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December 16, 2016
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March 16, 2005
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November 30, 1978
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Approved For ReIse 2005/03/30: CIA-RDP82M00591 RQ100040029-7 DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Security Committee SECOM-M- 218 30 November 1978 Minutes Two Hundred and Eighteenth Meeting Wednesday, 29 November 1978, 1000-1230 Hours Room 5641, FBI Headquarters Building Robert W. Gambino Cha i rman 1.'residing MEMBERS PRESENT Mr. Karl Ackerman, D- artment of State Defense Intelligence Agency Mr. Merrill T. I , Department of Army ational Security Agency Mr. Harvey E. Lyon, Department of Energy Col. Russell T. Newman, Department of the Air Force Mr. Jerry Rubino, Department of Justice Mr. David Ryan, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. Dennis Southern, Department of the Treasury Mr. Richard Welch, Department of the Navy ALTERNATES PRESENT National Security Agency Mr. Edward Grigalus, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. David Humphrey- rtment of the Treasury Central Intelligence Agency National Security Agency Mr. Charles R. Tar partment of the Air Force Defense Intelligence Agency Approved For Release 2005/03/30 : CIA-R ZM00591 R000100040029-7 Approved For Rele~,e 2005/03/30 CIA- D 00591 ROQ~100040029-7 SITCOM-A- 218 :i0 November 1978 ALSO PRESENT Honorable William H. Webster, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation* Mr. William 0. Cregar, Assistant Director, Intelligence Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation* Mr. Harold N. Bassett, Assistant Director, Records Management Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation* Mr. Francis X. O'Brien, Deputy Assistant Director, Records Management Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation* Mr. Maynard Anderson Office, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Central Intelligence Agency Mr. William C. Johnson, Federal Bureau of Investigation Defense Intelligence Agency Maj. Simon Karton, Department of the Air Force ,entral Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency National Security Agency Mr. William an olph, Department of Commerce Mr. L. Britt Snider, Office, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Mr. Donald Stigers, Department of State Executive Secretary, Security Committee ecurity Committee Security Committee ecurity Committee , Security Committee resent. for Part of Meeting Approved For Release 2005/03/30 CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100040029-7 F I- ` I Approved For Relee 2005/03/30 : CIA-RD >00591ROa 00040029-7 SECOM-M-218 30 November 1978 INTRODUCTORY REMARKS Mr. Ryan, the FBI Member, opened the meeting by welcoming the Committee to FBI Headquarters. He then intro- duced the Honorable William H. Webster, Director of the FBI. Judge Webster expressed his appreciation for the work of the Security Committee and offered FBI support. He shared his concerns about several security problems of broad applicability (e.g., unauthorized disclosures of classified information). Judge Webster acknowledged problems in the investigation of leaks and said that he hoped they could be resolved soon. He said he hoped that the Committee was exploring new approaches for the control of document copying and imaginative scientific methods of assessing truthfulness. He said he was particularly concerned about potential security problems that might arise during an individual's career of which initial screening would give no indication. He closed his remarks by reiterating FBI support to the Committee. Mr. Ryan then introduced Mr. William O. Cregar , Assistant Director, Intelligence Division, FBI and the FBI Member of the NFIB. Mr. Cregar gave an overview of hostile intelligence threats in the U.S. and of the FBI's counter- intelligence activities to counter that threat. He noted that pursuant to Attorney General guidelines, the FBI had identified some 20 "criteria countries" as posing a significant and continuous threat and as meriting regular FBI coverage. Mr. Cregar described and discussed security problems arising from the large Soviet bloc diplomatic presence in the U.S., and from Soviet bloc visitors, East-West exchange students, emigrants and ship crew- men. He summarized counterintelligence procedures for the identification of and appropriate follow-up action on hostile intelligence activities in the U.S. At the conclusion of his remarks, he invited and responded to questions. One of these concerned the availability of FBI information identifying hostile intelligence targets in the U.S. This was responded to by referring the questioner to the FBI's quarterly Foreign Counterintelligence Review. Approved For Release 2005/03/30 CIA-F2DpM00591 R000100040029-7 Approved For Rel% e 200 /6PAJ1MOO59I ROW 00040029-7 SECOM-M-218 30 November 1978 The Chairman thanked the FBI for hosting the meeting an expressed his appreciation for the remarks made by Director Webster and Mr. Cre ar. Mr. Gambino also thanked the FBI for agreeing to make available 25X1 to work with the Community Security Group. Mr. Ryan intro- duced o Committee members at this point. Mr. Cregar sal e appreciated the opportunity to address the Committee and added that he thought it was doing an excellent job. Approved For Release 2005/03/30 CIA-RDP8 M`O0591 R000100040029-7 f dI?P Approved For Relewpe 2005id 1d3f FA)- I591 R0@W00040029-7 SECOM-M-218 30 November 1978 PRELIMINARY COMMENTS 1. The Chairman introduced Mr. Karl Ackerman, the Department of State member; Chief, 25X1 Computer Security Subcommittee; an Chief 25X1 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures u committee. Members were advised of the scheduled retirements of Mr. Grigalus, FBI; CIA; andi SA. 2. The Chairman advised that the conviction of Frank Snepp a been appealed, and that the Federal Appeals Court had heard oral argument on the case in November. Mr. Gambino noted that the CIA attorney present at that hearing had commented that the case had not seemed to go as favorably for the Government as it had at the District Court level. 3. 