FOR GFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Fourier transform permits a considerable reduction of the number of multipli- cation operatione caapared to the algorithm of a fast Fourier tranaform. The method can be recanmended for deeiqn of special processors of discrete Fourier transform operating in real time. UDC 519.711.7 ROUTING AI~GORITfIIdS FOR MESSAiGE-SWITCHING NETWORKS [Abstract of article by Aprakain, Yu. K., Zapevalin, A. A. and Kiryukhin, V. V.] [Text) A procedure for selectinq the direction of information transmission in message-switching networks is inveatiqated. A number of routinq alqorithms that utilize information only about the status of channels incident to a given assembly is conside red. A unified structure for describing the algoritYuas is proposed. The effectiveness of the alqorithms is estimated on the basis of the adopted model of the netcaork frrna the viewpoint of the main criterion--the average time of delivery of the messaqe to the addressee. COPYRIGHT: Izdatel'stvo "Zinatne", "Avtomatika i vychislitel'naya tekhnika", 1982 6521 CSOs 1863J161 1l~1 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY � APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY TABLE OF CONTENTS FROM JOURNAL 'CYBERNETICS', MARCH-APRIL 1982 - Kiev KIBERNETIKA in Russian No 2, Mar-Apr 82 p 133 [Text] Contents Aarna, O.A. Task Solving on Partially Explicit M~odels. I. 1 Pogrebnoy, V.K. A Method for Determination of Graph Isomorphism 7 Trushin, S.N. An Algorithm for Finding the Greateat Internal Stability in Graph Sets 14 Bakayev, A.A., Kramarenko, R.P., Rostruba, T.V. The Question of Choosing a Conceptual and Internal Model for Data in a 5yatem for Control of Data Bases with Layered Architecture 25 Nikitin, A.S., Skrigan, N.I. Hierarchic Graph Structures and Programs for Processing Them 31 Loskutov, V.G. Hierarchic Structures in Optimization PrQgram Packages 35 Babichev, A.V. Theoretical Questions of Para11e1 Syntactical Analysis 40 Lipayev, V.V., Pozin, B.A., Blau, S.A. Analysis of Strategies for - Testing Program Logic 45 Val'kovskiy, V.A. Parallel G~cle Execution. The Parallelepiped Method 51 Zayko, Yu.G, Khabibullin, Kh.G. Evaluation of Reliability in the Function of an Alternative Computer System 63 Beresnev, V.V. Extremum Conditions for Convex Integral Inclusions � and Their Application 69 Babich, M.D., Shevchuk, L.B. An Algorithm for Approximation Solutions for Systems of Nonlinear Equations 74 Bardadym, T.A. The Problem of Tracking with Simple Movement and Different Kinds of Constraints on Control 80 Gayvoronskiy, A.A. Approximation Methods fvr Solving Problems in Stochastic Program~ing 85 Grinahpan, L.A. Analqsis of Steady-State Conditiona in Semi-Markov Processes by the Method of Hypothetical States 91 Dunayev, B.B. Optimal Solutions in Image Recognition 95 Bondareva, O.N. A Production Mode1 and Calculation of the N-Nucleus with the Aid of Coveringa 101 Yakhno, V.M. A Method for Improved Routes for Problems of Optimal Loads on Equipment 105 142 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY REPORTS IN BRIEF Timofeyev, Ye.A. An Algorithm for Constructing a Minimax k-Linked Bound Subgraph 109 Gostev, Yu.G. Application of Atomic Grammar To Describe Data Structures (Using as an Example a I~anguage for Describing Circuits Made up of Discrete Elements) 111 Gupal, A.M., Loskutov, V.G. Effec~iveness of Finite-Differeace Methods for Nondifferentiated Optimization 114 Redkovskiy, N.N. Use of Curvilinear Coordinates for Minimizing Nonconvex Functions 117 Polyakov, L.N. A Problem in Uneven Optimization 119 Arentov, V.A. Disparities for Evaluation of System Reliabilitq 124 Kolyada, A.A. Number Nucleus in Res~dual Class Systems 124 Zhuk, O.V. Alorithmic Determination of Data Tranemission Delay Time in Conflict