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December 20, 2016
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August 7, 2006
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April 17, 1979
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Approved For Release 2006/08/09 : Now st M00591 R000100020006-4 DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Security Committee SECOM-M-222 17 APR 1979 Minutes Two Hundred and Twentieth Meeting Wednesday, 11 April 1979, 1000-1200 flours Room 7E62, Langley Headquarters Building Robert W. Gambino Chairman Presiding MEMBERS PRESENT Defense Intelligence Agency Mr. Merrill T. K 41y, Department of Army National Security Agency Mr. Dennis Southern, Department of the Treasury Mr. D. Jerry Rubino, Department of Justice ' Mr. David Ryan, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. George Weisz, Department of Energy Mr. R. L. Welch De nt of the Navy Central Intelligence Agency ALTERNATES PRESENT Mr. Charles R. Torpy, Department of the Air Force ALSO PRESENT Mr. Michael N. Cassetta, Department of Commerce Defense Intelligence Agency Mr. Cyril F. Frank Department of Justice National Security Agency M5 . r. o ert erciant, Office Secretary of Treasury National Security Agency r. ona tigers, Department of State Mr. James M. Mastrovito, Department of Treasury Mr. Roger D. Smith, Department of the Air Force MORI/CDF Pages WARNING NOTICE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED SEC fET ORIGINAL CL C-( __ S i ner Cl DE:CLX: ".lvv: ; AR 2009 E?XT QYN) E "IRS BY Signer C;_HHB 70-2 9b~c Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09 : MR2M00591 R000100020006-4 , Defense Intelligence Agency al Security Agency xecutive Secretary, Security Committee Central Intelligence Agency ral Intelligence Agency Intelligence Agency al Intelligence Agency urity Committee urity Committee y Committee -Present for Part of Meeting RED ET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: 2M00591 8000100020006-4 NOO, V SECOM-M- 222 1. The Chairman opened the meeting by introducing Mr. George Weisz, the DOE Principlal, and Mr. Cyril Frank, the DEA Observer. Mr. Gambino noted that the Department of Commerce was now represented by Mr. William Randolph as an observer, and he welcomed Mr. Robert Merchant as a guest. (U) 2. The Chairman advised members of the preparation and distribution of secretary's notes to cover informational items. He invited members to advise the staff of what they wanted included in these notes. He asked members to let the staff know of any matters so included which needed to be discussed at a committee meeting. (U) 3. The Chairman noted Committee efforts to establish a central index of SCI denials in the interests of better security and of economy of investigation. fie recalled that the question of maintaining such an index had been taken up by CIA after Justice had raised questions about the FBI providing this as a service of common concern. Mr. Gambino said that legal staff had raised potential problems about such an index - e.g., the applicability of section 2-208 of E.O. 12036; its value if a file has been destroyed. He asked for members' comments on whether we should set this proposal aside. Severallsaid they believed such an index would serve a useful purpose, and said they thought it could be structured in such a way as to satisfy many of the objections. Since the consensus favored further pursuit of this objective, Mr. Gambino advised that the Staff would pursue it as an on-going project. (FOUO) 4. The Chairman advised members that he had recently sent the DCI a memorandum seeking a decision on differences with legal staff on how SCI appeals should be handled and adjudicated (a copy of the draft procedures was distributed at the meeting). (FOUO) SEC ET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09 J11 [ P82M00591 8000100020006-4 SECOPM1-P?MI- 2 2 2 5. The Chairman referred to a 27 February 1979 memo- randum from the Executive Secretary forwarding a recommended change to Physical Security Standards fo* Window Bars. He noted that because of a late objection this was being remanded to the R&D Subcommittee for review and report. (Folio) 6. The Chairman invited members' attention to, and complemented the Department of State for, a publication titled "Survey of Hostile Intelligence Developmental Operations and Recruitment Attempts, 1970-77." fle said he thought this would be a useful addition to the bibliography maintained by the Security Awareness Working Group. (FOliO) S ECflET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 G Approved For Release 2006/08/ RA DP82M00591 R000100020006-4 SECOM-M-222 SPECIAL DISCUSSION ON LEAKS The Chairman advised that he had recently sent the DCI a memorandum (copies distributed. at the meeting) responsive to the latter's request for analysis of recent leaks to identify whether there were any patterns. At the DCI's direction, copies were being sent to his deputies for their review and. suggestions on the leak problem. (FOUO) The Chairman