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December 16, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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September 28, 1978
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Approved For Rejase 2005/08/22: CIA-RDP82M00591'600100050056-6 DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Security Committee SECOM-M-216 28 September 1978 Minutes Two Hundred and Sixteenth Meeting 'Wednesday, 27 September 1978, 1000-1220 Hours Room 7D32, Langley Headquarters Building Robert W. Gambino Chairman Presiding MEMBERS PRESENT Central Intelligence Agency Col. Russell T. Newman, Department of the Air Force Mr. Jerry Rubino, Department of Justice Mr. David Ryan, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. Richard Welch, Department of the Navy Mr. Merrill T. Kelly, Department of the Army ALTERNATES PRESENT National Security Agency Mr. Edward Grigalus, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. David Humphrey, Department of the Treasury Maj. Henry R. Koch, Department of the Air Force Mr. David McCabe, Department of State National Security Agency Defense Intelligence Agency ALSO PRESENT Mr. Maynard Anderson, Office of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Mr. John H. Mohardt, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. Frank Larson, Department of the Navy Mr. James F. Whalen, Federal Bureau of Investigation Mr. Donald Stigers, Department of State Mr. Roger National Security Agency Smith, Department of the Air Force Approved For Release 2005/08/22 I fj'82M00591 R0001 25X1 Approved For ReI se 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP82M00591 R("100050056-6 SECOM-M- 216 28 September 1978 ALSO PRESENT (Continued) Defense Intelligence Agency r. ac n Musser Department of State Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Executive Secretary, Security Committee ecurity Committee ecurity Committee Security Committee Security Committee SECRET Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100050056-6 Approved For ReFse 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP82M00591 R0'100050056-6 SECOM-M-216 28 September 1978 PRELIMINARY COMMENTS 1. II The Chairman advised that the DCI had signed a memoran um sent to NFIB Principals inviting them to submit nominations for persons to serve rotational, reimbursable tours in two senior. position on the Community Security Group (CSG). Some responses to this have been received. The Chairman asked members to remind any of their Principals who wish to offer nominations to do so as soon as possible if they have not yet sent them in.* 2./ The the DCI had tasked to develop a plan for simplifying compartmentation while continuing to protect sensitive s e information. I advised that 25X1 report is due b about 6 Octob d h y er, an t at is being assisted by senior ersonnel from Intelligence Community agencies. I noted that the 25X1 had presented a draft of his report to these personnel on 26 September. The general direction of this tasked effort seems to be towards reducing the extent of compartmented controls for product, while enhancing the security protection of sensitive aspects of sources and methods. Mr. Gambino advised that he planned to withdraw the proposed DCID on compartmentation from further NFIB consideration until such time as 25X1 recommendations are acted upon. 3. The Chairman advised that a Presidential announce- ment pub icly acknowledging the "fact of" US photographic satellite reconnaissance could come as early as 1 October during a speech to be given at Cape Canaveral. Mr. Gambino said he had been tasked to assist in developing implementation guidelines on security related to actions associated with and subsequent to the announcement. 4. The Chairman advised that the working group reviewi security was now fully formed under Mr. I Maj. Henry Koch, USAF, and *Note: The Committee Staff, CSG,is now located in CIA Head- quarters in Rooms 3E05 and 3D39 with telephone umbers 2 Approved For Release 2005/08/2 A RDP821V10059.1 8000100050056-6 r it ~itT -25X1 SECRET, Approved For Ruse 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP82MO0591 RO`W6100050056-6 SECOM-M- 216 28 September 1978 NSA, as members. Unified and S ecified Commanders have been queried on their views of the security system, and 25X1 selected Security Committee members have been asked to poll their agency users for comments on how well the system works and on problems they see in it. Mr. Gambino asked Committee members to ensure that responses were submitted by 29 September. 5. 0 The Chairman advised that a security inspection program would be put into effect at CIA buildings on/about 9 October. All briefcases and packages leaving the buildings will be inspected. Exceptions will be made for authorized couriers. Persons from other agencies who serve in a liaison capacity to CIA will have their badges coded appropriately. Visitors to CIA buildings may get one-time passes from their CIA host to take material out. Mr. Gambino said the object of this is to have a constant, visible reminder of the need for good document security. He noted that when CIA has gained enough experience with the program, the results may be briefed to members so that other agencies wishing to do so can set up comparable programs. 6. II The Chairman advised that the increased detail and scope of intelligence submissions to 0MB indicated a need for Community security officials to ensure that budget documents display,in a conspicuous manner,all classification 25X1 and security controls appropriate to their contents. 