Situations in Multimodal Hierarchical Systems 126 SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION T.29 REVIEWS OF NEW BOOKS 1:31 COPYRIGHT: IZDATEL'STVO "NAUKOVA DUMKA", "KIBERNETIKA", 1982 9642 CSO: 1863/178 143 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 F~R OFFICIAL USE ONLY UDC 681.142.2 ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR MULTIPROGRAM SYST1r;MS Moscow METODY ANALIZA MUL'TIPROGRAMr~1YI~I SISTEM in Russian 1982 (signed to press 29 Dec 81) pp 2-3, 153 [Annotation, editor's foreword and table of contents from book "Analytical Methods for Multiprogram Systems", by Valeriy Alekseyevich~Balyberdin, edited by S. D. Pashkeyev, Izdatel'stvo "Radic i svyaz'", 8,000 copies, 153 pages] [Text] Methods are shown for quantitative analysis of data processing systems built on the basis of multiprogram~ed computers. The main problems arising in the development and function of such systems are diacussed and ways of solving them are indicated. The comrnitation methods coneidered make it possible to take into account the complex processes involved in problem interaction at the level of exchange and computation overlap. Much attention is given to questions of the practical application of these methods. The book is intended for engineere associated with the design and organization of function in data processing systems based on multiprogrammed program computers; it may be of use to students on advanced courses. Editor's Foreword Questions of improving the eff iciency of cumputer equipment have always attracted the attention of data processing system developers and users. One pramising way in this direction is the use of multiprogramming as a method for simultaneously solving several problems on the same computer. It came about historically that the first period in research in the f ield of multiprogramming on a single computer coincided with the appearance of multiproceasor and multimachine computing systema. This stimulated development of work in the f ield of parallel algoritluns and computing structures, on which the main scientific effort was focused. Later, however, developmente in practical data procesaing showed that in many cases the most expedient and economically ~ustified way of increasing a system's productivity is multiprogramming. This ia especially true for specialized syatems ~in which constraints on physical parameters partially exclude the possibility of aubstantial increases in system productivity through - augmenting the computer resources. In recent years there has been a marked increase in the interest in the problems of multiprogramming, especially with regard to methods for formal description and ~ 1~ . FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY , APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL US~: ONLY quantitative analysis of multiprogram systems, not only in our country but also abroad. The concrete proof of this is the publication in foreign sources of a number of materials on this sub~ect written by Soviet authors, including the author of this book. However, available work is largely disjointed and reflects isolated, partial aspects of multiprogramming. It would seem that there is a need for a generalized preaentation of questions concerned with quantitative evaluation and optimization of the computing process in multiprogram systems, within the framework of a unified approach. V.A. Balybedrin's book "Analytical Methods for Multiprogram Systems" is the f irst of attempts of this kind. It has been written on the basis of many years in research and practical experience by the author in the field of developing data processing systems on the basis of multiprogrammed computers. In it, material is generalized from a great amount of work on this sub3ect done in recent years. The book reflects the present status of and imme3iate prospects for the development of inethods for quantitative analysis of multiprogram systems and will undoubtedly fill a gap in the literature on data processing systems based on multiprogrammed computers. Contents Editor's foreword 3 - Foreword 4 Chapter 1. Introduction 6 - 1.1. Problem solving on a computer 6 _ 1.2. Multiprogram mode in computer operation 7 1.3. General str+ictu:.