summarized a 1978 Department of Justice memorandum given an interpretation of E.O. 12036 concerning reporting on leaks. (Copy provided members). Mr. Gambino said the bottom line of this was that Community Agencies are required to recommend to the Attorney General for FBI investi- gation all cases involving "serious or continuing breaches of security." (U) The Chairman advised that Staff research on leaks showed that data holdings differed between CIA, NSA and DIA. He emphasized the importance of this subject and the need for all agencies to improve their handling of leak cases. He invited attention tol proposals on leaks that- had been sent to members recently and asked for comments and responses. (FOUO) Several members suggested and all agreed that the present working group dealing with leaks should be elevated to standing subcommittee status. A suggestion was made that this body should develop a uniform form which all agencies would use to identify leaks and their consequences and to request FBI investigation. There was general agreement that positive responses to investigative requests would likely be facilitated if requests were signed by a senior official (e.g., DCI)'and were specific in identifying particulars. (FOUO) In discussion who should provide the Chairman for the subcommittee, said that he had discussed this with Admiral Inman and that the latter offered to provide an NSA official to serve in this capacity and that he (Inman) would insure that this body took timely action on all leaks brought to its attention. Members supported this arrangement and the SEUET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08 U II RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 % SECOM4-M-222 Chairman accepted the offer with thanks. said 25X1 NSA was ready to move quickly on. this and that MIr 25X1 Ilof their General Counsel Staff was their nominee for chairman. Mr. Gambino advised that the committee staff would follow through on this. (FOLIO) The Chairman noted that ABC television had contacted the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs asking for information for use in a special they are preparing on leaks. Mr. Gambino said he had been asked to try to identify some leak scenarios which could be publicized to try to tell the public why we are so concerned. (U) SECRET" Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/0810 FL'82M00591 R0001 00020006-4 SECOM-M-222 ITEM 1.: Approval of Minutes The Chairman advised of one correction to the minutes of the 24 January meeting to show Mr. Weisz as the DOE principal on the Committee. There being no other changes, he said the minutes were approved'as corrected. Mr. Gambino noted the summary of the Committee conference had been distributed, and asked members who had any substantive changes to provide them to the Staff. (U) ITEM 2: Reports of Subcommittee and Working Group Chairmen (a) TSCS - I ladvised of a change in the emphasis of the I so as, to roaden their functions. e sai e o sec was to involve more in 25X1 research and development matters and in policy guidance on telephone security, in addition to continuing their present function of testing telephone equipment. drew 25X1 members' attention to the need to ensure adequate funding for th He said resources availab e a been gradually declining, and that the quality of their services was likely to suffer as a result. (C) (b) RFD - reported that there had been a seminar on 4 ApriT 1979 on research and development matters with emphasis on the polygraph. He advised that their document protection working.group would complete their report and recommendations soon, for presentation to the Committee. Mr. said their working group on acoustic countermeasures equip men was striving for standardization of receivers for future procurement in the interest of cost savings. He advised that Approved For Release 2006/08/09: Cl 82'M00591 8000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09 , v 82M00591 R0000100020006-4 SECOM-M-222 the USo expressed his concern about the availability of easily usable emergency destruction equipment. It was noted that the Navy was pursuing R&D in that area, and the Chairman agreed to arrange for Navy to brief the Committee on this subject. (S/~VNIN;TEL) (c) Computer Security - reported that 25X1 F they favored and were developing a proposea change to DCID 1/11 to bring computers used for communications under their jurisdiction. He said this move might lead to computers being categorized. according to their use rather than their design and capabilities. (FOUO) (d) Compartmentation - Ireporting for 25X1 Colonel Kamm, advised that they had completed their review of DCID 1/7 and had forwarded a draft revision to the Committee staff. He described major elements of their proposed changes, and an NSA objection which would need -to be resolved. I ladvised that the subcommittee was continuing work on zero- ased review of SCI accesses and-on the appendix to DCID 1/20. (FOUO) (e) Unauthorized Disclosures -1 1 reportiAR1 forl distributed