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December 16, 2016
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July 25, 2005
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January 25, 1979
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Approved For Reld a 2005/08/08 - ' W82M00591R01lfIrIf00030061-2 DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Security Committee SECOM-M- 219 25 January 1979 Minutes Two Hundred and Nineteenth Meeting Wednesday, 24 January 1979, 1000-1200 Hours Room 7D32, Langley Headquarters Building Robert W. Gambino Chairman Presiding MEMBERS PRESENT Mr. Karl Ackerman ment of State Central Intelligence Agency Mr. Merrill T. Kelly, Department of Army Mr. David Ryan, Federal Bureau of Investigation Defense Intelligence Agency Col. Russell T. Newman, Department of the Air Force Mr. Richard L. Welch, Department of the Navy Mr. D. Jerry Rubino, Department of Justice Mr. Martin J. Dowd, Department of Energy ALTERNATES PRESENT National Security Agency National Security Agency major Henry R. Koch, Department of the Air Force Mr. Charles R. Torpv. Department of the Air Force Defense Intelligence Agency Defense Intelligence Agency apt. Bert Larkins., Department of the Navy Mr. David Humphrey, Department of the Treasury SCE T - Ci .. Signer ^ DEOL X F,_:; -2.5_Jan L9-9,9- Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2 STAT Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Rele!! 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R00W0030061-2 SECOM-M- 219 25 January 1979 PRELIMINARY COMMENTS 1. The Chairman welcomed Deputy 25X1 Director of Security, NSA, who was attending his first meeting as the NSA Alternate Member of the Committee and also announced that Martin J. Dowd of DOE is now the Committee Member for DOE vice Harvey E. Lyon, who has retired. (U) 2. The Chairman noted that this was 25X1 last Security meeting and commended him for his participation 25X1 in the Intelligence Community's security endeavors. (U) 4. The Chairman noted that Justice Department and NSA submitted recommendation to the NFIB for substantive changes in the DCID 1/14 Adjudication Guidelines. The Chairman noted that he has asked CIA's Office of General Counsel to meet with Justice for a clarification of their position on parts of the Adjudication Guide. The Chairman will request NFIB postpone their deliberations of this matter until after the meeting with Justice. (U) 5. The Chairman informed members that the seminar for Committee Principals and Staff is scheduled for 13, 14 March. Proposals for attention are requested by 7 February. On receipt the Staff will collect necessary data and background to allow Working Groups of Principals to concentrate on topics of broad but significant importance to the security efforts of the Committee. (S) Approved For Release 2005/08/08 ;;EDP82M00591 R000100030061-2 Approved For Rele1 2005/08/08: CIA-RDP82M00591R0(W0030061-2 SECOM- M- 1%.19 25 January 1979 6. The Chairman provided members with copies of DCI policy guidance papers on implementation of Executive Order 12065 and encouraged members to ensure full and uniform application. (U) 7. The Chairman commented favorably on the excellent work of and his staff in compiling a catalogue of unauthorized disclosures required for inclusion in the DCI's annual report to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Greater attention is needed by all members to the issue of reporting of unauthorized disclosures, the completeness and timeliness of the report and, most importantly, the follow-up action. This would include providing information for the centralized data base on unauthorized disclosures maintained at CIA. (U) 8. The Chairman noted eceipt of a report on the task by the DCI to review the Compartmentation System. 25X1 Appreciation was expresse or the efforts and de Lions of Work Group Members The 25X1 Study has been referred tol Ifor his use in connection with the ongoing revision o compartmentation programs. (S) Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Rel a 2005/08/0 P82M00591ROOM 00030061-2 SECOM-M-219 25 January 1979 10. The State member advised that hearings will begin on 5 February on legislation to establish the American Institute on Taiwan, which will represent U.S. interests in Taiwan. It is expected that creation of this funded organization, staffed by a ceiling of 50 personnel, who will be reflected as contractors, will handle all U.S. interests. All security equipment from the current Embassy will be turned over to the Institute, which will probably occupy spaces somewhere in the current compound area of the Embassy. However, they will not occupy current Chancery spaces. Secure communications will be available. (S) S tr 0 iri E T Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Rele!