~ of a~nultiprogrammed computer 9 1.4. Basic equipment and programs in organizing multiprogram mode 11 1.5. Problems in quantitative evaluation of multiprogram systems 13 Chapter 2. The Mathematical Apparatus in Multiprogram System Analytical Problems 15 2.1. Basic concepts in mass utilization theory 15 2.2. Analysis of mass utilization systems 18 2.3. Basic concepts and methods in schedule theory 27 Chapter 3. Analysis of Batch Data Processing Systems 28 3.1. Main factors affecting system producCivity 28 _ 3.2. Indicators of eff iciency in multiprogram mode 31 3.3. Formal description of the function of a multiprogrammed computer 33 3.4. Analytical methods in multiprogram problem blends 35 3.5. Features in the use of analyfical methods in multiprogram problem blends 50 3.6. Control of the computing process in multiprogram mode 55 3.7. General evaluation of facilities in a multiprogrammed computer 66 Chapter 4. Systems Analysis With Time Sharing 71 4.1. Basic concepts and characteristics of time-sharing systems 71 4.2. Models for time-sharing systems with a finite number of sources of demand 77 - 4.3. Open models for time-sharing systems with swapping 81 - 4.4. Models for systems with time quantization 92 ~ 145 FOR OFFICIaL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - Chapter 5. Analyeie of Real-Time Systems 105 5.1. Featurea of real time operation 105 5.2 Models for real-time systems disregarding exchange and computing overlap 112 5.3. Models for real-time systems taking account of exchange and computing overlap 128 5.4. Operation of real-time systems in external subscriber polling mode . 137 5.5. Real-time multiprocessor and multimachine systems 142 Conclusion 146 Bibliography 148 Sub~ect index 151 COPYRIGHT: Izdatel'stvo "Radio i avyaz 1982 9642 CSO: 1863/175 146 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICiAL USE ONLY JOURNAL 'INSTRUMENT5~ MEANS OF AUTOMATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS TS-2: COMPUTER HARD- WARE AND OFFICE EQ~JIPMEN'P' ~ JULY-AUGUST 1981 Moscow PRIBORY, SRIDSTVA AVTOMATIZATSII I SISTEMY UPRAVLENIYA, TS-2s SRIDSTVA VYCHIS- LITEL'NOY TIICHNIKI I ORGTIICHI~TIKI (BIBLIOGRAFICHESKAYA INFORMATSIYA) in Russian No 4, Jul-Aug 81 pp 1-16 ~Text] A. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY A1. General Questions of Computer Technology 68i.3zz 360. "Computer task execution ana,lysis." Kostyuk, I. T. and Makarenko~ V. N. In book: "Problemy razrabotki matematicheskogo obespecheni ~ezhotraslevylrh�'~SU" [Problems of the Development of Interbranch ASU Softwa,re~. Collection of Scientific Works. UkrSSR Gosplan. Main Scientific Research and Information-Computer Center~ Kiev~ pp 123-128. [Input from GPNTB]. 68i.3.oo3.i3 361. "On the question of the effectiveness of computer use. Karapetyan, V. V. VOPROSY RADIOEI,IICTRONIKI . SERIYA EVT s NAUCI~TO TEKHI~iIQI~{IY SBORNIIC, 1980, No 15 ~ ~ 8-13. 68i.3z3 362. "Criterion for estimating effectiveness of specialized computer ha,rdwa~re."'~ ~Agzamov~ Sh. Sh. In book: "Avtomatizatsiya proizvodstvennykh protsessov" [Automa- = tion of Prod.uction Processes]. Tashkent~ 1980, pp 38-45. (Truc~y~Tashkent Polytech- nic Institute~ No 308) .[Inpu~t from GPNTB]. 