and discussed a report on leaks and on steps acen or in progress to try to deal with the problem. (U) (f) Security Awareness - I I distributed copies of draft "minimum standards for security awareness programs 25X1 in the US Intelligence Community," and asked for members' comments/concurrences by 1 May 1979. He advised that this was being proposed for inclusion in the draft APEX manual, and that alternative means of promulgating it included an appendix to DCID 1/14 or a separate DCID. reported that the proposed security orientation program for senior 25X1 officials was almost completed, and that his working group was actively pursuing tasking to develop an orientation pro- gram for personnel without backgrounds in national security. Mr. Gambino expressed his appreciation the quality and quantity of work being done by and his group. (FOU0) Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591R000100020006-4 SEC RED' Approved For Release 2006/08/09: c;jZ F. M00591 R0001 00020006-4 SECOM-~1-222 (g) Investigative Standards - No report. (U) (h) Security Advisor Group USSR - No report. Mr. Gambino advised tat a senior sta member of the National Security Council was seeking to schedule SCC discussion of the security of US facilities in Moscow. (S) ITEM 4: Classification Criteria for SCI 25X1 agency's and NSA's interpretation ~ofwhat yconstituted 11Foreign Government Information (FGI) with respect to signals intelli- gence information. He advised that DIA had put out guidance SECRET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-R?P82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09 &I5r 82M00591 R000100020006-4 V_wf 14=0 SECOrf-M-222 within Defense stating that intelligence information would remain classified for a. maximum of 20 years subject to re- view unless it specifically met the definition in E.Q. 12065 for FGI. He noted that the NSA interpretation seemed to bring all SIGINT within the purview of FGI, and he questioned. whether that was in full compliance with the spirit of the Order and DCI guidance. NSA, said that a decision had been made during coordination of the Order prior to signature that all SIGINT would be treated as FGI because that he had been instructed not to yield on this point. Mr. Gambino noted that further staffing was required to attempt to ese differing interpretations. He agreed to I I suggestion. that the Committee staff consult with the legal counsels and policy officials involved to try to resolve this matter. (C) ITEM 5: New Business (a) The Chairman invited attention to the listing of priority items for 1979 Committee action (distributed to members at the meeting). He asked for any comments not later than 25 April 1979, and said he would assume approval in the absence of comments. (U) (b) The Chairman noted that the Committee had not had time at its March conference to discuss memo- 25X1 randum seeking members views on the desired role, o the Committee staff. (Copies of the memorandum, SECOM-D-463, dated 12 March 1979, subject: Mission and Functional Guidance, were distributed to members at the meeting). Mr. Gambino asked members who wished to do so to provide their comments later. (U) (c) proposed that the Committee establish .minimum stare ar s or reinvestigation under DCID 1/14. By consensus this was referred to the Investigative Standards Working Group for study and report back to the Committee. (FOUO) 9 S ECifE1 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: Iff PUIL P.~2M00591 R000100020006-4 SECOM-M-222 (d) Mr. Gambino asked if members wanted to shift Committee meetings to the afternoon to allow more time for discussion. The consensus of comments was that the present arrangement of morning meetings of about two hours satisfied needs without unduly burdening members' schedules. (L1) ITEM 6: Next Meeting The Chairman scheduled the next meeting for 9 May 1979, to be held at CIA Headquarters. He noted that the FBI might be able by then to present a briefing on how the Freedom of Information Act can be manipulated to obtain information that is sensitive in the aggregate. Mr. Ryan said they could present such in a half hour or less, but suggested we consider having the Army present a parallel briefing of about the same duration on how the FOIA can be used to obtain sensitive military data. Mr. Ryan agreed to I suggestion that their briefing be to an audience roa.er an the Committee, to include persons such as those 25X1 CIA staff members who process FOIA requests. The Committee agreed that such a briefing should be arranged on ail indivi 1 basis, and not just be part of a Committee meeting. said Admiral Inman would like the Committee to meet at NSA in the near future. solicited requests on NSA activities members wou Me to see or learn about,during such a meeting. (FOUO) xecu i.ve Secretary SECRET Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82MOO591 R0001 00020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591 R0001 00020006-4 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP82M00591R000100020006-4