(W 2005/0$ $ RDP82M00591R00400030061-2 ZET SECOM-M-219 25 January 1979 ITEM 1: Approval of Minutes There being no objection or changes the minutes of the 29 November Security Committee Meeting were approved as written and distributed. (U) ITEM 2: Subcommittee Reports (b) R&D -1 1 reported that the Document Control Working Group has a paper in final coordination and that it is anticipated that it will be forwarded by 1 February. The Subcommittee is also microfiching a catalogue of all their studies to have a better idea of all past studies they have conducted. He also indicated that they were continuing to track the Department of Defense Physical Security R&D program and that they had a good fix on Navy and Air Force activity but that they were still pursuing with the Army where they stand in this program. He also noted receipt of a report from CIA on safe and vault design which is being reviewed. (U) STAT (c) Compartmentation Subcommittee - pointed 25X1 out that the Community wide zero-based clearance review on operational approvals is underway with a deadline of 10 April for completion. The Subcommittee is still working on the revision of DCID 1/7 and plans to institute a review of Hazardous Activity areas in DCID 1/20 within the next few months. (U) Approved For Release 2005/08/KP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Relc 2005/08/08 CIA-RDP82M00591RO 0030061-2 71 SECOM-M-219 25X1 25 January 1979 vestigative Standards Working Group - In I I absence, advised that statistics 25X1 from the personnel security investigations should be available by the end of January. The Chairman noted that it was imperative to report these figures promptly to move forward in establishing standards for the new uniform SCI control system which is currently being prepared. The Chairman noted that the DCI has endorsed a raising of clearance standards for persons receiving collateral National Foreign Intelligence. (U) (f) Security Awareness Working Group - noted 25X1 that the WG has published a bibliography of available training materials between member agencies and that he hoped that this would serve as an impetus for each member to take advantage of material from other organizations. The WG is also developing guidelines for minimum requirements in the presentation of security awareness programs. Additionally a security briefing program for senior personnel of the Government is being prepared with a deadline of 30 March for completion. In connection with that briefing program, NSA is editing its video cassette on telephone security to hopefully shorten it to a ten minute presentation to the busy executive. The Chairman noted he was most impressed with the bibliography and complimented on the degree of activity evidenced within the Working Group. (U) Approved For Release 2005/08/OSEC TP82M00591 R000100030061-2 Approved For Relevr6 2005/08/08: CIA-RDP82M00591RONW0030061-2 SECOM-M-219 25 January 1979 (g) SCI Turndown Working Group - reported that the Department of Justice is expected to render an opinion shortly which will state that the FBI could maintain a central registry in keeping with provisions of the Privacy Act but, would have to disclose to applicants why the file is maintained by the FBI. Justice will recommend that the file might better be maintained by CIA which would be exempted from the disclosure requirement. (C) (h) No report was received from the Computer Security Subcommittee. (U) 0 0 ITEM 4 - Briefing on APEX Security Control System Special Assistant to the DCI, briefed the committee on his task and efforts to review and revise the Community's compartmented control systems and the progress being made toward what is currently referred to as the APEX Security Control System. He stated the major goals of his task include: a. Development of a single, uniform security control system to replace the many with which we now operate. b. Removal of as much material outside of compartmented control into collateral channels without adversely impacting intelligence sources and methods. 25X1 STAT Approved For Release 2005/08/0:FP82M00591R000100030061-2 Approved For Relewe 2005/08/08: CIA-RDP82M00591ROQW00030061-2 SECOM-M- 219 25 January 1979 c. Making it difficult to place materials and programs into compartmentation. (U) He described that the new system would include approvals for operational projects, categories of intelligence product information, operational subcompartments for key analysts and production personnel, plus a tightly controlled series of approvals (now designated ULTRA) to protect information of special sensitivity designed for a highly selective audience. He pointed to the requirement for a Central Registry of approvals and establishing realistic controls over Top Secret information. Also the system would include a right to challenge both level of classification and com- partmentation of APEX materials. This points to a need for some yet undefined body to manage the system. Also, he noted that he envisioned that activation of this new approach would throw great volumes of previously compartmented materials into collateral channels. Ten Task Forces are working on various facets of APEX implementation. One of the many tasks to be faced is to size the Community and number of personnel who will receive this material so determination can be made as to what changes may have to be made in clearance standards for receipt of National Foreign Intelligence. (U) I advised that the DCI has provided full support to the APEX concept, as have members of his Working Group which is Community-wide in flavor.. He also stated that he was already getting excellent assistance from security personnel in the Community and asked for continuing help. (U) ITEM 5 - Next Meeting The Chairman scheduled the next SECOM meeting for Wednesday, 21 February 1978 at 1000 in Room 7D32, CIA Headquarters. (U) 25X1 Executive Secretary Approved For Release 2005/08/08 : CIA-RDP82M00591R000100030061-2