68i.3.o1 363. "On some distinctive features of the electromagnetic compatibility of comp~,;- ters." Karapatyan, V. V. VOPROSY RADIOELII~TRONII{I. SERIYA EVT:NAUCHNO-TII{HIdICI~5- KIY SBORNII{~ 1980, No 15, pp3-7~ 5ee also No 40'7. A2. Theoretical Questions 681.325.66 364~. "Automa.tion of construction of mod.els of flinctioning of elements of digital circuits." Tatulyan, S. A. and Oganesyan, G. G. Y~ROSY RADIOELII{TRONIKI. SERIYA EVT~NAUCHNO TII{HNICI~SKIY SBORNIK, 1980, No 15, pp 91-94~. 681.3.oi 365.. "Ana.lysis of inethods of organizing a computer synchroniza,tion system." Sero- pyan~ S. S. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONII{I. SERIYA EVT:NAUCHNO-TII{HNICHES[CIY SBORNIK, 1980, No 15~ pp 33-~1. BibliograpY~y, p 41s 10 items. 147 FOR OFFIC[AL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2407/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500084419-8 N'UR UM'w't(;IAL Ua~: UNLY 681.3.o1:6z~.398 366. "Analysis of buffering processes in remote processing systems." Broytman~ M. D. and Ettinger, B. Ya. AVTOMATIKA I VYCHISISTEL'NAYA TII{HNIKA, 1981~ No 2, pp 55-61. Institute of Electronics and Computer Technology, La,tvian SSR Academy _ of Sciences. Bibliography, p 61s 10 items. 68~:~~26~.3: [53. o~2i 6$1.3~ 367."Method of combining the mod.elitig levels during investigation of the flznetion- ing and development of computer systems." Dudkin, A. M., Zinkin~ S. A. and Kulagin, V. P. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONII{I. SERIYA EVT:NAUCHIdO TII{HIJICHE9{IY SBORNII{, 1980~ No 10, Pp 85-89, ill. _ 681.3,06 368. "Minimiza,tion of systems of ca,nonica.l equa.tions representing a d~~1.~'.a~~o=~ ma.ton with consideration of the signal distribution." Vashkevich, N. P. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONII{I. SERIYA EVT:NAUCHNO~EKHDTICHESKIY SBORNIK~ 1980, No 10, pp 90-96. Bibliography~ p 96: 3 items. 6zi.391.833 369. "Determination of the proba,bilities of distortions of the positions of pulses of reproduction." Knya,zev, G. I.~ Mikhaylov, V. I. and Rakov~ B. M. VOPROSY RADIO- EI,II{TRONII{I. SERIYA EVTsNAUCHNO-TII{HNICHESKIY SDORNII{, 1980, No 10~ pp 9-14. Biblio- grapY~y, p 14: 4 items. Calculations of the probabilities and distributions of posi- tions of pulses and the amaunts of distortions during reproduction of information from a magnetic ca~~ier is determined from the graph of superpositions, which represents a ma,thematical moclel. oo7.5z 370. "Optimiza.tion of disjunctive decomposition during synthesis of an automa,ton-on PLM [not flirther identified]." Plotnikov, A. V.~ Saloma,tin, V. A. and Baxkalov, A. A. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONIKI. SERIYA EVTsNAUCHNO-TII{FINICHESKIY SBORNIl{~ 1980, No lOn pp 80-84, ill. Bibliography, pp 83-84: 5 items. 681.3z6:32 371. "System of dccumented representation and coding of a diagra,m of micro-program logic." Vashkevich~ N. P., Dudkin, A. M., Zinkin, S. A. et al. VOPROSY RADIOELII{- - TRONIl{I. SERIYA EVTsNAUCHNO-TII{HNICHESKIY SBORNIK~ 1980, No 10, pp ~5-79, ill. See also 363~ ~35 ~d ~37� A3. Reliability of Computers 681.3-192 372. "Questions o~ increase of computer reliability in commutation workin~ regimes.' VIP [not ~zrther identified]." Muradkhanyan, E. A. VOPR~SY RADIOEL~3{TRONII{I. SERIYA EVTaNAUCHNO-TII{Ii1~IICHESKIY SBORNIK, 1980, No 15, pp 55-61. 68~.3-192 373� "In~egrated device for diagnosis of YeS computer cards." M[trtumyan, I. B. and Kaxokhanyan, M. 0. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONIl{I . SERIYA EVT: NAUCHNO-TF~KHNICHESKIY ' SBORNIIC~ 1980~ No 15, PP 50-5~. 681.326.75s681.3z7.6 37~� ~~~rgaxiization of monitoring information with the use of an error detection code." Tsapulin, V. K. and Goryachev~ V. A. VOPROSY RADIOELII{TRONIKI, SERIYA EVTsNAUCHIdO- ~ TII{HNICHESKIY SBORNIIC, 1980, No 10, pp 127-130~ ill. The authors examine questions realiza,tion on Series 155 micro-circuits of a device for monitoring infor- - ma,tion on magnetic ca.rriers by means of an error detection cod.e. ~.48 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 681.3-1.9z 375� 'fiesting of equipment of single-channel micro-computers." Bryunin, V. N., Kobzev, S. P. and Plotnikov~ V. V. II,~{TRONNAYA TEKHNIKA, 1980, No 6~ pp 4~6-49. Bibliogra.phy, p 49s 5 items. ~(Input from GPNTB~. 