8. The Chairman advised that 25X1 NSA, had agree to serve as chairman of the Computer Security Subcommittee. Approved For Release 2005/08/ 2 : CIA-RDP82M00591 R000100050056-6 EC SET, Approved For Release 2005/08/22 CIA-RDP82M00591, 000100050056-6 SECOM-M-216 28 September 1978 ITEM l: Approval of Minutes II The Chairman advised that the minutes of the August meeting were approved as written in the absence of any requests for change. ITEM 2: Subcommittee and Working Group Reports b. (C) R&D - Isaid they had convened a working group to explore means o con rolling reproduction of sensitive documents. He noted that this objective had been previously addressed without success both by CIA and by leading manufacturers of reproduction equipment. He said they were now coordinating an exploratory proposal for tagging particularly sensitive documents as a security control measure. Mr. Gambino asked if limitations on the number of makes of reproduction machines .would help in resolving the copy control problem. replied that it would, but that previous proposals to do so had bee uled to be impermissible limits on open competition. I ladvised that his subcommittee would explore, at their next meeting, opportunities for Security Committee in- puts to the major Department of Defense R&D program on physical security. c. Unauthorized Disclosures - after introducing who is in charge or-arra ty and terrorism matters in his office, discussed the findings and recommendations of his report to the Chairman. (Copies of that report, bearing serial number S-5609/RSS-3 and dated 31 August 1978, were provided members at the meetin Mr. Gambino expressed his appreciation to and his group for the comprehensive and constructive nature of the report, and said he planned to see that it was disseminated to senior officials to aid them in gaining a. better appreciation of the problem. In response to a member's question, I ladvised that the study of damage assessments being done by a C A con- tractor had been completed for circulation as a working draft. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/Tj -RDP82M00591R000100050056-6 Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : C1A-RDP82M00594 000100050056-6 Impi SECOM-M-216 28 September 1978 In general discussion, members agreed that it was highly desirable to proceed vigorously against those identified as responsible for unauthorized disclosures in the interests of maintaining basic credibility for our security programs. that the Community statistical study oT DCID 1/14 cases would begin on 2 October 1978 for a two-month period. He said he would like to see the study extended indefinitely, if inputs to it do not constitute an unreasonable burden, in the interests of identifying long-term trends. 25X1 e. 0 SCI Turndown - I ladvised that positions 25X1 with regard to this subject were still being solidified. Mr. Maynard Anderson, Defense, noted that it had been agreed in his department there should be.a uniform system of appeals on turndowns, and that such should be referenced in a change to DCID 1/14. Mr. Ryan noted that the FBI believed that they had adequate authority under current Executive Orders to establish and maintain a central registry of SCI turndowns. ITEM 3: State Briefing on Moscow Embassy Security The Chairman introduced Mr. Maclyn Musser, Chief of State's Technical Security Division, to brief the members on security plans for the new US Embassy to be built in Moscow; and Mr. John Mohardt, FBI Washington Field Office, to give a briefing on Soviet security practices during construction of their new Embassy at Mt. Alto in Washington. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/04"IIRDP82M00591 R000100050056-6 SECRET Approved For ftitase 2005/08/22 CIA-RDP82M00591 RY00100050056-6 SECOM-M-216 28 September 1978 25X1 ITEM 4: Impact of EO 12065 on Community Security prodecures. reported that the Compartmentation Subcommittee had identified 16 areas of actual or potential impact on Community security policy procedures which they believe should be considered for review. He said they had ranked these in priority order, and that they considered the first six the most important. He submitted a memorandum identifying these areas (copies provided to members at the meeting), and said that the subcommittee would continue to examine these matters and report on their findings. Mr. Gambino asked that checks be made to ensure that this effort stays abreast of last minute changes in the implementing directive being drafted for EO 12065. ITEM 5: DCID 1/14 Adjudication Policy Guidance. noted that comments on the draft guidance would be addressed in a new draft which would. be provided for coordination in October. Mr. Gambino said he doubted that a Community approach could be employed with regard to SCI denials and authorizations unless we had a common policy on adjudications. Discussion showed that some members believed the current draft needed revision to make it suitable for issuance as Community policy. Mr. Gambino asked members who shared such concerns to provide specific suggestions for improvement. He noted that since the discussion showed a consensus in favor of Community policy guidance in this area, we would work towards that goal. Approved For Release 2005/08/9-TDP82M00591 R000100050056-6 O{Ulti Approved For F ase 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP82M00591 `00100050056-6 SECOM-M- 216 28 September 1978 suggested that the proposed policy be keyed to the elements of DCID 1/14 with illustrative examples on adjudication determinations. said he thought we needed to have the guidance state a nexus between behavior of security con- cern and national security considerations. ITEM 6: New Business INo new business was brought up. ITEM 7: Next Meeting Mr. Gambino thanked Mr. Ryan for his memorandum inviting the Committee to meet at FBI Headquarters, and said he'd like to hold the next meeting there. He said he particularly appreciated the offer to try to have Judge Webster address the committee, and said he'd defer to the latter's schedule for a meeting date. The Chairman said members would be advised of the date selected. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/08 DP82M00591 8000100050056-6 .tWU ~