0 The Chairman invited attention toX~ article concerning former Ambassador and classified X documents I I. Mr. Gambino 25X1 said. he believed very strongly that the compromise of documents involved in this case must be pursued by the Department of Justice if the Community is to have reasonable expectation of moving against others who violate security statutes and regu- lations. The Chairman's comments were supported by Committee members. Mr. Rubino agreed to bring the Committee's official concern in this case to the formal attention of Mr. Michael Kelley, Counselor to the Attorney General. 4. II The Chairman noted that William Kampiles had been convicted on espionage charges and that his trial had generated criticism of CIA's control of sensitive documents. Mr. Gambino asked members to review document control procedures in their agencies and to arrange for their strengthening where necessary. Approved For Release 2005/03/30 `CIA-RD>205918000100040029-7 Approved For?lease ZDlJ(DE-l>2M005000100040029-7 SECOM-M- 218 30 November 1978 S. 0 The Chairman reported that efforts to develop a plan for the improvement of compart- mentation and information dissemination were moving along at a rapid rate. Mr. Gambino called on advised to describe recent actions in this regard. I current thinking was to try to get as much intelli- gence product as possible disseminated in non-compartmented. channels and to have a smaller number (from 1 to 4) of product compartments for particularly sensitive categories of infor- mation. I observed that implementation of the resultant plan would likely require considerable amount of work over a relatively short period of time. It was noted that the Security Committee could well be tasked to develop implementation procedures. 6. 0 The Chairman advised that a proposed Community guidance memorandum on implementation of E.O. 12065 was in coordination but might not reach Community agencies until after the effective date of that Order. He said that members would have to rely in the interim on general classification guidance from their own agencies with regard to sensitive intelligence information. 7. 0 The Chairman said he wanted to arrange a 2-day, overnight working meeting at the CIA's in February (or possibly March). Mr. Gambino said he thought this would be very useful in giving the members time to discuss and develop approaches to some of the significant security issues facing the Community. He asked if the members thought this would be worthwhile. The response was positive. Mr. Gambino said he would have the staff contact members for suggestions on agenda items and to provide details on dates and logistics. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/30 : CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100040029-7 " in Approved For Rele a 2005/0V;ifA~ I 1 R00W00040029-7 SECOM-M-218 30 November 1978 ITEM 1: Approval of Minutes The Chairman advised that the minutes of the 1 November 1978 meeting were approved as written in the absence of any requests for change. ITEM 2: Subcommittee and Working Group Reports =The Chairman said that he would postpone most of these because of the lateness of the hour and the need to deal with other items on the agenda. 25X1 introduced to give a brief report on work being done by the R&D Sub- committee on document control. sum- marized desirable characteristics o control systems (e.g., capable of handling large volumes at low cost); the desired solutions in several areas; noted matters that were being explored further and advised of tentative costs of carrying these efforts to a successful con- clusion. He said that a report on these matters was being coordinated in draft, and that it would later be provided to the Committee. ITEM 3: Draft SCI Adjudication Policy 25X1 II The Chairman said he hoped that it would soon be 25X1 possible to submit this draft policy to the DCI for approval and issuance as an annex to DCID 1/14. NSA, said he thought the paper needed considerable editing and t at it should be issued Approved For Release 2005/03%34 ~I' DUI 591 R000100040029-7 f pkL991 R000100040029-7 Approved For Release 2005/0 *4 *9 SECOM-A-218 30 November 1978 as committee guidance rather than as DCI policy. Mr. Rubino noted that the FBI operated quite effectively under Attorney General "Guidelines" and that he thought terminology was un- important in this case. Mr. Ryan said that the FBI had found the draft paper on this subject very useful and suggested that it be put to a vote by the Committee. Mr. Gambino said that he proposed to have the paper reviewed to see if it could be made available as Intelligence Community guidance which should be followed unless special circumstances in individual cases required a different approach. He said that he would resubmit the paper to members if there were any substantive changes. All members stated their support for the substantive elements of the draft adjudication paper. ITEM 4: Postponed due to press of other business. ITEM 5: New Business Mr. Ryan advised that the FBI would accept responsi- bility for the maintenance of a central index of SCI turndowns subject to Department of Justice approval. He noted that an internal FBI analysis had demonstrated that skillful manipula- tion of FOIA requests could be used by a hostile intelligence service to obtain information that in aggregate was significantly sensitive. He advised that a briefing was being prepared on this and that it would be provided to the Security Committee later. ITEM 6: Next Meeting The Chairman invited attention to the Committee Christmas luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, 20 December 1978 at in Langley, Virginia. lie said he hoped we Approved For Release 2005/03/3 : GlA- 0591 R000100040029-7 Approved For elease 2c 0 fbJJ '1 JM0059W000100040029-7 SECOM-A-218 30 November 1978 would have good attendance, and he asked members, alternates, and subcommittee and working group chairmen to respond to the Committee Staff with their plans to join us for the occasion. Mr. Gambino proposed, and the Committee agreed, to hold the next regular business meeting on Wednesday, 24 January 1979. Mr. Gambino closed the meeting by thanking Mr. Ryan and the FBI again for arranging the meeting and for support of the Committee's work. 25X1 Executive Secretary Approved For Release 0 31 4- ~82M00591 8000100040029-7