62o.i.o5:68i.3 376. "Stend dly~, nakhozhdeniya, defe~tov ele~ctroskhem vychislitel'noy mashiny TA80-1" [Stand for detecting computer electrical circuit defects TA80-1]. Krasno- ya,rsk~ 1980~ 3 pa,~es. (Information Sheet~I{rasnoyarsk TsNTT [Center of Scientific and Technical Information and Dissemina.tion] No 5'j9-80). (Input from GPNTB). A4. 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For ma.chine tools with numerica,l programmed control. lInput from GPNTB}~~ 165 FOR OFFICIAL IIS~- QNl,X APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 ruK Uh~r~C:~A1, u~~; UNLY ~ 681.3.06 522. "Device for debugging programs of a specialized digital computer." Volkov, A. Ya. ~ Grekhova, N. Z., bn#OT~hk3.n;.k~~.I,~, ~,nd Okulov, S.: M. VOPROSY RADIO- ELE~{TROIJII{~y SERIYA EV'!'~ 1981~ No 1~ pp 62-~. SC1821t1f1C TeCYu11Ca1 Col- l~ction. 68i.3.o6--18i.48 523~ ~~~~Se ~d translator of assignment of test for diagnosis of micro- computer modules." Arzhenovskaya, 0. M.~ Makha,, B. N., Reshetov, M. V., and Chaykina,, 0. I. ~IICPRONNAYA TEK~II~'IKA. SERIYA 7. TII{HI~tOLOGIYA, O1~ANI- ZATSIYA PROIZVODSTVA I OBORUDOVANIYE, 1981, No 2, pp 56-59. Bibliography~ P 59 (8items) . Scientific Technica,l Collection. Tst1II "Elektronika". 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It is ahown structures of a multi~et electronic flux selected on the basis of the balance of Coulomb forces make it poasible to aelect on a computer an electron beam forming the multi3et flow by traditional methods of two-dimensional analysis. [55~,6):65.oi 2.2 790. "Economic-mathematical model of five-year planning of g+eological survey work for oil and gas under the conditions of Weatern Siberia." Alekseyev, Ye. Ya. In book: "Avtomatizirovannaya sistema upravleniya protsessom razvedki mesto- rozhdeniy uglevodov Tyumen'" (Automated System for Control of the Process of Surveying the Tyumen' F~ydrocaxbcn Deposits)~ 1980, No 154 Pp 3-19� ~dY Zapadnaya Sibirskaya 1QI(~iI. BibliograpY~y, p 19 (3 items~. Planning on the basis of use of computers. (Input from GPNTB}. 188 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 681.325.65 791. 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COPYRIGHT: Tsentral'nyy nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut informatsii i - tekhniko-ekonamicheskikh issledovaniy priborostroyeniya, sredstv avtomatizatsii i sistem upravleniya (TsNIITEIpriborostroyeniya), 1981 2174 CSO: 1863/100 189 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPR~VED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFIC'IA1, L15H: ONLY - UDC 627..317..1.064 POWER SYST~M AU~OMA~TC EQUxPP'IENT SEM~CONDUCTOR ET,~MEEN'~S Moscow POLUPROVODNTKOVYYE.ET,EMEN~'Y` AVTOMATTCHE~KTKH USTROYSTV ENERGOSTSTEM in Russian 1981 (s~gned to press 18 Apr 81) pp 2-4, 6-7, 405-407 [Annotation, excerpts from foreword and introduction, and table Qf contents from , book "Power System Automatic Equipment Semiconductor Elements", by Nikolay I1'ich Ovcharenko, Energoizdat, 12,000 copies, 408 pages] [Excerpts] In this book the operating principles are discussed, as well as methods of technical implementation of analog and some digital semiconductor functional elements of the measuring portion of relay protection, automatic emergency warning, sutomatic regulation and remote control equipment. Elements are classified on the basis of operations on signals performed in automatic equipment in.the process of obtaining, transferring, processing, using and repre- senting data. This book is intended for engineers involved in designing and servicing automatic equipment and automatic control systems and can be of interest to graduate students and students specializing in electric power. Functional elements of the measuring portion of electxic power system automatic control and protection equipment and their characteristics are discussed in this book. The results are presented of a number of studies reYat~ng to the development ~ of functional elements and continuously operating and relay-controlled measuring elements carried out at MEI's [Nfoscow Power Engineering Institute] department of automation and relay protection by the author or together with V.G. Doroguntsev, V.V. Budkin, E.I. Bass, R.V. Temkina and graduate students Yu.A. Len'kov, A.M. Chukhin et al. The author is grateful to these comrades for their scientific co- operation and the possibility presented of publishing individual data. The author wishes to express his gratitude also to the reviewer, Doctor of Techni- cal Sciences Pro~essor V.L. Benin, ~or his valuable comments on the manuscript, which have helped to improve it. - 190 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 ~ FOR OFFiC[AL USE ONLY The auFhor wi1,1. b,~ vexy g~C~,xe~u7, ~q readexa wha ~o~aexd th~ix GRRG~tents qn this book and reques~s, tha~ th~y be sent to the addres~s� o~ ~aexgpizd~t; 7,1,3~,4, Mosco~~r, M-114, Sh7;y~zavaya , 7.a�'~ The measuring aectio~z Ras~ c~rtai;n features occasioned by~ ~h~ speci~ic nature of the process of producin$ a~d distxiBut~ng ~7.ectric pow@r, in particular, by the danger of catastrophic conseq~~ences o~` Xaxdy ~ and ~au~7.t}* opexation of automatic equipment. Thexefore, the ~a~uring sect~on must be ch2lracterized by high techni- cal perfection. The measuring section should, as a r.u1e, be practicaYly inertialess. The time of its operation should not exceed the duration of a s3ngle mai~s fr~quency cycle. Therefore, opportunities ~'or "storing" 3nformation in tt~e formation o� signals by statistical processing of many~realizations of a random process requiring time are excluded. The meas~uring sectton of the automatic equipment for controlling the process of producing and distributing electric power must generate the proper signal in practically a single realizatton of the random process carrying the information, which requires use of the appropriate operating principles and makes the technical implementation of this section exceptionally diffieult. Requirements for the measuring section of automa.tic equipment have become ever . stricter as electric power engineering has developed and the USSR Unified Energy System (YeES SSSR) has been created. Therefore, the measuring section of automatic equipment for controlling the process of produ:ing and distributing electric power should be implemented on the basis of the latest scientific and engineering achieve- ments of information technology. Under condi~ions of modern scientific and technical progress hardware for the im- plementation of automatic control equipment is being developed and improved extreme- ly rapidly. The development of~semiconductor hardware is the principal trend. Integrated semiconductor functional elements represent today's 1eve1 0~ the develop- ment of information hardware. ~ CONTENTS page Foreword 3 Introduction 5 Chapter 1. Automatic Systems,.Equipment and Functional Elements 8 1-1. Automatic control of production and distribution of electric power 8 1-2. Automa.tic control as an information process 10 1-3. Signals of automatic aquipment 12 1-4. Measuring section functional elements 19 Chapter 2. Characteristics of Measuring Section E1~.ments 29 2-1. Functional characteristics 29 2-2. Information characteristics 37 2-3. Key func~ional characteristics o~ comparison e1e~~nt~ 50 Chapter 3. Properties and Charactexi~tics of Semiconductor Elements 55 3-1. Semiconductor diodes 55 3-2. Transi~tors 59 3-3. Characteristics of a bipolar tran~istor 65 191 FOR OFF'ICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/49: CIA-RDP82-00850R040500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 3-4. Character~,atics o~ ~ield-e~~e~t traneistoxs 68 3-S. Transis.tor conne~c~iQn circui~~ 75 3-6. ~perating ~~ra~teter$ of tranaia~ors. 79 3-7. Thy~ristoxs 84 3-8. Ha11 genera,tors 89 ~ Chapter 4. Analog Comparison E1c~ntent~ 100 4-1. Continuousl~g opexating diode comparison efrcuite 100 4-2. Key qua.ntitative xelattonahips _ 113 4-3. Characteriatics o~ diode con~partson circuits 120 4-4. Equivalence o~ *wa diod~ circuits 131 4-5. Featurea and characteristics o~ a 3-phas~ phase comparison circuit 137 4-6. Amplitude-phase diode . comparfison circuita 144 4-7. Time-pulse comparison c3rcuits 149 4-8. Information characteristics of comparison elements wfith reacting elements 159 Chapter 5. Discrete and Digital Comparison Elements 166 5-1. Discrete phase comparison circuits ~b6 5-2. Analog-digital converters 176 5-3. Pulse-number signal comparison elements 182 S-4. Binary signsl comparison elements 188 5-5. Computing comparison elements ~ 192 Chapter 6. Feedback in Active Elements 200 6-1. Feedforward and feedback in automatic equipment and its elements 200 6-2. Complex feedback 201 6-3. Kinds of feedback 204 6-4. Influence of feedback on input and output impedance of a transistor amplifier 206 6-5. Influence o~ feedback on errors and instability of gain 210 6-6. Negative feedback in a inultistage ampgifier 211 6-7. Strong feedback 214 Chapter 7. Transistor Aiaplifiers 21~ - 7-1. Kinc~s and features of automatic equipment amplifiers 217 7-2. Tr.ansistor amplifier stages 219 7-3. External negative feedback 224 7-4. Alternating-current tranaistor amplifiers 230 7-5. Transformer amplifier stages . 231 7-6. Capacitor amplifier stages 243 7-7. Measuring section alternating-current amplifiers 249 7-8. Transistor mean current amplifiers 25~ 7-9. Featurea of direct-current amplifiers 261 Chapter 8. Continuously Operating Measuring Elements 265 - 8-1. Kinds of ineasuring elements discussed 265 8-2. Diode measuring elentents with a single actuating quantity 267 8-3. Galvanomagnetic measuring elements 278 8-4. Diode meaauring elements with two actuating quantities 291 8-5. Galvanomagnetic measuring elementa 304 Chapter 9. Re7.ay-Operation Measuring E1em~nts; Ga7,vanomagnetic ~eaau~ing Relays 314 9-1. Kinds of ineasuring elemQnts diacussed 314 9-2. Design and features of converting eection oP measuring relays 317 _ 192 F6R OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 APPROVED F~R RELEASE: 2007/02109: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - 9-3. Gal,vanou~grneti~ powex-di~+~Gtion i.n~tru~e~,t xe~.~y~t 323 9-4. Resiatance~~yp~ instru~qent�x~~aya ~ 328 9-5. Active pawer an~i ~re,quenc}r rela}r~ 335 9-6. Optiutum p~r~me~er~ and indic~tors o~ galvano~gne~fiic instrument relays 338 Chapter 10. ~eafiux~s o~ Meas~uring Elements ~or Protect~.on o~ Electxotxans- miss~ion ~,ines 342 10-1. Ensuring propex ~unctionirtffi and speed o~ respoas~i:; o~ instrument relays durit?g electromagne~ic transient proces,ses 342 10-2. ~'ast-acting reverse,-aequence power-dix~c~~on relays~ 352 10-3. ~ast-acting directfonal ~eais~tance relay~ 360 10-4. Measuring elements #or pxotectfion from doub7,e gxounding 372 10-5. Features of ineasuring section for di#ferential phase pxotection o~ systems with 1oi+r fault-to-earth curre~t 386 Conclusion 399 Bibliograpl~y 402 COPYRIGHT: Energoizdat, 1981 8831 - CSO: 1863/158 IND 193 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/09: CIA-RDP82-00850R000500080019-8